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#314 : Vers l'infini et au-delà

Quand le père de Winn meurt, sa mère, Mary, réapparait pour essayer de retrouver son fils et pour lui expliquer pourquoi elle l'a abandonné toutes ces années. Winn est trop traumatisé par son enfance difficile pour lui pardonner mais lorsqu'un copycat de Toyman attaque, ils doivent travailler ensemble pour l'arrêter. Mon-El donne des informations importantes à Kara à propos des Worldkillers et Alex devient suspicieuse envers Myr'nn après son comportement récent.


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Titre VO
Schott Through The Heart

Titre VF
Vers l'infini et au-delà

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Winn (Jeremy Jordan) et sa mère travaillent sur un jouet

Winn (Jeremy Jordan) et sa mère travaillent sur un jouet

Winn travaille sur un jouet

Winn travaille sur un jouet

Winn regarde sa mère travailler

Winn regarde sa mère travailler

Winn et James (Mehcad Brooks) discutent

Winn et James (Mehcad Brooks) discutent

La mère de Winn (Laurie Metcalf) travaille

La mère de Winn (Laurie Metcalf) travaille

Winn et sa mère sont en face à face

Winn et sa mère sont en face à face

Kara, Alex, Winn, Mon-El sont à un enterrement

Kara, Alex, Winn, Mon-El sont à un enterrement

Kara soutient son ami Winn

Kara soutient son ami Winn

Kara (Melissa Benoist) et Alex (Chyler Leigh)

Kara (Melissa Benoist) et Alex (Chyler Leigh)

Winn face au cercueil

Winn face au cercueil

La mère de Winn, jouée par Laurie Metcalf

La mère de Winn, jouée par Laurie Metcalf

Winn retrouve sa mère

Winn retrouve sa mère

Winn et sa mère prennent un verre

Winn et sa mère prennent un verre

Séance karaoké entre Winn et sa mère

Séance karaoké entre Winn et sa mère

Kara prend une bière avec Mon-El (Chris Wood) au bar alien

Kara prend une bière avec Mon-El (Chris Wood) au bar alien

Kara Zor-El ou Danvers jouée par Melissa Benoist

Kara Zor-El ou Danvers jouée par Melissa Benoist


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Alien bar

Kara : I know some of you are scared. I know some of you have never done this before. I know some of you are ready to get out there and prove yourselves. But just remember why we do this. We do this for the people. Your turn.

Winn : Take your shirt off!

Kara :Oh, who let her pick this song?

Hank :Here we go. Come on, Pops! Pops, come on!


James : So, Imra's telepathic?

Mon-El : No, it's kinetic. She moves stuff, not reads minds.

James : That's kind of a cool party trick. Can she move you ?

Mon-El : Yeah, she's, uh… She's pretty impressive.

James : Well, she's gotta be. You never were into wallflowers.

Mon-El : So, what about you? Huh?

James : You know, same old same. You know, work is work.

Mon-El : You seein' anybody?

James : No, not really.

Mon-El : Why are you checking your phone every 15 seconds then?

James : Fair point. Yeah, there's somebody.

Mon-El : Hmm?

James : But we haven't, like, you know, really figured out what we're doing yet, so…

Mon-El : You happy?

James : Working on it.

Mon-El : To working on it.

James : To working on it.

J’onzz home

Winn : I gotta pick a song. Come on, come on, help me.

Hank : See, I told you, you had nothing to worry about.

M’yrnn : Karaoke is not for the weak. It requires either great courage or a complete lack of shame. But I like it.

Alex : You do a killer rock star.

M’yrnn : I listen to it sometimes while I look after the apartment.

Alex : Oh, yes, yes. You have a stunning apartment, that I haven't been invited to yet.

Hank : Oh, we're still getting it together.

Alex : It's been three months. Okay, I think it's time for a housewarming party.

Hank : I don't think so.

M’yrnn : Yes. The house's temperature is quite comfortable.

Hank : Well, we could do dinner.

Alien bar

Lena : Lena Luthor's personal phone. If you have this number you must be important.

James : Hey, you, it's me. Uh, just checkin' on you, seeing how busy you are. Maybe, uh, you're interested in a hand-delivered dinner tonight. Give me a call. Bye.


Winn : Oh, you know me well. Yes, that's the one. Here we go.

Mon-El : Hey. Hey.

Winn : It's gonna be so good.

Kara : Hi.

Mon-El : Hey, can we talk real quick? It's, uh, kind of important.

Kara : Yeah, yeah. Of course. In a second. Uh, Winn's about to melt our faces off.

Mon-El : Right.

Winn : Waitstaff, yes, you are appreciated. Fellow drunks.

All : Yeah!

Winn : There it is. Mr. Karaoke Man, if you please. Thank you very much.

Kara : Whoo!

Winn : Yeah! Uh-huh.

Kara : That's Winn's dad. Guys.

James : I got this. I got this one.


Winn : Okay Hey, I'm okay. It's okay. Just….

James : Do you mind if I stay out here for a second with you?

Winn : Like, he's just gone, right? That's all. I mean, it's not like anything's gonna change. I never talked to him, I never saw him, I…

James : That doesn't mean you never felt him.

Winn : What's that I'm supposed to be feeling something, right? I don't feel anything. I don't think. Um… Just go inside.

James : I'm not going back in.

Winn : Okay.


Man : Winslow Schott Senior. Was a man with many demons. As we lay him to rest, we may not celebrate his life, but we can examine it, and perhaps forgive a troubled soul its transgressions. Would anyone care to speak on behalf of the deceased?

Mary : Winn? Do you recognize me? It's been a while.

Winn : I know how long it's been. You just missed him.

Mary : Oh, I wouldn't say that. I never missed him. I'm not here for him.

Winn : Oh, so you're here for me? Wow, Mom, it's a little late.

Mary : You have every right to be furious with me.

Winn : Oh, thank you. Thank you for your permission.

Mary : But I am so happy to see you. Honey, you don't understand it yet, but we're finally safe.

Kara : Everybody, get down!

Mary : Bastard always wanted to go out with a bang.


Alex : Okay.


Kara : I hate to ask, but I have to.

Winn : He's dead, Kara.

Kara : Are you sure?

Winn : He's dead. Look, I had the warden and two separate medical examiners sign off on the body. I had them cross-check his dental records and his fingerprints, just to be sure. The dude in the box was my father. Okay?

Kara : So why blow himself up at his own funeral?

James : Maybe for the headline.

Winn : Yeah. "Toyman's last trick." Sounds about right.

Hank : I still think we should run a full mass spectrometry on the explosive residue, Winn. It may tell us who's helping your father.

Winn : No one is helping him! Seriously, he was a crazy person. Crazy people do crazy things. Like, oh, I don't know, mass murder.

Alex : Well, I'm happy to report that Mary has a clean bill of health. She wants to talk to you.

Winn : Yeah, she's had 20 years to talk to me.

M’yrnn : My son, may I borrow ten of your Earth dollars? The strike team tackled the deliveryman when he entered the lobby, I think I should tip him well.

Hank : "Deliveryman"? But we're having dinner with Alex and Kara.

M’yrnn : That's why I bought a tomato pie.

Hank : Dad, we're cooking. We got the ingredients earlier on.

Alex : So, we should get to your place ASAP and get that roast in the oven. Don't worry, tomato pie is my favorite hors d'oeuvre.

Kara : Go, go be with them. The analysis will take hours, I'll stay here.

Hank : What about the Worldkillers?

Kara : Alex has every available agent looking for them. Go eat.

Hank : All right. Mon-El.

Mon-El : J'onn. Hey, Kara We, uh… We never talked.


Mon-El : Hey, I, uh… I owe you an apology.

Kara : For what?

Mon-El : When we were together, I never really got how it must have been for you to find out that I'd been lying. About being Daxam's prince, about a lot of stuff. And I am sorry that I did that to you.

Kara : I do really appreciate you saying that.

Mon-El : Of course.

Kara : Are you okay?

Mon-El : Uh… Yeah, Imra… Imra lied to me. About, um About something big with Legion business, and Brainy was in on it too.

Kara : Oh. Wow.

Mon-El : Yeah.When your wife conspires with your best friend…

Kara : It feels like garbage.

Mon-El : Hey, can we, uh… Can we get a drink later? After all the Winn stuff is handled, I mean.There are some things that I think you should know.

Kara : Yeah. Yeah, sure. What are friends for?

Mon-El : You're the best.

Kara : See you later, buddy.

Mon-El : Later, buddy.


Mary : So, you work with Supergirl. You should sit up straight, be proud.

Winn : You cannot be down here.

Mary : Oh, please. If anyone asks, I'm just looking for the bathroom.

Winn : It's around the corner to the left. Okay, bye now.

Mary : Yeah, I tried that one, but it was closed for "enhanced interrogation." Kidding. Jeez. Just kidding.

Winn : You think this is funny?

Mary : Oh, a little gallows humor never killed anybody. Well, except for the fellas hanging from the gallows.

Winn : What do you want?


Mary : I just wanted to see your face, Winn. I wanted to hear your voice, I wanted my son back. I have spent 20 years imagining this moment and now I… Leaving you, it gutted me. And I've carried that with me every day of my life, but I had to, Winn, because your father…

Winn : Oh, no, I'm sorry, let me guess. He threatened your life.

Mary : No, Winn. He threatened yours. He told me that if I went near you, ever, that he would kill you.And when he died, I thought it was safe. But I was wrong. You're still in danger.

Winn : I don't believe you.

Mary : You saw what your father did at his own funeral.

Winn : I saw the last grasping prank of a lunatic. And now, what I'm hearing is an excuse. Twenty years in the making. Hey, I had 20 years to think, too. You want to know what I think about the most? Let me set the scene for you. It's the night Dad finally snapped. And I'm sitting in the police station, freezing cold, because I'm in my pajamas. When the police came and picked me up from home, I was asleep. Remember? In bed. Alone. And the nice officer, he drapes the coat over my shoulders. I feel a little better. So I'm sitting there, and my cold little feet are dangling in the air, and I'm waiting. I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up. 'Cause they said that they called you. Yeah. Yeah, they said it was just gonna be like an hour, and then they'd explain everything. And then it was two hours. And then it was the next morning. When I lie in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep, I'm not wondering why Dad finally, suddenly snapped. No, that doesn't haunt me. What haunts me is you. You, who left me, when I needed you the most. With no explanation, no goodbye.

Mary : I'm so sorry.

Winn : I don't care anymore.

Mary : Winn…

Winn : I don't need your excuses. You wanna keep me safe? Great. You know what you should do? Leave again! Something's happening.


James : What the hell is that?

Mary : It's a message. For me.

James : Is that a wicked witch?

Kara : No. Is it flying monkeys? I'll take the big one, you take the little ones.

James : I am so happy I don't work here.

Winn : Quickly! Under the desks. Come on!

Mary : What are you doing? We've gotta stay down…

Win : This is my job, Mom! Oh! You came for me. Mom!

Mary : Get away from him, you nightmare. This is your job? This is?

J’onzz home

Alex : Okay. Well, keep me posted.

Hank : Problem?

Alex : Oh, there was a minor kerfuffle, but, uh, no one was hurt and Kara's got it handled, so you just keep relaxing. So, some of that old time rock 'n' roll, huh? That was an epic karaoke performance.

M’yrnn : Indeed. But a problematic genre.

Alex : Been on the Internet?

M’yrnn : Yes. Many of the pioneers of rock 'n' roll were humans of color who did not receive the fame or fortune their white counterparts did.

Alex : Have you faced many challenges in your human form since you've been here?

M’yrnn : No. My relative isolation has its silver linings. My son has found goodhearted friends in his time on this planet. You all treat me like family. You've chosen to live as a black man in America, which is a harder existence, in and of itself. Why?

Hank : You know, I was I was forced to become Hank Henshaw out of desperation, but now I choose this face. I like it. And I wouldn't want to live in a world where I need to change the color of my skin to feel safe, to feel seen, to feel like… I'm not a target. I'd rather change the world.

M’yrnn : And whatever my son's fight may be, I choose it as well.

Alex : And I have your backs.

Hank : Let's drink to that.

Alex : Cheers.

M’yrnn : Mmm. Alex, you need more…

Hank : "Wine," Dad. Your English is fantastic, don't worry about the occasional slip-up. I'll go get some more wine.

M’yrnn : I hope you still have room. J'onn has made chocolate pie for dessert.


James : Well, your mom's right. Somebody is definitely helping your dad out.

Winn : I just honestly just wish she would leave.Like, who the hell does she think she is anyway, huh? Like, she just doesn't get to walk back into my life after 20 years. I did not get a say in her walking out. I definitely get a say in her walking back in.

James : It's a fair point.

Winn : Yeah. You think that I should? No! Dude, no. Don't think that I should.

James : Brother, it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what you need.

Winn : You know what? Even if, even if my dad had threatened to kill me, she could have done a thousand other things. Gone to the police, the FBI. No. Instead, she decided to abandon me. And you know what? She has to deal with the consequences. You know, if she'd have stayed, then, maybe, you know, we could have had a… You know, a great relationship.

James : Let me stop you right there. That is a dangerous thought exercise designed purely just to piss you off. When my dad died, my mom did everything for me and my sister. She worked night and day, she busted her ass, and I still blamed her. Because she was the only one there. And that was rough. We got over it, though. You know, took a long time, and a lot of forgiveness, and me taking responsibility for my part in that. You can't change what happened, but she's here now. It's up to you what you wanna do with that.


Mary : I always knew he was brilliant and capable, but I worried when I left that he'd go the same way his dad did.

Kara : He worried about that, too.

Mary : I should have been here to tell him that he and his father were worlds apart. Did his friends tell him?

Kara : We did.

Mary : Thank you for that.

Kara : Well, it was easy. He doesn't always get the credit, but he keeps us going around here. He's always the one with some crazy idea that no one else would possibly dream of.

Mary : My son works with Supergirl. It's just such a relief. He saves lives. I just wish he'd let me tell him how proud I am of him.

Kara : I think he will. Eventually.

Mary : Sorry about the mess.

Kara : Oh, this? This is… That's not your fault.

Mary : Can I ask, uh, when it comes to your day-to-day, on a scale of one to ten, how big of a pain in the ass are flying monkeys?

Kara : Maybe a two.

Mary : Oh.

Kara : Does that make you feel better?

Mary : Yes. Very much so.

Kara : Good.

J’onzz home

Hank : Pie in three minutes.

Alex : Okay. Well, thank you for having me tonight. The place looks wonderful.

M’yrnn : Oh, the pleasure was mine. You mean a great deal to J'onn.

Alex : Well, he's very important to me, too.

M’yrnn : I know we are new friends, but I hope, in time, that we can be the kind of family you and J'onn have become.

Alex : That would be lovely.

J’onn : I have always wanted a granddaughter.

Alex : You mean besides K'hym and T'ania?

M’yrnn : Who?

Alex : Your granddaughters. My grandmother was a music lover as well. Especially later in her life. It just seemed to always give her that extra spark. Even when she started forgetting things. Like, little things at first. It was just words, you know, why she'd walk into a room, and eventually, people. I think you might be exhibiting similar symptoms.

M’yrnn : Please don't tell him.

Alex : You already knew?

M’yrnn : On Mars we called it Za-alet. Translated roughly, it means "decay of memory"

Alex : Dementia.

M’yrnn : I am losing myself.

Alex : As it progresses, you're gonna need help.

M’yrnn : He has helped me enough.

Alex : No, you're gonna need more than that. Because you could hurt yourself or others. You have to tell him.

M’yrnn : He just got me back, I can't ask him to watch me disappear inch by inch. It's too cruel.

Alex : Well, that could happen, no matter what. So, the sooner you tell him, the sooner he can get help. I'm sorry, Myr'nn, but if he asks me, I mean, I don't think I could lie to him.

M’yrnn : You will say nothing! He is my son. And I choose how best to protect him, not you.

Alex : I'm sorry, I didn't mean…

M’yrnn : Get out. Get out of my house.

Hank : Dad, everything okay out there? What happened?


Winn : Ah!

Mary : That is an angry monkey corpse.

Winn : I was hoping to access this thing's inner workings, but it's like a game of Operation. Every time I get close to cracking it, it just zaps me.

Mary : Can I try? I love Operation.

Winn : I'm not sure if you noticed, but it's, like, a top-secret government facility in here.

Mary : Oh, nobody cares. Are you paid enough to care? No, of course not. You should unionize, by the way.

Winn : Mom, that's…

Mary : Did I ever tell you I was once your father's apprentice?

Winn : I thought you two met in Ivy Town.

Mary : Uh, we were both students, yes, but that's not where we met. I kept the books at the local toy store and your father was the genius stock boy. And he taught me about the math in the machine. One and one is two, it's simple, it's elegant. It's clean. Just like a wind-up toy. Your father's mind was a wind-up toy. I know what made it tick.

Winn : So then you knew how to stop him from, uh, going crazy and killing a bunch of people.

Mary : Um, do you remember when I took you to Disneyland when you were nine?

Winn : Do I remember? Yeah, we drove overnight, 'cause you wanted to be there the second it opened. And then we get into a car accident at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and Dad has to come and pick us up and takes us home. We never actually went to Disneyland.

Mary : No. We were never going there. We were going to a domestic-abuse shelter. And he ran us off the road. Stole a car, sped down the highway, ran us into a ditch. You sat dazed in the backseat with a concussion, and he and I had it out on the shoulder of the interstate. That's the night that he threatened to kill you, his only son, just to hurt me. Your father didn't just go to bed normal and wake up the next morning a monster. He was paranoid, he was controlling, he… He was mean.

Winn : I never saw it.

Mary : I didn't want you to. And I'm sorry, Winn. I'm sorry that I couldn't get us out from under his shadow. That I couldn't save you.

Winn : That's not on you.

Mary : Maybe not, but the last 20 years, those were. And you were right about that. But I just wanted you to understand why.


Hank : Alex? What happened?

Alex : What do you mean?

Hank : Did he, um, offend you? Say something?

Alex : No. Of course not. No, your father is wonderful.

Hank : So then, what went so wrong? You know, we were having such a lovely time. And now my father has completely closed himself off for some reason. Why?

Alex : You're gonna have to talk to him about it. It's not my place. I'm sorry. But, for the record, I had a lovely time, too.


Lena : If you have this number you must be important.

James : Yo, it's me again. Uh… I talked to your assistant, he said you hadn't checked in, in a few days so I just wanted to… Just give me a call when you can.


James : Any luck on figuring out who's behind the Toyman attacks?

Mary : No, but we've discovered a thousand ways how not to make a flying monkey.

Winn : And also a few ways to make better flying monkeys.

Mary : Oh, the wiring on these is amateurish at best.

Winn : Alas, we are no closer to finding out who actually built them.

Mary : I could use a break. I'm gonna head downstairs, rest for a little bit.

Wiggins Game Compagny Factory

Mary : I don't know why you hate me or my son, but it stops right here. I'm pointing a gun at you, by the way. In case that's a thing you'd be interested in knowing.

Jacqueline : A gun. That's a dangerous toy. But mine are worse.


Winn : Have you guys seen my mom?

Mon-El : I thought you two were putting Humpty Dumpty together again.

Winn : No, she's gone. So is the side panel from the monkey's gear chamber.

Jacqueline : I have your mother, but you can trade your life for hers. She's hanging around at the old Wiggins Game Company factory. But hurry, Junior, the pressure is on.

Mary : Winn, don't come here.

Kara : I'll go.

Mon-El : Me too.

Winn : Not without me.

James : That's exactly what she wants.

Winn : I've spent my entire life trying to fight off the part of me that's like my dad, but now, now I can use it. Let's go.

Wiggins Game Compagny Factory

Mary : Hey, Buffalo Bill, why are you doing this to us?

Jacqueline : "Us"? Who's "us"? The shrew wife who wouldn't let her husband have any fun? The son who never wrote, never called, never visited his lonely, ailing father in prison? You really think you're a pair worthy of sympathy? Or mercy?

Mary : You knew my husband.

Jacqueline : I worked maintenance at the penitentiary. He was a brilliant, dedicated man. A once-in-a-lifetime mind. He graced me with everything he knew. And, in exchange, I promised to carry out his wishes. Even after he died.

Mary : Oh. So you're his patsy.

Jacqueline : His apprentice. His protege. And the executor of his final wishes. To punish you, if you broke the rules. I'm gonna kill your son. I'm gonna make you watch, just like Winslow wanted. Then I'm gonna kill you, too.


James : Any ideas?

Winn : She was in that claw apparatus. Suspended from above.

Kara : We'll find her.

James : What is that?

Mon-El : It's a plane.

Winn : No, it's not, it's a bomb.

Kara : Go find Mary.

Jacqueline : Welcome, welcome to the Willard Walter Wiggins Game Company.

Winn : We got a thing on our 12.

James : That's our six.

Winn : I'm very stressed right now. Literal Hot Wheels!

Jacqueline : So glad Junior brought his friends.

Kara : There she is.

Jacqueline : Heat vision, freeze breath, and so many points of articulation? I think I'll keep you. It's so rare to find a vintage superhero in mint condition.

Mon-El : Supergirl.


Winn : Mom.

James : Go get her. I got these.


Mon-El : Kara, I've got you! You okay?

Kara : Whoa.

Mon-El : Cloth magic.


Winn : Mom!

Mary : Turn around and leave right now!

Winn : I'm here to rescue you.

Mary : Don't Luke Skywalker me. This crazy woman is trying to kill you. Don't give her the chance.

Jacqueline : Well, if it isn't Toyman Jr. Barreling headlong into danger. I see your father left you none of his brains.

Winn : Oh, really? 'Cause I see that he left you none of his showmanship. What, after all this you're just gonna shoot us?

Jacqueline : Most important thing your father taught me, stick the landing.

Winn : Really? Because what I got was, "More is more."

Mary : Winn!

Jacqueline : Your dad taught me this one, too.

Winn : Did he teach you this? Childish things.

Mary : Thank you, Winn. We've got to get that cleaned out right now before it gets infected. When was your last tetanus shot?

Winn : Mom, recently. I am very cautious. Oh, hey.

Alien bar

Mary : This is unfortunate.

Winn : Oh, white-boy rock. Hey, rookie mistake, bud! It's…

Mary : I'm so proud of you.

Winn : What, for shaming my friends?

Mary : No, you came out from the darkness, you forged an incredible life for yourself. I've spent so many years worrying about what had become of you, what the loss of your father, what the loss of me did to you, and you have not only survived, you have excelled. And I couldn't be happier.

Mon-El : I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Mary : And now I can leave. You don't need me.

Winn : No. I mean, no, I don't, but, look, you're here. Okay? And I'd like us to get to know each other.

Mary : I'd like that too, Winn.

Winn : Hey, and besides, you can't leave now.

Mary : Why's that?

Winn : Uh, because I am signing us up for a song.

Mary : Winn, please.


Mon-El : So, how bad was that? That was… Thank you.

Kara : I would just say maybe you should sing Kansas for yourself and not for other people.

Mon-El : Yeah, that's good advice. Yeah, well, I only wanted to talk to you anyway, so…

Kara : Hey. Uh… I'm really sorry you're hurting, that really sucks, but I can't be the one to talk to you about this. It's something you and Imra have to deal with between the two of you, and I don't think she'd like you talking to me about her. And, frankly, it doesn't really feel great for me. So… That's that.

Mon-El : I totally get it.

Kara : Really?

Mon-El : But, just so you know, I wasn't actually gonna talk about Imra. I mean, not about my feelings. But I felt like you needed to know what she did, and why she did it, 'cause it directly affects you. The Legion didn't land here by accident.

Kara : Wait, I thought you hit a disruption.

Mon-El : Yeah, we did, but Brainy and Imra hit it intentionally. And they hid the real mission from me because they didn't trust that I'd wanna come back to this time.

Kara : What's the mission?

Mon-El : Well, the third Worldkiller, the one you haven't found yet, Pestilence… In 1,000 years she evolves into Blight.

Kara : Whoa.

Mon-El : Yeah, so if we can find her now, in this time, then we can save everyone, today and in the future. And, look, we have a common enemy now, so we can work together.

Kara : But our common enemy has been your enemy for years, so I got a lot to learn from you. Like, wait a sec, what… What was that back there with the T.rex?

Mon-El : Cape tricks.

Kara : "Cape tricks"?

Mon-El : My old Legion uniform had one.

Kara : Well, I've been fighting with a cape for three years and all it seems to do is get in the way.

Mon-El : I can help with that, if you want.

Kara : I'd like that. Why haven't you worn your old suit?

Mon-El : Yeah, it got damaged on Rimbor. It's a long story.

Kara : Well, I know someone who could fix it, if you want.

J’onzz house

Hank : Ghost pepper mac and cheese with a side of jalapeno peppers.

M’yrnn : My favorite.

Hank : Yeah, I know. So, I, um… I spoke to Alex. She, uh … She wanted me to know that she had a lovely time. I hope whatever happened between you two, there are no hard feelings. Dad, what is it? What is it?

M’yrnn : I'm sorry, J'onn. I'm so sorry.

Hank : What's up? What's wrong?

M’yrnn : I want you to have a life. I don't want to keep you from your friends. Keep you home, keep you locked away.

Hank : You won't, you won't.

M’yrnn : But I will! I must tell you something.

Alien bar

Alex : They're a lot worse than I thought they'd be, though.


James : Lena.

Lena : James. I'm so sorry.

James : I've been trying to reach you for a couple of days now.


Lena : I know, it's just, I didn't realize how massive the workload would be back at L-Corp. Sam and I have been swamped.

Alien bar

James : You guys have been at work this entire time?


Lena : Holed up in a conference room, pulling all-nighters like it's a startup. It's okay, though, the work's important. Just, time got away from us.

Alien bar

James : I've been worried about you.


Lena : There's nothing to worry about. Everything's fine.

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