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#313 : L'Hôte indésirable

Le DEO capture un deuxième Wordkiller, Purity. Supergirl et Alex utilisent des manières bien différentes d'interroger Purity dans l'espoir de découvrir comment arrêter Reign. Cependant, Purity s'échappe et attaque les tunnels de métro de la ville. Pendant ce temps, J'onn, Winn et Mon-El s'allient pour réparer le vaisseau des Legions.


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Titre VO
Both Sides Now

Titre VF
L'Hôte indésirable

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KeyArt "Both Sides Now"

Kara Zor-El alias Supergirl joué par Melissa Benoist

Kara Zor-El alias Supergirl joué par Melissa Benoist

Lena Luthor et Samantha Arias

Lena Luthor et Samantha Arias

Sam et Lena dans le bureau de Lena

Sam et Lena dans le bureau de Lena





Purity et Mon-El

Purity et Mon-El

Purity dans le métro

Purity dans le métro

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Alex Danvers jouée par Chyler Leigh

Alex Danvers jouée par Chyler Leigh

Supergirl sur les rails du métro

Supergirl sur les rails du métro

Purity face à Supergirl dans le métro

Purity face à Supergirl dans le métro

Julia Freeman dans le métro

Julia Freeman dans le métro

First look de Supergirl et Purity

First look de Supergirl et Purity

Alex et Kara sous les décombres

Alex et Kara sous les décombres

Alex (Chyler Leigh) en intervention

Alex (Chyler Leigh) en intervention

Reign (Odette Annable) met Alex à terre

Reign (Odette Annable) met Alex à terre

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Reign et Purity

Reign et Purity

Winn (Jeremy Jordan) et J'onn et Imra

Winn (Jeremy Jordan) et J'onn et Imra

Imra Ardeen (Amy Jackson) dans le vaisseau de la Legion

Imra Ardeen (Amy Jackson) dans le vaisseau de la Legion

Mon-El, Winn et J'onn avec la voiture de J'onn

Mon-El, Winn et J'onn avec la voiture de J'onn

Melissa Benoist joue le rôle de Supergirl

Melissa Benoist joue le rôle de Supergirl


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Winn : Okay, we've got one heat signature inside. No movements. Looks like we might catch this Worldkiller off guard. But be careful, in case she's as bad as Reign.

Julia’s House

Kara : Copy that, Winn. Watch our backs.

Winn : You got it.

Alex : Winn, what's your 20 on the heat signature?


Winn : Looks like a back room.

Hank : Is that Lisa Loeb?

Mon-El : I thought the target's name was Julia Freeman.

Alex : Is it her?

Kara : Yeah, that's her all right.

Julia : Supergirl, what… What are you… What are you doing here?

Kara : Are you Julia Freeman?

Julia : Yes. What do you guys want from me?

Kara : Stand down. It's okay. Do you…. You don't know why we're here, do you?

Julia : No. What's going on here? Supergirl, please, don't… Don't let them hurt me. Please.

Kara : No, no. Don't worry. I won't.

Alex : Don't move!

Julia : Whoa! Whoa!

Kara : Hey!

Alex : You stay right there.

Hank : Let's get her back to the DEO. We can talk… Hold on. It'll be all right.

Kara : I said, stay still.

Julia : No, no, no. Wait!

Kara : J'onn.

Alex : That could have been worse.


Sam : Met your KPis, and you're still under-performing. I'll call you back. Hey.

Lena : Hey.

Sam : What's up?

Lena : Nothing. Is everything okay?

Sam : Yeah. TYK Labs branch, I'm gonna have to replace a few people there.

Lena : Oh, I can handle that. I've been away from L-Corp too long. I'm looking forward to getting back in and getting my hands a little dirty again. Sam, this has nothing to do with the way things have been running, believe me.

Sam : But it's because I'm sick, though. You don't think I'm up for the job anymore?

Lena : Sam, do you remember when we first met? It was three o'clock in the morning. We'd just acquired your company, and I was in charge of the takeover. You were a junior VP, and your light was the only one on in the office. I walked by, and I saw your head down over spreadsheets.

Sam : Cross analysis report. God, I was good at those.

Lena : You were so focused. And I thought, "Her. I wanna work with her." Everyone knows how good you are at your job, Sam, you don't have to keep on proving it. With everything that you're dealing with in your life right now, I just wanna give you as little stress as possible.

Sam : Lena, I can't take time off right now.

Lena : Yeah, you can. In fact, I am ordering you to take today off. There is nothing here I can't handle, so go. Be with your daughter.


Alex : Purity is down, Reign and Pestilence to go. And it is only a Wednesday.

Hank : It's certainly been a good morning so far.

Winn : Yes, and bonus points, the DEO techs found this at the Worldkiller's home. It is a Kryptonian cache crystal, as you know, used to store sensitive information.

Kara : I've seen crystals like this in the Fortress of Solitude. They contain elements of the Fortress itself, sort of like an artist's stamp.

Winn : Yes, but this crystal has a very different home, very different stamp.

Kara : We might be able to pinpoint the location of the Worldkillers' headquarters if we analyze it.

Alex : First round is on me. Winn, get your chicken wings.

Winn : And I will have an unnecessary amount of chicken wings, as befits a man of my stature.

Mon-El : Hey, are you okay? You took a couple of serious blows back there at the house.

Winn : Oh, hey, you know what? I analyzed the frequency of the Worldkillers' vibrations when I was in the van. Turns out, it is tuned specifically to hurt Kryptonians.

Hank : Luckily, the inhibitors in the cell seem to be working on her.

Alex : Yeah, you do seem a bit off. Maybe we should run some tests. Guys?

Hank : Yeah, sure. We'll leave you to it.

Alex : Thanks.

Winn : Break.

Kara : It's not the sonic blast that's bothering me.


Mon-El : Hey, J'onn, by the way, I need your help with something.

Hank : Yeah? What is it?

Mon-El : Well, you know that our Legion ship is the only way home. And in about a day, we're gonna lose the ability to fly.

Hank : Is there some way to fix it?

Mon-El : Yeah, and I think the part might be in your ship.

Winn : Whoa. Whoa. You guys are doing spaceship repair? 'Cause I need to see that.

Hank : You're busy.

Winn : Oh, come on. The decoder, it's doing its thing. It's gonna take, like, five hours.

Hank : Fine. But you're coming back here the second there's a breakthrough with that crystal.

Winn : Yes!


Kara : That woman was scared before her eyes turned white. She looked me in the eye, and she asked me for help. It's like someone else took over her.

Alex : Due respect, but what I saw in that house was a very capable liar putting on an act so she can get close enough to kill you.

Kara : No. No, I don't think she's faking it.

Alex : You told me about the vision you had. The world was burning. That is the Worldkiller that you saw.

Kara : Yes, but what if there's a part of her that isn't? If I can get her to be Julia again, doesn't that mean that there's someone we can work with? This? This isn't telling us anything. Julia might.

Alex : We can try it your way.

Kara : Thank you.

Alex : And when your way fails, we try it mine.


Kara : Hi, Julia. You seemed really scared at your house earlier, and I totally understand that. And I'm here to help you. Julia.

Julia : That's not my name.

Kara : Okay. What would you like me to call you?

Julia : I am the scalding light. I am the flood that sweeps away sins. I am the word and cry of justice.

Alex : Yeah, would you mind just condensing that a little bit?

Kara : Alex. Just…Alex.

Alex : Well, it's long.

Kara : Hey, hey. Uh, you were about to tell me your name. I'd really like to hear what you have to say.

Julia : I am Purity.

Kara : Nice to meet you, Purity. I'm gonna call you Julia, though. Is that okay? Just, I met her first, and she's who I'd really like to talk to, actually.

Julia : Hmm. Call me what you will, Kryptonian. They don't understand yet. You do.

Alex : Me? Yeah. Yeah, I do. I understand it just fine. May I?

Kara : Alex…

Alex : See, I know that look. You think that you're smarter than me, that you're stronger than me, which is fine. I mean, you're entitled to your own opinion. It'll change in time, though. Because, after days, weeks, months in here, you're gonna feel like I peeled your skin off and saw everything underneath. You can call me "Agent Danvers," Purity.

Kara : Julia, I know you're in there. If you can show yourself, I will help you.

Alex : Or you can just tell us where Reign is. I mean, that's why we brought you in here, which was super easy, by the way.

Julia : Oh, ladies. How will you ever make your minds up about me?


Ruby : Okay, ice skating?

Sam : Uh, it's a mental health holiday.

Ruby : Is everything okay?

Sam : Yeah. Of course. I just miss seeing you, babe. I mean, it's been a rough couple months, I feel like we can both play a little hooky.

Ruby : Oh, my God, you're being serious.

Sam : I'm serious. Sound like a plan?

Ruby : Hell, yeah.

Sam : You get precisely one "hell, yes" today. I hope you enjoyed that.

Ruby : Okay.


Winn : A Bel Air Oh! Your ship is a Bel Air?

Hank : Indeed. Two four-barrel carburetors, Duntov cam…

Winn : What's the mileage?

Hank : About 700 million.

Mon-El : I didn't know you knew about cars, Winn.

Winn : Oh, please. If you can take it apart and put it back together, you better believe I know about it. Ooh! Yeah. "Look, don't touch." Got it.

Hank : Why did you want to see my ship?

Mon-El : Well, the Moran battery in our cruiser died last week.

Winn : Wait, your ship doesn't have any power?

Mon-El : Well, not entirely. There's five power sources.

Hank : But a Moran battery generates anti-gravitational field.

Mon-El : Which is how the ship flies. But if the circuits are without power long enough, they degrade.

Winn : And turn into a pumpkin. Got it.

Mon-El : So the only way to save it is if we use the Moran battery from your ship to regenerate the fuel cells in ours.

Winn : Oh. So you need a jump?

Mon-El : Yeah.

Winn : Easy.

Hank : Ooh!

Winn : Oh-ho-ho-ho! Now that battery looks like it packs a punch. Can I hold it?

Hank : No.

Winn : Okay.


Kara : Julia Freeman. No birth certificate, adopted in 1993 by Lawrence and Molly Freeman. Let's see what it says. Allergic to milk. Studied music at the Cincinnati Conservatory.

Julia : Doesn't Julia sound nice?

Kara : Yeah. Yeah, from the little I've been around her, I liked her.

Julia : She was very fun to play. Everything you have in that file is just a character description. There never was, and never will be, a Julia Freeman. Just little old me.

Kara : But why keep up an act for a decade?

Julia : When my sister and I arrived, we knew it would be many years before the cosmic alignment of forces came to pass. Masks would be necessary.

Kara : Vinita Ripson, your roommate at Cincinnati, your emergency contact, your best friend for a decade I bet she's really worried about you right now.

Julia : Sounds about right. Vinita was always so clingy. It drove me crazy.

Kara : Crazy enough to save her life? Julia?

Julia : You imagine I care about humans just because you do?

Kara : I think you do care, Julia. And I care about you.

Julia : Hmm. Will you care when I tear open your bones and rip out your soft parts?

Alex : You're never gonna get that chance because you are gonna sit in that cell until I say so.

Julia : And after, I'll open up your friend and eat her heart with the other gods.

Alex : You want to talk about insides? 'Cause you are gonna have eight different government agencies fighting over who's going to dissect you.

Kara : All right, let's speak outside, Agent Danvers.

Alex : You're not a god. You're just meat and bones.

Kara : Alex!


Kara : Alex? Why are you fighting me so hard on this?

Alex : You realize that Purity is just toying with you, right?

Kara : If we have the chance to save Julia, we have to take it.

Alex : That is such a nice motto, Kara, but it's not very practical.

Kara : Excuse me?

Alex : No matter how much evidence piles up saying that you are wrong, you always hope.

Kara : That's my job.

Alex : Purity is evil. She is a Worldkiller. And there's two others out there just like her, endangering lives, and your feelings are costing us time.

Kara : Okay, my feelings have saved lives countless times. Alex… Wait. Listen to me. I am used to you being pragmatic, but since when have you become so hard and cynical?

Alex : Well, not all of us are bulletproof, Kara.

Kara : I know.

Alex : So, cynicism, that's what's keeping the rest of us alive.

Kara : Well, it seems like it's killing you. My sister, the sister I know, she has compassion for others.

Alex : I am just trying to do my job. Now, we've tried it your way, we did. But now we're gonna do it mine.

Legion Ship

Mon-El : Okay, try it now.

Winn : Um, you know, is there like a user manual or something that we can take a look at for ideas? Mon-El : Sprock!

Imra : I gather it's not going too well.

Hank : Uh, not at presently, but we will get there.

Imra : Brainy and I took a look into that Thysteria rock, but it was a dead end. Did you get the battery working?

Mon-El : No, but I'm handling it.

Imra : Okay. Did you try recalibrating it?

Mon-El : Yes, Imra, I'm handling it.

Imra : Okay, look, I may not be a twelfth-level intellect, Mon-El, but I'm sharp. And as I said last night, there's no need of telling me anything twice. Ever.

Mon-El : Imra, please don't do this.

Imra : I'm just doing exactly what you told me when I joined the Legion. I'm just speaking the truth.

Winn : Uh, I'm… I've got to check on the crystal.

Hank : Yeah. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Winn : Thanks.

Hank : You still wanna carry on working?

Mon-El : There's no point.


Alex : Where is Reign? We have the Kryptonian crystal from your apartment, and we know that it's gonna lead to your headquarters. Where is Reign? You're not so chatty now, are you? That makes sense. Because I'm not your audience. I'm just looking at a bug under glass.

Julia : To use your own words, you think you're smarter than me, stronger than me. You think I'm powerless to your science. I see right through you, Alex Danvers. It's a gift I have, to see inside people… To know them. You want to hurt me because you're hurt. You want me weak, because you're weak. Someone cut something out of you, and you feel the hole every day. A hole that you dug in yourself. And it's not getting any better now, is it?

Kara : Okay. All right, all right. We're done here.

Alex : Where is Reign?

Kara : Alex?

Julia : See the rage? That's your loneliness.

Alex : Shut your mouth!

Kara : Let's go.

Julia : You had your chance at happiness, and you threw it away.

Kara : Alex.

Julia : And now you're just a broken little doll.

Kara : Alex, wait. She was right about you. You're just a thing built to destroy. And I'm gonna make sure you don't hurt anyone else.

Ice Rink

Sam : All right, you ready for this?

Ruby : I'm young and reckless. I've got this in the bag.

Sam : Three.

Ruby : Two… Okay, cheating will get you nowhere!


Winn : Okay. Really, nothing? Come on. Hey. What happened?

Alex : I'm good, okay?

Winn : Alex? Hey! You… Damn it. Now, who turned you on?

Ice Rink

Ruby : Ah! Beginner! Beat you! Mom? Mom?


Agent : Contact! Contact!

Legion Ship

Mon-El : I thought you left.

Hank : I did, but, uh, only to get these. Come on. It's sort of a Martian moonshine. It's kind of spicy. It has a ­consciousness-enhancing quality to it.

Mon-El : This has a label.

Hank : Oh, yeah. They sell it in the alien bars. Doing quite well.

Mon-El : Cheers. You know, I, um… It's been a couple of centuries, but I was once married. Seventy-seven years, in fact. So I'm quite familiar with the marital spat.

Mon-El : Yeah, it's, uh, it's not what you think.

Hank : It might help to talk about it.

Mon-El : Yeah, thanks, but, um, but I don't think so.

Hank : You keep a lot of secrets, young man. Usually, they're to protect others, so your intentions are good, but it really might help if you share the load.

Mon-El : Well, Imra and I have a complicated history.

Hank : Hmm.

Mon-El : We didn't exactly choose to get married to one another. So she's from this important family on Titan. And Titan was the head of this faction of planets that were very against Earth and its allies. So, in the early days of the Legion, we needed to do something symbolic. You know, to show that we represented everyone.

Hank : You united the planets when you got married?

Mon-El : There it is.

Hank : Wow.

Mon-El : And I was still mourning Kara. Imra and I were friends and partners, and I was fond of her. I respected her. But I knew that marrying Imra would help so many. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. And then, with time, I mean, I… Our pretend marriage became more real and our feelings deepened, and I grew to love her. I was content. But with Kara, I mean… There was nothing logical about falling in love with Kara. I mean, she was… She was a Kryptonian elitist, and I was this completely self-absorbed misogynist. Not anymore. But what I felt for her, it was … It was just… Being back here is, um… I've had to keep a distance from Kara because, whenever I'm around her, these old feelings get stirred up. And then I have to hide it from Imra.

But lately, there's just been all this friction between us 'cause of… I know it's my fault, and I just… I don't know what to do.

Hank : You know, if you think keeping secrets from your wife is hard, you should try keeping secrets from a Martian. My wife and I would, uh… Would bond and literally share our thoughts and feelings every night. Marriage is sharing, Mon-El. Everything. You are not a criminal because you have complicated feelings. If you truly love and honor Imra, maybe you should let her in.

Mon-El : What is it?

Hank : Purity.

Ice Rink

Lena : Ruby? Ruby. Honey, are you okay?

Ruby : I'm fine.

Lena : Sweetheart, what happened?

Ruby : I turned around, and she was gone.

Lena : Honey, I'm so sorry. Your mom's just… She's going through a lot. It's gonna be okay.

Ruby : This is not okay. She was so excited to hang out today. And then she just disappeared. It's like, a few months ago, she was planning on going on this big trip, and something wonderful was gonna happen. And when she got back, she acted like she hadn't been anywhere.

Lena : She didn't remember?

Ruby : There's something wrong. I don't know what, but there's something. It's like, sometimes, she's a completely different person.

Lena : Ruby, I know it's scary, okay? But something you've got to know about me is that, when there's a problem, I always find an answer. Okay?


Kara : You've found her?

Winn : Yes, indeed. Hey, perfect timing.

Hank : Where is she?

Winn : She is in the subway, though there have been no reports of any attacks yet.

Kara : There will be soon, though. We should head out.

Mon-El : Same team as before, right?

Kara : Well, if, uh, if you can come, we could use you.

Mon-El : Yeah. Absolutely.

Kara : I'm not underestimating her again. Ever.

Winn : Uh, speaking of Presents. I have revamped some old sonic technology to cut out the frequency that she hit you with before.

Mon-El : Yeah, but will they work?

Winn : Wait, you really asked me that? Uh, it's like 95% sure.

Hank : Good work, Agent Schott.

Winn : Anytime. Now, go do superheroic stuff.

Kara : Let's go.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Hologramm : Someone else has found one of your partners.

Sam : How do you know?

Hologramm : She possesses a crystal like yours that has been activated. She's awakening, and you must guide her. But be wise in your tactics. She's a newborn. Delicate, malleable. You must bring her here, home, before they take her away.

Sam : I understand.


Man : Yo, kiddo, you all right?

Kara : Purity?

Julia : You've finally learned my name.


Kara : Alex.

Alex : On it. Everybody, out. Hey. It's all right. Get up. Up, up, up. Everybody, get out! Out! Go!

Mon-El : We've got to get these people out of here.

J’onn : Go. I've got this.

Mon-El : You sure?

J’onn : Yes. Go!

Mon-El : Purity.

Alex : I got you. Now go. Go! Go.

Julia : I'll tell you a secret. Julia's here, and I'm going to make her watch

Kara : No! No.

Julia : while I kill you.

Kara : No, Julia. Julia, please. Please don't let her hurt me. Julia, I know you're there.

Alex : Julia. No, no, no, Julia. Julia… You stood in front of a car to save your friend Vinita because you love your friend. And you know that Supergirl wants to help you. You can fight this, because you… You are stronger than you think. I know that you can hear me, Julia. I see you in there. And I am so sorry that I didn't see it before. But I swear to God, I am gonna help you beat this. We all will. But you have to fight.

Julia : No! No!

Alex : Julia… Julia?

Sam : So the Supergirl kneels. Good practice.

Kara : Alex? Alex. No.

Sam : You, I'll kill.

Kara : No! No!

Julia : Stop. Take me. You can have me.

Kara : Julia, don't. Don't do this.

Sam : Purity, sister. We will find our third, our Pestilence. Once we're finally together, there will be nothing but unstoppable power.


Alex : A couple of bruised ribs and what feels like a giant hematoma on my ass. But it could have been worse. It could have been rugby.

Hank : Alex, you could have been killed.

Kara : Don't joke.

Alex : Calm down. Winn, please give them something else to think about.

Winn : Uh, we lost track of Reign and Julia, like, minutes after they flew away.

Hank : It's only a matter of time before Reign forces Julia back into Purity.

Alex : Julia, she's tough. Maybe she can hold out.

Kara : Wow, the Worldkillers might be too hard for us to beat. But maybe we're not supposed to beat them.

Winn : Well, how are we supposed to win?

Kara : We save them.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Hologramm : You don't need to be afraid.

Julia : Let me out of here.

Hologramm : Stop. Your awakening has begun, my child.

Julia : I don't… I don't want it!

Legion Ship

Mon-El : Winn, hey, I heard you fixed it. How did you…

Winn : I mean I assisted.

Imra : That was a little more than an assist. He researched Moran math. They currently run their entire measurement system on a scale of 12 instead of 10.

Winn : Yeah, sort of how, in America, we use inches instead of the metric system. They must have switched over before this here battery was invented, which, actually, you know, gives me hope for America.

Mon-El : So we were overloading the fuel cells.

Winn : Bingo.

Mon-El : Thanks, Winn.

Winn : I mean, if you really wanna thank me, you could let me take this out for a test drive. Just saying.

Imra : I'm sorry you lost the Worldkiller. But I… You didn't think to call me about the fight?

Mon-El : I know. I, uh… I'm sorry for the way that I've been acting. It's just… Being back here, it's… It's been very confusing for me.

Imra : You don't think I already know that? I mean, that fight last night, Mon-El, was so stupid.

Mon-El : What, about the Legion manual?

Imra : You think I'm bothered that you misplaced the manual? I was upset before that. We were sitting in the DEO. Supergirl was talking about Reign… And you got this look in your eye, one that I know so well. You had the same look the first time you told me you loved me.

Mon-El : Spending time with Kara again has, um, been more difficult than I could have imagined.

Imra : Are you still in love with her?

Mon-El : I don't know.

Imra : Thank you for being honest. It's why I fell in love with you in the first point.

Mon-El : Imra, I swear to you that I will always be honest to you. Okay? I respect and love you. This is more difficult than anything I could have fathomed. But we will work through it, okay?

Imra : Mon-El, I'm… I haven't been completely honest with you. I always knew there was a risk when Brainy and I planned this mission.

Mon-El : What mission?

Imra : It's time for me to tell you the truth about why we're really here.


Kara : Okay. Start with this. And then I'll try to talk you out of tequila.

Alex : Hmm. There's a bold move.

Kara : Are we okay?

Alex :We are okay.

Kara : Do you wanna tell me what's going on?

Alex : I just thought that it would get easier. But it's not.

Kara : Alex.

Alex : You know, I have… I have two speed dials on this phone. It's you and Maggie. And every day, every single day, I look at this phone, and I wanna call her. And then I wanna delete her. But I can't do either because I am scared, and I am weak.

Kara : No, that's not true.

Alex : No, but, I mean, it is. Because, otherwise, I would be better. And I keep willing myself to just get over it, but I can't. And that's why I've lost hope. That's why I was angry and why I refused to see Julia the way that you saw her.

Kara : You know, I… I stopped believing, too. I didn't think I would ever get through the heartbreak. But, guess what, I'm getting through it. And you are far stronger than I am.

Alex : See, you're always hopeful.

Kara : So are you. You were hopeful when you made the decision that you could have more. And you know what? I think you're right. I think there is another person out there for you, and I think you will be a mom. You… You will have all the things.

Alex : I'm glad you're the way that you are.

Kara : You, too.


Sam : Where's Ruby? Your text said you picked her up.

Lena : She's fine, okay? She's at my apartment. She's sleeping. She called me when you disappeared. She thought you'd come in to work, but you hadn't.

Sam : My God, how could I do this to her? What if I'd been driving at the time?

Lena : She's safe, all right? She did the right thing. She called for help.

Sam : Was she scared?

Lena : Yes. We all are. Do you… Do you remember any…

Sam : No. I don't, I… Same as always.

Lena : Ruby told me about the other times.

Sam : What? No. She doesn't know.

Lena : Sam, she's a smart kid. She knows something's wrong. She knows that you go places and then you don't remember where you've gone.

Sam : You told her I was sick?

Lena : I told her that we didn't know what was wrong yet.

Sam : You told a 12-year-old her mother has a disease no one can diagnose?

Lena : I reassured her that you didn't abandon her…

Sam : You had no right to tell her anything. Just because you're my boss does not mean you can make decisions for my family.

Lena : But, no, it wasn't like that. It was…

Sam : No one makes those decisions but me.

Lena : Sam, your blackouts are coinciding with something. I just need to ask you a few…

Sam : Silence!

Lena : Sam? Sam? Sam, did you just have a blackout?

Sam : Yeah.

Lena : You don't remember anything you said?

Sam : No.

Lena : Sam, honey, it's okay, all right? I know what's wrong with you. I'm gonna make you better.

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Supersympa  (07.04.2019 à 18:49)

Il est normal qu'Alex pense encore à Maggie. Elles ont quand même vécu une histoire forte et intense qui ne peut s'effacer d'un coup de baguette magique.

SeySey  (09.02.2018 à 20:39)

Je me demande si Lena sait pour Reign, vu qu'elle affirme savoir ce qu'il ce passe avec Sam....

stella5  (09.02.2018 à 19:39)

j'ai beaucoup aimé l'épisode, contrairement à celui de la semaine dernière.

j'ai adoré voir le trio winn/mon el/j'onn.

lena pourrait aider sam ? j'attend de voir

et la véritable mission de la legion ! hâte de savoir

va falloir être patient ...


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