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#315 : L'élève devient le maître

Mry'nn provoque accidentellement des perturbations psychiques au DEO. Supergirl doit travailler avec J'onn pour contenir le chaos. Mon-El commence à entraîner Kara au combat avec des techniques qu'il a apprises dans le futur.


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In Search of Lost Time

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L'élève devient le maître

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J'onn J'onzz joué par David Harewood

J'onn J'onzz joué par David Harewood

Kara Zor-El et Mon-El (Melissa Benoist et Chris Wood)

Kara Zor-El et Mon-El (Melissa Benoist et Chris Wood)

Mon-El en costume (Chris Wood)

Mon-El en costume (Chris Wood)

Kara et Mon-El discutent au DEO

Kara et Mon-El discutent au DEO

Alex Danvers jouée par Chyler Leigh, au DEO

Alex Danvers jouée par Chyler Leigh, au DEO

Alex et Kara Danvers au DEO

Alex et Kara Danvers au DEO

Kara en jogging au DEO pour s'entraîner

Kara en jogging au DEO pour s'entraîner

Kara et J'onn discutent chez Kara

Kara et J'onn discutent chez Kara


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L-Corp Lab

Lena : Start recording. This is day three with the subject. My preliminary findings show a karyokinetic anomaly, confirming my initial hypothesis that she has been transforming. Mutating into the other. Subject remains in a medically-induced coma, however, further testing will require consciousness. So I will now end sedation on the subject. Stop recording. When you wake up, please be Sam.

Alex’s apartment

Alex : Go.

Kara : Astronaut.

James : SpaceX?

Kara : Spacewalk?

Hank : Wait a minute, wait a minute.

James : Space club?

Hank : That… That doesn't count.

Myr’nn : Why?

Hank : Because you're shape-shifting, Dad.

Myr’nn : Oh. Human games have so many rules.

Kara : He didn't break any of the rules.

Alex : You know what, it's fine. Just let him have it. We're slaughtering 'em anyway.

Winn : Hah! Hey, the Martian Man-Father strikes again.

Kara : "Martian Man-Father"?

Winn : Fine. The Martian Dad Hunter.

Kara : Okay. We need more wine. Keep playing.

Hank : Yeah. I'll come and help you.

Alex : Okay…

Kara : I'm really glad you guys came.

Hank : Yeah, me too. Me too.

Alex : Movie. Nine words.

Winn : There you go.

Kara : Your dad, he's… He's strong.

Hank : Yeah, he seems to be taking this better than I am. He's doing everything he can to keep his mind sharp. He's…

Myr’nn : The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.

Alex : What?

Hank : Cheating again Come on, Dad, no mind-reading.

Myr’nn : You keep accusing me of not following the rules. You are one to talk. My son used to wait for me to leave, and the moment I had gone, he would switch around the pieces on the Ok-Rock-Tock board. When I caught him, he blamed his imaginary friend… What was his name?

James : Wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry. You had an imaginary friend?

Hank : No, I…

Myr’nn : Oh, yes, he did. You said he was a fifth-dimensional imp, who came just to move the pieces. What was his name?

Hank : Zook.

Myr’nn : Zook! "Zook! Zook did it!" "Zook!" "It was Zook!" That was you.

Alex : Wait a minute. It's a trouble alert. There's a big disturbance downtown.

Kara : Well, time to get back to the salt mine. What? I like this shirt.


Kara : Can't hold your liquor? What happened?

Demos : She just went crazy, started wrecking the place.

Kara : You get everyone out of here. I'll take care of her. I had the high score on that.


Alex : Well, she's a Kalanorian. No criminal record.

Kara : Then why did she go all Road House on me? Demos says she wasn't provoked.

Hank : Kalanorians are psychics. Empaths.

Alex : Well, maybe she got her signals crossed with another psychic?

Hank : I'm not seeing any psionic anomalies.

Alex : Well, she tore that bar up.

Hank : Her species are prone to outbursts during astronomical events.

Alex : Such as?

Hank : Mercury's in retrograde.

Alex : Wait, what?

Kara : Like, astrology?

Hank : More like complex luminal and gravatic shifts that determine Kalanorian brain function, but sure, astrology. Put her in containment. We have these Worldkillers to focus on.


Hank : Anything?

Mon-El : We've been using every device on our ship to try and track Purity and Reign since the subway attack, but there's no sign of them.

Winn : As they say on the farm, "Not a peep."

Mon-El : Imra thinks they're looking for Pestilence.

Kara : Who we still know nothing about.

Mon-El : Right. And based on our experiences with the Blight in the future, Pestilence should be the easiest to see coming. The Blight presents as diseases, plagues, real Old Testament stuff. Winn?

Winn : Yeah.

Mon-El : I think this should qualify.

Kara : Whoa.

Mon-El : Brainy and Imra went to check it out.

Winn : Ooh! Better them and not us. I hate the cold. Very thin skin. Plus, the rivers of blood, yeah.

Hank : What if Reign and Purity find Pestilence before we do?

Mon-El : They won't.

Kara : And if they do, we'll be ready. Which means it's time for us to start training. Teach me how you fight in the future.

Mon-El : Think it's time we make you a Legionnaire.

L-Corp Lab

Lena : Relax.

Sam : How long have I been sleeping? Where is Ruby?

Lena : She's with her nanny. She's safe.

Sam : Tell me, what's wrong with me?

Lena : Most of your blood tests came back as normal. But I also studied your salt replication process. There's trace evidence that your cells have undergone a mitotal mutation that I've only seen in insects. It indicates metamorphosis. When you black out, your body seems to be changing on a cellular level.

Sam : "Changing"? To what?

Lena : To her. Reign.

Sam : I'm not an alien. I don't have special powers. I bleed. I get sick. My adoption papers say I'm from Scranton. Look, I know you mean well, but I don't have the patience for this, I have to go see my daughter.

Lena : Wait. I thought this might be hard for you to accept, so I also compiled a timeline of the blackouts so you could remember. This is the first one. And the next. And the next. And the next.

Sam : This was a mistake.I need to go see my daughter. Lena, are you kidding me? Let me out.

Lena : I can't. You asked me to help you.


Mon-El : She doesn't fight, she hunts. All power, all aggression. Stop.

Kara : Wow.

Mon-El : Yeah, Brainy stitched this together from every bank-cam, satellite image, and cellphone video he could find.

Kara : That's so cool. The future's cool!

Mon-El : Welcome to the 31st century.

Kara : Huh! Yeah, but what's the point, though? Big chunk of concrete is not gonna do anything to me that her fists couldn't do better.

Mon-El : She's playing with her food.

Kara : That's how I beat her. Can… Can we rewind? Yeah, she's got me beat on muscle, somehow. But all that power is coming from the ground, from that planted foot right there.

Mon-El : Mm-hmm.

Kara : And she doesn't bother with footwork. So, when she goes high, that's my window.

Mon-El : It's also where your cape comes in. If she wants to be a bull, you be a bullfighter.

Winn : I have done something amazing.

Kara : Did you find Pestilence?

Winn : I have done something okay. You, come here.

Mon-El : What?

Winn : I have fixed your old suit.

Mon-El : Winn.

Winn : Hey, can I say it? Can I say it? Please?

Kara : Yes.

Winn : Suit up.

J’onzz Home

Hank : I, um, brought lunch.

Myr’nn : You are worried about something, my son. Speak.

Hank : Uh… Just… How are you feeling?

Myr’nn : Never better. Ok-Rock-Tock is good for my mind.

Hank : Sure. Memory, strategy.

Myr’nn : More than that. It hears my thoughts. It connects me to my ancestors as I navigate the labyrinth of the board. Centering me. Easing my mind.

Hank : That's good. That's good, and it's, um It's helping?

Myr’nn : It's been 12 hours and 46 minutes since you asked. You fear my condition has worsened in this time?

Hank : No. It's just that… We did bring in a Kalanorian who had a psychic breakdown at a bar.

Myr’nn : I thought I felt something.

Hank : It was you?

Myr’nn : You know I have been doing the Ta'ar Ka'riq to keep my memories from fleeing. You should have told me there were Kalanorians here.

Hank : I'm sorry, Father.

Myr’nn : In any event, I will be more careful. Now, come. Play a match with me. I never tire of beating you.

Hank : I got to get back to work. Why don't you bring the game to the DEO, and we can play later?

Myr’nn : As soon as I finish my game against Zook.He was right here. Where is he?

Hank : Dad?

Myr’nn : A joke.

Hank : Not funny, Dad.

Myr’nn : Only because you did not see your face.

L-Corp Lab

Lena : Have you thought about what I told you?

Sam : I get squeamish whenever Ruby asks me to kill a spider. How could you possibly think I could kill people?

Lena : I don't think you could.

Sam : So, you think I have a split personality?

Lena : Essentially, yes. Reign is a completely separate entity. When she takes over, you lose all awareness, all control. Your DNA rewrites itself. Please, Sam, understand that I would not tell you this if I wasn't sure.

Sam : So this is what I get for asking for your help?

Lena : What's that supposed to mean?

Sam : You ask an oncologist, they'll say cancer. You ask a surgeon, they'll cut you open. You ask a Luthor, they'll tell you you're a supervillain.

Lena : What? Just tell him I'll call him back, okay? He's where?


Lena : James, I really wish you'd call first.

James : Yeah, I tried that for a week. I just, uh… Figured maybe I had better luck in person.

Lena : Listen, I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of an emergency.

James : Oh. I'm sorry. Is everything okay, or…

Lena : An employee of mine asked for help with a problem. And now that I've diagnosed a solution, they don't wanna accept it.

James : Sounds like they need an intervention.

Lena : Tried that. It's not going well.

James : You know, I had a roommate in college. Great guy, but he started takin' something, I'm not sure what it was, but he would come home all hours of the night and just tear the place apart. You know, I tried to tell him that he had a problem, but he never wanted to hear it. So I just kept cleaning up after him.

Lena : Did he ever acknowledge what was wrong with him?

James : See, that's the thing. No matter how bad you wanna help somebody, all you can really do is hold up a mirror.


Kara : Wow.

Mon-El : You always said I cleaned up nicely. It's just like old times, huh? Training again.

Kara : Except I basically had to twist your arm to train. You had no interest in being a hero. And now…

Mon-El : I've come a long way. You ready?

Kara : Yeah, I was born ready.

Mon-El : If she's not gonna use her feet, use yours.

Kara : But can my cape even do that?

Mon-El : Yeah.

Kara : I did not know that.

Mon-El : Yeah, I won't either for another 1,000 years. We studied your cape to make mine, it's Kryptonian meta-material.Smartcloth.

Kara : Show me.


Hank : Dad, while you're here, why don't I run you by the Med bay, have Alex run some new scans on you? Shouldn't take long.

Myr’nn : No. It is time for me to pray.


Winn : Hey, any sign of the Worldkillers?

Demos : Still nothin'.

Winn : Well, you can catch a break, I'm gonna take over scanning for a while.

Demos : I know what I'm doing. You don't need to take over anything, Schott.

Winn : I didn't say that you didn't know what you were doing. You need to get out of here right now.


Kara : Damn.

Mon-El : Keep your back foot planted. You have it.

Kara : Why isn't this working?

Mon-El : I don't know.

Kara : I mean, the steps are easy, I should be getting this.

Mon-El : Well, go easy on yourself. The first time you trained me, you kicked me around the room like a hacky sack. It was humbling. I was…

Kara : Hungover. You were hungover.

Mon-El : I'd forgotten that part.

Kara : Can we keep training, please?

Winn : 'Cause I programmed the system. I input every parameter, every radiation marker to trace them, so, yeah. Yeah, I think that makes me the expert.


Kara : Throw the punch.

Mon-El : Maybe we should take a break.

Kara : Throw it.


Demos : The rest of us were the experts before you got here and traded your friendship with Supergirl for favor with Director J'onzz.

Winn : Oh, if you were in charge, we'd still be wondering if Reign was an alien.

Demos : You egotistical little son of a serial killer.


Mon-El : Kara?


Winn : Get off me. Now.

Demos : Really, coward? Have you ever even held a gun before?

Winn : I'm holding one now.

Alex : Hey! Hey! Knock it off! Knock it off! I am always cleaning up your messes.

Winn : Get out of my face!

Kara : Hey! Hey, break it up! Come on! Off of him.

Alex : What the hell just happened?

Hank : It was a psychic anomaly. I put a barrier up to protect you all.

Alex : Oh, God. Winn, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Winn : I'm kind of I feel like I'm gonna bleed. Yup.

Alex : Demos, man, I'm so sorry. I'm…

Demos : Hey, I'm sorry for what I said.

Winn : For the record, I think you're super smart. You're great.

Kara : It's like what I saw the Kalanorian do in the bar.

Alex : I told you she needed more observation.

Kara : Well, it's still visiting hours.

Alex : Let's go see her.

Hank : In the meantime, Agent Schott, round up the inhibitors we used against Psi. Recalibrate them. Make sure there's enough to go around. I didn't take enough precautions last time, I will now.

Kara : Come on.

Winn : It's a good thing you came when you did, man.

Hank : Yeah, good thing.


Alex : I've never felt anything like that. It's like something was inside of my brain. I couldn't control it. Are you okay?

Kara : I felt it, too.

Alex : Wait a minute, you were affected?

Kara : I hit Mon-El. Hard. We… We were training, and I was frustrated 'cause I wasn't getting it, and then he brought up our past, when I used to train him, and that's when the rage set in.

Alex : Are you sure you were affected?

Kara : What do you mean? Of course, I was.

Alex : It seems like you two still have some unresolved issues. Maybe it's not a good idea you train with him.

Kara : That's ridiculous. No, whatever issues I had with Mon-El before, those are behind me. Our relationship is strictly professional. This is just about getting Reign.

Alex : Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Turn her on her side.

Kara : Okay. Okay. Okay.

Alex : Prep the Med bay, we got incoming.

Kara : What's she saying?

Alex : I don't know, but it is definitely Martian.

L-Corp Lab

Sam : I just wanna go home, Lena, please? Please let me out of here.

Lena : I wanna get you home to your daughter as much as you do. Believe me. I am just trying to protect you. Both of you.

Sam : I told you this before, if I had hurt people, I would remember.

Lena : You're right. You would remember. On some deep level, you would feel what you had done.

When you look at this, do you remember what it was like? Attacking Morgan Edge? What I wouldn't have given to have seen that one up close. No? No recollection? Supergirl? I mean, that's a difficult one to forget. Having your fist connect with something so solid, so powerful.

Sam : This is insane.

Lena : How did it feel to obliterate? You tore those men apart. You ripped the limbs from their body and you dragged them across the beach!

Sam : Why are you doing this? Why? I just wanna go home to my daughter!

Lena : Like I'd let someone like you near Ruby.

Sam : How dare you?

Lena : What did it feel like? Living in that house, day in, day out, pretending to be her mother. Watching her sleep, so vulnerable. Knowing that any minute you could rip her apart with your bare hands. You're not a mother, you're a monster. And I will make sure you never see Ruby again.

Sam : Enough!


Kara : J'onn, you knew?

Hank : I didn't wanna believe it was getting worse. My father has been using a Martian practice called Ta'ar Ka'riq to move his memories and emotions from the decaying parts of his mind to the healthy parts. But it takes tremendous amounts of energy. Sometimes psychic bleeds can happen. And the more powerful the Martian, the more powerful the bleed. Other psychic species, like Kalanorians, would be the first to feel the effects. When an attack intensifies, it can affect anyone in close proximity, and not just other psychics. I brought Myr'nn to the DEO because I felt I could put a shield over this place and keep you all safe, but… My father's angry about what's happening to his mind. And his aggression was being funneled into all of you.

Alex : Can't you help him with the dampening technology?

Hank : He has relied on his mind his entire life. First, as a theologian, and then as a prisoner. It's what kept him alive for 300 years. The White Martians may have had him locked in a cage, but he was still free. This technology would make him reliant on me. It would strip him of the one thing the White Martians never could. His independence, his, um… His dignity.

Alex : I remember sitting in my kitchen when my mom got the call that my grandmother drove through a traffic light. By the grace of God, nobody was hurt. That was one of the hardest things my mom had to do, taking away her keys. She told my mom off, and she cried. Suddenly she's in this position she's never been in before. She's an adult being treated like a child. And it was ugly, and painful. But it's what had to be done. For her protection. For everyone's protection.

Hank : I can face down the toughest adversaries without fear, but talking to my father about this… I don't wanna take away more from him than he's already lost. I just got him back. The practice of Ta'ar Ka'riq keeps him as close to the man I've always known, and I… I don't wanna give that up.

Kara : My uncle Jor-El used to say, "The son becomes the father, and the father the son."

L-Corp Lab

Sam : Lena, why are you doing this? Just let me go home to my daughter!

Lena : Like I'd ever let someone like you near Ruby.

Sam : How dare you? How did it feel living in that house, pretending to be her mother? You're not a mother, you're a monster. And I'm gonna make sure you never see Ruby again.

Sam : Enough!

Sam : Oh, my God! Stop! Stop! No, make it stop!

Lena : I needed you to see it for yourself.

Sam : All those people…

Lena : It wasn't your fault. You weren't in control. When you transformed, I was finally able to get some data on Reign's DNA, okay? We have knowledge now, and knowledge is power. Hey, we're gonna get you through this. It's okay.


Mon-El : Footwork looks excellent.

Kara : Thanks.

Mon-El : So, you, uh… You punched me.

Kara : Yeah.

Mon-El : Didn't feel like part of the sparring. Can we talk about it?

Kara : I'm… I'm really sorry. I think it was Myr'nn's psychic episode. Why weren't you affected?

Mon-El : Yeah, the Legion ring acts as a shield.

Kara : Huh.

Mon-El : Another perk from the future. Are you sure that's all it was?

Kara : Yeah.

Mon-El : Nothing between us?

Kara : No.

Mon-El : 'Cause, look, I thought… I thought we were in a good place. But if we need to stop, we'll just

Kara : No, it's fine. This is… This is a good thing. There are Worldkillers out there, we have… Let's do this. I'm ready.

Mon-El : Okay.


Myr'nn : Why did you bring me in here?

Hank : Just to talk.

Myr'nn :I'd prefer to go back to my prayer room. Or, better yet, take me home.

Hank : I'm afraid I can't do that. As you've been struggling with your illness, your psychic waves have escaped. It's… It's affecting people.

Myr'nn :No. I would know if it did. I've done nothing wrong. I would never hurt anyone.

Hank : No one thinks you're trying to hurt them, Father. It happened with the Kalanorian.

Myr'nn :A Kalanorian? On this planet? Why didn't you tell me about this?

Hank : We spoke about it.

Myr'nn :We did no such thing.

Hank : Dad, you're forgetting.

Myr'nn :No! I will get control of it.

Hank : I'm afraid you are not able to. Not by yourself.

Myr'nn :Don't you dare tell your father what he is or isn't able to do!


Mon-El : Good. You didn't dip the shoulder. That's good. Hey, we survived a black hole, we can get through this together. Come on, try it again. You just missed the pivot. Keep your left foot…

Kara : Will you shut up?


Hank : Please. Please, Father, just...

Myr'nn :What are these for?

Hank : They're just in case. They suppress our powers.

Myr'nn :Is that to help me, too?

Hank : It's to help quell your mind, Father. So that I may assist you in the practice of Ta'ar Ka'riq.

Myr'nn :You would cage me?

Hank : Never.


Kara : You're right. We have been through a lot together. Like that time when you promised you wouldn't leave the DEO, and instead you ran off, you got wasted. You were reckless, selfish, you lied, and you didn't apologize.

Mon-El : Kara, I…

Kara : And then there was the time I got you a job a CatCo. I vouched for you at my place of employment. And then you had Eve do all of your work for you, and then you screwed her in the closet. You didn't apologize for that. And, shocker, I apologized to you for trying to make you into a better person.

Mon-El : I hear you. I get it.

Kara : No, I don't think you do get it. I don't think you get that I gave my heart to a lying jackass, who was unaware of his behavior towards me, who disrespected me at every turn, and now is this reformed person who, what, he wants to reminisce about the good times?

Alex : Kara, put this on.

Kara : What did I just do?


Myr'nn :For 300 years, I lived in a cell. My son will not put me back in one!

Hank : Father.

Alarm : Containment breach. Containment breach. Containment breach. Containment breech. Containment breach. Containment breach.


Alien : Myr'nn.


Winn : Hey, bud.

Woman : Winn Schott!

Winn : Pam from HR? Oh, God. Uh… Oh… Sorry.


Hank : You need to listen to me.

Myr'nn :Stay away from me!


Alex : No, no, no. Mon-El!


Hank : Father, look around you. You're hurting people. Your mind is doing this.

Myr'nn : No. You are trying to trick me.

Hank : I would never do that. I love you. All I want to do is protect you, as you have tried to protect me my entire life. Trust me, Father.

Myr'nn :No! No!

Kara : Oh, no. J'onn?

Hank : Stay with him.

Kara : Hey, I'm here. You're okay. I know how hard it is when everything we know to be true changes. But sometimes all we can do is just accept the way things are, and make the best of that. Oh, God.

Myr'nn : J'onn.

Hank : The son becomes the father.

Myr'nn : Do it.

L-Corp Lab

Sam : I know. I don't want you to worry about me, okay? I just have to stay in the hospital for a little while. I miss you, too. Yeah, the doctors are saying it's contagious, so I don't want you getting sick. Lena is gonna check up on you, and I will be home as soon as I'm better. I love you so, so much, baby.

Lena : Don't worry about Ruby, I'll take her to…

Sam : Don't tell me where she is. You keep her away from me until I'm cured.


Myr'nn : May I speak to you all? I am sorry for the pain I caused. I hurt you, all of you. I was so fearful of losing control of what's left of my life, I refused to accept what was happening. And it nearly cost me everything I hold dear.

Hank : I hoped I would've been able to protect you all better.

Alex : You protect us all the time, J'onn.

Kara : Tonight was our turn.


James : Hey, um, I… I was gonna leave this here for you. I didn't think I'd run into you.

Lena : You brought me dinner.

James : Yeah. Um… Look, I know your work's really important. It's saving-the-world important, but I happen to have a few friends who make a habit of that. And I know when they get really deep into it, the… They forget to eat, so I didn't want that to happen to you.

Lena : Well, that is incredibly thoughtful. And I haven't eaten all day.

James : Well, I'll leave you to it, then.

Lena : Well, since there's enough food here to feed an army, why don't you join me? Listen, James. There's something between us, something good. But in my life, in my work, there are people who count on my discretion. So I won't always be able to share everything with you.

James : If you think a secret needs to be kept, then it needs to be kept.

Lena : Well, I appreciate that.

James : Tell me it's going well, at least?

Lena : Not yet. But it will.


Mon-El : And the student becomes the master.

Kara : Can we talk about yesterday?

Mon-El : You were whammied by the psychic attack.

Kara : Yes, that's true, but I… The things I said… I thought I had dealt with my feelings about us. But when we were in this episode, it made me realize that our relationship was not perfect. You know, maybe I… I knew that deep down. But especially when you were gone, I was so busy missing you and romanticizing us… I do feel a big weight off my shoulders. So, in a way, I'm grateful that it happened. I'm just really sorry that it took a Martian attack to make it come out. And I'm sorry it was so brutal.

Mon-El : You know what, the truth can be brutal. It's not news to me that I used to be a jerk. And I'm… I am sorry. I'm sorry. For all of it. I didn't really grasp your perspective back then.

Kara : Yeah, but still, I shouldn't have hit you. I'm sorry for that. And I'm sorry for… I'm just sorry.

Mon-El : Can we make an agreement?

Kara : Yes.

Mon-El : No more apologies.

Kara : Do you wanna go be heroes?


Mon-El : Pestilence.

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410 : Suspicious Minds (inédit)
Dimanche 20 janvier à 20:00

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409 : Elseworlds: Hour Three (inédit)
Mardi 11 décembre à 20:00
2.17m / 0.8% (18-49)

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408 : Bunker Hill (inédit)
Dimanche 2 décembre à 20:00
1.26m / 0.4% (18-49)

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407 : Rather the Fallen Angel (inédit)
Dimanche 25 novembre à 20:00
1.15m / 0.3% (18-49)

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406 : Call to Action (inédit)
Dimanche 18 novembre à 20:00
1.13m / 0.3% (18-49)

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405 : Parasite Lost (inédit)
Dimanche 11 novembre à 20:00
1.16m / 0.3% (18-49)

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404 : Ahimsa (inédit)
Dimanche 4 novembre à 20:00
1.23m / 0.4% (18-49)

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Joyeux anniversaire!

Joyeux anniversaire!
Aujourd'hui, Helen Slater alias Eliza Danvers fête ses 55 ans. En effet, elle est née le 15 décembre...

Audience : Dernier vol de l'année en hausse!

Audience : Dernier vol de l'année en hausse!
Mardi soir, The CW terminait la diffusion du crossover annuel avec l'épisode 4x09 : Elseworlds: Hour...

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Prévu pour l'Automne 2019

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Prévu pour l'Automne 2019
Non vous ne rêvez pas, le prochain crossover annuel de The CW a déjà un titre et un synopsis. Tout...

Elseworlds : Hour Three ce soir!

Elseworlds : Hour Three ce soir!
Le crossover annuel du arrow-verse se termine ce soir avec l'épisode 4x09 : Elseworlds: Hour Three...

Nouveau sondage

Nouveau sondage
Depuis un mois, nous vous demandions quel est votre rôle préféré de Chyler Leigh. Pour 66% d'entre...


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Sonmi451, Aujourd'hui à 14:27

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