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#312 : Le Mis à mal

Quelqu'un a tenté de tuer Morgan Edge et il s'en est sorti de justesse. Il accuse alors Lena d'être responsable de l'attaque et jure de la détruire. Quand Lena prend peur que sa bataille avec Morgan l'entraîne du mauvais côté des Luthor, Kara s'implique pour aider son amie. Pendant ce temps, alors que Sam réalise qu'elle a des pertes de mémoire, elle se confie à Alex qui décide de lui faire faire quelques tests pour savoir ce qui ne va pas chez sa nouvelle amie.


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Titre VO
For Good

Titre VF
Le Mis à mal

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KeyArt "For Good"

Lena Luthor, Kara Danvers et Morgan Edge

Lena Luthor, Kara Danvers et Morgan Edge

Morgan Edge à Catco

Morgan Edge à Catco

Edge accuse Lena devant Kara à CatCo

Edge accuse Lena devant Kara à CatCo

Kara, Lena et James à CatCo

Kara, Lena et James à CatCo

Kara sauve Lena Luthor

Kara sauve Lena Luthor

Kara et James à CatCo

Kara et James à CatCo

Lena Luthor

Lena Luthor

Guardian (Mehcad Brooks)

Guardian (Mehcad Brooks)

Guardian menace Morgan Edge (Adrian Padnar)

Guardian menace Morgan Edge (Adrian Padnar)

Lena et James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

Lena et James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

Lena Luthor jouée par Kathie McGrath

Lena Luthor jouée par Kathie McGrath

James et Lena parlent avec Morgan Edge

James et Lena parlent avec Morgan Edge

Melissa Benoist joue le rôle de Kara Zor-El

Melissa Benoist joue le rôle de Kara Zor-El

James Olsen et un homme de main d'Edge

James Olsen et un homme de main d'Edge


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Kara: Worldkillers are still out there.

Hank: The city has been quiet ever since you got back from Fort Rozz.

Winn: Yeah, I mean, we've been trying to track Kryptonian heat signatures, but all we're coming up with is you and your cousin. Which, I will say though, is nice, because I know where he is.

Kara: Well, shouldn't they be reading like they're me, basically?

Mon-El: Yeah, but they're not like you. They may have been created on Krypton, but these Worldkillers are not, strictly speaking, Kryptonian.

Hank: Mon-El's right. Nothing about them follows a pattern we recognize. Reign didn't need a yellow sun or a Fort Rozz to retain her powers.

Winn: Yeah, and the way she just shrugged off that Kryptonite Hey, but maybe they were genetically modified.

Mon-El: Now, that's possible. The Legion's fought many hybrids that were created in labs designed to have maximum destruction.

Kara: Well, Reign said she left Krypton right before it exploded. If they've been here all this time, what have they been waiting for?

Winn: Maybe for her.

Mon-El: You know, when Krypton exploded, pods weren't the only thing that rained down on Earth, so did Kryptonite. Yeah, Brainy had to track some of that green stuff down when the Legion battled Zod.

Winn: Um, rewind. Zod? Superman killed him, so… Was he resurrected? He was. But that's the future. We talked about that. So, you're saying, basically, that the Kryptonite and the pods came at the same time.

Hank: Agent Schott, see if you can pull our records of those meteor showers and map their spray pattern. There might be a way we can locate exactly when these Worldkillers first arrived.

Winn: On it.

Kara: Reign will be back. Soon.

Hank: What do you think she's doing?

Kara: Well, wherever she is, she's planning her next move.


Sam: So, you were a doctor before you joined the FBI?

Alex: Yeah. I was gonna be a researcher, so I had a job actually up in Seattle for a while. And then, as it turns out, I needed a little more action than just a microscope and an Excel spreadsheet.

Sam: Well, thank you very much for doing this.

Alex: You're sure it's okay that we use the L-Corp lab?

Sam: I am. No one will be here for a while. Sorry, I just don't like hospitals. Hate being sick. Hate tests.

Alex: Well, MRI's don't hurt.

Sam: Okay.

Alex: All right, put your legs.

Sam: So, I looked up my symptoms. Memory loss, headaches, it could be really bad. Like, brain tumor bad. ALS.

Alex: You know what else causes memory loss? Caffeine withdrawal.

Sam: Yikes. Right.

Alex: Which is why we're taking pictures. Okay? We're gonna find out what's going on, and when we do, we're gonna deal with it. Whatever it is. Okay?

Sam: All right.

Alex: Okay.


Lena: Vironique's has the most overpriced egg Benedict in the city, but you will thank me afterwards.

James: It sounds great, but I'm not sure if I have time. I have an editorial meeting at ten o'clock.

Lena: Oh, right. Well, you know, I'll just get Renee to rush the order and then I can join you.

James: I mean, you can, but I can handle it.

Lena: You don't want me to join.

James: No. Of course, I always want you by my side, it's just that, to be honest, I think the staff gets a little self-conscious when the big boss is just kinda sitting there staring at them.

Lena: All right. Well, maybe I'll join after the circulation meeting.

Morgan: Well, well, well. I thought Vironique's had a hard "no liberals" policy.

James: But, apparently, they're fine with murderers.

Morgan: You know, Mr. Olsen, for a newspaper man I'd like to think you'd be a little bit more considerate with your words. My lawyers can bury you alive for defamation of character.

Lena: I don't know, don't you have to have a character to defame?

James: Ooh.

Morgan: And the pot calls the kettle black. You know, Lena, I do love it when you talk tough though.

Lena: You know, Edge, you act like a bully, but underneath it all, you are scared to death of a powerful woman you can't control. You're so terrified, you would sacrifice kids, poison our water, do just about anything to kill me and get rid of the problem.

Morgan: And you got it wrong, Lena. I like powerful women. Nay, I love powerful women. But you're not a powerful woman. You're wasting away in that ivory tower. Posing as Cat Grant, hoping that the gleam of liberal media is gonna somehow magically rub off on you. I don't have to kill you, Lena, you're already dead. Enjoy the eggs, kids. They're mediocre, you'll fit right in.

Lena: Burn in hell, Edge.

Morgan: I hear the company is fantastic. Come on, what, are you napping in my car? Let's go.

Morgan’s Car

Man 1: Hi, Richard, thank you so much for taking my call.

Man 2: You got it.

Man 1: First time caller here. Let me ask you something. What do you know? I mean, from your… Your…

Man 2: I put my investments into…

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: DOC rounded up most of the prisoners who escaped Albatross Bay during Reign's attack except Thomas Coville.

James: Let's see if we can get a quote from the warden on the record. Art department, what's up?

Lena: The Parks Conservancy is having a black-tie gala tonight. All the city's major donors are gonna be there. I feel like an ace reporter would be able to find a story.

James: Okay, you guys heard the boss. Who's headed to the gala?

Morgan: I got a story for ya!

James: What the hell happened to you?

Morgan: I survived.

Kara: Survived what?

Morgan: An attempt on my life. How about this, why don't you try 1,500 words on how this deranged trust-fund baby hacked into my car and tried to steer me off the edge of this damn city.

Lena: Wait, wait, you're accusing me of trying to kill you? Oh, that's rich.

James: Look, whatever happened to you, Lena had nothing to do with it.

Kara: Yeah, so why don't you just turn around and go accuse one of the other 50 people who despise you in this city.

Morgan: She shows up where I have breakfast, hangs out at the valet stand just a little bit too long, tells me to go, what was it, "Burn in hell"? And then somehow, mysteriously, my car steers itself off the road, explodes into the water. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Lena: I don't put hits on people no matter how much I despise them.

Morgan: That's right, you like to do the dirty work yourself. Here I am, sister. Why don't you man up and finish the job?

James: Why don't you find the exit, or I'll find it for you.

Morgan: You better get ready to finish what you started, because you wound me up and I'm not gonna rest until it's over. And I never lose. Got it?


James: He's gone. And security knows better than to let him in again.

Lena: He's not gonna come back and try again in person. This was an uncharacteristic outburst. I've never seen him so angry. He's gonna come back at me twice as hard. This is never gonna stop.

Kara: But you're not the one who is trying to kill him.

James: No. He's tried to kill Lena plenty of times and she's never retaliated.

Kara: So, someone out there is trying to kill him.

James: He's got no shortage of enemies, but, like you said, this is uncharacteristic for him. Edge is too good at covering his tracks to have somebody build a case against him.

Kara: I mean, we don't even have enough for a damning story.

James: We should really be focused on this car hack.

Kara: Yeah, you're right.

Lena: I'm just tired of this cycle of violence, okay? I just want these threats, these attacks, these recriminations… You know, I've seen it ruin my mother's life and my brother's. I just want it to stop.

Kara: Well, that's what we're here for. Let your friends help you.


Sam: So, what do you see?

Alex: Nothing.

Sam: Is that a good thing?

Alex: Well, it's neither good nor bad. It just means that whatever's causing the blackouts isn't showing up on the images.

Sam: Okay. So, where do we go from here?

Alex: We send the images to an expert along with some blood work. Are you okay? What are you thinkin'?

Sam: Yeah, I'm just tired of all the lying. Lies to Lena about my whereabouts, about the press conferences and the board meetings, and the earnings calls, and just all of it. I lie and I tell her that everything's fine.

Alex: I thought you told her about the work trip?

Sam: I told her that my adopted mother was in the hospital. So, that's a lie on a lie on a lie.

Alex: So, maybe it's time for some truth.

Sam: The truth is that I'm becoming a burden. To Lena. To L-Corp. To you. To my friends. To my daughter. I don't wanna be that person. I'm afraid of needles.

Alex: It's really not that bad. I'm gonna make it painless.

Sam: Can you go quick?

Alex: Okay. Hmm? See? Painless. Your being sick isn't a burden to anyone. Lena might be your boss… Hang on to that. But she's also your friend. So, maybe you should try letting her in.

Sam: Alex, I've handled everything on my own since I was 16. Ruby, college, work, everything. Been white-knuckling my whole life. It's bad enough I included you in all these problems. So, I'm… I'll be fine.

Alex: I know what it's like to be afraid to let other people in. I have always been used to dealing with things in my life on my own. So, after Maggie and I broke up, the thought of talking about it was terrifying. But Kara being Kara, she wouldn't let me shut down. She forced me to let her in so that we could figure things out together. That's the only way that I'm getting through any of this. And I am not about to let you make the same mistake that I almost made.

Sam: Okay. I'll talk to Kara and Lena today.

Alex: Now, that is a good choice.

Sam: I get a lollipop?

Alex: You get a lollipop.

Sam: I'll take it. It's my favorite.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Okay. That was my source at NCPD. They just salvaged Edge's car and there's no sign of tampering.

Lena: You think Edge did this himself? Why? To frame me?

James: Edge is crazy, but he's not suicidal.

Kara: Well, whoever hacked his car, it's above and beyond anything the NCPD has ever dealt with.

James: What about the guy who hacked Maxwell Lord's limousine and tried to drive him off a cliff? Kara: Yeah, I thought of that guy too, but there's no connection to Edge.

Eve: Ms. Luthor, the usual.

Lena: Thanks, Eve. Guys, listen, we're been at this for hours, how do we not have any leads?

James: Maybe we're barking up the wrong tree. Well, we can start with the attempts on your life, and maybe that'll get us into Edge's inner circle and look for new suspects.

Kara: It's poison. Go, I've got her.


James: Eve! Eve! The coffee?

Eve: Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Olsen, did you want one too?

James: No, where did you get it from?

Eve: The cart, where I always get it.


James: What did you give her? What did you give her?


Alex: What happened?

Kara: Edge tried to poison her, it was in her coffee.

Alex: Two-hundred milligrams phenobarbital, stat. Come on, Lena. Calm down, calm down. Two liters of saline, run it open. I want a radial artery line and two red tox. Woman: Blood pressure, 70 over palp. Pulse is 30 and falling.

Alex: I need to know what poison he used.

Kara: I don't know.

Alex: Mustard gas, cyanide, strychnine. Almonds. That's cyanide. Fifty mils of sodium thiosulfate.

How long has it been?

Kara: About two, three minutes.

Alex: Cyanide is circulating through her system. Her brain and her heart are going to shut down. I need to slow down her circulation in order for this to work.

Kara: How do you slow it down?

Alex: Induce hypothermia.

Kara: I can do it. Let me do it.

Alex: Hold on. Okay, that's good.

Kara: Come on, come on, come on. Come on, Lena.

Alex: Normal sinus rhythm. You saved her.

Kara: No, we did.


James: You're a hard man to get an appointment with, Mr. Edge.

Morgan: Let me go.

James: I don't think you want me to do that.

Morgan: Okay. What do you want?

James: You poisoned Lena Luthor.

Morgan: No, no, no, no. That doesn't sound like something I would do.

James: You get people to do your dirty work for you and then you kill them before they can talk.

Morgan: I don't know what you're talking about.

James: Then you'll be happy to know she survived.

Morgan: No, actually, I despise her. There's a lot of other people in this city who'd be happy to rid this place of a Luthor. Maybe you wanna dangle one of them over the side of a building before you make an enemy out of me. All right, okay. All right, okay. Okay.

James: See, that's where you're wrong. I am your enemy, Edge. So, you better tread carefully. Because if anything happens to Lena Luthor, I will find you. And you won't be walking away from that.


Hank: Alex says Lena will wake up soon. I suggest she does that at CatCo and not at a super secret government organization.

Kara: Yeah.

Hank: You did a brave thing back there, risking your identity to save her.

Kara: Well, it was what needed to be done.

Hank: Taking action, as always.

Kara: Not always. Reign and the other Worldkillers are still out there. Planning. And I'm just waiting for them to make their next strike. I wish there was something I could do. Anything.

Hank: Don't get ahead of yourself, Kara. The Worldkillers will come, and when they do, I trust you'll be ready. Right now your job is to protect the people of Earth and be there for your friends. This world is a crazy place right now. People are acting, reacting, escalating behaviors. Like what Morgan Edge did to Lena. What our lawmakers are doing, sniping at each other, going round and round in circles. It's not doing any good. It reminds me of Mars before the civil war. But, like my father said then, there is great power in being the calm at the center of the storm. A beacon to show the way. Supergirl is here to remind us on Earth about what's best in ourselves. That's what's most important. It's more important than if you ever were to catch another bullet.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lena: What happened?

James: Hey, just take it easy, okay?

Lena: I had the strangest dream. You were flying, and you were carrying me.

Kara: I was? Like Supergirl? That's… I wish.

Lena: Why do I feel like I've been hit by a truck?

Kara: You were poisoned.

James: It was the coffee. Kara reacted very quickly and the paramedics came and they gave you an antidote. They said you need to rest.

Lena: It was Edge, wasn't it?

Kara: Yeah.

Lena: Has he been arrested?

James: No. He didn't do it himself, he hired a hit man. And now that hit man is dead.

Lena: So, Edge is gonna get away scot-free again?

Kara: For now.

Lena: You know, Reign was right. Scumbags like Edge need to be put down, okay? He wants a war, then he's got one. I'm the only one who can protect myself.

Kara: Lena, no, you are not a killer.

Lena: Yeah, Kara? Maybe you don't know what I am.

James: Well, hey, I know you. You're not thinking clearly right now, okay? We're not out of options. We have a lead, okay? We weren't able to find any fragment of the bullet, no exit wound, no shrapnel, nothing, no casings.

Kara: So, it just vanished?

James: Yeah, it's some really weird futuristic technology. But if we can find out who can manufacture a bullet like that, we can find the shooter.

Kara: Lena, I give you my word, Edge will not get away with this again.

Lena: Okay. I feel better.

Kara: Good.


Lillian: You followed my breadcrumbs. More quickly, I expect, than your brother would have. I'm impressed. Now, come give your mother a hug. Okay. So, no hug. It's probably too much to ask. The disappearing bullets were an inspired breadcrumb, don't you think? Worked like a charm.

Lena: What are you doing here, Mother?

Lillian: What do you think? A man has been trying to assassinate my daughter, I came back to kill him.

Lena: How sweet. No, what are you really doing here?

Lillian: You know, you really hurt me, Lena. No matter how hard I try to show it, you still doubt my love for you. Do you know of any other mother who would kill for her daughter?

Lena: No, I don't. It's probably a good thing for society.

Lillian: Speaking of society, I've risked everything to come back here, but it was worth it. That man has picked on the wrong family.

Lena: I don't need your help, Mother. If I wanted him gone, I would just do it myself.

Lillian: Oh, I'm well aware. I'll never forget the time Cindy Ryan stole your boyfriend. Took you months of planning, but you exacted your revenge. You outed her diary, publicly humiliated her, ruined her life. It was fantastic.

Lena: It was also the fifth grade, Mother.

Lillian: There you go again, devaluing yourself. You know, Lex was brilliant, but he was a hothead. You're equally as fiendish, but savvier. You have a cold-blooded talent. You can plot three moves ahead. Use your brain. When you finally own that, you'll be great.

Lena: Other than Edge's obsession with me, I am great.

Lillian: At CatCo? Please. I've been keeping tabs on you. What happened to all the things you told me you wanted to accomplish at L-Corp? Your technology has the capacity to change the world, build the future. You gave all that up to buy a vanity business? Talking heads who regurgitate the news? I can't understand it. Why would you want to be Cat Grant when you could be Lena Luthor? Let me do this. I know you, Lena. You loathe this man and wanna kill him as much as I do.

Lena: Even if that were true, I'd never act on it.

Lillian: Which is why you need your mother. It'll be done by the end of the night. And then, maybe, we can finally work together. Please let me prove to you how much I love you.

Lena: Okay.

Lillian: Good girl.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Are you okay?

Lena: Yeah. There's something I…

Alex: Hey, Kara, Lena, can we talk?


Kara: Sam, I'm so sorry you've been going through this.

Lena: I wish you'd have come to us sooner. You shouldn't have had to go through this alone.

Sam: I know. I'm sorry I didn't. I… I've always had to take care of myself, you know, and, I guess I was just afraid that if I let you in, you know, let myself feel vulnerable, I would completely fall apart.

Kara: Yeah, but falling apart is okay. 'Cause you'd have us to pick up the pieces.

Sam: Yes, if it were just me, then that would be one thing, but it's not. When Ruby was first born, the nurse handed her to me in the hospital and she wrapped her tiny hand around my finger, and I just stared at her in awe. And I swore that I would always protect her, no matter what. So, my greatest fear is that something will happen to me and I won't be around to protect her. All Ruby has is me. So, if I'm not here If I'm not around, then what will happen to her? I'm scared.

Kara: But we're your family. And we're Ruby's family too.

Lena: And that little girl has got the fiercest mama on the planet.

Alex: And you got to remember you're not alone.

Sam: You have no idea what that means to me.

Kara: Well, good, because all we have to focus on now is getting you better.

Sam: Yeah.


Kara: Lena? What did you want to tell me, what's going on?

Lena: I tried to kill Edge.

Kara: What? When?

Lena: After he poisoned the children and tried to frame me. I went to his office with a loaded gun and the intent to kill. Only reason he's still alive is he outsmarted me.

Kara: Oh. Okay, okay. Okay, well, the good news is, you didn't.

Lena: Yeah. My mother is back.

Kara: Lillian.

Lena: She manufactured the disintegrating bullets. I just saw her. And as darkly twisted as Lillian is, she made me realize two things about myself. One, I very well may be a killer.

Kara: No, you're not a killer.

Lena: No, not as yet. But I do have the emotional range of Medea.

Kara: And what's number two?

Lena: I'm smart. Cunning. Strategic. I think steps ahead of most people.

Kara: And you needed your mother to remind you of that? Lena, come on, you're a chess prodigy, I've seen your trophies.

Lena: You know, I always confuse my cunning and my emotional insecurity, and thought of it all as something to be suppressed. And then, when I saw Lillian, I had an epiphany. I can separate the two parts. My mother is gonna try and kill Edge. She's gonna do it tonight. I have an idea about how she'll do it, but I don't have the full picture. And if we're gonna save him, I'm gonna need to use my wit and I'm gonna need your help.

Kara: You got it.

Morgan: Of course I'm happy to be here, Simon. I donated $10 million to the Parks department so our beautiful city could have more trees. After all, who doesn't like a little more oxygen, huh? Good to see ya.

Lena: Bingo.


Kara: Any sign of him?

Lena: I don't know. Look for the shiniest red dress, and I'm sure you'll find the mouth-breather Edge behind it.

Kara: Well, you were almost right. Shiny red lipstick.

Lena: I should have known about the ear piece.

Kara: Oh, I'll handle him. I'm professionally crafty. Hi. I'm Kara Danvers, CatCo Worldwide. I just have a few questions for Mr. Edge, so I'll just shuffle on back.

Security Guard: Not so fast, sweetheart. What the…

Kara: Don't grab women, sweetheart.


Morgan: I've got two pools and a very large hot tub.

Lena: You know, you really should be careful of standing water. It's usually riddled with disease.

Morgan: I'll catch up with you later. How in the hell did you get past my security?

Lena: I don't know, it's almost as easy as poisoning a cup of coffee. That was low, even for you. At least crashing a plane had a certain kind of elaborate elegance, but poisoning? That's just a coward's method.

Morgan: No idea what you're talking about.

Lena: Yeah. You know, I thought you'd say that. So…

Morgan: What is that, some sort of a weapon? A bomb? You gonna try to kill me in public?

Lena: No. I'm actually here to save you.

Morgan: From who, yourself?

Lena: My mother. She's the one that hacked into your car and she's gonna try and kill you tonight, unless I stop her.

Morgan: Lillian Luthor. The world's most wanted terrorist came out of hiding to kill Morgan Edge? I'm impressed.

Lena: Hmm.

Morgan: But why?

Lena: Because you screwed with her daughter. My mother will kill you tonight unless you give me a confession.

Morgan: I have nothing to confess to.

Lena: Such a small thing for your life. I mean, granted, you will spend the rest of it in prison, but let's not sweat the details. That drone is programmed to kill you. Tick-tock.

Morgan: You're insane, you know that?

Lena: Admit you tried to kill me.

Kara: Come on, Lena.

Morgan: What do I pay you guys for?

Lena: Ready to confess?

Morgan: Okay. I did it. All of it. The lead poisoning, I tried to kill you. I tried to cover my tracks. Just call that thing off. Give me the tape. Now!

Lillian: What didn't you let me kill him?

Lena: I found another way.

Lillian: There is no other way. You're a Luthor, you should be proud of it. You're three steps ahead? I'm four.

Kara: Suit's a bit much, don't you think?

Lillian: Says the girl in the cape.


Winn: Holy crap, is that the Lexosuit? That is awesome. It's gonna be awesome when Supergirl freakin' destroys that thing. Because, you know, that is dangerous.

Alex: Tell J'onn to assemble the strike team, I'm getting down there.

Mon-El: There isn't time. Hack the drone she used to fire on Edge. On my mark, we'll use it against her.


Mon-El: I'm sorry, did that hit you?

Lillian: Guess he got over his allergy to lead.

Mon-El: Uh, Winn?


Winn: Sorry, these are not the drones you're looking for. We're working on the right ones.


Mon-El: Please hurry.


Winn: Ha-ha! I think I found the right drone.


Winn: Mon-El, I've hacked the drone, it is ready.

Mon-El: Keep her busy. I've got your back, I promise.


James: I told you if I had to see you again, you wouldn't be walking out.

Lena: Ass.

James: Now, that's the understatement of the century.


Lillian: Please keep trying. If I remember, the last time you did this, it caused you to bleed.


Mon-El: Ms. Luthor, glad to see you're okay.

Lena: Yeah. I could say the same about you.

Kara: Well, it looks like you got what you came for.


Morgan: You know these charges are never gonna stick, right? You better run. 'Cause when I get back, I'm gonna crush you.

Lena: Well, you know where to find me. My name's on the building. Thank you for letting me borrow this. Although, I may have to expense you another one, 'cause I think the police are gonna wanna look at this.

Kara: Oh, well, it actually belongs to CatCo, so, technically, it's your property.

Lena: Yeah. You wanna know why I'm not a killer? Friends.

Kara: Well, that's what friends are for. We get each other through the dark times, like you did with Mon-El.

Lena: Yeah, Kara… I saw Mon-El. He was here with Supergirl.

Kara: Yeah. It's complicated. I'll tell you about it.

James: You guys okay?

Lena: Yeah, yeah. I am actually better than I have been in months. You missed all the fun, Jimmy Olsen. Excuse me.


Lillian: I'd hoped this time would be different between us.

Lena: It was different, Mother. For the first time I could own the parts of myself that were similar to you without resorting to evil. You did make me wake up, though. There's so much I wanna do. I'm gonna need my Luthor smarts to do them.

Lillian: Well, at least it wasn't a total waste. You should've let me kill him.

Lena: You know, one day you'll understand there's a different way of doing things.

Lillian: Maybe you can enlighten me when you visit me in prison. If I'm still there.

Kara’s apartment

Alex: Yes. Thank you. Okay, so, all the test results came back clear. No tumor, no blood disorders, nothing. You are as healthy as an Olympic athlete.

Sam: Really?

Kara: Sam, this is a really good thing. All of the worst possibilities have been ruled out.

Sam: No, I know, I know. It's just… I mean, if it's nothing, then what's happening to me?

Alex: We'll figure it out, okay? I promise. But, for right now, just take the good news.

Lena: Alex is right. Go home to Ruby, enjoy the now. Every second of this is important to you and it's important to your daughter.

Sam: Okay. No, yeah, you're right. Thank you, guys. I honestly.. I don't know how I lived my life without you guys. Thank you.

Alex: I'll figure it out.

Lena: We all will.


Mon-El: No.

Kara: You seem to be everywhere these days, don't you?

Mon-El: Well, I'm gonna help while I'm here. And, if you don't mind me saying so, I think we made a pretty good team last night.

Kara: Yeah, well, that idea you had to use Lillian's drones against her, that was a good idea.

Mon-El: Yeah, thanks. Brainy and I did a similar thing against Computo once. I've learned a lot in seven years.

Kara: Yeah.

Mon-El: Hey. Look, I know this is tough. And I may not know much right now, but I do know that I'm committed to being that hero that you taught me to be. I hope you know that.

Kara: I know.

Winn: What… what's that you ask? Has Winslow Schott, your favorite human, finally cracked the case, and maybe come up with a hot lead?

Kara: What did you find?

Winn: I cross-referenced the meteor impact sites with news reports and hospital records to search for anomalies, and let's see what we came up with. This guy had super strength, but turns out he was just a Maaldorian. Then we have a Coluan, we have a Phorian, and then there are these four. There's no reason for these anomalies. They've survived horrific car crashes, falls off of cliffs. The doctors said it was unprecedented. Like a miracle that they are alive, and completely unharmed.

Mon-El: So, two of these are our Worldkillers, huh?

Winn: Uh, maybe, yeah. But which one, or ones, is gonna take a lot more research.

Kara: It's her.

Winn: Her? How do you know?

Kara: I just do.

Winn: Okay. So, what do we do?

Kara: We go get her.

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