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#311 : Enquête à Fort Rozz

Alors que Reign continue de terroriser la ville, Supergirl s'allie avec Saturn Girl et deux anciennes ennemies de Supergirl: Livewire et Psi, pour une mission à Fort Rozz pour retrouver un prisonnier qui a des informations sur comment vaincre Reign une bonne fois pour toute. Pendant ce temps, Alex garde Ruby.


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Fort Rozz

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Enquête à Fort Rozz

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KeyArt "Fort Rozz"

Kara face à la prêtresse

Kara face à la prêtresse

Supergirl jouée par Melissa Benoist

Supergirl jouée par Melissa Benoist

Reign et Supergirl

Reign et Supergirl

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Reign jouée par Odette Annable



Sara Cooper joue Jindah Rozz

Sara Cooper joue Jindah Rozz

Supergirl et Jindah Rozz

Supergirl et Jindah Rozz

Brit Morgan joue le rôle de Livewire

Brit Morgan joue le rôle de Livewire

Livewire face à Reign

Livewire face à Reign


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Plus de détails

Alex’s apartment

Alex : Enter!

Kara : Hey!

Alex : Hi.

Kara : Look who I found.

Sam : And we come bearing carbs.

Alex : Oh, you didn't have to do that, but I'm really glad that you did.

Kara : I'll put this away.

Alex : Hi.

Ruby : Hi. Who's Wine?

Alex : That says "Winn". Do you want to sign?

Ruby : Of course.

Sam : Come on!

Kara : What's wrong?

Sam : I have to go on a trip and Mrs. Queller just canceled.

Kara : Is that your babysitter?

Sam : Yeah. Sorry, guys, carry on. I'm gonna just deal with this.

Alex : Well, I'm I mean, I'm not doing anything. So I'm happy to have Ruby here with me.

Sam : No, I couldn't ask you. Look at your leg.

Ruby : Come on, Mom. Let me stay with Alex. At the Christmas party, she promised to teach me how to punch without breaking my thumb.

Alex : Full disclosure. I'm not a good babysitter.

Kara : Yeah, you should listen to her 'cause one time she made me watch The Shining and I had nightmares for weeks.

Alex : Um, okay, she was 15…

Kara : So?

Alex : So, you were the one who wanted to watch it!

Sam : Are you sure it's okay?

Alex : Yes, absolutely. I'm going a little bit stir-crazy. So, yeah. And if she gets out of line, I will call for backup.

Sam : You're a life saver. Thank you. Thank you.

Kara : Oh. That is work, for me. I gotta go. Have fun.

Alex : Thanks. I'm totally gonna put on The Shining.


Kara : You have news about Reign?

Hank : Coville told you he met a dying priestess who escaped from Fort Rozz. She told him everything about Reign.

Winn : Well, we combed the manifests of Fort Rozz and found there are exactly two priestesses on board. One being…

Kara : Jindah Kol Rozz. Fort Rozz was named after her.

Winn: Yep, and on the manifest, she actually has the exact same glyph - as Reign.

Mon-El: Do we know where she is?

Hank: We believe that in all the time Fort Rozz was marooned here on earth, she never got out.

Kara: Uh, there's a small problem. I kind of threw Fort Rozz into space, remember?

Hank: That's what we thought.

Winn: But, then we found it, orbiting a little star called AZ336XB12.

Imra: Did you say "AZ336XB12"?

Hank: Problem?

Mon-El: Yeah, that's a blue star.

Kara: I won't have my powers there. There's no yellow sun.

Imra: Blue stars also emit omicron radiation which means it's fatal for any life-form with a Y chromosome.

Hank: It's poisonous to men?

Kara: Well, I guess I have to go alone.

Hank: Absolutely not. I will not allow you to go up there by yourself. Not without your powers.

Imra: Me neither. I'll go with you.

Kara: No, I would not ask you to do that.

Imra: You're not asking, I'm offering.

Hank: Kara, we fought some tough escapees on earth. What's left on that fort are the worst of the worst. You two can't handle this on your own.

Kara: Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe we will need some help.


Man: Can I get a warm-up?

Woman: Uh, my toast is wet.

Leslie: You ready yet?

Man: Yeah, I have a question. Do you have a gluten-free toast option?

Leslie: It's called, "Eat somewhere else". I'm gonna go on break. And when I get back, you better order something that doesn't make me wanna punch you in the face.


Kara: What, are you drinking on the job, Livewire? Or should I say, "Roseanne"?

Leslie: How'd you find me?

Kara: I've been keeping tabs on you ever since I let you go.

Leslie: Yeah, well… As you can see, I'm making an honest living now. So if you're looking to go a few rounds, come back after the breakfast rush.

Kara: No, I'm not here to fight you, I'm… I'm here because I need your help.

Leslie: My help? I loathe you!

Kara: I know why you're working here. It's because of Reign. She's been killing criminals so you decided to go straight. Smart.

Leslie: Yeah, well, some of those criminals were people I knew. Friends of mine.

Kara: And they didn't deserve to die.

Leslie: No, they didn't.

Kara: So help me get Reign.

Leslie: I saw you get body-slammed by that GLOW reject on Christmas. It was all over the news. You think I'm up for a beatdown like that just because you said, "Pretty please"? Honey, you haven't been reading my psych evals correctly.

Kara: I'm not asking you to fight her. I'm asking you to help me get intel on her. Which requires us to go to a place where I won't have my powers. So I need someone I know to… to have my back. Are you finished?

Leslie: Oh, my God!

Kara: Look, she's gonna come after you sooner or later, so are you gonna help me or not?


Winn: And this is where the magic happens, my friend. From here, we can monitor and communicate with the Legion Cruiser any time throughout their entire mission.

Brainiac-5: Incredible. You actually rely on this to keep people safe? This is the technology that backs up Supergirl when she goes into battle?

Winn: It is… Yes.

Brainiac-5: She is so much braver than I ever knew. I've seen espresso machines with more processing power.


Kara: Uh, FYI, not everyone here is on board with you coming along.

Leslie: Screw 'em. Cosplay! I remember you. You tried to save my life.

Leslie: Yeah, I remember succeeding.

Winn: Hey, Leslie, you remember me? I used to fix your computer at CatCo.

Leslie: No.

Man: Prisoner arrived.

Kara: Thanks for agreeing to join us.

Psi: Reign's going after people like me. I don't wanna get killed by that psycho when I finally break out of this place. Do you have a problem?

Leslie: Ninety-nine, but you ain't one.

Hank: Supergirl?

Kara: Mmm-hmm.

Hank: Livewire, I get. You two have a history. But Psi…

Kara: I know, I know. But you know how powerful she is. I mean, she beat you in a psychic duel. She overpowered me more than once.

Hank: That's exactly what I'm worried about.

Kara: I am a little worried too, to be honest. But If we're gonna win this thing, we have to take risks, and this feels like a risk worth taking.

Hank: All right. This should unlock the psychic dampener.

Kara: All right.

Imra: The ship's ready.

Mon-El: Remember the light drive can get a little finicky.

Imra: I know.

Mon-El: And if there's a breach, just…

Imra: Mon-El. I've captained the ship more times than you.

Mon-El: Just take care of each other.

Kara: We will.

Hank: Good luck.

Kara: Let's move.

Legion ship

Imra: Do we have any idea where she could be?

Kara: No. Her records didn't say where she was held. We'll just have to search, I guess.

Imra: Fort Rozz, that was where your real mother…

Kara: Locked up criminals? Yeah. Let's just say no one there will be welcoming my arrival.

Imra: Well, um, good thing we've got the dream team then.


Leslie: Nice tiara.

Psi: Why don't you zap it off me and I'll show you what I can do. It would be such a delicious pleasure to bring you to your knees and watch you writhe in pain.

Leslie: Do you always talk like that?

Psi: At least I don't sound like an illiterate mean girl.

Leslie: Okay, Regina George.

Kara: Hey, let's tone it down here, okay? We're all here for the same reason, right? I'll take that as a yes.

Leslie: How much longer is this gonna be? Do we have to get plugged into some kind of space beds so we can sleep until we get there or something?

Imra: Actually, we're approaching now.

Leslie: For real?

Imra: It's a fast ship.

Leslie: So that's your Kryptonian Alcatraz?


Lena: They're gonna try and steamroll you, okay? They always do. But just remind them without L-Corp, their business is moot.

Sam: Trust me, they'll be reminded.

Lena: Thanks for doing this. I know it must be hard to leave Ruby.

Sam: You know what, I have a feeling she will be fine without me this time around.

Lena: I'll see you when you get back.

Voice: Rishda seah brynya

Alex’s apartment

Alex: Okay. "When East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan, it formed which country?"

Ruby: Bangladesh. Pie.

Alex: How did you know that?

Ruby: I'm super smart.

Alex: Whatever. I'm super hungry, so… Where is that tater-tot masterpiece you made me?

Ruby: Your leg. I can get it.

Alex: No, no, no. I got it. Do you want some?

Ruby: Yes, please.

Alex: Okay.

Ruby: You're like the toughest person I've ever met.

Alex: Well, that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.

Ruby: You've got a text.

Alex: From who?

Ruby: Maggie.

Alex: Uh…

Ruby: I'll heat it up.

Alex: Thanks.

Legion Ship

Imra: Well, according to the reading, we should be securely locked on. Brainy, can you confirm?

Brainiac-5: Affirmative.

Kara: Shall we?

Psi: Oh… Boo.

Kara: Let's go. Is everyone okay?

Leslie: She's looking a little green.

Imra: Brainy, what was that?


Brainiac-5: The docking of the Legion ship has slightly altered the orbital path of Fort Rozz by. 003 Aus. Not to worry, just a bit of turbulence.

Winn: "Turbulence".

Brainiac-5: Uh, turbulence is the result of chaotic changes…

Winn: I know what turbulence is!

Legion Ship

Kara: All right, boys, this is riveting, but we have a prisoner to find.

Fort Rozz

Leslie: Promising start. Space is creepy as…

Kara: Guys.

Leslie: Holy hell.

Psi: I've seen worse.

Kara: He must have been poisoned by the blue star.

Leslie: The lesser sex. I'm pretty sure that's not how jail cells work.

Kara: Fort Rozz has been floating with limited power for so long the cells must have opened.


Brainiac-5: Our scans are picking up signatures of various life forms loose on the ship.

Winn: Kara, please be careful.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Hologramm: Why were you delayed?

Sam: It's her. I can feel her.

Hologramm: Who?

Sam: The human side of me. She has strength I did not expect.

Hologramm: She is no excuse for failure.

Sam: You're right. I must focus and find the others.

Hologramm: You have another mission first. The fortress has detected a signal. Supergirl and your other enemies have boarded Fort Rozz.

Sam: What for?

Hologramm: For more information about you, I presume. The Dark Priestess Jindah Kol Rozz has been imprisoned in Fort Rozz well before the destruction of Krypton. She knows the entire extent of our mission. She knows of your friends, the other Worldkillers. If Supergirl gets to her to get any information…

Sam: It'll thwart our plans.

Hologramm: You need to get to her before Supergirl does.

Fort Rozz

Leslie: This place is like the Mall of America. You can wander around her for days and not find a thing. Do you smell that?

Kara: What?

Leslie: Another dead body of an incompetent male, perhaps?

Imra: I smell it.

Woman: You! You bear the sign of the House of El. How dare you show your face around here?

Imra: Are you hurt?

Kara: Imra! Imra? Imra. You're okay. You're okay. It's gonna be okay. Why did you do that to her?

Alex’s apartment

Ruby: Your turn. Alex?

Alex: Oh.

Ruby: You okay?

Alex: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ruby: Maggie? From the text before? She's your girlfriend, right?

Alex: Fiance… Ex… Ex-fiance. I… I wasn't expecting to hear from her. It's been a while since we broke up.

Ruby: Does she wanna see you?

Alex: No. She thinks that she left her passport here, I guess, and was asking if I could please mail it to her.

Ruby: Do you know where it is?

Alex: Honestly, the only place I can think of is maybe in that top drawer.

Ruby: Here it is. Wow. She traveled a lot.

Alex: Yeah. We had a lot of plans. You know… I really thought I was… I was moving on. But, I still feel so sad. It's like, uh… This is my life now. And I can't do anything about it.

Ruby: I know what you mean.

Alex: Oh, yeah?

Ruby: There's this girl at my school. Erika Morrison. And I didn't let her copy my homework and she got upset and started texting and posting things about me.

Alex: Can you show me?

Ruby: Yeah. "Erika Morrison". What does she know? Who died and made this girl queen? Uh-uh. No. Come on.

Ruby: What are we doing?

Alex: Oh, this, we can do something about.

Legion Ship

Psi: Is that really necessary?

Kara: Look, either we can't trust you, or you lost control of your powers. Bottom line, you're unsafe.

Psi: So you dragged me all the way up to space for nothing.

Leslie: Maybe you shouldn't have been so loosey-goosey with your powers on poor Matilda over there.

Kara: You're sure you're okay?

Imra: Yeah.

Kara: I know what it feels like when she gets in your head. If you need a minute or two…

Imra: I'm fine.

Psi: It was an accident!

Leslie: Didn't look that way to me.

Psi: Do you wanna try this thing on, see what it feels like to have your powers taken away?

Leslie: Get that thing near me and I'm gonna fry you.

Kara: Hey! No one's getting fried, no one's getting hurt. We have a job to do.


Kara: We're looking for Jindah Kol Rozz. She has information we need.

Woman: You're a bunch of fools.

Leslie: She's not wrong.

Woman: Xitheria.

Kara: Who's that?

Woman: The last one who ever went to try and find Jindah. Xitheria was a brutal criminal, but she had softened. She wanted Jindah to join us. We never did see her again, but we heard her screams. You wanna risk your life, you be my guest. Jindah is in the Dendara Corridor. Beyond the dark fog. Good luck.

Brainiac-5: Imra, we have had a small emergency here.

Imra: Brainy, are you there?

Brainiac-5: A solar flare has critically…

Kara: Did we lose him?

Leslie: Lovely.

Imra: Communication with the DEO was reliant on our orbital path.

Kara: What did he say about a solar flare?

Leslie: You have got to be kidding me!

Imra: Fort Rozz has been hit by a solar flare. It's been knocked out of orbit, and it's pulling us with it.

Kara: "Pulling us"? Pulling us where?

Imra: We're falling into the star.

Voice: Vessel temperature rising. Twenty degrees to critical overheating…

Leslie: I hate space.

Psi: We need to get out of here. Detach from this monstrosity of a prison, and let's go back to Earth.

Imra: The docking port's jammed.

Leslie: So how long before we meet our fiery maker?

Imra: One hour, maybe two.

Kara: So we have time. We still have a job to do. So let's find Jindah. Imra, you stay here and re-establish communications with the DEO. Psi will stay with you.

Psi: What use am I here?

Kara: Too much could go wrong if you lose control of your powers out there so find a way to be useful here. And if anyone attacks the ship, cut her loose.

Imra: Copy that.

Kara: Leslie, let's go.

Leslie: I really hate when you call me that.


Mon-El: So all communications are down?

Brainiac-5: Do you have impulse satellites here?

Winn: No. I mean, none that are gonna reach that ship.

Brainiac-5: Perfect. Just perfect. That's great. I'll go down in history as the 12th-level intellect who let Supergirl burn up in a blue star. Give me my space. I need to think.

Winn: Listen. Listen to me. What if we just try and reroute…

Brainiac-5: No! Space!

Mon-El: When he gets like that, it's best to just let him do his thing.

Fort Rozz

Kara: We should be close to the Dendara Corridor according to the directions.

Leslie: Glad one of us was listening. So, what's the deal with that beautiful girl? I mean, does everyone in the future look like that?

Kara: She's… She's my ex-boyfriend's wife.

Leslie: Snap. Wait, Cosplay's your ex-boyfriend? Well, that's some Real Housewives drama right there. So, do you hate her with every fiber of your being?

Kara: It's not her fault. It's nobody's fault.

Leslie: So, are we sure the Real Housewife's gonna be able to figure out…

Kara: Just focus on the mission, okay?

Leslie: Fine. So, this Reign character. We're getting information so we can kill her?

Kara: No. Of course not. Priestess will have information that I could use to get through to her.

Leslie: What? Come on. You and your Pollyanna BS. You think you're gonna get through to Reign?

Kara: I got through to you. There must be something good in you that I could trust to come with me.

Leslie: I came with you because there is a maniac on the loose and I wanna take her down. If you think I wouldn't fry you right now…

Kara: So, do it.

Leslie: All I'm saying is somebody as evil as Reign deserves to die.

Kara: And anyone else who thinks otherwise is just a sucker?

Leslie: Now you're catching on. There's the fog. Looks like we're here.

Kara: Is it colder in here?

Leslie: Supergirl? Supergirl! Supergirl?

Jindah: Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-El.

Kara: Livewire? Leslie?

Jindah: Kara Zor-El.

Erika’s house

Alex: Are you Erika Morrison?

Erika: Yeah.

Alex: Special Agent Danvers, FBI. Have you been sending harassing messages to a young woman named Ruby Arias?

Erika: No, I haven't.

Alex: We intercepted this earlier today. Did you know the FBI monitors cyberbullying? I have 23 separate incidents of harassment catalogued here.

Erika: But I didn't mean it.

Alex: You violated three criminal statutes. Do you know what that means? That means you could go to juvie.

Erika: I don't want to go to juvie!

Alex: Well, you should've thought about that before you broke the law.

Erika: I'll never do it again. I promise.

Alex: I don't know. I think I should probably still talk to your parents about this.

Erika: No, please don't tell my mom. She'll kill me.

Alex: Okay. You will apologize to Miss Arias. And if I ever hear another incident of bullying from you ever again, you will have the federal government to deal with.

Erika: You won't. I swear.

Alex: Have a nice day. Go ahead. Close the door.

Ruby: That was awesome.

Alex: Right? Give me the crutches.

Ruby: Okay. So, there's a girl who lives three houses down. She shoved me in kindergarten.

Alex: Don't push it.


Mon-El: Nineteen minutes until event horizon. We gotta figure this out.

Winn: Maybe we can bend the signal, like around the star somehow?

Brainiac-5: With what, willpower? No. We need to boost a strong enough signal to go through the star.

Winn: Yes. But…

Brainiac-5: You have nuclear power, correct?

Hank: Yes, we do.

Brainiac-5: We could use a cold-fusion optical transceiver to harness the… Why're you shaking your head?

Winn: We don't have cold fusion.

Brainiac-5: Of course not. Why would that be useful?

Hank: We have to think inside the box and use the technology we have.

Brainiac-5: Oh. Hmm. Okay. "The technology we have". Eureka! I've got it. An empty bottle. We'll write the instructions on paper and we'll launch it into space. It will only take 12,234 years to arrive.

Winn: Message in a bottle.

Mon-El: Wait, what is it?

Winn: Voyager.

Mon-El: Wait, what? What is… What is that?

Winn: Voyager 1 and 2. They're space probes from the '70s. Dude, learn your history.

Hank: They carry a record of peace from the people of Earth. A message in a bottle.

Winn: Yes, yes. Okay. We can bounce the signal off of Voyager 2. It has a straight line of sight directly to the Legion ship.

Mon-El: And the signal will get there?

Winn: Yeah.

Hank: Do it. Do it fast. Good work, Agent Schott.

Mon-El: Winn, thank you.

Winn: You got it.

Legion Ship

Voice: Vessel temperature rising. Ten degrees to critical overheating.

Psi: Maybe you should work faster.

Imra: Maybe you should make yourself useful and hand me that spanner wrench.

Psi: "Sing a song of sixpence, - "a pocketful of rye".

Imra: It's no good. I can't get a strong enough signal to reach planet Earth.

Psi: "Four and twenty naughty boys baked into a pie".

Imra: What are you on about?

Psi: "The maid was in the garden" hanging up the clothes, "when lowly came a blackbird and pecked off her nose".

Fort Rozz

Imra: It's Reign. She's here.

Jindah: Kara Zor-El. Daughter of Alura.

Kara: Jindah Kol Rozz?

Jindah: You know I am. And yet you ask. Uncertainty will be your doom. Not green stone.

Kara: I came to ask…

Jindah: I know why you came. The Phantom Zone dampened my powers, not the Sight. Misery of your mother's design. But you'll be with her soon.

Kara: Can you tell me about Reign?

Jindah: She will destroy you.

Kara: I've heard otherwise.

Jindah: You know nothing of the nature of destruction. You are a child living in light. But there is darkness in all things. In every soul you know. Who will it take?

Kara: No one, if I have anything to say about it.

Jindah: You fly too close to the sun. I have languished in pain for time beyond reason because of you, the Children of light. But your pretty skin will soon be brittle scales in hellfire when the others awake and unite beneath the standard of Reign.

Kara: What do you mean, "others"?

Jindah: Worldkillers. The power, the pestilence, the purity.

Sam: Priestess.

Jindah: My child. You've come. At last our time is upon us. Deliver me from this prison and we will bring anguish upon our enemies.

Kara: How do you have your powers here?

Sam: My powers aren't dependent on something as trivial as a sun. You're different without your powers. Like a child, helpless and afraid.

Kara: I'm not afraid of you. Even though we're enemies, there's still something that binds us.

Sam: Save your speech, Supergirl.

Kara: No, you have to hear me. There is something in you that sees what you're doing is wrong, that sees the pain you're causing and regrets it. You don't have to be my enemy. You want justice in the world, so do I. But we're not gonna find it by attacking each other.

Sam: And that's where you're wrong.

Leslie: Watch out.

Sam: Coming to Supergirl's rescue?

Leslie: I'm coming to take you down.

Legion Ship

Imra: We need to find Supergirl.

Psi: What are you talking about? We need to find a way out of here.

Voice: Vessel temperature rising. Five degrees to critical overheating.

Psi: I refuse to get incinerated by a star.

Imra: I have tried everything. I can't…

Brainiac-5: Imra, we've reestablished communication with you from the DEO. Do you copy?

Imra: Brainy, I copy.


Winn: Yes!

Brainiac-5: I told you we would figure out a solution. I can interface with Fort Rozz from here, redirect some of our power to its throttles.

Winn: Hey, Imra, have you found the Priestess?

Legion Ship

Imra: They're looking for her now. But, Winn, Reign's here.


Winn: What? Okay. No, no. You need… You need to go protect Supergirl.

Brainiac-5: No, she can't. She needs to control the throttles and manually hit these coordinates until the ships are steadied and Fort Rozz is back in its original orbit.

Winn: Okay, well, who is gonna handle Reign?

Legion Ship

Psi: I can go. Take this thing off me. See? Don't be afraid, Matilda.

Fort Rozz

Leslie: Is that all you got?

Sam: You're a nuisance.

Kara: Get your hands off her!

Leslie: And you need to stop attacking my friends.

Kara: No, no. Stop! Stop. I'm the one you want, right? I'm the one who's trying to stop you. She came here because of me.

Sam: Then she can watch you die first.

Kara: No. Leslie, no!

Sam: Leave her.

Kara: Leslie.

Psi: Blackbird. What's going on underneath that dark, dark shell of yours?

Ruby: Help! Help! Help me! Mom, help! Mom, don't let them take me!

Sam: Where am I? Where am I? What's happening? Supergirl.

Kara: Reign? Leslie. Leslie? Leslie. Hey, you have to stay with me. Stay here, stay here. Come on.

Leslie: I guess I'm a sucker too, huh?

Kara: No. No, no. Just stay. Livewire. Leslie.


Mon-El: Well done.

Imra: You worried?

Mon-El: What, me? No. No, no, no. I knew you'd be fine the whole time.

Winn: Oh, yeah. He sure did.

Kara: She really helped.


Kara: Hey. You saved me. Thank you.

Psi: Don't get emotional. I just didn't want to die out there. Sorry about your friend though.

Kara: Can we get her a better room, please? Maybe one with a window.

Winn: She really came through, huh?

Kara: They both did.

Alex’s apartment

Alex: Okay.

Ruby: I can take it to the post office if you want.

Alex: Oh, that's okay. I can manage tomorrow.

Ruby: It was really fun hanging out with you today.

Alex: It was, wasn't it? I don't know how I would have handled this without you here. I mean, normally I'd lean on my sister. But, well, she's out of town.

Ruby: Well, I can sub for her anytime.

Alex: Thank you.

Ruby: Probably my mom.

Sam: Hey, it's Sam.

Alex: Wow. Good call. Come on in.

Sam: Hey.

Alex: Hey, she's alive.

Sam: Hi, baby. I missed you.

Ruby: Missed you, too.

Sam: How did it go?

Alex: A total disaster. I mean, what a nightmare of a kid you've raised.

Sam: Oh, I know. She's rough, right? Hey, I will meet you in the elevator.

Ruby: Okay. Bye.

Alex: Bye. Be good. No Shining.

Ruby: See you.

Alex: So, how did it go? How was the trip? Your work trip. Wow, I mean, it must've been really bad if you've already blocked it out. It's okay.

Sam: I said I had a work trip?

Alex: Yeah.

Sam: No, I did. I did. I know I know I did. I know I said that. But I didn't go anywhere. Oh, my God. Lena called. How did I miss this?

Alex: Are you okay?

Sam: They had a car for me. I never got in the car. I never got on a plane. How? Oh, my God. Ruby said it the other day.

Alex: What did Ruby say?

Sam: That I was gone. I told her that I was going somewhere but I didn't. I don't know where I went. I thought maybe I was stressed or, you know, maybe she was remembering wrong. But it keeps happening to me. I keep losing time.

Alex: Sam, just take a deep breath…

Sam: No, I don't know where I've been. Alex, I think something's wrong with me.


Mon-El: I hear you had a hard go of it up there.

Kara: Yeah. Yeah, as far as ghost ships go, it wasn't the scariest I've ever been on. But it certainly wasn't a fun house.

Mon-El: I know my being back here hasn't made things easy for you.

Kara: Mon-El.

Mon-El: It's true. But I can see that you're struggling and I wanna help. I wanna make things better for you.

Kara: I know you do.

Mon-El: Well, then try me. I'm a much better listener.

Kara: What do you mean?

Mon-El: Talk to me. I promise I'm I'm a heck of a lot wiser than whoever that guy was that landed here a year ago. Just try it. Try me. I'm a much better listener.

Kara: I feel badly that I couldn't get through to Reign. I saw humanity in her. I got a glimpse of it and I should have been able to reach it. And maybe if I did reach it, Leslie would still be alive.

Mon-El: Yeah, I know the feeling. Leading people into battle and not bringing them home. It's hard.

Kara: No kidding.

Mon-El: But for what it's worth, you might not have gotten through to Reign. But, I mean, Livewire, she's… She was as bad as they come. And you got through to her. You… You gave her something to fight for, to sacrifice for. You changed her heart for the better. That's, I mean… That's amazing. And you did that without the yellow sun. That was all you. What?

Kara: Wow, your advice actually makes sense now. I think I'd actually follow it.

Mon-El: There is a logical progression.

Kara: That sounds like..

Mon-El: Comes to a point at the end. And, you know, speaking of glass-half-full stuff, that Kryptonian Priestess gave you some information about the Worldkillers.

That's not for nothing.

Kara: Yeah. Yeah, she did. She called them "Purity and Pestilence". So, now all we have to do is find them before Reign does.


Woman: How am I supposed to say no?

Julia: You just say it. "No. I am not going to waste my youth, my life, my vitality sitting in some cubicle".

Woman: I am not gonna be in a cubicle. They're giving me an office with a view.

Julia: Of what, the parking lot?

Woman: Julia, it's time to grow up.

Julia: You mean give up.

Woman: Julia? Julia?

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