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#310 : Au chevet de la paix

Alors qu'elle a dû mal à se remettre des blessures infligées par Reign, Supergirl reste dans un état comateux, sans arriver à être contactée. Mon-El recrute un des membres de la Legion, Brainiac-5, pour aider à la ramener. Pendant ce temps, Reign continue à causer des dommages en ville. Le DEO s'allie à la Legion pour tenter de l'arrêter.


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Titre VO
Legion of Super-Heroes

Titre VF
Au chevet de la paix

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KeyArt "Legion of Super-Heroes"

Kara fouille ses souvenirs

Kara fouille ses souvenirs

Imra et Mon-El en désaccord

Imra et Mon-El en désaccord

Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath)

Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath)

Brainiac-5 aide Kara

Brainiac-5 aide Kara

Brainiac et Kara Danvers

Brainiac et Kara Danvers

Brainy montre des choses à Kara

Brainy montre des choses à Kara

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Brainiac-5 alias Brainy joué par Jesse Rath

Brainiac-5 alias Brainy joué par Jesse Rath

Imra et Mon-El

Imra et Mon-El

Imra défie Reign

Imra défie Reign

Imra Ardeen

Imra Ardeen

Alex et Kara Danvers chez Alex

Alex et Kara Danvers chez Alex

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Reign face à la Legion

Reign face à la Legion

Imra et Mon-El

Imra et Mon-El

Mon-El (Chris Wood)

Mon-El (Chris Wood)

Imra Ardeen (Amy Jackson)

Imra Ardeen (Amy Jackson)

Imra alias Saturn Girl

Imra alias Saturn Girl

Imra se sert de ses pouvoirs contre Reign

Imra se sert de ses pouvoirs contre Reign

Reign traverse un mur

Reign traverse un mur


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Kara’s apartment

Brainiac-5 : It's you.

Kara : Can I help you?

Brainiac-5 : Now you're talking to me. Supergirl is talking to me.

Kara : Inside. Now.

Brainiac-5 : I am Brainiac-5. Half-computer, half-organic lifeform, all Coluan, and, not to brag, but a 12th-level intellect. My name is Querl Dox, but the Legionnaires just call me Brainy.

Kara : Legionnaires? Did Mon-El send you?

Brainiac-5 : Yes, yes. To make sure that your neural pathways are clear and intact. Your brain is in truly remarkable health for someone languishing in a coma.

Kara : Uh, I'm sorry, did you say "coma"?

Brainiac-5 : Mmm, did I bury the lede? You've been in a coma for two days.

Kara : I'm in my loft.

Brainiac-5 : Wow. Oh. You mean the physical manifestation of the place in which your subconscious feels most comfortable? That loft?

Kara : If I'm in a coma, how are you here?

Brainiac-5 : Mon-El woke me up from hypersleep to communicate with you on behalf of him and your DEO compatriots. 31st century technology. It's also what's keeping you alive.

Kara : Alive?

Brainiac-5 : Reign defeated you. Don't you remember?



Alex : Stay with me, Kara, stay with me.

End of flashback

Kara’s apartment

Kara : No, this is crazy. This Reign is still out there. People are dying, I have to wake up.

Brainiac-5 : I don't think you're listening to me. What? Can we just, maybe, relax a little bit?

Kara : Damn it! It won't open!

Legion Ship

Brainiac-5 : Well, the good news is her mind is active and alert.

Alex : Oh, thank God.

Brainiac-5 : Yes. The bad news is, she is very angry.

Winn : Well, I'm sure she loves being trapped inside a mind prison.

Hank : You're speaking with her right now, even as you're speaking with us?

Brainiac-5 : The crown connects to my internal Al core. It translates her brainwaves to English and sends electronic signals back to her.

Imra : These tanks have incredible healing power, so she just needs to rest and let it do its work.

Alex : You're from the future, did you know this was gonna happen?

Mon-El : No, but she's through the worst of it, she'll live.

Hank : But when will she wake up?

Mon-El : We don't know.

Hank : Well, Reign is still out there. I don't like our odds without Supergirl by our side.

Winn : I mean, Reign's been quiet, maybe she got injured, too.

Alex : Let's hope so. It's only a matter of time before she strikes again.

Sam House

Sam : Oh, crap! Ah! Okay, stop. Hold on! Pause game!

Ruby : And you thought I was gonna break something.

Sam : Ah, jeez.

Ruby : That's Clara.

Sam : Ah, already?

Ruby : The movie's in half an hour.

Sam : Okay. Well, you're making me dinner tonight, right? It's your turn.

Ruby : Any dietary restrictions I should know about?

Sam : I'm allergic to bad food.

Ruby : Okay. Well, save up for dinner. Don't eat too much. Mom? Love you.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Hologramm : You have done well, my child. You easily vanquished the daughter of the House of El. You left your mark on this city. But there is much yet to be accomplished.

Sam : What would you have me do?

Hologramm : This world needs to be cleansed, not just of sinners but those who harbor them. It is time to deliver the awakening.

Sam : How?

Hologramm : Those who would do evil operate in broad daylight without shame. For the righteous have cast their eyes to the ground. Force their gaze back to the light. Show them what justice really is.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lena : It's been two days since the world saw Supergirl be brutalized and still not a word about her whereabouts or well-being.

James : She'll turn up.

Lena : I hope so. And Kara's the only reporter who had a knack for tracking her down. Is she in yet?

James : Kara? She No, she's, um… No, she's not, actually.

Lena : James, I was thinking, when Kara gets in, maybe we should all have a little…A little talk about what happened.

James : Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Lena : Yeah?

James : Yes, we should. Yeah.

Lena : It's just that, you know, we all work together, and we're Kara's two best friends, and you guys used to date, so she should know that we kissed.

James : Definitely.

Lena : I come from a family that lies, and we all know how that turns out, so… Why have you come here?

Sam : To deliver a message.

Lena : We are not your messengers.

Sam : Yes, you are. You. Turn your camera on me. This man was a thief, condemned by his own actions. You've allowed sin to take root and fester like a weed. And, worst of all, you have looked away. Apathy is the greatest sin of all. From now on it will be punished in kind. There will be no more mercy. There will only be justice. I'm here to help.


Sam : I'm here to help.

Hank : She's declaring war on criminality in National City.

Alex : Not just against the criminals, it's against the entire justice system. We have to stop her.

Hank : Without Supergirl?

Winn : I mean, we have a literal legion of superheros here.

Mon-El : I owe you all my life. And I hope you know that I would do anything I could for you. But, unfortunately, this can't be our fight.

Imra : Surely we can help them somehow.

Mon-El : If we die now we will endanger the future.

Hank : What do you mean?

Mon-El : We're on a mission.

Brainiac-5 : Careful.

Mon-El : Our involvement here could jeopardize that. I can tell you what we do know. We know that Supergirl lives. And we know that eventually Reign will leave.

Alex : So that's… That's all you can give? That's all you got?

Imra : We really don't know much at all.

Brainiac-5 : In the year 2455, Earth experienced a third-degree extinction phenomenon.

Imra : Humanity came together, but Earth suffered catastrophic destruction. It wasn't just loss of life, it was its history, culture, art, music.

Brainiac-5 : It was everything interesting.

Imra : Mon-El taught us everything we know. From Aristotle, Shakespeare, Bon Jovi.

Mon-El : But we have some gaps. And, unfortunately, even if we know the end result, we don't necessarily know how it happens.

Alex : So we know that Supergirl lives, and we know that Reign leaves, eventually. But before she does, she could slaughter thousands.

Winn : Yeah, so what do we do now?

Hank : The Sundown Protocol. A highly-classified contingency plan to take down Superman if ever he turns against us. Red sun grenades, sound bombs, Kryptonite darts, everything we'd need to take down a rogue Kryptonian on the loose.

Winn : Sorry, we don't have any more Kryptonite. Clark got rid of it all.

Alex : Clark got rid of it for a reason, and a reason that Kara agreed to.

Hank : That was before Reign. We still have the Kryptonite from Coville's probe, right?

Alex : Prep whatever you have to, but before you use it, there's someone I have to talk to.


Alex : Ooh! Your eye! What happened to you?

Coville : Oh. I was spreading the truth to my fellow inmates. They would have preferred I lied.

Alex : Do you want to spread a little truth to me? I'll pass it along to Supergirl. You're her biggest fan, right? She said that you knew about the reign of the beast.

Alex : What else do you know that can help us beat her?

Coville : Beat her? She's already won.

Alex : No. Supergirl's still alive.

Coville : She was supposed to rise, find her faith, and deliver it. But Supergirl refused her faith and she failed the test.

Alex : Supergirl will defeat her. You just have to help us stop her.

Coville : Supergirl lost so that Reign can prepare us for what comes next.

Alex : Never underestimate Supergirl.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Hey. Just put out a press release telling the city that CatCo is no longer under siege and urging the public to stay calm.

Lena : Calm? The streets are desolate. People are barricading themselves in their homes. The city is terrified.

James : Yeah, but there are people out there working to rectify the situation. Okay? Don't worry.

Lena : Um… James, I know why you were acting strange earlier on.

James : No, you don't.

Lena : Listen, there's no reason to explain. We're both adults, we're just not a match.

James : No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I wasn't… No. No. I didn't say that. It was… It was Kara.

Lena : You're acting awkward because you guys used to date?

James : No. No, that's not it, either. She's just…

Lena : Just what?

James : She's sick. She's sick. She has the flu. It's just a really, really, really, really, really bad flu. It's just… You know how people get when they get a flu, they get vulnerable.

Lena : God, she won't mind me knowing. I'm her best friend. You know, I should go over there.

James : Yeah, that's good. You're a good friend. But…

Lena : But, what?

James : Soup. Sick people love soup.

Lena : Okay, I'll get her some soup.

James : Minestrone…

Lena : Yeah.

James : Soup. Tomato, chicken noodle, anything that could… Winn, I need your help right now.

Kara’s apartment

Kara : This is torture.

Brainiac-5 : Out of all the 4,237,642 versions of our first meeting that I envisioned, you calling it "torture" wasn't one of them.

Kara : What are you doing?

Brainiac-5 : Checking for brain damage. In simulacra, like the one we're in now, brain damage could present itself in any number of ways. Mildew, mold. Rats indicate neurological issues. It's just to prepare you for reality re-entry.

Kara : Reality re-entry?

Brainiac-5 : If you're not properly prepared when we wake you up, you could go into shock. Some people die immediately.

Kara : Yeah. Wait, though. Does… Does that mean I'm ready to wake up?

Brainiac-5 : Did I bury the lede again?

Kara : Yes! Okay, do I need to do anything?

Brainiac-5 : Well, your loft is the manifestation of your subconscious. And that door seems to be the only way in or out. My assumption, walk through it.

Legion Ship

Brainiac-5 : It's starting to drain. She's ready.

Alex : Kara, it's me.

Brainiac-5 : She should be fine.

Kara’s apartment

Kara : It's not opening.

Brainiac-5 : You should be fine.

Legion Ship

Alex : Why isn't she waking up?

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Why won't this open?

Brainiac-5 : Your body is fine. We drained the tank, you suffered no ill-effects from the hibernation.

Kara : Then why am I still stuck in my brain?

Brainiac-5 : There's nothing wrong with your brain. We've ruled that out.

Kara : Well, you're the 12th-level intellect. Why don't you figure it out?

Brainiac-5 : Well, that rules out the physical. So, barring another explanation, I would have to say the only thing keeping you here is you.

Kara : Well, that doesn't make any sense, 'cause I'm the one that wants to get out of here. Then why won't this thing open? It opened for me earlier.

Brainiac-5 : To let me in. Going out… Different story. Is there some reason your subconscious might be… Preventing your escape? Self-preservation, perhaps?

Kara : I'm not afraid.

Brainiac-5 : You were badly beaten. Fear is a logical response to that stimulus.

Kara : I am not afraid!

Legion Ship

Alex : Come on, Kara, snap out of it.

Mon-El : Brainy will figure it out.

Brainiac-5 : Don't overpromise. I've never seen anything like this before. I'm sorry. Insensitive.

Alex : What happens if she stays like this?

Brainiac-5 : The longer she remains unconscious, the more likely it is that it will become permanent.

Mon-El : Reign's attacking again.

Brainiac-5 : I'm getting us a feed. She attacked a meth lab. The cops arrived, she attacked them, too. I'll run another scan on Kara.

Imra : Mon-El.

Mon-El : We can't risk it.

Alex : Risk what?


Mon-El : So 1,000 years from now, this farming planet, Winath, goes dark. Our friend, Ayla, she's from there, so she goes to check it out.

Imra : Winath was a paradise, but Ayla made planet-fall and found it…

Mon-El : Decimated. It was completely dried out.

Imra : The creatures that did this, we call them the Blight. They consume everything in their path.

Mon-El : And Brainy found a way to stop them, but they were on us before we could use it.

Imra : So we hid the information in the safest place we could. Our DNA. Where it can't be lost, can't be stolen. It written in our genes.

Mon-El : So, if we die, our DNA never makes it to the future. And everything's lost. You have no idea how badly I wish we could help.

Alex : Just make sure my sister wakes up. J'onn, where are you on Sundown?


Hank : Sound guns are almost done, but the grenades will take an hour, at least. And we still don't know where Reign is gonna strike next.

Alex : I think I know how to get ahead of her.

Winn : Hey, boss, so, uh… Uh, James just called.

Hank : I fail to see the relevance.

Winn : Well, it seems that he might have put Kara into a little bit of hot water with Lena Luthor. And since we have an hour…

Hank : Oh, no, not again.

Kara’s apartment

J’onn : The indignity.

Lena : Kara, you in there?

J’onn : Yes. Yes, I'm coming. Lena, what a surprise.

Lena : Kara, you haven't been answering my calls, I've been worried.

J’onn : Yes, I've just been trying to sleep off this…Flu.

Lena : Um, well…

J’onn : Chicken soup. That's very kind of you.

Lena : You believe what's been going on out here?

J’onn : Yes, I, uh, have been keeping up with it. I am a reporter at a national news organization.

Lena : Yeah, I… I know. You work for me. That fever is really going to your head.

J’onn : You have no idea how much I am not feeling like myself.

Lena : Listen, I know this is unimportant, given everything that's going on right now, but Yeah, it turns out that you were right about the chemistry. Uh, James and I kissed.

J’onn : Congratulations.

Lena : Well, yeah. James is an amazing kisser, as I'm sure you know. It's just, this morning he started acting really odd.

J’onn : Olsen can be enigmatic.

Lena : Yeah, well, I know what it's about. I mean, my brother is Lex, James is Superman's best friend, and, you know, for a minute there I forgot my last name was Luthor. That's a mistake I won't be making again.

J’onn : Oh, I'm sure that's not the case. Olsen likes you. A lot. I assure you if James is being awkward, it is not because of your last name.

Lena : And here I was coming to make you feel better. I should go back to work. You should rest.

J’onn : Yes, boss. Agent Schott, don't ever make me do that again.


Hank : No Supergirl, no cavalry, and Reign is strong. She doesn't know what we're capable of. Let's show her.

Alex : You ready?

Hank : I just had a conversation about James Olsen's extraordinary kissing ability. This'll be a Sunday picnic.


Man : Get on the ground! Ger on the ground! Don't look at me! Get on the ground! This is a robbery! Don't look at me! Don't touch that button! Nobody move!

Woman : Hurry up!

Sam : You were warned.

Alex : Catch.

Hank : Light her up. Now.

Sam : No!

Hank : Alex…

Legion Ship

Imra : Are you okay?

Alex : Considering my tibia's been snapped in half?

Mon-El : What about Reign?

Hank : She shrugged off that Kryptonite like it was nothing.

Alex : Argh! Yes, thanks. That's good. The same amount incapacitated Kara.

Mon-El : So why was Reign resistant?

Hank : Maybe she's more than just Kryptonian.

Alex : No, the soil did hurt her, just not enough.

Hank : You have a plan?

Alex : Concentrate it. We'll put it straight in her bloodstream. Jugular should work.

Winn : Ah. One… One small hiccup. Uh, who would be strong enough to hit her with the syringe?


Mon-El : We have people counting on us in the future, we can't get involved.

Imra : You keep saying that. That this is not our fight. What about Tommy and Gina? Hmm? "You live for the fight when it's all that you've got."

Mon-El : Bon Jovi.

Imra : Mmm-hmm. Or was that all a lie?

Mon-El : No. No, he speaks the truth.

Imra : I know we had a plan, but we are supposed to help people. We're sworn to helping people. And these people need our help right now. It's who we are.

Kara’s apartment

Brainiac-5 : Why are you cleaning? None of this is real.

Kara : I don't know. I guess I just like putting things back in order. And my brain originally is like an empty little attic and you must stock it with such furniture as you choose. It's Sherlock Holmes. This is the furniture I chose.

Brainiac-5 : Hmm. Oversimplification. But, yes, go on.

Kara : So there must be something in here my subconscious wants me to see.

Brainiac-5 : Hmm. That's… That's actually not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Legion Ship

Alex : I'm so sorry. I did this. I mean, I'm the one that pushed you into that fight. I told you that Kara Danvers was my favorite person, and then I told you to forget who you were. And now I'm… I don't know if we can do this without you.

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Huh.

Brainiac-5 : You had a pet?

Kara : Yeah. But if this is my subconscious trying to tell myself something, I don't get it.

Brainiac-5 : Could be a random neuron firing. What's its name?

Kara : Streaky. I, uh… I found him on our street right after I came to Earth, actually. He was a stray, too.

Brainiac-5 : You felt an emotional kinship.

Kara : Yes. Yeah. We were friends. I used to go out every night and feed him. I didn't wanna touch him. I was so strong, I could have hurt him. So, I practiced being gentle. And then, one day, I pet him. And he purred. And everything was okay. I felt like an alien on Earth for so long, and he helped me feel like a human.

Legion Ship

Hank : Reign is finding bigger targets. She wants to teach us an abject lesson.

Alex : She's going to cleanse the sinners of society locked away. The ones that she feels were granted mercy. She's going to hit Albatross Bay.

Mon-El : No, she's already there.

Alex : She's gonna kill everyone. Prisoners, guards, it won't matter.

Hank : They'll be fish in a barrel. I'll go.

Alex : No, you can't. Not alone. She's too strong.

Mon-El : You know, we have been asleep for many years.

Imra : And we ought to get some exercise.

Brainiac-5 : You're being facetious?

Mon-El : This guy.


Man : Don't move!


Coville : Heir of Juru, architect of the renewal, I submit to you. For Rao is the light, but he was born of fire.

Sam : How do you know those words?

Coville : I… I was awoken to them.

Sam : People are quick to claim salvation when faced with death. Do you think that is enough for me to spare you?

Coville : You don't have to spare me. You just have to let me serve you.

Legion Ship

Brainiac-5 : I think we got her attention.


Mon-El : You don't say.

Sam : You will not interfere with my mission.

Mon-El : Interfering is our specialty.

Sam : I've only come to cleanse the sin of this world.

Imra : Didn't feel like starting with yourself then?

Sam : I'm not of this world.

Mon-El : Neither are we.

Legion Ship

Brainiac-5 : Engaging cannons. Aloian attack formation.

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Are you fighting?

Brainiac-5 : Oh! Sprock! Did I say that out loud?

Kara : What's going on out there?

Brainiac-5 : Little, little, tiny baby battle. Actually, let's keep talking. It'll help get my mind of this life-or-death scenario.

Kara : Your mind should be on the life-or-death scenario.

Brainiac-5 : I'm perfectly capable of multitasking. I'm actually working on your Sunday crossword right now. Six-down is "Anguilloform." Mon-El, evade!

Kara : Don't be here, go help them.

Brainiac-5 : For what it's worth, it looks like Supergirl had a pretty great life.

Kara : These aren't Supergirl's things, they're… They're Kara's.

Brainiac-5 : Your sister said something similar a few minutes ago.

Kara : What?

Brainiac-5 : She said Kara Danvers is her favorite person.


Mon-El : Careful, Brainy, you got precious cargo on board.

Legion Ship

Brainiac-5 : Knocked out the tri-cannons. I'll need a minute to get it back online.


J’onn : Time to put you back in the hole you came from.

Legion Ship

Alex : Oh, my God. Kara. Hey.

Kara : I have to help them.

Alex : No, they're using Kryptonite.

Kara : I don't care if it makes me vulnerable, I'll use it against her. Reign won't see it coming.


Sam : If you defend a sinner, you must be a sinner. And I will wipe away the sin of this world. I thought you were dead.

Kara : I got better. Now!

Sam : Now I cleanse you of your sin.


Kara : Hey, we beat her. For now. Thanks for fighting alongside us.

Imra : It was an honor.

Mon-El : Hey, I'll be right back.

Imra : Okay.

Mon-El : Hey, Kara. I was really worried about you. When you didn't wake up… I still care about you.

Kara : I know.

Mon-El : It was great fighting with you again.

Kara : Yeah.

Mon-El : I missed that.

Kara : Hey. It's you. Are you shorter?

Brainiac-5 : Are you suggesting that I augmented my height while I existed in your consciousness so that you might see me as a more stable and trustworthy figure and therefore work with me to help you?

Kara : Uh, yeah?

Brainiac-5 : Yes. I did do exactly that.

Kara : Okay.

Brainiac-5 : It's nice to meet you in real life.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lena : Do you ever sleep?

James : Yeah, well, Supergirl just woke up from a coma just in time to save a bunch of convicts who were about to be wrongfully executed by a murderous alien. So, would you rather I be sleeping or working?

Lena : Working.

James : How is she? How is Kara?

Lena : She's still sick. But, you know, we talked, and despite her feverish delirium, she made me realize a few things. I'm used to people reflexively hating me because I'm a Luthor, and I turned you being awkward about Kara into you being awkward about me, so I pushed you away. And I don't want to do that anymore.

James : Good. Because I really like you, Lena Luthor. Come here.

Alex apartment

Kara : And it's my masterpiece.

Alex : Wow. That's something.

Kara : Wait, let me… Do that. What's this one? One-zero-zero-one-zero-one…

Alex : Brainiac-5.

Kara : Oh.

Alex : Yeah. That's code.

Kara : So… So, I just have to confirm that J'onn pretended to be me, but sick, and then he talked about kissing James with Lena?

Alex : Yeah. Yeah. It's weird.

Kara : I wish I could have seen that.

Alex : I'm just glad you're okay.

Kara : You know I'd come back.

Alex : I was really worried about this one. Genuinely. But at least knowing that Brainy could communicate with you, I mean, that helped. What was that like?

Kara : So weird. It was, you know, it was illuminating. I had to remember who I was in order to wake up. Made me think differently about the whole Mon-El situation.

Alex : How so?

Kara : I mean, it still hurts. A lot.

Alex : Yeah.

Kara : But I'll be stronger for it. Whatever happens.

Alex : Yeah. Well, I'm totally happy for your newfound wisdom. Um, maybe you could avoid comas? In the future. That would be… I would really appreciate that. To be honest…

Kara : You know what, I'll try.

Alex : Thank you very much. Yup, just got a new case of red wine.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Hologramm : What happened?

Sam : Supergirl stopped me. She had friends I didn't expect.

Hologramm : You have friends, too.

Sam : What do you mean?

Hologramm : There are others like you.

Sam : Why didn't you tell me?

Hologramm : You hadn't proven yourself. But now you have. You just need to know how to find them.

Coville : I can help you with the path.

Hologramm : El-may-arah.

Coville : Stronger together.

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Supersympa  (30.03.2019 à 23:59)

"Livin'On A Prayer", excellent choix.^^

pretty31  (21.01.2018 à 19:00)

J'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Kara qui se retrouve elle-même, c'est important, même sans être une super-héros. Par contre les moments avec Mon-El me pince toujours le coeur, même si il avoue tenir à elle et qu'elle avoue à Alex qu'elle va pouvoir "faire avec" moi ça me met toute en boule cette histoire. Faut dire qu'ils étaient tellement mignons les deux... ^^ 

stella5  (18.01.2018 à 20:09)
Message édité : 18.01.2018 à 20:12

bon épisode !

j'aime bien le personnage de brainiac-5. vivement la semaine prochaine

j'onn en kara c'était top 

Gamofserie  (11.01.2018 à 22:06)

Dans le Comic, Brainiac-5 a une relation amoureuse avec Kara, donc je me demande s'il en ira de même ici

SeySey  (03.12.2017 à 17:43)

15 janvier! Pas long le hiatus!


Merci aux 2 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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