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#309 : Le Règne de Reign

Supergirl enquête sur un mystérieux symbole qui apparaît partout dans National City retraçant son origine à une ancienne prophétie et la marque du World Killer, Reign. Pendant ce temps, les tensions montent entre Lena et Morgan Edge, obligeant James a s'impliquer et a offrir une protection, déclanchant d'autres éléments en même temps.


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Le Règne de Reign

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KeyArt "Reign"

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) et Ruby

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) et Ruby

Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar)

Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar)

Lena Luthor et Sam Arias au dîner chez Kara

Lena Luthor et Sam Arias au dîner chez Kara

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Lena et Sam Arias (Odette Annable)

Lena et Sam Arias (Odette Annable)

Sam et Kara, unies

Sam et Kara, unies

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath)

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath)



Les habitants devant leur héros à terre

Les habitants devant leur héros à terre

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Reign jouée par Odette Annable

Bataille entre Reign et Supergirl

Bataille entre Reign et Supergirl

Ruby (Emma Tremblay)

Ruby (Emma Tremblay)

Supergirl affronte Reign

Supergirl affronte Reign

Reign (Odette Annable)

Reign (Odette Annable)





Supergirl et Reign

Supergirl et Reign

Supergirl à terre

Supergirl à terre

Reign et Supergirl se battent

Reign et Supergirl se battent

Make it Reign

Make it Reign


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eSam House

Ruby : Mom?

Sam : Yeah.

Ruby : I heard you scream.

Sam : I'm sorry. Sorry, I had a bad dream.

Ruby : I thought you'd wake me up when you got back from your trip.

Sam : What trip?

Ruby : Where you went yesterday.

Sam : I didn't go on a trip, Ruby, I'm here.

Ruby : You said you were going somewhere. To get answers. That something wonderful was gonna happen.

Sam : I said that? I don't know what I'm tired. I've just been so tired. Come here. Hi. Hi. Hi. What time is it?

Ruby : 11:00. Yeah, you slept in.

Sam : It can't be 11:00. Because it's pancake-o'clock! What do you want, chocolate chip or banana?

Ruby : Both.


Mon-El : It's a long story.

Kara : Well, seven years is a long time.

Mon-El : Strange as it may sound, the 31st century is actually not that different from today.

Winn : What, better smartphones?

Imra : What's a phone?

Winn : "What's a phone?" Oh, the future's awesome.

Mon-El : Well, technology has developed beyond imagining, but, at the end of the day, it's still in service of communicating with each other, and entertaining each other, and also killing each other. In this day, or in a thousand years, conflict is constant, but so is strength.

Imra : And that's where we come in.

Alex : So, what are you, soldiers?

Imra : The governments were overwhelmed by violence, by chaos. Mon-El organized us. And we banded together to help Earth's leaders keep the peace, at home and in the stars. We call ourselves "The Legion". And we exist because of you.

Kara : Because of me?

Imra : Mmm.

Mon-El : You inspired me. So, when I founded the Legion, I chose to use you as an example of what we could be. Of what we aspire to be.

Imra : When I learned about your life and work and your compassionate fight for justice and your devotion to protecting others, everything just crystallized. Your example gave my life purpose. I can't express how much it means for me to meet you in person.

Winn : So, a legion of superheroes. Ha!

Hank : Sounds formidable.

Mon-El : Not nearly enough. The future has some bad things happening.

Imra : Yeah, the darkness is spreading.

Kara : What's that? What do you mean?

Mon-El : Well, my team and I were on a mission and We got into some trouble. Our ship got knocked into one of those disruptions.

Hank : A wormhole?

Mon-El : Yes.

Imra : We crash-landed back on Earth 12,000 years ago.

Alex : So you traveled back in time by accident?

Mon-El : Which is exactly why we couldn't just go home. So we went into cryo-sleep and set the ship to wake us up when we returned to the 31st century. But then the torpedo hit the ship, and damaged the ship, and that's when I woke up. But do you think we can fix it? Can you help us get home?

Hank : We'll do everything in our power to help. But for now… Settle in.

Alex : You might be here for a while.

Imra : If anyone can help us, it's you.

Kara : Everyone's coming over to my apartment for a holiday party tonight. You guys are welcome to join, if you like.

Mon-El : Thanks. We need to work on the repairs.

Kara : Yeah, that's fine. That's…

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Okay, come and get your eggnog.

Alex : Uh, yeah, but be warned, this is not your grandmother's recipe. Oh, this is highly potent, intoxicating deliciousness!

James : Ooh. Danvers' famous eggnog?

Lena : Um, sounds tempting, but, you know, I think I'll stick with the scotch. Health.

James : Happiness.


Winn : Dude, I do not understand your obsession.

Hank : It is the greatest Christmas song of all time.

Winn : That's great. We've played it, like, four times.

Hank : If my father learns nothing else this holiday season, he will learn about Hall and Oates. Put it on.

James : Oh, dude, are you serious? Again? Come on.

Winn : No, no, take it up with papa bear, okay?


M’yrnn : J'onn, I do not know why you introduced me to coffee first. This brown water is vastly superior.

Hank : Yeah, I don't take advantage of hot cocoa enough.

M’yrnn : I enjoy Christmas. What a wonderful way to close your year. Paying homage to an evergreen creature. It so reminds me of Life Day.

Winn : Excuse me, hi. "Life Day"? As in the Star Wars Holiday Special? It was on CBS. Princess Leia, like, sang a song… You have no idea what I'm talking about. Oh, my God, you don't know what Star Wars is. You probably don't know what Star Wars is.

Hank : Excuse me? The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie sequel of all time.

Winn : Man, I just love you more and more each day.

M’yrnn : What's a "sequel"?

Hank : It's…


Kara : I mean, as far as parties go, this one doesn't suck, right?

Alex : No, it's great. It is. But how about you? How are you doing?

Kara : I'm good. Yeah, totally. I love parties. And Christmas.

Alex : I mean, like with Mon-El and Imra. I mean, this can't be easy.

Kara : No, that's not easy, but you know what, here we are. Are you okay?

Alex : Yeah, well, Christmas without Maggie, that's not my favorite thing, but we are not wallowing.

Kara : No. No, sir. And you know what, we can be single crones together.

Alex : Aw, crone buddies. I don't know.

Kara : Oh, no.

Alex : I'll get it.

Kara : Yeah, I forgot those…


Alex : Hey. Is everything okay? Where's your mom?

Sam : Sorry. I'm late, I know. It's been a really long day, but I got the cookies.

Alex : No worries. Come in.

Sam : Christmas shopping, conference call with some very unpleasant men who were yelling at me in German, and then Ruby told me about the cookies, I'd forgot. The Italian bakery that I really liked, it was closed, so, you know, you get these.

Alex : Okay, sounds like somebody needs to take a break and maybe have a drink, or two.

Sam : Yeah.

Alex : Did I ever tell you that I work with Supergirl sometimes?

Ruby : Okay, I have four questions.

Alex : Hey, Lena opened the good stuff.

Sam : Thank you.

Ruby : Okay, one, has Supergirl every flown you anywhere? And two, if so, how was it? And, three…

Alex : Yes. Yes, yes. She has flown me. Several times. And, actually, last year, she caught me when I jumped out of a skyscraper during a shoot-out.

Ruby : Okay, I have more questions.


Sam : Hey.

Lena : Hey. Are you okay? I mean, you look a little pale.

Sam : Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just tired. Not enough hours, I guess.

Lena : Yeah, I get that.

Sam : You know, if you wanted, you could pull James Olsen right underneath that mistletoe.

Lena : James? Don't be ridiculous.

Sam : I mean, I think he likes you.

Lena : I'm his boss.

Sam : Mmm. Yes, because that's never happened before.

Kara : Hi.

Sam : Hi.

Kara : And I don't mean to eavesdrop, but I've been noticing chemistry between you two for weeks now.

Lena : There's no chemistry, all right?

Kara : Okay.

Sam : It's off the charts.

Lena : Okay, I'm gonna have to kill both of you, all right? But then I wouldn't have either of my best friends, so that wouldn't work. So I'm just gonna have some more scotch.

Kara : You know, this year has been really tough for me, but I did get two really great things out of it. And that's you guys.

Sam : Aw.

Lena : I am not wearing waterproof mascara.

Kara : I've always been blessed. You know, my sister, I've always had her, and she has my back, but I've never had best friends. And I couldn't have gotten through what I've been through this year without you two.

Sam : Okay, now you're gonna make me cry.

Kara : Oh, no.

Lena : I am very grateful for both of you.

Sam : Me, too. I love you guys.

Hank : Kara? I just had a call, we gotta go.


Kara : What happened?

Vasquez : Looks like someone took a flamethrower to large swaths of the property.

Hank : Any chance it was a brush fire?

Vasquez : I don't think so.

Kara : But why call us for arson after the fact? The fire's already out.

Vasquez : There's something you should see.

Kara : Where?

Vasquez : Birds-eye view.


Kara : I've seen this before, when I was a kid on a field trip to the ruins of old Krypton. What does it mean?

Alura : The symbols predate recorded history. The glyphs are known as "Low Speech" and used in Urrika, the Kryptonian continent where life began.

Kara : And the people who used them?

Alura : The Juru were matriarchal. Tribal. Polytheistic. Over time, their sun god became known as "Rao', the tribes began to worship Him alone, and modern Krypton was born.

Kara : So, then the Book of Rao must have something that can help.

Alura : There is nothing in the book. The ruling council destroyed much of Krypton's so-called superstitions.

Kara : But if someone's trying to send me a message through this, I have to know what it means. This feels important.

Alura : I represent the total accumulation of knowledge on the 28 known galaxies. If I cannot translate it, the translation may not exist.

Catco Worldwide Media

Newscaster : These ominous symbols have appeared around the city overnight and the NCPD currently has no information on the source. With the city still reeling from the Daxamite invasion, these mysterious symbols are causing tensions to run high.

James : Okay, guys, I know it's Christmas Eve, but we have some breaking news. We gotta pull some people in. We need eyewitness accounts. We need coverage on the City Council's press conference. Crime, I need you to talk to NCPD, figure out if they've initiated any lockdown procedures for federal buildings. Okay? Guys, we need information. And we also need to decide how to frame this story so that we don't incite further panic.

Lena : Mr. Olsen, can I have a word with you?

James : Sure. Let's get these stories into copy by noon. Thanks, guys.

Lena : Listen, I am less concerned with CatCo's response to this than who's doing this and why. The first appearance of this symbol, the crop circle, was on L-Corp property.

James : So you think this is personal?

Lena : I think it's Morgan Edge. That man has a vendetta against me, and believe me, he will go to any lengths. Plus he's the only man who has the tech and the resources to pull something like this off. It's gotta be Edge.

James : Oh, I think it's time to pay that Don Johnson-wannabe a visit.

Lena : I was gonna go on my own.

James : Not a chance.

Morgan office

Man : You can't just barge in. Mr. Edge is a very busy person.

Morgan : Lena. Didn't recognize you without a . 38 in your hand.

Lena : Maybe I should hit you over the back of the head and put you on a drone headed for the reservoir.

Morgan : Allegedly. Come on. I assume this visit is still off the record, though.

Lena : Morgan, what is this?

Morgan : I don't know. It looks weird. What, are you re-branding? I mean, hey, it worked for Prince, right?

Lena : I know you're behind this. It's more fearmongering, more of the same.You're so predictable.

Morgan : Lena, Lena. Lena, come on, it's Christmas. Where's your Christmas spirit? It's my favorite time of the year. The only fires I'm lighting are the ones I'm gonna roast chestnuts over. And if you think I had anything to do with going after you, which you sure as hell can't prove, my line of attack would be much, much more effective. Is that why you brought your bodyguard?

James : I'm here just to make sure that you remain civil.

Morgan : Jimmy, I get the feeling your dislike for me is more than just purely professional.

James : You get feelings?

Morgan : I, for one, have work to do, so if you wouldn't mind, it's time to go. Oh, hey, come on, look. Hold up. What am I thinking? Where's my manners? Little parting gift. Company present. I like to spread the cheer.

James : Bah humbug.

Morgan : Merry Christmas.

Alien Bar

Winn : Yes, but if Alura doesn't know what it is, what makes you think anybody here is gonna know?

Kara : Someone is burning a Kryptonian symbol everywhere, so someone out there must know who it is.

Imra : Thank you very much. Kara, Winn.

Mon-El : Oh, hey, guys.

Winn : So, you want me to provide a distraction?

Kara : No need, no, don't be silly.

Winn : Hey, guys.

Kara : Hi. Oh, you've, you…

Imra : Here?

Kara : No, no. It's…

Mon-El : It's all right. I got it.

Imra : Thanks. Oh, my God.

Mon-El : Yep. There's just a bit… There we go.

Kara : So, you settling in?

Mon-El : Yeah. You know, Imra wanted to see what the times were like, so…

Imra : Everyone's been very kind so far. It's fascinating to see Earth this far back.

Winn : Oh, yeah. This must be like medieval times for you.

Imra : You eat things with your hands. So fun. Mon-El tells me there's a place in town where you can eat all the ribs you want. What did you call it? "Food until you're full"?

Mon-El : Very close. It's "All you can eat".

Imra : Okay.

Winn : Have you had beer yet?

Imra : Does it go with ribs?

Winn : Come on. Come on, come on. Let's go. Hey, hey.

Mon-El : Hey, so how was your party?

Kara : Good.

Mon-El : Yeah?

Kara : How's your ship?

Mon-El : Broken beyond my understanding, so...

Kara : Oh…Well, it sounds like we're having two very different weeks.

Mon-El : Yeah. Yeah, hey, I forgot how much I miss this place. You know, it's special.

Kara : You did make a pretty mean club soda.

Mon-El : I'm guessing that you probably steered clear of Aldebaran rum.

Kara : Please do not remind me. That was… You know, you are so lucky I did not lose my job at the DEO that day.

Mon-El : Hey, you know, I'm really sorry. About us being here, and how this must be really hard for you.

Kara : No, no, no. You know what, Mon-El, your wife is lovely. And you two seem to really make each other happy. So…

Mon-El : Do you want to talk about it?

Kara : There's not really much to talk about. I should get this. Hello.

Operator : You have a collect call from the Albatross Bay Correctional Facility.


Coville : "They will receive a blasphemous sigil. And in its wake, many cowards, killers and vile men will burn".

Kara : That's not from the Book of Rao.

Coville : "And every eye will look upon the heretic, and they will call it 'Worldkiller`. " Kara Danvers, there is so much that you still don't know.

Kara : "Worldkiller"?

Coville : It's here. The End of Days.

Kara : There are no End of Days in the Book of Rao.

Coville : The prophecy I speak of predates the Book of Rao. But I suspect you already know this if you've tried to find the meaning of the Kryptonian symbol that's all over the news. They are the mark of a dark god, a devil.

Kara : How do you know this?

Coville : You know that I spent two years on a pilgrimage all over the world collecting artifacts and texts, learning everything I could about Rao and your people. But I didn't just find objects. I met people. The forgotten from Fort Rozz.

Kara : You know about Fort Rozz?

Coville : I met a disgraced Kryptonian priestess who told me about the god before Rao. A Lilith made of darkness and teeth who ends everything. There are three steps leading to the End of Days. First is the Mark of the Beast.

Kara : The glyph in the field.

Coville : They're all over National City now. After that comes the Work of the Beast in the form of many deaths. And finally, comes the Reign of the Beast. And this is when She comes.

Kara : "She"? Who is "She"?

Coville : Worldkiller. The one who will bring about the end of time. This is your purpose. To fight the Devil.

Kara : There's no such thing as the Devil.

Coville : The lost gods must fall for a new god to rise. And Her rise will come at the fall of the righteous. And She will reign unless you stand and smite Her.


Nexscaster : The NCPD is investigating another fatal shooting involving the One-Seven Gang which happened this morning. Witnesses say they saw a man belonging to the One-Seven Gang open fire on a convenience store, killing the owner.

Ruby : Mom? I finished all the chips in the kitchen. It's time to go for dinner, I'm starving.

Sam : Babe, Mrs. Queller's gonna pick you up.

Ruby : What? But it's Christmas Eve.

Sam : I know it's Christmas Eve, I'm so behind on everything. I feel terrible. I'm sorry, baby.

Ruby : Are you gonna miss Christmas too, or just sleep through it?

Sam : Hey, hey. Come here. Sit down. I'm sorry. Do you remember that Christmas that year that I got that job in Central City? You were really, really mad at me for making you leave your friends in the middle of the school year. I was making us drive all the way down.

Ruby : It was days in that car.

Sam : It was days in that car. We ended up spending Christmas at a truck stop on Route 34. We had that snowball fight in the parking lot and then we made that tree out of newspapers. And that night, when we were lying in that awful bed, it smelled like mothballs, I'll never forget it. You whispered to me, and you said that it was the best Christmas you'd ever had. It was for me too, Ruby. You wanna know why? Because we were together. I have something for you. I was gonna wait till tomorrow, but…

Ruby : How did you know?

Sam : I'm your mom, I know everything. Did you know that it means "Stronger together"? We are. Always. I love you so much.

Ruby : I love you too, Mom.


Winn : So Coville says that this is like the sign of the Devil. A Kryptonian 666.

Alex : Do you believe him?

Kara : No. No, I think Coville calling me is an excuse for him to feel relevant.

Hank : It reaffirms the narrative he chooses to believe and gives his life purpose.

Kara : We don't even know if the person burning these symbols is Kryptonian.

Alex : It's probably just a bunch of vandals who don't even know what it means.

Imra : Do you need fresh eyes? I can take a look through the data you've collected, suspects you might have already dismissed. I'm the 31st century version of a kip.

Winn : I think you mean "cop".

Imra : Okay. Kara, do you have a second? I was wondering if we could talk.

Kara : Sure.


Imra : I just… I wanted to say I know that you and Mon-El used to be together. And I know how difficult me being here must be.

Kara : No, no, Imra. It's fine.

Imra : Mon-El loved you so much, Kara. When he first arrived in my time, he spoke only of finding a way back to you. And he certainly didn't move on lightly. I mean, he wouldn't even look at another woman for years. Until he realized he wasn't going to find a way back. I just thought you should know that.

Kara : Thanks. Thank you, Imra. I'm gonna head back to work.


James : Okay, where exactly are we going?

Lena : I told you, this guy has access to Edge's bank records. If Edge has been buying technology that can make those Kryptonian marks, this will lead us to him.

James : That's great, but, I mean, literally, where are we going?

Lena : Jimmy Olsen, are you scared? Don't worry, I'll protect you.

James : Go! Move, move, move, move! Stay down. Hey, so we're alive.

Lena : Yeah, well, thank God I was here.

James : You okay?

Lena : It's just my quarterly assassination attempt.

James : Yeah, about that. Who the hell is this guy?


Man : And who said Santa isn't real?

Man 2 : Ho, ho, ho.

Man : Nice. Where'd you get it?

Man 2 : North Pole.

Man : North Pole, huh? Is that what they're calling the One-Seven now?

Catco Worldwide Media

James : All right, thanks. The ADA said laser guy lawyered up. He's not talking.

Sam : Hey, I couldn't get here any faster. Are you okay?

Lena : Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks to James.

Sam : Do you know why he tried to kill you?

Lena : Morgan Edge hired him.

Sam : You have proof?

Lena : Circumstantial. But the shooter used to work for the annual National City Tech Conference.

Morgan Edge hosts it every year.

Sam : He shouldn't be alive.

James : You guys want to see this.

Newscaster : We're hearing that as many as a dozen members of the One-Seven street gang have been found murdered. We should warn you the images you are about to see are graphic.

Reporter : Now, Susan, police are still looking for a suspect in the multiple killings of the notorious National City One-Seven Gang.


Winn : Samples from the remains of the victims confirm they were killed by heat vision.

Alex : So our bad guy is Kryptonian.

Winn : Yep. And Morgan Edge had nothing to do with it. Hey, well, at least it's not related to the guy with the laser gun who went after Lena.

Kara : No, that guy was just someone Edge hired to try to kill Lena.

Vasquez : He thought he could get away with killing her and blame it on the Kryptonian?

Hank : Just like Coville said. "Work of the Beast".

Winn : It's creepy.

Kara : But Coville's a fanatic, not a prophet.

Hank : The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. He said this, the Beast would come. She would mark the city and then She would take it. I think it's worth pushing through the noise here to see the truth.

Kara : Well, the moment you start believing in something is the moment you give your power away. I'm not gonna give away mine. So what we know about this Kryptonian is that she's a pretender. I beat Kal down to the ground when I had to, I'll beat her down, too.


Mon-El : Kara. Hey. You keep walking away from me.

Kara : I'm not walking away from you. I'm just walking away.

Mon-El : Hey, just one second. Look, Imra She feels really bad that she upset you. That was not her intention.

Kara : No, she didn't do anything wrong. She was very kind, and generous, and, you know, she's smart, and beautiful and even though she looks like a Greek goddess, I can't find any reason to hate her. But am I okay with this? No.

Mon-El : Kara, I…

Kara : No. Stop. Please, Mon-El, I… I see this very clearly for what it is. We're just three good people stuck in a really crappy situation. But, you know what, at least two of us still get to be happy. And just for the record, Mon-El, I really am trying to be okay with this, but… This is… This is worse than the worst thing I could possibly imagine. And that's you looking at me with no love in your eyes. So please, just… Please.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lena : Hello?

Morgan Office

Morgan : I heard you were attacked by someone who tried to make it look like it was perpetrated by that thing that's leaving those alien marks. That's awful. Awful. I mean, it's Christmas.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lena : Morgan, you are a vile, despicable scrooge who's gonna die alone and in prison.

Morgan Office

Morgan : Well, gotta go. Christmas party.


Kara : James?

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Someone just tried to heat-vision Edge. He's calling a press conference.


Kara : Is he hurt?

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Sadly, no. Of course this guy has a lead-lined panic room in his office. But whatever's out there wants him dead. He just got lucky.


Kara : I'm on it. The Kryptonian attacked Edge in his office.

Winn : Oh… "No"? No. No, that's bad. That's objectively bad.

Kara : It doesn't matter who the target was, they're just killing whoever they want.

Hank : We're doing everything we can to track them.

Alex : I'll head to Edge's office, see if they left behind anything I can trace.

Kara : No. No, I'm tired of playing hide-and-seek. The longer we wait, the more people are gonna die.

Hank : What do you propose?

Kara : We do it their way.

Winn : Well, that's comforting.


Kara : Your turn.

Catco Worldwide Media

Morgan : Aw, I'm sure that is not the first time that a woman who's gone crazy has attacked a powerful man. I'm fairly certain it won't be the last.

Reporter : Are you saying Supergirl attacked you?

Morgan : I'm saying I can't say it wasn't Supergirl.

Lena : Sociopathic cockroach.

James : He'll get what he deserves. Guys like him always do.

Lena : You know, today was the second time you saved my life. Beginning to be some kind of a hobby.

James : Right place, right time.

Lena : Yeah, well I owe you a drink.

James : I wouldn't say "owe", but I'll take it. That's a heavy pour.

Lena : It's a heavy day.

James : Well, to heavy days and Christmas Eve.


Mon-El : Okay, that's real mature. I got you now, I got you.


Winn : Kara, the Kryptonian responded.

Kara : How?

Winn : Just showed up right where you left your mark.

Alex : And waiting for you. Hey.

Kara : I have to go.

Alex : Hey, not like this. Listen to me. I know that you've been struggling for the past few months and I have been trying to get you to embrace your humanity, but forget that. Be cold. Be Kryptonian. I don't know why, but this thing really scares me. So, please, be alien.

Catco Worldwide Media Roof

Kara : So you're supposed to be the Devil?

Reign : The Devil isn't real.

Kara : Then who are you?

Reign : I'm from the time before fathoming. Born to cleanse the scourge and deliver the awakening. I am Reign.

Kara : How did you get here?

Reign : I survived Krypton's death. Sent here upon its destruction.

Kara : If that's true, then where have you been?

Reign : Dispensing justice.

Kara : By terrorizing people? Killing people?

Reign : This world has sunken into chaos and sin. Too many have eluded judgment.

Kara : I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else. Surrender now before I make you surrender.

Reign : So full of hubris. Just like the righteous Kryptonians who feared my makers. Worshiping false gods as they watched our planet suffocate by shame and burn from memory. Stand down, or I will make you join them in their purgatory.

Kara : I'm not going anywhere.

Reign : Then I will dispense my justice on you.

Kara : Take your best shot.


Santa : Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Girl : Look. Supergirl.

James : Get back! Back, get back!

Kara : Get back. Stay back. Stay back.


Reign : I'm gonna kill you.

Kara : You don't… You don't scare me.

Reign : You're no god just as I'm no devil. All I am is truth. And judgment. And death. And I will reign.


Girl : Is she dead?


Man : Her pulse is weak.

Woman : She's crashing.

Alex : We need to intubate.

Imra : She'll be okay.

Alex : Stay with me, Kara. Stay with me.

Sam House

Ruby : Merry Christmas, Mom. Mom? Mom. Mom?

Kikavu ?

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