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#307 : La renaissance du mal

Quand Winn et l'équipe découvrent qu'un vaisseau alien s'est crashé et repose dans les eaux profondes de National City, Kara est appelée pour enquêter. Pendant ce temps, Hank essaye de se connecter avec son père M'yrnn. Samantha, désireuse de savoir ce qui lui arrive, contacte sa mère, Patricia Arias, pour obtenir des réponses. 


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Wake Up

Titre VF
La renaissance du mal

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Kara au chevet de Mon-El

Alex et Kara au chevet de Mon-El

Alex et Kara au chevet de Mon-El

L'équipe autours de Mon-El

L'équipe autours de Mon-El

Imra, endormie, Winn et Alex

Imra, endormie, Winn et Alex

Imra (Amy Jackson) et Winn ( Jeremy Jordan)

Imra (Amy Jackson) et Winn ( Jeremy Jordan)

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Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Mon-El et Kara se retrouvent

Mon-El et Kara se retrouvent


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Woman : The waterfront explosion still affects another mile radius. We should keep patrolling for damage.

Man : What the…

Sam House

Ruby : Mom, are you okay?

Sam : Yeah. Yeah, babe, I'm fine. You wanna set the table? This won't take long to cook.

Ruby : Sure. Mom? Can I watch a movie tonight if I finish my homework?

Sam : Um… You know what, I just realized I have to go back to work for something. Can you go over to Tess' for dinner tonight?

Ruby : Mom, do I have to?

Sam : Ruby, this is not a discussion. You're going to Tess'.

Ruby : Okay.


Winn : Hey. Hi, Mr. J. You, uh, looking for something?

M’yrnn : I would like to find the b'rahh alcom.

Winn : Oh! Oh. You know, I've been brushing up on my Martian, b'rahh. Library! No. Bathroom.

M’yrnn : To relieve myself.

Winn : You don't know where it is? Haven't you been here for like three weeks?

M’yrnn : And four days. Precisely.

Winn : Yeah, it's down the hall, around the corner, third door to your left. We really should put up signs.

M’yrnn : May I go?

Winn : Yeah.

M’yrnn : Thank you! Okay.


Hank : Shut down those systems so there's no possibility of infiltration.

Winn : Um, boss. Hey, can I chat with you for like a hot sec?

Hank : A hot sec?

Winn : Oh, my God. Never mind. Listen, your dad just asked me for permission to use the bathroom.

Hank : Yeah, well, he's still getting used to things around here.

Winn : Sure. But it was kinda like the way he said it. Like he was a prisoner or something.

Hank : Well, he was a prisoner for over 300 years.

Winn : Exactly why I think that you might wanna take him out. Like into the non-DEO world.

Hank : I run a complex and highly sensitive government operation here.

Winn : Yeah, yeah, fine.

Kara : Winn? I got your message.

Winn : Yes. Yes. Of course. So, I'm not really quite sure what to make of it, but I thought you guys should see this. This is an incident that happened this morning.

Hank : What is it?

Winn : So, the city sent out an exploratory team to investigate the effects of the submarine attack, and you can see that they found something strange in the bedrock, so they went to check it out.

Hank : And It got attacked.

Winn : Yep. I mean, luckily, their emergency systems kicked in and they made it to the surface, but they could have easily just been taken out.

Hank : What else can you find out?

Winn : Oh! The USGS geothermal scans, we can pull up one of those to find these coordinates. Okay. Well, I can tell you two things, right off the bat. One, according to the rock layers, that ship has been under there for about 12,000 years, and two, whatever metal it's made out of is not on the periodic table.


Winn : Okay, slow down, slow down. We're getting close, we're getting close. Wait. No. Hey. Wait, okay. Ship should be right under us.

Kara : Okay. All right, stand back. Everyone, stand back. I saw Clark do this once.

Winn : Get back!

Hank : Wait, wait, wait. There's a way of doing this without destroying public property. Let's go.

Winn : Oh, man, I wanted to see that. Awesome.

Hank : All right.

Winn : What are you doing?

Hank : This might feel a little weird.

Unknown place

Winn : Oh, no! Oh, God, that was horrible.

Hank : Shh.

Winn : That was amazing. Can we do that all the time, please?

Hank : No.

Winn : Okay. Is that a person?

Hank : Looks like.

Kara : There's an empty one.

Winn : Okay, that's not creepy, not at all.

Kara : Don't shoot. We're not here to hurt you.

Mon-El : Kara.


Alex :My God. Oh, my God.

Kara : I know.

Alex : It's Mon-El.

Kara : I know. You're back.

Alex : Wait a minute, how are you breathing? How is he breathing?

Winn : We don't know.

Hank : According to the samples taken this morning, the air should still be toxic to Daxamites.

Kara : It's incredible.

Alex : Did someone cure you?

Winn : Yeah, and what was that language you were speaking on the ship?

Mon-El : Saturnian.

Winn : But there's life on Saturn?

Hank : Why did you fire on the divers in that submersible?

Mon-El : I didn't. I heard the ship's defense system activate though. Is everyone okay?

Kara : Yeah, they got out of there in time.

Hank : That's some ship you got there. I've never seen anything like it.

Mon-El : It's, uh… It's alien.

Hank : Who's in the other chambers?

Mon-El : Just passengers.

Alex : Are they dangerous?

Mon-El : No. No, they're, um… They're like me.

Winn : Why did you wake up and everybody else is still asleep?

Mon-El : I'm sorry, guys, I was in hypersleep, and it's all, um… It's all very hazy right now, so…

Hank : So you don't remember anything about the other passengers?

Kara : There will be plenty of time to ask questions. He really needs to rest. Come on.

Winn : Right. Good to see you, buddy.

Alex : Yeah. It's great to have you back.

Hank : I look forward to our debriefing.

Kara : Enough. I missed you.

Mon-El : Me too.

Kara : It's been… Tough. Seven months of not knowing.

Mon-El : Seven months? I tried to send a message so many times, to tell you I was okay, but I couldn't. I tried.

Kara : It's okay. You can tell me all about what happened later.

Mon-El : Kara…

Kara : Shh.

Mon-El : No, Kara…

Kara : Just sleep.

Patricia Aria House

Patricia : Coming.

Sam : Hi, Patricia.

Patricia : So, it's just you? You didn't bring, uh Ruby? I've never met the girl. So, I don't think you should expect me to keep her name straight.

Sam : Well, you kicked me out for having her, I didn't think you'd wanna meet her.

Patricia : No, you made your choice. You had to know that there would be consequences.

Sam : I was a kid.

Patricia : You know as well as anyone that the moment you become pregnant, you're not a kid anymore.

Sam : So I didn't deserve a support system? Married adults have children all the time, they need their parents.

Patricia : I would have just been a crutch for you.

Sam : You were my mother.

Patricia : And I always wanted what was best for you.

Sam : So you just let me leave?

Patricia : That's not what I wanted to have happen at all.

Sam : Do you know how hard it was for me to come here?

Patricia : Well, then why did you?

Sam : You're unbelievable. Some things have been happening.

Patricia : What things?

Sam : I guess I was just wondering if, growing up, if I ever did anything strange.

Patricia : What do you mean by "strange"?

Sam : I don't know. Did I fall? Like, fall and not get hurt? Did I ever lift anything really heavy?

Patricia : No. No, nothing like that.

Sam : Nothing?

Patricia : No.

Sam : Okay. Uh… Well, maybe you could help me find something out about my birth mother.

Patricia : Well, why do you wanna know about her?

Sam : You know what, just forget it. Sorry I bothered you. I was at a press event. Someone had a gun. They fired it into the crowd. A lot of people got hurt. I got home, and I found a hole in my coat. Found a little piece of metal, a bullet. It was completely flattened. I got shot and it didn't puncture my skin. I got shot and I didn't feel it. How could I not feel it? Patricia, what is happening?

Patricia : Follow me.


Patricia : You ask about your birth mom. I lied. I didn't adopt you. I found you. In this.

Sam : I… I just… I don't understand.

Patricia : No, I didn't either. I didn't know where you were from, or who left you in this thing or why. And you just… You looked so damned helpless that I took you home.

Sam : Were you ever gonna tell me?

Patricia : I swore that I would tell you when you turned 18, but you were gone by then. And I thought, well, maybe that's better. That you would be better off out there on your own without knowing.

Sam : That I'm an alien?

Patricia : Sam I just wanted you to have a normal life.


James : It's unreal. I still can't believe he's here.

Kara : Yeah.

James : Not so sure about the beard, though.

Kara : I kinda like it.

James : Hey, I'm really happy for you.

Kara : Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he's been a little… A little distant. I don't know.

James : Yeah, but you never know what he's been through, you know? Maybe just give him a little time. You know, I watched you two last year. I've never seen you more happy. And I know that he would never do anything to hurt you.

Sam House

Sam : All right, Rubes, Mrs. Qualar is coming to stay.

Ruby : For how long?

Sam : I'm not sure yet, but I do know that you hate her cooking, so I'm leaving money for takeout. Right here.

Ruby : Where are you going?

Sam : I'm not exactly sure yet. Hey. You don't have to worry. Okay? Nothing is wrong. I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I found something out. About myself. And it's a really good thing. It's gonna answer a lot of questions, but I gotta take this trip to get those questions answered.

Ruby : Can't I come with you? I can come with you.

Sam : I know you want to, and I wish that you could, but I gotta do this on my own, okay? Hold my hand. You feel that?

Ruby : Your pulse?

Sam : That's you. You are my heart. Are you gonna trust me? Something wonderful is happening.

Ruby : Just promise to tell me about it when you come back.

Sam : I promise. I love you so much.

Ruby : I love you, too.


Winn : Hey, so now that we know it's just friendly ol' Mon-El in the ship, maybe you could finally go have that outing with your dad.

Hank : We have to learn more about the ship Mon-El was on. There are five other passengers on board we know nothing about.

Winn : They're literally asleep.

Alex : The ship is secure, okay? We're running comms on it to find its origin, we're monitoring it in case anybody else wakes up. I will alert you if anything happens.

Winn : Yes, leave us in charge. And by "us," I mean Alex, because I should not be in charge of anything.

Alex : Just go be with your dad.


M’yrnn : This brown water is a popular beverage on Earth?

Hank : In the mornings mostly.

M’yrnn : Mmm. Yes. I understand the appeal of c'of-fee.

Hank : It's pronounced "coffee." It's only a short walk from the DEO. You can come down here any time.

M’yrnn : What is that? A duel of intellect?

Hank : That is chess. An ancient game of strategy with infinite outcomes.

M’yrnn : Ah! Much like o'kk rotokk. We should play o'kk rotokk sometime.

Hank : I don't really have a lot of time for games, but you should come down here, learn chess.

M’yrnn : If you wish to return to the DEO, let us go.

Hank : Oh, no, Father, it's okay, it's okay. We can stay out. You've been a prisoner for 300 years, you shouldn't feel like a prisoner here.

M’yrnn : I know I am not a prisoner of the DEO, my son. You are. You have glanced at your smart devices 43 times since we arrived. Your body is here, but your mind is trapped in your work. You live there, your only friends are there, you have nothing outside of it.

Hank : You've been here three weeks, I've been here 300 years. I think I know a little more about how to engage with this world than you do.

M’yrnn : Thank you for showing me the way here. I will return if I require more brown water.

Hank : Father, come on…

M’yrnn : You have completed your mission, and now I would like to return to my room.


Woman : I'm on my way.

Man : Hey, you shouldn't be in here.


Kara : I don't understand. I wanna give you the benefit of the doubt, but you attacked two agents. Was… Were you confused by the hypersleep? Is that why you snuck out of the med bay, broke into a secure storage room and almost killed two people?

Mon-El : I didn't almost kill anyone.

Kara : Is it not you?

Mon-El : It's me.

Kara : Then… Then make me believe it. Please. You know, I don't sleep anymore. I lay awake at night just staring at the ceiling, because if I close my eyes I dream about you dying. I see you disappear into the blackness of space forever. This was all I wanted. This. And when I saw you on that ship… oh, my God, I felt like I could hope again. I could touch you, and see you and hear you, and be with you, finally. But you're different. You have nothing to say? Nothing?

Mon-El : I'm sorry.

Kara : Shame on me for having a human heart.


Sam : What are you doing, Sam?


Winn : Okay, you look different.

Mon-El : How are you?

Winn : I'm fine, thanks. I'm better than Kara. Yeah, I'm assuming that since you didn't tell her anything, you are definitely not gonna tell me anything, so… Still, here I am. Thought I'd give it a shot. I know something's going on. Oh, yeah, that alien ship. That's not just any alien ship, is it?

Mon-El : There's a lot that you don't understand, okay? It's… It's different now.

Winn : Different, how?

Mon-El : It's just different! Okay? There's a lot… There's a lot to explain here, okay? I acknowledge that. And I'm sorry, Winn, but I need you as a friend right now. I need you to believe me. And I need your help to get back to that ship. People will get hurt if I don't. Kara will get hurt. Please.


Winn : Oh. Oh.

Mon-El : Come on, come on.

Winn : I think it's working.

Mon-El : Okay, the stasis fluid levels are okay. How's the power?

Winn : Are you sure this is safe?

Mon-El : Crief, the therian pump is jammed.

Winn : I don't know what that means.

Mon-El : Okay. Just reset the circuit on the end of the first pod.

Kara : Winn, you okay?

Winn : Um…

Mon-El : He's fine. He's I just made him help me.

Kara : You kidnapped him.

Mon-El : I didn't…

Winn : He didn't kidnap me. Listen, we only have your best interests at heart.

Kara : So, which of you two is deciding what my best interests are? Good. I'm taking that and you back to the DEO.

Mon-El : I… I can't let you.

Kara : Get out of my way! My necklace.

Mon-El : Why'd you have to come down here, anyway?

Kara : If we hadn't come here, you would have died.

Mon-El : It doesn't matter, I'm not your problem anymore.

Kara : How could you have changed so much? It's only been seven months.

Mon-El : No, it's been seven years! It's been seven months for you, but it has been seven years for me since the day I went in that pod. When I left Earth, I went through some kind of wormhole. Kor-El calls it a disruption. And it took me to the future. And I've been living on Earth, in the 31st century, for the past seven years.

Winn : That explains why he's not allergic to lead anymore.

Mon-El : L-Corp develops a cure about 400 years from now.

Kara : So what? You just… You just forgot about me? Why are you still wearing the necklace?

Mon-El : No. No, no.

Kara : What? What is it?

Mon-El : The power to the chambers are failing.

Winn : Does that mean that everybody else is gonna wake up?

Mon-El : No, it means they're going to die. We can reroute the power to all the chambers except… No.

Winn : What's wrong?

Mon-El : She's drowning. Damn it. I can't… It's white dwarf glass, I can't… Imra? Imra? Imra? She's okay. She's breathing.


Mon-El : Are there any updates?

Alex : She's stable for now.

Winn : We're still analyzing her genetic makeup so we can treat her properly. I mean, is there anything you can tell us to help?

Mon-El : She's from Titan. Without power to the ship she may have been off life support longer than we think.

Kara : Who is she?

Mon-El : Her name is Imra. Winn, will you let me know if her condition changes?

Winn : Yeah, of course.

Kara : He's from the future.

Alex : Yeah, I can safely say I was not expecting that.


M’yrnnWhat are these empty rooms for?

Hank : It's not much. But, um, it's an apartment. To live in. I never thought I'd see you again, Father. Not after the invasion. I'd gotten so used to living here on Earth, on my own. Work has always made me feel productive. Useful. But you are so right. I have isolated myself in my work. When I was a child, you taught me to always see the beauty in life. I've lost sight of that over the years.

M’yrnn : Nothing is ever lost for good. It may not be Mars, but there is much beauty to find on this planet.

Hank : There is.

M’yrnn : I am here for you now, son.

Hank : I know. That's why we're here.

M’yrnn : At this apartment?

Hank : I thought it might be a better fit than the DEO. For both of us.

M’yrnn : You shall move here too?

Hank : We could make this our home. If you'd like.

M’yrnn : I would like that very much.


Mon-El : I'm sorry. For all of this. I never thought I'd see you again. I had to keep living.

Kara : You kept the necklace.

Mon-El : Of course I did. As a reminder of everything you taught me and did for me. A reminder of you.

Kara : It means a lot.

Mon-El : You have to believe that no matter what… What century or universe, or world I'm living in, that I would never forget you. Never. It was wrong of me to keep the truth from you.

Kara : Well, the truth never hurts as much as secrets.

Mon-El : Yeah, and I should have known better. You've never needed my protection. Except for that one time when we went for all-you-can-eat ribs. And you, uh… You were inhaling those things, if I remember correctly. I swear if hadn't stopped you…

Kara : It was a limited-time offer. I had to.

Mon-El : That's a good point.

Kara : This is the first time I've seen you smile since you've been back.

Mon-El : I haven't had a chance to say it yet, but, uh it's really good to see you.

Kara : Yeah.

Mon-El : There's something I have to tell you.

Imra : Mon-El?

Mon-El : Imra. Imra. I'm so glad you're okay. We thought your life support failed.

Imra : No, I'm fine. Tired, but fine.

Mon-El : Uh… Imra, this is Kara Danvers. Supergirl.

Imra : I… I can't believe it's really you.

Mon-El : Kara, this is Imra Ardeen. My wife.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Hologramm : You have come. I imagine you have questions. I have answers.

Sam : I've seen you. In my dreams. What are you?

Hologramm : Science. Magic. Information. Your friend.

Sam : What is this place?

Hologramm : This is your Fortress of Sanctuary. A piece of your world, the dead planet Krypton.

Sam : Oh, my God. Ruby was right. She thought I had powers, and I do. I always knew that I was different, but I always thought it was because I was adopted. But it wasn't. I'm like Supergirl.

Hologramm : You are so much more than that.

Sam : Who am I?

Hologramm : You are a culmination of centuries of work, a being designed for one purpose, to execute justice.

Sam : I'm a hero?

Hologramm : They will not call you a hero. They will call you Worldkiller. They will try to contain your power, but they will fail. You will show no mercy to those who oppose you. Your justice will burn the world of man.

Sam : No. I'm not a Worldkiller. I'm not a Worldkiller. I have a life. I'm… I'm a good person. I have a daughter.

Hologramm : Your offspring was an unfortunate error. Your powers were supposed to manifest when you came of age. She delayed the realization of your destiny.

Sam : She is not an error!

Hologramm : You will soon forget her. You will soon forget all mortal trappings.

Sam : No. This can't be right.

Hologramm : It is time for you to emerge. It is time for you to become Reign.

Sam : No. No! No! No!

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Donc Reign est une version féminine de Doomsday, mais sans le physique monstrueux...^^

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encore un très très bon épisode, je ne suis pas déçue de cette saison 3

le retour de mon-el, très intéresant, hâte d'en savoir plus

sam devient reign, là aussi hâte d'en voir plus

hank et son père, c'était très touchant de les voir tous les deux. j'aime bien le papa de hank


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