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#306 : Retour à Midvale

Kara et Alex prennent la route en direction de Midvale pour un petit road-trip. Kara se rappelle alors d'un souvenir marquant de la mort d'un ami d'enfance et comment cette expérience traumatisante a rapproché les soeurs Danvers.


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Retour à Midvale

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KeyArt "Midvale"

Eliza dit au revoir à Kara

Eliza dit au revoir à Kara

Road trip pour Kara et Alex

Road trip pour Kara et Alex

Alex et Kara se retrouvent

Alex et Kara se retrouvent

Kara par à la recherche d'Alex

Kara par à la recherche d'Alex

Kara à la cafétérie

Kara à la cafétérie

Izabela Vidovic joue Kara adolescente

Izabela Vidovic joue Kara adolescente

Kara Danvers (Izabela Vidovic) descend du bus

Kara Danvers (Izabela Vidovic) descend du bus

Kara et Eliza discutent

Kara et Eliza discutent

Alex (Chyler Leigh) et Kara (Melisa Benoist)

Alex (Chyler Leigh) et Kara (Melisa Benoist)

Les deux soeurs autours du téléscope

Les deux soeurs autours du téléscope

Eliza (Helen Slater) retrouve sa fille

Eliza (Helen Slater) retrouve sa fille

Kara donne les clés à Alex

Kara donne les clés à Alex

Alex et Kara dans la voiture de J'onn

Alex et Kara dans la voiture de J'onn

Eliza et Alex Danvers

Eliza et Alex Danvers

Eliza et Kara Danvers

Eliza et Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers ado

Kara Danvers ado

Les filles se disputent pour conduire la voiture

Les filles se disputent pour conduire la voiture


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Kara : Welcome home.

Danvers’ home

Eliza : Hey, honey.


Eliza : You still out here?

Kara : Yeah.

Eliza : I made coffee in case this turns into a teary all-nighter.

Kara : You don't have to stay up.

Eliza : Well, this is the mom fine print. When your child's in agony, you show up regardless the hour.

Kara : I figured it would be nice to get her away from everything for a couple of days.

Eliza : This is going to be hard no matter what. But at least here she can lean into it. Better than letting her pretend she's fine.

Kara : You're worried about me?

Eliza : I think I worry about you more than Alex. Losing Maggie is going to be excruciating, but at least Alex doesn't close herself off.

Kara : I'm not doing that.

Eliza : You have the most wide open heart in the world for other people. But when you feel weak, you punish yourself for it. You've had an awful year…

Kara : And I'm feeling a lot better. I promise.

Eliza : You don't have to be better. You're allowed to be a mess.

Kara : Too many people depend on me.

Eliza : That is a great excuse.

Kara : I'm just accepting the fact that I'm not human. And if I'm going to do the things I have to do, I have to walk away from certain vulnerabilities.

Eliza : You've thought a lot about this.

Kara : Yeah, it's been a long time coming. I'm happy about it.

Eliza : You don't seem happy.

Girls room

Kara : Brought you this. You could make it Irish.

Alex : What's the point of all this?

Kara : We need to sleep. We always slept well here.

Alex : So, we'll stay for, like, three days, and Mom will cook tons of food, and I'll gain, like, five pounds, and then walk back into an empty apartment.

Kara : Do you want to talk about it? It might help.

Alex : You don't get to do that.

Kara : What?

Alex : You don't get to shut down, what, for six months after Mon-El goes, and then now sit here and you tell me to talk.

Kara : It will get better.

Alex : Yeah? Are you better?

Kara : Okay. You are edging on mean drunk, and I only signed up for sad drunk.

Alex : Oh, that's right. I forgot. It's whatever Kara says that goes. Right? I mean, screw everybody else. Kara knows best.

Kara : You know what? I'm sorry that I was trying to do something nice for you.

Alex : No, I'm sorry I broke the imaginary rules for a weekend I didn't ask for.

Kara : I'm not gonna try to help you anymore.

Alex : Good.

Kara : Great.

Flashback – 10 years ago

Girls room

Eliza : Girls! You need to wake up. I am not kidding. Last call.


Alex : Open the freaking door!

Eliza : Girls! For the love of God!

Alex : Why did you ever adopt her? I'll never get over this!

Kara : You're such a whiner!

Alex : I hate you!

Kara : I hate you, too!

Alex : Argh!

Living room

Eliza : Where's your sister?

Alex : I don't have a sister.

Eliza : Did you not finish your calculus last night?

Alex : No, I'm just double checking my work.

Eliza : Good morning, sweetheart.

Kara : Morning, Eliza. It's kind of ironic they call it "Advanced Placement." On Krypton, we did calculus from age four.

Alex : Sorry we can't all be as sophisticated as Kryptonians.

Eliza : Alex. Math and science still fun?

Kara : I don't know about fun. They're easy.

Eliza : How about history?

Kara : I don't understand why I have to endure these classes. It's not like I need to know who did what in 1743 to be a…

Alex : A superhero?

Kara : Shut up.

Eliza : You need to go to school. Be with kids your own age. It's giving you a chance at a normal childhood.

Kara : Normal for humans. I'm literally bulletproof.

Eliza : And you literally need to be educated. By the way, I'm working late at the lab tonight. Alex, I need you to babysit.

Alex : She doesn't need a babysitter!

Kara : I don't need a babysitter!

Eliza : I don't want to hear it! Go wait for the bus.

Kara, don't forget your backpack and glasses. Alex, I need you to go easy on her.

Alex : Sure. Let's make sure her life is easy.


Mr. Bernard : Miss Danvers? Earth to Miss Danvers.

Kara : Sorry, what did you say?

Mr. Bernard : Who was the general of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War?

Kara : Washington? Isaiah Washington?

Mr. Bernard : Creative, I'll give you that. Josie, I wouldn't say your GPA justifies that level of confidence. Ah. Miss Danvers, the older.

Alex : George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, which spanned from 1775 to 1783, despite the fact that we claimed independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Mr. Bernard : Bravo, Miss Danvers. Now…

Alex :Try and keep up.

Mr. Bernard : : ...turn to Page 37.


Professor : Go!

Kara : Try and keep up.


Girl : Did you hear that Superman took down some guy named Lex Luthor?

Guy : Lex Luthor? He's that bazillionaire, right? Yeah. Bald. Digs computers.

Kara : They're kind of like arch nemesi. Yeah. There was this one time when Lex sold these things he called Lexosuits, and Superman was not pleased.

Girl : Okay, stalker.

Kara : I just think he's cool is all.

Guy : Dude wears underwear over his tights.

Alex : Don't you have something better to do?

Kara : Thanks.

Alex : You're holding up the line.

Voice : Good afternoon, Midvale High. Friendly reminder about the upcoming playoffs, led by the Midvale's own star quarterback, Jake Howell.

Kenny : Hey, Alex.

Josie : You're friends with him?

Alex : What? Uh, no, he's Kara's friend.

Josie : Ugh. Why did your mom adopt her?

Vicki: Yeah, what's the return policy on annoying little brats?

Alex : I know, right.

Kara : Kenny, over here.

Jake : Oh. Kenny, for someone so smart, you're so clumsy, man. So clumsy.

Alex : Come on, Jake.

Vicki : Jake, enough.

Kenny : Thanks, Vicki.

Jake : Ken, my man. In the future, I'd be careful. Would hate for you to have some kind of accident, you know?


Kara : I hate football players.

Kenny : They're a bunch of chunky sadists. If they only knew the dirt I had on them, they'd be treating me like royalty.

Kara : What do you mean?

Kenny : It's amazing what people will say in front of you when they think you're invisible.

Kara : Invisibility, huh? Is that your superpower, Kenny Li?

Kenny : Yeah, but the asthma is what gets me the girls.

Kara : I wish I could be invisible. I can't say or do anything without her blowing up at me.

Kenny : She'll come around. She just misses her dad.

Kara : I miss people, too. I'm not lashing out at the world.

Kenny : That's because you're the strongest girl I've ever met. What are you doing tonight?

Kara : Absolutely nothing.

Kenny : Perfect. Meet me at the clearing off of Highberry Road at ten o'clock.

Kara : Okay.


Kenny : Welcome, Kara Danvers, to the spectacle of the stars. Take a look.

Kara : Is that yours?

Kenny : My pride and joy.

Kara : It's beautiful.

Kenny : Oh, and for the tour de force, I introduce you to Galileo!

Kara : What is that?

Kenny : Without bogging you down in all the specifics, what I've constructed here is a way to take what this telescope sees and capture in photographs, to directly download to my laptop.

Kara : That's so cool.

Kenny : Somewhere, past all that darkness, there are whole other worlds. Can you imagine?

Kara : Yeah.

Kenny : What do you think is up there?

Kara : I bet it's still just people. Families and… They're staring at the stars above them, wondering the same thing about us. It's a beautiful view.

Kenny : It is.

Kara : I really like your telescope.

Kenny : Yeah. You'd be surprised what this thing sees.

Kara : You know, you're the only person in Midvale who doesn't make me feel like I'm… Like I shouldn't be here.

Kenny : I'm glad you're my friend.

Kara : You, too.

Girls room

Alex : Where were you?

Kara : None of your business.

Alex : It is, if I'm the one who would get in trouble for whatever dumb thing you were doing.

Kara : I am so sick and tired of you blaming me for every bad thing that's happened to you.

Alex : Really? Because my mom wasn't constantly on my ass before you came along. I didn't have to act like some Earthly ambassador to the teenage underworld before you came along, and I'm pretty sure my dad wasn't gone before you came along.

Kara : How is that my fault?

Alex : Before you crashed in that pod, I had a great life, with two great parents. And now all I have is you. And you are not worth it.


Guy : Where's the fire?

Woman : We've got a male body, approximately 17 years of age. Found on the side of Highberry Road.

Kara : Great Rao.


Kara : That's my friend.

Woman : Excuse me, miss.

Sheriff : Kara, Kara. You can't go down there. You can't.

Kara : That's my friend. That's my friend.

School hallways

Girl : I heard it was like super bloody.

Guy : He was shot. I bet it's drugs. It's always drugs.

Guy 2 : I heard they think it's a serial killer. How cool would that be?

Alex : Kara. Kara.

Kara : They didn't even know him. None of these people did. But now that he's dead, they're crying?

Alex : It's sad.

Kara : You didn't know him. You don't care. You're just as bad as they are.

Josie : Alex, come on, we're gonna be late.

Jake : Oh, my God, they killed Kenny. Well, someone did. Smug little nerd was begging for a beatdown.


Kara : Why'd you do it, Jake?

Jake : Hey, Danvers, did you come for a little peep show?

Kara : What did Kenny know about you?

Jake : What, are you on your period or something?

Kara : He knew something about you, so you hurt him.

Jake : Maybe or maybe he was just a born loser and someone put him out of his misery.

Kara : Admit what you did!

Jake : I don't know what you're talking about.

Kara : I want to hear you say it!

Jake : Ow! All right! All right! He caught me smoking pot. He said he would tell. That's why I was always giving him crap.

Kara : That's it? Where were you last night?

Jake : At home. All night. My mom can vouch.

Kenny home

Sheriff : We don't have a lot to go on here. Whoever did this covered their tracks really well. Frankly, we need your help. I'm so sorry to even ask this, but did Kenny have any enemies? Anyone that would have wished him ill? Amy, I can't imagine what you and Lloyd are going through right now. We're going to catch Kenny's killer, but time is of the essence…

Kara : Mrs. Li?

Woman : You can't be in here.

Mrs Li : Kara.

Kara : Mrs. Li, I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for what's happened to Kenny.

Mrs Li : He always said such nice things about you.

Kara : I really like him, too. Liked.

Mrs Li : Have you seen Kenny's telescope? I can't find it. It was his favorite thing, I can't find it.

Mr Li : What's the point? He doesn't need it anymore.

Kara : I'll find it for you, Mrs. Li. I promise.

Sheriff : Come on, sweetheart, let's give them some space.

Kara : I didn't mean to make her…

Sheriff : I know, they're not themselves right now. How are you holding up?

Kara : I'm okay.

Sheriff : Look, I know you have hound blood in you, but don't go hunting that telescope, you hear No coming anywhere near this. This is dangerous stuff, Kara. I don't want you getting caught up in this.

Kara : Yes, sir.

Sheriff : I'm gonna find out who did this. I promise. You want a ride home?

Kara : No, I'll walk.

Sheriff : Okay.


Alex : What the hell?

Kara : Sorry. It happens sometimes when I get scared.

Alex : Get it under control. This morning, did you see him? What did he look like?

Kara : What are you doing here?

Alex : I was failing calc. All right? You're not the only one with a secret. Kenny offered to tutor me. He knew I wouldn't want anyone to find out, so we would come out here. I just wanted to think about him. What are you doing here?

Kara : I was here with Kenny last night. We were stargazing. Mrs. Li said that Kenny's telescope is missing, but this is the last place it could have been and it's not here. And neither is his laptop.

Alex : Laptop?

Kara : It was a part of some project he was working on. It took pictures of what the telescope saw.

Alex : Maybe one night Kenny saw something he shouldn't have.

Kara : Maybe he took a picture of it.

Alex : We have to find that laptop.

Kara : It's too dark.

Alex : For me.

Kara : I got it.

Alex : Look, if he hid it, there's gotta be something pretty important on it.

Kara : We have to get this to Sheriff Collins.

Alex : We will, eventually. But we need more information. We've tampered with evidence, and you were the last person to see Kenny alive. Do the math. We've gotta get this home.

Girls room

Alex : This thing looks water damaged. After being outside all night, I can't believe it's even on.

Kara : Um, Clark has a friend named Chloe who might be able to help. She really loves weird tech stuff like this. Um… She even has this whole "wall of weird."

Alex : Okay, I've no idea what any of that means, but send her a zip drive of everything we find.

Kara : What are those?

Alex : Looks encrypted. What are we looking for, Kara?

Kara : Anything that leads to someone. I thought it was Jake, but he has an alibi…

Alex : Okay, yeah, don't expect anyone to thank you for finding out the QB was smoking pot and getting him suspended from school, by the way.

Kara : Whatever. Kenny's more important. When I was in his house, his dad was acting weird, maybe it was him.

Alex : Hello, darkness.

Kara : Try his e-mail. Why would Kenny send that to Mr. Bernard?

Alex : There's an attachment. Oh, my God. Is that Josie?

Kara : And Mr. Bernard.

School bathroom

Josie : Alex, hey.

Alex : I need to talk to you. I have another one.

Josie : This is none of your business.

Alex : It is if Mr. Bernard killed Kenny.

Josie : Is that freak who's living in your room rubbing off on you? Because you sound insane.

Alex : Josie, we have been best friends since we were eight. But a kid is dead. We need to take this to the cops. Together.

Josie : Alex, please. Please don't tell my mom.

Alex : I know Kenny tried to make Mr. Bernard stop.

Josie : I told him to stay out of it.

Alex : Was Mr. Bernard angry?

Josie : His name is Samuel.

Alex : What? Do you think…

Josie : I love him. And he loves me.

Alex : You are delusional. Mr. Bernard is a grown-up sleeping with a minor. That is disgusting and illegal.

Josie : He's 27. I'm 17. In five years, nobody will even care about the age difference.

Alex : In five years, he'll be halfway through his sentence for statutory rape.

Josie : Are we done here?

Alex : No. Kenny sent Mr. Bernard an e-mail the night before he died. How did Mr. Bernard react?

Josie : He was pissed that a nerdy little Peeping Tom was messing with him. Anybody would be. But he didn't kill him.

Alex : If he's the kind of guy who would hurt you, he's probably the kind of guy who would hurt someone who found out.

Josie : God, you so don't get it. No one hurt me.

Alex : If you don't go to the police, you'll regret it.

Josie : Just stay out of it.

Alex : Like Kenny should have? I have a tip on the murder of Kenny Li.

Mr. Bernard office

Josie : Alex Danvers knows.


Alex : I'm so mad.

Kara : I feel sorry for her.

Alex : I do, too. But she should want to help Kenny at least. Even if it means she gets in trouble.

Kara : It's not just about getting in trouble. When people find out bout her and Bernard, they're gonna blame her.

Alex : No, they won't.

Kara : They already blame Kenny for what happened to him. I just keep thinking if I'd stayed with him, I could have protected him. And he'd still be here.

Alex : Hey, Kenny wouldn't blame you. He wouldn't want you to think that.

Kara : Well, whoever did this thinks they can get away with it because Kenny was invisible. But we have to make sure that they don't.

Alex : We will.

Kara : This is the first time we've walked home together.

Alex : Yeah. Well, you suck less than a lot of people today.

Kara : Alex!


Sheriff : We've got a dark-colored four-door sedan.

Alex : It was Mr. Bernard. He ran us off the road.

Eliza : Girls! Girls! Oh, my God. Thank goodness.

Living room

Eliza : Alex, do your homework. Kara, come with me.

Kara : I had to do something. I couldn't let Mr. Bernard get away with it.

Eliza : You could have been discovered. Alex could've died.

Kara : I'm sorry.

Eliza : I have been trying to tell you, it is not your job to protect people. You're just a kid. And since you won't listen to me, maybe you will listen to her.

Kara : Mom? Mom!

Noel Neill : Oh. I'm sorry, honey, I'm not your mother. I'm Agent Noel Neill of the FBI.

Kara : I'm sorry, you just look so much like my mother. For a second I thought…

Noel Neill : I guess I just have one of those faces. It's an asset in my line of work.

Kara : Yeah.

Noel Neill : I've come here due to a recent uptick in activity. We are aware of you and your cousin. Now, I understand that you had a friend that passed recently, and now you and your sister have taken it upon yourselves to solve this case.

Kara : His name was Kenny Li.

Noel Neill : I'm very sorry. But you need to understand that under no circumstances are you to be utilizing your powers.

Kara : But we solved the case.

Norl Neill : I heard. Right before you and your sister were driven off the road.

Kara : We're fine.

Noel Neill : You're fine because you're invincible. Your sister was fine because she got lucky.

Kara : I saved her. I solved a crime. I can do what Superman does.

Noel Neill : No, you cannot. You are 15 years old, and as long as you're living in this house, your powers are a danger to Alex and Eliza.

Kara : What good are these powers if I can't use them?

Noel Neill : Miss Danvers, I am sure that when your parents sent you here, they wanted…

Kara : Don't talk about my parents. You didn't even know them.

Noel Neill : I'm sorry, you're right. You should probably be with your family right now.

Kara : This isn't my family. I remember my parents. I remember Krypton. I remember being alone in that pod and not knowing if I was going to see anyone ever again. And then I landed here. And no one asked me if I wanted these powers, but I have them. And all I want to do is help people with what I've been given, and no one will let me.

Noel Neill : I can't imagine what you've had to overcome. Kara. I know that your mother is very proud of you.

Kara : This is never going to be home. I hate it here. I hate school. I just want to live with Clark and be super.

Noel Neill : You've got a second chance here. But you have to be normal. You have to be human. Why don't you tell me about Krypton? Where was it?

Kara : There.

Noel Neill : You've already lost so much. But you could lose more if you're not careful. I'm sorry, sweetheart, I don't know what you're saying.

Kara : Right. There's no reason you should.

Noel Neill : No more powers? You promise?

Kara : I promise.

Noel Neill : All right, then.


Alex : Josie.

Josie : You told, didn't you?

Alex : I had to.

Josie : My dad has lost it. I'm grounded until college, and Samuel, he's in jail.

Alex : He killed Kenny, Josie. He tried to kill Kara and me.

Josie : No, he didn't. I asked him, okay? I went to his house after school, and we talked about it.

Alex : You were with him after school?

Josie : Yes. I was at his house when they arrested him.

Alex : You were with him the whole time?

Josie : You were supposed to be my friend. You said you'd protect me.

Alex : Were you with him?

Josie : Yes, are you happy?

Girls room

Alex : Josie was with Bernard this afternoon. She was there when he got arrested.

Kara : So?

Alex : This means that there's no way he could have run us off the road. Someone else did. Maybe Bernard didn't kill Kenny.

Kara : It's not our problem.

Alex : It is now. We scared someone enough that they came after us. They're not going to stop. What happened down there?

Kara : No powers. No more trying to be a superhero.

Alex : But we've come so far. If we stop now, what's the point?

Kara : It's not a game. You almost died tonight. Kenny's dead. Nothing we do can change that. I'm human now.

Alex : I thought we were doing something important together.

Kara : Well, we're not anymore. Where are you going?

Alex : To find someone who's gonna help me catch Kenny's killer.


Alex : Sheriff Collins.

Sherif : Hey, sweetheart.

Alex : I have to talk to you about the hit-and-run. It wasn't Mr. Bernard. He was with Josie all afternoon.

Sheriff : What, now, did Josie tell you that? Because between you and me, she's saying just about anything to keep that teacher out of trouble.

Alex : I don't think she's lying about this.

Sheriff : I know you want to believe your friend, but she's in a real messed-up place right now.

Alex : We found Kenny's laptop in the woods. It has all of these pictures on it. Stuff he had seen through his telescope that people wouldn't want anyone to know.

Sheriff : Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down. What exactly is on that laptop?

Alex : One of the pictures showed Mr. Bernard with Josie. But there were other pictures. We'll get them soon, and I am sure Kenny's killer is in one of them. I know we should have told you sooner, but…

Sheriff : It's okay. You're doing the right thing now. Let's go inside.


Sheriff : You and Kara are quite the little detectives. You ever think about going into law enforcement?

Alex : No, not really. Science is kind of my thing.

Sheriff : Well, if you ever want to trade in your microscope for a badge, you let me know.

Alex : I think we can talk here.

Sheriff : Well, I don't want anyone to interrupt us.

Girls room

Kara : Holy crap!


Sheriff : So, where's that magical laptop full of evidence, Alex?

Alex :I have to take this.

Girls room

Kara : Alex! Where are you? I just got Kenny's pictures back from Chloe. And there's pictures of Sheriff Collins. I think he's a part of a drug deal or something. The time stamp is the night Kenny died.


Alex : Okay, cool, just tell mom I'll be home after the game.

Sheriff : Alex, you gotta know I really am sorry about this.

Alex : Kenny, in the bridge. This whole time, it was you.

Sheriff : Where's the laptop?

Alex : I mailed it to the new station. They'll get it tomorrow.

Sheriff : No. I don't think so, honey. Go ahead and give me that phone.

Girls room

Kara : Alex! You have to get back here.


Alex : Kara, the stadium! He's here.

Sheriff : Well, I know where the laptop is. You know, I told your sister at the Li's not to get involved, and the two of you still went down in the woods looking for trouble. After you.

Girls room

Kara : Screw it.


Alex : Kenny saw you.

Sheriff : He should have kept that telescope up in the sky. He was such a smart kid. Good kid.

Alex : He was my friend.

Sheriff : I didn't want to hurt him.

Alex : What did you want?

Sheriff : A little compensation, maybe. Get paid like a dog protecting spoiled rich folks. Drugs come over the border from Canada, hardly even hide it. Must think I'm a joke. The government, they want me to burn it. Why not get a little something back for myself? That's all.

Alex : Yeah. Real heartbreaking. You're a scumbag who kills kids to cover his own ass. You're pathetic.

Sheriff : You're real brave. Not even screaming. Not that anyone could hear you.

Alex : Someone's listening right now. Someone who can hear every single word you say every time you breathe. Can you feel it? She's coming. Here! I'm down here!

Kara : Are you okay?

Alex : Duh, I knew you would come.


Alex : Hey, Josie.

Josie : Don't talk to me.

Alex : Can I sit here?

Kara : Uh, sure.

Alex : So, we found out the douche quarterback was smoking pot, caught a predator, and solved a murder. We're doing pretty great this week. And everybody hates us.

Kara : You'll get used to it. Being on the outside.

Alex : I only wish Kenny were here.

Kara : Speaking of, um… Chloe found something else on the laptop. She deleted it from the rest of the files, but she sent me a copy.

Alex : He knew.

Kara : And he didn't tell. The last time I saw him, he tried to kiss me. I panicked. But if he were here, I'd kiss him in front of everyone. He liked me. All of me.

Alex : Well, I guess I don't have plans tonight. Or ever. Wanna hang out?

Kara : Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Alex : We could go flying. I won't tell Mom.

Kara : I don't think so.

Alex : Why not?

Kara : 'Cause you almost died. Twice. I'd rather be human than risk losing you.

Alex : I've never had a sister. I promise I'll get better at it.

Girls room

Kara : We're turning the lights off, we swear.

Alex : Oh, my God…

Kara : Where was it?

Eliza : It was found in the Sheriff's car. Mrs. Li thought you two should have it. I think it's a thank you. For what it's worth, I am so proud of both of you. Lights out.

Kara : Good night, Alex.

Alex : Good night, Kara. Kara?

Kara : Yeah.

Alex : Can I use the bathroom first tomorrow?

Kara : Sure.

End of flashback


Kara : You slept in.

Alex : Yeah.

Kara : Good. Remember this thing?

Alex : That was the best thank you gift we ever got for solving a case.

Kara : Kenny was one of the first people I lost on Earth. It doesn't get any easier.

Alex : Kenny Li.

Kara : Keeper of secrets.

Alex : That's the first time I really understood what I had in you, what it could mean to have a sister. It's crazy to think that I ever thought that you were the worst thing that could happen to me. I'd never get over it.

Kara : Well, I did hog the bathroom.

Alex : Yes. After Kenny, that's when I realized that you and I could get through anything together.

Kara : That's the first time I really became Kara Danvers.

Alex : It's a good thing, too. It got us through the next ten years.

Kara : I remember thinking I would never feel at home on Earth. I still don't, in a way. But I feel at home with you.

Alex : Always. It was a good idea, coming here. I don't think I could have slept in any other bed last night without Maggie. I'm sorry I punished you for trying to help.

Kara : It was your turn.

Alex : I never want to hurt you.

Kara : I know. I am getting better. Sorry I haven't shown it. Maybe if I had, you'd have more hope right now.

Alex : You're here. Right now, that's all I really need.

Kara : Good.


Eliza : Sandwiches, sparkling water and pie.

Kara : You are the best.

Eliza : Think about what I said.

Kara : I will.

Eliza : I love you.

Kara : I love you.

Eliza : Strong girl. Brave girl.

Alex : Not yet.

Eliza : No rush. I love you.

Alex : I love you.

Eliza : Drive safely.

Kara : We will. So, J'onn says to head straight back to the DEO, and if we scratch his car, he'll put us in containment.

Alex : Well, you better let me drive, then.

Kara : Why? I'm a great driver.

Alex : You almost killed us twice coming up here.

Kara : That possum came from nowhere.

Alex : Keys. Come on.

Kara : If you're so worried about my driving, why didn't you say anything yesterday?

Alex : Because yesterday, getting into an accident didn't seem like a big deal. Today, I would like to avoid it.

Kara : Progress.

Alex : All right. Classic.

Kara : Yep, turn it up.

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Supersympa  (23.03.2019 à 23:27)

Le cousin de Kara connaît une certaine Chloe douée en informatique et qui a un "mur des bizarreries" ? C'est drôle, ça me rappelle vaguement quelque chose...

Alex était déjà sacrément casse-cou quand elle était ado...^^

Sirena  (05.10.2018 à 13:02)

On en apprend enfin plus sur ce qui a uni les soeurs Danvers au début de leur relation lorsqu'elles étaient plus jeunes.


Très bon épisode !

serieserie  (28.12.2017 à 11:18)

Cet épisode est vraiment l'un des meilleurs de la série et vraiment important pour mieux comprendre les Danvers Sisters

stella5  (01.12.2017 à 22:43)

les jeunes kara et alex sont vraiment ressemblantes, c'est top

très très bon épisode, j'ai adoré

SeySey  (07.11.2017 à 19:35)

Oui! je confirme!!!

Xanaphia  (07.11.2017 à 19:28)

Ils ont fait du bon boulot, les deux actrices jouant Kara se ressemblent beaucoup ! 


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