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#305 : Dommages et intérêts

Lorsque de nombreux enfants tombent malade à cause d'un empoisonnement au plomb, Morgan Edge pointe du doigt Lena et son invention qui a sauvé National City des Daxamites. Alors que Lena sait qu'elle n'aurait jamais fait de mal, elle a peur qu'une erreur dans la conception l'ait rendue responsable. Kara fait équipe avec Samantha pour innocenter Lena mais la tâche s'avère plus compliquée que prévue. Pendant ce temps, Alex et Maggie prennent une décision cruciale à propos du futur de leur relation.


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Dommages et intérêts

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KeyArt "Damage"

Morgan Edge joué par Adrian Pasdar

Morgan Edge joué par Adrian Pasdar

Sam retrouve Kara et Lena

Sam retrouve Kara et Lena

Maggie et Alex face à face

Maggie et Alex face à face

Maggie devant la table des cadeaux de fiançailles

Maggie devant la table des cadeaux de fiançailles

Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)

Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Maggie et Alex se séparent

Maggie et Alex se séparent

Sam et Kara enquêtent pour aider Lena

Sam et Kara enquêtent pour aider Lena

Morgan Edge à la télé

Morgan Edge à la télé

Morgan Edge accuse Lena

Morgan Edge accuse Lena

Morgan Edge au chevet des enfants

Morgan Edge au chevet des enfants

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath)

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath)

Edge, Lena Luthor et Kara

Edge, Lena Luthor et Kara

Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar), Lena et Kara

Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar), Lena et Kara

Alex Danvers et Maggie Sawyer

Alex Danvers et Maggie Sawyer

Edge et Lena Luthor

Edge et Lena Luthor


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Men : Ten and two. Watch the road. You come closer, your eyes glow, you even flinch, and I open up his throat.

Kara : No, you won't. Anyone else?


Kara : You holdin' up okay?

Alex : No.

Kara : It's happening tomorrow?

Alex : Yeah.

Rubby School

Rubby : Mom, are you okay?

Samantha : What? Yes. Babe, of course. I'm fine. I'm totally fine. It was just a dream.

Rubby : You were awake.

Samantha : Ruby, I'm fine. It was a migraine. Look, we're up next Get your backpack. I love you.

Rubby : Love you, too. Bye.

Samantha : Have a good day. Bye.

Luke : Hey, did you get your math homework done? I couldn't get through it.

Rubby : Well, there's still time before the bell if you want me to help you.

Luke : Yeah. That'd be…

Rubby : You okay? Luke! Mom, help! Mom! It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. Oh, please. It's okay, it's okay.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Ms. Luthor, um, you approved an advertorial on page six.

Lena : Is there a question coming?

James : Well, I… I just wish you would have told me first.

Lena : I didn't know ads were in your purview, Mr. Olsen.

James : Well, they're they're not in my purview. It's it's not a big deal, it's just that if we're gonna disguise ads as articles I think that it sends a bad message. People wanna know what they're getting, you know? They expect integrity from us. Just a perception thing.

Lena : 70%.

James : Excuse me?

Lena : That's the deep discount on our print subscription rate. 70%. That's what it takes just to get people to read. So I think an advertorial here and there is a necessary evil.

Kara : Everything okay?

Lena : Yeah.

James : Absolutely.

Kara : Good. Uh, James, I just came in to check and see if… Actually, I think you're gonna wanna turn up the TV.

Lena : What is that scumbag doing in my hospital?

Morgan : It was a nightmare. And we would've given anything for it to end, am I right? Then the Daxamites, the ships just up and left. You know why they left? It was a lead-dispersal bomb that drove 'em away. I have a colleague whose son was sick. Brought him here. There were other children in this hospital with the same symptoms. The doctors told me that there were other children in still other hospitals all displaying the same symptoms. Lead poisoning. You know, it's fitting that we're here, in this hospital. Lena Luthor built the bomb that poisoned these boys and girls.

Reporter : Do you have any proof?

Lena : I've gotta get down there.

Morgan : Keep it down. Please respect the children. Let's take it outside, I'll answer your questions.

Alex apartment

Maggie : I was hoping you'd take longer getting home.

Alex : I thought about it. That's only gonna get harder.

Maggie : I don't wanna feel like this. I love you.

Alex : Yeah. I love you… I love you back. I, uh…

Maggie : This can't be it. This is stupid. This is…

Alex : We've talked this through. Right?

Maggie : Mmm-hmm.

Alex : I mean, for days. Can you do that again? Can… can you go another couple rounds? Because I can't. Are you ever gonna wanna have kids?

Maggie : I want you.

Alex : Yeah, I know, babe. But I want kids. I'm always gonna want kids.

Maggie : Then there's nothing else left. You have to say it.

Alex : Maggie…

Maggie : You have to say it out loud. Please?

Alex : We can't be together.

Luthor Hospital

Kara : Sam?

Lena : What are you doing here?

Samantha : Hey. Luke, one of Ruby's friends, collapsed this morning. Lead poisoning. I came with the paramedics, his mom just got here. I saw Edge's stunt, too. This whole thing is awful.

Morgan : All right, where do I sign?

Kara : Lena?

Lena : Where the hell do you get off?

Morgan : Thank you. That was me paying the end of the medical expenses at your hospital.

Lena : So this is what your revenge looks like?

Morgan : Have you ever heard of the cobra effect, Lena? Colonial India, the British government, they realized there were snakes all over Delhi. They wanted them gone. So they offered a bounty for dead snakes. And then they realized people were breeding snakes for income. They thought everything was going really well. They realized they got slithering snakes all over Delhi. The whole thing backfired. Turns out they made the problem worse. You understand?

Lena : You're a toxic predator.

Morgan : Unintended consequences. You wanted to be a hero so bad you didn't care who you hurt. Now people are gonna die.

Kara : Even if all of this were true, Supergirl would be just as much to blame.

Morgan : She made the call to use that device. Supergirl may have pushed the button, sure, but that tech was all Luthor.

Lena : You're a bottom-feeder.

Morgan : But I didn't poison children. That was you.

Catco Worlwide Media

Newscaster : Morgan Edge's accusation of Lena Luthor…

Eve : Ms. Luthor, is there anything I can get for you?

Lena : Call the CDC and get every report they have on the outbreak. I also need the victims' medical reports and I wanna see every bit of data Morgan Edge has seen.

Eve : Right away. And, uh, I'm so sorry.

Kara : There has to be another explanation.

Samantha : There could be hundreds of other reasons why these kids are getting sick besides your device.

Kara : I mean, Edge is manipulating people to get revenge on you for buying CatCo.

Samantha : He's ruthless, Lena, you know that.

Lena : Look, what if it's true, okay? I told Supergirl that the lead in the device was safe for humans. She wouldn't have used it if it wasn't safe.

Samantha : Yes, but using it saved all of us.

James : Ms. Luthor.

Lena : Mr. Olsen. Come to tell Kara "I told you so"? - [SIGHS] - Another Luthor takes innocent lives, news at 11?

James : Ms. Luthor, despite our differences, I would hope by now that you would recognize that I see you as more than just an extension of your brother. However, I do think that you should get ahead of this thing. Which, in my opinion I think you should step down from CatCo, so whatever we report, good or bad, comes off as truthful.

Kara : No, that would look like an admission of guilt.

Lena : No, Kara, he's right. Whatever's happening, whoever's responsible, this is a public crisis. And the public deserves to be able to trust the reporting so that they can prepare themselves. They expect integrity from us. They deserve it, and they need it now more than ever. Mr. Olsen, you will run CatCo until this is resolved, and I think I should also step down from L-Corp.

Samantha : Lena, we need you. We need you to help guide the research.

Lena : No, no, L-Corp has a brain trust that's more than capable, okay? If I'm involved, I could be accused of covering things up, or even profiting from the sick. This can't be like Flint, Michigan, okay, where bureaucracy got in the way. Helping people has to be the focus.

Man : Where is she? Where's Lena Luthor?

Eve : Sir! Sir, please calm down.

Man : I need to see her. She needs to answer for my son. You know he stopped breathing? They had to put a tube down his throat. My boy is 12 years old. He is supposed to be laughing, outside playing, not stuck in some hospital with the doctors telling me they don't know how to fix him. You rich people, you think you can do whatever you want, that we don't matter. My son matters.

Lena : I am sorry. I…

Man : You're sorry? You're gonna answer for what you did to my son. For what you did to all of them.

Lena : I want your best reporter reporting this. I'm not hiding anything. Set a press conference for later today.


Demonstrators : Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

James : It's time, Ms. Luthor.

Demonstrators : Lock her up! Lock her up!

Lena : Good afternoon. I'm… I'm Lena Luthor. I know a lot of you here are angry. I… I hear you. I would be, myself, if I felt someone had poisoned my children. So, my thoughts go out to everyone who is afflicted. I heard what Morgan Edge told you this morning. And I wish I was up here to say something different, but the truth is, I don't know if my device hurt children. And until I do, I realize that none of you can have faith in me. Your faith is something I have worked harder than you may realize to keep, and the fact that I might have lost it breaks my heart. And so, until the investigation into the poisonings is concluded, I shall be stepping down from… Help! Somebody help me!

Kara : James…


Winn : Jeez, if that bullet had a little more stopping power, your shoulder would be a mess.

James : Yeah. That's what you said last time.

Kara : Edge riled them up, he knew what he was doing.

James : The shooter just found out that her son took a turn for the worse. I'm not making any excuses, but she just went after who she thought was responsible.

Kara : What are you saying? You still think that Lena is responsible for what's happening?

James : I'm not saying that she did this, I'm just saying that maybe this happened because of what she did.

Kara : Semantics.

James : She jerry-rigged that device to do something it was never intended to do. Look, I know you don't wanna hear this, but that device was invented by Lex Luthor.

Winn : Which is why we're testing it.

Kara : Then let's test it.


Winn : Okay, so I sealed off the room to contain the lead cloud. We have some sensors that will analyze the particulate.

Kara : So how will you know if the device is the cause?

Winn : Okay, so when Lena and I crunched the numbers during the invasion, like, 99.96% of the molecules bonded to Daxamite genes. Which basically means that if it hits a human, it evaporates. No harm done. The rest, you know, 0.04%, we chalked up to margin of error. So as long as we get the same number today, we're good.

Kara : Okay. Hit it.

Winn : Great. Okay.

Kara : Anything?

Winn : No. Hold, please. It is…

Kara : What?

Winn : Whoo.

Kara : Winn, what's the percentage?

Winn : Um…

Kara : So there is a 10% chance the device is the cause?

Winn : 10.21.

Samantha house

Lena : Someone just… Someone just tried to kill me, I shouldn't be putting you and Ruby in danger.

Samantha : That woman is in custody. No one will be looking for you here, you're safe. So take your Louis Vuittons off, relax, and chug this.

Lena : Really isn't necessary.

Samantha : Stop it, you're dehydrated.

Lena : You could have been shot. You shouldn't be hiding me.

Samantha : You gave me a break when I needed it the most. Let me return the favor.

Lena : One night.

Samantha : Great. See, this is what friends are for.

Lena : If Ruby was sick, would you still be my friend?


Kara : Lena?

Kara : Hey. Hey, look, I made a metaphor.

Kara : Are you here alone?

Lena : Sam's running my company, Ruby's at a friend's. What news from the front?

Kara : Nothing yet.

Lena : You know, you're terrible at hiding things from me.

Kara : I wouldn't be so sure of that. I came to let you know that I'm not done. Not by a long shot. Until we know for sure, I will turn over every rock, and…

Lena : Just stop.

Kara : You are one of the strongest women I know, why aren't you fighting?

Lena : Because I did it.

Kara, I did it. You know, all I ever wanted to be was good. My whole life I was a pariah. First, because I was rich, and because of my brother, so… And then, finally I did just just one thing, one thing that was good, and now I'm the monster that poisons children. You know, even Lex Luthor never did that.

Kara : Anyone who knows you knows that you would never…

Lena : Maybe I'm the same. People are sick. It's my fault.

Kara : There's still a chance it wasn't you.

Lena : I know you believe that everything is good, and kind, and that is one of the things I love about you. But that's not the real world. In the real world, my last name is bin Laden and everything I do hurts people. Hey, you know, it's… it's in my DNA, okay? So, please, just… just… just stop. Stop believing me, okay? I am not worth it.


Samantha : Hey.

Kara : Hey.

Samantha : Thanks for staying.

Kara : Yeah. She didn't want me to, but…

Samantha : You know, I've known Lena a long time and I've never seen her like this.

Kara : She wants everyone to think she's so tough.

Samantha : Yeah, but she is mush on the inside. Hey, uh, if you wanna go home, I can sit with her.

Kara : No, it's totally fine. I've actually been having trouble sleeping, so…

Samantha : Me, too. Bad dreams.

Kara : Yeah, I got those, too.

Samantha : Okay, what's this?

Kara : I've just been trying to skim through public records to get info on the families affected.

Samantha : I've been doing the same thing. Um, the medical team at L-Corp was able to secure the addresses for all the sick children.

Kara : So what happens when you connect the Xs?

Samantha : Nothing. The movies lie. Usually, when something like this happens, those affected are from a specific area, but these kids are from all over the city. Luke, who I saw this morning at Ruby's school, he lives down the street. But then there are two kids who live across the city and go to Burgon Country Day. And then there's another one who lives all the way in Edgemont. I just… Staring at this, trying to make sense of it.

Kara : There's gotta be some way these kids are connected. Social media, school records, bank statements, maybe there's a link?

Samantha : Bank statements. Let's follow the money.

Kara : Yes. I'll make a call.

Samantha : You don't have to. I'm on it.

Kara : How did you…I can see why Lena likes you.

Samantha : Hmm.

Kara : Delaney's Dumpling Truck.

Samantha : Food truck? What about it?

Kara : Well, Luke's dad and another mom went there on the same day a couple of weeks ago, October 21st. Maybe… maybe it's just coincidence.

Samantha : No. Hold on.

Kara : They were all there.

Samantha : Could it be something in the food? Oktoberfest at Frances Park.

Kara : Could be something there.

Alex apartment

Maggie : What are we doing?

Alex : I know, that was crazy.

Maggie : No, I mean, what are we doing? Are you sure you wanna give up on this? You sure you wanna do this? Give up on something tangible and real us, it's us for some notion you have of being a mom?

Alex : It's not some notion. Ever since I was little when I would see a mom and her kids this thing would happen to me. You know, it's… It's recognition that I was gonna be a mom, too. And it wasn't some, you know, I… "Oh, I I want it. I want that," or "I hope someday that I have that." No, it's just something that I've always known. Even when everything else, whether it was boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, when… when that was blurry the part of me being a mom, that's always been crystal clear. If I deny that I'm gonna feel it forever.

Maggie : I wish I could change the way I feel.

Alex : Yeah. Me, too.


Kara : So many vendors and rides here, it could have been anything. For all we know, it's gone.

Samantha : Unless it wasn't something outside. It's locked.

Kara : Huh. It was a sticky hinge. Eliza used to bring me to a place like this.

Samantha : Who's Eliza?

Kara : My adoptive mom. Every Tuesday and Thursday.

Samantha : You're adopted? So am I.

Kara : Really?

Samantha : Except for my place was Mondays and Wednesdays. Gosh, we really loved swimming. Every kid loves swimming.

Kara : I'm gonna test the pool.

Samantha : You're gonna test it?

Kara : I have a friend at the FBI who helps me on stories. Tests stuff, lab work.

Samantha : That's a good friend to have.

Kara : Winn?


Winn : Yo, what is going on?


Kara : I'm gonna send you a water sample from a public pool.


Winn : Really? You know what, when I made that device, J'onn tried to tell me that no one was ever gonna use it and I said to him, I said, "J'onn, one day, someone's gonna need to take a sample on the go." Here we… Oh, we got it.


Kara : Is it lead?


Winn : Oh, my God.

Kara : What?

Winn : Um, this is an advanced hydromorphic carbon nitrate compound.


Kara : What does that mean?


Winn : It's a synthetic compound that, when combined with water, exhibits the exact same properties as, you guessed it, lead, and if someone's exposed to it, the exact same symptoms as lead poisoning.


Kara : So, it wasn't the lead bomb.


Winn : No. No, it wasn't.


Kara : Thank you. It wasn't Lena. Someone put a dangerous chemical compound in the pool.

Samantha : How?

Kara : I… Come with me.

Samantha house

Lena : Hello?


Kara : Lena? Sam and I are at this pool and all the kids who got sick have been here.

Samantha house

Lena : I thought I told you to stop.


Kara : It wasn't you.

Samantha house

Lena : What?


Kara : There's a synthetic chemical, when it touches water it becomes toxic to the body. It mimics the same symptoms as lead poisoning.

Samantha house

Lena : Well, how how did it get in the swimming pool?


Kara : It's in the chlorine containers. They've been using it instead of chlorine. Sam and I are gonna try to track down the manufacturer. Acre Lee Chemical.

Samantha house

Lena : Acre Lee Chemical?


Kara : Yeah, you know it?

Samantha house

Lena : No. No. Thank you, both of you.

Morgan office

Morgan : Lena. You look horrible. Those sick kids really got you tied up in a knot, huh?

Lena : Acre Lee.

Morgan : Acre what? Acre Lee. Acre Lee, that's where the coyote gets all the stuff that he's gonna use to kill the roadrunner from, right?

Lena : It's a company you own. I remembered it from due diligence before I invested in your buildings. Established in 1982, manufactures hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide and also simple chlorine used for swimming pools. Acquired by Edge Global seven years ago.

Morgan : I'd have to check my records, you know.

Lena : You used it to poison kids in swimming pools in order to drag my name through the mud.

Morgan : Come on. That's it? That's what you're bringing? That's what you got? I say you did it, you say I did it? I expected better out of you. Now that's a disappointment.

Lena : When that mom shot at me, I knew she was doing the right thing. Because whoever was responsible for this, they deserve to die. No trial, no jury. Just erased from the world.

Morgan : You need help, Lena, 'cause you're not you're not thinking clearly.

Lena : I'm thinking like a Luthor.


Lena : Hello? Hello?

Unknown place

Morgan : That's right, Lena, who the heck is flying this plane? We never turned the "fasten seat belts" sign off, did we? Give her a little turbulence.

Man : Yes, sir.


Lena : Mayday, Mayday, this is Lena Luthor.

Unknown place

Morgan : Jam the transmission.


Lena : I'm in a cargo plane headed directly to the reservoir. They're gonna dump chemicals in the water.


Demos : Sir, receiving word that there's an unidentified aircraft in our airspace.

Hank : Alien?

Demos : No, it's a C-130 cargo plane. Not on the FAA fly list.

Hank : Did you contact the Air Force?

Demos : Not yet, sir. But we have a message fragment. Distress call.

Kara : What distress call?

Demos ! I'm pulling it up.

Lena : Mayday, Mayday, this is… Mayday, Mayday, this is…

Kara : It's Lena.

Unknown place

Morgan : Initiate release sequence. Bring the plane up three degrees.

Man : Release isn't working. I can't dump the payload. She's closed the ramp.

Morgan : Only one thing left to do. Crash the plane.

Man : Are you sure?

Morgan : Crash the plane!


Lena : The barrels are treated to dissolve in water. If the plane crashes, they'll poison everyone.

Kara : Strap in!

Unknown place

Man : It's not going down.

Morgan : Oh… Yes, it will. Get up, get up, get up, get up.

Plane :

Kara : I'm gonna get them to blow the engines! I can't hold both!

Lena : Save the chemicals! Not me.

Kara : No, I'm not gonna drop you!

Lena : Let me go.

Kara : No! Climb, Lena. Climb! You can do it! Come on! Come on! Come on, you can do it! You have to jump, now!

Unknown place

Man : What do we do?

Morgan : Well, you shoot the console.

Man : What was that for?

Morgan : Just needed a little gunshot residue on your hands.

Man : No.

Morgan office

Kara : Poisoning innocent children for your vendetta against Lena Luthor? It's even lower than I expected of you, Edge.

Morgan : You know, I sold Acre Lee Chemical over two years ago.

Kara : Convenient.

Morgan : Besides, I heard they found the guy. Yeah, he was some crazed, lone wolf, former Marine, Air Force, he had a bone to pick with her family. It's too bad he killed himself, 'cause we could have brought him to justice.

Kara : Hmm. Too bad.

Morgan : You know, I was thinking he must have really hated her. Do you ever wonder what that feels like? That kinda hate. Because I don't think you're capable of it.

Kara : You have no idea what I am capable of.

Morgan : Is this about me now? Because when you got mad at me, you dumped me on a cargo ship in the middle of the sea. What a hassle. It cost me a few hours. Thirty bucks in dry cleaning. I don't know what kind of hippy-dippy justice you practiced on your planet, sweetheart, but this is the real world. It's dog-eat-dog out here. Now, if I had an enemy, I'd crush her without mercy. Let's say, for instance, I was your enemy, hmm? The thing for you to do right now would be to kill me. But you capes, you don't have what it takes. Do you? Yeah. I didn't think so. You can leave the way you came in. I think the cleaning crew enjoyed the show.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lena : Mr. Olsen, I didn't expect you to be here.

James : Well, the news never sleeps.

Lena : How are you, really? I was worried about you.

James : Well, I'm kind of a hard man to keep down, Ms. Luthor.

Lena : You know, I have a rule. Whenever anyone takes a bullet for me, they get to call me Lena.

James : Okay, well, Lena it is. And, uh, my friends call me James. Or Jimmy.

Lena : Well, feel better, Jimmy Olsen.

Alex apartment

Maggie : That's everything.

Alex : You sure you have a place to stay?

Maggie : Yeah, I have a friend who's letting me crash.

Alex : Good. That's good. You know, I didn't, uh… I didn't know I had it in me to be happy. Or to be accepting of myself. I never would have gotten… I never would have gotten here without you.

Maggie : You made me deal with my own stuff. Confronted my past. Stopped covering up the things I didn't wanna look at. I'm strong… I'm stronger for it, you know. I'm really grateful, thank you.

Alex : Can I?

Maggie : Yeah, you can. See you around, Danvers.

Alex : Yeah, see you, Maggs.

Maggie : You're gonna be a great mom.

Samantha house

Kara : Thank you.

Samantha : Good news. The antidote L-Corp synthesized is working, the kids are getting better.

Lena : Thank God.

Samantha : Thank you.

Lena : You guys, I need to say thank you for not giving up on me and not letting me give up on myself.

Samantha : Well, I think Kara and I made a pretty good team.

Kara : Uh, more than pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Lena : I… I probably also should apologize to you, I mean… I'm lucky you're still speaking to me.

Kara : Hey. When you're family, you can say what you need to say and the people that love you still will love you.

Samantha : That's right.

Lena : I've never had anyone like that in my life.

Kara : That's because you've never had a sister.

Samantha : Two. Two sisters.

Kara : Aw!

Lena : Aw!

Kara : Aw, it's too much. Oh, hang on. Alex?

Alien bar

Alex : You remember when you said that, uh if I lost Maggie, that I would be at a bar drinking? That I would be broken? Score one for the girl from Krypton.

Kara : J'onn, this is Kara. You're gonna have to get by at the DEO without Alex and I for a couple of days. Yeah. We are going back to your place and you're gonna pack a bag.

Alex : Where are we going?

Kara : We're going home.

Samantha house

Rubby : Luke's gonna be okay?

Samantha : Yeah, baby, he's gonna be okay.

Rubby : I really like your friends.

Samantha : You know what? I like 'em, too. But I like you more.

Rubby : There's a hole in your shirt.

Samantha : That's weird. I love you.

Rubby : Love you.

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C'est toujours un déchirement de voir un couple se séparer.

Florianna Lima disait qu'elle n'excluait pas la possibilité de revenir. J'espère qu'elle n'a pas changé d'avis entre temps.

stella5  (01.12.2017 à 21:26)

encore un bon épisode

kara et ruby font équipe pour innocenté lena, j'aime beaucoup leur trio !

edge n'a aucun scrupules, un vrai méchant qui va de plus en plus posé problème à supergirl je suppose

triste pour maggie et alex, mais je le sentais


Merci aux 4 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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