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#304 : Fidèlement fou

Kara enquête sur un nouveau groupe secret dont le leader, Thomas Coville, a un mystérieux lien avec Supergirl. Pendant ce temps, Samantha a l'impression de laisser tomber Ruby et J'onn confie un vieux secret.


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Titre VO
The Faithful

Titre VF
Fidèlement fou

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Promo 3x04 (VO)


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Sneak-Peek 1 (VO)


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KeyArt "The Faithful"

Lena et Sam discutent

Lena et Sam discutent

Samantha Arias (Odette Annable)

Samantha Arias (Odette Annable)

Ruby jouée par Emma Tremblay au travail de sa mère

Ruby jouée par Emma Tremblay au travail de sa mère

Alex prend conscience qu'elle ne voit pas sa vie sans enfant

Alex prend conscience qu'elle ne voit pas sa vie sans enfant

Kara console Alex

Kara console Alex

Alex et Kara assistent au spectacle de Ruby

Alex et Kara assistent au spectacle de Ruby

Sam, Lena, Kara et Alex au spectable de Ruby

Sam, Lena, Kara et Alex au spectable de Ruby

Des petites Supergirl sur scène

Des petites Supergirl sur scène

Ruby chante sur scène

Ruby chante sur scène

James Olsen dans son bureau

James Olsen dans son bureau

Sam et Lena travaillent

Sam et Lena travaillent

Sam Arias et Lena Luthor

Sam Arias et Lena Luthor

Kara et James dans le bureau de James

Kara et James dans le bureau de James

Kara, James et Winn à la réunion de la secte

Kara, James et Winn à la réunion de la secte

Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe)

Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe)

Olivia jouée par Sofia Vassilieva

Olivia jouée par Sofia Vassilieva

Thomas et Olivia

Thomas et Olivia

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara tombe sur un tract

Kara tombe sur un tract

Kara surprise par un tract

Kara surprise par un tract

Lena Luthor jouée par Katie McGrath

Lena Luthor jouée par Katie McGrath

James et Kara

James et Kara


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Thomas Coville : That your wife?

Man : Yeah… We're pregnant.

Thomas Coville : Oh, isn't that cute? "We're pregnant." Like you have anything to do with her damn life, not to mention what's growing in her uterus.

Man : Excuse me?

Thomas Coville : Look, I'm sorry, all right, but I know you. I've been you. Pretty wife, nice car. I'm guessing you drive a Beemer? Look. Take it from me. It's all a crock. The dream… You get a good job, mortgage, family. You work hard, right? Right? You hustle. You think you're building something, meanwhile your wife's screwing her personal trainer. And then you tank your job and here you are. In coach.

Pilot : Flight attendants brace for impact!

Alex : Everyone, it's all right. It's okay! I'm FBI, it's gonna be okay.

End of Flashback

Football game

Samantha : Come on, Ruby. Get 'em, baby girl! Yeah! Hello? Well, if JQB has a problem with the conditions of the deal, they can call me directly, anytime.

Ruby : Mom, did you see that?

Samantha : Yes! Amazing. Good job, baby. Yes, Paul. No, I'm still here. Yes, you can send the final docs to my assistant this afternoon.

Woman : Which one is yours?

Samantha : Oh, uh, she's the forward, right there. I swear to God I don't know how she's so coordinated. I struggle to think and chew at the same time. How about you? Which one's yours?

Woman : Ruby is special.

Samantha :Yeah, she is Wait I don't think I told you her name.

Woman : She is chosen. So are you.

Samatha : I'm sorry, who did you say you were…

Woman : A follower. Please, bring Ruby to our community so that she may learn her path.

Samantha : Thanks.


Lena : I just have to sign some papers and then we can get back to work.

Kara : Yeah, no problem. But my boss really doesn't like when I'm late, so…

Samantha : Sorry!

Lena : Hey.

Samantha : Ruby had a soccer game and then the kids wanted to get ice cream to celebrate…

Lena : No worries. You remember Kara?

Samantha : Yes. Of course I do! Nice to see you.

Kara : Good to see you.

Samantha : Okay, so the JQB merger should be finalized any minute. Unless Paul tries to pull something, which I will not allow.

Lena : Ugh. Paul's like the one thing I do not miss. Skeezeball lawyer.

Kara : Ah, gotcha.

Lena : So how do you plan on celebrating your first big merger as my CFO?

Kara : We're having a girls night at my place tonight. Do you wanna come?

Samantha : No, I couldn't intrude…

Kara : You do realize Lena's not gonna take no for an answer, right?

Lena : Accurate.

Samantha : Okay. All right, I'll go. Um… What should I bring?

Lena : Booze. Just no tequila, okay?

Kara : Where did you get this?

Samantha : Oh, some weirdo at Ruby's soccer game. She came up to me, tried to enlist me in some self-help meeting…

Lena : I hate those things. Like a waste of trees and of our time.

Kara : You mind if I keep this?

Samantha :Yeah. Go ahead.

Lena : See you later.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : What do you say we go fight some crime?

Winn : Nothing to fight, dude. I've been on the police dispatch all day and crickets. So…

James : Mmm, bowling?

Winn : Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir.

James : Kara, what're you still doing here? I thought you already turned in your piece for the hospital closure.

Kara : I did. Uh, this is something personal.

Winn : Whoa. Hey, here did you get this?

James : What's that?

Kara : It's the Kryptonian symbol for Rao.

Winn : The God of Krypton.

James : Yeah, I know. But what's it doing on a pamphlet?

Kara : That's what I've been trying to research all afternoon. I can't find anything.

Winn : Just a time and an address. That's kinda ominous.

Kara : Just how ominous it is I'm about to find out.

Winn : Wait, wait, you're gonna… You're going to go there?

James : We're coming with you.

Kara : I don't need your protection.

James : Yeah, I know.

Winn : Yeah, we know.

Unknown place

James : Looks like an AA meeting

Winn : Aliens Anonymous.

Olivia : Hi.

Kara : Hi.

Olivia : Are you new here?

Kara : Yeah.

Olivia : Lucky you. My first meeting was transformative.

Kara : Really? So, what exactly happens during the meetings?

Olivia : Oh… Um… It's actually more powerful if you experience it yourself. It's starting! Sit.

Kara : Okay.

Thomas Coville : Welcome, children of Rao.

James : This is starting to feel a little…

Winn : Cult- y?

James : Yeah.

Thomas Coville : We are here, all of us, by Her grace. We are here together, standing in the light, for just one reason. We are here because Supergirl saved us. Let us begin by reaffirming our faith. Though we go forth alone, our soul unites under Rao's gladsome rays. For Rao sees all, feels all. His love is eternal. May Rao protect us so that we might protect others.


Alura : For Rao sees all, feels all. His love is eternal. May Rao protect us so that we might protect others.

Unknown place

Thomas Coville : Many of us don't get second chances in life. Many of us stay lost. And I'm not talking about driving around in circles because you are running out of gas and you have no GPS. I'm talking about being spiritually lost. And needing to find your way back home. Like Olivia. Don't be shy. It's okay.

Olivia : Hello. Uh… It was, um It was spring break when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. And I took it hard. I snuck into a rooftop party. And I got totally wasted and I stood on the ledge as a joke. And the next thing I knew, I was falling… And as I fell, I thought, I hoped, if this is it, that it's quick. But it wasn't quick. And that fall lasted an eternity. And then She caught me. And She told me that everything is going to be okay. Because of Supergirl, I realized I still deserved to be loved. Supergirl saved me.

James : Do you remember saving her?

Kara : I… I remember all of them.

Thomas Coville : And now, every day, our Sister Olivia lives in the light of Rao's presence on Earth The light that shines through Supergirl. In the name of Supergirl, our Savior…

All : In the name of Supergirl, our Savior…

Thomas Coville : We give thanks.

All : We give thanks.

Winn : Wait a minute. Who exactly are they praying to?

Kara : Me. They're praying to me.


Winn : Okay. So I ran facial recognition. Thomas Coville, 44 years old. Born and raised in National City. Definitely not an alien, no offense.

Hank : Any red flags, Agent Schott? Criminal record? Arrests?

Winn : Well, he was pretty much a boy scout until about three years ago when his wife filed for divorce and then his life fell apart. Uh, let's see. He was disbarred from practicing law after a string of misdemeanor convictions for public drinking and disorderly conduct…

Kara : I don't understand how that connects to Supergirl. I don't remember saving him and trust me, I would remember.

Winn : That is right, yes, you didn't save him as an individual. But I looked into mass emergencies that Supergirl intervened in, you know, burning buildings, colliding trains, the usual. And I dug a little deeper… Thomas Coville was on Flight 237.

James : What's so important about Flight 237?

Kara : It's the flight Alex was on that I saved. The night I became Supergirl.

Hank : So, now we know why Coville is the leader of a religion that worships Supergirl.

Kara : But it's not a religion, J'onn. It's a cult. He's taking the teachings of Rao and twisting them.

Winn : Yeah, and how does he know so much about it, right? And I don't mean just the symbol, but I'm talking about the sacred texts.

Kara : Coville's handing out pamphlets and recruiting people that've been saved by Supergirl into his "Cult of Rao." He's got to have a motive. Winn, can you keep digging on Coville?

Winn : I can dig it.

Kara’s apartment

Maggie : Who is it?

Lena : So, this very handsome world leader who I shall not name invites me to dinner at The Baldwin where he's staying, right? So we get there and he tells me he has this very important question he has to ask me. And I'm thinking, "Okay, well, he's going to invite me up to his room." So I'm considering my answer, when he turns around and asks me if I was baptized.

Kara : What?

Lena : Yeah.

Samantha : No.

Lena : Yes, yes. So I just burst out laughing and said no, but... and apparently, he only sleeps with good Catholics.

Maggie : That's insane.

Lena : Yeah. Actually, I kind of found it attractive that he believed in something. So, cool with that.

Samantha : What about you, Kara? Are you seeing anyone?

Kara : Uh… I'm actually still getting over a relationship. He moved away.

Alex : What about Ruby's father? Is he still in the picture?

Samantha : Nope. It's just me and Ruby.

Alex : Wow. Raising a daughter by yourself, that's incredible.

Samantha :Yeah.

Alex : I mean, how do you do that?

Samntha : Uh, not very gracefully. I'm always behind on something. You guys will see when you have kids.

Alex : Well, actually, we're not gonna have kids.

Maggie : Yeah, we'll just be the cool aunts.

Samntha : Great, I mean, that would Ruby would love that. Also sorry for assuming…

Alex : No worries.

Lena : Put me down for another cool aunt.

Alex : Len is a slightly nerdier aunt.

Samantha : Wow, you guys are amazing. That's very cool.

Kara : I, uh… I think I should get some ice.

Alex : Yes, yes you definitely should do that.

Kara : I'll be right back.

Alex : Yeah.


Man : I was waiting for you.

Olivia : You did it, babe! She saved you!

Man : I knew she would. I never lost faith.

Olivia : You're one of us now. Thank Rao.

Man : Thank Supergirl.


Maggie : I've never seen an arsonist so excited to get caught.

Kara : That's because it was a religious experience for him. He set the fire to join a cult that… Worships me. The man who leads it, this guy named Coville thinks that being saved by Supergirl anoints you. So he set the fire, so I would save him.

Maggie : What if you weren't here?

Kara : Coville is telling people to put themselves at risk. He needs to be arrested.

Maggie : Unless Coville specifically told that kid to harm himself and others, he's protected. It's freedom of speech.

Kara : But he holds sway over these people as their pastor.

Maggie : People can worship whatever they want. It's called freedom of religion.

Kara : There's gotta be something you can do before this escalates.

Maggie : Until Coville breaks the law, my hands are tied. I'm sorry.


Ruby : Okay, I just finished my homework. Can we practice my song now?

Samantha : What about your extra credit project for French? Okay, I'm assuming that means you're done with that as well. I'm sorry, babe. I have this pile of work to do. Can you start your research paper?

Ruby : But you said we'd practice my song.

Samantha : I know.

Jeremy : Excuse me. Ms. Arias. I just got a call from JQB, there's a problem with the merger.

Samantha : What kind of problem?

Jeremy : Morgan Edge just lodged an anti- trust complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Samantha : He did what?

Ruby : Mom?

Samantha : I'm sorry, babe. I have to deal with this.

Ruby : Mom.

Samantha : Ruby this is really important. Okay, we start by getting the Commissioner on the phone, so get me a number. I am not letting this merger fall apart.

Unknown place

Thomas Coville : Can I help you?

Kara : Hi, my name is Kara Danvers.

Thomas Coville : Oh, yes, I remember you from last night.

Kara : Yes. I'm a reporter at CatCo Magazine.

Thomas Coville : CatCo I love that Cat Grant.

Kara : Yeah. I'm actually researching an article about your religion. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

Thomas Coville : Oh. Always happy to talk about what we're up to.

Kara : So, one of your followers, he was in a fire last night. He almost died.

Thomas Coville : I heard… He wanted to test his faith. And he was rewarded. Supergirl saved him.

Kara : He burned the building down. Other people could've gotten hurt…

Thomas Coville : But they didn't. As was Rao's way.

Kara : I… I think it's admirable that you want to help people. I mean, logically, Supergirl can't save everyone. There's only one of her.

Thomas Coville : Is this a test?

Kara : Excuse me?

Thomas Coville : Did you come here to test my faith? Supergirl?

Kara : I'm not.

Thomas Coville : I looked into your eyes from my seat on that plane. When you look into the eyes of God, you do not forget. Wait, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. As Rao says, "Let my God walk amongst you and shelter Her"

Kara : I am not God. Rao is.

Thomas Coville : Rao says even his Gods can lose their way. If you're lost, I can help you.

Kara : Where did you get that?

Thomas Coville : I found every artifact of Krypton there was to find. This contains Rao's words. This can remind you of what Rao says.

Kara : I know what Rao says. You are perverting it. You're going to stop having these meetings. You're going to stop telling people to put themselves in danger. If I am a God, you need to do as I say. You need to trust me.

Thomas Coville : I trust you. In her name I swear. I will serve her. I will save her.


Samantha : Baby? I'm finally, finally done.

Lena : Love that couch. So many stress naps happened there.

Samantha : The update. Morgan Edge tried to get the FTC to quash the merger. But I got the complaint dismissed. The merger is finally done.

Lena : Congratulations. You saved the deal and a lot of jobs this week. Really good work, Sam. Sam.

Samantha : I'm sorry. Oh…This is so unprofessional.

Lena : What's the matter?

Samantha : I'm just screwing up. Not with work. With Ruby. All she wanted to do was practice her song with me. And I kept saying, "No, later, later," and…I mean, look at her, I just feel like the worst mother. Why are you smiling?

Lena : Because I actually had the worst mother, objectively speaking. So I find your self appraisal a little funny.

Samantha : I let my kid fall asleep on my couch in the office. It's not great.

Lena : She fell asleep watching her mom work hard. She may not understand the ins and outs, but she knows what's important and you're the only one who can fix it. That's how you raise a girl to be a badass.

Samantha : Yeah. She already is a bad- ass.

Lena : Yeah, 'cause she's loved. And she knows it.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Hey, you okay?

Kara : Our religion was so important on Krypton. Not just spiritually, but it was our community.

James : Yeah, that's how I felt every Sunday at my church.

Kara : I didn't realize how much I missed it until I heard those prayers again. But Coville's teachings are so misguided. I tried to tell him, but he only hears what he wants to hear. I mean, how do I tell him that my sister was on a crashing plane and he just got lucky.

James : Mmm.

Kara : He knows I'm Supergirl.

James : Whoa. How? Wait, what? That's not good.

Kara : I can fight so many things but I don't know how to fight someone's belief. He's blinded by faith.

James : Let me ask you, what makes somebody blind just because they believe? You know how I met Superman?

Kara : At the Daily Planet.

James : No, that's your cousin, Clark. So one day I climbed up this bridge spire to get this angle on this tanker fire. It was beautiful. It was great. There was a lot of smoke in the air. I got light headed. And I lost my footing. And I fell. And I knew for sure that I was going to die. So I just prayed. I prayed to anything, to anyone who was listening… To save me. And then out of this smoke came this hand, and grasped mine. And that was the first time Superman saved me. Same way you did Coville.

Kara : My biology absorbs solar radiation at a different rate than humans. What about that is miraculous?

James : In this life, prayer normally doesn't work. Nobody shows up. But Clark did. And you do. Kara, you're something that we can see, something that we can touch. How are you not a miracle? And at least you got a part of your culture back, I mean, that's… That's something.

Thomas Coville : Greetings, new friends. If you're watching me, you've received a collection of works and history from Krypton.

Kara : I think I need to get back to the DEO.

Thomas Coville : Open these…


Kara : Winn.

Winn : Mmm.

Kara : I need you to run a scan on a BetaHedron signature.

Winn : What's that? A Beta- what?

Kara : It's like the Omegahedron that powered Fort Rozz, only smaller.

Winn : Oh, that makes sense.

Kara : So, on Krypton, we used BetaHedrons to power probes that scientists would send out into space that can contain Kryptonian artifacts like this one, embedded with information like our history, religion, so other worlds would learn our culture.

Winn : Oh, yeah. On Earth, we had that too. The Voyager probe.

Kara : Well, the Kryptonian probe must've landed on Earth and this obelisk was in it. And Coville had it.

Winn : Okay. So, you're saying that Coville has an unlimited power supply, with absolutely no idea what it's capable of?

Kara : Yeah.

Winn : Right. Okay. Oh, hey! I found it. Look at that. Whoa, guys, this is bad. It's degrading.

Alex : If someone doesn't stabilize that, that's gonna breach.

Winn : That's gonna be enough to take out an entire city block.

Kara : He knows what it's capable of. He was willing to burn down a building for one recruit. Imagine how many recruits he'd get with a bomb. I'm going to the Community Center to find him.

Winn : Kara? The BetaHedron's not there.

Kara : Then where is it?


Thomas Coville : Today we repay the salvation that She has granted us by bringing these people into the baptism of light. Today we reaffirm to Her and to all, that She is the God of our Earth.


Kara : I'm almost to the stadium. You're sure that is where it is?

Winn : Yes. And I checked attendance. The stadium is at full capacity. That is 15,000 people.

Hank : Alex, you have 10 minutes before the BetaHedron breaches. You need to get everybody out of that stadium right now.


Kara : Coville.

Thomas Coville : Our prayers have been answered.

Kara : Whatever you did to the BetaHedron, to the probe… You have to stop it now!

Thomas Coville : Don't you see the beauty? The same vessel that delivered Rao's word to Earth has now become an instrument for destruction. To give you the chance to deliver thousands to our ranks? A test to reaffirm to yourself what Rao sees in you.

Kara : But Rao is peaceful. Rao would never ask his followers to endanger other people. What you're doing is an insult to Him.

Thomas Coville : What we're doing is in service of Him. And in service of you.

Kara : Winn, you're going to have to tell me how to shut it down…

Olivia : What's wrong with her?

Thomas Coville : Don't worry, this is all part of Rao's plan.

Kara : Winn. Winn!


Winn : Supergirl, what's happening?


Kara : It's… Kryptonite. Kryptonite.


Hank : Alex, something went wrong.

Alex : Yeah, I heard.


Alex : We need to stop this game.

Agent : We got a packed house, Agent Danvers. You yell "bomb" out here, people are going to get trampled.

Alex : You're gonna have to shut that thing down. We won't get everybody out in time. Repeat, we will not evacuate in time.


Kara : We are all going to die. You need to shut it down.

Olivia : You said she would save us. That she would save everybody.

Thomas Coville : And she will. Those people up there, they need to be awoken. Only you can do that. You are the one to deliver Rao's light upon all of us.

Kara : Don't you see? I am no God.

Thomas Coville : No. Wait, stop. I believed in you.

Kara : Please.

Thomas Coville : That was supposed to turn it off. It's not turning off.

Kara : Winn!


Winn : It's starting to discharge.

Hank : I'm heading there.

Winn : No. You won't make it in time.


Alex : Hey! Get away from the probe and down on the ground!

Thomas Coville : I'm just trying to help.

Alex : Now! Supergirl.

Kara : Inside, inside…

Alex : They put Kryptonian soil samples on the probe. It's laced with kryptonite.

Hank : Get it away from her! Alex. Supergirl. The BetaHedron is about to breach.

Alex : You have to fly that thing out of here.

Kara : I can't. I can't.


Winn : Alex, you and Supergirl need to get out of there right now!


Kara : Get away from me. Quick, get away. Now! Now! Push it in. Push it in.


Hank : Alex!


Alex : Get over here. Come here! Help me push.


Kara : Are they treating you well?

Thomas Coville : Oh, yes, thank you.

Kara : I have to ask… Are you going to tell anybody who I am?

Thomas Coville : Hmm. I know you gave me a name at the rec center. But honestly, I can't even remember it. That's not who you are.

Kara : You don't know who I am at all.

Thomas Coville : Oh, I know that even Gods can lose their way. When I looked into your eyes that night on the plane, you were clear and free. But now, your eyes are clouded with doubt and loss. You're at a crossroads. And I finally understand Rao's will for me. To help you on your journey. To bring you back to clarity of purpose. Back to balance. Back to peace. This isn't my prison. This is my salvation. And so I will continue to pray to you… But I will also pray for you.

Ruby school

Samantha : You guys came!

Lena : Yeah, we said we would! Ruby's got a lot of cool aunts.

Samantha : I know.

Alex : Look at that. They're not worshiping you. They're inspired by you.

Teacher : And now, please welcome Ruby Arias.


Kara : Alex.

Alex, what's wrong? What is it?

Alex : Um… Maggie doesn't want to have kids.

Kara : I thought that was something you guys decided together.

Alex : No, it… I agreed because it's what she wanted.

Kara : Okay. Uh… Okay, you guys will figure it out.

Alex : Maggie's not gonna change her mind. The only way that we're gonna work through it is if I let it go. And I've tried, Kara. I… I love her so much that it hurts, and I convinced myself that living a life with her, it was enough. But watching Ruby I want all the experiences that Mom had with us. You know, I want to take my kid camping and I wanna show her the constellations. I want to teach her how to read, how to throw a punch, and how to make cheesy valentines. And I want to hold her when she has a bad dream, and I wanna tell her that the world's a better place because she's in it.

Kara : Yeah.

Alex : I want all of it. I want to be a mom. What am I going to do?


Kara : Though we go forth alone, our soul unites us under Rao's gladsome rays. We're never lost, never afraid for we shrink not under the Sun of Righteousness. Rao binds us to those we love. He gives us strength when we have none. And in the darkest places, he guides us. For Rao sees all, feels all. His love eternal. Rao, protect us, so that we might protect others. And we shall rise, a fire in His heart, burning and free.

Samantha home

Woman : From Rao's fire you are born. One day soon you will reign.

Ruby : Mom?



Alex : Come on.

End of Flashback

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j'aime de plus en plus sam et ruby 


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Dimanche 11 novembre à 20:00
1.16m / 0.3% (18-49)

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404 : Ahimsa (inédit)
Dimanche 4 novembre à 20:00
1.23m / 0.4% (18-49)

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Photos de l'épisode 4x11 : Blood Memory

Photos de l'épisode 4x11 : Blood Memory
The CW a dévoilé les photos promos de l'épisodes 4x11 : Blood Memory qui sera diffusé le 27 janvier...

Joyeux anniversaire !

Joyeux anniversaire !
Aujourd'hui, Chad Lowe alias Thomas Coville fête ses 51 ans. En effet, il est né le 15 janvier 1968...

Synopsis de l'épisode 4x11 : Blood Memory

Synopsis de l'épisode 4x11 : Blood Memory
The CW vient de dévoiler le synopsis de l'épisode 4x11 : Blood Memory qui sera diffusé le 27 janvier...

Nouveau sondage

Nouveau sondage
Depuis un mois, nous vous demandions quel cadeau vous voudriez pour Noël. 24% d'entre vous voudrait...

Happy earth-birthday!

Happy earth-birthday!
Aujourd'hui, jeudi 10 janvier 2019, c'est un anniversaire spécial qui se fête sur le quartier! En...


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