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#303 : Se défaire du passé

Eliza organise une fête pour Alex et Maggie avant leur mariage ce qui oblige Maggie à contacter son père à qui elle ne parlait plus. Supergirl rejoint J'onn pour une mission personnelle.


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Titre VO
Far From The Tree

Titre VF
Se défaire du passé

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Promo 3x03 (VO)


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Sneak Peek #1


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KeyArt "Far From The Tree"

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

M'gann M'orzz jouée par Sharon Leal

M'gann M'orzz jouée par Sharon Leal

Alex (Chyler Leigh) et Maggie (Floriana Lima)

Alex (Chyler Leigh) et Maggie (Floriana Lima)

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan)

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan)

Eliza (Helen Salter) et Winn

Eliza (Helen Salter) et Winn

Maggie, heureuse de voir son père

Maggie, heureuse de voir son père

Maggie présente son père à Alex

Maggie présente son père à Alex

Maggie et Alex

Maggie et Alex

J'onn retrouve M'gann

J'onn retrouve M'gann

Kara, M'gann et les martiens résistants

Kara, M'gann et les martiens résistants

M'yrnn J'onzz le père de J'onn

M'yrnn J'onzz le père de J'onn

J'onn vient voir Alex et Kara

J'onn vient voir Alex et Kara

Le père de Maggie vient à la fête des filles

Le père de Maggie vient à la fête des filles

Alex et Maggie ouvrent les cadeaux

Alex et Maggie ouvrent les cadeaux

Till'all joué par Dewshane Williams

Till'all joué par Dewshane Williams

Supergirl et les martiens

Supergirl et les martiens

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Till'all et Supergirl

Till'all et Supergirl

M'yrnn J'onzz joué par Carl Lumbly

M'yrnn J'onzz joué par Carl Lumbly

Oscar Rodas joué par Carlos Bernard

Oscar Rodas joué par Carlos Bernard


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Plus de détails

Kara’s apartment

Alex : Well, the loft looks great. Now if we could just burn this, then it would be perfect.

Kara : No, come on, it's adorable.

Alex : I don't know why I thought throwing a lesbian wedding shower would curb Mom's cheesy antics.

Kara : Nope, gay, straight, whatever, Eliza will not be stopped, until she digs up every bridal shower game since the beginning of time. You know what? You're gonna love bridal bingo.

Alex : Kill me now, please. How are you doing?

Kara : Fine. Great. Alex. What's going on with me has nothing to do with you and Maggie. I could not be happier for you.

Alex : I know. It means a lot.

Kara : Oh! Eliza's early.

Alex : Okay.

Kara : Hi! Oh, J'onn. Come on in. Is everything okay?

Hank: Yeah, yeah. Everything's great. I just… I just needed to talk to you both. I have to go away for a few days. I'm gonna need you both to manage the DEO until I get back.

Kara: Where are you going?

Hank: Mars.

Alex: Mars?

Hank: M'gann sent me a message. She needs my help.

Kara: Help with what?

Hank: Message was short, urgent. I tried to make contact, but I couldn't reach her. But I can sense that she's in danger.

Kara: No, J'onn, you're the last Green Martian. The Whites have been trying to kill your kind for centuries. Going back would be a suicide mission.

Hank: Look, M'gann came to our aid when we were in need. I must go for M'gann.

Alex: If you are going to Mars, then Kara is going with you.

Kara: Yeah.

Hank: I won't have you endanger your life just to fight my battles.

Alex: Your battles are my battles, J'onn.

Hank: I can't take you away from Alex's shower.

Alex: Are you kidding? If I thought that I could survive Mars, then I'd be right there fighting by your side.

Kara: J'onn, if Krypton still existed and I had to go back to where my parents were buried, under rubble, I know you wouldn't let me do it alone.


Kara: Shouldn't we just call Winn to fire up the transmat portal?

Hank: No, you can't transmat planet to planet without a gate on the other side. We'll have to get to Mars the old fashioned way.

Kara: It's a cool car. So, is this like an elevator to a secret hangar that'll take us…

Hank: No, it isn't.

Kara: This is your ship?

Hank: Yup.

Kara: We're taking this to Mars?

Hank: Yes we are.

Kara: Okay.

Hank: Careful with the leather there, Supergirl.

Kara: Sorry. There's no seat belt.

Hank: It's from a different era.

Kara: And a different planet.

Hank: I come from a race of shapeshifters, Kara. Why shouldn't our technology shapeshift too?

Kara: Fair enough.

Alex’s apartment

Maggie: Eliza, the lasagna is incredible. Alex and I order in so much, I forgot what real food tastes like.

Eliza: Thank you. It is the girls' favorite. I'm just disappointed Kara couldn't be here. I know whatever she is doing with J'onn is important, but I just, I do worry about her.

Alex: You know, it's been hard, but she's working through it.

Eliza: Well, this weekend is about happy matters of the heart. And I did want to make a bridal board for you too, Maggie, but, Alex said you have no childhood pictures.

Maggie: No.

Eliza: If you don't mind my asking how long has it been since you've talked to your parents?

Maggie: Um, since I was 14.

Alex: You know what, Mom? Let's just talk about something else.

Maggie: No, no, Alex, it's okay. Um… I told a girl at school that I liked her and my parents found out. I came home that day, it was winter, and my dad was there with a suitcase, and he told me to get into the car. And we drove in silence. And I just stared out the window looking at the icicles on the trees, and I was terrified to say anything, but finally I said… I said, "Papi, what did I do?" And then he just looked at me with such contempt and said, um… "You shamed me." And then he pulled up to my aunt's house, and left me with my suitcase.That was the last thing that my father said to me.

Eliza: The only thing shameful about that story is how your father treated you, Maggie.

Alex: Yeah, yeah.

Mars – Unknown place

Kara: What now?

Hank: I think we're here. M'gann.

M’gann: J'onn, you came. I wasn't sure that you would.

Hank: I'd do anything for you, M'gann. You know that.

M’gann: Kara, you didn't have to…

Kara: You came when we needed you.

M’gann: Till'all.

Till'all: If he's worried about the sight of White Martians, he came to the wrong planet.

M’gann: Meet Till'all, one of our best fighters, but his bedside manner could use some work. And N'keyy, a new recruit.

N'keyy: It's an honor, J'onn J'onzz. M'gann's told us about you, how you inspired her to rise up and…

Till'all: Enough. We've already wasted a day trying to bring him here.

Kara: Wasted? We came all this way to fight alongside you.

Till’all: We didn't bring you here to fight.

M’gann: Silence, Till'all. That's an order.

Hank: What's going on, M'gann?

M’gann: We recently stormed a White Martian base near the D'ori'i crater.

N'keyy: There was a prison camp there for Green Martians.

Hank: There were dozens of camps.

Till’all: Well, this one was still in operation.

Kara: How is that possible?

Hank: I'm the only Green Martian left.

M’gann: No. There's another one. I brought you here because I didn't think you'd believe me unless you saw this for yourself.

Kara: J'onn? Who is it?

Hank: It's my father. It's him. He's alive. My wife, my daughters?

Kara: So they kept him and only him alive for hundreds of years? Why?

M’gann: Myr'nn J'onzz is the high religious leader of the Green Martians.

N'keyy: Not even the worst of the Whites would kill the prime servant of H'ronmeer.

Hank: Instead they sentenced him to a fate worse than death. Alone for centuries, thinking he was the last of his kind. Of his people!

Till’all: Soon they'll all be dead. We're running out of time.

Kara: What does he mean?

M’gann: We believe your father knows how to find the Staff of Kolar.

Hank: You can't be serious.

Kara: Staff of what?

N'keyy: Kolar.

Hank: It's a myth, it's a parable. My father used to tell me stories about it. "Be a good boy or H'ronmeer will strike you down." It isn't real.

M’gann: It is, and the White Martians have found out where it's buried.

N'keyy: The staff of your god H'ronmeer is a psychic weapon.

Till’all: Which means that if the Whites find it they can track down every resistance fighter and kill us where we stand. We'd be helpless.

N'keyy: We raided the base hoping to find the staff's location but they had already moved on. Your father had been left behind. They didn't realize how valuable he'd be to us.

Hank: Valuable? What are you talking about?

M’gann: We believe he knows where the Whites are planning to dig.

Kara: Won't he tell you where it is?

M’gann: He has closed his mind to us, completely. We can't read it.

Till’all: He is willing to let us die and he calls himself a man of God.

Hank: That man of God was tortured for centuries by your people.

Till’all: Then you understand what is at stake. If we don't find the staff first, our resistance is finished, and then the monsters who slaughtered your people get this planet, once and for all.

M’gann: We need you to go to your father, J'onn. Convince him to help us, and then we can save Mars. Together.

Alex’s apartment

Alex: You never told me the whole story about your dad and the car.

Maggie: What's the point?

Alex: I wanna share everything with you, Maggie. I mean, the good and the bad. I knew that he was hard on you…

Maggie: But before that day, he was the best father. I know he sounds like a monster, but you just don't know where he came from.

Alex: Well, it sounds like you still really love him.

Maggie: I don't know, I am just saying that he didn't have it easy.

Alex: Well, have you ever thought about calling him?

Maggie: Of course I have.

Alex: And?

Maggie: My aunt told me that my mother removed every picture of me from the photo albums. They erased me, I don't need that.

Alex: Look, what your family did to you was incredibly hurtful, but sometimes parents can do really stupid things when they are up against something they don't understand. What if you invited them to the shower?

Maggie: Are you kidding?

Alex: Well, it's the perfect excuse to reach out.

Maggie: Yeah, right. You kicked me out because I'm gay, but, "Hey, come to my gay shower."

Alex: It was a long time ago. Maggie, the world has changed. Maybe they have too.

Maggie: I don't think so. Babe, look, I love you. Just please drop it.

Alex: Okay.

Mars – Unknown place

Myr'nn: I'm praying. Leave me be.

J’onn: I think that this time… H'ronmeer will allow you a moment of personal indulgence. It's me, Father. It's J'onn. You're angry with me for abandoning you as you should be. I know how you must have felt, alone all these years, thinking you'd never see another Green Martian, thinking our entire family had been destroyed.

Myr'nn: You really thought such a trick would work on me?

J’onn: Father.

Myr'nn: I survived two centuries of imprisonment and torture alone. So, if you think exploiting the form of my dead son will break me, you are a fool. I will never tell you where the Staff of Kolar is.

J’onn: Father, it's me, J'onn. I lived. I fled to Earth, I survived.

Myr'nn: You give yourself away, White. My son would never have fled.

Alex’s apartment

Maggie: I'm living in National City now. I'm a cop. I like it, it's good. So, um, anyway, I am calling because… I'm getting married. No, it's not a… Her name is Alex. Anyway, we are having a party. A wedding shower, on Sunday and, um… You probably can't make it, but I thought maybe I would invite you. See, I'd like it if you came. Anyway, I hope you and Mom are good. Why did I do that?

Mars – Unknown place

Hank: I don't understand why he couldn't sense me. He couldn't see me.

Kara: He's been in prison a long time. He's probably used to tricks.

Till’all: Enough of this. I'm going in.

M’gann: You will not.

Till’all: If the Green won't share the information willingly, we'll have to invoke the right of Tyagar and take it by force.

Kara: What's Tyagar?

Hank: It will allow him to force through my father's mental block and show him where the staff is.

Kara: Could that hurt him?

M’gann: It could kill him.

Till’all: We don't have a choice.

Kara: There's always a choice.

Till’all: Our survival depends on getting this information.

Hank: Is that all you care about? Survival?

Till’all: I swore to die fighting for this resistance, but I am not gonna die standing here waiting.

Hank: You think you have what it takes to break my father's mind? More powerful Martians than you have tried, boy.

M’gann: Enough. Till'all is right about one thing. If we don't find the staff soon, we're finished. So you have to do this, J'onn. You have to get through to your father. Can you?

Hank: I can. And I will.

M’gann: Good. So hurry. Because time is running out.


Hank: You ever wonder, Kara, what your parents would say to you if they could see you now, after all this time? What they'd think of the person you've become?

Kara: Every day. They'd be proud of me.

Hank: Yeah, I thought that too, and I actually got the chance to ask. My father thinks I am a coward.

Kara: Then he doesn't know you. 'Cause the man I know has dedicated his entire life to making sure what happened on Mars never happens anywhere else. So go in there, J'onn, and show your father who his son really is.


Maggie: Dad. I wish you would have called and told me you were coming. I would have picked you up at the airport.

Oscar: The bus was fine.

Maggie: Is Mom…

Oscar: No, your mother isn't coming. She doesn't like to fly…

Maggie: Oh, you don't have to explain. Are you hungry? We could grab a bite.

Oscar: The party of yours is soon, no?

Maggie: In a couple of hours, but we have time.

Oscar: I can wait. I should probably check in at the hotel.

Maggie: Okay.

Oscar: I think it's this way. So… You're a homicide detective?

Maggie: Yeah. Among other things.

Oscar: That cold case you cracked sounded very interesting. The Martial murder.

Maggie: You know about that?

Oscar: Well, I'm an old man, but I know how to Google. I follow all your cases. Tell me something. For 18 years they didn't have a single lead. How did you solve that?

Maggie: I went back to the scene of the crime, studied the ordinary details everyone dismissed. Like you taught me. You used to say, "The key to most mysteries is in the mundane."

Oscar: You remember that.

Maggie: I remember everything you taught me.

Mars – Unknown place

Myr'nn: One thing I'll give you Whites, you don't take no for an answer.

Hank: As I told you before, Father, I am not a White Martian.

Myr'nn: Or even a Green Martian, it seems. It is the custom of my people to take the shape of our guests for your comfort if not for my own.

Hank: I am well aware of our Martian customs and lore.

Myr'nn: Mars was once a paradise. But H'ronmeer wanted to test his children, Phobos and Deimos. To be sure they were worthy of it. So he offered them two gifts.

Hank: A book of sacred symbols on morals that govern Martian life, and the staff, a weapon.

Myr'nn: The symbols could be shared but the staff wielded by only one.

Hank: Deimos chose the symbols. Phobos chose the staff. He was the first White Martian.

Myr'nn: H'ronmeer was furious that his son would choose destruction over knowledge. And so, Phobos was banished to the underworld. But his descendants clawed their way back and slaughtered my people.

Hank: Our people. I am your son.

Myr'nn: H'ronmeer buried the staff for a reason. The Whites disgraced his name by slaughtering my people. I will serve my God by refusing to let you use his staff to slaughter each other too.


Till’all: I'm sorry M'gann, but I am doing this for us.

Kara: J'onn! We need to get out of here now.

Myr'nn: I am not going anywhere with you people.

Kara: Sadly, I don't think you have much of a choice. Where can we go? Where is safe?

Hank: Home.

Mars - J’onzz home

Kara: This was your home?

Myr'nn: No. It was mine. How dare you?

Hank: Father.

Myr'nn: How dare you bring me here? It was one thing to take my son's form but to bring me back here, to the place where your people stole our lives from us.

Hank: I brought you here to prove it. If I wasn't your son, how would I know this place?

Myr'nn: You've done what your people couldn't do for over two centuries. You've broken me. So kill me if you want, but until you do, I will spend my final moments praying for the ruins of my slaughtered family.

Alex’s apartment

Eliza: Everybody! Everybody, it is trivia time. And Maggie, you are in the hot seat.

Alex: Thank God. Have fun.

Magie: Okay.

James: Don't get too comfortable, Danvers. You're up next.

Winn: Doctor D, I got this. All right. Here we go. What is Alex's favorite color?

Maggie: Blue.

Winn: What is Alex's favorite animal?

Maggie: Uh, dog.

Winn: What is Alex's favorite ice cream?

Maggie: Rocky road. Come on, man.


Alex: Oh. Mr. Rodas. Welcome.

Oscar: Hi. I'm sorry, I didn't know what to bring.

Alex: Oh, no, no. This is perfect. Maggie loves Merlot. Can I offer you a drink?

Oscar: Sure. Why not?

Alex: Great.

Oscar: Thank you.

Alex: Yeah, cheers. Come in.


Maggie: Now, you're talking.


Oscar: Is this you here?

Alex: Oh… Yes, I don't know why I thought overalls were cute in middle school.

Oscar: So, you are…

Maggie: The woman I am going to marry. Um, Papa, meet Agent Alex Danvers.

Oscar: Federal agent?

Alex: Yes, sir.

Oscar: Margarita, there's no picture of you up here.

Maggie: No.

Oscar: Here.

Maggie: Thank you, Papa.

Oscar: Yeah.

James: Danvers, you're up.

Alex: Oh.

Eliza: Okay, why don't we just open the mountain of presents instead.

Alex: Okay.

Eliza: Hi, I am Eliza.

Alex: It’s my mom.

Eliza: I'm the mom. Why don't we start with this one for Maggie?

Maggie: Okay, thank you.

Alex: Okay.

Maggie: Oh, I think I know who this is from. Alex, before I open this, I want you to know that you are the greatest gift I could receive.

Alex: I love you. Maggie.


Maggie: You're just gonna walk out? After all this time, that's it?

Oscar: I can't do this.

Maggie: Can't do what? Tell me, please. What exactly have I done that is so offensive to you?

Oscar: You spit in my face.

Maggie: I spit in your face? For loving somebody. I can't, I don't understand. I don't get it.

Oscar: I came to this country nine years old. At eleven, I was working in a factory.

Maggie: Yes, I know.

Oscar: Do you?

Maggie: Yeah.

Oscar: Do you know I was the only Mexicano working alongside a bunch of white boys? Do you know that they would wait for me at night by the road, and laugh and call me wetback, and kick me till my ribs were broken?

Maggie: Dad what does this have to do…

Oscar: With you being a lesbian? I worked to win their respect. Those same boys, when they grew up, elected me their sheriff. I endured for my children so that you would never have to face that kind of hatred. So that you would belong.

Maggie: I am accepted for who I am. The world is different now.

Oscar: They're building a wall to keep us out because in their minds, we are nothing but rapists and murderers. The only thing they hate more than a Mexicano is a homosexual. The world is not different, my dear. Look. You can live any way you please. But don't ask me to witness it.

Mars - J’onzz home

Kara: I'm… I'm sorry to interrupt your prayers but I think it's important that you hear me right now.

Myr'nn: What is left to say?

Kara: Look at me. I'm not a White Martian. You can sense that, can't you? You know it's true?

Myr'nn: You're Kryptonian.

Kara: Yes, that's right. I come from the dead planet. I come from the dead people. Just like you.

Myr'nn: Krypton is gone. But my world remains, and every day for 200 years, I have been forced to remember the horror of what happened to my people.

Kara: You're right.

Myr'nn: There is no future for Mars.

Kara: Not for Green Martians, no. But this is bigger than you now. This is about your faith.

Myr'nn: What do you know of my God?

Kara: I heard you earlier. H'ronmeer tests us. This is a test. You have a chance to save your planet. Not for your people, maybe, but for another people who want to do better than those that came before. I don't blame you for not wanting to believe that J'onn is actually your son. I don't blame you for not wanting to open your mind because if it weren't true…

Myr'nn: It would be like losing him all over again.

Kara: Yes. Whether or not you believe he is your son, he wants to save Mars. So please, Myr'nn, open your mind just a little bit. Just give him a chance.

Hank: May I? This is my favorite memory. This is our home, Father. I haven't thought about this in a long time. Can you see it?

Myr'nn: I see it. I remember it. K'hym, T'ania.

Hank: My daughters. Your granddaughters.

Kara: They're beautiful, J'onn.

Hank: They were excited about something. They were terrible at keeping secrets.

Kara: What did they know?

Myr'nn: That I had left worship early to surprise J'onn.


Myr'nn: K'hymm, T'ania. Look at you two. You're getting much bigger, Kim. T'ania, give me that smile. Yes. Does he know? Daddy doesn't know, does he? Did they tell you?

J’onn: You came.

Myr'nn: Yes, I did. Happy birthday, my son.

J’onn: Thank you, Father. Thank you. Thank you for coming. You falsely kept a secret. You kept a secret!


Myr'nn: J'onn. My son.

Hank: Father. I missed you.

Myr'nn: I'm so sorry for not believing you. I'm so sorry, J'onn.

Hank: I'm the one that should be sorry.

Myr'nn: How did you survive? Why did you come back here?

Hank: The staff, Father. It's urgent. There's still time.

Till’all: No, there isn't. But we need the staff. Now.

M’gann: I'm sorry, J'onn.

Myr'nn: J'onn, it's okay. The staff isn't far. They're taking it to the hive below the L'oren crater.

Hank: Let's go.

Mars – Unknown place

Kara: Hi! Hi! I'm, uh… I'm sorry to bother you during whatever it is you are doing. But, I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and… Can any of you give me directions back to Earth? You know, I thought I took that tunnel but my GPS is all screwed up down here and it keeps trying to get me to make this suicidal left turn. You might wanna check your rear view. J'onn!

Till’all: How did you know which one was me?

Kara: I didn't. Till'all?

J’onn: Supergirl. It's the staff! This is for my people. Good job, Supergirl.

Kara: I'm sorry.

Hank: It's okay.

Till’all: Thank you.

Kara: This belongs to the resistance now.


Myr'nn: You found it.

M’gann: Yes, and we stopped them. J'onn.

Hank: H'ronmeer's staff, Father.

Myr'nn: It's one thing to dedicate your life to God, it's another thing to see God's grace in person.

N’keyy: So what happens to it now?

Till’all: I suppose that's up to them.

Kara: Up to us?

Till’all: I saw what the staff did back there. It's too powerful of a weapon for either side to have. Take it to Earth. Bury it. If we're gonna win this planet, we have to be better than our enemies.

Hank: I underestimated you.

Till’all: And I you.

Hank: I don't suppose that I can persuade you to come back to Earth.

M’gann: My fight is here. The war is far from over. We've come closer to victory than ever before, thanks to you.

Hank: I'll see you soon.

M’gann: I hope that's true.

Kara: So, what about your father?


Oscar: What are you doing here?

Maggie: Came to give you that back. That little girl, so desperate to win her father's love. You left her on the side of the road. And all these years, I've been that little girl. Yearning for my Papa to come back for me. Praying that one day he would see me and love me for who I am. Thank you for coming to the shower. You gave me an amazing gift. You showed me that I am not that scared, little girl in that picture anymore. I'm an adult woman, and I am happy in my own skin. And I am so fortunate that I am surrounded by people who value and cherish me. I finally understand I don't need you to see me or to get me or to even like me. I don't need anything from you. I'm already good. Goodbye, Papa.

Alex’s apartment

Maggie: You're all the family I need.

Alex: I'm happy for you. And I am glad that you're getting closure. It's good for you. And who knows? It might make you feel differently about things.

Maggie: Do you mean kids?

Alex: Yeah.

Maggie: Sweetie, my not wanting kids has nothing to do with my parents or my childhood. My feelings for you are deeper than anything I've ever known. I can picture our life together. And it's full and rich and amazing. But there aren't kids in that picture. You're all that I need, Alex. I guess you gotta let me know if you feel the same way.

Alex: I do. Of course I do.


Myr'nn: Thank you, son. So, this is Earth.

Kara: This isn't even the nice part.

Myr'nn: I don't know, I rather like it.

Hank: You know, I'm not sure I could have done this without you.

Kara: Yes, you could have. You're the strongest man and Martian I've ever known, and I was glad I could be there to help you anyway.

Hank: I'll see you tomorrow.

Kara: You got it, boss. Welcome to Earth, Mr. J'onzz, you raised a good one.

Myr'nn: Can everyone on this planet do that?

Hank: No. She's special.

Myr'nn: So, what do we do now?

Hank: We go home, Father. We go home.

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je n'ai pas aimé cet épisode, les effets spéciaux sur Mars sont ridicules, il n'y a pas d'autres mots... C'est dommage car l'histoire en elle-même était intéressante pourtant ! Quand à Maggie, contente d'en savoir plus sur sa vie mais pourquoi revoir son père alors qu'il est tout simplement homophobe ??? Mise à part pour nous faire pleurer je ne vois pas trop l'intérêt, et cette histoire d'enfants sonne la fin de l'histoire du couple Maggie/Alex, quel dommage !!!! J'ai du mal à comprendre les scénaristes des fois...

Supersympa  (16.03.2019 à 21:58)

Content d'en savoir plus sur l'histoire de Maggie. Je vais m'abstenir de dire tout ce que je pense de son père...

stella5  (01.12.2017 à 21:21)

épisode bof,

j'ai pas trop accroché à toutes les scènes sur mars

par contre j'ai adoré les scènes autour de maggie



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