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#216 : Le prince de Daxam

Un nouveau méchant débarque à National City, mettant Supergirl en état d'alerte. Pendant ce temps, la petite amie de Winn, Lyra, lui cause des problèmes avec la loi. Maggie tente d'aider Winn, mais des problèmes se posent. Le Music Meister attaque Supergirl.

Début du crossover musical avec The Flash 3x17 avec Music Meister


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Le prince de Daxam

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Teaser The Flash (feat Supergirl)

Teaser The Flash (feat Supergirl)


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Barry et Kara dans l'épisode Musical

Barry et Kara dans l'épisode Musical

Music Meiter

Music Meiter

Rhea arrive au DEO

Rhea arrive au DEO

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Winn et les agents du DEO

Winn et les agents du DEO

Les agents du DEO braquent leurs armes sur Music Meister

Les agents du DEO braquent leurs armes sur Music Meister

Barry et Kara dansent

Barry et Kara dansent

Music Meister est amené au DEO

Music Meister est amené au DEO

J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood)

J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood)

Kara et l'équipe de The Flash

Kara et l'équipe de The Flash

Kara et Mon-El

Kara et Mon-El

Mon-El saute du balcon

Mon-El saute du balcon

James, Alex et J'onn

James, Alex et J'onn

Mon-El et ses parents

Mon-El et ses parents

Kara retrouve Mon-El

Kara retrouve Mon-El

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan)

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan)

J'onn, Alex et Supergirl au DEO

J'onn, Alex et Supergirl au DEO

Lar Gand joué par Kevin Sorbo

Lar Gand joué par Kevin Sorbo

Kara et Alex Danvers au DEO

Kara et Alex Danvers au DEO

Mon-El (Chris Wood) rattrape Kara

Mon-El (Chris Wood) rattrape Kara

Music Meister (Darenn Chris)

Music Meister (Darenn Chris)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood) et Alex Danvers

J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood) et Alex Danvers

Mon-El et ses parents face à Kara

Mon-El et ses parents face à Kara

Kara rencontre Rhea (Teri Hatcher)

Kara rencontre Rhea (Teri Hatcher)

Mon-El retrouve ses parents

Mon-El retrouve ses parents

Mon-El et J'onn amènent Kara sur Terre-1

Mon-El et J'onn amènent Kara sur Terre-1



Rhea et Lar Gand

Rhea et Lar Gand

Kara et Winn

Kara et Winn


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Teri Hatcher: Rhea
Kevin Sorbo: Lar Gand
Tamzin Merchant: Lyra Strayd

Kara’s apartment

Kara: Wow! We're six seasons in and winter still hasn't come!

Mon-El: You know, since you got fired from CatCo, your queue has gone down exponentially.

Kara: Yes, well, I am fully embracing my funemployment.

Mon-El: Funemployment.

Kara: What's next?

Mon-El: Oh, how about, uh… How about one of those movies where everybody just… Just breaks into song out of nowhere?

Kara: You mean a musical?

Mon-El: Yes! Yes.

Kara: Are you serious right now?

Mon-El: Dead serious.

Kara: You are opening the floodgates my friend. We have to Watch Funny Face! It's Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, being adorable. The most romantic movie ever! What?

Mon-El: That face. That smile.

Kara: I'm just happy.

Mon-El: Yeah?

Kara: Yeah, like that Dopey grin, butterflies in my stomach happy.

Mon-El: Mmm-hmm.

Kara: Is that cheesy?

Mon-El: It's like, it's like a rom-com on steroids cheesy. But I'm happy you're happy.

Kara: What's the…

Voice on TV: To his captors…

Alex’s apartment

Voice on TV: We demand you turn over Mon-El of Daxam.


Voice on TV: We know where he is harbored.


Voice on TV: If you do not relinquish him by dawn, we will take him with force.


Hank: When the transmission came through, an unknown spacecraft entered the lower atmosphere right above National City.

Alex: What do a bunch of space invaders want with a guard from Daxam?

Hank: Does any of this look familiar to you?

Mon-El: I've never seen a cruiser like that in my life.

Hank: We're searching for the origin of the ship to see if that gives us any indication as to who our new friends may be, but so far, no match. Agent Schott! Where the hell is he?

National City Art Gallery

Winn: Whoa! And there we are. Hey. Oh… Ah.

Lyra: We're here.

Winn: Oh, we're here. We are at the National City Art Gallery side entrance. Wow, you know that people generally go in the front door, and when they do, it's kinda during the day. So, let's come back in the morning!

Lyra: But they won't let us do what I want to do tomorrow morning.

Winn: Uh-huh. Whoa! What are you... Woman, you are a she-hulk.

Lyra: Where's your sense of adventure? Okay, Winn, I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't wanna do. So if you don't want to break in and have divine museum sex, then…

Winn: Okay, okay. Oh, wow, this is a little complicated so it just might take me… Oh, hey. Okay.


Hank: The clock is ticking.

Kara: Well, I think it's time we give the noobs the old Supergirl welcome.

Mon-El: I'm coming with you.

Kara: No way.

Mon-El: Kara, you were…

Kara: All we know about these people is that they want you, so you should be the last person to go.

Mon-El: That… Okay. Well then, be careful.

Kara: Always am.

Mon-El: Respectfully disagree.


Hank: All right, Supergirl, what are we working with?


Kara: Looks like it's taken a few bumps and bruises. I'm going to approach.


Hank: Copy that. Proceed with caution.


Kara: Any idea where the front door is on this thing? I'm assuming that wasn't friendly fire.


Mon-El: Supergirl, watch out!

Alex: J'onn, she's losing altitude.


Kara: I'm trapped!


Hank: I'm going up there.

Mon-El: Right behind you.

Kara: No, no. Wait! Wait, I can do it.


Kara: Come on!


Mon-El: Stop! Stop! Stand down! This is Mon-El of Daxam. To the invaders, I will relinquish myself.

Kara: Mon-El, what are you doing?

Mon-El: I'm going up there.

Kara: No, no. They literally just tried to kill me. How do you know they won't shoot you on sight?

Mon-El: I don't, okay, but they want me. This is my decision.

Alex: Hey, we picked up a honing signal on a teleportation beam.

Hank: The ship is locking onto our coordinates now. We'll have back up ready if you need us.

Kara: Are you sure about this?

Mon-El: I'll be okay.

Alex: Kara!


Mon-El: Why did you follow me?

Kara: I didn't want you to come up here by yourself.

Mon-El: Well, maybe I wanted to come up here by myself.

Kara: Why would you want to beam yourself up to an unknown spacecraft?

Mon-El:  'Cause, stuff…

Kara: Oh, no. Mon-El… Are they bowing to us?

Rhea: Mon-El?

Mon-El: Mother? Father?

Rhea: My son.

Lar Gand: We finally found you.

Rhea: At long last.

Mon-El: I thought you were dead.

Lar Gand: We are very much alive, my son. My apologies, Kryptonian, if you were hurt before. We were only defending ourselves against your attack on our ship.

Kara: Attack? I seem to recall you shooting first.

Rhea: Shall we go through the entire history of Krypton's carnage?

Mon-El: Mother, father, this is Kara Zor-El. Hero of Earth. And, Kara, these are my parents. Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand of Daxam.

Kara: Which makes you…

Mon-El: The Prince.

Rhea: Our Prince. Thank the Gods you're alive.

Lar Gand: And returned to us at last. So, tonight, we feast!

Mon-El: Oh, oh, I can't stay. I'm also a hero. Well, trying to be with Kara's help and… Anyway, we have to get…

Lar Gand:  Son, you can't leave. We've searched the stars to find you.

Rhea: And we must get to know Kara as well.

Kara: And I would love to know more about you.

Rhea: I knew you wouldn't stand in the way of a family reunion. We have much to discuss.

Kara: You have no idea.


Winn: Hey, Maggie! My favorite pool shark. What can I do you for?  Oh, you know. Oh. Sure… Yes. I would love to swing on by my local police station. I will, I will bring the donuts.

Police Station

Maggie: Can we continue?

Winn: Sorry, I'm stress eating.

Maggie: Well, if you're telling me the truth, there's no need for stress.

Winn: I'm very uncomfortable. And police stations, my dad had a thing with law enforcement, it's just like a whole I don't know.

Maggie: Were you at the National City Art Museum last night?

Winn: Briefly.

Maggie: What did you do while you were there?

Winn: Looking at some art.

Maggie: In the middle of the night?

Winn: The lines are shorter.

Maggie: Winn, come on.

Winn: Okay, fine. Fine. Lyra and I, we broke in after hours. It's just, like, when a beautiful woman asks you to do something, you gotta do it! Right, you know?

Maggie: Do you recognize that painting?

Winn: That is Starry Night. Uh, classic paint by numbers.

Maggie: Well, that classic went missing from the museum last night.

Winn: Someone stole a VAN Gogh? Oh, no, well, I mean I didn't see anything. No, I mean maybe Lyra did. But listen, we're happy to help, but if I didn't actually witness anything, can I just… Hey! Look at that photogenic fella. Wait, where's my girlfriend? Uh…

Maggie: You get how that looks, right? So, let's review. You've admitted to being at the scene of a crime, and the security footage doesn't show anyone else but you. Any thoughts?

Winn: I think I'm gonna need that one phone call.


Lar Gand: Where's that appetite of yours? Aren't you happy to see us?

Mon-El: Of course, of course I am.

Rhea: Or have you been distracted by Kryptonians in capes since you fled Daxam?

Mon-El: How did you find me?

Lar Gand: We heard your beacon. The transmission was incomplete, it brought us to this galaxy. Then it was just a matter of gathering the bread crumbs.

Rhea: We had our greatest success at Slavers' Moon. We heard from one of our Dominator ambassadors that you've been freeing slaves.

Lar Gand: Yes, imagine our surprise at your heroics.

Rhea: Your influence, I'm sure.

Kara: We freed them from being treated like animals. They weren't goods to be traded.

Rhea: There's that famous Kryptonian exaggeration.

Lar Gand:  Mon-El, you remember how well your servants were treated at the palace. Just like family.

Kara: Because you stole them from their families.

Rhea: We liberated them from greater hardship. We gave them a path.

Mon-El: How did you escape the blasts? I thought you were dead.

Lar Gand: When Krypton exploded, the Kryptonite rained down, killing everything. We had to get off planet to persevere.

Rhea: And to find you. So that we might return, now that the atmosphere is hospitable. To make Daxam great again.

Mon-El: Daxam was never great.

Rhea: Has the Kryptonian rubbed off on you so much so that you have forgotten? I know you're fond of a pretty face, but be reasonable.

Kara: Well, I think what he might find novel about me is integrity.

Lar Gand: You know, let's not argue about worlds of old. Why don't you tell us of your journey and how you survived?

Kara: Yes. I would love to hear about that.

Mon-El: I'd rather not.

Kara: No, no, Prince, by all means. Please tell us of your heroic escape.



Guard: My Lord.

Mon-El: What's going on?

Guard: My Lord, we need to evacuate immediately.

Mon-El: No!

Guard: There's no time.

Woman: Please, don't leave me.

Guard: Leave her, come on!

Woman: Take me with you!

Guard: Come on. Go! Leave them! Come on!

Mon-El: What are you doing?

Man: Please, I need to return to Krypton.

Guard: Your home is gone and taking us with it. This is your punishment.

Mon-El: No!

Guard: Quick. Get in! Go! Now!

End of flashback


Mon-El: And that's how I got out.

Rhea: My son, you were so brave, and your Guard dines at the Gods' Table. Hail Mon-El, Prince of Daxam.

Kara: Please, excuse me, I have business to attend to on Earth. I have to go.

Mon-El: Excuse me. I, uh…I must attend, as well.


Mon-El: So, you survived the first dinner with the fam…

Kara:  You're a liar.

Mon-El: I'm sorry, okay? Can you really blame me for wanting to just be Mon-El, a regular guy from Daxam?

Kara: Oh, wow.

Mon-El: With how you feel about Daxamites, if you had known that I was the crown prince, would you even talk to me?

Kara: You didn't even give me the chance.

Mon-El: I tried to tell you so many times, okay? I really did.

Kara: What, is that supposed to make this better? Me being the prince doesn't change anything. Not how I feel about you…

Kara: This changes everything. It's bad enough you lied, but you being the prince? I thought you were just born on a cruel planet, but you lead it. You benefited from its cruelty. What about that Kryptonian Emissary? Your guard… Do you even feel guilty?

Mon-El: Of course I do.

Kara: I can't even look at you.

Police Station

Winn: I'm telling you, we did not take anything.

Maggie: I believe that you didn't, but what about Lyra?

Winn: She would never. That…

Alex:  Hey. We got your call.

James: You okay, bro?

Alex: A heads up next time would be nice before you arrest my friend.

Maggie: Come on, you know that's not how this works. I don't intervene with your job and you don't question mine.

Alex: You better have proof.

Winn: She doesn't. The crappy angle doesn't even show Lyra.

Maggie: I don't think that's a coincidence.

Alex: You think she set him up?

Maggie: Exactly.

Alex: When was the last time you spoke to Lyra?

Winn: I mean, I've been trying to call her all day.

Maggie: Let me guess, her phone is disconnected.

Winn:  I don't get it.

Maggie: She framed you, Winn. Look, I got a partner out there who thinks that you're going to be his 30th arrest of the month. That's a station record. I need proof that you weren't involved, or they're going to pin this on you, and I won't be able to stop them.

James: If it's proof you need, then we'll get it.

Alex: Release Winn to us, okay? Give us 48 hours.

Maggie: You want me to let my prime suspect walk?

Alex: If we're wanna catch Lyra, then we need Winn. Two days.

Maggie: And look at that. Looks like McConnell forgot to sign the warrant. You've got 24 hours. A minute longer and I'm coming for him myself.

Winn: She femme-fataled me.

Alex: Well, you certainly have a type. Thank you.


Alex: We've examined this footage frame by frame, she's just not there.

Winn: Uh, well, she was there. And I have the bruises. They're wonderful bruises. And well… 

Alex: Please don't point to where they are.

Kara: Winn, who are her people?

Winn: Valerians.

Hank: Valerians can't be seen in photographs.

Kara: Or on security cameras.

Alex: And there's no picture of her in her amnesty file either.

Winn: Oh. So, I have an invisible girlfriend.

James: So she used your tech skills to get into the museum, and then she pulled the disappearing act to make the grab.

Alex: Well, it looks like this wasn't her first time either. Check it out. There have been two other major heists in the past nine months. We had a Rodin stolen from the Modern Arts and Cultural Museum and an original Warhol taken from the Art Institute of Metropolis.

Hank: Yes, same MO. Both perps claimed their girlfriend set them up.

Alex: Sorry, Winn.

Winn: Oh, no, don't apologize. It's not your fault I'm an idiot.

Kara: Hey, sometimes the people closest to us are our biggest blind spots.

James: Do you know where she lives? Where we could find her now?

Winn: No, we've only ever been to my place. Ah, I know she's from Starhaven and she came by herself and that she's registered.

Hank: The address she's registered under looks like a fake.

Winn: Well, great. I mean, the Alien bar, it's where we met.

Kara: It's a start.

James: Let's go catch a thief.

Kara: Yes, super friends back in the habit.

James: Hmm, Kara?

Kara: Sorry, sorry. That's too much.

James: Mmm-hmm. Should we, uh… Should we, uh, get Mon-El?

Kara: No.

Alex: You know what, um… You guys go ahead, I'll catch up. Maybe you should sit this one out.

Kara: Are you kidding? No! I'm ready to Nancy Drew the crap out of this!

Alex: Okay, enough with the over-enthusiastic deflecting, all right. I know you're upset with Mon-El. And you have every right to be. Okay? Own it.

Kara: I just, uh… I hate him right now.

Alex: I get it, and I hate that he hurt you, but relationships have their ups and downs, Kara.

Kara: Yeah, but this is more than a down, Alex. I don't even know who he is anymore. Do you know why Daxam was such a party planet? Because the Royal Family kept their subjects drunk and distracted, so they didn't recognize how oppressed they were.

Mon-El was a part of that.

Alex: Kara, maybe Mon-El is an evil prince. But maybe he's just a guy who's ashamed of his past, and he's looking for a fresh start. Talk to him, okay? Give him a chance to explain.

Rhea: Kara Zor-El.

Hank: Stand down! Stand down! Do not engage! Do not engage!

Rhea: I need to speak with you.

Alien bar

Man: Anyone ever tell you you've got anger issues?

Alex: I prefer the term leadership skills.

James: Ah, Worris, we're looking for a girl.

Man: Aren't we all?

James: I'd answer her questions, 'cause this table's not getting any softer, buddy.

Alex: Lyra Strayd, she's a Valerian. She's been involved in a string of art thefts.

Man: I've never heard of her.

Winn: Come on, blonde hair, blue eyes. The chin of a serial backstabber.

Man: Even if I did know something, why would I tell you?

James: Okay, what's it gonna cost us?

Man: Hamilton tickets. Orchestra.

Winn:  Okay, well, we're screwed.

Alex: Deal.

Man: Her kind hangs out at the trailer park. Up near Blackmore. That's where she'd be.

Winn: Hamilton? How you going to pull that one off?

Alex: The guy who plays King George is from Rimbor Five. He owes me a favor.


Rhea: Your new world is quite stunning. Like Daxam used to be. I didn't thank you earlier for looking after my son. A Kryptonian taking care of a Daxamite. And I thought I'd seen it all.

Kara: But you didn't come here all this way just to thank me.

Rhea: No, I didn't. I need your help. Daxam is a wasteland. Our people are scattered across the universe. We need to bring them home. Rebuild what your people destroyed. I don't say it to offend.

Kara: No, no. You're right. Krypton made horrible mistakes. I can admit it.

Rhea: That's more than I expected.

Kara: What do you want from me?

Rhea: Our planet died on my and my husband's watch. For our people to rise again, they need a future. Mon-El is young. He can be the face of that future.

Kara: You want to take Mon-El back to Daxam?

Rhea: Would you rather he stay here and learn by degrees that he's not good enough for you?

Kara: You don't know me.

Rhea: I know your kind. I know what your integrity means. He's Daxamite royalty and you're starting to despise him for it…

Kara: I don't despise anyone.

Rhea: But you think you're better than him. Than us. Do what's best for him. Tell him to speak to his parents. The people who love him.

Kara: And what makes you think he'll listen to me?

Rhea: Because he's under your spell. And he has no idea how unforgiving your people can be.

Lyra’s place

Lyra: You shouldn't be here.

Winn: Where should I be, then? Hmm? Just rotting in jail?

Lyra: If it's any consolation, it wasn't personal.

Winn: What took you so long, hmm? I mean, you've had plenty of other opportunities to dupe me.

Lyra: Don't you know how marks work? You have to gain their trust. It's called a long con for a reason.

Winn: No, I don't believe you. Come here and look me in the eyes. And if you can tell me that you didn't care for me, that I'm just some mark, then I will walk away right now.

Lyra: You…  Were…  A… Mark.

Winn: Okay, have it your way.


James: You're coming with us.

Lyra: Oh, you brought back up? So did I, and mine kill. Does yours?

James: You get Lyra, I got these two.

Lyra: You should have run when you had the chance.

Winn: I was a theater geek, not a track star.

Man: How would you like to die?

Alex: Not today. Stay down.

Man: Let's go! Let's go!

Lyra: No! No! No! No!

James: The painting. Where is it?

Alex: I got it.

Lyra: You have no idea what you've done.


Winn: Hey! So, have you just been playing me this whole time?

Lyra: What does it matter? You wouldn't understand.

Winn: Why don't you help me understand? Tell me the truth for once.

Lyra: It's my brother. They've got him.

Winn: No, you told me that you came here alone.

Lyra: I told you a lot of things. He's as good as dead now, thanks to you and your friends.

Winn: If I'd known your brother was in danger, I would have helped you.

Lyra: Why would you help me?

Winn: Because I care about you. I need you to tell me the truth.

Lyra: You want the truth? You want to know about the 10-year war on Starhaven? You wanna hear about how I watched my parents starve to death? Or do you want to know why I can't be alone in the dark anymore? 'Cause it reminds me of the six weeks I was locked below deck when me and my brother were smuggled onto Earth. I'm a refugee. I'm a thief, too. That's the truth. Maybe it's also true that… You were different. I liked you.

Winn: Why did… Why did you con me?

Lyra: That gang. My brother, Bastian, works for them, but he hasn't been carrying his weight. I told them I'd clear his debt. I didn't want to use you. I had to. And now, if I don't get that painting to them by the end of today, they'll kill him.

Winn: Who's the buyer?


Winn: Okay, so, the fence is some guy named Mandrax.

Hank: Mandrax was a resident of Fort Rozz for quite some time.

Alex: After Fort Rozz crashed, he escaped. Since then, he's been a big player in the art trafficking business.

Hank: Earth art is big money.

Winn: Yes, it's great that Picasso is intergalactically adored.

James: What do you want to do?

Winn: All right, here's the plan. We go in, we give them the painting. We get back Lyra's kid brother. We get out. Done and done, right? Lives saved, heroes praised.

Hank: Agent Schott, we have an intergalactic art-smuggling ring, and one of National City's most violent alien gangs in our grasp. Ms. Strayd…

Winn: Needs our help.

Hank: Is an admitted con artist.

Winn: Her brother is in danger.

Hank: Have you ever met this brother? Or could this possibly be just another con from a woman who knows how to play you?

Winn: I believe her.

Hank: I know you do. But I can't afford to. We'll investigate Mandrax and proceed accordingly.


Lyra: What are you doing?

Winn: Trust me.


Mon-El: Hey, hey. I've been doing some very serious research on human relationships. And by now, in the movie, the girl usually forgives the guy for whatever dumb thing he's done.

Kara: I had a nice chat with your mother.

Mon-El: Yeah. Okay. Uh … What does she want?

Kara: You. She wants to talk to you.

Mon-El: I'm not going back there.

Kara: Well, I tried.

Mon-El: What, that's it?

Kara: What else am I supposed to say? Nothing's changed for me.

Mon-El: Just tell me what to do, okay? Tell me what it is and I will fix it.

Kara: You can't! Okay? You can't take back the fact that you lied to me. You can't un-ring that bell.

Mon-El: Well, I can try.

Kara: Just forget about you and me for one second. Do you even understand the second chance you've been given? You thought you were the last Daxamite and you're not. Your people are alive. Your parents are alive. They need you. They love you. Don't just throw that chance away, 'cause many of us don't get one. You're a prince, so start acting like it.


Man: Where in the hell have you been? The client will be here any minute.

Lyra: I'm here, aren't I?

Man: Who's he?

Winn: Hey, I'm the nerd who helped her get this thing. And I'm just here to make sure she pays me, because, I'm a business man, like you.

Man: Mr. Mandrax, I didn't know you'd be coming in person. The, uh, painting, as you requested.

Lyra: What about my brother?

Man: Not now.

Lyra: You said as soon as this deal was done you would let him go.

Man: Okay, okay, okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Lyra: Bastian!

Bastian: Lyra!

Winn: Hey, look, you've got what you came for. All right. Why don't you just let him go?

Mandrax: I check my product first. Is this a joke? This is a fake!

Lyra: What have you done?  Bastian.

Winn: No, no, Lyra, wait!

Mandrax: You lie to me? You die. And your brother watches.

Winn: Hey, you're gonna have to go through me first, buddy.

Mandrax: I don't deal with human criminals. You break too easily.

James: Try breaking through titanium alloy. That usually works. Run!

Winn: Come on! Come on!

Mandrax: You humans all think you can be heroes. It's so annoying.

Winn: Okay, you know, we can go back! We can get the real one!

Man: Too late for do overs.

Winn:  You pull your trigger and I will pull mine.

Man: You willing to die for this girl?

Winn: Are you?

Mandrax: Ahhh! Congratulations, you fared better than most. You can at least take that to your grave.

Alex: Freeze!

Winn: Oh, thank God.

Alex: Nice job, guys.

Winn: It took you long enough.

Alex: Yeah, traffic was brutal. Go.

Lyra: This was your plan all along.

Winn: I mean, if I told you that half of National City's heroes and a squad of DEO Agents was going to show up, were you gonna come along?

Lyra: Keeping secrets? Yeah. Looks like I'm rubbing off on you.

Winn: Go get him.

Police station

Winn: A ring of alien art thieves and the real Starry Night, as promised. Just kidding… All within 23 hours and 15 minutes. Winn Schott and GF exonerated. Boom. Um, as for just, like, any connection that Lyra and her brother might have with previous thefts?

Maggie: Well, I don't have any hard evidence, so I'll take their help in retrieving Van Gogh as a sign of good behavior to come.

Winn: You're a good egg, Sawyer.

Maggie: Leave before I throw you into holding for fun.

Winn: I have better places to go.

Maggie: Think I scared him?

Alex: Almost as good as I do. Take me home.


Winn: So, what's next?

Lyra: I guess Bastian and I will find a new place. There's nothing keeping us here.

Winn: That's it? You're just gonna leave?

Lyra: Don't you hate me?

Winn: Not even close.

Kara: So, what now?

Winn: Hmm? What do you mean?

Kara: She lied to you. You're just going to forget about it? Aren't you afraid she's gonna hurt you again?

Winn: She didn't do what she did to hurt me. She was willing to sacrifice herself for someone she cared about. I mean, that's… That is a girl worth forgiving.

Kara: Hmm.

Winn: Stuff's going on with you and Mon-El?

Kara: There's…

Winn: I'm not dumb, I see things. Listen… Whatever idiotic thing he's done, I'm sure… He has his reasons. You gotta decide if those reasons are good enough for you or not.

Kara: Yeah.

Kara’s apartment

Mon-El: I hope you don't mind, I let myself in. I just wanted to, um, say a few things… Before I lose you forever. 'Cause I owe you a lot… But most of all, I owe you the truth. My name is Mon-El. I'm the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, that I didn't know. Until I met you. And I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you're honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you. You are so special.

Kara: Yeah, I know that. I deserve better than being lied to.

Mon-El: You do and I'm sorry for that. You're right, okay? I'm a liar. And I really hope that you can still see the good in me. Please.

Kara: Were you ever gonna tell me the truth?

Mon-El: I don't know.

Kara: You just want things to be easy, Mon-El. But being a hero and falling in love, those are not easy things. They're hard and they're messy. And they hurt sometimes.

Mon-El: I would never hurt you on purpose…

Kara: Well, you won't again.

Mon-El: Kara, don't.

Kara: I can't… I can't do this. No. It's over.


Lar Gand: Son. We knew you would return.

Mon-El: Well, Kara ended it.

Rhea: She did what's best for you. It was never going to last.

Mon-El: Yeah, did you tell her that?

Lar Gand: Enough about the Kryptonian girl. You have nothing tethering you here. Return with us to Daxam. Unite our people.

Mon-El: No.

Lar Gand: Excuse me?

Mon-El: No. You never cared about our people before.

Rhea: Things will be different this time.

Mon-El: They won't. It'll be more of the same. I think about our lives there and it makes me ill. I detest who I was. I was ignorant, and blind to those around me and letting myself be propped up at the expense of our people. And I'm tired of being served and I'm tired of taking the easy way out. And I'm done being your prince.

Rhea: You sound just like her. That Kryptonian girl has poisoned you…

Mon-El: No! Mother, that woman is the best thing that's ever happened to me. The best thing I know. And whether we're together or not, being near her, it makes me a better person. It makes me the person that I want to be. I wish you no ill will, but you should leave this planet and never return. Now send me back. Send me home, now!

Lar Gand: As you wish.


Winn: Hey, hey! How you doing, buddy?

Kara: Getting there.

Winn: I got a little something to perk you up. So I just finished running diagnostics on this little beauty. And it, my friend, is in tip top shape. I just gotta say that I'm pretty sure this Cisco fellow and I would just be BFFs if, you know, we lived in the same dimension.

Kara: Yeah, don't tempt me. 'Cause I could use an… Inter-dimensional, post-break up vacay.

Hank: Morning, everyone. Now, we have a new prisoner coming in today. He's not our typical guest, so look sharp.

Winn: Oh, he looks fun.

Music Meister: Oh, there you are.

Kara: Uh… Uh… Who, me? Y

Music Meister: es, yes, you. Why else do you think I'd let myself be caught? Come on. She's funny. I've been looking for you.

Mon-El: Supergirl?

Alex: Prisoner, stand down!

Music Meister: Thank you.

Alex: Drop your weapon!

Music Meister: Oh, this isn't a weapon. This is part of my brilliant escape. Ladies and gentlemen, this dimension has been so much fun. I've had a blast! But I gotta go chase down the fastest man alive. Toodles!

Mon-El: Oh.

Alex: Supergirl, are you okay?

Mon-El: Kara? Kara, can you hear us? Kara?

Unknown place

Man: Kara, can you hear me? Kara? Kara? You're on!

Kara: On what?

Man: Come on! Come on, come on! Johnny canceled on us. You got the bump. You're the new opening act, kid!

Kara: I…

Man: Go on, go on, go on!

Kara: Okay.

Kikavu ?

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J'ai bien aimé l'épisode. J'adore Mon-El.. déçu que kara ne lui pardonne pas aussi facilement que Will.

un peu séptique pour le cross over, mais voyons voir ça !


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