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#215 : Le projet Exodus

Alors qu'Alex recherche Jeremiah et Kara enquête sur une série d'enlèvements étranges, les sœurs se rendent compte qu'elles doivent enfreindre les règles pour déjouer un nouveau complot de Cadmus. Kara qui tente de convaincre Snapper Carr de publier une histoire qui aiderait à arrêter Cadmus, accepte d'arranger une entrevue entre Snapper Carr et Supergirl.


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Le projet Exodus

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Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) chez elle

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) chez elle

Supergirl parle avec Lena (Katie McGrath)

Supergirl parle avec Lena (Katie McGrath)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara et Mon-El

Kara et Mon-El

Kara et Mon-El (Chris Wood)

Kara et Mon-El (Chris Wood)

Jeremiah et Alex

Jeremiah et Alex

Lena et Supergirl

Lena et Supergirl


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Man: Oh, crap.

Girl: Even they can't stand your singing.

Officer: Sorry to pull you over, but I saw you have a broken taillight.

Man: I do? Sorry, Officer.

Officer: Lucky for you, I have some tape for that. Come on, I'll help you put it on.

Man: See how nice everyone is, once you leave the city. I don't understand. You said it was broken?

Man 2 : Out of the car!

Woman: No! No! Run!

Girl: Ah! Let me go!

Woman: Baby! My baby!

Man: What are you going to do to us? What are you going to do to us?


Kara: That's the 20th abduction since Cadmus got the alien registry.

Hank: And they're escalating. Getting more aggressive. Are we any closer to finding out where Cadmus is taking them?

Mon-El: Or what they want? 'Cause that is the trillion dollar question.

Winn: It's million dollar question, buddy.

Mon-El: Really? That low?

Winn: Yes, and um, "no" on all counts. Um, I mean I've monitored traffic cams, sat feeds, cell phone chatter, uh… Maybe Jeremiah taught them how to avoid our radar.

Hank: From now on Jeremiah Danvers is an enemy combatant.

Mon-El: What does that mean?

Hank: It means, if found, he's to be arrested on sight. That's not a problem, is it?

Alex: Of course not.

Hank: Good.

Kara: We have to let all these aliens know. They need to be able to protect themselves.

Mon-El: I volunteer to tell everybody at the alien dive bar.

Kara: But it's not enough to just let all the aliens in the bar know. There are hundreds more on that list. Can you issue a statement?

Hank: Not without compromising the DEO. We're off the books for a reason.

Mon-El: So do it anonymously.

Kara: If we do it anonymously, no one will take us seriously. But they might listen to CatCo. I'll write an article, get it on the front page.

Alex: You think Snapper would run that?

Kara: Yeah, of course. Absolutely.

Catco Worldwide Media

Snapper: Absolutely not. I'm not gonna start a public panic by publishing a conspiracy theory.

Kara: But Supergirl spoke on the record. I mean, you saw all those sound bites.

Snapper: You use Supergirl as your source every time you want to get something past me.

Kara: You said a good reporter should always cultivate her source.

Snapper: Sources. Plural. I'm not gonna take your word for it. Way too much fake news out there. I can't risk it.

Kara: So, what, you're willing to put people's lives in danger than risk hurting your reputation? Snapper: Careful, ponytail. You're at DEFCON 3 with the moxie. We're the paper of record in this town. From now on, you need at least two independent sources verifying every single quote, no matter whose life is at stake.

Kara: What if you interviewed Supergirl? I mean, you've interviewed our Presidents, world leaders, Julian Assange. You'd be able to tell if she was a credible source or not.

Snapper: Better be an exclusive.

Kara: Of course. She won't speak to anyone else.

Alien bar

Maggie: Ah, game. Which means you owe me dinner, a bottle of Scotch, and one of those flash grenade things. It's like The Twelve Days of Christmas. Alex?

Alex: I'm sorry. I'm just… I'm…

Maggie: Thinking about your dad. Don't worry. The DEO's gonna find him.

Alex: That is what I'm worried about. The DEO considers him a threat. When we find Cadmus, things are gonna get rough and he could get caught in the crossfire. He stole the registry from the DEO. He hurt J'onn. But, Maggie, I know him. He's a good man. And even if he is siding with Cadmus, there has to be a reason. He's either, I don't know, threatening him or they're blackmailing him, or they are mind controlling him or… I am the only one left who believes in him.

Maggie: Well, you're gonna be there when they find him. Okay? And you're gonna help protect him.

Alex: You're right.

Maggie: Mmm-hmm.

Alex: Double or nothing? There's no way I'm giving you a grenade.

Maggie: Fine. I'll go get us another round.

Alex: Okay.

Maggie: Well, I'll rack.


Winn: And, while I loved the movie version of Dune, as I expected, except for…

Lyra: The Sandworms. I mean, the Fremen just peel apart their scales with hooks and suddenly worm-riding is a viable mode of transportation?

Winn: Yeah.

Lyra: I don't think so. So unrealistic. But the Bene Gesserit are…

Both: Amazing!

Lyra: Amazing. I mean, mystical women with the power to influence the future? I'm here for it. I'm here for it.

James: Lyra, how long have you been on Earth?

Lyra: A couple of years. But I learned English off-world.

James: Your English is impressive. But I'm actually a lot more impressed by how well you speak "Winn."

Winn: Okay.

Lyra: Yeah, we get each other.

Winn: Yeah, babe.

Lyra: I think we need some more drinks.

Winn: Okay.

Lyra: I'll be right back.

Winn: All right.

James: Well, well, well.

Winn: What?

James: You really like this girl.

Winn: Uh, she's okay.

James: "She's okay." What're you talking about? "She's okay"?

Winn: Come… Listen, okay, listen. I know I generally fall, like, hard and fast for a girl but… I don't know. I'm listening to your advice, and I'm gonna take it slow. Listen, I am like the twice-bitten, thrice-shy guy, so… Lyra, where are you?

Lyra: Winn.

Winn: Hey!

Lyra: Let me go! No! No! No! No! Get off of me.


Alex: I'll get her.


Lyra: No!

Alex: Freeze! Or I will shoot.

Man:  Stop. Roll out, boys! Lady here, she's about to drop her gun. Isn't she, huh?

Maggie: Let her go.

Winn: No! No!  


Winn: I should've gotten there sooner. I mean, if these guys hadn't come in then I would've…

Alex: We'll get her back, Winn.

Winn: You don't know that, okay? We don't know anything, all right?

James: Hank, are you sure you can't get anything from this guy?

Hank: Cadmus must've found a way to shield his thoughts from me. But we will find something, Winn. We always do.

Winn: Everything I've tried, it's led to nothing. And if they hurt her, your father, I'm sorry, but this is his fault.

Hank: Agent Schott.

Mon-El: Hey, uh…Winn, you know what you need right now?

Winn: If you say "a drink," I swear, I…

Mon-El: Oh, I was going to say "deep breath," but that is a much better idea. 'Cause Zakarian Ale always takes the edge off. I'm gonna go get a bottle.


Man: Like I said to the other guy that came in to talk to me, I got nothing to say to you people.

Alex: Yeah, that's what I heard. Now, me…

Man: Ah!

Alex: I bet you've got loose lips. Now tell me, where is Cadmus? Tell me where Cadmus is.

Man: Ah!  

Alex: Tell me where Cadmus is!

Man: I can't. Okay, they put stuff in my head, all right? They'll know. They'll kill me.

Alex:  Well, it's either them or it's me. Tell me!

Hank: Alex! Come on, get out of here!

Man: She's crazy!

Hank: One more word out of you and she's the least of your problems. Come on.

Alex: All right, all right! Look, I'm sorry. I know I was out of line. I just…

Hank: Alex…

Alex: I just thought I could get him to tell us something.

Hank: Alex, he can't tell us anything if he's dead.

Alex: I would have stopped.

Hank: What Winn said about your father…

Alex: This has nothing to do with him, okay? I just want to help Winn find Lyra. I wanted… I want to find them all, okay, before Cadmus…

Hank: You know, maybe Mon-El was right. We all could use a deep breath. Or a drink.

Alex: I'm fine. Okay? I promise.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Hey, Chief. Supergirl is here in James' office. She didn't want to cause a scene outside.

Snapper: How considerate.

Kara: Snapper Carr. Pleasure to meet you.

Snapper: You're on the record, Supergirl. You good with that?

Kara: Yes.

Snapper: Danvers says you were her source. You claim Cadmus stole the alien registry?

Kara: Yes, I can confirm that.

Snapper: So who was your source?

Kara: I'm sorry, but that information is confidential.

Snapper: You just said you were on the record. Which is it?

Kara: It doesn't matter who told me. What matters is the story.

Snapper: Not unless I can verify your story's origin. You expect people to just trust you?

Kara: I never lie.

Snapper: Mmm, bully for you. But you're talking to a journalist. We believe everyone is lying until we can prove they're not. So, this list. Who had it in the first place? Who was it stolen from?

Kara: I won't reveal their name, but I can confirm it is a classified federal agency who reported the theft from their servers.

Snapper: So, you got your intel from a government black site. How long have you been involved with them?

Kara: Well, that's a leading question, Mr. Carr. I never said I was involved with them. I'm not the story. Cadmus is.

Snapper: All right. Off the record. I won't reveal it came from you. You give me a name, I'll verify it myself and bam, we're off to the races. So… Who told you about the stolen list?

Kara: You have enough to go on. Innocent people will keep disappearing if you don't run this article. You can quote me on that.

Snapper: Great.

Kara: How did it go? Did you get everything you needed?

Snapper: No. She gave me nothing.

Kara: Nothing, but… But I… She was in here, and I heard her saying a lot of stuff.

Snapper: You heard her withholding a lot of stuff.

Kara: But she told you the truth.

Snapper: She told me parts. It's not a journalist's job to cherry pick and decide which bits get shown and which bits don't. We show everything.

Kara: Sorry, what?

Snapper: As my grandmother used to say in the shtetl, "A half-truth is a whole lie." The American public has a right to know the whole truth, Danvers. And until you can provide me with more than just an NFA source, the story is DOA.

Alex’s apartment

Alex: Dad.

Jeremiah: Alex, listen to me, there isn't much time. Cadmus is gonna slaughter them, everyone they've abducted. Now, I can stop them, but only with your help.

Alex: I wanna trust you, but I have to know that you're telling me the truth.

Jeremiah: The only reason I'm alive right now is because Cadmus believes I turned to their side. The only way I could prove my loyalty to them was to betray my own children. Alex, I am on your side. Always. Cadmus has them penned up in cells that are rigged to kill them. All Lillian has to do is press one button. I can't disable it myself. But in the DEO armory, there's a magnetic field disrupter. It will shut down the cages. I need you to get that for me.

Alex: Come with me. We'll explain everything to J'onn and he'll help us.

Jeremiah: J'onn is not family. If the DEO apprehends me, they're gonna treat me as a hostile. You don't know what they're gonna do to me. Alex, I need you to decide quickly. Will you help me or not?

Alex: Yes, I will help… J'onn. You were testing me?

Hank: I had no choice. You are a federal agent, Alex, who took an oath. We're facing a crisis situation here, thousands of lives are at stake. I feared your judgment might be compromised. Sadly, I was right.

Alex: J'onn. Just listen…

Hank:  I'm sorry, Alex. You are suspended from duty until further notice.

Alex: No. No, no, no. J'onn… Don't do this.

Unknown place

Lillian: Project Exodus.

Jeremiah: It's almost ready.

Lillian: "The Overman shall be the meaning of the Earth. Remain faithful to the Earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes."

Jeremiah: Nietzsche.

Lillian: Who better? His Superman was about we humans believing in ourselves instead of looking up to gods. This time, you're the only Superman we need.

Man: Let's go! Let's go!

Woman: It's all right.

Alex’s apartment

Kara: Alex? Hey, Maggie. I heard what happened. J'onn shouldn't have done that to you.

Alex: It was a betrayal. And it was unfair. And I need you to explain that to J'onn, and just ask him to put me back on the case.

Kara: Well, I…I don't agree with his methods…

Alex: Yeah.

Kara: But I do agree with his assessment. I think you should sit this one out.

Alex: What?

Kara: Alex, I heard what happened. You lost it while interrogating a suspect. What's going on?

Alex: That's not what matters. What matters is our father and there's still good in him. So, I just… I need you to convince J'onn, 'cause I have to be there when we find Cadmus…

Kara:  Alex…

Alex: I have to protect him.

Kara: Alex, listen to me. I am not gonna let anything happen to Jeremiah. I promise. But you are putting all of your focus on him when you should be focusing on the aliens we are trying to find. And when we find them, you risk making a bad call, putting him in danger. Or worse, getting yourself hurt. I have to go, I'm sorry. I have to figure out how to get this article run. I'll call you later.

Alex: I assume you agree with Kara.

Maggie: Actually, I don't. You wanna protect your dad? That's what you need to do.

Alex: Then you'll help me?

Maggie: Ride or die. Where do we start?

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Excuse me. Lena!

Lena: She said with surprise in her voice, for some reason.

Kara: Oh, my God. We were gonna go try that new fermentation place. I totally forgot. I'm so sorry. There's just…There's a lot going on.

Lena: It's okay. You don't need to explain. Kombucha can wait.

Kara: Ah. Okay.

Lena: Is everything okay?

Kara: No. Snapper refused to publish my article, uh, on Cadmus. He says I need more sources.

Lena: What did Mother do now?

Kara: Cadmus stole the alien registry. They're abducting everyone on the list. My article was meant to warn everyone.

Lena: Well, something that important, if Snapper won't let you publish it at CatCo, maybe be a citizen journalist. Post a blog. Tweet the hell out of it. Imagine how many people you could reach instantly, by just blogging about it.

Kara: Yeah. Maybe you're right. Although Snapper would crucify me. Hey, in the meantime, um, maybe there's something you can help me with. Does L-Corp have any technology that we could use to find missing aliens?

Lena: I can look into it. Or maybe I can do one better. When Lex ran the company, Mother was on the Board. Maybe she left something behind, you know, trail of bread crumbs. Could be your second source.

Kara: Thank you.

Lena: What are friends for?


Brian: You gotta give me the benefit of the doubt this time. Bruno. This is a sure thing. And I'll pay you back right after. You will? Yeah, yeah, 50 down on the Knights. You won't be sorry. Damn it.

Officier: Good afternoon, sir. Saw you had a broken taillight. Lucky for you, I have some special tape to fix that right up.

Brian: It's my lucky day after all. Oh, it's right…

Officer: Yeah, see that?

Brian: Oh!

Officer; Just keep…

Brian: Whoa! No. Ah!

Alex: Officer, I think that man needs help.

Maggie:  I need to borrow this more often.

Alex:  Yeah, right.

Brian: Hello.

Alex: Okay. And bingo.

Maggie: Find anything?

Alex: Yeah, GPS coordinates for everywhere this van has been. I know where Cadmus is.

Maggie: Want me to go with you?

Alex: No, I gotta do it alone.

Brian: I wish I had what you two have.

Alex: Go away, Brian.

Maggie: Get out of here. You're gonna need this.


Alana: Found it. The annual budget report from last year.

Lena: Alana, take a look at this. Did you know that Luthor Corp shuttered my brother's naval research facility back in 2007?

Alana: I was in the 8th grade.

Lena: Well, if it's been shut down for 10 years, why did L-Corp get billed for a metals shipment last month? It doesn't make any sense.

Alana: Accounting just switched operating systems. Could be a glitch.

Lena: You go to the archives and get me the tax returns and annual budgets for the last 10 years. Right away, Ms. Luthor.


Alana: It's me. She found out about the site.

Unknown place

Lillian: My daughter is certainly persistent. But I can't let her interfere with our plans.


Alana: Should I take care of her?

Unknown place

Lillian: Yes. But nothing permanent. She just needs to be redirected.


Alana: Consider it done.

Unknown place

Man: Don't move.

Jeremiah: Hold your fire. She's with me.


Jeremiah: You shouldn't have come after me, Alex. You could have been killed.

Alex: What the hell is that?

Jeremiah: It's a Hoshin frigate, the best in the Kazark fleet. As soon as it breaches atmosphere, it's gonna jump to light speed and go to Takron-Galtos. They'll find passage home from there.

Alex: Lillian is sending them back?

Jeremiah: It was my idea.

Alex: I don't understand.

Jeremiah: Lillian was going to kill them all.

Alex: You are forcibly deporting them. I mean, some of them have escaped famine and poverty and genocide.

Jeremiah: At least this way, they have a chance.

Alex: It was all a lie.

Jeremiah: No.

Alex: No, everything you told me in the woods. You said that you were working for Cadmus for me.

Jeremiah: And I am. From the moment Cadmus took me prisoner they told me they were gonna kill you and Kara unless I did what they said. I made my choice. Protect my girls at all costs.

Alex: How could you think that we would want you to hurt others to protect us?

Jeremiah: There are some things that you will never understand until you're a parent.

Alex: Do you think Mom would understand this?

Jeremiah: I can only hope that someday she will.

Kara’s apartmen

Mon-El: Kara, I'm home! I just…I love saying it like that. Hey, come on, not even a smile? What is it? What's going on?

Kara: I'm trying to decide whether I should blog my article myself.

Mon-El: Well, what happens if you blob it?

Kara: Blog.

Mon-El: Right, that's what I said, blob. Will Snapper get mad or something?

Kara: Uh, big time. Yeah.

Mon-El: Okay, well, think fast. Do you think it's the right thing to do? Go.

Kara: Yes. I do.

Mon-El: Well, there you go. Then publish it. Easy.

Kara: But how can you be so sure?

Mon-El: Because you are the most moral person I know. So if you think it's the right thing to do, it is.

Kara: I…

Mon-El: Do it.

Kara: Uh…

Mon-El: Just push the button. Push the button.

Kara: Okay. It's blobbed.

Mon-El: There you go. Way to blob, babe.

Kara: Ugh!

Mon-El: Let me get some chow.

Kara: Lena?


Lena: I found something. Activity at a Luthor facility that's supposedly defunct. It's big enough to build almost anything. Or to hide something.

Kara: Lena?

Lena: Stay back!

Kara’s apartment

Kara: Lena?


Kara: Dropped something?

Lena: How did you know?

Kara: I was getting coffee with Kara Danvers when you called.

Lena: That's lucky.

Kara: Yeah.

Lena: Well, I'm glad you're here. I have something you'll both want to know. Cadmus and the missing aliens. I know where they are.

Unknown place

Alex: Please, Dad. It's not too late.

Lillian: I'm afraid it is, Agent Danvers. Get to your launch stations.

Jeremiah: Lillian, what are you doing?

Lillian: Damage control. Your other daughter, Kara Danvers, just unleashed an article online, exposing our plan. We're going to cut our losses. Launch the ship with the aliens already loaded. We've got a few hundred of them. It's not what I envisioned, but it's a start.

Computer:  System locked.

Alex: Turn it off. Now!

Lillian: You don't threaten me.

Alex: Lillian, do you really think that I would walk into the lion's den without a whip? I planted 10 Haldorr particle mines all over this facility. Stop the launch.

Lillian: You're lying.

Alex: You wanna bet? The rest of the bombs are on a dead-man switch. I let this go and the entire place lights up.

Lillian: I won't stop this.

Alex: I don't need you to. Dad, it's time for you to do what you taught your daughters to do. Are you with me?

Lillian: Tamper with my launch, Jeremiah, and I declare war on your whole family.

Alex: If you let her… We're gonna protect each other. Always.

Lillian: Jeremiah. Jeremiah!

Alex: Dad, make this right. Now stop the launch.

Lillian: I can't.

Jeremiah: Give my daughter the override code.

Lillian: There isn't one. The only way to stop that ship is to drop that stick.

Alex: I'm going on the ship. I'm going to stop the launch from the inside.

Jeremiah: Okay, go! I'm going to try to hack in from here.

Alex: Okay.

Lillian: You're as naive as your daughter.

Jeremiah: I'll take that as a compliment.


Computer: T-minus 60 seconds to engine ignition.

Man: Stop!

Lyra: Alex!

Alex: Lyra. Get back. You start getting everybody off the ship. I'm going to stop the launch.

Lyra: Okay.


Computer: T-minus 30 seconds to engine ignition.

Alex: Okay…Come on.


Lyra: Everyone, we need to get to the exit.

Computer: Secondary engine ignition.

Lyra: Everyone, hold onto something!


Computer: Main engine ignition.


Hank: Report!

Winn: Detecting spacecraft launch on a hyperbolic trajectory.

Mon-El: What is it?

Winn: Cadmus. Gotta be. Ugh! Uh, hey, Alex, can I call you back? We got an undetected launch.


Alex: It's me! I'm the launch!


Winn: What?


Alex: This is not a drill. Once this ship breaches atmo it's gonna jump to light speed.


Mon-El: So we need to stop it before it gets to space.

Hank: I'll never get there in time.


Alex: Uh, plan B…This is a Hoshin frigate, so walk me through landing it.


Winn: Okay, give me a second.

Mon-El: Winn!

Winn: Okay, okay. Got it, got it! Uh, okay, try toggling the switch next to the control yoke and that should put you back in manual control and then I can take it from there.

Hank: Two minutes.


Alex: Nothing's happening. The ship is still picking up speed.


Mon-El: We need to slow it down.

Kara: I'm here. I can slow it down.


Alex: Supergirl. Winn? The screens just lit up red! What's going on?


Hank: Counter-measures.

Winn: Okay, they just registered Supergirl as a threat and they're trying to target-lock.

Mon-El: Supergirl, keep moving!

Winn: Are you okay?


Kara: I'm all right. I'm…


Mon-El: Winn?

Winn: Supergirl!

Hank: It's all right, it's all right, she just lost her comms.


Alex: Okay. Go.


Winn: Alex, in 20 seconds, the ship will be on the other side of the universe.


Alex: It's up to her now. Come on. You can do this. You got this.

Kara: Come on. Come on!

Alex: Okay.

Alien bar

Newscaster: And in breaking news, authorities have thwarted a terrorist plot to send registered aliens back into space. Alien families are being reunited. It's a happy ending to what was…

Lyra: Winn!

Newscaster: a harrowing series of events.

Winn: Oh, thank God, you're safe. Oh, I thought I lost you.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: You're firing me?

Snapper: Of course I am, danvers.com. You deliberately published an article using CatCo resources on a competing social media platform, which is not only a conflict of interest but also a direct and flagrant breach of contract.

Kara: But you refused to run the story. I thought what I was doing was right.

Snapper: You weren't right, you were lucky. And next time you might not be. One wrong statistic about the stock market and suddenly we're in the Great Depression. One misattributed quote from a candidate and you put a fascist in the White House. The rules are there for a reason. To make sure you get the story right. That's not luck. That's being a good reporter. You know what the worst part is? I was rooting for you.


Alex: I'm sorry I disobeyed your orders, J'onn. But you shouldn't have done what you did. That was cruel.

Hank: I did it because I thought you might be reckless and get yourself hurt. But then I almost lost you in that ship anyway. I was wrong, Alex, and I'm, uh… I'm sorry. Please know, I… I only did it to protect you. I never meant to hurt you.

Alex: You sound just like him. Can we just agree to stop doing the wrong things for the right reasons?

Hank: Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Let me start by doing the right thing. Report back to work, Agent Danvers.

Alex: Yes, sir.

Hank: I hope one day we get him back.

Alex: We will.


Maggie: Did you get your job back?

Alex: Yeah, I did.

Maggie: Good. 'Cause I'm not dating some unemployed slacker.

Alex: Oh!

Maggie: Though you do make good arm candy.

Alex: Mmm… Don't I?

Kara’s apartment

Mon-El: Potstickers. Still piping hot. Here, eat one. Or all of them. I promise you'll feel better.

Kara: Ah, I don't know.

Mon-El: Hey… Hey, you're gonna get another job.

Kara: Yeah, but I… I don't want another job. Reporting is my calling. I help people.

Mon-El: Yeah? You know who else does?

Kara: Who?

Mon-El: Supergirl.

Kara: Mmm.

Mon-El: Yeah.

Kara: You know, it's just… When I write, I don't need a yellow sun. It's just me. Supergirl is what I can do. Kara is who I am. I really loved that job.

Mon-El: Hey. You have so much to offer this world. So don't let Snapper or anyone else tell you differently. Okay?

Kara: You know something?

Mon-El: What?

Kara: Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.

Mon-El: You think so?

Kara: Yeah.

Mon-El: I hope so.


Rhea: I feel different.

Lar Gand: Yes. There is something about this place.

Man: Your Highnesses. We've reached our coordinates.

Lar Gand: Finally.

Rhea: We've arrived.

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Et après Dean Cain alias Clark/Superman, Teri Hatcher alias Loïs de Loïs et Clark. Ce sera qui le/la prochain(e) ?^^

serieserie  (07.03.2017 à 13:15)

Alex est mise sur la touche après avoir attaqué le emc de Cadmus qu'ils ont arrêté au bar... Normal! Mais j'adore vraiment son binôme avec Maggie c'était vraiment fun et l'alien "j'aimerais avoir ce que vous avez toutes les deux" il m'a achevé lui!! MAis elle est un peu aveuglé par son désir de récupéré son père, c'est du suicide d'aller à Cadmus toute seule!! 

Maggie: Offrez lui le meme pistolet joujou qu'Alex elle sera ravie :P

Kara... Snapper est pas cool mais il n'a pas tort, elle ne peut pas uniquement avoir "supergirl" comme source, en tant que journaliste, elle n'a enfaite aucune vraie source, comment elle espère percer?! Après bon je sens bien le truc qu'elle va devenir bloggeuse!

J'onn et sa mise à l'épreuve avec Alex... Moui jsuis pas tellement d'accord non plus mais bon...

Mon-El il me fait trop rire! Il est tellement mignon avec Kara ^^

Winn et Lyra, sont vraiment trop trop mignons tous les deux!!

Jeremiah se dresse contre Cadmus mais j'ai du mal a le croire encore... il connait les pouvoirs de Kara donc... enfin bon...

La dernière scène pour nous faire languir jusqu'au 20 mars... ils veulent nous achevé...

Kara saute le vaisseau bon J'onn aurait pu se manier et aller l'aider quand meme!! Le temps qu'elle l'arrête il aurait largement été arriver!

James presque inexsitant... Mais que fou Mehcad?!


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