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#217 : Soleil lointain

Une grosse prime est mise sur Supergirl et tous les aliens au loin arrivent et attaquent National City dans le but d'attraper la femme d'acier. Alex et Maggie rencontrent l'ex petite-amie de Maggie, Emily, qui est en ville pour une semaine. Hank reçoit un ordre surprenant de la part de la Présidente Marsdin.


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Distant Sun

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Soleil lointain

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Kevin Smith réalise l'épisode

Kevin Smith réalise l'épisode

Kara et Mon-el retrouve Rhea

Kara et Mon-el retrouve Rhea

Alex et Maggie (Floriana Lima)

Alex et Maggie (Floriana Lima)

Rhea demande à Mon-El de faire un choix

Rhea demande à Mon-El de faire un choix

Rhea, Mon-El et Kara

Rhea, Mon-El et Kara

Mon-El et Kara

Mon-El et Kara

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) attend Maggie

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) attend Maggie

Maggie et Alex rencontre Emily

Maggie et Alex rencontre Emily

Kevin Smith derrière la caméra

Kevin Smith derrière la caméra

Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) et Alex Danvers

Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) et Alex Danvers

Rhea et son fils Mon-El

Rhea et son fils Mon-El

Emily rencontre Alex et Maggie

Emily rencontre Alex et Maggie


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Plus de détails

Teri Hatcher: Rhea
Kevin Sorbo: Lar Gand
Lynda Carter: President Marsdin

Kara’s apartment

Kara: What smells so… Oh, is that hash browns!

Mon-El: No, no, no, no! I'm trying to make you breakfast in bed. I'm going for full romance, here. And you have ruined it.

Kara: Okay, that's very sweet. But there is no way you're getting in the way of me and bacon! And biscuits! And, oh, is that a poached egg?

Mon-El: Yeah.

Kara: When did you learn how to poach?

Mon-El: Oh, I found the instructions. Turns out BOOKS have a lot more useful information than YouTube.

Kara: Hey!

Mon-El: Who knew?

Kara: You have changed.

Mon-El: Oh yeah?

Kara: Yes, I'm impressed.

Mon-El: Well, I figured since you were good enough to take me back, that I should be good enough to fill every moment of your life with joy. And… Oh, and coffee. 'Cause that's ready.

Kara: Well, there's one good thing about not having to work at CatCo.

Mon-El: What's that?

Kara: There's more time with you. Any word from your parents?

Mon-El: No. They're just up there, hovering around in orbit. Is that what they mean by helicopter parenting?

Newscaster: Breaking news coming from Midtown Park…

Kara: Oh, crap.

Newscaster: as a violent alien wages an all-out attack against innocent civilians.

Mon-El: Laser eye patch. That's new.

Kara: Well, duty calls…

Mon-El:  Do you want me to come with you? We can get him together.

Kara: Sure.

Mon-El: Yeah? I'll just get changed… Oh, shoot, my stuff is at the DEO. You are so fast.

Kara: I got this one.

Mon-El: I'll get a jump start on that laundry!


Kara: J'onn? I'm going to need an alien clean up on aisle three.


Hank: Madam President.

President Marsdin: I saw Supergirl had a hostile alien to deal with this morning.

Hank: Yes. It seems to be another one-off incident. It's under control. Is that why you called?

President Marsdin: No, actually. I called to get an update on the Daxamite ship.

Hank: At the moment it seems to be in low orbit. No communication or signs of activity for days. But according to Mon-El, the Daxamite we've been working with, they could be dangerous.

President Marsdin: I was afraid of that.

Hank: How would you like to proceed?

President Marsdin: I'm concerned that if we make any moves, we could end up in a major intergalactic conflict.

Hank: I don't disagree.

President Marsdin: Director, I know Supergirl was involved in brief combat with the ship. I have to ask you to refrain from engaging again.

Hank: With all due respect, Madam President, if they present a threat, we must…

President Marsdin: We must be smart about it. And my office will gather more intel. Until then, err on the side of caution.

Hank: I understand.

President Marsdin: I'll be in touch.


Maggie: So was yoga as awful as you thought it would be?

Alex: Yes.

Maggie: You're in a league of your own, Danvers.

Alex: Ugh… Look at us. We're that couple. With the yoga mats and the flirtatious bickering.

Maggie: I know. It's perfect… Emily?

Emily: Maggie.

Maggie: Hi. How are… Are you back in town?

Emily: Yeah. Just for the week. I'm staying at the Baldwin.

Maggie: Oh. Okay.

Alex: Hi. I'm Alex.

Maggie: Oh, I'm sorry. This is my girlfriend, Alex.

Emily: I'm Emily. Nice to meet you.

Maggie: We used to date.

Alex: Ah, okay.

Maggie: It's been…

Emily: A lot of years.

Maggie: Yeah.

Emily: We should catch up sometime.

Maggie: Sure. That would be good. Sometime.

Emily: I should go. And let you guys get up to whatever you've got going on. But it was really good to see you.

Maggie: You too.

Emily: Nice to meet you.

Alex: Nice to meet you, yeah. What about tonight?

Maggie: What?

Alex: Well, she wants to catch up. We don't have any plans.

Maggie: No. I can't. Come on. It's cold.

Alex: Do you see how cool I'm being about this? I mean, come on.

Maggie: Emily? Do you want to have dinner with us tonight?

Emily: Uh, yeah. Sure. I have the same e-mail, just let me know where.

Alex: We will.

Emily: Okay.

Alex: See, that wasn't so bad.


Hank: Remember that alien you fought this morning?

Kara: The one with the laser-shooting eye patch? Yeah. Rings a bell.

Winn: He wasn't just any rogue alien.

Hank: He's from a race of alien bounty hunters called Amalaks.

Mon-El: I'm sorry. Did you say bounty hunter?

Winn: Yep. When the DEO was intaking your new monocular best friend, they found this.

Kara: Hey, that's me.

Alex: What is it?

Hank: It's an interplanetary messaging device.

Winn: It accesses some kind of alien darknet for all your shady space needs.

Mon-El: Is there a message?

Voice: Name. Supergirl. The last daughter of Krypton. Location. National City, USA, Planet Earth. Three hundred quartz crowns upon proof of death.

Hank: Someone put a bounty on your head.

Alex: How much is three hundred quartz crowns?

Mon-El: A lot. Like enough to buy a planet.

Winn: Oh. Like, we're talking like, a planet in a good neighborhood? Or like, a hipster, up-and-coming kind of vibe?

Mon-El: Exactly.

Hank: For that kind of bounty, every low-life killer in the universe will be headed this way to take their shot.

Kara: Oh, that's fine. I'll just take them out. One by one.

Alex: Hey, hey. No, no, no. Wait. Okay. Not that I doubt you, okay? But a series of battles with interstellar bounty hunters doesn't seem like a good way to ensure public safety.

Hank: Alex is right. I want you staying out of sight until we can figure out who is behind this.

Kara: Wait a second. You want me to hide?

Alex: Sometimes hiding is a strategic necessity.

Mon-El: And since you asked, I too think that you should hide. 'Cause I just lost you. Don't really feel like losing you again. 'Cause that would not be… Palatable.

Winn: Hey, that's a very culinary way to put it.

Mon-El: I cook now.

Kara: I'm not going to hide. I'm the Girl of Steel. I don't bend. I don't break. I don't stand down for anyone.

Hank: I know none of us can stop you if you choose to go out there, but please, as the people who care about you, give us a day to try and get ahead of this thing.

Kara: Fine. Okay. I'll lay low for 24 hours.

Hank: Thank you. Agent Schott, see if you can find a way to locate some more of those things. Maybe we can stop those bounty hunters before they strike. Agent Danvers, run a database search for other species who might be using this network.

Alex: Absolutely. Well, I had plans but I will cancel.

Kara: No. No. Don't cancel your plans just to search databases. That's ridiculous.

Hank: Uh, these databases won't search themselves.

Winn: Actually they will, I just got to write a program for it. And I just signed up for more work, didn't I? Okay.

Kara: Let's get out of here.

Hank: Mon-El?

Mon-El: Yeah.

Hank : Keep an eye on her.

Mon-El: I will. There's just something I have to do first.

Alien bar

Rhea: So this is how they entertain royalty on this planet.

Mon-El: Mother, Father.

Lar Gand: We were glad when we received your message.

Man: Hey, Mon-El, can I grab a pint?

Mon-El: I'm not working. You can check with Rhonda though.

Lar Gand: You work here? As a servant?

Mon-El: I'm a mixologist. It is an artistic profession in the medium of preparing alcoholic beverages. And it is very honorable.

Rhea: I don't believe anyone in this hovel does anything important.

Mon-El: That's lovely. Look, so, I don't wanna believe it, but I know it was you.

Rhea: You know what was us?

Mon-El: You placed the bounty on Kara's life. Did you really think that if you had her killed that I was just going to change my mind and come back with you?

Lar Gand: You've become quite imaginative in your time here.

Mon-El: Is that so? Who else wants her dead and has 300 quartz crowns?

Rhea: Does she seem like a person who has any shortage of enemies?

Lar Gand: I can assure you we have nothing to do with this.

Mon-El: Okay, so, if it's not you, why are you still on Earth?

Lar Gand: Because we're hoping you'll come to your senses.

Rhea: Do you know how long we've been searching for you? Years. Spent praying to the gods for the faintest hint of your survival.

Lar Gand: We thought we were lost. That we would be the last generation of Daxamites. But for your mother's strength, despair would have overwhelmed us.

Rhea: When you were a child, you used to grab my leg with both arms every time I tried to leave the room. I would have to peel you off of me like some gangly little magnet. And it broke my heart. Until we heard your beacon, I thought we'd lost you forever. And now… I would rather die than leave Earth without you.

Lar Gand: You have to trust that all we want is for you to come home. We wish no harm on your friend.

Rhea: Remember, we're your parents. When you call, we come. Even to places that disagree with us.


Alex: Maybe she's having trouble parking.

Maggie: She hates parking, she always valets.

Alex: Do you want to try texting her?

Maggie: It's been 45 minutes.

Alex: I'm sure there's a good reason she's not here.

Maggie: It's okay, Alex.

Alex: No, it's… Look, I feel bad. I can see it was an awkward thing that I pushed you into and now…

Maggie:  No. It was thoughtful of you to try to get me closure. Emily's just…

Alex: What?

Maggie: Well, when we broke up, she said some things that cut me pretty deep. And we were together for five years, it was the longest relationship I've ever had. So, when she said that I didn't deserve to be happy, I figured she really knew me. And maybe she was right.

Alex: No, it wasn't, and that was a terrible thing to say.

Maggie: It doesn't matter anymore, it was a long time ago.

Alex: It does matter.

Maggie: Can we just get out of here?

Alex: Of course. Check, please.

Kara’s apartment

Kara: I hate this.

James: What, the game?

Kara: No! I love this game. I hate… I hate being stuck inside. Look, look. I could be there and back so fast.

Winn: No, no! J'onn said you can't go anywhere as Supergirl.

James: Should have never let you watch the news.

Kara: I will be back before I miss my turn.

James: No.

Kara: National City needs Supergirl.

James: Mon-El, I'm very happy you're here. And not just because you have super strength. Now maybe you can stand in the way of her and her super suit.

Mon-El: Yeah.

Kara: Where were you?

Mon-El: I was just questioning some suspects.

Kara: Who?

Mon-El: My parents.

Kara: So you think your parents ordered the bounty on me?

Mon-El: Well, they say they didn't, but I'm not so sure.

Winn: They should meet my dad. I bet they'd become fast friends.

Mon-El: Yeah, from what you've said about it, I'm sure that's true.

Kara: Oh, shoot.

Mon-El: I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. Ah…

Kara: Are you okay?

Mon-El: I can't move. No. Seriously. I… I… Um… Whoa! Watch out!


Kara: What are you doing?

Mon-El: I don't know, it's not me! I'm sorry. I'm not in control of my body. Ah.

Kara:  I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Mon-El: I had that coming.

Kara’s apartment

James: Looks like someone's controlling him.

Winn: Whoa, whoa. It's working.

James: What's working?

Winn: Okay, so, I reconfigured this thing to go off if there's another messaging device nearby. Which means there is a bounty hunter and he is close.


Kara: Can you control it?

Mon-El: No! I just feel pins and needles all over.

Kara: Okay…

Mon-El: It's no good! You have to run. I'm much too dangerous.

Kara: Just focus and try to fight it.

Mon-El: I can't! Oh, no. I'm so sorry.

James: Me too.

Mon-El: I don't think I can fight it.

Kara: Wait…


Winn: Let him go. Or the sidewalk gets a new paint job.


Mon-El: Ow. Hey, it's me. It's me!

Kara: Oh, oh! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


Winn: So, Creepy McGee here got inside Mon-El's brain and thought he could use him to kill Supergirl.

Mon-El: Rude.

Kara: Who put the bounty out on me?

Alex: He knows. You can tell he knows.

Bounty hunter: I'm the most powerful telepath in the Alcorian system. I know more than you can imagine.

Winn: Oh, yeah, except for the difference between a gun and a stapler.

Bounty hunter: You'll never get me to talk. You humans are too moral to do what's necessary to penetrate my mind.

Alex: Winn, get me a wrench.

Hank: Alex! Stand down.

Bounty hunter: Come at me, bro. It was the Daxamites! Queen Rhea placed the bounty…


Mon-El: You know, for a second there, I actually almost believed them. I mean, you're not safe.

Kara: We'll figure this out.

Mon-El: I mean, how? I know them. In their minds, they honestly believe that if they get rid of you, then I'm just going to go back home.

Alex: We need to retaliate. I mean, if we strike back, we could force them to pull the bounty and leave Earth.

Winn: Uh, listen, I like revenge just as much as the next geek but need I remind you that they have an impenetrable warship?

Kara: Well, Winn, you can find a way in.

Hank: No, he can't.

Winn: I mean, I might be able to.

Hank: We can't take any action against the Daxamite ship whatsoever. I have orders from President Marsdin.

Alex: What?

Hank: Attacking them could spark an intergalactic war.

Alex: They attacked us.

Hank: I'll brief the President and wait for her instructions. Until then, our only mission is to keep Supergirl safe.


Alex: Emily.

Emily: Alex, right?

Alex: Yeah. I wanted to come see you. I wanted to talk to you. Just to see if…

Emily: Look, if this is about dinner…

Alex:  Why didn't you show up?

Emily: I should have, but… The whole situation, it just brought up too many painful memories.

Alex: What about Maggie? And all the things you said to her back then… That wasn't painful? Emily: Anything I said to her, she had coming.

Alex: She dedicated five years of her life to you and you bailed on her.

Emily: I bailed on her? Seriously? That's what she told you? She cheated on me.

Alex: I'm sorry, I… I didn't know.

Emily: I shouldn't have said anything. But the truth is I just… Really want to forget about it.

Alex: Sorry, I'm… I'm going to go.

Kara’s apartment

Mon-El: Hey, so I've been thinking about a solution to our problem.

Kara: Yeah. Me too.

Mon-El: Yeah?

Kara: There's only one thing we can do. Talk to your mother.

Mon-El: Run for our lives.

Kara: Wait, what?

Mon-El: What? So there's this planet that a Durlan emissary told me about when I was a kid. It's got water, and a yellow sun, it's got everything we need to survive. My parents wouldn't find us there. We'd be together, we'd be safe. I think of this because I'm reading this play right now, Romeo and Juliet?

Kara: Yeah, I've heard of it.

Mon-El: Right and there's this moment at the end where I am right now, where they're about to run away together and to live happily ever after. And I can't help but think that that could be us. You know?

Kara: Yeah, but Juliet and Romeo both die at the end.

Mon-El: I did not see that coming.

Kara: And no. We're not going to your secret planet. I'm Supergirl, I don't run from anything.

Mon-El: Yeah, I know. It's one of the more annoying things about you.

Kara: Thank you.

Mon-El: You're welcome. I mean, you… You don't know my parents. They won't stop. They want you dead and they want me to come home. And they're… They get what they want.

Kara: That's why we have to talk to your mother.

Mon-El: But J'onn just said we can't engage with them.

Kara: No. He did not say that. He said we can't attack them. We can still talk to her. Then you can get her to realize all she really wants is for you to be happy. And then she'll realize that Earth is the best place for you. Your mother can change. You just have to talk to her.

Mon-El: People don't really change.

Kara: Sure they do. You did. You've become someone incredible and unselfish. Just give her a chance.

Mon-El: You really think I'm incredible?

Kara: No. I just said that to get you to listen to me.

Mon-El: Yeah. Okay, well, I'll contact the ship. It's worth a shot.

Fortress of Solitude

Rhea: Krypton on Earth? And I thought the location of our last meeting was vile.

Kara: Uh, this place is sacred to me and my cousin. I thought it was the only place on Earth worthy enough to entertain you, Your Majesty.

Rhea: The Kryptonians were never very good at entertaining.

Mon-El: Look. We know it was you. One of your bounty hunters gave you up. Look, Mother, I know that you love me, okay? And I know that you think you want what's best for me. But can't you see that being here on Earth with Kara makes me happy? Call off your bounty. And maybe you and I can still have a relationship.

Rhea: I am your mother. You do not dictate the terms of our relationship.

Kara: Your son has found a home here. Friends, a life… He's happy. Don't take that away from him. I know our worlds have had their differences. Which is all the more reason that we need to fight to make peace. When Mon-El first landed here, we didn't understand each other. But we found a connection. Through the kindness in our hearts. And that comes from somewhere. You have kindness in your heart. Please just try to understand that letting him stay here is the right thing to do.

Rhea: Whatever connection you think you've found with my son during this tryst is a lie.

Mon-El: Hey, are you all right?

Kara: Um… I don't feel so…

Rhea: I should have handled this myself from the beginning.

Kara: Where did you get Kryptonite?

Rhea: Our planet is littered with the corpse of yours.

Kara: No, don't!

Rhea: I crossed an ocean of stars looking for my son. I'm not going to let you get in my way now. Your family awaits you.

Mon-El: No! Wait! I'll go with you.

Kara: Mon-El. No, you can't.

Mon-El: Whatever you want. I'll go back to Daxam, I'll be your prince. All of it. Just stop hurting her.

Rhea: I have your word? No tricks? No resistance?

Mon-El: You have my word. I'm sorry, Kara. This is the only way. So long as you're safe.

Kara: Don't go. Mon-El.

Mon-El: It's okay. It's okay.


Lar Gand: Son. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see you here.

Rhea: Mon-El, why don't you go clean up while we prepare for departure.

Mon-El: Call off the bounty on Kara. Now.

Rhea: It's done.

Lar Gand: It was you? You issued the bounty?

Rhea: I did what I had to do to get back my son.

Alex’s apartment

Maggie: Hey. What's so urgent?

Alex: I went to see Emily.

Maggie: What… Why?

Alex: Well, I wanted to go talk to her after seeing how upset you were at the restaurant. I went to stick up for you.

Maggie: Alex… It's not your problem to fix.

Alex: You were never gonna really tell me that you cheated on her, were you?

Maggie: That was a long time ago. I did a horrible thing. And I already feel bad about it. You want to bring it up, so I can feel worse?

Alex: No, no. No. Look. This isn't about the fact that you cheated. Okay? We have all done dumb things. This is about the fact that you don't trust me enough to tell me the truth.

Maggie: I wanted to.

Alex: Listen. I've thought a lot about this. You have a pattern of keeping things to yourself. You hid the truth about Emily, you made her seem like the bad guy. And then before that, you didn't tell me what really happened when you came out to your parents. And how badly they reacted. You don't like to talk about you.

Maggie: I know.

Alex: So, I think that when your parents didn't accept you, you stopped trusting people that are closest to you. And I totally get that. But, Maggie… You don't have to be guarded with me. Okay? I'm not here to judge you for things that happened in the past, I'm here to help you heal.

Maggie: You don't think I'm a bad person?

Alex: No. Actually, I always thought that you were perfect. But it's really nice to see that you have problems, too.

Maggie: Thank you.

Alex: Yeah. Sorry. It's Kara. I… Hey. Hi… What happened? Whoa, slow down, slow down. Are you okay? Okay. I'm on my way. Kara's hurt. And something's happened with Mon-El. I have to get to the DEO. I'm… We'll talk later. I'm sorry.

Maggie: Okay.


Alex: Where is she?

Hank: What did she do to you?

Kara: She had Kryptonite.

Alex: We need to get you under a yellow sun LAMP.

Kara: No. Rhea was about to kill me, and Mon-El sacrificed everything to save my life. Now we have to save his.

Hank: I can't let you do that.

Kara: No, I'm okay.

Hank: It's not that. We're under strict orders not to engage. I'm sorry.

Kara: This is Mon-El's life. Please.

Hank: I cannot disobey the President of the United States. I know it's easy to let emotions get involved, but there's a protocol. I'm not the one calling the shots right now.

Alex: I know how much you care for Mon-El. But this is too dangerous.

Kara: I have to save him. I know you understand. Once that ship leaves he's gone forever.

Hank: He's made his choice. He's with his people, Kara.

Kara: Mon-El did not choose this. This is not like M'gann. And if we wait for President's orders, Mon-El and his parents could be light-years away. We have to go now. I'm the one that convinced him to do this. To try to reason with his mother. He's up there because of me. Please. J'onn, I can't lose him.


Lar Gand: I want you to know that Kara Zor-El will be safe. And in time, you will see that coming home was the right thing to do.

Mon-El: I already know it was right. If I didn't come back, Mother would have killed the woman I love.

Lar Gand: Your life will always be Rhea's responsibility. But son, you belong with your people. It means so much to them to have you back.

Mon-El: If this is about the people, then some things have to change. One day I will become king. And I want to be a different kind of king. And why not start now? Why not rebuild our kingdom better than it was. And make justice available for everyone. And get rid of rank and make it so that everyone's voice is heard equally.

Lar Gand: This is absurd.

Mon-El: Why? Why is that so absurd? We have a chance to start again, Father. So why should we go and just recreate the same broken system as before?

Lar Gand: Because it's what the people need. Do you think we survived the destruction of our world by giving everyone a say? Our royal house stood for a thousand years because the people need our order. And our leadership.

Mon-El: Our house would have fallen. So rebuild with me, Father. Please.

Rhea: Enough! It will take us four years to reach Daxam. Maybe if you spend that time in a cell you'll be cured of these misconceptions.

Mon-El: Father, help…

Man:  The engines will be ready for departure in five minutes, Your Majesties.

Rhea: Thank you. We can finally get away from the poison of planet Earth.


Winn: So, you may remember heat-visioning the bonkers out of this bad boy back on the rescue mission to Slaver's Moon. But with a little TLC, little elbow grease, we've got it fully operational again.

Kara: This is just one portal. Don't we need one on the other side?

Hank: No, apparently, the other portal acts as more of a beacon.

Alex: So, as long as you have the exact coordinates of where you want to transmat, you only need one gate?

Winn: Mmm-hmm. Yes. One gate and one, you know, flawless calculation of the ship's location as it hurtles through space relative to us as we spin on the Earth's axis at about 1,000 miles per hour.

Kara: And if the calculation's wrong?

Hank: You'll transmat directly into the cold vacuum of space.

Kara: Let's hope it's not wrong. So, in order to get to Mon-El, we have to distract the queen.

Winn: Whoa, okay. Satellites have detected ion thruster activity, guys.

Alex: Looks like the Daxamites are about to leave.

Kara: We have to go now.

Hank: But what about the Kryptonite?

Kara: I have an idea.


Man: Ion thrusters are ready and the navigation system is set for Daxam.

Rhea: Take us out. You just don't know when to let go, do you?

Kara: I was gonna say the same thing about you.

Rhea: Round two.


Mon-El: Winn?

Winn: Oh, thank God I am not in space.

Mon-El: You are in space.

Winn: Oh, yeah. I know. I mean, like floating around in space, dying. Uh, I'm here to rescue you. Hi.

Mon-El: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

Winn: You finally saw Star Wars.


Rhea: The Kryptonite…

Kara: Doesn't have much effect on me.


Winn: Open sesame.

Mon-El: Fantastic. Let's get out of here before the alarms go off.

Winn: Oh, I'm already one step ahead of you. I've already cracked the security system. Hey, hey. Are you guys getting this?


Kara: Crystal clear.

Alex: Winn, can you bring up the Throne Room?

Winn: You got it.

Kara: Is the portal programmed to the ship's location?

Alex: Yeah, but Kara…


Rhea: Finish him. Is it really you this time?

Kara: Does that answer your question?

Lar Gand: Rhea!


Mon-El: My mother will kill her. We've got to help. Come on.


Lar Gand: All we want is for our family to be together.

J’onn: That's what we want too.

Rhea: All your talk about change, Kryptonian, but you never change. You take what you want, without a care for our world.

Mon-El: Kara.

Winn: Whoa!

Lar Gand: Enough. Enough!

Rhea: What are you doing?

Lar Gand: He has made his decision. I can see now that this is your family.

Mon-El: You came after me.

Kara: Every time.

Rhea: Krypton has taken everything from me. And now you take my son.

Mon-El: I'm glad you're both alive. But this is the last time we'll ever see each other. I hope one day you'll understand.

Kara: Alex, we're ready now.


Alex: So, how'd it go?

Maggie: Good. Thank you for making me do that.

Alex: You guys talking about me at the end there?

Maggie: Yeah. She said how lucky I am to have you.

Alex: She's right.

Maggie: Let's go.


President Marsdin: Director, did you engage the Daxamite ship?

Hank: Yes. How did you find out?

President Marsdin: I have my sources. And you had your orders. I'm disappointed.

Hank: I understand. But an alien who was under our protection, who had been given amnesty, was taken against his will and we were his only hope.

President Marsdin: And what if things hadn't turned out your way?

Hank: It's my job to ensure that they do. I made a decision and I accept the consequences.

President Marsdin: Director J'onzz, I will let you know when I decide what those consequences will be. The ship has left Earth's orbit?

Hank: Yes, ma'am.

President Marsdin: That will be all for now.

Kara’s apartment

Kara: I just want all of these sugary… What?

Mon-El: Nothing. I just… I just really didn't think I was going to see you again. After today.

Kara: Yeah, me either. But not for long. I mean… I knew I couldn't let that happen.

Mon-El: Well, yeah.

Kara: And I'm sorry I forced you to talk to your mom. I should have listened to you. I was wrong.

Mon-El: No. You believe that people can change and you gave them a chance to do it. Like my father. He changed. He understood that I was happy here on Earth. He saw what I wanted and he found the goodness in his heart to let me stay. So, you were right to be hopeful. I think we could all stand to be a little more like you. More optimistic and brave…

Kara: I think you were pretty brave.

Mon-El: No, I just did what I knew you would have done. And it was terrifying. But you, I mean, you do that every day. I don't even understand it.

Kara: Mmm…

Mon-El: You make it look so easy, to do the right thing that you wouldn't even guess that it's that hard. But it's hard. You sacrifice a lot for everyone else and… I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record here but I admire you.

Kara: Well, I'm not going to forget the way you sacrificed yourself for me. Ever.

Mon-El: So we saved each other today.

Kara: Yeah.

Mon-El: Just like Romeo and Juliet.

Kara: You really need to finish it. Can you finish reading that, please?

Mon-El: Yeah, how does it end?

Kara: You need to finish it.

Mon-El: Come here.

Kara: I don't wanna…


Rhea: He's really gone, isn't he?

Lar Gand: He made his decision, Rhea. On Daxam, we value happiness. He never would have been happy with us.

Rhea: We used to be so in sync, you and I. The day we took our vows, we promised to stand by each other's side. We looked out on those that we loved most and we made a commitment. To our marriage but, more importantly, our family. You ruined that today.

Lar Gand: I am still by your side. We will move on.

Rhea: No. We won't. You betrayed me, my love. I'm not done with this world.

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