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#202 : Les derniers enfants de Krypton

CADMUS attaque National City en utilisant un vilain alimenté par de la kryptonite qui finit par sérieusement blesser Supergirl. Superman accuse Hank car la kryptonite a été volée au DEO. Pendant ce temps, le premier jour de Kara à son nouveau poste ne se déroule pas comme prévu après sa rencontre avec son nouveau patron, Snapper Carr.


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The Last Children of Krypton

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Les derniers enfants de Krypton

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Firefighter : I hope to God she shows up. Even better.


Kara :Do you want to do the honors?

Clark : Eh. I got to look cool last time. I'll handle the cloud. You give 'em what they need.

Kara : Does this ever get old?

Clark : If it does, I will let you know. That's our cue.


Kara : What's the hurry?

Clark : Oh, uh I'm with her. Uh, I think I may have scratched your bumper here. See, now… If the bullets don't work, right, why the punching? I just never understood that.

Kara : I'm having a really good day.

Clark : Me, too.


Hank : When you two are done showboating, there's a renegade Kigori in Riverside Park.


Kara: We're on it, Hank.


Hank : "We're on it."

Winn : Grumpy.

Hank : Eyes on the keys.

Winn : Sir, yes, sir.

Alex : You promised Kara that you'd be nicer when her cousin was around.

Hank : I said I would try.

Winn : "Do or do not. "There is no try."

Hank : Exactly how bad did you want this job, Mr. Schott?

Alex : He'll be leaving town soon, I'm sure. So until then….

Hank : I'll be in the armory shooting at something.

Winn : That sounds relaxing.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor : Time to wake up, Mr. Corben.

Corben : Feel strange.

Lillian Luthor : I can only imagine.

Man : I'm calling security.

Lillian Luthor : We don't need the men with guns down here. Do we, John?

Corben : How did I do that?

Lillian Luthor : Let me give you a little context. The Kryptonians tried to kill you. We salvaged you, modified you and resurrected you.

Corben : And who are you?

Lillian Luthor : Merely a doctor. I am a member of an organization called Cadmus. And you… You are what we've been waiting for, Mr. Corben.

Man : I don't believe he's ready.

Lillian Luthor : Is that true, John? Are you not ready to become the man who saved the world from an alien menace?

Corben : What did you do to me?

Lillian Luthor : I've given you a gift. I've given you life with the very thing that will bring your enemies death. I've given you a second chance. I've given you a cause.


Alex : Let's move. Supergirl. We haven't heard from you. We were just leaving to catch the Kigori.

Clark : Oh, we just dropped that little guy in containment.

Kara : Yeah.

Alex : Stand down, guys.

Kara : I'm sorry. Team Krypton was just having #toomuchfun. I mean, I've always loved being Supergirl. But today…

Hank : Next time it would be nice if you followed protocol and alerted us that an alien combative was no longer an active threat. Your cousin may not work for the DEO, but you still do.

Kara : Sorry. We were… We were just having

Hank : # toomuchfun. Yeah, we know.

Winn : Uh, energy drain coming from the holding area. Again.


Winn : It started happening last night.

Alex : All energy resources at the DEO suddenly diverted to him.

Clark : You're exposing him to kryptonite? He's a survivor, not a prisoner.

Hank : It's a precaution. We don't know anything about him.

Winn : Ooh, power is back at 100%.

Alex : His vitals have jumped again. It's at the same rate as the power drain.

Clark : He's repairing himself at a cellular level?

Alex : It's like photosynthesis. His cells are absorbing the electrical energy and converting them to chemical energy.

Clark : You should test his levels again. Now that he's…

Hank : We've got this, Superman.

Clark : Sure you do. I should go.

Kara : I know you two aren't the best of friends. But you promised you'd be nice to him while he's here.

Winn : Yeah, actually he said he would try.

Kara : How How is it hard to be nice to Superman? He's Superman.

Hank : If it means so much to you, we will get along.

Kara : Thank you.

Alex : We still on for sister night? Veep and Chinese?

Kara : Yeah. Of course. Do you know it's Clark's favorite show, too?

Alex : Is Clark is coming to sister night?

Kara : Yeah. I mean, he's in town. And he is family.

Alex : The more the merrier.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : First day as a reporter. This is like five times more exciting than buying new school supplies. Which, look, I did that.

Clark : I see that.

Kara : I got a reporter pad.

Clark : Uh-huh.

Kara : It's for taking reporter notes.

Clark : Yeah.

Kara : Because I'm a reporter now.

Clark : Hey, Kara. Kara. You're gonna do great.

Kara : I hope so. I really don't want to disappoint….

Cat : Kara, do you think I could trouble you for a minute?

Clark : Good luck.

Cat : Oh, watching Clark Kent walk away is like transcendental meditation. And all of your worries, all of your concerns in life, they just fall away.

Kara : That's…Glad to hear it.

Cat : Hmm.

Kara, I would like to introduce you to your new boss.

Kara : Really? That's wonderful. Well, whenever they get here, I am ready for action.

Snapper : I like your view, Cat. Very clear.

Cat : Mmm. I'm sure, that's the first and last time you'll ever compliment my view on anything, I'm guessing. Snapper Carr, meet Kara Danvers.

Kara : Hi, sir.

Cat : Snapper will be running the investigative team at CatCo Magazine. He's one of the best journalists I've ever known. And he has the apparel to match. Shabby, not so chic.

Kara ; Mr. Carr, it's It's an honor to meet you. I've read your series on corruption in the mayor's office. It was… Well, it won the Pulitzer.

Cat : So Kara will be your newest stringer. Teach her well.

Kara : I am so excited to get started. I will work on this harder than I have ever worked on any… Anything else ever before. Did that go well?

Cat : Uh, yes. Yes, he really liked you. Run along.

Kara’s apartment

Alex : So, does Clark like red or white?

Kara : No, none for him. Alcohol doesn't effect Kryptonians but he still won't drink and fly. He's a big, big nerd. Perfect timing.

Alex : Hey, Clark.

Clark : Hey, Alex. Um, could you give Kara and me a minute together?

Alex : Of course.

Clark : Thanks. Listen, um… There's something we should discuss.

Kara : It's okay. You're going back to Metropolis.

Clark : Yeah. It's… It's time.

Kara : Yup. I just… I thought you'd stay a couple days longer.

Clark : And I would love to, but I've got to back to Lois and to the Planet. And Metropolis needs its hero, too.

Kara : I understand.

Newcaster : A jumper is on the National City Bridge and emergency personnel are en route. A bridge closure is in effect.

Kara : One last team-up?


Kara : Sir. Sir, you don't want to do this. Corben?

Corben : No. Metallo. I was shot in the back. At least you'll see your death coming.

Clark : Kara.


Alex : Kara.

Kara : I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm just a little dizzy.

Clark : You told me that only the DEO had access to kryptonite. So how would you like to explain what just happened out there? A kryptonite-charged cyborg almost killed Kara. Almost killed me. Start talking, J'onn.

Hank : A shipment went missing four months ago. We've done all we can to find it.

Kara : Four months ago?

Clark : "Went missing"?

Alex : Stolen. We thought it was an inside job but everyone in the transport came up clean.

Clark : So you have a mole.

Hank : We don't know that.

Clark : If you'd gotten rid of it when I told you to…

Hank : We would have been helpless when Non and Astra launched Myriad. Or have you forgotten that there was a force even the Man of Steel couldn't defeat?

Winn : Superman and Martian Manhunter are gonna fight. This is terrible. This is awesome.

Clark : We have given our lives protecting the people of Earth. If you cared about Kara at all…

Hank : Watch what you say.

Clark : Or what?


Cadmus : People of National City. The Earth has been stolen from us. And the enemy has come in the guise of heroes. They say they come in peace, to protect us from ourselves. But how long will it be before these gods decide to rule instead of serve? We are the antidote to their poison. We are the scientists who will show them what humans are capable of. Those who have sided with the invaders will not be spared. You cannot stop us. We are everywhere. We are Cadmus.


Clark : Cadmus.

Winn : Announcing themselves to the world.

Hank : Declaring open war.

Kara : They want to kill us. All of us.

Alex : Cadmus has my father. If they turned John Corben into Metallo, what do you think they've done with him?

Kara : We'll find him.

Clark: And stop them.

Winn : How?

Clark : Metallo isn't just flesh and blood anymore. Cadmus has given him a metal endoskeleton. Traces of the alloy had to end up on my hands when I hit him. I can analyze it at the Fortress of Solitude.

Winn : Agent Schott, get Non and Astra's anti-kryptonite technology out of storage. See if you can improve upon it for our two friends here.

Winn : I get to make Superman's new suit?

Clark : No pressure.

Hank : Superman, this thing is bigger than the both of us. We should work together on this.

Clark : I hope you like the cold.

Catco Worldwide Media

Snapper : I asked for copy five minutes ago.

Kara : Am I late to the editorial meeting? I'm sorry.

Snapper : You missed the editorial meeting. If I don't get copy on Cadmus in five seconds, you… You live another day. No one else is safe.

Kara : Mr. Carr, I'm sorry. Just tell me what I need to do and I will get it done. Where's my chair?

Snapper : You don't get a chair, ponytail.

Kara : That's fine. I… I like action better anyway. I can pound the pavements.

Snapper : You don't get a chair because you don't work here.

Kara :But that's not your call. Ms. Grant hired me.

Snapper : I don't care what Cat says. My office, my hires.

Kara : But this is the job I chose.

Snapper : Oh, you chose it? But you didn't earn it. You don't just become a reporter. This isn't a Facebook status update. You're a reporter because you went to journalism school or because you walked the beat. Either way, journos live to tell stories, to get to the truth, to get their hands dirty.

Kara : I'll admit I have a lot to learn. But if… If you just gave me an assignment…

Snapper : No assignment, no job. Now get your entitled ass out of my office before I channel my last divorce and break you emotionally.

Kara : Well, if… You…

Snapper : Thanks for killing the lingering notion that you might speak or write well.


Kara : Ms. Grant, do you have a minute?

Cat : Do I have a minute? Do I look like I can spare a minute, Kara? - Have you met me? -

Kara : Sorry.

Cat : Thirty seconds. Spew it out.

Kara : Snapper Carr, he's refusing to acknowledge my hiring.

Cat : Oh, I see. And what would you like me to do about it?

Kara : Tell him to listen to you.

Cat : I'm sorry. Am I hearing things? You want me to instruct your new boss to be nice to you because you don't know how to stand up for yourself?

Kara : Um… Yes.

Cat : Um… No. No, no and no. I will not go talk to your new boss. I will not fix things for you, Kara. You are a grown woman. You are smart and talented and astonishing. And how many more times am I gonna have to tell you this, for you to accept who you are? I just need you to pull up your big-girl pants, Kara, and own your power. Because I'm not gonna be around for very much longer.

Kara : What does that mean? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Ms. Grant, are you dying?

Cat : No. No.

Kara : Oh, God.

Cat : No, Kara. I'm not dying. I'm leaving. Okay. The cat is out of the bag. I am taking a leave of absence from CatCo.

Kara : What?

Cat : I've just done all there is that I can do here. I'm like a shark in a tank, and I'm swimming around in circles and I'm moving, but I'm not getting anywhere. And yes, yes. I've created a media empire and… I'd like to think that I spread some light in humanity out there in the world. And I launched Supergirl for God sake. But… I've just been swimming in the same pool for too long. There are new seas out there that I have to go conquer. Hmm. I need to dive.

Kara : Everything is changing so fast. I do not do well with change. Gosh, Ms. Grant.

I… I really can't imagine being here without you.

Cat : Kara. Oh, Kara. You will rise to the occasion. Now, I want you to go in there and show that son of a bitch Snapper what you are made of.

Chop chop.

Unknown place

Man : This was a total failure. He should have never been out there at all.

Lillian Luthor : You think so? I'm very pleased, myself. He managed to wound Superman. Do you have any idea how difficult that is?

Man : But the Kryptonians are still alive. It's only a matter of time before they strike back.

Lillian Luthor : On that we agree.

Corben : Give me another chance and I'll take them both out.

Lillian Luthor : You'll get your chance, John. I promise. We're moving to Phase Two.

Man : Phase Two? We don't even have a suitable candidate.

Lillian Luthor : Actually, I've got the perfect man for the job.

Man : Who? What is this? Wait. What are you doing?

Lillian Luthor : Ready to do your part to save the world?

Man : No! Wait, stop. Please! Let me go! No!

Lillian Luthor : They won't even know what hit them.

Fortress of Solitude

Hank : Your parents?

Clark : Yes.

Hank : Tho-eh-lah, eh-voi-fah-zho.

Clark : You speak Kryptonian.

Hank : We're both men without a home, Kal. If we don't preserve each other's history, who will?

Clark : You can't have it both ways, J'onn. You can't offer friendship with one hand and kryptonite with the other.

Hank : I have to.

Clark : Why?

Hank : Because Mars is a crypt. Because angry gods burned our young and we were helpless to stop them. Because I will not be caught unprepared again. Hate me if you want. It is what it is.

Clark : I don't hate you, J'onn. I just don't trust you. Because you don't trust me. We should have been allies. Is kryptonite really worth us being alone in this fight? Kelex.

Kelex : Master Kal. How may I assist you?

Clark : Scan for unknown molecules.

Kelex : Film of radiation commonly associated with contact to promethium, the strongest metal known to man.

Hank : Promethium? Now that's interesting.

Kara’s apartment

Alex : Hey.

Kara : Any word from Hank?

Alex : No.

Kara : Any word from Clark?

Alex : Nope.

Kara : I'm sure they'll figure out a way to find Metallo soon.

Alex : I just hope they don't hurt each other while they're figuring it out.

Kara : I got un-hired by my new boss yesterday. Turns out I'm not a reporter.

Alex : Kara.

Kara : And Cat's leaving. Clark's leaving, too. Everything is changing.

Alex : I'll get us some ice cream. Things will be better tomorrow.

Kara : I've been thinking though. What if I moved to Metropolis to be with Clark.

Alex : Metropolis?

Kara : Yeah. I mean, think about it. National City would be safer without me around creating a target for Cadmus. Hank wouldn't have to worry about me feeling uncomfortable with kryptonite around. And you, you'd be able to do your job at the DEO without worrying about me. Alex, if I was in Metropolis, Clark and I could protect the city and keep each other safe. And there's still so much I want to learn from him. What do you think?

Alex : I think I've kept my mouth shut the entire time Clark has been here while you have ignored me. And… And now you want to just move away?

Kara : I thought it would be good for you. You wouldn't have to take care of me anymore.

Alex : What about us taking care of each other? My whole childhood was spent making sure that nobody found out. I gave up a medical career to join the DEO for you. And my… My whole life has been about protecting you.

Kara : I thought you said it was a great adventure.

Alex : Yes. But it's cost me a lot. It cost me my father.

Kara : Alex, we're going to find him.

Alex : Yeah? Well, how are we going to do that with you in Metropolis?

Kara : Don't do that. This is not about one family over the other. This is about me not feeling alone anymore. When I'm with Clark, I feel like I'm connected to somebody who actually understands what it's like to be me.

Alex : So does he understand that he abandoned you with us? Do you?

Kara :It's Clark. How's the Fortress?


Clark : We ID'ed the material Cadmus used to create Metallo's endoskeleton.

Hank : Agent Schott, I need to know if there's any promethium within a hundred-mile radius.

Winn : Okay. Promethium, you hot little number. Show me a heat signature. Bingo.

Atomic number 61, come on down. Hank : That's in the industrial district. That can't be Cadmus' headquarters.

Clark : So, at the moment Metallo's on his own. Winn?

Winn :Those suits are very nearly totally ready. And by that I mean they're in no way ready.

Clark : Kara, we're gonna have to go with Autumn. We might not get this chance again. Meet me there.

Kara: I'm on my way.


Kara : It's over, Metallo.

Corben : I am happy to give myself up for my cause. But it's not over. Not by any means.

Clark : You make a move, we'll incinerate you.

Corben : Go ahead. But you'll still be here with me. And if you're here with me, then you're not in Metropolis with him.

Clark : It's a setup. We have to get to Metropolis.

Corben : You better follow him, or I'll burn you alive.

Kara : We'll be back. Trust me.


Clark : I should have been here. I should've known.


Winn : Uh, screwdriver. Ow! Watch it. I know you think that I'm just a pretty face here, but these hands are the real money-makers here, okay?

Alex : Sorry. I was thinking about something else.

Winn : Yeah, well, until I finish with the Kryptonian-saving body armor, just think with less stabbing.

Alex : Here we are, once again doing everything we can to help Kara, to keep her safe. Do you know the last time I went on a date? Two years ago. You date more often than I do.

Winn : Rude. You ever spent time inside a foster home?

Alex : No.

Winn : Yeah. Well, I have, after my father went to prison. And I gotta say it is nothing but being told how grateful you should be that someone is taking care of you. Dude, that's not family. Family is not about score-keeping or who did more. It's just about showing up. So just chill with the attitude, okay? Because I'm having a hard enough time getting this ready with all the trace kryptonite in the air.

Alex : What did you just say?

Winn : It's like a subatomic locker room in here.

Alex : Kryptonite leaves a residue?

Winn : Yeah, just like any other radioactive substance.

Alex : So if we wanted to find out which DEO agent stole kryptonite, helping Cadmus, maybe even help experiment on my dad…

Winn : Hey, why don't we get silly, and take a Geiger counter to the actual locker room?


Alex : What am I looking for?

Winn : You're listening. It should beep. Ooh, ooh.

Alex : McGill?


Agent : Did you file your report this morning?


Winn : Was he on the kryptonite transport team?

Alex : No. There's no reason he should have gone near it. He's the mole.

Winn : What are you gonna do?


Alex : Agent McGill. I have an assignment for you.

McGill : Yes, ma'am.

Alex : The President asked that we move a portion of our kryptonite to our stronghold in Nevada. Get a transport readied.

McGill : Yes, ma'am.


Kara : Winn, have you seen Alex?

Winn : "Alex" Oh, Alex Danvers. Why?

Kara : Uh, yeah. I need to talk to her. I haven't been very fair to her lately.

Winn : Well, she is not here.

Kara : Where is she? Winn? Where is Alex?


Alex : Freeze.

McGill : It's not what it looks like, Danvers.

Alex : Shut up and turn around. Here's what's going to happen. I'm bringing you in. And you're gonna tell me everything you know about Cadmus.

McGill : No, I'm not.

Lillian Luthor : Agent Danvers of the DEO. Nice to meet you. I'll tell your father you say hello.

Alex : Where's my father?

Lillian Luthor : You know I won't say.

Alex : Well, you might as well tell me, if you're gonna kill me.

Lillian Luthor : I suggest you die remembering him as he was. It's better that way. Unless you'd care to join him. Cadmus welcomes any bright minds willing to help our cause.

Alex : My father would never collaborate with you.

Lillian Luthor : Do you know what I see when I look at you? An abused child. A brainwashed little girl the DEO has warped into believing that demons are angels. That your life should be sacrificed to them, our invaders. All I'm asking, Alex, is for you to think about what your life would be if aliens had never come. What it could be, if they were no more. That's what I'm trying to do for the world. And you could help me.

Alex : I've killed a Kryptonian before. I stabbed Astra of the House of El with a sword made of kryptonite. I've done what you want to do. What you can't do.

Lillian Luthor : I'm impressed.

Alex : Good. Because I want you to know what I'm capable of when I tell you that when I find my father, I'm coming for you.

Lillian Luthor : Well, I suppose that settles that, then.

Man : Don't move.

Kara : You okay?

Alex : Yeah. Thanks to you. I'm sorry.

Kara : I'm I'm so sorry for everything. I… I'm sorry if I ever have made you feel like you were less to me than Clark. You are the only reason I've ever felt at home on this planet.

Alex : I'm just better when we're together.

Kara : Me, too. They think we're divided, but we're not.

Alex : "They" who?

Kara : I know what to do about Metallo. Both Metallos. But I need you.

Alex : I'm here. Always.


Winn : Okay. So, this is a bit of a rush job, but they should keep you alive. What do you think?

Hank : Nice job, Mr. Schott. You should be…

Winn : Not you.

Clark : I love it.

Kara : Are you crying?

Winn : No.

Alex : So, what's the plan?

Kara : Well, Cadmus thinks that we are above the rest of the world, that we'll retreat alone to our own cities, just wait for them to come and get us. What they won't be expecting is for us to have backup.

Clark : We're listening.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor : The Kryptonians have parted ways. They're pretending at honor, standing in each of their cities. This is their weakness. The ego of gods. Now's the time to strike, when they're alone.

No one will stand with them now. Divided, they'll fall.


Kara : I told you I'd be back.

Corben : And I told you I'd burn you alive.

Kara : Now it's time to punch your face.


Clark : I'm liking this. Thank you, Winn.

J’onn : Strength in numbers.


Corben : And now it's really over.

Alex : You thought you could divide and conquer?

Kara : You might work better alone, but we don't.


Clark : Now, we're gonna give you a little time-out and you're gonna think about what you did.

Outside :

Kara : Alex, now! Can you see me? Can you hear me? This is not over. I will find you.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor : Then it begins.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Will you miss it?

Cat : Who told you I was leaving?

Kara : A little bird.

Cat : Little plane? Yes. Yes, I will I will miss CatCo every day.

Kara : Well, I admire you, Ms. Grant. It's scary leaving the life you've known.

Cat: Hmm. I'm about to take a leap into the unknown and… And I'm… I'm thrilled. Do you have any idea how exciting it is not to know what I'm going to do tomorrow? It's exhilarating.

Kara : I wish I could do that, sometimes. Start something new. Be someone new.

Cat : Hmm, well… Life is long. And you will be many different people before the end. And knowing you, every single one of them will be extraordinary. But not as extraordinary as me.

Kara : No, well… Of course not. That's very true, Cat.

Cat : Have I ever told you that my name is Catherine?

Kara : I'm not telling you my real name.

Cat : I had to try.

Kara : I know.

Cat : It's the reporter in me. Be safe, Supergirl.

Kara : You, too. And come back. I know we all need change, but we need friends, too.

Cat : Oh, I'll be back. I will.


Kara : What's going on?

James : New beginnings.

Kara : Where are you going? And are you going because of me?

James : Not far and no, I'm doing this for me. I'm the new Cat. Well, not the new Cat. She gave me her job while she's away.

Kara : Wow.

James : Yeah! It's a big step up, right? And… And I can talk to Snapper for you, if you want.

Kara : I appreciate that. But I'm gonna have to make my own luck on that one. Congrats, boss.

James : I like the sound of it.

Kara : Don't get used to it.


Kara : Five-hundred words on the dual Metallo attacks in Metropolis and National City with eyewitness accounts, comments from police sources and zero adjectives, all thoroughly vetted and verified.

Snapper : You don't work here.

Kara : Yes, I do.

Snapper : Not if I don't say so.

Kara : You will. Read it and you'll see.

Snapper : You done wasting my time?

Kara : You don't want it? Fine. Plenty of other outlets will.

Snapper : Wait. I don't like you, and I never will, ponytail.

Kara : I don't need you to like me, jerk guy.

Snapper : You're as bad at insults as you are at reporting. Come back tomorrow. Maybe I can teach you something.

Kara : Do I get a chair?

Snapper : No.


Hank : Here it is. All the kryptonite on Earth, encased in lead. I trust you'll do the right thing, Superman.

Clark : Thank you. I'm going to miss you, Winn. Oh!

Winn : Next time, let's… Let's… Let's really hang out.

Clark : Yeah. Alex. I will do everything I can to find Jeremiah, I promise.

Alex : Thank you.

Kara : Khao-shuh.

Win : What… What's that mean?

Clark : There's not really a word for it in your language. I guess the closest thing would be "To be continued"? I love you, Kara.

Kara : I love you too, Kal.


Clark : Oh… Yes. Yes, Mr. White. Yes, I'm back. No, sir, I won't ever be gone that long again. Oh, gosh no, Mr. White. I… I would never imply that you would miss me. I'll have that article for you in a jiffy. A jiffy is a unit of measurement, sir.


Kara : I know what it's like to be a stranger on this planet. So when you wake up, I'll be here for you. So, you never know what it's like to be alone.

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