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#201 : Le monde à ses pieds

Quand une nouvelle menace émerge à National City, Kara/Supergirl fait équipe avec son cousin, Clark Kent/Superman, pour l’arrêter. Kara est ravie d’avoir de la famille en ville, mais Alex se sent un peu délaissée. Pendant ce temps, Hank et Supergirl sont sans voix par la nacelle qui s’est écrasée sur Terre.


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The Adventures of Supergirl

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Le monde à ses pieds

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Kara et Clark avec Lena Luthor

Kara et Clark avec Lena Luthor

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

Clark Kent et James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

Clark Kent et James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

Clark retrouve James avec Kara à CatCo

Clark retrouve James avec Kara à CatCo

Clark et Kara

Clark et Kara

Clark Kent et Kara Danvers

Clark Kent et Kara Danvers

Clark Kent joué par Tyler Hoechlin

Clark Kent joué par Tyler Hoechlin

Lena Luthor jouée par Kathie McGrath

Lena Luthor jouée par Kathie McGrath

Kara Daners et Cat Grant

Kara Daners et Cat Grant

Kara et Cat Grant

Kara et Cat Grant


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Kara’s apartment

Winn: Whoa!

Kara : What was that?

Hank : What the hell?

Alex : Nothing good.


J’onn : We need to stop it, or there could be major casualties.

Kara : I've got it. I've almost got it. Ahh!

J’onn : I've got him. Supergirl, go!


Kara: That pod It's identical to mine. It's from Krypton.

J’onn: Supergirl, be careful. You don't know what's in there.

Kara : Oh, my God.


Kara : Where are we?

Hank : The Department of Extra-Normal Operations.

Kara : Wait! Wait, wait, wait. This has always been here? With the glass and the views and… And you made me fly to that cave every day!

Hank : DEO has several facilities, Kara.

Kara : A bat bit me in the last one.

Hank : Whiner.

Alex : Hey, sis.

Kara : You knew about this place, too?

Alex : Yeah, it's like a block from my apartment. It's kind of like the old place. Maybe better.

Kara : Well, where's the man who fell to Earth?


Kara : He has to be from Krypton. He must have escaped before the planet exploded, like Clark and I did.

Alex : He's comatose. His vitals are stable. Breathing is normal. There's nothing else we can really learn from him because…

Kara : That proves he's from Krypton.

Hank : It only proves he's not human, which means he could be dangerous.

Alex : Sir, I would request that Winn help with the investigation. We need someone to analyze the pod's telemetry, and Winn does read Kryptonian.

Winn : I got bored. I thought I'd pick up a new language. Space talk!

Hank : You want to prove your worth, Mr. Schott? Find out something my team of highly trained alien experts can't.

Winn : Challenge accepted.

Hank : Let's go.

Winn : We'll figure it out, Kara. I promise.

Alex : So, are you watching the Venture launch tonight?

Kara :No, actually, James and I are going on our first date. It's gonna be great. We are finally both free and clear to just hang out. No aliens trying to destroy the Earth. Just him and me, together like normal people, doing what people do on dates.

Alex : Okay.

Kara : What?

Alex : What, what?

Kara : You're doing that thing where you say "Okay," but you're not actually okay.

Alex : Because you're doing that thing where you are super overeager, which means that you really aren't, but you're trying to convince yourself that you are.

Kara : I am not doing that thing. That's… I'm excited.

This is me excited.

Alex : Mmm-hmm.

Kara : And this is Ms. Grant texting me. I'm not her assistant anymore. I have to go.

Catco Worldwide Media

Newscaster : We are just hours away from the launch of Venture, the first commercial spacecraft designed for suborbital transportation.

Kara : You wanted to see me, Ms. Grant?

Cat : They offered me a seat on the Venture, but I turned them down. What would I possibly have in common with a bunch of rich people in a rocket ship seeking existential answers to their meaningless lives? Speaking of which, what's your answer?

Kara : Wha… What's the question?

Cat : Your vocation. What is it?

Kara : Oh, you mean what job do I want? Um, well I don't know. I haven't really decided yet.

Cat : Why not?

Kara : Well, it's only been 12 hours since you asked me to choose a new position, and then most of those hours I was asleep.

Cat : Really? I offer you the keys to the kingdom, and you just go to sleep?

Kara : It was nighttime.

Cat : How many hours do you think I slept last night, Ker-rah? Two. Because I care about making the most out of my life. I squeeze every drop out of every single day. Sleeping is for slackers.

Kara : Right.

Well, I did do this online quiz where, you know, you list all your skills, and then it uses this kind of algorithm to calculate your ideal career. And mine was marketing.

Cat : Mmm.

Kara : And according to the Catco website, marketing ranks high in potential salary, future growth and, interestingly enough, work-life balance which… What do you think?

Cat : I think that it is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.

Kara : Oh, okay.

Cat : You can't Internet search a calling, Ker-rah. A calling is something that is within you. Do you think that Supergirl is a hero because flying is one of her skills? No. She's a hero because she has a need. To help people, to protect the planet. Look inward, and figure out what Kara Danvers needs to do with her life. I am granting you two more days, as in 48 hours, and whatever you do, don't come back with the results of a Rorschach test. Ms. Tessmacher!

Ms. Tessmacher : Yes, Ms. Grant.

Cat : Does this dressing look drizzled on?

Ms. Tessmacher : Yes.

Cat : No. No, this lettuce is drowning. It's floating on a sea of ranch, like little Kate Winslet's in Titanic. Get it out of my sight. This is the best replacement for you you could come up with?

Kara : Just give her a chance, please. She is so smart and sweet. She went to Yale.

Cat : So did George Bush. Now get out and dig deep.

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Hi.

James : Hi. That dress is amazing.

Kara : Oh, this dress? It's… I had this on all day. Do you…

James : I didn't know if you wanted to stay in or go out, so I… Options. Pizza and potstickers.

Kara : Pizza and potstickers is my most favorite meal.

James : Which I know about you. Um, I'm surprised you don't have the Venture launch on. I know how into the space program you are.

Kara : Oh, that's not a big deal.

James : Kara, you can put it on, it's fine.

Kara : Well, maybe I'll just put it on without the sound.


Clark : Yeah, I understand, Mr. White. No, Mr. White. Yes, Mr. White. Yes, I will have my article on your desk lickety-split. Yes, sir, I know that no one says "lickety-split" anymore. Although, you do still say "Great Caesar's ghost," which is a bit of a throwback. Yes, sir, I'm very aware that we're not talking about you. Yes, sir. Yes, I will have that to you. Hello?

News anchor : Hang on, we're hearing of a possible explosion aboard the Venture.


News anchor: Here's all we know at this time. There are over 200 people aboard the craft.

Catco Worldwide Media

News anchor : There are no further details, but keep it right here, and we'll continue to bring you the very latest.


News anchor : We can only hope wherever he is, he's seeing this.

Kara’s apartment

News anchor : I pray she's watching this.

James : She is.


Woman : Mayday. Mayday. We have experienced a hull breach and catastrophic engine failure. Supergirl!

Clark : Need a hand?

Kara : Hey, cuz. It's good to see you. This looks like a job for the both of us.

Clark : Absolutely.

Outside of the city

Kara : That was awesome! I mean, that was terrible. But it was awesome. We've never saved anything together.

Clark : I know.

Kara : I've dreamt of this moment. The two of us teaming up.

Clark : Me, too.

Kara : I usually say hi.

Clark : Me, too.

Girl: Way to go, Supergirl.

Man : That's Superman.

Kara : I used to change his diapers.

Girl : No way.

Clark : Uh, not exactly sure you have to tell them that.

Kara : No, I think I really do.

Clark : Okay.


Kara : Hey, everybody. I'm back. Listen up. Everyone, this is my cousin, Su… I guess you already know.

Clark : Hi. Hi. Good to see you.

Man : It's an honor, sir.

Clark : Pleasure. I just want to thank you all for your hard work protecting Earth.

Kara : Oh, brother.

Hank : Did you know she was bringing him here?

Alex : No. Is that a problem?

Winn : Oh. He's coming toward me.

Kara : Winn, this is my cousin, Superman.

Clark : Hi.

Winn : I have a million questions. Okay When Lex Luthor set off the earthquake in California, did you gauge the focal depth with your X-ray vision?

Kara : Winn… Breathe.

Clark : Alex. It's good to see you.

Alex : You, too.

Clark : Kara told me Jeremiah may be alive. And you know your father means a lot to me, so… If there's anything I can do.

Alex : Thank you, Clark.

Clark : J'onn.

Hank : Superman. Nice to see you again.

Clark : Oh, don't worry. I won't be staying long.

Kara : Uh, I just invited Superman to visit our mystery guest.

Hank : Follow me.

Kara : What's with those two?

Alex : Beats me. Your cousin smells terrific.

Kara : Enough.


Kara : He landed on Earth last night in a Kryptonian pod. We don't know who he is.

Clark : Did you try using a Quantum scan to determine his age?

Kara : First thing we did.

Clark : And you X-ray-visioned him for foreign objects, like a cybernetic data core?

Kara : Of course.

Clark :You should probably go and do that.

Kara : Mmm-hmm. Nope, no data core.

Winn : So, my handy translator just finished decrypting the pod's data log. Now, it seems sleeping beauty on his journey from Krypton passed through something called the Segara Beyal.

Kara : The Well of Stars. My father took me there once. Time doesn't pass there. So that's why he's still so young.

Winn : Oh. Oh, hey, speaking of age, I've been meaning to ask. Superman, you're 12 years older than Kara, right? 'Cause you do not look it.

Clark : Kryptonians age at a much slower rate here on Earth.

Winn : You look fantastic.

Hank : When you're finished, we have something more important to talk about.

Kara : What?

Hank : The Venture. The company behind the Venture said there was an explosion when the ship reached low orbit insertion.

Kara : So?

Clark : Well, if something like that was gonna go wrong it would've happened earlier in the flight.

Hank : Exactly. The Venture was built here in National City. I think we should investigate this further.

Clark : Maybe a mild-mannered reporter should make some inquiries while he's here in National City.

Hank : Actually, I was gonna have my team take a look at it.

Kara : Well, Superman's here. We should include him. You can work out of Catco. Just steer clear of Ms. Grant. She's been in a mood.

Clark : Don't worry, I've got some sway with Cat Grant.

Alex :So what happened between you and Superman?

Hank : Nothing.

Alex : It just seems like… This conversation is over.

Catco Worldwide Media

Clark : Sorry. Oops! So sorry, that was totally my fault.

Kara : You really have that klutzy thing down, don't you?

Clark : Uh, yeah. No, that was actually real.

James : Clark!

Clark : There he is.

James : What's up, man?

Clark : Jimmy. It's good to see you, buddy.

James ; It's good to see you, too, brother.

Clark : Well, everybody at the Daily Planet misses you. Lois, Mr. White.

James : I miss them, too. But I really like living here.

Clark : Good.

Kara : Excuse me. Ms. Grant? You okay?

Cat : You didn't tell me that you know Clark Kent.

Kara : Oh, God, not you, too.

Cat : What?

Kara : Nothing. I do… Yes. I know him. Him and Jimmy have been friends for years.

Cat : Do I have anything in my teeth?

Kara : No.

Cat : Clark Kent, as I live and breathe. Well, don't you just look all Midwestern dashing?

Clark : Ms. Grant, it's good to see you. It's been a long time.

Cat : No fault of mine. So, are you still seeing Lois Lane, or did that fizzle out like I predicted in the office pool? No one ever sent me my $20.

Clark : Lois and I are great. We're still… Still going strong.

Cat : Oh, so she's not still hung up on Superman? (CHUCKLING)

Clark : You know, I'd say that she has room in her life for both of us.

Cat : Well, that's modern.

Clark : Oh, no.

Cat : So, how would you like to go on a tour? Perry White was a fool to ever let you out of his sight. I might just poach you.

Clark : Sway.

Kara : Did Ms. Grant seem a little off to you?

James : She's always like that with Clark. She goes gaga for him. She actually sent him a drunk text once. It was… It was florid.

Kara : No. Ugh. That's gross.

James : Yeah, I saw what you did on TV. Good save.

Kara : Thanks. I'm sorry it interrupted our date.

James : No, it's fine.

Kara : No, but it isn't. It's not fine. Not. That was an important step for us. And I will make it up to you, I promise. We will make a plan, and we will execute it. Fully.

James : That sounds romantic.

Kara : You know what I mean. I just… I want it to work.

James : Me, too.

Kara : It's Alex.

James : Yeah, go ahead.

Kara : What's up? Yeah, yeah, I think Clark knows a thing or two about that name.


Kara : Clark.

Clark : Yeah.

Kara : Alex did some digging.

Clark : What is it?

Kara : There was one passenger who had a seat booked on the Venture who mysteriously didn't show up last-minute. Lena Luthor.

Clark : Lex's sister.

Kara : Yup. But Lex can't be involved in this. He's in prison. Congrats, by the way.

Clark : Yeah, thanks. Well, Lex may be in jail, but his sister is now running Luthor Corp.

Kara : Yep, and she just moved to National City.

Unknown place

Man: Heavy tactical unmanned aerial vehicle with 160 km range. If you're looking to hurt somebody, this is definitely the way to do it.

Corben: And to control it?

Man: Everything from the cockpit. Just like you were flying an aircraft.

Corben : How do I activate the targeting system?

Man : Ah. That button right there. She'll lock into the target, and then it's lights out.

Corben : Thank you for all your hard work. Corben. Yeah, the ship didn't explode. Superman and Supergirl saved it. I'm switching to plan B. Have I ever let the Luthors down?


Lena: There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I wasn't aboard the Venture yesterday.

Clark: Well, that's why we're here.

Lena : There was an emergency regarding the planning for a ceremony I'm holding tomorrow. I'm renaming my family's company, and I had to cancel.

Clark : Ah, lucky.

Lena : Lucky is Superman saving the day.

Clark Not something one expects a Luthor to say.

Kara : Right. And Supergirl was there, too.

Lena : And who are you exactly?

Kara : Um… I'm Kara Danvers. I'm not with the Daily Planet. I'm with Catco magazine. Sort of.

Lena : It's a publication not known for its hard-hitting journalism.

More like "High-waisted Jeans, Yes or No?"

Kara : I'm just tagging along today.

Lena : Right. Can we just speed this interview along? Just ask me what you want to ask, Mr. Kent. Did I have anything to do with the Venture explosion?

Clark : Did you?

Lena : You wouldn't be asking me if my last name was Smith.

Clark : Ah, but it's not. It's Luthor.

Lena : Some steel under that Kansas wheat. It wasn't always. I was adopted when I was four. And the person who made me feel most welcome in the family was Lex. He made me proud to be a Luthor. And then he went on his reign of terror in Metropolis. Declared war on Superman. Committed unspeakable crimes. When Superman put Lex in jail, I vowed to take back my family's company. To rename it L-Corp. Make it a force for good. I'm just a woman trying to make a name for herself outside of her family. Can you understand that?

Kara : Yeah.

Lena : I know why you're here. Because a subsidiary of my company made the part that exploded on the Venture. This drive contains all the information we have on the oscillator. I hope it helps you in your investigation.

Clark : Thank you.

Lena : Give me a chance, Mr. Kent. I'm here for a fresh start. Let me have one.

Clark : Good day, Ms. Luthor.

Kara : Good day.


Clark : I didn't see anything when I X-ray-visioned the room.

Kara : Yeah, me neither. What do you think?

Clark : I've learned through hard experience not to believe anything a Luthor says.

Kara : Yeah, I know I'm not a reporter or anything, but I kinda believed her.

Clark : Hi, sweetie. Yeah, I'm with Kara. Yes, I'm being careful. I miss you, too. I love you. Bye.

Kara : I love that she worries about you.

Clark : Yeah, me, too.

Kara : How do you do it all, Clark? You're an amazing reporter, a great boyfriend, and Superman. I mean, I love being Supergirl. That part of my life is clear. But the rest of it…

Clark : You mean Jimmy?

Kara : How'd you know that?

Clark : It's super telepathy. It's a power you'll get someday.

Kara : Really?

Clark : No. Jimmy and I are friends, we talk.

Kara : For so long, I kept my head down and moved forward. And life was simple. And now I have all these options. An amazing guy and any job I want and I'm… I'm stuck.

Clark : I've been where you are. You know, trying to figure out how to be Clark and Superman.

Kara : Yeah, but you made it look so easy.

Clark : Well, it wasn't. It's still not. Look, all I know is that being Kara is just as important as being Supergirl. Come here.

Kara : That's really nice.

Clark : Trust yourself, Kara. Listen to your heart. If things are right with James, you'll know it.


Hank : What's on your mind, Agent Danvers?

Alex : I know why you and Superman aren't the best of friends. Operation Emerald.

Hank : How did you find out about that?

Alex : I cross-referenced your personnel file with Superman.

Hank : Back when I first took over the DEO, we got a report about a meteorite coming down in the desert. Superman would work with us back then, so we both headed out to investigate. We got there, it was dark and… But I could see something down in the crater. Green, glowing like an emerald. It didn't affect me, but Superman got down there, he started heaving. Passed out.

Alex : It was Kryptonite.

Hank : I named it that. Superman wanted to destroy it all.

Alex: But you kept it.

Hank : He was not the only Kryptonian out there, Alex. Their powers are limitless. Now we have a way to protect ourselves from them.

Alex : Except "them" now includes my sister.

Winn: We may have a problem. I've been going over the data from Luthor Corp. Now, the oscillator that exploded on the Venture, it was located underneath the main passenger cabin, right? In fact, it was housed under seat 23B.

Hank : Which is relevant how, Mr. Schott?

Winn : According to the manifest, guess who was supposed to be sitting in seat 23B? Lena Luthor.

Hank : Lena Luthor wasn't behind the explosion.

Alex : She was the target.


Man : Should be a smooth flight, Ms. Luthor.

Lena : I hate flying. I know statistically, it's the safest way to travel, but still… What the hell?

Unknown place

Corben : I thought you two might show up. You spoil all the fun.


Clark : You know, if you were expecting us to show up, you really should've brought something a little more powerful.

Unknown place

Corben : I did. I brought my wits. I've drones planted throughout the city, targeting civilian populations as we speak. Your choice, aliens. Innocent civilians or the chopper?


Kara : Go. I got the chopper.


Boy: That was awesome.

Man : We're moving back to Gotham.


Kara : You're safe now.

Lena : What the hell was that?

Kara : Someone's trying to kill you.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Hey, I've been looking for you. So, listen, I know that I've been dealing with drone attacks and spaceships… Two spaceships. But I will not let that get in the way of us having the perfect date. I was thinking maybe Italian. I could fly there

James : It's okay. I… Just admit, something's changed for you.

Kara : James…

James : And don't tell me I'm wrong or that I'm imagining something, 'cause I know you. I thought this is what you wanted.

Kara : It was.

James : And now?

Kara : I… I don't know.

James : Well, it's honest at least.

Cat: Ms. Tessmacher! She cries more than Halle Berry at award shows.

Kara : Well, if you hate her so much, why don't you fire her? Normally, you'd ax an assistant the second they brought you a latte one degree off.

Cat : Oh, Ker-rah. I don't even know what normal is anymore.

Kara : Ms. Grant, what's wrong?

Cat : What could be wrong? I have followed every one of my passions, I've achieved everything I've ever wanted to achieve, and I'm at the very top of my game. The question is, Ker-rah, what the hell is wrong with you? You're young, brilliant, and you have the world at your feet. You have the man you pined for, any job you wish for, and you stand there blinking like a doe in the headlights. Frozen.

Kara : I'm… Yeah, you know what? You're right, Ms. Grant. You are absolutely right. In some areas of my life, I feel so strong and confident, and then in every other area… Career, love, I… I don't know what to do.

Cat : Dive.

Kara : What do you mean, like… Like into a lake?

Cat :You're standing on the shore, afraid to dive into the new waters, and you're afraid because you don't wanna say goodbye to the mild-mannered, lovelorn Kara Danvers, the sweet and dutiful assistant to Cat Grant. You are standing there looking out at your options, the icy blue water, the fast-flowing river, and the choppy sea. And they all look very appealing to you because you're dying to go for a swim, but you know that water is going to be cold, and the journey is going to be hard, and when you reach the other side, you will have become a new person. And you are scared to meet that new version of yourself. Now, we all get used to our own personas, and we're used to our own comfort zones, but, trust me, in order to live, we must keep daring. Keep diving.

Kara : Yeah. Thank you, Ms. Grant.

Cat : You have 12 hours, 13 minutes, and 4 seconds. Tick-tock.

Kara : Right.


Winn : This thing is like state-of-the-state-of-the-art. Kind of looks like something my dad might have built in one of his more murdery moments.

Alex : We've acquired a partial print from the wreckage. John Corben. International assassin for hire. He's been linked to Intergang, Kasnian terrorists, and the genocide in Corto Maltese. If you want somebody high-profile killed, this is the guy to hire.

Hank : But who would want Lena Luthor dead?

Winn : Hey, where's Kara?

Clark : Trying to talk Lena out of going through with the renaming ceremony.

Alex : Sound likes she's just as stubborn as her brother.

Hank : I'll have Agent Danvers on hand. This Corben doesn't seem like he cares who gets hurt so long as he gets his target.

Clark : Kara and I will be there, too.

Alex : Don't you think you two should talk?

Hank : Apparently, you do. People think we should talk.

Clark : What's there to talk about? You keep kryptonite here, J'onn. It could kill me. It could kill Kara.

Hank : I would never let it be used like that.

Clark : I know you wouldn't. But what happens when you're not in charge anymore? What happens if you get an order from a superior? The President herself? As long as you have kryptonite here, I can't be a part of what you do.


Lena : My brother's serving 32 consecutive life sentences. I guess I shouldn't be surprised there isn't a bigger turnout.

Kara : You're taking an awful risk, going ahead with the renaming ceremony with your life in danger.

Lena : I won't have a life if I can't make this company into something positive. All it will be remembered for is Lex's madness. I want to thank you all for coming.

Alex : I'm in the main plaza. No sign of Corben.

Lena : My brother hurt a lot of good, innocent people. My family owes a debt, not just to Metropolis, but to everyone. I intend to pay that. By renaming my company L-Corp, we will usher in a new age of cooperation and community. Together, we will chart a brighter future.


Kara : Go! You're late.

Clark : There was really bad traffic.


Alex : I've got eyes on Corben.

Lena : Officer, thank God.


Kara : Winn!


Winn : Kara, Corben took out the southwest retaining column. Basically, he targeted the building's one weak spot. Just like that perfectly placed shot to take out the Death Star.


Kara : I don't need a Star Wars reference right now, Winn. I need a plan.


Hank : If you repair the column, the building should hold.


Kara : Repair it with what? I'm going to fix the building.

Clark : Go, go. I've got this. She did it.


Kara : Let her go.

Corben : You're gonna let me out of here.

Kara : Lex Luthor hired you to kill his sister, didn't he?

Corben : Luthor still has resources and reach, even rotting in maximum security lockdown. Now I'm leaving, and there's nothing you can do…

Alex : Bullet went through-and-through. But he needs a hospital. Nice work, Supergirl.

Kara : I had help.


Lena : Thank you, Mr. Kent. This is exactly the kind of press my company needs after yesterday's attack. And thank you for including that part about me shooting the guy. That'll teach Lex to mess with me. He'll be the laughingstock of cell block X.

Clark : Well, that's not exactly why I wrote it. I wrote it because it's the truth. I was wrong about you, Ms. Luthor. I'm sorry.

Lena : Well, if I can make a believer out of Clark Kent, there's hope yet. What about you, Ms. Danvers? I didn't see your name on the byline.

Kara : Uh… Well, like I said, I'm not a reporter.

Lena : You could have fooled me. I hope this isn't the last time we talk.

Kara : I hope not either.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Okay I made my decision.

Cat : Forty-three minutes before the deadline. This better be good.

Kara : I wanna be a reporter. I can't believe I didn't see it before. Being a reporter is about connecting with people, it's about finding hidden truth and sharing it with the world. It's about service, and telling stories that need to be told in order to make the world a better, more comprehensible place. And it's going to make me the best version of myself, because it will definitely push me out of my comfort zone. This is it for me. This is my calling.

Cat : Open it.

Kara : Is this my resume?

Cat : The minute you came in to interview as my assistant, I had an instinct about you. So I scribbled "reporter" on your resume, and I stuffed it right here in this drawer, and I hired you on the spot.

Kara : You knew even then?

Cat : Mmm-hmm.

Kara : How?

Cat : Instincts. And I guess I saw a little bit of myself in you. Obviously not your strip mall wardrobe, and I probably curse more in one day than you've cursed in your entire lifetime, but you have integrity to right wrongs and to see justice done. You inspire me, Kara. I can see the hero within you. Now get out and make me proud.

Kara : Thank you, Ms. Grant. You know, you do have a really good instinct about other people, just letting them know how to live their best lives.

Cat : Please. I'm just glad that you decided to take the plunge. It's actually good advice for all of us.

Kara : You sure you're okay?

Cat : Uh… I will be. Ms. Tessmacher, I need you to come in here, please. I… I need to make some calls.


Kara : You know, what's funny is, on Krypton, by my age, I'd be a spinster. I know it seems like I should have everything figured out by now, but I don't. Last year was all about figuring out how to be Supergirl, and now…Now it's time I figure out how to be Kara. You were right, James. Something has changed for me. You and me together, that's all I wanted. But now when I listen to my heart, I just… I know that we are best as friends.

James : And we will always be friends.

Kara : I was going to go see Clark. You wanna come?

James : No. Say hi for me.

Kara : Okay.


Hank : Welcome to the DEO, Mr. Schott.

Winn : Thank you, Hank, or Director Henshaw. Or was it J'onn, or Martian Manhunter? - What's the protocol here? -

Hank : "Sir" will do just fine.

Winn : Yes, sir, Hank. J'onn, no…

Kara : Congratulations, Winn.

Alex : It's good to have you officially on the team.

Winn : Oh, I was just wondering And this is not a deal-breaker whatsoever, but I had a pretty sweet IRA over at Catco. Does that transfer over here? Or…

Kara : Doesn't bother you that I got top credit on this one, does it? Not even a little bit?

Clark : Honestly, I've never been more offended. Really, I'm flying home right now. No, I'm very proud just to be working beside you. In fact, I was thinking that I'd stick around for a little while.

Kara : Really?

Clark : Yeah. I didn't realize how nice it was to be around someone like me. You know, just to be with family.

Kara : Me, too.

Clark :And I know everything there is to know about Krypton from the archives in the Fortress. But I really like it when you tell me stories about home. You make it real. So, maybe while I'm here, you can tell me some more about my parents.

Kara : Of course. I would love nothing more.

Clark : Good.

Alex : Hey, I'm not sure if you're interested, but there is an armored car robbery on Sixth and Stagg.

Clark : Up, up?

Kara : And away.

Unknown place

Lilian Luthor : You're not in a hospital, Mr. Corben. It's just as well. All they could do for you there is watch you die. Whereas here with me, you have a chance at continued life. I press the red button, and your ventilator shuts down. The pain will end, and you'll drift off to whatever afterlife you believe in. But if I press the green button, I can promise you life. Blink once if you want to live. Good choice. Welcome to Cadmus. John Corben dies today. Long live Metallo.

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