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#203 : Rencontre au sommet

La Présidente est victime d’une attaque alors que la question brûlante extraterrestres contre les droits des humains échauffe les esprits à National City. Supergirl et le DEO sont assignés à la protection de la Présidente et doivent trouver les responsables. Alex fait équipe avec l’Inspectrice Maggie Sawyer pour enquêter sur l’affaire tandis que Kara cherche un Mon-El récemment échappé, qui pourrait bien être l’extraterrestre derrière l’attaque.


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Titre VO
Welcome To Earth

Titre VF
Rencontre au sommet

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2.03 - Promo #1


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2.03 - Promo #2


Photos promo

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

La présidente et Supergirl

La présidente et Supergirl

La présidente fait un discours

La présidente fait un discours

La présidente parle à J'onn et Supergirl

La présidente parle à J'onn et Supergirl

Supergirl écoute la présidente

Supergirl écoute la présidente

Supergirl au première loge de la signature du traiter pour tous

Supergirl au première loge de la signature du traiter pour tous

Supergirl et Alex enquêtent

Supergirl et Alex enquêtent

Alex et Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)

Alex et Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) et Maggie

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) et Maggie

Détective Maggie Sawyer jouée par Floriana Lima

Détective Maggie Sawyer jouée par Floriana Lima

Maggie enquête sur l'attaque

Maggie enquête sur l'attaque

Olivia Marsdin jouée par Linda Carter

Olivia Marsdin jouée par Linda Carter

Mon-El tente de contacter sa planète

Mon-El tente de contacter sa planète

Kara, Alex, Winn et J'onn rencontrent la présidente

Kara, Alex, Winn et J'onn rencontrent la présidente

Kara, Alex et Winn au DEO

Kara, Alex et Winn au DEO

Présidente Olivia Marsdin (Linda Carter)

Présidente Olivia Marsdin (Linda Carter)

Haie d'honneur pour la présidente

Haie d'honneur pour la présidente

La présidente salue Supergirl

La présidente salue Supergirl

Kara ext anxieuse de rencontrer la présidente

Kara ext anxieuse de rencontrer la présidente

J'onn arrive avec la présidente

J'onn arrive avec la présidente

Supergirl, Alex, J'onn et la présidente

Supergirl, Alex, J'onn et la présidente

J'onn J'onzz joué par David Harewood)

J'onn J'onzz joué par David Harewood)

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

Mon-El joué par Chris Wood

La présidente et Supergirl

La présidente et Supergirl


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Agent : Hold it right there! Don't move!

Alex : Freeze!

Hank : I sure picked the wrong time to get rid of all my Kryptonite. You all right?

Kara : Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, just a little shaken. Where is he?

Alex : He disappeared into the city.

Hank : Which is just what I don't need.A rogue Kryptonian on the loose just as the President is due for a visit.

Kara : Wait, the President is coming here?

Alex : Yeah, she wants to tour the DEO while she's in National City to sign the Alien Amnesty Act.

Kara : It's amazing, an executive order allowing aliens on Earth to come out of the shadows and live as full citizens. She's making history.

Hank : Not in my book, I think she's making a big mistake.

Kara : Now, how can you of all people say that?

Hank :Because it's been my hard experience that humans and aliens don't mix.

Kara : What about you and me?

Hank : What about us? We can look like them, we blend in, a lot of aliens can't. And people in this world don't have much tolerance for others who look different. I say that as an alien and as someone who's worn the face of a black man for 15 years.

Alex : J'onn's right. I can count the number of good aliens I know on one hand, with two fingers to spare.

Kara : Well, I'm just glad the President doesn't see things the way you two do.

Alex : Well, you be sure to tell her that when you meet her.

Kara : What?

Alex : She expects National City's highest-profile alien to greet her on the tarmac.

Kara : I'm meeting the President?

Alex : Unless you're too nervous to do so.

Kara : Nervous? No. Me? I'm not… No, I'm not nervous. No, it's… Nervous? Yeah, yes, yeah, I'm really nervous. I'm nervous! It's the President.

Hank : You'll be representing this entire organization. I expect you'll be professional.

Kara : Yes.

Hank : And for the record, she's the one who's lucky to meet you.

Kara : Thanks. Should I get a blow out?

Hank : Oh, dear God.

Kara : What?

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Welcome, guys, to an editorial meeting for the history books. I truly believe, one day we'll stand in front of our kids and tell them where we were when the President stood up for all individuals' rights. Regardless of birth planet. So, we need a banner headline. Thoughts?

Snapper : We're going to stand here and pitch headlines?

James : Well, that's kind of how it goes around here, Snapper.

Snapper : You don't come up with a headline first, Olsen. You go on the street first, find the news peg. The headline comes second.

James : Well, Cat Grant…

Snapper: Puff princess did it this way. Put the cart before the horse. You said that already. Are you gonna be a pale carbon copy of your former boss or are you gonna be a hard news man? Make your own mark.

James : Okay, um… Let's take a pause on the headline then. Our first priority is to get an exclusive with the President. Everything else today is icing.

Snapper: I say everything else is bread and butter. Scope, call the AFL for a response to the bill. Do the unions fear legal aliens are gonna flood the labor market, lower wages? How does the American worker feel about competing for jobs with aliens?

James: Fine, great. So next meeting…

Snapper : Addison, on the CDC. What bacteria and diseases are these aliens bringing from other planets? What medical protocols are in place? Morris, you do the human-interest piece. "Inter-planetary marriage." Get quotes from priests, rabbis, Mormons, Unitarians. As for the POTUS interview…

James : Danvers is on that.

Snapper : Danvers is a rookie. We need someone hard-hitting.

James : Believe me, she's hard-hitting.

Kara : Trust me, I can pack a punch like you would not believe. Plus I may or may not be running into the President later.

Snapper : Parker, you get POTUS. Danvers, you get Lena Luthor. Her brother is infamous for his anti-alien sentiments. The desk needs all your copy by noon, and if you want to keep your credentials, it better be clean.

Kara : Ah, sorry. I got to go. Supergirl is meeting the President. No biggie.


Kara : It's pretty awesome, right?

Girl : Do you know her?

Kara : No, no, not yet, but I'm pretty sure we'll be cool. You know? Right?

Woman: Oh, my God.

Kara : Go! Watch out!


Alex : So, where's the President now?

Kara : They're taking her back to the DEO. She was… She was so nice. And grateful, and she called me Supergirl.

Alex : That is your name.

Kara : Yeah, I know that but… When she says it, it just sounds better. "Supergirl." How did anyone even vote for that other guy?

Alex : When you're done fawning over your new best friend… The burn pattern is consistent with a heat-vision signature.

Kara : Our escaped Kryptonian's been awake six hours and the first thing he does is try and kill the President?

Alex : Winn's working on tracking him. In the meantime, let's gather whatever evidence we can find.


Alex : Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing in my crime scene?

Maggie : Anyone ever tell you, all you Feds sound the same? It's like you all watch the same bad movies together at Quantico.

Alex : Who are you?

Maggie : Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division. We handle all cases involving aliens and things that go bump in the night. Showed you mine. Show me yours?

Alex : Alex Danvers, Secret Service. I'm sure you mean well, detective, but this is a federal crime scene. You're contaminating my evidence.

Maggie : I'm contaminating it? Your lackey over there is bagging charred carpet and crispy limo into the same Ziploc. I thought the Secret Service would pay closer attention to detail.

Alex : We have technology that makes your City PD lab look like an Easy-Bake Oven.

Maggie : And us dumb local cops would never deduce that the President's assailant was either Kryptonian or Infernian. Both species have heat vision.

Alex : Thank you. We'll take it from here.

Maggie : The airport is within my jurisdiction.

Alex : Your jurisdiction ends where I say it does.

Maggie : See you around, Danvers.

Alex : Make sure you're bagging that up properly.


Hank : Welcome to the DEO, Madam President.

President Marsdin : I'm surprised, now that your true identity is known to the world, you don't live openly as your Martian self.

Hank : I find looking human makes people feel more comfortable.

President Marsdin : Hopefully, my Alien Amnesty Act will change that. For you and everyone else from beyond the stars that have made Earth their home. I know the DEO's mission is to hunt renegade aliens, but that mission is going to have to adapt. You disagree, Director?

Hank : I do, Madam President. There are aliens out there, killers who wouldn't understand the concept of the very rights you're offering them. Evil creatures who could take advantage of your good will.

President Marsdin : I imagine the very same thing was once said about you, J'onn J'onzz but someone gave you the benefit of the doubt. Isn't it time we paid that forward? I can think of no better time than the present to extend our hand in friendship.

Hank : Even if that hand might get bitten off?

President Marsdin : One has to have hope.

Hank : What if it's false hope?

President Marsdin : It's hope, J'onn. How can it be false?

Kara : Did you hear that? That was, like, a legit quote. People are going to quote her. Okay, well, I have to go. I'm conducting my very first interview as a reporter. Just call me if she says anything else cool, okay?

Alex : What do you think?

Hank : I think hope isn't going to catch our would-be assassin.


Kara: Ms. Luthor.

Lena : Lena, please. It's good to see you again, Ms. Danvers.

Kara : Well, if I'm calling you Lena…

Lena : Kara it is. Um, if you have a parking ticket, I can have it validated for you.

Kara : Oh, no, no, no. That's fine, I flew here. On…. On a bus.

Lena : Well, I'm glad to see you decided to give reporting a shot. Although if you're here on the same day the President is in town to sign her Alien Amnesty Act, then…

Kara : I must be here to ask the sister of Earth's most notorious alien-hater her take on the President's executive order.

Lena : I want to show you something.

Kara : What is it?

Lena : It's an alien detection device that allows humans to find out who among them is not truly one of them. It's not market-ready yet. I mean, we're still developing the prototype. But we aim to have this device in every store, in every town all across America.

Kara : How does it work?

Lena : It's just a simple skin test. Okay, let me show you what a negative response looks like. See. Right? Now, you try.

Kara : But won't a device like this… Doesn't it go against everything America is supposed to stand for?

Lena : Such as?

Kara : Well, freedom against persecution, oppression. America's always been a country full of immigrants.

Lena : It's also always been a country of humans.

Kara : Just… Don't you think this device will force aliens back into the very shadows the President is trying to shine a light on?

Lena : If aliens want to be citizens, that's now their right. But if humans wanna know which of their fellow citizens aren't actually one of them, then that's their right too. I'm a business woman. L-Corp is in the business of making money and this device is going to make us a fortune. Unlike my brother, I'm going to do it for the good of the world. So…

Kara : Right. Ah.

Lena: Here it goes. See, works perfectly.

Kara : Yeah.


Winn : Hey, I I found the missing Kryptonian.

Alex : Where?

Winn : Ah, looks like an abandoned warehouse in the Arts District. Hah, I mean it took some doing, but I got the tracker on his DEO-issued medical bracelet back online and I triangulated the location and… You are already gone.


Alex: Hands where I can see them.

Maggie : Fancy fire power for a Fed.

Alex : Clear the warehouse.

Maggie : Don't bother, your boy's gone.

Alex : How did you find this place?

Maggie : I'm a detective, Agent Danvers. I detect. I've heard stories of black ops anti-alien strike team. Sounded like the boogeyman, but here you stand. You're DEO, aren't you?

Alex : Winn, we missed him, he could be anywhere.

Unknown place

Man : What do you want?

Mon-El : I want to go home.


Alex : I know. I know what you're gonna say, "I should've waited for you."

Kara : No, I was gonna say, "You should have waited for me, dummy." What if he'd actually been there? What would you have done?

Alex : My job.

Kara : Make smarter choices next time.

Alex : Yes, ma'am. Danvers.


Maggie : Want to see how us local cops deal with the aliens?

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : You wanted to see me, boss?

Snapper : I have your article on Lena Luthor.

Kara : That was some scoop, huh?

Snapper : "Lena Luthor's stated goal is to repair the damage her brother did to the family name, but by branding an alien detection device with the name 'Luthor, ' she has forever tied her company's destiny to that of America's xenophobic right."

Kara : Damn straight.

Snapper : "Though shareholders may delight at the financial prospects of such a device, there is little for a concerned citizen to do but weep at the shameless fear-mongering to the country's immigrant-fearing lowest common denominator."

Kara : I was really proud of that sentence.

Snapper : What the hell is this?

Kara : It's… It's what you wanted. You said you wanted Lena Luthor's take on aliens. Well, here it is. She thinks they should be ID'd like lepers.

Snapper : I am not questioning the scoop. What I'm questioning is the the clear slant in your reporting. If I wanted your opinion on the news, I would have assigned you to Op-Ed.

Kara : So… So, I shouldn't report truthfully?

Snapper : There is a difference between truthful reporting and bias reporting. This is over-saturated with your pro-alien slant. Facts Ms. Danvers. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Kara : But nothing I wrote was inaccurate. That device is bad, objectively bad.

Snapper : That's up for the reader to decide. Rewrite it. Next time, keep your personal feelings to yourself.


Kara : Now I know why they call him Snapper. Sometimes I really miss Ms. Grant. I didn't mean… I'm sorry James.

James : No, I get it, I miss her too, I mean Ms. Grant would've never let that arrogant trash talking little man hijack her meeting.

Kara : No, no.

James : She would've destroyed him with one withering gaze, but how did she even do that?

Kara : James… James, she picked you. Do you think Cat Grant would've handed over her entire company to someone she didn't truly believe in? Don't be the boss Cat was, be the boss you want to be. That's why she put you in charge. To do things your own way.

James : Thanks, Kara.

Kara : Always.

Alien bar

Maggie: Nice ride. Got a Triumph Bonneville T100 at home myself.

Alex : What are we doing here?

Maggie : I thought I'd buy you a drink. "Dollywood." Two beers, Darla.

Darla : Coming up, Mags.

Alex : So this is your big hook-up? A dive bar.

Maggie : Things aren't always what they appear, Danvers. Look around, what do you see?

Alex : People who've made questionable life choices.

Maggie : Look closer. Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy.

Alex : What the hell is this place?

Maggie : It's a safe haven. Place for off-world'ers to hang out, have a drink. Not feel so alone for a minute.

Alex : So, this is where you get all you're information about the alien populace in National City.

Maggie : They also make a mean peach mojito.

Darla : You moved on quick.

Alex : That waitress, is she Roltikkon?

Maggie : Yes, she is. I've read Roltikkon can form telepathic connections by making physical contact with the dorsum of the tongue.

Maggie : How do you think she learned English? She's my ex.

Alex : Oh.

Maggie : I don't strictly date aliens, for the record though. I do like them more than most humans.

Alex : Why?

Maggie : I can relate to them, I guess. Growing up a non-white, non-straight girl, in Blue Springs, Nebraska, I might as well been from Mars. I was an outcast and I felt like it. Our alien neighbors, they are no different. Most of them are hardworking immigrants, or refugees just trying to get by. They have to hide who they are in order to survive. I can sympathize with that.

Man : Who's your pretty friend, Maggie?

Maggie : Careful, she likes shooting aliens.

Man : Meh. A few of us deserve it.

Maggie: I need some info We're looking for a Kryptonian. Fresh in town, about six feet, brown hair, gray eyes.

Man : May have seen someone who fit that description.

Maggie : Get to the good stuff, the President's life is in danger.

Man : She's not my President. All right, easy. He seemed lost, confused.

Alex : Do you know where he is or not?

Man : No. But he was asking about space vectors, star coordinates, deep space transmissions…

Maggie: Why?

Alex : He was trying to send out a signal.

Maggie : What kind of signal?

Man : "ET, phone home."

Scorcher : Excuse you.


Winn : And I just finished cataloguing the seven lost tomes of the Delvarian homeworld. So, yay me. How's your article coming?

Kara : Awful.

Winn : Oh. There's no "k" in diabolical.

Kara : I don't know how to stay emotionally neutral when I'm writing something I'm passionate about. I have passion, Winn. A lot of it.

Winn : Yeah? Passion is great for being a super hero.

Kara : But not for being a reporter?

Alex : Winn, can you scan the city for any pan orbital transmissions heading out into space?

Winn : Yeah, I can. Whoa, whoa. Check it. Deep space signal. Loud and clear.

Kara : Where is it broadcasting from?

Winn : The Mount Pride Observatory.

Alex : And that's where we'll find our alien John Doe.

Winn : Wait, how'd you figure that out?

Alex : It's a long story.

Kara : He must be trying to contact Krypton. He doesn't know it was destroyed.

Winn : Actually, no. He did not dial Krypton.

Kara : Where is the signal going to then? Well, according to these very cool DEO star charts… He beamed a signal directly at a planet called… Uh, Dac… Daxam.

Mount Pride Observatory

Mon-El : Any response?

Man : No.

Mon-El : I don't wanna hurt anyone.

Kara : Sure you don't. Stay down, Daxamite.

Mon-El : You know where I'm from?

Kara : Yup. And you should have stayed there.


Hank: So our mystery alien is from Daxam.

Winn : I've never heard of Daxam.

Hank : It's a sister world to Krypton. Both capable of sustaining life, both orbiting the same sun.

Alex: You've never mentioned it before.

Kara : Do the Hatfield's mention the McCoy's?

Alex : I take it your planets didn't get along.

Kara : Hundreds of years ago, Krypton and Daxam fought a bloody war to a stalemate. Thousands of lives were lost on both sides because of a pointless war Daxam started.

Winn : What were they fighting about?

Kara: Krypton was a democracy. A world of explorers, philosophers, scientists, and Daxam, was a monarchy. With kings and queens who ruled a population of hoodlums. We had a saying on Krypton for Daxamites, "May tex kolar Daxam."

Alex : And that means…

Kara : Nothing I can repeat in English.

Winn : So, if Daxamites are as bad as you just apparently said they were, then it's no wonder this guy is trying to kill the President, right?

Hank: Still doesn't explain why.

Alex : I'll ask him.

Kara : No. No, I'll do it.


Kara: Better get used to that view. You're going to be in that cell for a long time. Well, that was quite the first impression you've made on Earth, Daxamite. Do you always introduce yourself by trying to kill heads of state? How did you find yourself in a Kryptonian pod? Do you have anything to say for yourself? Anything?

Mon-El : Do they have Zakkarian ale on this planet? 'Cause I could really use some Zakkarian ale. It's been my experience that most of life's problems go away if you bring Zakkarian ale to the table.

Kara : You're not getting anything.

Mon-El : Is it because I didn't say "Please"? 'Cause you know on some worlds "please" isn't even, you know, that big of a thing. Is this not one of those worlds?

Kara : Not surprised you would make a joke of this. Your entire race thinks of nothing but themselves.

Mon-El : You would know all about my race, wouldn't you, Kryptonian? Judging by that self-righteous glyph on your chest. Hey, so shouldn't you already have all the answers?

Kara : What's that supposed to mean?

Mon-El : Well, I know how your people feel about us. High-and-mighty, "enlightened" Krypton. Looking down on us lowly peasants ever since you attacked us with no provocation.

Kara : We attacked you? Is that… Why did you send a broadcast to Daxam?

Mon-El : It was a distress call.

Kara : Why were you sending a distress call?

Mon-El : Because I'm in distress! (CHUCKLES) Okay, I'm not here by choice.

Kara : I'm just letting my people know I'm alive. Yeah, okay. So if you're marooned on this planet, why are you trying to kill the President?

Mon-El : Sorry, what's a What's a pres… Presibent?

Kara : If you thought I punched hard before, wait till you see me when I'm angry.

Mon-El : I didn't come here to kill anyone!

Kara : Good, because you never will.

Mon-El : Right, and you've already made up your mind about me. So, it seems kind of pointless to keep talking to you. Bye-bye, your highness. Oh, that's better.

Oh, hey, I could really use that Zakkarian ale though. Just give a think on it.

Hank : You didn't tell him what happened to Daxam?

Kara : No, I didn't.


Kara: Thank you. Hi, I'm sorry to drop in unannounced, I just got the message you wanted to see me. Those flowers are beautiful.

Lena : They're called plumerias. They're pretty rare.

Kara : They remind me of my mother.

Lena : Was your mother a writer, too?

Kara : No, she was, um, I guess, sort of a lawyer.

Lena : Well, you've have a natural gift with words. The article's amazing. Yeah, I knew you'd make a great reporter, but after I heard your bleeding heart, pro-alien views, I was afraid you'd do a hatchet job on me.

Kara : Oh, I tried. I tried, I wrote a scathi article about your device.

Lena : And?

Kara : And… My boss tossed it. He made me re-do it.

Lena : Well, that explains it.

Kara : The funny thing is, I'm glad he did. I mean, not at first, but some things happened that made me re-think my position.

Lena : Do tell.

Kara : I still think Alien Amnesty is a good thing, but, there are bad aliens out there…

Lena : Well, I'm glad you can see from my point of view. You know, when I was first adopted by the Luthors, I adored Lex. When he showed his true colors, I was crushed. I tried everything to reach him, bring him back to the side of good. But it was no use. I'd lost him. Finally, I realized that some people are just bad. And there is nothing you can do to change that. But, you can learn to protect yourself.

Kara : Yeah.


Alex : Does it all look okay?

Kara : All clear. With our wayward Daxamite locked up, I don't think we'll have any problems.

Maggie : The President must be relieved you got the alien trying to kill her.

Alex : Thank you again for all your help.

Maggie: Where is he now? Some black site he'll never return from?

Alex: Someplace where he'll never be able to hurt anyone ever again.

President Marsdin : My fellow Americans. Over a century ago, this nation erected a monument in New York Harbor. A Statue of Liberty. That Statue looked down upon Ellis Island, where thousands of immigrants came to seek refuge, from a home country that didn't want them, that wouldn't have them. But America took them in. That is our story. The American people today, stand as one with history. No longer will our alien visitors be strangers, committed to the shadows, forced to the fringes of a hostile and unwelcoming world. They will be granted the full rights and privileges of American citizens. The Statue of Liberty will stand for aliens, too. And now, if uh… If someone would just hand me a pen… Thank you very much. Here we go. History.

Kara : Madam President.

President Marsdin : Thank you.

Kara : You're welcome.

Maggie : Put 'em out or I'll put you out.

Kara :Are you okay?

Alex : Are you okay? Where's Maggie?


Hank : So the attacker was not our Daxamite prisoner after all.

Kara : No. No, this is all my fault. And now Detective Sawyer is missing.

Alex : You can't blame yourself. We all missed it.

Kara : But if I hadn't been so blinded by how I felt about Daxam, we could have been out there searching for the real assassin. But I let my guard down, and the President almost died as a result. The President! That's, like, misdemeanor treason!

Hank : Courtesy of the White House Press Corps in attendance at the signing. Do we have any I.D. on the attacker?

Alex : No. But I… I recognized her.

Kara : From where?

Alien bar

Alex : I need information.

Man : And I need the new Apple TV.

Alex : That woman, she tried to kill the President.

Man : Never seen her.

Alex : I saw her in here the other day. Who is she?

Man : Don't know. Of course, a couple hundred might jog my memory.

Alex : Is your memory good now or does it need more jogging?

Man : You're crazy.

Alex : This woman kidnapped Maggie Sawyer, a woman who risks her life every day fighting for your rights. She cares what happens to you. The least you can do is return the favor.

M’gann: I know her… She hangs out down by the foundry.

Alex : Thanks.


Maggie : I've seen you around.

Scorcher : Yeah, you're the little alien groupie. Right? Always sticking your nose in our business. Anyone ever tell you how pathetic that makes you look?

Maggie : I care about the community. Humans and aliens both.

Scorcher : Hmm.

Maggie : I don't know why you want to kill the President, but there's always a better way.

Scorcher : For humans, maybe. But we don't have the same rights do we?

Maggie : Isn't that what Alien Amnesty is about? - Equal rights? -

Scorcher : No. No, No, No. It's about voluntarily revealing ourselves like fools. So you know where we live. Who we are, what we can do. "Amnesty" is just another mask to disguise registration.

Kara : That's a pretty cynical opinion.

Scorcher : Well, if it isn't the President's little pet alien.

Scorcher: You're a traitor to your people.

Kara : It's not us against them.

Scorcher : Not yet. Maybe. But I've been to half a dozen planets just like this one. You want to know what they all have in common? The locals lock away anything that they think is different. Out of prejudice, out of fear. There's a reason that you hide your identity, Supergirl. And it's because the humans can't be trusted.

Kara : No. It's because criminals like you can't be trusted.

Scorcher : Let's see how super you really are…What's wrong? Can't take the heat? Huh? Where are you, humans?

Alex : Get the gun and get out.

Maggie : Wait, don't.

Scorcher : Right here, Red Hot!

Kara : Oh.

Maggie : You guys are fun.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Our banner will read, "Supergirl defeats extremist alien, saving the day."

Snapper : What the hell do you think you're doing?

James: You got a problem with that? -

Snapper : Not that. Did you tell someone to kill the first graph on my story?

James : No, I didn't tell someone to do that. I rewrote the piece myself.

Snapper : What? You can't just rewrite my piece.

James : Actually, Snapper, I can. 'Cause I'm your boss. Doesn't feel good to have somebody encroach on your job, does it?

Snapper : This is outrageous. I have complete control of editorial content.

James : No. No, you don't. I do.

Snapper : Then I'll walk.

James : Get to walking.

Snapper : All right, Olsen. What do you want?

James : What I want, is a newsroom governed by respect. You stay out of my lane, I'll stay out of yours.

Snapper : Fair enough.

Kara : Nicely done, boss.


Maggie : This place is sick. Like James Bond bad guy hideout sick.

Alex : Yeah, we have our moments. Minor first degree burn and a bruised collar bone. You should be fine in a few days.

Maggie : Gee, I didn't think you cared.

Alex : Yeah…

Maggie : I'm just kidding. I owe you big. You saved my life.

Alex : Happy to. You did something for me too. You know, I um I've been hunting aliens for so long that I never really stopped to consider that maybe they weren't all hostiles to be caged.

Maggie : You know, I don't really do well with partners but I think we made a pretty good team.

Alex : Yeah, I guess we did. You should really get some rest. You can stay here if you want.

Maggie : No, I can't.

Alex : Why? You got a hot date or something?

Maggie : Actually, I do. And I don't want to leave the lady waiting, so… See you around, Danvers.

Alex : Hmm.


Mon-El : So, does everyone in this world have super powers or is it just us? Uh, what's going on? Thought I was a dangerous killer.

Kara : I don't know you at all. And it was a mistake of me to misjudge you just because you're from Daxam. You didn't try to kill the President. I apologize for assuming you did. My name is Kara Zor-El, I'm from Krypton. And like you, I'm a refugee on this planet. Earth.

Mon-El : My name is Mon-El. So, uh, what now? Can you help me get in touch with my home world?

Kara : Uh. You might want to sit down. There's something I have to tell you. When Krypton was destroyed, the debris showered onto Daxam.

Mon-El : Yeah, I know, that's… That's why I got out of there in a hurry.

Kara : Some of the larger masses struck Daxam's moon, disrupting the gravitational force of the planet.

Mon-El : Wait, what are you… What are you saying?

Kara : Uh. Daxam is still there, but it was ravaged by solar storms. It's a wasteland now. Your home… My home… They're, uh… They're gone.


President Marsdin : And a very personal thank you to both of you.

Kara : It was an honor, Madam President. It was nothing. And I still can't believe I got to see Air Force One.

President Marsdin : If you think that's cool, you ought to see my other jet.

Hank : Madam President, I am still wary of your policy.

President Marsdin : It's not enough to defend the world, J'onn. You need to live in it too.

Kara : Could she be any cooler?

Hank: I suppose not.

Alien bar

M’gann : Sorry. What can I get…

J’onn : I can transform, if that's…

M’gann : No, I'm sorry, it's just…

J’onn : Do I know you? No. And my shift ended 10 minutes ago. Darla, over there, will get you started.


Hank : Hey! Who are you?

M’gann : My name is M'gann M'orzz. I am the last daughter of Mars.

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