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#120 : Condamnée à l'exploit

Supergirl est forcée de livrer bataille contre un ennemi inattendu et doit tout risquer – y compris sa vie – pour empêcher Non et Indigo de détruire chaque personne sur la planète.


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Titre VO
Better Angels

Titre VF
Condamnée à l'exploit

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Kara et Alex (Chyler Leigh)

Kara et Alex (Chyler Leigh)

James Olsen et Kara Danvers

James Olsen et Kara Danvers

Kara et Maxwell Lord

Kara et Maxwell Lord

Supergirl, Eliza et Alex au DEO

Supergirl, Eliza et Alex au DEO

Maxwell, Alex, Kara et Eliza au DEO

Maxwell, Alex, Kara et Eliza au DEO

J'onn et Kara au DEO

J'onn et Kara au DEO

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) et Alex

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) et Alex

Tout le monde regarde un pod se crasher

Tout le monde regarde un pod se crasher

James offre à Kara sa photo préférée de Supergirl

James offre à Kara sa photo préférée de Supergirl

Supergirl part voir ce qui vient de se crasher

Supergirl part voir ce qui vient de se crasher

Tout le monde célébre la victoire de Supergirl

Tout le monde célébre la victoire de Supergirl

Kara apporte le petit déjeuner à Winn

Kara apporte le petit déjeuner à Winn

Kara et James

Kara et James


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Kara : Ugh. Alex, I know you're in there. This isn't you. You don't wanna do this.

Alex : You left me no choice. You're reunited with Astra in the light of Rao, you tell her her wishes have all come true.

Eliza: Alex, stop! This isn't you.

Alex : The Martian's protecting your mind. Who knows for how long, by the looks of him.

Hank : As long as he has to.

Alex : If only you could have protected Alex's. Now her mother has to watch.

Eliza : Alex, you can beat this. I know you can. You're not gonna hurt me. You're not gonna hurt Kara. We are a family. Stronger together. Alex, you are the strongest of us all. Your father always said that. I know he's watching over you. I know he'd be so proud. Your father believed in you. I believe in you, too. You are Alex Danvers and nothing on Earth can change that. So, come back to us, sweetie. Please, come back.

Alex : Mom?

Eliza : Yes.

Alex : I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Eliza : It's all right.

Alex : I'm so sorry.


Hank : So, Supergirl's plan is to broadcast a symbol…

Cat : Of hope.

Hank : Of hope.

Cat : With a speech.

Hank : A speech?

Maxwell : Also about hope.

Hank : But how will she cut through Myriad and reach the people?

Cat : Supergirl is my protege, reaching people is what I do. Plus, there is scientific evidence that supports my plan. Max?

Maxwell: Myriad works by shutting down the connection between the amygdala and the rostral anterior cingulate cortex. The parts of the human brain that give rise to optimism and hope.

Alex : Under Myriad, I could see, I could hear, but it was like I was a complete stranger to myself. And then my mother said something about my father and it was like a switch went off in my brain. I could suddenly feel again. I could feel hope. And that's what she's gonna give them once Max can kick start the connections.

Maxwell : If. This equipment's a dinosaur. If I can get her speech on TV and the symbol on computers and phones, I'm even more of a genius than I thought. Okay, we're ready.

Eliza : Okay. She's ready too.

Maxwell : In three, two…

Kara : People of National City. This is Supergirl and I hope you can hear me. We have been attacked. Mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors, children, everyone, suddenly stopped by a force of evil as great as this world has ever known.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Your attacker has sought to take your free will, your individuality, your spirit.

Everything that makes you who you are.


Kara : When facing an attack like this, it's easy to feel hopeless.


Kara : We retreat, we lose our strength, lose our self. I know.


Kara : I lost everything when I was young. When I first landed on this planet, I was sad and alone. But I found out that there is so much love in this world out there for the taking, and you, the people of National City, you helped me.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : You let me be who I'm meant to be. You gave me back to myself. You made me stronger than I ever thought possible, and I love you for that. Now, in each and every one of you, there is a light, a spirit, that cannot be snuffed out. That won't give up.


Kara : I need your help again. I need you to hope.


Kara : Hope. That you will remember that you can all be heroes. Hope. That when faced with an enemy determined to destroy your spirit, you will fight back and thrive.


Kara : Hope. That those who once may have shunned you will, in a moment of crisis, come to your aid.


Kara : Hope. That you will see again the faces of those you love and perhaps even those you have lost.



Alura : I love you, Kara.

End of flashback


Alex : It's working.

Unknown place

Non : Myriad has failed. I have failed. But I refuse to let Astra's entire life be undone by that… That child.

Indigo : Your only failure was dreaming too small. There are endless worlds out there to conquer, my love. Worlds without that bleeding heart blonde Kryptonian.

Non : What do we do?

Indigo : We finish off the job. We kill the humans and we leave Kara Zor-El behind as queen of a dead Earth.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Thank you. That's more like it.

James : Hey

Winn : Kara.

Kara : Hi.

Winn : Hey. Hey, listen, um… Just the things that we said to you…

James : What he's trying to say is that we're sorry.

Kara : It wasn't you. This is you.

Winn : Um, and thanks, you know, for saving our lives.

James : Yeah. Hey, Kara, nobody could have saved all three of us. Not even Clark.

Kara : Well, the DEO is working to find Non and Indigo, and when they do, they'll pay for what they did.

James: Yeah. Well, I'm just happy that you're safe and the three of us are back together.

Kara : Me too.

James : But I think we should talk about that thing that happened, uh, right before Myriad struck.

Kara : The thing.

James : Yeah, the thing thing.

Kara : The thing.

James : Hmm.

Winn : Oh, this thing has nothing to do with me. All good. I got other things.

James : You kissed me.

Kara : I kissed you.

James : You did.

Kara : So, I'm sorry if I kissed you when you weren't in control of yourself, because I am all about consent.

James : I know. I was myself. Mostly.

Kara : And how did yourself feel about that?

Cat: The morning meeting was to begin 16 seconds ago. You people were more punctual when you were drones. Scurry!

Kara : Later?

James : Later.

Cat: Today, please.

James:Uh, after the scurrying.

Kara: Yeah.


General Lane: Lucy.

Lucy : I'm glad you're here.

General Lane : Did you have any doubt that I would come? So, how is it that Superman is still down for the count?

Lucy : We don't know. We're hoping he regains consciousness soon.

General Lane : You can re-secure the prisoner J'onn J'onzz now.

Lucy : You're cuffing him? He's wounded. He just helped save this whole city. All of us.

General Lane : What he has done subsequent to his crimes is neither here nor there, Luce.

Lucy : Don't you get it, Dad? As long as you keep treating everything as black and white, you're gonna breeding the same type of hate and resentment that allowed the Kryptonians to try to destroy us today.

General Lane : I am trying to protect us. Especially you, Lucy.

Lucy : And that is what is so sad. It's because you keep pushing me away. Like you pushed away Lois.


Lucy : J'onn, I'm so sorry.

Hank : It's not like I'm going anywhere anyway. Your father's only doing what he thinks is right. Fathers are like that with their daughters.


Kara : Hey, I got it. Oh, no.

Alex : I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Kara : I got it. Having your mind controlled and getting into a death match with me is a lot for one day.

Eliza : Alex, I have to ask you something and I want you to tell me the truth. Why did you and J'onn J'onzz really come to see me in Midvale? And why wouldn't you tell me? I can handle anything.

Alex : You probably wanna sit down. Dad is still alive.

Eliza : What? No. No. That, that's not possible. It's been ten years ago.

Alex : J'onn saw into the mind of the man that captured him.

They have him at a secret facility called Cadmus.

Eliza : But why would he be there? Why would they bring your father there and keep him there for so long? It doesn't make any sense.

Alex : I don't know. But once Non and Indigo are captured, J'onn and I are gonna go find him and we're gonna bring him home.

Kara : We all will.

Maxwell: Well, isn't this a Hallmark moment?

Alex : Don't you have someplace better to be? Like at Lord Tech? Helping your employees get through what just happened?

Maxwell : That's what corporate shrinks on retainer are for. Me, I'm more worried about what's still happening.

Kara : Still happening? Everyone's been protected. No one's mind is being controlled.

Maxwell : True. But I went to see how much damage the Kryptonians had done to my LTE network and I found out that since we ended their mind control, the Myriad wave has been amplified ten-fold and is rising exponentially.

Eliza : Amplified? To what end?

Maxwell : Emergency rooms all over the city have been filled with people complaining about headaches. They're from Myriad, which, by my calculations, will continue to amplify until pop goes the cranium. The Kryptonians couldn't control us, so instead, they're going to kill us. All of us.

Maxwell : The Kryptonians were using Myriad for mind control because the frequency penetrates neural tissue. Now, they're increasing the frequency. Exponentially. We're talking terahertz jumps. That's like using an Uzi on a mosquito.

Alex : And we're the mosquito.

Maxwell : Once the wave reaches its full potential, the electromagnetic energy will create enough pressure to…

Kara : To kill every human on the planet like you said. I need to tell James and Winn.

Maxwell : Let's not get our cape in a bunch.

Lucy : He's right. Telling them wouldn't do us any good right now.

Alex : How long do we have?

Maxwell : Four hours. I usually love a good countdown, but this is bad. This is really bad.

Lucy : Think you can find the source so we can shut it down?

Maxwell : You're lucky I work well under pressure.

Vasquez : Ma'ams, you're needed in the armory. Find the source.

Maxwell: Finding them will be the easy part. Defeating them with only you, that's our problem.

Kara : And to think I thought you'd learned by now, I can handle anything.

Maxwell : I'm not trying to be an ass. I know you can handle anything. But I'm actually worried. And if the others were thinking straight, they'd be worried, too. You have no backup. Your sidekick J'onn J'onzz is injured, the DEO's resources have been depleted from the prison break, and even if they weren't, no human can go out there. Their heads would explode if they got too close to the source. If you go out there and fight, you might win. But chances are this is a suicide mission.

Kara : You know I'll never stop trying.

Maxwell : Believe me, no one's rooting for you more than I am. I just want you to know what you're facing, so that you're prepared.

Kara : I will stop Non and Indigo.

Maxwell : Good.

Kara : Hey… Don't tell Alex my odds, okay?

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Hey. Whoa. You look like you could jump in on that lunch order. They just called it in.

Kara : No, it's fine. I've had like, four lunches already.

Winn : Really? Just, no offense, you just kinda have that little hypoglycemic I-haven't-eaten-in-25-minutes look. Sorry. Here.

Kara : I know I don't say this enough, or ever, really…Thank you.

Winn : For what? You're the one that, uh, that just saved everyone from super mind-control ray… Kara : No, that's not what I mean. I… Thank you for being such a great friend always. From my first day at work here, my first day as Supergirl, your friendship has been one of the best parts of my life.

Winn : Could you, uh, just eat a Red Vine, will ya? You're starting to get sappy, even for me.

Cat: Ker-rah!

Winn : Go, uh, tame the beast.

Cat : Ker-rah, go get me one of those Moon Juice smoothies with the Chinese herbs that Gwyneth keeps talking about. I want one every two hours.

Kara : But you hate Chinese herbs. And Gwyneth.

Cat : Not true. I don't like the Coldplay guy, but ever since they consciously uncoupled, I like Gwynny more than ever. You see, Ker-rah, we have been through hell in the last few days. We survived. Lesson, don't ever take life for granted, always take good care of yourself, reject the latte and drink the green juice. Carpe diem.

Kara : Ms. Grant. I just want you to know that working for you is a true honor. You are my role model and you lead this city with such strength and grace, and underneath that prickly exterior, ahem, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I just… I'm just trying to say thank you for being an amazing mentor and friend.

Cat : Okay, so, that was either my eulogy or your dictated suicide note. Is there something you need to tell me?

Kara : No, no, I'm just taking your advice. Carpe diem.

Cat : Okay. Okay. Well, you've made quite the impression on me, too, Ker-rah. Now, go fetch me that juice. Chop-chop.


Kara : Hey.

James : Hey. Just thinking about you.

Kara : You were?

James : Yeah. I was thinking that we should finish that conversation that we started earlier that was interrupted.

Kara : Yeah, it seems like we're always getting interrupted, - doesn't it?

James : Yeah, it does.

Kara : Maybe there's a reason.

James :What do you mean?

Kara : I mean, you and me, maybe we're just not meant to be.

James : That's kind of a big leap.

Kara : James, I know in my heart, that we could've been happy together. But we missed our chance. And now, the most important thing to me is that you find happiness. Find someone who appreciates how amazing you are.

James : Kara, wait. Kara, why are you saying this? What's going on with you?

Kara : Nothing. I just… I care about you a lot, James Olsen. Always remember that.

James : Kara.

Kara : I can't. I have to go.


Kara : I hate seeing you like this.

Hank : I'm not concerned about the shackles. I am concerned about you.

Kara : Don't be. Max Lord says he's very close to finding the source of the Myriad wave, and once he does, I'll have my mission.

Hank : James Olsen called Lucy to tell her that you've been acting strange, like you were saying goodbye or something.

Kara : I didn't mean to worry him. I just… We both know what I'm up against. I will save the Earth, I promise you that. I just don't know if I'll make it out alive. I didn't say the things that needed to be said when I left Krypton and I wanted to make sure that I said them now. Just in case.

Hank : I was exactly where you are, Kara. And when I was, you told me to never give up.

Kara : I'm not giving up. But my mother didn't send me to Earth to fall in love with a human, have children, live in a house with a white picket fence. She sent me here to protect Kal-El. And now, I will use my powers to protect the Earth. And If I die achieving that, I'm at peace with it. I'll join my mother. We'll be together in Rao's light.


Kara : What do you got, Max?

Maxwell : Found 'em. Thanks to this pretty little thing.

Kara : An Omegahedron. We used these as energy sources on Krypton. Just one of those can power an entire city.

Maxwell : Well, this one's powering the destruction of this planet. It's powering the Myriad wave, and its energy is building by the second.

Alex : So where are the Kryptonians hiding?

Vasquez : About 500 miles northeast of here. Nevada.

Kara : What the hell is in Nevada?

Maxwell : In my experience, mediocre buffets and regret.

General Lane : It's Fort Rozz.

Kara : What, you just left it there?

General Lane : You try moving a one million-ton alien spacecraft. We did the only thing we could. We concealed it using its own stealth technology, cordoned off the area and called it a nuclear test zone.

Alex : Making it the perfect place to hide. They've been there the whole time.

Kara : I'll find them. I'll shut it down.

Hank : : Not by yourself you won't. I'm coming with you.

General Lane : You're still under arrest.

Alex : And you're hurt.

Hank : There are too many lives at risk to send an agent in alone.

General Lane : I'm not releasing you. You're a threat to national security.

Hank : And you're dead if you don't allow me to take this mission.

Maxwell : She's gonna need all the help she can get.

Lucy : Release him. Now.

General Lane : Take the other cuff off of the Martian.

Hank : I got it.

Kara : Let's do this.

Alex : J'onn, Supergirl, be careful.

Kara : Keep it safe for me?

Hank : You didn't say goodbye to your sister.

Kara : If I say goodbye, I'm never leaving.

Fort Rozz

Kara : So, how do we smoke them out?

Hank : I think we just did.

Kara : Where is your army?

Non : Already in their sleeping pods. Ready for the journey that awaits once we dispense with the two of you.

Kara : And the Omegahedron?

Non : It's right here. Take it. Smash it into little bits. You still won't stop us. It's just a means to an end. Its power comes from her.

Indigo : Can't smash that to little bits, huh?

Kara : This is not what Astra wanted. Please, don't kill everyone.

Non : Your aunt wanted to save this planet. The humans' extinction will do just that.

Indigo : Like Noah after the flood. Only without Noah. Or you. Ugh!


Vasquez : Sir, we're almost at critical pitch.

General Lane : How much time do we have?

Vasquez : Less than six minutes.

Maxwell : Then our heads go boom.

General Vasquez : Come on, Supergirl.

Fort Rozz

Computer: Signal at 80% strength.


Indigo : Oh! Whoops.


Computer: Signal at 90% strength.


Vasquez : Ugh, five minutes.

Fort Rozz

Non : Tell your parents I said hello.

Kara : Tell them yourself!

Indigo : It's time for you to join your people, Martian.

Kara : We did it. We won Are you okay?

J’onn : I will be.

Kara : Let's shut down Myriad.

Indigo: It can't be shut down, fools. I already locked the system. The engines won't fire. You won't be able to fly Fort Rozz away. All you'll be able do is sit back and watch everyone around you die. But between Krypton and Mars, I guess that's old hat for you two.


General Lane : They're not gonna stop them, are they?

Vasquez : Ma'am, it's Supergirl. She needs to talk to you.

Alex : Supergirl, what's going on? The Myriad signal is still escalating.

Fort Zozz

Kara : We defeated Non and Indigo, but we can't stop the Myriad wave and we can't power the ship. I'm going to fly Fort Rozz into space myself. It's the only way we can get Myriad off the planet.


Alex : That is not an option, Kara. Once you're in space, there's no atmosphere. There's no gravity. You wouldn't be able to generate thrust, you wouldn't be able to breathe, you wouldn't be able to get back.

Fort Rozz

Kara : There is no other way.


Alex : No. I can have Max…

Fort Rozz

Kara : No, there's no time…


Alex : Kara, listen to me.

Fort Rozz

Kara : I was sent to protect Earth and that's what I'm gonna do. I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise me that when you find Jeremiah, you'll tell him that I never stopped wearing the glasses. He needs to know that you and Eliza gave me a great life. A life I never thought I'd be able to find outside of Krypton. He needs to know that, that everything good I did, it came from you being my sister.


Alex : You taught me, Kara.

Fort Rozz

Kara : I want you to have a good life. I want you to find love and be happy. I want you to do all the things that being my sister kept you from doing.


Alex : Kara…

Fort Rozz

Kara : Promise me.


Alex : I can't.

Fort Rozz

Kara : I need you need you to promise me, Alex. There isn't much time.


Alex : I promise.

Fort Rozz

Kara : Good. Okay. I have to go now.


Alex : I love you, Kara.

Fort Rozz

Kara : I love you.


Alex : Kara? Kara?


Kara : What happened?

Alex : You saved the world. And then I saved you with your pod. You're not the only badass in the family. And, uh… This belongs to you. I think your mother would've really appreciated my piloting skills. There are a lot of people out there waiting to say thank you.


General : Ten-hut! I've spoken with the president. She's indebted to you, Supergirl. As am I. She's also aware of the remarkable courage you demonstrated, J'onn J'onzz. She's granting you a full pardon and reinstating you as director of the DEO.

Hank : In my absence, Major Lane has performed her duty as director with expertise and integrity. And if there's one thing I've learned in my lifetimes, it's that leaders are stronger working together. From now on, we're all on the same team, no more secrets. Secrets protect no one. They only undermine what we're striving to accomplish, peace. And even though we have defeated Non and Myriad, evil still persists and there are ever more dangers that we face. Our enemies remain at home, abroad and in the skies beyond our world.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : What… What is this?

Cat : Banker's box. Typically used to carry one's meager possessions as they're being escorted to the elevator in disgrace. Or by force, if necessary.

Kara : What are you doing?

Cat : Helping you pack.

Kara : My… Ms.

Grant, whatever I did, whatever you think I did, I can explain.


Kara: What is this?

Cat : This is your new office.

Kara : You're not firing me?

Cat : Oh, no, no, no. I'm promoting you. Ker-rah, for the last two years, you have done nothing but arrange my travel perfectly and manage my schedule flawlessly. You have become the best assistant I have ever had. And that is why I have to give you up.

Kara : What am I… What do you want me to do?

Cat : Well, I want you to find me a new assistant, for starters and then I want you to take a few days, I want you to think about what you want, and then I'll think about what you might have to offer, and then we'll talk.

Kara : Really? Anything I want?

Cat : Well, within reason. And the money won't be much different, or any different, but this is a step up for you, Ker-rah. This is your end of Working Girl moment. And if you take advantage of it, I really believe that you can change the world.

Kara : Ms. Grant.

Cat : Hmm?

Kara : The end of Working Girl always makes me cry.

Cat : Um… Me too. If you work hard there might be a window in your future, Kara.

Kara’s apartment

Alex : Okay, do the forks go on the left or the right, I can never remember.

Kara : Forks on the left, knives on the right. It's the way you eat. How would I know that?

Alex : I… I eat with my fork in my right hand.

Eliza : That's because you were raised by wolves.

Winn : Six, seven… Hey, you guys, um, we have, we have one extra setting.

Eliza : No, no, leave that one there. It's for Jeremiah. For when he comes back.

Alex : : He will, Mom. I give you my word.

We're gonna find Project Cadmus, we're gonna bring him home.

Hank : Together.

James : Hey, Kara, can I borrow you for a second? So, I've taken a lot of photos of Supergirl and I think this one is really special.

Kara : That's so sweet.

James : Ta da.

Kara : Oh. I'm squinting.

James : No, you're smiling with your eyes. Like you are now. It's what happens when you're happy.

Kara : Yeah, I am happy. Thank you.

James : Of course.

Alex: Great, Kara, do the champagne trick! Come on, come on, come on. It's so cool.

Winn: Do the trick.

Alex: Come here, come here.

Winn: Do the trick.

Alex : Go, go, go. Three, two, one!

Hank : Let's have a toast.

James: All right.

Hank : To Supergirl.

Kara : No, no. Wait, wait. To family. Love bonds us all.

All: To family!

Kara : What was that?

Alex : Nothing good.


Kara : That pod. It's identical to mine. It's from Krypton.

J'onn: Supergirl, be careful. You don't know what's in there.

Kara : Oh, my God.

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Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.05 : Prom Night

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.05 : Prom Night
The CW a dévoilé les photos promos de l'épisode 6.05 : Prom Night de Supergirl qui sera diffusé le...

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.06 : Prom Again!

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.06 : Prom Again!
The CW vient de dévoiler le synopsis de l'épisode 6.06 : Prom Again! de Supergirl qui sera diffusé...

Supergirl | Diffusion The CW - 6.03 : Phantom Menaces

Supergirl | Diffusion The CW - 6.03 : Phantom Menaces
It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's a the brand new episode of Supergirl! La saison 6 continue ce...

Supergirl | Photos de l'épisode 6.04 : Lost Souls

Supergirl | Photos de l'épisode 6.04 : Lost Souls
The CW a dévoilé les photos promos de l'épisode 6.04 : Lost Souls de Supergirl qui sera diffusé le...


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Nouvelle partie de ciné-émojis et films à voir à la télé cette semaine sur HypnoClap !

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Nouveau sondage et photo du mois dans le quartier The Boys

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Un nouvel anniversaire à fêter chez Doctor Who, mais celui de qui ?

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Hello à tous ! Il est temps de départager les créations sur le quartier All American via le sondage !! On vous attend

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Deux anniversaires à fêter chez Doctor Who et Voyage au centre du Tardis attends vos photos de Ryan Sinclair

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