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#119 : Alliance de la dernière chance

Kara doit trouver un moyen de libérer ses amis quand Non et Indigo commencent à exercer un contrôle mental sur les citoyens de National City pour en faire une armée.


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Alliance de la dernière chance

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Maxwell Lord, Cat Grant et Supergirl

Maxwell Lord, Cat Grant et Supergirl

Cat, Maxwell et Non à CatCo

Cat, Maxwell et Non à CatCo

Cat, Maxwell et Non à CatCo

Cat, Maxwell et Non à CatCo

Cat, Maxwell et Non à CatCo

Cat, Maxwell et Non à CatCo



Non vient trouver Kara

Non vient trouver Kara

Non (Chris Vance)

Non (Chris Vance)

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

Kara dans la forteresse de solitude (Melissa Benoist)

Kara dans la forteresse de solitude (Melissa Benoist)

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James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

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Lucy : DEO is secure. What are your orders?

Non : Release the prisoners.

Lucy : It is done.

Non : All but the White Martian. For everyone's sake, leave that one be.

Computer: Warning. Containment Override activated. Cell power dampeners will shut down in two minutes.


Maxima : I know not your face, human. I am Maxima, Queen of the planet Almerac. Open this door and you'll find out exactly what that means. Do you value your life so little you won't fight back?

Lucy : Myriad has begun on Earth. Non calls you to his legions. You will be the kings and queens of this world, once you swear your fidelity to him.

Maxima : Since Superman refused the honor of marrying me…

Computer: Warning.

Maxima : Prisoner release in one minute. I will pledge allegiance to your Non.


Kara : Early parole is canceled.

Maxima : That tickled. We could have been family, Kara Zor-El. I once sought to make your cousin my mate.

Kara : Ew, gross! Lucy! You have to fight it. You have to wake up!

Computer: Warning. Prisoner release in 15 seconds. Warning. Prisoner release in five, four, three, two… Containment override deactivated. Prisoner cell release canceled.

Kara : Lucy… I'm so sorry.

Fortress of Solitude

Kara : Kelex? Kelex, are you here?

Kelex : How may I assist you, Lady Kara?

Kara : Where is Kal-El? I can't find him anywhere on Earth.

Kelex : Kal-El is attending to a matter off-world.

Kara : Kelex, I need you to tell me about Myriad.

Kelex : Warning. This construct is not authorized to discuss Myriad.

Kara : You were designed to obey the members of the honorable House of El, and to preserve the memory of Krypton wherever it went. If you don't override your orders, Myriad will destroy the House of El and the memory of Krypton will be lost forever. You will have failed in your prime directive. Please. Please! I just need someone to help me!

Alura : Hello, Kara.

Kara : Mom!

Alura : Myriad was developed on Krypton by your aunt. It was created to prevent the planet's imminent destruction. We had strangled the planet's resources beyond recovery. The politicians argued, but could not agree on what to do. Thus, according to high records, Astra implemented her own solution. Myriad. Technology designed to force everyone to her way of thinking.

Kara : Mind Control.

Alura : When they were caught attempting to use the Myriad technology against the people of Argo City, Astra and Non were arrested.

Kara : And sentenced to Fort Rozz.



Astra : Much like Krypton, this planet is on the verge of ecological destruction. I can stop it. But the humans won't like my methods. That's why I need you. They trust you. Together we can save them.

End of flashback

Fortress of Solitude

Kara : That's what they've been trying to do all along. They've been trying to use Myriad on Earth. To save the planet. But I don't understand. Why is everyone so afraid to talk about it? Why wouldn't you even speak of it?

Alura : Myriad could be used to enslave whole worlds at the push of a button. The High Council determined that if knowledge of such technology were to get out, it would upset the delicate balance of power of the galaxy.

Kara: Mom, please. You have to tell me how to stop this.

Alura: I am sorry, my dear Kara. Once started, Myriad cannot be stopped.

30 miles outside of Midvale in a bus

Woman: Remain seated. We're on the lookout for a pair of fugitives, wanted in connection to some very serious crimes. These two are considered to be extremely dangerous. If you have any information, please speak up. This bus is clear. Let's get out of here.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Kelly? That's Kryptonian. What is Non up to? Winn. Winn? Winn, can you hear me? I know you're in there. I could really use my friend right now. James. Come on, James. You are stronger than this. Come back. Come back to me. There was a time that I was so afraid you wouldn't see me and now I just wish you'd smile.

General Lane: The United States Army has taken up position at every entrance way into National City. Until this threat is neutralized, National City has effectively been quarantined.

Outside of the city

General Lane: This is General Lane.

Kara: It's Supergirl.

General Lane: How's Lucy.

Kara: She's alive. She's safe.

General Lane: She's enthralled to Non's master weapon, isn't she?

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Yes. Listen, you need to keep everybody outside of city limits until I can figure this out, okay? I know you and I haven't always had the best work relationship, but…

Outside of the city

General Lane: I'll do my part. I trust you'll do yours. Good luck.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Ker-rah, call Harrison Ford and tell him that I'm flattered, but once and for all, I do not date older men, especially when they're married. Oh! Supergirl! Well, what a pleasant surprise. What, do we have a 9:00 a.m.?

Kara: You're not a mindless drone.

Cat: Uh, no. No, I learned that lesson when Demi Moore and I wore the same dress to the premiere of Ghosts. Never again.

Kara: Ms. Grant, listen to me. Everyone in the city is affected by this alien signal. They're acting like automatons. Haven't you noticed?

Cat: Hmm, well, yes, they are a bit more quiet than usual. Maybe my reign of terror has finally reached its peaked effectiveness.

Kara; Oh.

Cat: Ah, you do have a cell phone? Can I get that number, please?

Kara: It's Superman.

Cat: Oh, can I get his number as well?

Kara: He's coming to help.

Cat: He is?

Kara: Where is he?

Cat: Oh, my God. What's happening to everyone?

Kara: There he is! There he is.

Cat: Who? Superman? Where?

Kara: What? What? Oh, God. No.

Cat: What is it?

Kara: Myriad. It's affecting my cousin too.

Cat: Myriad? Wait a minute, if it's affecting Superman, then are any of us safe?

Maxwell: Well, I may not be Superman, but… I do have my moments.


Maxwell: Do Kryptonians gloat? Because I'll bet wherever he is, ol' Uncle Non is feeling pretty good about himself.

Cat: Why am I not surprised that your brain is intact, Max? What is it they say? Only cockroaches will survive the apocalypse.

Maxwell: Happy to see you too, Cat. You look lovely, considering the end is nigh.

Kara: Why weren't you affected?

Maxwell: Ion blockers. I realized the Kryptonians were using my LTE interface system. That's why they broke into my lab over Christmas. They're using my satellites to send neural signals directly into the minds of everyone in National City. These scramble the signal before they reach my brain.

Kara: If you invented technology that blocks Myriad, why didn't you give it to the DEO?

Maxwell: Once Henshaw and his Trusted Girl Friday stepped down, I had no one at the DEO to trust.

Cat: Well, clearly, not everybody needs this ear-wig thingy, because I don't have one and my brain is perfectly intact.

Maxwell: I see you got the earrings I sent you last night.

Cat: Oh, I get it. Ion blockers in the diamonds? Mmm-hmm. Oh, so many karats and yet so functional.

Maxwell: Didn't seem right for the world to lose Cat Grant's mind. Speaking of, where is your faithful assistant? Out marching with the masses?

Cat: Don't be glib, Max. Probably should be worried about her.

Kara: If it only targets humans, why was my cousin affected?

Maxwell: Nature versus nurture. He may be an alien, but your cousin grew up on Earth. Seems like environmental factors, being raised by ordinary people, made his brain more human. The Man of Steel brought to his knees all because he went to kindergarten and watched Sesame Street.

Kara: You think this is funny?

Maxwell: Everything I have feared has come to pass. I couldn't be more serious.

Kara: We have to stop them. They're using your satellites. Can't you reprogram them and destroy Myriad from the inside?

Maxwell: I tried. There's some pretty epic force fields around those satellites at the moment.

Cat: You're always 10 steps ahead, Max. I know you have a plan.

Maxwell: Of course I do. We kill them all.

Unknown place

Indigo: When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. Need a tissue?

Non: National City under our control, at last. Even Kal-El could not escape its power. Nothing can stand against us now.

Indigo: Except your niece. I calculate she's chomping at the bit to take her revenge on you.

Non: Like Astra, you overestimate her strength.

Indigo: Since your dearly-departed wife's corpse is floating through space right now, I'd say maybe you both underestimated her power.

Non: You want me to kill her?

Indigo: Every minute that she lives is a minute that she's plotting against us. She has already prevented the release of the Fort Rozz escapees from the DEO.

Non: It will not change the outcome.

Indigo: Kill Kara Zor-El today or fight her tomorrow. And once it's done, you can go back to admiring your kingdom.


Eliza: Who are you?

Alex: Mom! No, no, it's me. It's Alex.

Eliza: Alex! Oh, my God! Hi.

Alex: Hi. I needed that.

Eliza: Are you all right? What is going on?

Alex: Well….

Eliza: And who's this?

Alex: Oh, uh, yes, that's a little harder to explain.

Eliza: I don't understand, sweetie.

J’onn: I… Dr. Danvers, you might want to step back.

Eliza: What the hell?

Alex: No, no, no. It's okay.

Eliza: No, whatever that is, that killed your father!

Alex: No, he didn't.

Eliza: What?

Alex: The real Hank Henshaw blackmailed Dad into joining the DEO. This is who tried to save him. His name is J'onn. He's a shape-shifter from Mars.

Eliza: Is it true?

Hank: What's true is your husband was one of the best people I've ever known. He saved my life.

Alex: And J'onn has saved mine and Kara's. You can trust him. Mom, we don't have much time. J'onn and I are on the run. We just stopped by to supply up.

Eliza: Wait. "On the run"? How did you even get out of the city?

Alex: What are you talking about?

Eliza: You don't know what's happening in National City? There's something you have to see.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Max, how exactly do you plan on killing an army of Supermans?

Maxwell: I'll tell you the plan when I know you're both on board. Can't have muscles over here trying to stop me.

Kara: Killing is never the solution.

Maxwell: Except we're way past villains-of-the-week and kittens stuck in trees. We're at war. And the only way to win a war is to kill the enemy before they kill us. So, time to grow up and put on the big girl cape.

Cat: Oh, looks like someone made it through security.

Non: The son of Jor-El has already knelt before me. Soon you will too. I don't want to fight you, child.

Kara: Afraid I'll win?

Non: You've already lost. Accept it and the glorious fulfillment of Astra's vision. In the end, she defeated you.

Kara: This doesn't look like victory to me. And all you're doing is betraying her. I was with Astra in her final moments. We forgave each other, we paid respect to our blood bonds. She didn't want this.

Non: Of course she did. It's what everyone wants, is it not? Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards man.

Cat: It's a lot less like Christmas out there and more like Dawn of the Dead.

Non: The human race finally has a chance to live. Or it would suffer the same fate as Krypton. And the same thing is happening on Earth, with a populace more interested in reality stars and political circuses than working together to solve the world's problems.

Maxwell: So, mind control is the answer to global warming? Why didn't I think of that?

Non: Thanks to Myriad, there are no more racial divisions, no Republicans, no Democrats. Only one people, working with one purpose towards one goal. To save the world.

Cat: Except you haven't saved them, you've enslaved them.

Kara: Humanity is better than this. If you really want this planet to avoid the fate of Krypton, then work with us.

Non: With these people? These two are the best of your world and all they do is help the populace amuse themselves to death. If anything, they laid the groundwork for me.

Winn: You've already turned us into drones.

Kara: Winn! Winn, can you hear me?

James: Your inventions have drowned out sense and turned it into nonsense.

Winn: But now everyone is united, everyone's creativity and thought dedicated to eradicating famine, disease, climate change.

Maxwell: You're harvesting the brain power of everyone in the city to solve the world's problems? National City is a giant think tank?

Kara: This is not the way to solve the world's problems.

Winn: Your heroics have done nothing to save the planet.

James: This is the inevitability of Myriad.

Kara: Non, stop this!

Non: These are your friends, aren't they?

Kara: Let them go.

Non: I've have lived with loss. Allow me to return the favor.

Cat: Kelly?

Kara: What are you doing to them?

Winn: Non has ended crime in National City in one day. One second.

Kara: Winn. Winn, stop!

James: Which is more than the three of you have ever done.

Kara: James. James? Kelly.

Cat: Oh, my God.

Maxwell: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Kara: What's happening? What's happening?

James: Catch.

Kara: No! Oh, my God. Oh, my…

James: You missed one. Do not stand against me.

Winn: Or more will die.

James: Everyone you know, love, and care for will die. Accept defeat, Kara Zor-El. I have already saved National City. Next, I will save the world.


Hank: It's a nice photograph. Beautiful family.

Eliza: We were. So, Alex said Jeremiah saved your life. Were you with him? Were you with him at the end?

Hank: His only thought was for you and the girls. I made him a promise. And I've been trying to keep that promise every day since.

Eliza: Thank you. So, Mars… I have to ask, underneath it all, are you a little green man?

Hank: I'm a big green man, actually.

Eliza: Ha! And how are you able to change form? Is it an enzyme or some other chemical catalyst your body secretes that allows you to reorganize your DNA? And how do you adjust for the change in body density? How does your respiratory system process the increased oxygen and nitrogen present in our air that… What? What is so funny?

Hank: Like mother, like daughter.

Alex: Kara? Are you all right?


Kara: I'm fine.

Alex: You're lying.

Kara: Yes. Did you reach Cadmus? Did you and Hank find your dad?


Alex: We were on our way there until we heard about all this.


Kara: Where are you now?


Alex: At Mom's.

Kara: Stay there. If you come to National City, Myriad will take over you too.

Alex: There's no way I'm leaving you there by yourself.


Kara: I'm not alone. I'm, uh… I'm with Ms. Grant.


Alex: Why wasn't Cat affected?


Kara: Maxwell Lord protected her and himself.


Alex: Of course he did.

Kara, we never know when we can trust him.


Kara: You know what? I don't really have a choice right now. You don't know what it's like here. It's my only option. I love you, Alex.

Alex: Kara, listen…


Alex: Kara? She's working with Max to stop Non.

Hank: I'm going back.

Eliza: I don't think you can.

Hank: I'm not human. Myriad won't affect me.

Alex: I'm going with you.

Hank: No, you're not. You're staying here where this evil can't touch you. It's what your sister wants. It's what your father would want. He still needs you.

Catco Worldwide Media

Maxwell: Are you finally ready to do what needs to be done?

Kara: What's your plan?

Maxwell: Before you and I sang Kumbaya and decided to be friends, I was working on a weapon to use against the Kryptonians. All Kryptonians.

Kara: What kind of weapon?

Maxwell: A bomb. Filled with Kryptonite dust. It'll irradiate the entire city. Choke them all. No more Myriad.

Cat: Um, Anderson, do you think you could hold on for just a skosh? Forgive me, but won't that kill Supergirl and Superman?

Maxwell: Not if she flies up and detonates it over the city center. Then she and he skedaddle. She won't be able to come back to National City for roughly 50 years…But that's a small price to pay to save the world, right?

Kara: What about the human beings? Will they be affected at all?

Maxwell: The concussive force to properly displace the Kryptonite dust will result in some losses.

Cat: Hmm, Anderson, I'm gonna have to call you back. What exactly are we talking about, Max? Losses.

Maxwell: 8% of the population.

Cat: 8% of the population. 8% of four million people? That is over 300,000 people, Max.

Maxwell: Versus the seven billion people on the planet that Non wants to turn into zombies.

Cat: Are you seriously considering this?

Maxwell: She is. Because she knows it's our only chance. If this spreads from National City, it won't be long before every man, woman and child, including your children, will be on their knees. I won't let that happen. I swore to save this world. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Kara: What if we tell Non we have this weapon? Force him to see reason.

Maxwell: Tell that to Kelly, the office skydiver.

Cat: Please, have you no shame?

Maxwell: No. Not anymore. All I have is my mind. And for how much longer I'm not sure. What I know is that, for every second we don't act, we risk the end of humanity. Time to save the world, Supergirl. Are you with me?


Maxwell: Did you get an answer?

General Lane: I've spoken with the President directly. She agrees with your assessment. You have her authorization to proceed with your plan.

Maxwell: Thank you, General.

General Lane: May God have mercy on our souls.

Maxwell: If there was a God, General, I'm sure she wouldn't have put us in this mess in the first place.

Kara: How did you become like this?

Maxwell: Did I ever tell you how my parents died?

Kara: Alex told me they were exposed to a fatal virus when the government gave them faulty hazmat suits.

Maxwell: What I didn't tell your dear old sis was that I warned them about those suits. I knew they wouldn't hold up. I begged them and the CDC to scrap them, but…No one would listen to me. The know-it-all. I swore from that moment on, that if I could protect people, if I could save them, I wouldn't wait for permission. I would act. Just like you do every time you jump out the window and save the day. We act, you and I. We're more alike than you think.

Kara: I hope not.

Maxwell: I'll be at my facility getting the bomb ready.

Unknown place

Indigo: Is the deed done?

Non: Kara Zor-El will no longer be a problem.

Indigo: Is she dead or isn't she?

Non: I could have killed her. But that would have spared her the agony of losing everyone she loves. I thought it would please you.

Indigo: You've always known how to please me. Now, it's time for us to consider what's next.

Non: Next, we go to Metropolis. Then to Opal City, Central City, Washington D.C.

Indigo: You sound like a cut-rate politician running for office. The small dreams of a small man. Not worthy of you.

Non: Already, the humans in this city have cast away their differences and are working towards the salvation of their planet. For a lesser species, they are surprisingly creative. They show exceptional ingenuity.

Indigo: All the better to serve you. And yet, you falter.

Non: I am the Lord of Earth.

Indigo: You could be the Lord of the Universe. Don't you realize what you have? You've created a force that could take over the galaxy. A vast army that exists only to do your bidding. You want to take one planet and turn it into your fiefdom, when you have an entire universe crying out to be ruled by you. To worship you as I do.


Eliza: Alex said you were both on the run. Are you in some kind of trouble with the DEO?

Hank: Alex, we've been through this.

Alex: If you expect me to just watch you fly away, you're out of your mind.

Hank: This is not up for discussion.

Eliza: Alex, I know how brave you are, but you cannot fight this.

Alex: Yes. Yes, we can. I remember the last time I watched my father walk out that door. It was the worst day of my life. Not finding out whether or not he was coming back, but watching him go. Knowing that whatever happened next, I had no say. That is not me.

Hank: There's nothing you can do.

Alex: Yes, there is. If you help me. You can protect me. You can use your telepathy to guard my mind.

Hank: All right.

Eliza: Promise you'll come home.

Alex: I promise. I will try. Very, very hard. Mom, there's something that you should know about Dad…

Hank: Alex, we should go.

Eliza: What is it?

Alex: I'll tell you when we get back.

J’onn: We'll see you soon, Doctor.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: I've always liked the view out this window. Wish I had it from my office. I like looking at the park. All the people. Mothers pushing their strollers. Kids playing. I wonder which of them will die in Max's moronic attempt to save the city.

Kara: I don't know how to fight this. What would you have me do?

Cat: You could come up with a better plan than irradiating the city and killing thousands of people.

Kara: My mother was faced with this decision on Krypton. To act or do nothing. And she chose wrong. I love her, but she didn't save Krypton like she promised. And my planet died. My culture. My home. My parents. Everything was just wiped from the stars. How can I let that happen again?

Cat: I know you're scared. I am too. But so is Max. And so is Non, for that matter. All of you are letting your fear guide you, but somebody has to find the courage to stand up even though they're afraid. You know, the worst decisions that I've ever made in my life were based on fear. But you showed me that there was another way to be strong, by having faith in people. By believing that goodness would prevail. And because of you, I started letting people in. I even opened up myself up to my assistant, Ker-rah, who helped me have a relationship with my son again. Now, I can't tell you what to do, Supergirl. But if you've taught me anything, you have taught me that hope is stronger than fear. And that is what I think of every time I look at that. You've changed me. And I am not easy to change. And I believe that you can change everyone out there. Not with violence, not with fear. Just be Supergirl. That's all anyone's ever needed from you.

Kara: Thank you, Cat. That gives me an idea.

Unknown place

Indigo: The Martian. He's back.


Alex: What is it? Are you okay?

Hank: This Myriad signal is really strong. It's taking up a lot of my mental energy shielding your mind from it.

Alex: Okay, if you have to sacrifice me….

Hank: That's not gonna happen.

Alex: Why did you stop me from telling my mother my father was still alive?

Hank: Until we stop Non, there's nothing we can do for your father. Eliza has enough on her plate worrying about you and Kara.

Indigo: Nice try. You didn't even see me coming. There was only a 25.6% chance that you would turn up. Once again defying the odds. Just like that time your people perished and you alone survived. Impressive. But the humans might call that lucky.

Hank: It has nothing to do with luck.

Indigo: Stand down. Or I scrape her brain from her skull.

Alex: J'onn, don't listen to her. Just….Go find Supergirl. Save the city. No! No!

Indigo: Endangered. Now extinct. I do love wiping out a species. And you're next, human.

Lord Industries

Maxwell: Good. You changed your mind. I was starting to regret saving it in the first place. For the record, I seriously thought the two of us would be having a lot more fun during Armageddon.

Cat: Oh, Max, we're not here to talk about your bomb. Supergirl has a plan.

Maxwell: Which means Cat browbeat you.

Kara: "Inspired" is closer to the truth.

Cat: I'm a muse, Max. To the world.

Maxwell: So, what's your plan?

Kara: Hope.

Maxwell: You know what? I'm gonna go with the plan that has the bomb and kills the bad guys instead.

Kara: No bomb. No one dies.

Maxwell: You think I wanna do this? It's the only way to win.

Kara: What? What are we winning? Causing more chaos? More destruction? More lives lost? You hated me for months, because you thought I'd use my power indiscriminately, kill people with no regard for their lives. That is exactly the choice you're making with this bomb.

Cat: Please tell me you've had enough analysis to know that she's right.

Kara: You were afraid of me. Now you're afraid of Non. I understand that fear. But we cannot let it drive our actions. Make another choice that honors your parents. And mine.

Maxwell: I'm listening.

Unknown place

Indigo: Wakey-wakey.

Alex: Where am I?

Non: At the heart of our operation.

Alex: This is where you and Astra have been hiding all these years?

Non: Yes. This was our prison. Our home. Until you killed her with a Kryptonite sword. I wanted you wide awake, so I could see the pain and fear in your eyes as you died.

Indigo: I may have told him you did the deed. Sorry.

Alex: Astra didn't want this. After you used the black mercy on Supergirl, she came to me, told me how to save her. She didn't kill me when she had the chance. I'm sure she loved you, but what you're doing to National City, what you're planning to do to Earth, she lost her taste for it. Hear her now.

Indigo: She and your niece consider themselves sisters. Family.

Non: Your point?

Indigo: You want to hurt them both? I know how.


Kara: Will any of this equipment work?

Cat: Well! No reason why it shouldn't.

Maxwell: So, you brought us to your very first, very out of the way TV station so we can… What Dust off your Daytime Emmy?

Cat: No, Max. Actually we are here to inspire. We are going to show them a symbol. One of optimism, love, and, yes, hope. A sight so undeniable, that people will recognize it even under this spell.

Maxwell: Where do we start?

Kara: Do you think you can do it?

Maxwell: We can't stop Myriad's signal, but we can piggyback off of it. We're lucky. This TV station is old.

Cat: Not that old.

Maxwell: Not old-old. But old enough that it uses broadcast technology instead of digital. We can transmit a signal by calibrating it to Myriad's frequency, without leaving any online fingerprints.

Kara: Take that, Indigo.

Maxwell: It'll ride the wave without anybody knowing a thing.

Cat: I have one question for you, Max.

Maxwell: Shoot.

Cat: The earrings, how did you know I would wear them?

Maxwell: I didn't. I guess I just had hope.

Kara: Stay here.


Kara: Alex? What are you doing here? I told you not to come.

Alex: I warned you what would happen if you worked against me. I found your ultimate opponent. One that knows your every weakness.

Kara: No! I'm not doing this. I am not going to fight my sister. Did you hear that, Non? If you want to fight me, come out here and do it yourself. I'm not gonna hurt her.

Unknown place

Non: You have no choice. Kill Alex Danvers or let her kill you. Either way….


Alex: You lose. Recognize this?

Unknown place

Non: It's the same sword your sister used…


Alex: To kill Astra. It's almost justice.

Kara: Alex, please wake up.

Alex: She can't hear you.

Kara: Revenge won't bring Astra back.

Unknown place

Non: I don't want to bring her back.


Alex: I want you to join her.

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Supergirl, S06E07 (inédit)
Mardi 11 mai à 21:00
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Supergirl, S06E06 (inédit)
Mardi 4 mai à 21:00
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Mardi 20 avril à 21:00
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Mardi 6 avril à 21:00
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Superman & Lois | Diffusion The CW - 1.06 : Smells Like Teen Spirit

Superman & Lois | Diffusion The CW - 1.06 : Smells Like Teen Spirit
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Jenna Dewan va apparaitre dans le season finale de la saison 3 de The Rookie !

Jenna Dewan va apparaitre dans le season finale de la saison 3 de The Rookie !
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Nouveau mois dans les forums

Nouveau mois dans les forums
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Dernier jour pour voter aux quarts de finale de l'animation The New Song sur Zoey's EP !

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L'animation Love, Hypnoweb continue sur le quartier Love, Victor! Des personnages de la commu' LGBTQ+ sont à départager dans les forums

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La nouvelle saison d'Elite arrive dans un mois tout pile ! En attendant, vous pouvez voir ce que sont devenu les personnages qui sont partis

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