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#118 : À deux c'est mieux

Supergirl unit ses forces avec un ultra-rapide – et super-charmant – héros, The Flash, pour battre deux vilains. Perdu et confus après avoir quitté son univers et atterri dans celui de Kara, Flash demande son aide pour retourner chez lui. Excitée à l’idée d’un face-à-face avec un super-héros, Kara accepte à une condition : le super-coureur doit l’aider à battre sa collègue de travail ultra-compétitive et malfaisante, Siobhan, alias Silver Banshee ; ainsi qu’une vieille ennemie de Supergirl, Livewire.

Cross-over avec The Flash


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World's Finest

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À deux c'est mieux

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Affiche promotionnelle de l'épisode spécial

Affiche promotionnelle de l'épisode spécial

Supergirl et The Flash au DEO

Supergirl et The Flash au DEO

Barry et Kara discutent

Barry et Kara discutent

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)

Kara, James et Winn présente Barry comme leur cousin

Kara, James et Winn présente Barry comme leur cousin

Kara, James et Barry

Kara, James et Barry

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)

Kara rencontre Barry Allen

Kara rencontre Barry Allen

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Silver Banshee

Silver Banshee

Livewire et Silver Banshee prennent Cat en otage

Livewire et Silver Banshee prennent Cat en otage

Silver Banshee et Livewire

Silver Banshee et Livewire

Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci)

Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci)

Livewire (Brit Morgan)

Livewire (Brit Morgan)

Lucy, Kara et Barry

Lucy, Kara et Barry

Supergirl et The Flash face à Livewire et Silver Banshee

Supergirl et The Flash face à Livewire et Silver Banshee

The Flash (Grant Gustin)

The Flash (Grant Gustin)

Supergirl et The Flash

Supergirl et The Flash

Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan)

Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan)


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Winn : What is she?

Kara : She's definitely not a Fort Rozz escapee. Trust me. We checked.

Winn : And you're sure you don't recognize her from Krypton?

Kara : No. But it was a big place. We didn't all know each other.

Winn : She fell four stories, Kara. There's not a scratch on her. The only other person I know capable of that is you.

Kara : Well, maybe she should be National City's new hero.

Winn : I saw that, uh, winning the people back wasn't going so well.

Kara : I have tried everything I can think of. Last night I helped a family assemble their IKEA table. It's still not enough. One mistake. That's all it took to just erase all the good I did before.

Winn : You were poisoned. It's, it's not your fault.

Kara : People don't know that. All they know is that this symbol doesn't mean what it used to anymore.

Winn : Dr. Hamilton, how is Siobhan? How did she survive her belly flop on the sidewalk?

Dr. Hamilton : She emitted a high frequency sound wave so powerful, it literally cushioned her fall and pulverized the cement.

Winn : You're saying the girl that I have been… You know, is an alien?

Dr. Hamilton : Nope. DNA analysis confirms she's human.

Kara : So how does she have this power?

Dr. Hamilton : Do you believe in miracles?

Siobhan : So none of you know what's wrong with me? Thanks for nothing. That was such a waste of time.

Winn : At least you're not an alien. Not that aliens are bad. I mean, I know quite a few aliens and I like them. You said these people could help me. And speaking of aliens, since when do you know Supergirl?

Winn : I, I would have told you.

Siobhan : When?

Winn : I don't know. Maybe if we'd ever gone on an actual date.

Siobhan : I'm scared, Winn.

Winn : I know, I know. I'm sorry. We're gonna figure this out. Together. All right? No one here is abandoning you, Siobhan, including me. Whoa, easy. Hey…. Are you all right?

Siobhan : I need to go.

Winn : Okay, let's get you back to Dr. Hamilton.

Siobhan : I said I need to go.


Lucy: Five people were rushed to the hospital last night. All suffering from electrical imbalances in the brain. Is there anything you wanna tell me?

Livewire : Yeah. The food here sucks.

Lucy : You're the only person we know with the ability to cause electrical phenomena of this magnitude. How did you do it?

Livewire : I'm flattered you think I'm behind it, but I've got bigger brains to fry. Like Cat Grant's and Supergirl's. And when I get out of here, you're all gonna pay.

Catco Worlwide Media

Cat : Aren't they exquisite?

Kara : Yes, they look very yummy.

Cat : I can see it in your eyes, Ker-rah, that you want one. But you're too scared. So instead, you gaze longingly from a safe distance, wishing that you had one all of your own. Well, let me tell you, cupcakes like these, they don't last. They get snatched up and devoured. And if you don't act fast, so will he.

Kara : Ms. Grant…

Cat : Ker-rah, if you haven't caught on by now, I'm trying to make a parallel between this box of cupcakes and your nonexistent love life.

Kara : I'm not that comfortable talking about this with you.

Cat : Ugh.

Kara : But if I did, what am I supposed to do? James said he needs time to think. But, what is that? Time for him to talk himself out of it?

Cat : If you want James, you are going to have to make a power move. Make yourself unavailable. Make him jealous. If you must, read my 1998 guide to finding love entitled The Lighthouse Technique. Shine your light, and let him come to you. And before you know it, he'll be docked in your port. It's not my best work, but it did get me a spot on Oprah.

Kara : So the best way to go after James is not go after him at all?

Cat : Mmm. Precisely. Try less. Shine more.

Kara : Hmm.

Cat : These are mine.

Kara : Mmm-hmm.


Siobhan : What is happening to me? Ugh!

Catco Worlwide Media

Winn : Hey. Um... What are you doing here? Uh, gentle reminder, you were banned from the building. If Cat sees you she's gonna call security. Or worse, she's gonna get a restraining order. That's like her favorite thing to get people.

Cat: Ker-rah, call security. I haven't seen eyes that crazy since I had fondue with Ramona Singer.

Kara : Siobhan, I'm sorry, you can't be here.

Siobhan : You ruined my life, Kara Danvers.

James : Kara!

Outside the city

Barry : You're on fire! I... Nope. I'm... You don't seem that bothered by the fact that you're on fire.

Kara : I didn't need you to save me.

Barry : You just fell from a skyscraper. So if I hadn't been there, you would have gone splat.

Kara : I have to get back to the city.

Barry : Okay... What the what... That's a new one. I thought I was the impossible.


Barry : How did you do that?

Kara : I'm Supergirl.

Barry : You're who now?

Kara : Sorry, I was just a little disoriented from the scream. How did you save me?

Barry : Well, I… You fell out a window and I caught you and ran you all the way out here. Which I did not mean to do but I've been working on my speed and … Guess I'm faster than I thought.

Kara : Yes, but I… Who are you?

Barry : I'm The Flash.

Kara : The who now?

Barry : The... Wait, do you not know who I am?

Kara : Should I?

Barry : What about the Green Arrow? Black Canary? Firestorm? Atom? Zoom?

Kara : Sorry.

Barry : Oh, boy. Not as sorry as I am. Hey, I'm Barry Allen I'm the fastest man alive. Also think I am on the wrong Earth. I'm gonna need your help.

Catco Worlwide Media

Kara : So what do you mean, you're from another Earth? What, how many other Earths are there other than this one? You know, we're Earth.

Barry : I don't understand. What... You guys have Central City but you don't have S.T.A.R. Labs. No Cisco Ramon, no Harrison Wells, no Caitlin Snow. Nobody who's gonna be able to help me get back home.

Winn : Hey! Are you all right?

Kara : Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. What happened to Siobhan?

Winn : Oh, well, after she went all Mariah Carey on you, she just split.

Barry : Oh, so we both have Mariah Carey. That's something.

James : Who's are you?

Barry : Hey, sorry, I'm Barry Allen.

James : James Olsen.

Kara : And this is Winn. Uh, you guys… I'm not quite sure how to tell you this.

Well, I do know how to tell you, I just…

James : Kara?

Kara : Yeah, right, sorry. Uh… Barry is from another universe.

Winn : Cool! Whoa! Whoa! So the, the theory of the multiverse, that's true?

Barry : True. Oh, yeah. Big time.

Kara: Yeah, I still can't believe it. And I'm from another planet.

Barry : What?

Winn : Oh, yeah. She's an alien.

Barry : You're an alien?

Kara : Yeah.

Barry : So, do you have, like, other aliens on this Earth?

James : What do you mean by "this Earth"?

Barry : Uh... Ah, hold on. All right, so, Imagine there are multiple versions of Earth. Um, one where the Nazis won World War II. One where Kennedy was never assassinated.

Winn : Oh, yeah. One where all of us are evil.

Barry : Been there. It sucks. So all of these Earths occupy the same place in space, but they vibrate at a different frequency so they can't see one another.

Winn : Yeah, but it's like if you can go fast enough, then it's possible to open, like, a breach, and then travel between worlds.

Barry : Yeah.

James : But how could you travel that fast?

Barry : Uh, well, um…

Kara : Yes!

Barry : Yeah, so, um, I was struck by lightning the same night a particle accelerator exploded.

And I became a superhero.

James : So you're a superhero, too?

Barry : Mmm-hmm.

James : That's cool, I guess.

Winn : Okay. So you can just like, just bop back and forth between universes?

Barry : Uh, no actually. This happened by accident. I have traveled through time before by accident.

Winn : That's cool.

Barry: I've never jumped parallel dimensions without meaning to. So until I can figure this out, I'm stuck here.

Kara : Well, don't worry. Don't worry at all because we're gonna help you. I'm sorry.

Barry : Um, it's okay. First things first, food. I have to consume about 10,000 calories a day.

Winn : Oh, yeah. You've definitely met the right girl.

Kara : Do you like donuts?

Barry : Who doesn't like donuts?

Kara : I know a place.

Barry : All right. Yeah. See you.

Winn : Hmm.

James : What's funny?

Winn : Oh, I don't know. Just, uh, seeing the way you look at Kara when she talks to her cool, new time-traveling, superhuman friend. I didn't know your face muscles could make that look.

James :Oh, there's, there's no look.

Winn : Jealousy, thy name is Olsen.


Kara : Just one more thing I've got to get and then we can…

Cat : Ker-rah, you're alive.

Kara : Ms. Grant, don't worry, I was rescued…

Cat : Stop stating the obvious. You're in the middle of breaking news and I want you to act like it. And yes, yes, another one of my ex-employees went all revengey. But... There's a new superhero in National City. This is huge. Direct competition for Supergirl.

Kara : He doesn't have to be competition.

Cat : Would you prefer a sidekick?

Barry : No, not a sidekick. More like an equal. Or an ally. Even a partner, maybe. Speaking was the wrong choice. I see that now.

Cat : All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show. Who are you?

Kara : Um, he's my cousin.

James : My cousin.

Winn : My cousin.

Barry : No. My name's Barry Allen. I'm not actually anybody's cousin. Uh, we're just such good friends.

Kara : Yeah. It feels like we're family sometimes.

Cat : Uh-huh. Well, I need a clear picture of this speedster. James, that's on you. And Ker-rah, there are a lot of people who wanna know what happened. Speak to no one. You're mine. I will let you know when you should reveal this exclusive information. Now, I have to name this hero. I was thinking about "The Whoosh" or "The Red Streak" or "The Blur."

Barry : What about The Flash? I'm just saying, I think that's a pretty cool superhero name. Right?

Cat : The Flash? Sounds like someone whose only superpower is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat. No, I want mystery, I want intrigue, I want The Blur. Boys, be gone. Girl, stay. It's very clear that James is not happy seeing you with another man.

Kara : I'm not with another… Really?

Cat : Lighthouse. Keep it up.

Unknown place

Woman : Thank you, my dear. Love will soon be coming your way. Don't forget to write his name five times in your journal every night.

Siobhan : What the hell was that accent?

Woman : It's one of the many talents I use to trick muggles to buy 300 bucks' worth of cheap quartz. How is my least hated niece?

Siobhan : I need your help. You hear her calling you. Whispering?

Siobhan : Yes. Yes, what is that?

Woman: The Banshee. Have you seriously never considered why all the women in our family are… Shall we say, unlikable? We're cursed, Siobhan. From way back in the day, before we left Ireland. Some starving bog lady ancestor stole from a banshee.

Siobhan: So, that's it? I'm just, I'm cursed and it's never gonna go away?

Woman: The curse is triggered when someone wrongs you. If you want it to stop, you're going to have to kill whoever is the object of your anger.

Siobhan: Did you have to do that?

Woman: What do you think happened to your Uncle William?

Siobhan: And if I don't?

Woman: The power inside you will grow. Your voice becomes a weapon that you can send anywhere in the world. Focus on your target enough and your scream will decimate them. But you will also destroy your soul.

Siobhan: I would love to kill that little blonde twig who ruined my life. I tried. But Supergirl showed up and saved her. How am I gonna kill Kara if she's got a superhero protecting her?

Woman: What is it?

Siobhan: The enemy of my enemy is my new partner.


Agent: Stay where you are!

Catco Worlwide Media

Kara: Lucy? I... Okay. Ms. Grant, you have to leave now.

Cat: Ker-rah, I thought I told you to tell Bernie Sanders that I am not interested in hot yoga.

Kara: No, no. Livewire has escaped. She could be anywhere now, but you know where she'll come eventually. So head home and pack. I will arrange a car to take you and Carter to the airport and a plane, and guards. I will take care of all the escape arrangements.

Cat: I'm not going anywhere. I beat her once, I'll beat her again. Fine. I had help. I'll have help again. National City may have lost faith in Supergirl, but I haven't. And you shouldn't either.

Kara: Ms. Grant, please…

Cat: Staying put.


Kara: I need your help.

James: Anything you need.

Winn: Yeah, of course.

Kara: I was actually talking to Barry.

Barry: Yeah. Yeah, what can I do?

Kara: Well, I have this villain. Her name is Livewire.

Barry: Uh-huh.

Kara: And she's basically like living electricity.

Barry: Cool. We have a rogue like that. We call him Blackout. Doesn't feel relevant, all of a sudden.

Kara: Right. So she just broke out of this prison and… And all she wants out of life is to kill Ms. Grant. And with Siobhan still out there, I don't think that I can protect her by myself.

Barry: Okay.

Kara: National City needs The Flash.

Barry: Oh, Kara, I…

Kara: And once they're both back in custody, I promise that we will do everything in our power to get you back home. What do you say? Partners?

Barry: Partners.


Barry: Yo, this place is amazing, all right? Is this a spaceship?

Kara: That's actually my spaceship.

Barry: I love this Earth. Hey, Winn, can I get a picture with this bad boy?

Winn: Oh, yeah. Sure.

Barry: Awesome.

Kara: Winn. Winn…

Winn: That's probably not a good idea, dude.

Barry: All right.

Lucy: Agreed. Who is this masked man? Alien?

Kara: Metahuman.

Lucy: Well, we have protocol for visitors at the DEO, Supergirl.

Kara: Guys, it's fine. He's here to help us find Livewire.

Lucy: We do need all the help we can get. So what do I call you? Speedy?

Barry: Barry Allen.

Lucy: Lucy Lane. I hope you're bringing more to the table than just quick reflexes.

Barry: As it just so happens, catching criminals is both my night and day job. I'm a CSI. By the way, do you guys have a crime lab here?

Kara: Yeah. My sister's lab's right over there.

Barry: Wait, you have a sister? Where is she at?

Kara: I wish I knew.


Livewire: They even have my brand.

Siobhan: I wanted to make you feel at home.

Livewire: Who the hell are you?

Siobhan: Siobhan Smythe.

Livewire: It's like your parents knew you'd grow up to be a big snob.

Siobhan: I need your help.

Livewire: I can help you catch on fire.

Siobhan: You should be a little more grateful since I'm the one who broke you out of your hamster wheel.

Livewire: How'd you do that?

Siobhan: Luck of the Irish.

Livewire: Okay, I'm listening. Sort of.

Siobhan: It's why I drew you here. You and I have shared interests. You wanna kill Cat Grant and Supergirl, and I wanna kill Cat's assistant who's protected by them both. Figured we could team up.

Livewire: Like an evil Taylor Swift squad?

Siobhan: What do you say?

Livewire: Not in that outfit. You need a makeover. This is gonna be fun.


Lucy: I know that look. I used to look at you with her and have that very same sneer. But much cuter.

James: That? No, no, no. I was…I was thinking. And a sneer? Come on. Pfft. No. I was...Allergies. Okay. I just came by to see if I could help. But it looks like they got it covered, so...

Lucy: Piece of advice. If you're holding back with her because of me, don't. You had it right when you left Metropolis. It wasn't Superman, it was us just not fitting. And I realize now that I tried to force things by moving here. And the truth is, we were never gonna work, were we?

Supergirl: We found Livewire.

James: That's great news.

Winn: Actually, it was Barry.

James: Of course it was.

Barry: Livewire's ability to absorb the electrical energy in the air surrounding her gave me an idea. So I wrote an algorithm to monitor variations in meter usage around the city, and it all leads to that warehouse. I see bad guys love their abandoned warehouses on your Earth, too, huh?

Lucy: I'll authorize a drop team.

Kara: No. No, no. She's too dangerous. Let's go.

Barry: All right, yeah. What's the plan?

Kara: Catch the bad girl, bring her back here so she can't hurt anyone. 85% chance of punching.

Barry: Okay. That I get. But like, what's the plan? Maybe we can overload her somehow.

Winn: Yeah, what about the Industrial Capacitator you were gonna trap her in last time?

Kara: No, no. It went busto.

Winn: Well, Dynamic Duo will build you a new one.

Kara: No. If we wait, we lose her. If we lose her, God knows what kind of damage she could do, or who she could hurt. I defeated her once before. I can do it again. With your help.

Barry: I'm right behind you.

Winn: Have I told you how much I like that guy?


Kara: For the record, I got here first.

Barry: Yeah, for the record, I went around the block to check the perimeter. So, technically, I let you get here first.

Kara: You sure this is the right place?

Barry: Hope so.

Livewire: Long time, cape and skirt. Didn't think you could fight me solo, so you brought a date? How sweet.

Barry: I got this. Uh-oh.

Livewire: Thanks for the charge.

Kara: Flash!

Livewire: I brought a friend, too. Meet Silver Banshee.

Siobhan: All my life I thought I was cursed. But now I see I was cursed for the better.

Kara: You don't have to do this. I wanna help you.

Siobhan: Funny. She said the same thing to me once. Here's what I say to that.

Kara: Aah!

Siobhan: Once you two are dead, I can finally give that little blonde moppet, Kara Danvers, the death she deserves.

Kara: Maybe Kara Danvers is tougher than you think.

Barry: We're not gonna win this today!

Catco Worlwide Media

Barry: Hey. How are you doing?

Kara: Well, aside from my eardrums ringing like church bells, I'm okay.

Barry: You sure? You don't seem okay.

Kara: I'm sorry I made you rush in on Livewire without a plan. I didn't know she was gonna have a cohort.

Barry: That's the thing about being a superhero. You have to somehow be prepared for the unexpected.

Kara: Something happened to me a few weeks ago. I was exposed to this substance that made me crazy. I did a lot of horrible things.

Barry: That's rough.

Kara: And when I was helping people as Supergirl, I was... I was so happy. And now that the people don't want me to help them, I feel lost. And I'm in such a hurry to prove myself again, I'm making stupid mistakes. Like today.

Barry: This is gonna sound ironic coming from me but, um, you need to slow down. Just keep doing your good work. Don't worry about the rest. The public will forgive you, I promise.

Kara: How can you be so sure?

Barry: 'Cause the same thing happened to me.

Kara: Really?

Barry: Mmm-hmm.

Kara: So what finally fixed things?

Barry: Time. When you're used to fixing things with brute strength, or in my case, amazing speed, it's hard to accept that there are things out of our control. It's humbling. Right?

Kara: Yep.

Barry: And believe me, when you stop trying to force the solution, it'll happen on its own.

Kara: I'm really sorry you're locked out of your world. But I'm really glad you're here.

Barry: Me too.


James: Hey, um, where's Kara?

Winn: She's with Barry back at the DEO.

Barry had some ideas about…

James: It's okay. I'm good. If they're taking care of it, that's all I need to know.

Winn: Okay.

James: Thanks.

Cat: I need to call you back. Where is Ker-rah? Oh, well, when she gets back, tell her I want her to book me a massage with the same physio who did wonders for Beyonce after her Super Bowl performance. Why are you looking at me like that, Winn? I am fine and I remain unafraid.

Winn: I, I didn't question that, Ms. Grant.

Cat: Good.

Livewire: Livewire.

Winn: Not, not good.

Livewire: You really should watch where you're going, Cat. Or someone's gonna need to declaw you.

Cat: You know, you really need to get some new material, Leslie.

Livewire: Okay. Well, your days of telling me or my friend what to do are long over.

Cat: Oh, it's you, Siobhan. I see that my ex-minions have united. Strength in numbers? You should call Norma Rae and find out how it's really done.

Siobhan: You know, your voice is just about as grating as this.

Winn: Siobhan. Siobhan! Don't... Don't do this.

Siobhan: Don't make me hurt you, Winn.

Winn: Hey, hey. I can help you. We can find a way to fix this.

Siobhan: I don't need help. This is who I am.

Winn: No. It's not! You cannot keep hurting people, Siobhan. It's wrong.

Siobhan: Oh, but it feels so right.

Winn: Just listen to me. Okay? You're...You are confused. I know how upset you were when you found out that stuff about your dad. Believe me, I know. Look at me, Siobhan. You... You wanted him to be a better person. Yeah? You wanted that for yourself, too. Okay? You do not... You do not have to cross this line. Siobhan, please, just let me try and help you.

Siobhan: I'm good as is.


Barry: So back on my Earth, we fought a villain who used sound waves as a weapon. He called himself Pied Piper.

Kara: That's a cool name.

Barry: Yeah. So I whipped up these bad boys. Sorry I keep saying "bad boys."

Kara: Are they earbuds?

Barry: Yeah. It'll protect us from Silver Banshee's yelly voice.

Lucy: James just called. Livewire and Silver Banshee kidnapped Cat.

Livewire: Hello, Red and Blue. Come to National City Park now if you don't want Cat's blood all over your hands or all over the street.

Kara: You don't have to do this, Barry. This is my fight.

Barry: One for all and all for... You guys have Three Musketeers here, right?

Kara: All for one.


Siobhan: Think they'll show?

Livewire: Don't know. Don't really care. Either way, I'm getting my jolts. You see, Cat, I'm still 50-50 if your heart's actually beating, but I'm gonna stop it anyway.

Cat: No, Leslie. Please don't do this.

Livewire: Begging? I'm disappointed. What are you so afraid you're gonna miss, hmm? Another silly award ceremony? Where a bunch of sycophants kowtow to the false queen and tell you how great you are?

Cat: No. No. I'm not asking for myself. I'm asking for my boys. I'm all they have. Please don't take their mother away from my them.

Barry: Hey, Sparky! Shrieky, hi. What do you say we step away from the nice lady? Settle this like women. What? There's more of you guys here than me.

Livewire: Kill 'em both.

Barry: Told you it'd work.

Kara: What? You lose your voice?

Siobhan: What are you waiting for?

Livewire: Watch who you yell at!

Cat: What took you so long?

Kara: Are you kidding?

Livewire: Zap. I hate helicopters.

Man: She's hurt.

Woman: She saved that helicopter.

Man: She saved us!

Woman: She saved all of us! Leave her alone!

Livewire: Yesterday you people were ready to string her up. Now you're willing to die for her?

Woman: She was willing to die for us.

Livewire: What do you say we thin the herd?

Kara: No, don't. Please, please.

Firefighter: Make sure all these people are safe. Supergirl. It was our turn to help you.

Catco Worlwide Media

Newscaster: In one of the most remarkable displays of city unity I've ever seen, Supergirl's willingness to sacrifice her own life for the innocent has made her the hero of National City once again.

Winn: Hey, so what happened to Siobhan and Leslie? Did they, uh, did they get locked up at the DEO?

Kara: Nope. No. Now, thanks to Barry, the National City Police Department has a way to lock up metahumans.

Winn: Oh.

Kara: And like you taught Supergirl, our enemies deserve a fair trial.

James: Well, I'm always good for advice.

Kara: Oh, Ms. Grant, if it's all right with you, our cousin, Barry…Barry's leaving town and I was gonna see him off.

Cat: Okay. Tell Mr. Allen to have a good time zipping around in his red outfit.

Kara: Wait, you knew he was The Flash?

Cat: Oh, please. Barry shows up, The Flash shows up. His insistence on that silly name. And he was so unfailingly charming and nice, that he had to either be a superhero or a Mormon. Ker-rah, I can spot the extraordinary pretending to be a nobody in my midst just like that. Now, my eyebrow waxing with Arabella at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning is not going to book itself. Feel how good it feels to dial.

Kara: I'm on it. I'm gonna go help Barry.

Winn: Oh, hey, tell him I hope he makes it home.

James: Yeah, me too.

Outside the city

Kara: You really think this is gonna work?

Barry: Well, watching Livewire and Banshee work together reminded me of something that we tried on my Earth once. You and I join forces. Literally. We combine your speed with my speed. If you throw me forward at your fastest, then I might just break the dimensional barrier and get back home.

Kara: What? What do you mean? Like a race?

Barry: Yeah, I guess. Think you can keep up, Girl of Steel?

Kara: Just you watch, Scarlet Speedster.

Barry: All right.

Kara: I'm gonna miss you, Barry Allen.

Barry: I'm really gonna miss you too, Kara Danvers. Or Kara Zor-El. Which is your alien name. Because you're an alien which I think is very cool. I think James Olsen thinks so, too.

Kara: What makes you say that?

Barry: You remember before when I told you to take things slow? That's good advice for a superhero, lousy advice for two people who really like each other. Maybe it's time to speed things up.

Kara: Maybe. Come here.

Barry: All right. Let's do this. On your marks…

Kara: Get set.

Barry: Go!

Kara: Goodbye, Barry.

Kara’s apartment

Kara: Hey, come in.

James: Hey. Um… So, did, uh, did Barry make it home?

Kara: Yes, I think. I hope so. So I think…

James; So, I… Um, I… You know what, sorry, you go first.

Kara: I just wanted to talk to you about infinite Earths.

James: Infinite Earths?

Kara: Yeah. Uh, Barry was saying…

James: Barry was saying?

Kara: Yeah, Barry was explaining to us that there's an infinite number of Earths and they all vibrate at different speeds so they can occupy the same place, but never actually come into contact with each other. The point is, if two of these infinite Earths can manage to find a way to vibrate at the exact same speed, maybe… Maybe there's a chance they could be together.

James: Kara… What are you trying to say?

Kara: No more saying. I'm so much better at doing. Was that good? Was it not good? Too good? I don't… James? James, are you okay? James!

Unknown place

Man: General, Myriad has been activated.

Non: For you, Astra. First National City, and then the Earth itself will belong to us.

Kikavu ?

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