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#117 : La véritable histoire de J'onn J'onzz

J’onn J’onzz révèle les détails de sa rencontre avec le père de Kara et Alex, le Dr Jeremiah Danvers, et comment il en est venu à assumer l’identité de Hank Henshow. Cependant, Kara se demande si elle peut faire confiance à une nouvelle personne au sujet de son identité secrète et de Siobhan.


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La véritable histoire de J'onn J'onzz

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Hank Henshan et Jeremiah Danvers en mission

Hank Henshan et Jeremiah Danvers en mission

Danvers Sisters

Danvers Sisters

Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers, prête à tout dire à Lucy

Kara Danvers, prête à tout dire à Lucy

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)



Supergirl lors d'une attaque

Supergirl lors d'une attaque

Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain)

Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain)

J'onn J'onzz

J'onn J'onzz

J'onn sauve la vie de Jeremiah (Dean Cain)

J'onn sauve la vie de Jeremiah (Dean Cain)

J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood)

J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood)

Alex (Chyler Leigh) et Kara (Melissa Benoist)

Alex (Chyler Leigh) et Kara (Melissa Benoist)

Kara retrouve Alex

Kara retrouve Alex

Alex et Kara Danvers

Alex et Kara Danvers


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Plus de détails

Kara’s apartment

Newscaster : What was once a symbol of hope is now a symbol of fear. Early this morning, Supergirl arrived at the scene of a crime at West National City Bank. But instead of the usual cheers, Supergirl's intervention was met with skepticism and fear. Some say Supergirl was under a mind-altering drug when she attacked the city. But she turned against our people once.

Catco Worldwide Media

Newscaster : The question on everyone's minds, what's to stop her from turning against us again?

Cat : First Sandy Bullock steals my bike at spin class and then the juice bar runs out of chard, and now this? I knew people would be slow to forgive Supergirl, but this is ridiculous. And now the crime rate in National City is up a whopping 40%.

Winn : Do you think Supergirl has lost the public's trust for good?

Cat : Well, I suppose if Mel Gibson can present at the Golden Globes, then Supergirl can win the city back. This too shall pass.

Kara, go find me a juice bar with an abundance of chard.

Winn : Uh, Ms. Grant, I already told you, Kara's out sick today.

Cat : That was at 9 AM

Winn : Generally, when people are sick it lasts the whole day.

Cat : Well, that is unacceptable. Who will man the phones?

Winn : I guess I will. Oh. You know, just as soon as I get back from this thing I have to do.

James : Cat Grant's office.


Siobhan : That four-eyed bitch in a kilt ruined my life.

Winn : Look, what's, uh, what's really going on?

Siobhan : No one will hire me. I've sent my resume out to every media outlet in town. And when I call to follow up, they're polite on the phone until they hear my name and then, dial tone.

Winn : That's weird. Why?

Siobhan : Because that blond mean girl ratted me out to the Queen of All Media.

Winn : Oh, Siobhan, that's crazy.

Siobhan : No. What's crazy is that I've spent my entire life trying to be a journalist, and in one fell swoop, Kara Danvers dashed all my dreams. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her.

Winn : Okay, listen. You just had a setback, okay? And you know what? All powerful people have setbacks. So, you just focus on what you really want. You know what? Once you have a goal, nothing's gonna stop you from going out and getting it.

Siobhan : You're right. Nothing can stop me. Thanks, Winn.


Newscaster : The real question is the identity of the alien who defeated Supergirl during her reign of terror. Who is this scary, powerful and potentially dangerous monster?

Alex : You don't look so dangerous shoving Chocos in your face.

Hank : How did you know they were my favorite?

Alex : You eat them at 3 AM. Only a favorite will do at 3 AM.

Hank : You have to stop these visits.

Alex : I like taking care of you for once.

Hank : My mission as Hank Henshaw was to protect you.

Alex : Missions change.

Hank : Not this one. Which is why I'm telling you, you have to distance yourself. Don't check in on me. Stop bringing me cookies. Just say you never knew about me. Say I betrayed you.

Alex : I would never do that.

Hank : There has to be a reckoning, Alex. An alien lied and took command of a government organization. This doesn't end in people getting fired, or even going to jail. People get disappeared for this sort of thing. They're gonna tear this place apart looking for whoever helped me.

Alex : I'll lie. I'll convince. I will do everything that you taught me to do. But I'm not abandoning you. This is rock bottom. And I know what kind of person I'm gonna be.

Vasquez : Ma'am, you need to come out here right now.

Kara : Major Lane?

Alex : What are you doing here?

Colonel Harper : She's with me.

Alex : And who are you?

Colonel Harper : Colonel James Harper. United States Marines Corps.

Lucy : The Pentagon ordered a joint task force to investigate J'onn J'onzz's infiltration of this agency.

Colonel Harper : They wanna know what he's done and who knew about it. So everyone here will be interviewed. All activities, all communications scrutinized.

Alex : Sounds like a witch-hunt.

Colonel Harper : This is an internal investigation done by the book to identify, remove and ultimately prosecute enemies of the state.

Kara : And you're here as our legal counsel to protect our civil rights?

Colonel Harper : She's here because this investigation required someone familiar with the players, someone the government could trust to help cut through the subterfuge.

Lucy : I'm concerned everyone here has been compromised by him. You should be too.

Colonel Harper : Which is why we need to figure out who knew what when, and uncover anything J'onn J'onzz and his confederates were planning. We'll deal with the question of your loyalties later. Take the Martian to the interrogation room. We start with him.

Soldier : Yes, sir.


Colonel Harper : Marines.

Hank : Lucy. Jim. It's nice to see you. You are looking well.

Colonel Harper : Ah, I look the same as I always have. But, obviously, looks can be deceiving. For ten years you have been in my home, you've been around my children. My children... And you haven't been who you said you were. Or what you said you were.

Hank : I want you to know I intend to fully cooperate with your investigation.

Colonel Harper : What, so you can plant false thoughts in our brains? I know what you can do. And what you can't do anymore. You smell that? Smells kind of like burnt rubber, right? It's a little something my team came up with. We're generating a stasis field. It keeps you from shifting out of that body or using your powers. So I hope you like that body, J'onn J'onzz, because you're gonna be in it until I'm done with you.


Alex : What can you hear? What? What's wrong?

Kara : They've done something. They're blocking me out.


Lucy : Tell us what happened to the real Hank Henshaw.


10 years ago


Hank : Ancient Greeks had Hades. The Egyptians, Anubis. The Incas, Supay, the Lord of the Underworld, God of Death. Today, the villagers that live among the ruins of that Empire believe that Supay has returned to live amongst them. But this creature is no devil, it is an alien fugitive, the Manhunter. One we've been hunting for for so long. And we've finally found it. It triggered one of our Remote Outpost Probes where the Peruvian Amazon meets the Eastern Andes. That is where we shall find our quarry. This thing is the most dangerous fugitive we have ever faced. Your mission is shoot-to-kill. Gear up, gentlemen.

Jeremiah : Sir, if this creature really is as old as you say, imagine what it's seen, what it might know.

Hank : The only thing I wanna know is the color of its blood. So check your bleeding heart at the armory and man up, Agent Danvers.

Peruvian Andes

Hank : Thermal tracker indicates the target has been active within a two mile radius. Prepare to put up a fight. He will not go quietly. Let's move out.

End of flashback


Alex : They've been in there for hours.

Kara : We have to get in there.

Alex : And implicate ourselves as accessories? We won't be any use to Hank if they lock us up with him.

Kara : I'd like to see them try and lock me up.


Lucy : You can't expect us to believe you saved Jeremiah Danvers. He was on a mission to kill you.

Hank :You asked for the truth.

Colonel Harper : What is truth to you, J'onn? Huh? Wearing skin that doesn't belong to you? Or pretending to be someone or something you're not?

Hank : I did not kill Jeremiah Danvers.

Lucy : Then how did he die?


10 years ago

Peruvian Andes

Jeremiah: Fire won't kill you. But it will prevent me from freezing to death tonight. Unless you're willing to cuddle. You don't like fire, do you?

J’onn: My planet burned to death.

Jeremiah: What planet are you from?

J’onn: Mars.

Jeremiah: So there is life on Mars.

J’onn: Was.

Jeremiah: How many others escaped?

J’onn: I am the last.

Jeremiah: I'm sorry.

J’onn: You are here to kill me.

Jeremiah: No. No, no, no. The agency that I work for, they pinned you as a threat. That was before you saved me. Before I learned that you're not a danger. You're a refugee. Like my daughter. This one, here, Kara. She's adopted. She's not from here either. That one, Alex. She's tough. They both are, in their own way.

J’onn: Alex. Kara. I too had daughters.

Jeremiah: When I link back up with my team, I'm gonna explain to them who you are, and what you did for me.

J’onn: I'm not a threat.

Jeremiah: I know that. But humans can be ignorant. Especially when they're scared. But I will do everything in my power to help keep you safe. Help you find your place here. I'm Jeremiah Danvers. You can consider me a friend.

J’onn: I am J'onn J'onzz. Someone is here.

Jeremiah: No, no, no. Stop.

Hank: I got him!

Jeremiah: Stop, stop, stop! No, he Stop! Hank….

Hank: I designed these bullets especially for you, Martian.

Jeremiah: Hank...

Hank: "The most powerful being on the face of this earth." You know who called you that? Superman. Sure means something, coming from him.

J’onn: I mean you no harm.

Jeremiah: No! Hank, stop.

J’onn: Please.

Hank: Heard a rumor you could regenerate. Best finish you off quick.

Jeremiah: Stop. He's a good man. He's a good...

Hank: He's not a man.

Jeremiah: Take care of my girls.


Man: Welcome back, Director Henshaw.

Hank: It's good to be back.

End of flashback


Hank: From that day forward, I took on the responsibility of being the director of the DEO. And this "disguise" actually allowed me to prevent many actual alien attacks. I dedicated my life to protecting this world. And if you wanna take me down for being different, so be it.

Lucy: This isn't about being different.

Colonel Harper : Maybe you planned to build an alien army. But why?

Hank: Who better to protect Earth from aliens than an alien?

Colonel Harper : What better place to take down our world than from inside the organization tasked with protecting it?

Hank: All I've done is bring honor to this department, to this name. Before I came along, Hank Henshaw was a sorry excuse for a man.

Colonel Harper : Hank Henshaw was my best friend. And he dedicated his life to keeping this country safe. And you murdered him.

Lucy: I think we have everything we need.


Alex: Where are you taking him?

Colonel Harper : Hey, you need to step back.

Alex: I've worked for that man for the last two years. He's never endangered this planet. He's protected it.

Colonel Harper : Two years? This alien is over 300 years old. Two years is like a coffee break to him.

Alex: He saved my life more times than I can count. He's the best, most honorable man that I know.

Colonel Harper : He's not a man.

Alex: Where are you taking him?

Colonel Harper : Where he belongs. And Danvers, since you have so much to say about him, you're next.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: You don't have to thank me for the shower gift, Kate. But you might wanna ask your grandmother-in-law to reconsider her rule about Americans not receiving damehoods.

Siobhan: Dear Ms. Grant, I've been your assistant for a shockingly long time. But I've never let you know how I really feel about you.


Colonel Harper : You were Director Henshaw's right hand. I find it hard to believe that he kept you in the dark. Or that you'd allow yourself to be kept in the dark.

Alex: Turn it on. Ask your questions. I've got nothing to hide, Colonel.

Colonel Harper : We'll see about that.

Lucy: Is your name Alexandra Danvers?

Alex: Alex. Yes.


Kara: Vasquez, I have to hear what's going on in that room. Can you disable the sound-dampening tech they're running to block me?

Vasquez: I can't disable it. I won't. Colonel Harper and Major Lane have a job to do. And frankly, ma'am, I suggest you let them do it.


Colonel Harper : Did you know that Hank Henshaw was being impersonated by an alien criminal when you were recruited?

Alex: He is not a criminal.

Lucy: Answer the question, Agent Danvers.

Alex: I did not know that Hank was being impersonated by an alien refugee when I was being recruited to the DEO. The man who recruited me, the man that I believed to be Hank Henshaw, he saved my life.


3 years ago


Hank: Alex Danvers.

Alex: I didn't ask to talk to a lawyer.

Hank: It's a good thing I'm not a lawyer.

Alex: Are you a priest then? You're wasting your time. I'm not exactly a prime candidate for jailhouse conversion.

Hank: I wouldn't think so. Scientists are generally skeptics. Not that you're much of a scientist these days, that is, if your latest transcripts are any indication.

Alex: How do you know about that?

Hank: I know a lot of things about you, Alex. I know about your house in Midvale, where every night you'd watch the stars from your roof. I know how you got that scar on your arm. And I know about your sister.

Alex: What about my sister?

Hank: It's hard, isn't it? Someone comes into your life with these extraordinary powers, and you feel like you can never measure up. Like there's nothing special about you. You are special, Alex. And you can't afford to throw your life down the drain. You owe that to yourself. And your father.

Alex: Who are you?

Hank: My name is Hank Henshaw. I work for a government organization dedicated to defending this planet. And we need you, Alex. We need you to be the person I know you can be.


Hank: For the next five months, you will be spending 12 hours a day training.

Alex: Training for what?

Hank: Anything. Everything. You're gonna be fighting attacks from creatures from all over the universe. You need to be ready for whatever happens out there.

Alex: When will I be ready?

Hank: When you can beat me.

End of flashback


Alex: Hank Henshaw or J'onn J'onzz, or whatever you wanna call him gave me a home. A purpose. I served him with honor, and I'm proud of that. You're the ones who should be ashamed of yourselves.

Colonel Harper : Well, that's all very heartwarming, but it still doesn't answer the million-dollar question. Did you know that Hank Henshaw was an alien?

Alex: No.

Colonel Harper : Well, congratulations, Agent Danvers. The only thing you're guilty of is being duped by the very creature you were meant to be hunting. Which makes you a terrible agent. But lucky for you, not a criminal.

Lucy: Wait. She's lying. He told you he tried to rescue your father. He told you he's protecting you. He made you believe he was the father you lost. And now you're under arrest.


Kara: Hey! What the hell is going on? You can't do this. Where is she going?

Colonel Harper : Same place I'm taking your little green friend. Project Cadmus.

Kara: Cadmus? What is Project Cadmus? What is Project Cadmus?

Catco Worldwide Media

James: Hey, I got your message. What, what happened?

Kara: It was horrible. They just… They just dragged Alex and Hank away.

James: Okay. But, who is they? Who did this?

Kara: Lucy.

James: Wait, hold on. Lucy is back here in National City?

Kara: Yes. With a Colonel Harper. They're leading the witch-hunt. They wanna know who knew about Hank. I've never seen her like this.

James: Okay, but where did they take Alex and Hank?

Kara: Some place called Project Cadmus, which I'm guessing isn't an all-inclusive resort.

James: No. It's the reason that Clark won't work with the government. Okay, so if, if the DEO is a prison, then Cadmus is a dissection lab. It's genetic engineering facility that treats aliens like lab rats. Amputated. Skinned. Drained. Injected with experimental drugs.

Kara: Why would they do that?

James: Weaponizing alien abilities for military purposes.

Kara: What do they do to humans? Does Clark know where it is?

James: No. No one does.

Kara: I know what I have to do. But I'm gonna need your help.

Kara’s apartment

Lucy: I don't have time for this.

James: So you're back in the army.

Lucy: And you're back in Kara's loft. I guess nothing's really changed for either of us. Just tell me what was so important that I had to come here. What is this all about?

Kara: There's something you need to know.

Lucy: It all makes sense now. I just didn't wanna put it together. I didn't want it to be true.

Kara: I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But you're the only person that can stop Hank and Alex from being sent to Project Cadmus.

Lucy: Why would I help you? You and Hank... Why do you all lie?

Kara: When you're an alien, and you've lost your world and you're dropped into a new one, you don't have a choice.


12 years ago



Girl 1: Who's the new girl?

Girl 2: Foster kid. Alex Danvers' parents took her in.

Girl 1: I'd hate my parents if they did that to me.

Girl 2: Totally. Who wants a stranger living in their room?

Alex: Hey, Rick.

Rick: Bunch of us are heading to Swan Beach after school. You wanna come?

Alex: Supposed to hang out with her.

Rick: Then bring her.


Rick: Your new sister is kinda weird.

Alex: Stop! Everyone's staring at you.

Kara: I'm sorry. We didn't have birds on my planet.

Alex: Don't say that stuff out loud. What is wrong with you? Kara!

Woman: Thank you.

Alex: Kara! What are you doing?

Kara: Alex!

Danvers’ house

Jeremiah: Alex had to get some stitches, but she's gonna be okay. Listen… doing what you can do makes you special. But it's not safe. Those kids, their parents, they're all wondering how a little girl pulled off that rescue today. We told them you got lucky, but that excuse will work once.

Kara: I'm sorry.

Jeremiah: I know you were only trying to help. But the world already has a Superman. All you need to be is Kara Danvers. I made these for you. The frames are lined with lead. They'll suppress your vision, help you fit in. They'll make your life easier.

2 years ago

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Pardon me. Sorry. Excuse me. Oh, I'm sorry.

Winn: Ow.

Kara: I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it. Oops. Sorry.

Winn: Hey, hey. That's okay. Hi. I'm, my name's Winn Schott. Junior. And who are you? You are?

Kara: Kara Danvers.

Winn: Oh! Wow. That's uh, quite a firm handshake you got going on there.

Kara: Oh, yeah. Well, I, I work out.

Winn: Yeah.

Kara: I mean, um, I read in this article somewhere that when you're going in for a big interview you should start with a firm shake. Yes.

Winn: Um, interview? What job?

Kara: Assistant to Cat Grant.

Winn: Oh. Does her current assistant know that she's, uh… She knows.

Cat: Okay, next.

Winn: Oh, is that you?

Cat: Where's my 10:15?

Kara: I guess that's me. Any advice?

Winn: Nah. Just be yourself.

Kara: Right. Myself. Okay. Ms. Grant? Hi...

Cat: Oh, for God's sake. I told them not to send me any more millennials.

Kara: I'm sorry? You are the ultimate example of what is wrong with parenting today. All that god-awful self-esteem building, everyone is special, everyone gets a trophy, and you all have opinions that you think deserve to be heard. And yet the truth is you need to earn the right to have an opinion in the first place. So, my 10:15, tell me why you're so special.

Kara: I'm not... Special. I'm not special. There is absolutely nothing special about me. I am totally, completely, 100% normal.

Cat: Yes. You are.

Kara: Absolutely. And I am nothing if not average. Average strength, average hearing, less-than-average vision. There's... There is nothing out of the ordinary about me.

Cat: Okay, I get it.

Kara: Except, except, that I am extremely committed. I care. I'm a hard worker. I just wanna help.

Cat: Hmm, that's refreshing.

Kara: I, I could, uh, I could make pharmacy runs for you, pick up your prescriptions.

Cat: It's funny that you should say that.

Kara: I think your pen's out of ink.

Cat: No.

Kara: I just wanna be useful. To somebody. I wanna be worthwhile.

Cat: And you're not worthwhile?

Kara: I haven't done anything to prove it. Yet.

Cat: I think you should know that I expect complete and utter devotion to this job. Are you willing to sacrifice everything in your life to be my assistant?

Kara: Um… Yes. Yes, of course.

End of flashback

Kara’s apartment

Kara: When you are an alien, you're willing to sacrifice anything, everything, betray your fundamental instincts just to fit in. To belong somewhere, to find your place in this world.

Lucy: If you have a problem fitting in, it's because you lie to people about who you really are.

James: Lucy, are you really willing to let Hank become a science experiment? And who knows what they have planned for Alex.

Kara: I know you're feeling betrayed and alone, but if you go along with Jim Harper just to feel like you fit in, to feel like you belong somewhere, ultimately the only person you're betraying is yourself. It wasn't easy for me to show you who I really am, but I did it because I trust who you are, who you really are, under that uniform. And I trust you'll do the right thing.


Colonel Harper : When we get to Cadmus, I'm gonna find out how you overcome peoples' minds. How you steal their bodies. What makes you tick.

Hank: You're gonna dissect me.

Colonel Harper : Cadmus is not some Area 51 house of horrors, Martian. It's a necessary place. A place where we can unlock secrets to save American lives. Human lives.

Alex: So, you're gonna dissect him.

Colonel Harper : I'm protecting the world.

Alex: You're pathetic.

Colonel Harper : And you're a traitor. So get comfortable, Agent Danvers, because you belong to Cadmus now.

Soldier: Sir, behind us. Sir, we've got two bogies.

Colonel Harper : Take 'em out.

Soldier: They're wearing body armor.

Colonel Harper : Do it, do it, Martian. Be a monster. Prove me right.

Alex: Hank.

Hank: It's all right. I've gotten better at this. I'm not gonna kill you, Colonel, I'm just gonna make you forget what happened here tonight.

Alex: J'onn. J'onn, are you okay?

Hank: I, uh, I saw into Harper's mind. I saw him.

Alex: Who?

Hank: Jeremiah. I saw him at Project Cadmus. Alex, he's alive. Your dad's alive.


Kara: For him to still be around after all this time...

Alex: I'm going to get him back.

Hank: We're gonna get him back.

Kara: I'm coming with you.

Alex: I'm a fugitive now. I'm on the run.

Kara: Let me take you to the Fortress of Solitude where you'll be safe. Let me find Jeremiah.

Alex: Kara, I have to do this. Hey, have faith in me, like I have in you.

Kara: What am I gonna do without you?

Alex: You don't need me. You never have.

Kara: No. Well, you still took care of me anyway.

Alex: Yeah, look how great you turned out. I love you.

Kara: I love you too.

Hank: Don't worry. She'll be okay.

Kara: I know. She has you. We both have you.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Siobhan. Come in. Make yourself comfortable. I'd offer you a cappuccino, but as you can see we're a bit short-staffed at the moment.

Siobhan: What happened to Kara?

Cat: Mm, funny you should ask. I very rarely have to say this, Siobhan, but I think I made a terrible mistake.

Siobhan: Oh?

Cat: Uh-huh. Kara has been a tremendous assistant, as I'm sure you observed during your brief time here. Who could have ever thought that underneath that prim little sweater-set was a simmering cauldron of rage just waiting to boil over?

Siobhan: I don't understand.

Cat: She sent me an email. Telling me what she thinks of me in terms that are, well, highly unsuitable to repeat in a professional setting. Called me names that I haven't heard since the last mediation with my ex-husband.

Siobhan: That is so surprising.

Cat: Yes, I thought so too. Which is why I found someone who did an obsessive study of Kara for the past two years.

Siobhan: Winn?

Winn: I analyzed the typing speed and patterns on the hard drive. It didn't match Kara's, but it did match yours.

Cat: I don't have very many regrets, Siobhan, but I do regret firing you the first time. I wish to God that I could fire you again with feeling.

Siobhan: Ms. Grant, I can explain…

Cat: No... Save it for the police. Because that's who you'll be talking to if you ever pull something like that again. Now, get out of my office and never come back.


Kara: Do you think they know it was us?

Lucy: We'll see.

Man: Atten-hut!

Lucy: At ease.

Vasquez: Ma'am, we've had a…

Lucy: Security breach, I know. What are we doing to re-apprehend the detainees?

Vasquez: Ma'am?

Lucy: What are Colonel Harper's orders?

Vasquez: Ma'am, Colonel Harper just resigned and named a new acting director of the DEO.

Lucy: Who?

Vasquez: You.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Vasquez: Yes. He was quite adamant about your appointment.

Kara: I guess J'onn's gotten good at that whole mind control thing.

Lucy: You're gonna help me do this, right?

Kara: Yeah, of course. But you're gonna be great. This is where you belong.

Vasquez: Ma'am, there's a bank robbery at 10th and Shukert. No alien involvement, but I just thought you might wanna know.

Lucy: And you belong out there.

Kara: After what I did, the people don't trust me anymore.

Lucy: You got me to trust you. That's a start.


Siobhan: And I hate you, too.

Winn: Siobhan, no, no, no! Stop. Stop.

Siobhan: Seriously? I have too much self-esteem to kill myself. Killing someone else, on the other hand...

Winn: Oh, I'm sorry. What did you expect me to do?

Siobhan: I don't know. Not rat me out to freaking Cat Grant.

Winn: You lied, Siobhan, okay? And you committed mail fraud or email fraud, which is potentially, like, a federal crime.

Siobhan: You were supposed to be on my side.

Winn: I was! I am. Except, you know, Kara is my best friend. And you know what? No, I did this for you too. Because if this woulda worked, you would have regretted it. And I know that deep down you are a good person.

Siobhan: You don't know me. You don't know anything. You said that I could have whatever I wanted and I have nothing. No job, no friends... I just want to scream...

Winn: Oh, God, no! No!

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Supergirl, S06E06 (inédit)
Mardi 4 mai à 21:00
0.62m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Supergirl, S06E05 (inédit)
Mardi 27 avril à 21:00
0.50m / 0.1% (18-49)

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