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#105 : Hautes tensions

Un orage arrive sur National City pour Thanksgiving. En voulant la sauver, Supergirl donne des pouvoirs à une journaliste en étant frappée par la foudre. Elle va alors prendre sa revanche sur Cat Grant.


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Hautes tensions

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Men: Move, move, move. Let's go!


Alex: Where are you?


Kara: Busy.


Kara’s apartment


Alex: You promised me that you were gonna be here.




Kara: And I will be. Just dealing with an alien prisoner who got loose. He was tough.


Hank: She.


Kara: Oh. Respect. Any chance I can have the rest of the day off?


Kara’s apartment


Kara: Hey!


Alex: Oh, finally!


Kara: Nice to see you, too. Look, this big, havoc-wreaking, lady-beast thing broke free. Happens to the best of us.


Alex: I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm freaking out.


Kara: Alex, I have seen you take down a human-sized bug without a weapon. This is going to be fine.


Alex: Last year, she was mad at me for you not dating enough. Okay? I can't even imagine what she's gonna do to me for you coming out as Supergirl.


Kara: She seemed fine on the phone. At least she's making pie.


Alex: Yeah. I'm sure your favorite.


Kara: Chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy. And as someone who's been to twelve different planets, I mean that literally.


Alex: Oh, God. No, you need to change out of that.


Kara: It's fine. It's fine. Eliza! 


Eliza: My girls! Oh, my best, favorite, wonderful girls! Oh Alex, come here.  It's so good to be here.  Oh! You both look so great. You always looked great in blue. And you look a little tired, sweetie.  Is the lab keeping you busy?


Alex:  Yeah.


Kara: How was your flight?


Eliza: Oh, it was fine. Um, it was a little bumpy.


Kara: Oh, I hate when that happens. I hit some crazy air pockets when I was flying back from the… The… The place I was at.


Eliza: You're doing great, Kara.


Alex: You really… Do you really think so, Mom?


Eliza: Of course.


Radio station


Leslie Willis: This is Leslie Willis, coming to you alive and wired from Catco Plaza. The week of Thanksgiving, which means… Ah, it is time for my annual list of Things I Am Not Grateful For, and this year's list is only one item, Supergirl. The blue-and-red abscessed tooth in the otherwise gleaming smile that is National City! How much do I despise, I mean loathe, her whole, "Look at me, I'm a-dork-able" thing. And that hideous, like, rejected-from-the-Olympics figure skating outfit she wears? I mean, a skirt and tights? Puh-lease. Seems like overkill, especially since no one is trying to get in there. And who would that be? You know, who's hombre enough to puncture the Chastity Belt of Steel? Or is what's required a softer touch? I mean, she does kind of give off a Sapphic vibe, with that big ol' butch "S" chest plate. I mean, how would that even work with an alien? I mean, is everything the same down there, or are we talking tentacles? Maybe it's time for a break. Or a makeover.


Catco Worldwide Media


Winn: So, how was breakfast with your mom?


Kara: Foster mom. And great. She's amazing. But Alex keeps waiting for this, like, bomb to go off. And maybe I'm oblivious, but… What?


Winn: It's just It's nice when we talk about a metaphoric bomb for a change.


Kara: So, have you figured out what you're doing for Thanksgiving?


Winn: Yeah, uh, orphan Thanksgiving. Literally, Thai food and Orphan Black marathon.


Kara: Alone? What about your family?


Winn: Core wound, Kara.


Kara: Friends? Winn!


Winn: What?


Kara: No!


Winn: Yes!


Kara: No, that's crazy! You're coming over. We're gonna have a Friendsgiving.


Winn: Oh, you don't have to do that.


Kara: Well, I want to. Seriously. You can be a buffer between Alex and Eliza. And we can watch Orphan Black after. What is Leslie Willis doing in Cat's office?


Winn: Uh, you have super-hearing.


Cat: I caught your broadcast yesterday, I warned you about going after Supergirl.


Leslie Willis: You're always warning me about something. That's our dynamic. You tell me I'm crossing a line. A week later, there's a new line to cross.


Cat: I discovered you in that shoebox of a radio station. I mentored you to the best of my abilities. And for the most part, I am proud of that. But going after a young girl, insulting her body, how she dresses, her sexuality


Leslie Willis: Lack of sexuality. And the last time I checked, as long as I delivered you certain ratings, you didn't care what sacred cows I went after. So why is she different?


Cat: I named her, Leslie. I am doing everything I can to cultivate a relationship between Supergirl and Catco. If I could legally adopt her, I would.


Leslie Willis: I read your article, Cat. You're just as hard on her as I am.


Cat: Supergirl is off the table. Effective immediately.


Leslie Willis: What, you're dictating my content now?


Cat: Yes. Supergirl is changing the conversation of National City. People don't want your brand of negativity anymore, Leslie. They want optimism, hope, positivity.


Leslie Willis: You're a hypocrite, Cat.


Cat: And you're finished, Leslie.


Leslie Willis: I have two years left on my contract. You are too proud, and you're too cheap to buy me out.


Cat: That's true. However, I'm not firing you, I'm transferring you to traffic chopper. You'll be National City's highest paid traffic reporter.


Leslie Willis: You do this, you will regret it.


Cat: Rush hour starts at 4:30. If you're not in the CatCopter when it goes up, you'll be hearing from my lawyer. Oh, and you better take some Dramamine, it looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride.




Kara: Hi. Takeout for Danvers. If the weather's getting you down, don't worry, it never lasts.


James: Hey. No. Actually, no, I miss it. It kind of reminds me of the weather in Metropolis.


Kara: Hey, if you're not going home for the holiday, how about Friendsgiving at my place?


James: That's so sweet. Thank you, um… But Lucy and I are actually headed to Ojai for the holiday.


Kara: The two of you? That's romantic.  


James: Yeah. Uh, you know, just decided to ditch the families this year. But Ojai is only a few hours away, so, if, uh, if Supergirl needs anything, just give me a call.


Kara: Oh, honestly I'm more worried about my family this weekend.


James: What do you mean?


Kara: Alex is worried my foster mom's going to chew her out because I came out as Supergirl.


James: That makes zero sense.


Kara: Right? And yet, it is weekend for loved ones. Here's your loved one. Have fun.


James: Thanks, Kara.


Lucy: Hey, Kara.


Kara: Hey.


Lucy: Hey, babe. You okay?


James: Yeah. Yeah. I'm just feeling the weather, I guess.


Lucy: Well, then, let's get you out of the city.


James: Okay.


Lucy:  Let's go.


Alex: Hey. Okay. I figured it out. Mom is furious that you've come out, but she's pretending that she isn't.


Kara: Thank you. Have you considered that Eliza really isn't mad? It's not like we're still kids that she has to worry about.


Alex: She has always come down hard on me for not protecting you.


Kara: Then maybe it's time for you to come out. Tell her who you really are. What you really do.


Alex: Okay, wait. You want me to tell her that I'm a DEO agent? No way. I can't. Officially, we don't exist.


Kara: Look, if she is mad at you 'cause she thinks that you're not looking after me, then tell her the truth. That your entire career, everything you've ever done in your life, it's all been to protect me. You've got to give her a chance.


Alex: Protecting you isn't my actual job.


Kara: Yeah, but you have more fun when it is.




Man: It's too much. I'm taking her back in.


Leslie Willis: The hell you are. Cat Lady wants me to cover traffic, we're covering traffic.




Alex:  Kara.


Kara: Clear the sidewalk.


Alex: Everybody, off the street! Clear the sidewalk. Get inside.




Man and Leslie Willis: No. No, no, no


Leslie Willis: What the hell? You!


Kara: Grab my hand.




Cat: I truly hate hospitals. How much longer until it's appropriate for us to leave?


Kara: You don't really mean that.


Cat: Oh, I do. I am intensely germ-phobic. And I'm not crazy about Leslie's new do. It's very Katy Perry.


Kara: If you didn't care about Leslie, you wouldn't be paying for this hospital room. Does she have any family?


Cat: Not that she's mentioned.


Kara: Well, then, who were those from?


Cat: Her fans. Apparently, there's a whole shrine in front of Catco. I'm certain I'm going to have to step over it when I go in.


Kara: Supergirl must feel awful.


Cat: Why? She saved the pilot, she prevented the CatCopter from crashing into the ground, and Leslie is still alive. I put her in that helicopter. If anybody should feel guilty, it's me. Not that I do. Okay, that's long enough. We've paid our respects, and I have a company to run. After you. Get up off your ass, Willis. You and I both know that you're tougher than a bolt of lightning. Come on.


Kara’s apartment


Men on TV: Now for the latest on Leslie Willis, the shock-jock National City loves to hate. Willis is currently in a coma at National City General, although her fate would have been much more grim had it not been for the timely arrival of Supergirl


Eliza: Turn it off.


Alex: I'm watching it.


Eliza: Off!


Alex: I knew it. You are mad. Well, go ahead and say it.


Eliza: I don't understand how you could allow this. Let your sister put on that cape.


Alex: She has done amazing things.


Eliza: I know that and I am very proud of her, but she's also put herself in danger.


Alex: She's an adult. She's going to do things that you don't like. That is not my fault.


Eliza: She's been here 12 years, and still thinks deep down everyone is as good as she is. You know better. You should have stopped her. (SIGHING) I… I thought I could count on you to watch out for her.


Alex: I do know better about people. I wish I didn't. You know No, I… I just remembered I have something to do at work.






Eliza: Girls are sleeping.


Jeremiah:  Huh. Who'd have thought? Two teenage girls sharing a room, and no one's dead yet. (BOTH CHUCKLE)


Eliza: Stars aren't going anywhere, Dr. Danvers. Come keep me company while I work on my dissertation.


Jeremiah: Happily. Dr. Danvers.


Alex: Wait. Kara.


Kara: It'll be fine.


Alex:  I don't think this is a good idea. You're not supposed to, Kara.


Kara: Come on, Alex. It'll be so much fun.


Alex: This is amazing!


Kara: I know, right? Let's see how close we can get.


End of flashback




Leslie Willis: What is this? What


Man: Looks like it's my lucky night. Halloween was last month, but with a body like that, all I can say is, Happy Turkey Day to me!


Leslie Willis: Back off, loser.


Man: Oh. We can have some fun


Leslie Willis: Keep away from me! Oh. Oh. Nice rush.


Kara’s apartment


Eliza: Kara, your oven's not the best. Would you mind giving it a quick five seconds or so?


Kara: Mmm.


Winn: She comes in handy.


Eliza: I have to admit, the first time she did it I was a little worried. What if we were all eating radioactive turkey?


Alex: It's no worse than the microwave. We'll all live.


Eliza: You're having a lot of fun, Alex. Let's get some food in you.


Winn: Yeah. Everything looks great. Oh, especially the pie.


Alex: Oh, yes. That is the best pie in the galaxy. Or so I'm told.


Kara: So, before we eat, I thought it would be nice if we went around and shared what we were grateful for, or any other feelings that we might want to share with family and friends, so let's share. Okay, I'll go first, um I'm grateful for everyone here. My best friend in the entire world, my sister who's always had my back, and the woman who always treated me like a daughter.


Eliza: Thank you, sweetie.


Kara: Alex, do you wanna go next?


Alex: Nope.


Kara: Winn, why don't you go?


Winn: Yeah. Well, that's easy.


Kara: Oh, sorry guys, I'll turn it off. Oh, it's James. Um, sorry, sorry. I'll make it quick.


Winn: Thanksgiving call? That's nice. That's really very thoughtful.


Kara: James, hey. Everything okay?


James: Was about to ask you the same question.


Kara: Well, Supergirl helped put Leslie Willis into a coma, but other than that there are no emergencies.


James: I wasn't calling about Supergirl.


Kara: You weren't?


James:  Nope. Calling my friend Kara. She has to referee between her sister and her foster mom. So, thought maybe you'd like to hear a friendly voice.


Kara: Yours? Always. How are you?


James: Oh, you know, pampered. Stuffed. A little bored.


Kara: Oh, I'm sorry there are no super villains in Ojai.


James: Yeah. A guy can hope, right? Listen, well, if any show up in National City and uh, you need me, give me a call.


Kara: Thanks. Have a wonderful time with Lucy.


James: Happy Thanksgiving, Kara.


Winn: So, uh, Eliza, you are a scientist? That's cool.


Eliza: A scientist is a general term, dear. I am a bio-engineer. Alex is in the same field. You know, I guess being a lab rat, it runs in the family.


Alex: There's something I have to tell you.


Eliza: Okay. Is everything all right?


Alex: When I was at Stanford, I was doing research in genetic engineering. And my work and connection to Kara, it came under scrutiny. And I was recruited by the government. I'm not just a doctor. I'm an operative for an organization called the DEO. We monitor alien life here on Earth. I work in the field with Kara. I mean, that is my job, Mom, I look out for her.


Winn: I would be happy to carve this, Eliza.


Eliza: Are you out of your mind?


Alex: Oh, here we go.


Winn: Who wants green beans? Uh


Eliza: How could you do this, Alexandra?


Kara: She called her "Alexandra." This is gonna get ugly.


Alex: How could I do what? Devote my entire life to watching over Kara? Well, I don't know, maybe it's because it's what you've told me to do since I was 14 years old.


Eliza: You lied to me for years.


Alex: Is that what you got from all of that? So, Kara risks her life to protect other people, and she is a hero. And yet, I do the same, and I'm in trouble? That is perfect.


Eliza: You think your father would be proud of this?


Alex: I will never win with you.


Winn: Oh. Yeah, I should go. Hey, thanks.


Kara: Sorry. That's okay. I don't understand why you would react like that.


Eliza: No, Kara, you don't.


Kara: She said you got mad at her for my decision to tell the world who I am. It's not her fault that I decided to become Supergirl. That was my choice.


Elisa: I know.


Kara: You were always so much harder on her than me. Why? (MESSAGE TONE BEEPS) (SIGHS) Ms. Grant has an emergency at the office. I'm gonna go handle it.






Jeremiah: You both are in so much trouble. Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Anyone could have seen you. Kara, the rules about using your powers are for your protection.


Eliza: I'm so disappointed in you, Alex.


Alex: It wasn't her idea.


Kara: I made her do it.


Eliza: That's not the point, Kara. You're new to Earth, you're still learning. But you're her big sister now. It's your job to make sure she doesn't put herself in danger.  


Alex: I'm sorry, Mom.


Jeremiah: Girls, go upstairs. Now!


Eliza: Kara, don't you dare use your super-hearing.  Alex!


Alex: She won't, Mom.


Hank: Dr. Danvers, I'd like to speak with you and your husband.


End of flashback


Catco Worldwide Media


Kara: What's the emergency?


Cat: Last minute conference call to London and Beijing and nothing is working. Not my computer, not my phone, not my backup phone. I got that text off to you and then, boom! Everything just died.


Kara: Maybe that's a sign you shouldn't work on Thanksgiving.


Cat: I always work on Thanksgivings, thank you very much. I know it probably seems sad to you, but I love it. Carter is with his dad, my mother won't eat a flightless bird, and I am not pulled in 400 different directions by employees who need constant wet-nursing.


Kara: I think we need Winn's help.


Cat: What's a "Winn"?


Kara: He's… He's the IT guy. Sits right across from me.


Cat: What fresh incompetence is this?


Leslie Willis: Gobble, gobble. Miss… Miss me?


Cat: Leslie?


Leslie Willis: No. Leslie Willis is dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. She died in that CatCopter of yours. This is Leslie 2.0. Livewire. And you and I We're gonna have words.


Cat: My God, Leslie.


Kara: Get down, get down. She was in a coma.


Cat: Yeah. Clearly, she's recovered.


Kara: Ms. Grant, we have to get help.


Cat: Yes. Yes. Security. Security is 20 floors down. Go, go. I'll keep her busy. 


Kara: But…


Cat: No, 20 floors down. Go, go.


Livewire: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.


Cat: What happened to you, Leslie?


Livewire: I've transcended. Do you really care how or why?


Cat: Not particularly.


Kara: You don't have to do this. Let me help you.


Livewire: I'm good as is.


Kara: You need to get out of here. Go!


Cat: Oh, crap.


Livewire: Thanks. I was feeling a little depleted.


Cat: Oh, God.


Livewire: Oh, Supergirl Poor Cat's stock is plummeting.


Cat: Oh, God, oh, God


Kara: You're safe now, Ms. Grant.


Cat: Oh, thank you.


Man on TV: many families in National City are celebrating this Thanksgiving without electricity, as a series of inexplicable blackouts cripple the city, leaving people without power and with a growing sense of fear.


Hank: Are you sure this was Leslie Willis?


Kara: She calls herself Livewire now. But how did this happen to her? Just because she was hit by lightning?


Hank: She didn't get hit by lightning. You did. You're Element X. Normal electrostatic discharge intensified as it passed through your Kryptonian DNA, picking up unknown properties. That's what's created her.


Kara: So it's my fault she's this way?


Hank: Talk to me about her powers. She siphons off energy?


Kara: She sucked up my heat-vision. It's like she is energy. She becomes energy.


Hank: But when she's not energy, she has a physical form you can punch?


Kara: Yes.


Hank: Then we can fight her, Ms. Danvers.


Kara: How?


Cat: Excuse me? Agent Mulder, is it?


Hank: Munroe, Ms. Grant.


Cat: Well, your agents are destroying my building more than Leslie did. I'm assuming the FBI is going to reimburse me for all the damage they're doing?


Hank: We wouldn't be doing any damage if you'd allowed us to relocate you to a secure location.


Cat: I didn't get where I am by running and hiding from a fight. Tomorrow is Black Friday, and Catco will be open for business.


Hank: Let's go, guys.


Kara: I'll see you out.


Hank: I have something at the DEO that may help. One of our prisoners is a Zarolatt.


Kara: Is that like, um Those…


Hank: Zarolatt is an interdimensional race of aliens consisting of pure, sentient energy.


Kara: Yeah. I was gonna say that.


Hank: Maybe I could modify the trap we used on it for Livewire.


Kara: Can I help?


Cat: Kara.


Hank: Sounds like you got your hands full here.


Kara: Do you need something, Ms. Grant?


Cat: Yes. My life back. Barring that, there's no reason for you to stay here. No reason for us both to be miserable.


Kara: No, I don't mind. And I don't really feel comfortable leaving you here alone with Livewire on the loose.


Cat: You? You're useless. And I'm sure you're eager to get back to your family.


Kara: Not particularly. Uh… Me and my sister and my foster mom got in a really big fight earlier.


Cat: You have a foster mother? That's mildly intriguing.


Kara: Yeah. Uh, well… Um… My parents passed away when I was thirteen, in, um, a fire.


Cat: Oh I'm I'm sorry.


Kara: Uh, no. It's fine. I mean, it hurts. But I still feel close with them. And my foster mom, Eliza, she's great with me. It's just her and Alex.


Cat: Well, mothers and daughters, it's hard.


Kara: Yours must be so proud of you.


Cat: Well, if she is, it's on some subterranean level. In her mind, I have never lived up to my potential.


Kara: You're the queen of all media.


Cat: Ah! Yes. An accomplishment that never mattered to her. Oh, don't get me wrong. I am entirely grateful. Everything I am, everything I have, is because of her constant "pushing," let's call it. She was never satisfied with me, and so I've never been satisfied with myself. Which is why I keep pushing, too. Myself, and all the people I care about.


Kara: Pushing Supergirl.


Cat: I should have pushed Leslie. Held her to a higher standard. The more awful she was, the more I rewarded her. Leslie turning into Livewire, that started a long time ago. It's my fault. I turned her into a monster. I need to fix this. I need to talk to Supergirl. Surely the FBI has a direct line to her.


Kara: I'll ask him. I'll ask him. Uh, and also, um I think I will go home.


Cat: Mmm-hmm.


Kara’s apartment


Alex: Uh, there are blackouts all over the city, so I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.


Eliza: A blackout I can handle. You, on the other hand


Alex: Mom. Please. I can't fight anymore tonight.


Eliza: Please come come here. Sit for just a minute. I'm so sorry for what I said about your dad. That wasn't fair. You always make the hard choice. You look to help others before yourself.


Alex: That's what you taught me to do. So why hasn't it ever been enough?


Eliza: If you're… If you mean why I was tough on you (SIGHS) Kara was a little girl from another planet. She lost everything. I didn't know how to do anything but accept her. You, you're my daughter, Alex. I wanted you to be better than me. But that never meant I didn't love you. You have always been my Supergirl.


Alex: I'm sorry too. For keeping things from you.


Eliza: There is something I need to tell you. I need to tell both of you.


Alex: Danvers. Twenty minutes. Uh, I have to go in.


Eliza: Uh… Is it about Kara?


Alex: I can't talk about it.  I'm sorry.


Eliza: Take care of your sister. Take care of yourself.


Alex: I will.


Catco Worldwide Media


Kara: Hello, Ms. Grant.


Cat: You know, if you would just give me your cell phone number, I wouldn't have to do so much back-channeling. Now, you want to catch Livewire, so do I. I can draw her out, but then we'll have to work together. What do you say? Partners?




Hank: Lightning in a bottle.


Alex: Or, technically, lightning in a portable industrial capacitor.


Hank: Get it underneath her, spring it open and close it. The electricity running through will be drawn inside. She'll be temporarily broken down on the atomic level, at least until we can get her into permanent containment.


Kara: Cool, it's like Ghostbusters. Sounds like a plan.


Hank: You gonna tell us where you're going?


Kara: This is between me, Ms. Grant and Livewire.


Alex: Based on the amount of power she's consumed, there is a very real chance that she's gonna be strong enough…


Kara: She can hurt me. I know.


Alex: Kara. She can kill you.


Kara: I'll see you soon.  


Catco Plaza


Cat: Citizens of National City, this is Cat Grant, broadcasting live from Catco Plaza, which despite a vicious attack yesterday, is still open for business. This message is for the person behind that attack. Leslie, if you are hearing this, your grudge is with me, not National City, so let's not see if we can't come to an agreement. Let's meet… Where it all began, as they say. I'm not one to look back, but it just feels right this time.


Unknown place


Cat: Come on, Leslie.


Livewire: Where's your bodyguard?


Cat: I didn't think she was necessary.


Livewire: Oh, sucks. I really wanted one of you to watch the other one die.


Cat: Oh, Leslie, you and I got through you not supporting Hillary in 2008, we can get through this. Just give me your terms.


Livewire: The only thing that you have that I want is your skin. And there are so many ways to skin a…


Cat: A cat, yes. Congratulations, you have the wit of a YouTube comment. Are we going to talk or not?


Livewire: Not.


Kara: Leslie!


Livewire: Your 15 minutes are up, you boring, weak


Kara: Oh, shut up, you mean girl.


Livewire: Nice try. I wonder if I have enough power to stop your heart.


Cat: Leslie! Leslie, don't do this! You're better than this. You are Leslie Willis.


Livewire:  If it makes you feel better I'll always give you credit for giving me my start.


Kara: And finishing you off. Water and electricity, never a good match. Thanks for your help.


Cat: Oh, you're welcome, Supergirl.


Catco Worldwide Media


Kara: Okay. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato, and three slices of pie. Payment in full for putting up with my crazy family.


Winn: Thanks.  Oh, yeah. Hey, um… So, I didn't get to tell you what I was thankful for.


Kara: Well, you were in the middle of a war zone.


Winn: My dad's in prison.


Kara: Winn, I'm so sorry.


Winn: Don't be sorry. He's a pretty bad person and he deserves to be there. Uh, anyways, so my family doesn't really do holidays. So, I mean, even with all the nuttiness of yours, I'm just grateful to have been included. What I'm grateful for is you.  


Kara: You too. Oh. Hey, guys, how was wine country?


James: It was really great.


Lucy: Four days with James all to myself. All a girl could ask for. Back to the grind. Bye, babe. I'll see you.


James: Bye.


Lucy: Bye, Kara.


Kara: Bye.


James: You okay?  I saw that Livewire


Kara: Yeah. Uh, Supergirl handled it.


James: Of course. But how about Kara? How's she doing?


Kara: Glad to have you back. The photo department's been calling.


Cat: About the paparazzi shots from over the weekend of the young stars and starlets, compromised in assorted humiliating ways.


Kara: Monday morning tradition.


Cat: Mmm-hmm. Which one would you pick? The 20-year-old singer who face-planted in front of Club Apocalypse because she had too much to drink? Or the closeted teen heartthrob who was caught slipping out of National City's randiest gay bar?


Kara: Wait, who's…


Cat: Let's run… Mmm. Neither. The world is full of so much noise and snark, much of it we generate. Today, why don't we elevate this city's level of discourse instead with a photo essay of all the people who spent their holidays volunteering at soup kitchens and shelters. Let's not see if we can't bring some attention to those organizations.


Kara: I think that's a great idea.


Cat: Well, of course you do, I pitched it. Thanksgiving sells. Liberals love to feel guilty, so let's just squeeze as much juice out of those turkeys as we can. And Kara… What you told me about your parents dying… There's a lot I don't know about you. And that should probably change.


Kara: It's fine, Ms. Grant.


Cat: You know enough about me to know that I need my three "L's," my latte hot, my lettuce-wrapped crisp and my Lexapro, stat. And not necessarily in that order. Chop, chop.


Kara’s apartment


Kara: Even I am finding this grip impressive.


Eliza: I am so proud of you.


Alex: Thank you.


Kara: Oh, guys, this is so nice.


Eliza: I'm proud of you too, Supergirl, but from what I see on the news, there is room for improvement.


Kara: Wow! That was not an unqualified compliment, which… Is progress for us, but not fun for me.


 Alex: Well, this is the best day of my life.  


Eliza: I haven't been fair. I have put a lot on both of you. But there is something I need to tell you. Something I promised your father I wouldn't, but if you're gonna be working for the DEO you need to know. Your dad wasn't just a doctor either and he did not die in a plane crash. That is what they told me, but I don't trust them.


Alex: Mom, what are you talking about? I've known about the DEO for a long time. I know what they do.






Eliza: No, you are not taking her.


Hank: Due respect, Dr. Danvers, you are in no position to negotiate.


Eliza: She is not an asset. She is a 13-year-old girl. She needs a family. She needs…


Hank: To be safe. As do those around her. And while Superman refuses to work with our study, Kara would help immensely.


Jeremiah: You're not gonna touch her. I'm gonna give you something you want even more.  


Hank: Oh, yeah? What's that?


Jeremiah: Me.


Eliza: Jeremiah


Jeremiah: I'll work for you. I know everything there is to know about Superman. My research, my work, it's all yours. But Kara stays here.


Hank:  Welcome to the DEO, Dr. Danvers.


End of flashback


Kara’s apartment


Eliza: Jeremiah died working for the DEO. He died working for a man named Hank Henshaw.




Hank: Good job with Livewire, Supergirl. The DEO has its first non-alien prisoner. And now the holidays are over and you've had your fun, perhaps you can get back to your actual job. Catching aliens.


Kara: Yes, sir.


Hank: That's it? No comeback?


Kara: No, sir, just ready to work.


Hank: All right.


Alex: We have to find out what happened to my dad.


Kara: Absolutely.


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