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#106 : Plus loin, plus proche

Kara commence à montrer des signes de problèmes de gestion de colère, entre la relation de James et Lucy, l'image de Supergirl qu'elle peine à défendre et Cat qui se montre d'autant plus autoritaire que sa mère est présente. L'armée vient avec une demande pour la Kryptonienne : tester Red Tornado un androïde de combat conçu pour les menaces de grande ampleur.


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Red Faced

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Plus loin, plus proche

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Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg)

Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg)

Supergirl, Alex et l'armée

Supergirl, Alex et l'armée

Alex Danvers et Supergirl

Alex Danvers et Supergirl

Supergirl frapep Red Tornado

Supergirl frapep Red Tornado



Supergirl vs Red Tornado

Supergirl vs Red Tornado

Supergirl se bat contre Red Tornado

Supergirl se bat contre Red Tornado

Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg)

Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg)

Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers

Kara (Melissa Benoist) et James (Mehcad Brooks)

Kara (Melissa Benoist) et James (Mehcad Brooks)

Kara et James

Kara et James

Supergirl et Lucy

Supergirl et Lucy


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Plus de détails


Alex: Kara?


Alex: What's wrong? Radar picked you up out over the city? Is everything okay?

Kara: Fine, just came to clear my head.


Kara: It's peaceful up here. Relaxing.

Man 1: You cut me off, dude!

Man 2: Shut up!

Kara: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Gotta go!


Man 2: Hey! Who taught you to drive?

Man 1: Go to hell, you piece of… What are you, insane?

Man 2: Maniac!

Man 1: I just paid this car off! You broke my nose!

Kara: Watch where you're going next time.

Man 1: You totaled my freaking car!

Kara: Before you totaled all these kids!

Man 1: You better get out of my face, you stupid… Argh, you're hurting me!


Man on TV: Supergirl scares young children at a local school. Road rage and superpowers…

Hank: Road rage! What were you thinking?

Kara: They were about to run over an entire soccer team. It's always men who go crazy behind the wheel!

Hank: You cannot lose control like that!

Kara: Those two idiots nearly killed people, and you're getting mad at me?

Hank: That's the thing Ms. Danvers, I am not mad. I am controlling my anger. I suggest you get into the habit. You know, I once told you, there are people out there who fear your cousin. It's not because he has god-like powers. It's because of what he might do to them if he ever lost his temper.

Vasquez: Ma'am? You just might want to look at this.

Maxwell on TV: I'm just glad these two men were only in the hospital, and not the morgue. We're all so worried about police brutality, maybe we ought to put a body camera on Supergirl.


Lucy: Oh 9.30. Have to get to work. Oh, by the way, my dad's in town. On business. Plus, he would like to have dinner with us. I know you think he doesn't like you, but you've never really given him the chance to. What do you say? Can I tell him “Yes” ?

James: Affirmative.

Lucy: Thank you, babe.

Kara: Hi. To go, please.

Lucy: See you later.

James: Mmm-hmm.

Lucy: Oh, hey, Kara! Thank you so much for the invite by the way. I'm really looking forward to it.

Kara: Sure, yeah. Me too…

Lucy: I'll see you there. Bye.

Kara: Everything okay?

James: Um, yeah… Lucy's dad's in town. He's army, like her but, uh… He and I don't really get along.

Kara: Why not?

James:  Because I consort with aliens. He somehow thinks that Superman is a threat to national security.

Kara: Hmm.

James: Yeah, it really makes me upset sometimes. But he's Lucy's dad, so…

Kara: Speaking of Lucy, she said she was looking forward to…

James:  Yeah! I meant to mention that. Um, now that Lucy's in town Uh, I hope it's cool with you. I… I invited her to game night.

Kara: Of course, yeah! Yes. The more the merrier.

James: Okay.

Kara: And who doesn't like being merry? Anyway, gotta get back. I'll see you later.

James:  All right.

Catco Worldwide Media

Katherine: All these televisions. How can you possibly get any work done with so much visual noise assaulting you?

Cat: That visual noise is my work, Mother.

Katherine: That's right, my daughter, what do they call you? The Proletariat Princess.

Cat: Queen of All Media, Mother. So, what brings you to National City?

Katherine: Book tour. I edited Paget Willoughby's newest novel.

Cat: Well, la-dee-dah.

Katherine: Perhaps you'll listen to it when it comes out in audio book form.

Cat: I'm sure Carter would love to see you while you're here.

Katherine: I don't think I'll have the time, dear. Did he get the savings bond I sent him for his birthday?

Cat: Hmm. Yes, he was so excited he showed it to all of his friends.

Katherine: “Supergirl”? Shouldn't she be called “Superwoman”?

Cat: Didn't you read the article I wrote?

Katherine: I didn't get a chance. But the young man sitting on the plane next to me had a copy. It looked like he read some of it. So interesting, isn't it? A woman hero. I can't help but feel safer in Metropolis. Call me old-fashioned but I still prefer male doctors.


Kara:  Alex, what are you doing here?

Alex: I need to talk about my dad.

Kara: We're going to find out what happened to your dad. I promise. But, uh, as you can see… Today, um, right this very second… It's just, it's not a good time.

Alex: Actually, I came to talk to Winn.

Winn: Absolutely not! Are you out of your minds?

Alex: Winn, we need your help.

Winn: To break into the DEO mainframe? Uh, that's not help, that's treason.

Kara: Winn

Winn: No! No. No, okay. I'm sorry. Not even for you, Kara. For whom I would do anything… I… No! I'm not doing this.

Kara: It's about her dad.

Winn: It's dirty pool, Danvers. You know I have dad issues.

Kara: His name was Jeremiah Danvers.

Alex: The DEO found out about Kara soon after she landed on Earth. They threatened to take her unless my father went to work for them. He did. A year later he was dead. I need to find out what really happened to him.

Winn: If the DEO knows about your dad, why don't you just go ask them?

Alex: Because if they wanted to tell me the truth, they would have done it already. Please? You're the only one that can help us.

Winn: Okay! Okay, I'm in.

Alex: Henshaw's calling…

Kara: Yeah, me too.

DEO base camp

General Lane: Director Henshaw.

Hank: General Lane. What can I do for Army Intelligence?

General Lane: I need you to approve an immediate transfer. A member of your field unit to my command.

Hank: Really. And who would that be?

General Lane: The lady in red.

Alex: Technically, Supergirl doesn't work for this organization.

General: If I had my way, no one would. Your covert operations could be handled effectively with my special forces and without foreign assistance.

Kara: Why do you need me?

General: We've been developing something. An anti-insurgent combat device. Project code named, RT. I need her help testing it for me.

Lucy: She has no choice. We have an executive order forcing you to comply.

General: My legal attache and my daughter, Major Lane. It's been signed by the President. You can take it up with her if you like.

Lucy: Unless you don't think you're up to it.

Kara: I'll do it.

Alex: Supergirl, you don't have to.

Hank: I agree with Agent Danvers.

Kara: What do you need me to do?

General: Fight my robot.

Dr. Morrow: It's not a robot. It's an anthropomorphic pseudo entity with combat capabilities.

General: I stand corrected, Doctor.

Dr. Morrow: I call it Red Tornado.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: So, apparently I'm fighting a robot tomorrow.

Winn: Robot? Wait, what kind of robot are we talking, like a C3PO? Terminator? Roomba?

James: DEO testing out a new toy?

Kara: Military, actually Uh, General Lane asked for my help. Even Lucy was there.

Winn: Whoa! She didn't recognize you, did she?

Kara: Nope! No.

James: So that is what her father is really doing here. Kara, you can say no to this.

Kara: I can't. I have to show her… Him, that I can be a team player. That my cousin and I can be trusted.

Winn: Wait, does the robot fight mean that game night is canceled?

Kara: No! No! Game night is the last shred of normalcy that remains in our crime stopping, alien hunting, DEO hacking lives. Game night survives. It has to.

James: Okay, Lucy and I will see you there.

Winn: You, um, you invited Lucy?

Kara: He asked.

Winn: Huh.

Kara: It'll be fun.

Winn: It will not be fun.


Kara: Dinner with your mother is confirmed for 8:00. I've reserved a table right on the beach.

Cat: Oh, great, maybe the roar of the ocean will drown out the sound of her voice. Or maybe it will just drown her. Or me.

Katherine: Kitty, darling.

Cat: Mother.

Katherine: Let's not get carried away. We've already seen each other once today.

Cat: You're early, Mother. Dinner isn't until 8:00.

Katherine: Listen, sweetheart, there's been a change of plan. As it turns out, Toni Morrison is in town. Can you believe it?

Cat: Oh! I'm practically shaking.

Katherine: Anyway, Toni's having an impromptu little dinner party at the house she's rented in Montecito. Just a few old friends.

Cat:  Mother, that is at least two hours away, we're going to have to leave right now.

Katherine: Oh, dear. Toni wanted to keep this an intimate gathering of close friends.

Cat: Oh I cleared my evening for you.

Katherine: Kitty, what could you possibly have to talk about with two Nobel laureates and Margaret Atwood?

Cat: Enjoy your dinner, Mother.

Kara: Ms. Grant…

Cat: Oh, where are the proofs for the revised fashion spread?

Kara: Oh! I have them right here.

Cat: Well, thank you. And no! No! And no! The filter is off. This waif model looks like a wet rat. Take it back to editing. The entire thing needs to be retouched. And stay there until it's finished. I'm sorry. Do you have plans?

Kara: It's just this, um, office game night thing we do.

Cat: Office game night? Ker-rah, really? Don't you think you've made enough of a fool of yourself over James Olsen for one day? Everyone's noticed how you throw yourself at him. You should try to be a little bit more professional.

Kara: I'll get these to editing right away.

Kara’s apartment

Lucy: Okay! I absolutely hate the texture of this in my mouth.

James: Eggplant!

Lucy: Yes! Oh! We've always wanted to go to this place?

James: Machu Picchu!

Lucy: Yes!

James: Yes!

Lucy: Uh, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

James: The Godfather.

Lucy: Yes!

James: Yes.

Lucy: We had an amazing four hours at this one place in Cabo

Kara: Time! Time's up.

Winn: Eleven.

James: Whoo!

Kara: Wow, you guys. You make a really great team.

Lucy: Oh, it helps when you really know your partner.

Kara: Winn, go!

Winn: Oh, yes. Uh, okay, this is, um… Uh, it's a creature has… The things on its arms…

Kara:  I don't know what

Winn: Pass. Okay, wait… No, I have no idea who or what…

Kara: Go, go, go.

Winn: Pass. Uh, oh! Yeah, this one's easy! Uh, your cousin. Roger… Sultan… Fuss… Really likes this guy.

Kara: Pass.

Lucy: Time! Okay, I want to know what that was.

Winn: Oh, don't…

Lucy: Ooh! Superman? You should have just said Jimmy Olsen's special boyfriend? I met his little cousin today. Supergirl.

Kara: Wow!

James: You… You did?

Lucy: Yeah. I wasn't that impressed. It's like when you see a movie star in person and you're like, “Is that it?” I guess that's it. Plus, she's totally not your type.

DEO camp base

Kara: I don't say this often, but I am craving a good fight right now.

Alex: But just keep your cool. You got this.

Dr. Morrow: I got $20 on the android.

Alex: Forty on the alien.

Hank: If at any point I don't like what I'm seeing, I'm ending this.

General: Which I would completely understand, if you had any authority over me. Dr. Morrow. You can begin.

Dr. Morrow:  Thank you, General.

Lucy: Maybe she's not taking this seriously.

Dr. Morrow:  It's experiencing system damage. The test is over. Pull the plug. Now.

Alex: Supergirl. You won.

Hank: Supergirl, stand down. That's enough.

Alex: Are you hurt?

Kara: No.

Dr. Morrow: She must have triggered his emergency self-preservation function.

Kara: I can't see it.

Dr. Morrow: He's in stealth mode, making him 100% undetectable.

General: This is your fault.

Kara: You asked me to fight it.

General: And now your recklessness has unleashed an uncontrollable killing machine on National City.


General: A billion dollar investment, eleven years of R&D, and what do we have? A paper weight. I want this thing found and destroyed before it turns National City into a war zone.

Dr. Morrow Destroy it? You can't do that.

General: The last thing the army needs is a bunch of wounded civilians on the 9:00 news.

Dr. Morrow: I've invested too much time and effort into this

General: Into what, Morrow? The Red Tornado failed. And so did you. You're fired.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Ker-rah! Ker-rah! Ker-rah!

Kara: Yes, yes, I'm here!

Cat: Finally! I have been screaming your name over and over for the past minute and a half. Ninety seconds I have been boiling alive in my office. Ninety seconds, each one of which, if amortized to reflect my earnings, is worth more than your yearly salary. One second of my time is 90 times more valuable than your pointless, sad, pathetic…

Kara: Don't talk to me like that! Please! I work so hard for you! I don't ask questions, I don't complain, and all you do is yell at me and tell me I'm not good enough. And it's mean! Why are you so mean? Oh, my God! I'm… I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that. I don't know what happened. I just snapped.

Cat: Forward the phones. We're going.

Kara: Where are we going?

Cat: Chop chop.

Lord industries

Maxwell: Nice to see you, Agent Danvers. What can I do for the FBI? Hope no one's trying to kill me again.

Alex: I'm not certain someone was trying to kill you last time.

Maxwell: Ah, you've been talking to Supergirl. Poor thing. I think she's got her facts confused. I'm not the bad guy.

Alex: Then prove it.

Maxwell: Loving the color. May I? The edging on the break is brittle… The kind of fracturing that would occur if the surface reached absolute zero. Like after being subjected to Supergirl's freeze breath. I didn't realize the Maiden of Might was on the Fibbies payroll.

Alex: It's from an army android. It's gone rogue, and I need your help to find it.

Maxwell: What makes you think I can?

Alex: I know you don't trust the government after what happened to your parents. But this thing is dangerous. And if you want to prove to me that you're not the bad guy, then help me find the real one.

Maxwell: It was good seeing you again, Agent Danvers. But I'm kinda busy here.


General: Scotch. Neat.

Lucy: Same.

James: I'll just have a club soda. Thank you.

General: “Never trust a man who doesn't drink” because he's probably a self-righteous sort, “a man who thinks he knows right from wrong all the time.” No inference intended, Jimmy. Just reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite authors.

James: Aw, Jane Austen?

General: James Crumley.

Lucy: I'm going to go powder my nose. Play nice.

General: I was surprised to hear that you and Lucy were back together.

James: Surprised or disappointed? General, I know what you're really doing in National City. Red Tornado.

General: My daughter would never divulge classified military information to a civilian, not even her boyfriend. Which means you're in contact with Supergirl.

James: First of all, you don't like me because I'm friends with Superman, and now because I know Supergirl?

General: That is not why I don't want you seeing Lucy.

James: Then what is it?

General: You're not good enough for her.

James: Excuse me?

General: Jimmy, I love my daughter. She's my little girl, and I'll always look out for her. She has a bright future. And I do not want to see her miss the incredible heights she is capable of because she's invested too much time and energy in a glorified paparazzo. You ally yourself with people you think are special. But that doesn't make you special. And I think you know that.

Lucy: Everything good?

General: Let's order.


Cat: Um… Here's the thing, Kara, everybody gets angry. Everybody. And there is no pill that will eradicate this particular emotion. I know this because if there were such a pill I would be popping those babies like Pez.

Kara: Miss Grant, uh... I'm so sorry. I'm… Really sorry about

Cat: You apologize too much, which is a separate, although not unrelated, problem. No, this is about work. And anger. Whatever you do, you cannot get angry at work. Especially when you're a girl.

Kara: Oh, thank you. I'm actually still working on my first one.

Cat: Mmm. Did you want another one? When I was working at the Daily Planet, Perry White picked up a chair and he threw it out of the window, because somebody missed a deadline. And no he didn't open the window first. If I had thrown a chair, or, my God, if I had thrown a napkin, it would have been all over the papers. It would have been professional and cultural suicide.

Kara: Then what do you do?

Cat: Well, you need to find a release. You need to… Take up some boxing or start screaming at your housekeeper. But the real key Kara, is that you need to figure out what's really bothering you. For example, I am so furious with my mother, so I took it out on you. And you are so mad at me, but… And this is the important bit, you weren't really mad at me.

Kara: Actually, I kind of was.

Cat: No. Uh-uh. You were really mad, at something else. You need to find, find that anger behind the anger. And you need to figure out what is really making you mad.


Lucy: Thank you for dinner, Dad.

General: My pleasure.

James: Lucy!

General: I order you to disengage immediately.

Kara: I'm not gonna let you hurt them!


Dr. Morrow: Well, nothing's broken. She's lucky.

Lucy: You saved my life. Thank you.

Kara: Of course.

General: You let that thing get away. I thought you were on our side.

Kara: I tried. It fought harder this time, faster. Like it learned a thing or two from the last go.

Lucy: It's like it knew you'd choose to save those people. The tornado was just a diversion to get away. He used your humanity against you.

General: And now more innocent humans could be in danger. If anything else happens, you and the DEO will both be held accountable.

Hank: That's enough, General. My team analyzed Red Tornado's dermal covering. It's made of a biosynthetic polymer which contains traces of lead. To suppress X-ray vision, right? The android wasn't meant to fight insurgents. It was designed to kill Kryptonians.

General: You've got Fort Rozz aliens locked up downstairs. Monsters. Abominations. Some of them have wings. Some have horns. And others spit acid. Do you know the difference between them and her? She's blonde.

Hank: She saved you and your daughter, tonight. You don't owe her fear and contempt. You owe her a thank you.

Alex: Maxwell Lord just called. Said he saw you on the news fighting Red Tornado. He wants to talk to me.

Lord industries

Maxwell: Agent Danvers. You look beautiful. You want my help? I wanna know who I'm working with. Please.

Alex: I am just someone trying to help you.

Maxwell: We have that in common.

Alex: You seem to only help people if it helps you.

Maxwell: I've seen what happens to the selfless.

Alex: Your parents?

Maxwell: It cost them their lives.

Alex: My father died on the job. I don't know why I just told you that.

Maxwell: My condolences. What did he do?

Alex: What I do.

Maxwell: How did he die?

Alex: I don't know. I'm trying to find out.

Maxwell: The android isn't acting alone.

Alex: What?

Maxwell: The arm you showed me today. It's beautiful but in a rudimentary sense, a drone. With an incredibly advanced GPS system.

Alex: What are you saying?

Maxwell: You're looking for Frankenstein's monster. You should be looking for Dr. Frankenstein.

Alex: Morrow is still controlling it. Thank you.

Maxwell: Any time. Alex.

Unknown place

James: Wow! I thought Rocky Balboa practicing on dead cows was cool.

Kara: Well, I can't exactly join a kickboxing class.

James: You know, I never really noticed Clark having to get his rage on. 

Kara: 'Cause he's a man. Girls are taught to smile and keep it on the inside.

James: Well, it's not like black men are encouraged to be angry in public.

Kara: Well, then this'll work for both of us. Um… Okay. So Say what you're mad about and then let the fists fly.

James: Okay. I can't stand Lucy's dad.

Kara: I can't stand him either.

James: I hate how he gets involved in our relationship, and I'm not holding Lucy back.

Kara: I can't stand the way Cat treats me.

James: And I really cannot stand how he talks about your cousin!

Kara: I hate how my emotions get the best of me. And I hate how my sister doesn't know what happened to her father. And I hate that I am never gonna get to have a normal life!

James: Kara

Kara: Oh, my God… Cat was right. There is anger behind the anger.

James: Are there like extra emotions that I don't know about it in Krypton?

Kara: No, no, I thought… I thought I was mad seeing you… Seeing you and Lucy makes me think that I am never gonna have what you two have. Someone who knows everything about me. My perfect partner at a game night.

James:  Kara, you'll find someone

Kara: Growing up on Earth, I never felt normal. And I always thought that if I started to use my powers, my life would make sense. But I'm realizing tha…t Being myself doesn't make me feel more normal. And it never will. Because my normal life, ended the second my parents put me on that ship. And that makes me so mad. Hey!

Alex: I found something, meet me back at the DEO.

Kara: Right. I have to go.


Alex: Thanks to Maxwell Lord, we know Dr. Morrow is still controlling Red Tornado. That's why it's targeting General Lane.

Kara: Morrow wants revenge on Lane for mothballing his project.

Alex: So, if we take out Dr. Morrow, we take out Red Tornado.

Hank: So, how do we find this Morrow?

Alex: We draw out the android. Then we trace the relay signal Dr. Morrow's using to control it back to Dr. Morrow. Kara, keep Red Tornado occupied until I can shut it down.

Hank: Think you can keep your cool this time?

Kara: I'm not afraid of my anger anymore. I can use it. Channel it to work for me, not against me.

Hank: General Lane. I think we may have a solution that will rectify your screw up. But I'll need your help


Alex: Signal's in. I have a position on Morrow.


General: How did you manage to project a thermally accurate 3D hologram of me over 70 miles away?

Hank: Technology from those Kryptonians you're so scared of.


Kara: I think I got its attention.


Dr. Morrow: That won't do anything. Telepathic relay interface, to control his cerebral matrix. If you want to stop him, you'll have to cease any neural function from his creator. You'll have to kill me.

Alex: You don't have to throw your life away

Dr. Morrow: The Red Tornado is my life.


Kara: You did it. It's still going. It's still going.


Hank: Agent Danvers.


Alex: No commands are being transmitted to the android. Kara, it's become sentient.


Hank: Supergirl, are you okay?


Kara: I'm here. I'm… I'm okay… It's over.


General:  I have a car waiting to take us to the airport, Lucy. We have a flight back to Metropolis at 1900 hours.

Lucy: No more orders, Dad. I'm not coming with you. And I'm not working for you anymore. I'm resigning my commission. I know you think James is somehow holding me back. But it is not true. He's fighting for the same things, I am. We are on the same team. That's why I'm staying.

General: I hope that one day when you realize what a terrible mistake you've made, it won't be too late.

James: You're my hero.

Lucy: I'll try not to let that go to my head.

Kara’s apartment

Alex: Hey. What's going on? Did you find something?

Kara: Um, Alex, you might want to sit down. Winn, tell her.

Winn: Yeah, um, so it took some digging, but I, I located a file on your father's death. Most of it was redacted. Basically he and another agent went to South America to apprehend a hostile alien. It… It didn't go well. Um, both your father and the other agent disappeared. I mean they were both presumed dead, until…

Alex: Until?

Winn: About a month later the other agent mysteriously showed up. Not a scratch on him. He claims he doesn't remember anything that happened. Alex, it was Hank. These redacted files have his digital signature. He is the one who deleted them.

Kara: Why would he delete the files?

Alex: Because he's hiding something. Because maybe the man that I've been working with for the last two years killed my father.

Winn: All we do know is that Hank Henshaw was the last person to see your father alive.

Catco Worldwide Media

Katherine: There she is! My car was supposed to be here half an hour ago.

Kara: Oh! I… I didn't realize I was getting you one.

Katherine: How else am I supposed to get to the airport? Honestly, Kitty, is this creature of yours some sort of unpaid intern? How do you justify paying a salary to such an unreliable person?

Cat: First of all, I don't pay her very much. And second, you don't get to talk to her that way.

Katherine: Excuse me?

Cat: I understand, Mother, that you have always been threatened by my success and you try to elevate yourself by denigrating me. Which is fine. But you are not allowed to do the same thing to my assistant who, by the way, is excellent at her job.

Katherine: I think… I'll use the ladies before I go.

Kara: Thank you for saying I'm excellent at my job. It made me feel normal.

Cat: It was just for effect. Get me Advil.

Kara: Here.

Cat: Thank you.

Kara: Would you like me to call your mother a car?

Cat: She can take her broom.

Kara: Sorry, that was my fault.

Cat: Be careful, you might cut yourself.

Kara: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Cat: Oh! I told you to be careful. Are you all right?

Kara : I'm bleeding.  

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Superman & Lois, S01E01 (inédit)
Mardi 23 février à 20:00

Superman & Lois | Un nouveau poster!

Superman & Lois | Un nouveau poster!
The CW vient de dévoiler un novueau poster pour Superman & Lois qui fera ses débuts le 23 février...

Le Tournoi des Cousins - Demi-Finale

Le Tournoi des Cousins - Demi-Finale
Le Tournoi des Cousins est en courssur le quartier. Le 2ndtour vient de s'achever, envoyant 4 des 8...

HypnoCup 2021 - Deux couples en course pour la série!

HypnoCup 2021 - Deux couples en course pour la série!
L'HypnoCup 2021 se poursuit sur la citadelle! Cette année, ce sont 512 couples qui s'affrontent pour...

Supergirl | En duel contre Felicity sur Legends of Tomorrow!

Supergirl | En duel contre Felicity sur Legends of Tomorrow!
Kara Danvers affronte Felicity Smoak (Arrow) dans le Lost in Time du quartier DC's Legends of...

Superman & Lois | Un trailer pour la saison 1!

Superman & Lois | Un trailer pour la saison 1!
The CW vient de dévoiler un trailer pour la petite nouvelle du Arrowverse et spin-off de...


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lolhawaii, Avant-hier à 21:28

Nouvelle news sur le quartier H50 : L'ultime saison arrive sur M6 !

Emilie1905, Hier à 08:43

Buck et Maddie de 9-1-1 s'affrontent sur le quartier Wynonna Earp, venez les départager pendant un mois

Locksley, Hier à 12:08

Il vous reste quelques jours pour élire L'HypnoCard de l'Année 2020. Rien n'est encore joué, vous pouvez faire pencher la balance !

ShanInXYZ, Hier à 16:07

Nouveau thème dans Voyage au centre du Tardis, votre photo de Mickey Smith, un nouveau sondage et toujours les anims habituelles de Doctor Who

cinto, Hier à 19:25

Nouveaux sondages chez Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée et The Tudors. Venez donnez votre avis et commenter si vous voulez; ça fait plaisir...

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