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#104 : Mais comment fait-elle ?

Kara se retrouve à gérer un terroriste qui vise Maxwell Lord tout en devant rester à CatCo pour surveiller la finalisation du journal et la surveillance de Carter Grant en l’absence de sa mère. Elle est également perturbée par la visite de Lucy Lane, qui vient recoller les morceaux avec Jimmy.


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How Does She Do It ?

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Mais comment fait-elle ?

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Kara: There was a time when I felt like a shadow of a person. But ever since I've been able to show the world what I can do, I feel like anything is possible. And for once in my life, I can finally have it all. But one thing I know for sure, nothing can ruin my mood today.




Kara: Thought I'd return this to you. I thought we were clicking.


Hank: Okay


Kara: People who click don't spy on each other! I don't like being followed.


Hank: If I were following you, Ms. Danvers, you would never know about it. This is... Not one of ours.


Kara: Then whose is it?


Alex: There's no markings. I've never seen tech like this before


Hank: Alien origin? Could be your aunt, Astra.


Alex: No, it's definitely from Earth, but it is incredibly advanced.


Kara: Yeah, no kidding. That thing was like trying to swat a fly in a tornado.


Hank: If someone's targeting one of my assets, I want to know who it is. We'll handle this.


Alex: You can trust him, Kara.


Kara: I hope you're right.


Catco Worldwide Media


Winn: Please don't yell at me, this isn't my job.


Kara: Cat Grant's office, this is Kara.


Winn: Please, do not make me cover phones for you ever again.


Kara: She did? That's amazing! Yeah Yes. Yes, I will get right back to you. Ms. Grant won the Siegel Prize for Women in Media!


Winn: Oh, yeah, she already knows. I didn't know that she could smile if it wasn't based on cruelty to others.


Kara: The ceremony is in Metropolis tomorrow night. I better book a plane right away.


Cat: I didn't tell you about it because I knew you would have this reaction. I know you think it's a stupid award, Mother, but I won it. I don't ask for very much. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that it was such a burden being a grandmother. Keira! 


Kara: Oh! Yes.


Cat: Get me a salad for lunch. I don't care what kind as long as it has a cheeseburger on top.


Kara: And, may I say, Ms. Grant, congratulations! The Siegel Prize, that's huge.


Cat: I hope not, considering they're going to have to mail it to me. I won't be attending the ceremony.


Kara: But this is the first year you beat Lois Lane.


Cat: And as much as I would love to rub it in her annoyingly freckled button nose, I don't have anyone to watch Carter.


Kara: Did you fire another nanny?


Cat: No. Ella broke her leg storing my summer sandals.


Kara: And your mom?


Cat: She is living down to my expectations by prioritizing her career over my own. Does your mother give a damn about your career?


Kara: Um, well, she's not really around


Cat: Oh, salad. Burger, rare. Go.


Kara: If you wanted, I could watch Carter overnight.


Cat: What do you want?


Kara: You know how sometimes people just want to help other people?


Cat: Oh, I see. So, you think that if you do me this favor, that I will owe you something. Well, this is the first time I've ever seen this quality in you, Keira. I love it. I didn't know you had it in you.


Kara: This award is important to you. So, it's important to me.


Cat: Maybe you will get that promotion someday. My son, uh, Carter... He, um, well, he's not a normal boy, thank God. He's clever and curious, and like most gifted children, he can be shy and reserved. He needs special attention.


Kara: Oh, do not worry, Ms. Grant. He wouldn't be safer with Supergirl.


Cat: Oh Now, it's just annoying.




Lucy: I hate doing AWOL cases, and I'm prosecuting three of them. I got into JAG because I care about the law of war, not punishing soldiers!


James: Lucy, what are you doing here?


Lucy: I told you, reviewing depositions for a court martial.


James: Which you could have had emailed to you in Metropolis, so...


Lucy: But then we wouldn't have been able to share this delicious chocolate thing.


James: Lucy...


Lucy: Okay, I also missed you. Am I not allowed to miss you?


James: I have to…. I have to go, uh... My boss is headed out of town, and she's left me to run point on digital marketing, so...


Lucy: Well, you always wanted more responsibility.


James: I wanted a lot of things, Lucy.


Lucy: Jimmy, you were right. I didn't come here for the case. I came here for you.


James: Okay, well, um, I'll give you a ring if I'm not too slammed at work.


Kara: That sounds like a woman who knows what she wants. I used my regular hearing on that.


James: All that she wants is to win everything. Win every case, every argument. And now she wants to win me.


Kara: Because you broke up with her?


James: Uh I moved away. After she dumped me.


Kara: How did… How is that even possible?


James: She's obsessed with her career. And I was a distraction.


Kara: Well, you're… You're totally not a distraction. -


James: Earthquake?


Kara: No, a bomb.




Hank: You were supporting the weight of 120 pounds per square foot, multiplied by five floors. Not bad.


Kara: Why would someone plant a bomb in that building? What was in there?


Hank: A lab developing a new, non-lithium battery. Cutting edge. Could be industrial espionage. This might be one to let the FBI handle.


Alex: I don't think we want to do that, sir. These are fragments from the bomb. I found the exact same technology inside the drone Kara brought in yesterday.


Kara: So whoever was spying on me was also behind the bombing?


Alex: Yes. And I think I may have a lead.


Kara: Maxwell Lord?


Alex: Yeah. Both the bomb and the drone used an advanced fiber optics relay system. It's not even on the market yet. And it was developed by Lord Technologies.


Hank: Let's pay Maxwell Lord a visit.


Kara: How? You can't just walk in as DEO agents.


Alex: We won't.


Kara: Okay… That is cool. I have to get back to work.


Alex: And, by "work," do you mean James?


Kara: No. Especially not now. His ex showed up. Lucy Lane.


Alex: As in Lois Lane?


Kara: Her sister. She's gorgeous, she's smart smells nice. Hell, I want to date her.


Alex: Well, was she out saving the world?


Kara: She's a lawyer for the military, so, yes.


Alex: Oh. Well, can she fly?


Kara: I wouldn't be surprised.


Alex: But if James broke up with her and then moved all the way out to National City, then why would he want to get back together with her?


Kara: He told me she broke up with him.


Alex: No. No, no, do not talk to James about her. That is a first-class one-way ticket to the Friend Zone.


Kara: I am not in the Friend Zone.


Alex: You've spent more time in the Friend Zone than the Phantom Zone. Okay? You're that girl. You always want to help, so you listen to their girlfriend troubles, and


Kara: Instead of being the girlfriend. Right.


Alex: Kara, you've had to pretend to be someone else for most of your life. But you don't have to hide with James. He knows your secret and he likes you. Besides, what kind of idiot would choose Lucy Lane over Supergirl?


Kara: Hello? Oh! Hi, Ms. Grant.


Cat: How's Carter? Does he miss his mom?


Kara: Oh my God! Carter! I was supposed to pick him up!


Cat: You need to park in the green zone and walk to the line-up, or you need to idle in the yellow zone and put the placard in the… What's that noise?


Kara: I've got the windows open!


Cat: Wait, are you trying to tell me that you're not there yet?


Kara: Pulling up right now.


Cat: I did not hear the sound of children at play.


Kara: It's just super windy! Gotta go!


Carter’s school


Kara: Hey! Ms. Grant put my name on the list. It’s Kara Danvers.


Woman: Yeah, I just need a signature.


Kara: Yes.


Woman: Thanks, he's all yours. Have fun, Carter.


Kara: Hey, I'm Kara. You remember me from your mom's office? You've grown since I last saw you. So, how was school? This is a really good school. I'm surprised they haven't taught you guys to speak out loud yet. I actually really liked school. Learning all about this new planet… That I am also from. Not that I was a nerd or anything.


Carter: My mom says it's okay to be a nerd. She says if you can face your fears and come out of your shell, then nerds can win in the end.


Kara: God, I hope so.


Lord industries


Maxwell: Yes, this is my technology. Mind telling me where you found it?


Hank: Inside a bomb that destroyed a lab yesterday.


Alex: You don't seem concerned by that.


Maxwell: I'm very concerned with how my technology ended up in a weapon, since I don't make them, but not with becoming your suspect.


Alex: And why is that?


Maxwell: Because it was my lab that was destroyed. It was a subsidiary of one of my companies. Not that it's public knowledge.


Hank: And you didn't think to share that information with us?


Maxwell: I prefer not to rely on the government to solve my problems.


 Alex: Any idea who's targeting you?


Maxwell: I'm trying to change the world, Agent Danvers. So anyone invested in maintaining the status quo would be interested in targeting me.


Hank: That's a conveniently large suspect pool.


Alex: All right, well, let's narrow it down to former employees with access to the lab, who know how to modify the tech, and have a personal grudge against you.


Maxwell: I guess now we know who's the brains of the outfit.


Hank: Well, you'll be glad to hear I'm leaving her behind to protect you.


Catco WorldWide Media


Woman on TV: Tonight, Maxwell Lord launches his super train on its maiden voyage, with this…


Kara: You know, I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 16. True story. Are you sure there's nothing I can get you? A snack? A juice box? Anything that will make you happy


Carter: Supergirl!


Kara: Oh.


Woman on TV: no one can beat Supergirl.


Kara: Oh, you like Supergirl?


Carter: She's so cool. Last week, she stopped Reactron. Superman never did that. And earlier she caught an entire building. And she can shoot lasers out of her eyes.


Kara: Wow, she does sound pretty cool.


Carter: I didn't say she was pretty.


Kara: I didn't say you said she was pretty. Why? Do you think she's pretty?


Carter: Well, I guess. I don't know.


Kara: Carter, do you maybe have a little crush on Supergirl?


Winn: You got good taste, kid.


Kara: This is my friend Winn.


Winn: You're Supergirl fan, huh? You know I know her.


Carter: No, you don't.


Kara: No, you don't.


Winn: I mean, like I feel like I know her.


Kara: Mmm-hmm.


Winn: Because she's always there for people. You know, she's helping out. Saving those who need saving.


Kara: Yeah.


Winn: Uh, especially those who, um, have run out of staples.


Kara: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa… Got it. Uh, the stapler is not our enemy.


James: Layout can't find the copy I sent down two hours ago.


Kara: Because I… I forgot to send it, I'm so sorry. And I just broke the stapler.


James: Plus, Digital's now inundated because of the bombing story, I… How does Cat do it?


Kara: She's Ms. Grant.


James: And she has you.


Kara: Well, so do you.  Uh, it's Lucy.


James: Ignore it.


Kara: You sure?


James: Yeah. I mean, there was a time I would've done anything for that woman, but she dumped me. She just can't stand that I got over it. So, now she's following me across the country, like


Kara: James, I know that you feel like you're juggling a lot right now, which, believe me, I completely understand how that feels, but maybe, right now, we should just focus on work.


James: Yeah.


Kara: So, I will coordinate with Digital and make sure Finance is in the loop.


James: You're right, sorry.


Kara: Take that, Friend Zone.


Lord industries


Maxwell: You like trains, Agent Danvers?


Alex: No, physics. You're using electromagnetic propulsion.


Maxwell: The lack of friction allows us to reach speeds of 500 kilometers an hour.


Alex: So how do you keep the mag-coils from overheating? - Is it liquid helium? –


Maxwell: Yeah. No hazardous byproduct. Tell me, Agent Danvers, why are you wasting that brain kicking down doors for the government?


Alex: Why do you mistrust the government so much?


Maxwell: Answering with a question, keep the subject talking. Basic field agent procedure. And here I thought we had something special.


Alex: Okay, fine. I work for the government, because I believe there's no higher calling than helping others.


Maxwell: I feel the same way. Only I do it without a gun. The world needs a new kind of hero.


Alex: I thought we just got one.


Maxwell: Supergirl's just a glorified fireman. She's not going to solve the underlying problems that are actually destroying this planet.


Alex: You really don't trust anyone, do you?


Maxwell: I've never met anyone worth trusting.


Alex: Well, that is a very lonely way to live.


Maxwell: You have no idea.


Paulina: Mr. Lord?


Maxwell: Yes, Paulina?


Paulina: Could you come down to Level Three?


Woman: Security discovered it during a routine sweep of the floor.


Alex: Clear the building. Don't move that, it could go off!


Maxwell: That never happened with the fulcrum weight of a helium core.


Alex: We need to evacuate.


Maxwell: I've got a lab full of people at work, here. I'd like to keep it from going up in smoke.


Alex: Then, move over. I'm not going to let your bravado blow the both of us up.


Maxwell: This lunatic is trying to kill me with my own technology. While I appreciate the irony, I don't plan on giving him the satisfaction. Trust me, I know which wire to cut. It's not a problem. We may have a problem.


Catco Worldwide Media


James: Kara, do you have the live


Kara: Oh, uh, live, plus seven-day ratings for the Midwest satellite stations. There.


James: Thank you. - Um, how you doing? –


Kara: Handling. Digital called, sounds like you are, too.


Carter: That guy knows Superman, right?


Kara: Yes, he does.


Carter: Do you think he could get Superman to introduce me to Supergirl?


Kara: You are definitely your mother's son. Yeah, what's up?


Alex: I am at Lord Tech with a bomb that is gonna go off in a minute.


Kara: On my way. Carter, um I have an emergency errand to run. I need you to watch Ms. Grant's son.


Winn: Whoa! Like, really? 'Cause I am not good with kids.


Kara: You eat cereal for dinner, and your desk is covered with toys.


Winn: They are not toys. They are adult collectibles. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I got it.


Catco Worldwide Media


Alex: We need to get out of here!


Maxwell: I can delay the detonation by freezing the circuitry.


Alex: There's no time! Supergirl. Thank God you're here.


Kara: Not a problem. Plenty of time.


Maxwell: This bomb is like a high-tech daisy cutter. If it blows, it'll produce an overpressure of 2,000 pounds per square inch.


Alex: That'll level 30 square blocks. You need to get it clear of the city.




Vasquez: She's nearing the ocean. Approaching Mach Two.


Hank: She's not far enough from the city. Supergirl, change bearing. –




Kara: Which way?


Hank: Up! Throw the bomb!


Kara: Not yet! I have to get higher!




Hank: You're out of time. Throw it! Now!


Hank: That was some fall you took. Easy. You're at the DEO. Rescue team pulled you out of the ocean. Concentrated solar waves mimic Earth's yellow sun, and recharge your Kryptonian cells.


Alex: Kara? Oh, I was so scared. Are you okay?


Kara: Thanks to the boss.


Hank: If I let you drown, I'd never hear the end of it from her. We got a shot of the bomber from the security cameras at Max's lab. Facial recognition came up with a match. His name is Ethan Knox. Worked at the first lab that was attacked. He was fired six months ago when his work became erratic. His family reported him missing two weeks ago.


Kara: So, how do we find him?


Alex: "We?" No. A fall from that height would've rattled your cousin. You are staying home.


Kara: There is a literal mad bomber out there! And I have get back to work. Oh, my God, Ms. Grant's son I've to get back to the office. I'm supposed to be babysitting him!


Alex: Kara, maybe you're spreading yourself too thin. You're trying to be Supergirl and Cat's assistant and a DEO agent on top of it all. At some point, even the Girl of Steel might break.


Catco Worldwide Media


Carter: I never knew my mom's office could be this awesome!


Winn: Oh, man, I do this all the… Never! No, I've… I've never done this before.  Kara!


Kara: Carter, are you all right? I'm so sorry I was gone.


Winn: We're good.


Carter: Hi.


Kara: Are you hungry for some real food? I'm gonna get some lunch. Thank you for watching him. I don't know what I would do without you.


Carter: Winn, you're getting killed!


Winn: Every day, kid.




Lucy: Kara, right?


Kara: Yes, hey!


Lucy: Lucy Lane.


Kara: Yes, you are. You must really like the food here.


Lucy: Well, I left my phone here yesterday. I've been a little frazzled.


Kara: You? Uh, you do not seem like the kind of person who gets frazzled.


Lucy: Just because I look a certain way on the outside, everyone assumes it matches the way I feel on the inside.


Kara: Yeah, I get that.


Lucy: I wish Jimmy would.


Kara: Right. Right, um… Well, my milkshake's are getting milkier, I should probably get going.


Lucy: Hey, Kara, can I ask you a question? It's awkward and I kind of don't want to hear the answer, but… Is Jimmy seeing anyone?


Kara: What? No. No, he just moved here.


Lucy: What about Supergirl?


Kara: Supergirl?


Lucy: I saw the news. Jimmy by her side. Fighting Reactron. I'm just worried he's gonna find her… Irresistible.


Kara: No. Really?


Lucy: Jimmy thinks my work came between us, but he's wrong. Maybe I should've appreciated him more, but the reason I prioritize work, is because he prioritized him.


Kara: Superman.


Lucy: No matter where we were or what we were doing, Jimmy took off the moment Superman called. And I couldn't complain, because of course they were off saving people's lives. He says I left him, but he left us first.


Kara: Lucy, I'm so sorry.


Lucy: And this hero wears a skirt. How am I ever gonna compete with her?


Lord industries


Alex: You fired Ethan Knox six months ago. His wife divorced him, got sole custody of their child. When his daughter got sick, he snapped and he needed someone to blame. So, looks like, he chose you. Knox will target that event tonight. You have to cancel it.


Maxwell: I won't be intimidated by a terrorist.


Alex: Why are you fighting me? I'm trying to protect your train.


Maxwell: I don't put much faith in the government's idea of protection.


Alex: I read your file. Your parents were doctors who developed vaccines against bio-weapons. They worked for the government. They didn't see it as the enemy.


Maxwell: No, they didn't. So when they raised concerns about the safety of their lab, they trusted the government's findings. "Acceptable risk levels." Two months later, an air system malfunctioned. A virus entered their pressure suits… Their internal organs melted. When it was all over, there was nothing left to bury.


Alex: I'm sorry.


Maxwell: That's the first apology the government's ever given me.


Alex: They covered it up.


Maxwell: You can't be surprised.


Alex: What happened to you was a tragedy. I'm trying to prevent another one. Rejecting our help is not rational. You are a man of logic, Max.


Maxwell: I'm also an orphan. We don't get over things easily. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a train to catch.


Catco Worldwide Media


Kara: Hey.


James: Hey, Kara. Uh, I have one live camera at the train station and I just want to confirm that all of our reporters have the correct press credentials.


Kara: Right, I meant to double-check that and I will right after I give Carter his lunch.


James: No, no, it's cool. Your hands are full. I'll take care of it.


Kara: Listen, I'm really sorry that I cut you off about Lucy, earlier.


James: No. No, you were right. And, you know, you're just so easy to talk to sometimes, it's hard not to.


Kara: Apparently, Lucy feels the same way. We ran into each other at Noonan's.


James: And she talked to you about me?


Kara: She still loves you.


James: No, she doesn't, she ended it.


Kara: Because she felt you chose Superman over her. She was tired of coming in second. Look, I don't know anything about romantic love. I have not had the best luck with it. But if I ever really had it, I think I'd fight for it.


James: I already put that behind me, Kara. I don't want to go back there. I don't want to do that again.


Kara: Who does? But, I mean, are you really ready to move on? Because if you're not, that might not be fair.


James: Fair to whom?


Kara: To whomever comes next. This is getting cold. Carter's lunch. Uh, I will check on those credentials for the train launch.




Alex: Agents are positioned around the perimeter. I have commandeered the security cameras at the station, but there's no sign of Knox.


Kara: Sounds like you could use some help.


Hank: Are you sure you're up for this?


Kara: Somebody's gotta protect that train. And once it gets moving, even the DEO won't be able to keep up with it.


Alex: Be careful.


Catco Worldwide Media


Lucy: I'm flying back to Metropolis.


James: You finish your case?


Lucy: No. I told you, that was just an excuse.


James: Okay, so, you break my heart, and now you're using Superman as an excuse?


Lucy: Just like you use my career. Be honest, your heart was never really in it.


James: We have completely different views of what happened, and that's not surprising.


Lucy: But I came here. I tried.


James: I don't know, Lucy. You know, maybe it's better for us just to find other people.


Lucy: This new life looks good on you. You have new friends. Kara, who I really like. You know, I want what's best for you.


James: And I want what's best for you.




Alex: There's no sign of Knox. What about you?




Kara: I don't see him either.


Catco Worldwide Media


Man on TV: Maxwell Lord's new super train is in…


Winn: Hey, you all right?


James: Uh, girl trouble.


Winn: Girl trouble? You? Whoa, where's Carter?


James: James Olsen. Yeah, no, I… I authorized the increase in the art budget


Man on TV: Do you expect Supergirl to attend tonight in light of the bombings?


Maxwell on TV: We're here to talk about the future of this planet, not guest lists.


Winn: No, no, no… Please tell me he did not go down there to meet Supergirl!


Lord’s train station


Woman: The Super Rail is now ready for passengers.




Kara: Scanning the train. I don't see the bomb.




Vasquez: Agent Henshaw, report just came in. Bomb found at the airport.


Alex: But the train has been Max's obsession. That's what Knox would hit.


Hank: Or it's a decoy to draw us away from the real bomb. Supergirl, there's a bomb at the Lord Air terminal.




Kara: I'm on it!


Catco Worldwide Media


Woman: We need to send every available Metro reporter to the airport.


James: Why?


Woman: NCPD found a bomb.


James: Come on, Lucy. Pick up, pick up, pick up! Lucy, come on


Lucy: You've reached the cellphone of Lucy Lane. Please leave a message.


Lord’s train station


Woman:  Hey, there. You got a ticket?


Carter: Uh


Maxwell: Lost your parents?


Carter: Sure.


Maxwell: They already on board?


Carter: Uh-huh.


Maxwell: Then let's make sure you find them. Come on. It's okay.


Winn: I have to get on that train!


Woman: Then let me see your ticket.


Winn: You don't understand. I need to get on that train.


Lord’s train


Maxwell: Welcome to the future, kid.


Lord’s train station


Winn: Kara, where are you?




Kara: Can't talk, there's a bomb at the airport.


Lord’s train station


Winn: No, no, that's wrong, I just saw the bomber on the train.




Kara: That means there are two bombs?


Lord’s train station


Winn: Worse than that Carter is on the train.




Kara: Alex, did you hear all that?




Alex: We did. What do you want to do?




Kara: I can't be in two places at once!




Hank: We have visual confirmation at the airport. We can't even be sure what your friend saw was accurate.




Kara: I trust my friend, just like I trust you. New plan. You take the airport, I've got the train.


Lord’s train


Maxwell: You see your parents anywhere? I'm starting to think you have a thing for me.


Kara: Ethan Knox is on board.


Maxwell: No. That's impossible


Kara: You have to stop this train.


Maxwell: I can't. It's automated.


Carter: Something's wrong, isn't it?


Kara: There is a problem, but I'm here to fix it. You look brave and strong, can you help me? Good. I need you and Mr. Lord to get all of these passengers to the very back of the train. Are you ready to be a hero?


Carter: Yes.


Maxwell: Let's go.




Hank: Get the team inside to help with evac.


Alex: All right, I'll meet you at the bomb.


James: Where's Supergirl?


Hank: She's not coming.


James: Lucy!


Lucy: James?


James: You okay? I heard what happened.


Lucy: Why would you run towards a bomb?


James: Because you're here.


Hank: Clear the room! Let's go, come on!


Alex: Bomb Tech's not here yet. Signal is jammed. I can't see inside it. There's no way to disarm it.  


Hank: Get yourself clear.


Alex: Me? What are you going to do? Hank, no.


Hank: I gave you an order. I said Go!


Lord’s train


Ethan: This bomb is rigged with altimeter. You try to move me off the train, it goes off instantly.


Kara: Ethan, I want to help you. But you've got to deactivate that first.


Ethan: There's no way out for me.


Kara: There's always hope. I know you're upset, but think about your daughter.




Man: He's not gonna make it, is he?


Alex: Just take cover. How did you…


Hank: It was a dud. It was just a decoy to draw us away from the real bomb.


Lord’s train


Kara: Ethan, don't do this.


Ethan: You don't understand. You can't.


Kara: I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed. But you are not alone. I can help you.


Ethan: Stay back!


Kara: I know your daughter's sick. She needs you. Don't you want to help her?


Ethan: That's what this is all about. It's her only hope.


Kara: What do you mean?


Ethan: It doesn't matter anymore No one was supposed to know it was me, and now that they do, I'll I can never face my little girl again.


Kara: Ethan Please, do not kill all of those people.


Ethan: I won't. You'll save them. But you better hurry, you have 30 seconds.




Alex: Hey, would you hand me that Allen wrench? That works, too. Okay, that is weird. Hank said that this was a dud. A decoy to draw us away from the real bomb, but that is a kill switch used to disable it remotely. Why would you put a fail safe on a fake bomb?


Kara: Yeah, that's not the only thing that doesn't add up. Knox killing himself makes no sense.


Alex: Well, crazy guy snaps, gets even crazier?


Kara: Well, he didn't seem crazy, he seemed sad. He said he loved his daughter, he was doing it for her, but how do these bombings help a sick girl?


Alex: Who knows? Parents can go nuts when it comes to their kids.


Kara: How do you think a parent would feel if their kid ended up on that train, by himself, with a bomb on it?


Alex: Oh, Kara, I'm so sorry.


 Kara: I'm so fired!


Catco Worldwide Media


Carter: Mom!


Cat: Honey! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! I was so worried. Are you okay? Are you okay? Were you scared? - Did you get hurt?


Carter: I met Supergirl! She was amazing. And she's so much prettier in person.


Cat: Oh. Well did you notice any of her other attributes?


Carter: Um, she's super strong…


Cat: And smart and brave and kind and she saved you all. Tell me, what do you think makes her a hero?


Carter: I'd say her legs. Definitely her legs. Her heart, Mom.


Cat: Oh! That was a joke. That was a joke. Carter, you made a joke. You never make a joke. School! School, you have to go to school. You're gonna be late. The car is downstairs waiting for you. Did you brush your teeth?


Kara: Bye, buddy! It was fun hanging out with you.


Carter: Bye, Kara.


Kara: Oh! Oh!


Carter: Mom, Kara and I had an epic Nerf gun battle


Kara: Yeah, we did.


Carter: And she knows how to play Settlers of Catan almost as well as you do.


Cat: Oh


Carter: Can she watch me again?


Cat: I think you should hold on to those happy memories, sweetheart. I love you. Have a good day at school. Go on.


Carter: Bye!


Kara: Ms. Grant, I am so, so sorry. Suddenly, I looked up and he was, he was just gone.


Cat: I never should've let you take him in the first place.


Kara: It was very hard. Really, really very hard. There was work, and watching Carter, and then all the crazy stuff happening around the city… I… I just don't know how you do it, Ms. Grant. I don't understand how you juggle it all.


Cat: Oh, Keira. You have stumbled upon the most annoying question of the century, and you are so young that you do not even realize it. How do you juggle it all? You learn, that's how. You start with two balls before adding another. I figured out how to be brilliant in business and then I added being a brilliant mother. Far too many women burn out trying to do too much before they're ready.


Kara: So you can have it all?


Cat: Of course. Just not all at once, and not right away. And not with that hair. Use conditioner, for God's sake.


Man on TV: And we bring you Maxwell Lord's response to the incident.


Maxwell on TV: Yes, the bomber did work for my company, and we did fire him, but we never anticipated he would react this way. I try to build in fail-safes for every situation.


Kara: Fail-safe?


Maxwell on TV: But in the end, you can't control people. And I take full responsibility for that.


Winn: Why is he getting so choked up about some lunatic who's trying to kill him?


Kara: Because I don't think we know the whole story. Can you hack into hospital records?


Winn: Easy-peasy, fresh and squeezy… Is not something a man would say.


Lord industries


Maxwell: What can I get you? Or are you not allowed to drink and fly? I don't know the rules.


Kara: Caught your press conference. I was surprised, you're usually a little more glib.


Maxwell: There was nothing to be glib about. A sick little girl lost her father.


Kara: That little girl's being treated by a doctor who has a lifetime grant from your company. You said, tonight, you always build in fail-safes. Like the kill switches in those bombs. Something tells me that there was a fail-safe in Knox's bomb, too. One that you could've remotely activated if I didn't save you in time. You forced Knox to plant those bombs in exchange for saving his daughter's life.


Maxwell: I would never barter a child's life. I can't speak for Knox's motives. He clearly went insane.


Kara: Maybe you didn't expect Knox to vaporize himself, but I do know this was all a ruse. I just can't figure out why you did it.


Maxwell: Fascinating theory. Unprovable, but worth exploring. I suspect that whoever is responsible for these attacks might be curious about you, Supergirl. What is she made of? How does she do it?


Kara: You were testing me.


Maxwell: And what would these tests have shown us? The drone would have measured your agility. The building explosion, your strength. The next bomb would've demonstrated your speed while also revealing you're not actually invincible. But the results of that last test are the most intriguing of all. You chose to save a hundred people on that train, instead of thousands at the airport. One might deduce that there was someone on that train that you cared about. And finding that person is the key to revealing who you really are when you're not flying around wearing that "S."


Kara: For the record, I care about everyone. You may have fooled this city, but I know you were behind this. And I'm watching you. This isn't over.


Maxwell: Finally, something we can agree on. The fun is just beginning.  

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