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#401 : Chasse aux aliens

Se replongeant dans le journalisme, Kara accueille une nouvelle journaliste à CatCo. Pendant ce temps, James et Lena se disputent à propos des agissements de James quand il est Guardian. Alex et Brainy essayent d'être sur la même longueur d'onde au DEO. Supergirl est appelée quand les derniers membres du groupe terroriste anti-alien Cadmus essayent d'assassiner un leader pro-alien mais leur but final est bien pire que ce qu'ils pensaient. J'onn profite de la sérénité de sa nouvelle vie mais la rencontre avec un ancien ami remet les choses en question.


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The American Alien

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Chasse aux aliens

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Supergirl & Charmed Sunday Trailer

Supergirl & Charmed Sunday Trailer


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The American Alien Promo


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Sneak Peek 1 (VO)


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Le double de Kara (Melissa Benoist)

Le double de Kara (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers et Nia Nal (Nicole Maines)

Kara Danvers et Nia Nal (Nicole Maines)

Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) et Kara Danvers (Melissa Benosit)

Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) et Kara Danvers (Melissa Benosit)

Kara face à Lena et James

Kara face à Lena et James

Nia assiste à une réunion

Nia assiste à une réunion

Nia Nal jouée par Nicole Maines

Nia Nal jouée par Nicole Maines

Mercy Graves (Rhona Mitra) et Otis Graves (Robert Baker)

Mercy Graves (Rhona Mitra) et Otis Graves (Robert Baker)

James Olsen et Lena Luthor

James Olsen et Lena Luthor

James Olsen et Lena Luthor

James Olsen et Lena Luthor

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Otis GRaves joué par Robert Baker

Otis GRaves joué par Robert Baker

KAra observe la réunion

KAra observe la réunion

Nia a son bureau

Nia a son bureau

J'onn J'onzz joué par David Harewood

J'onn J'onzz joué par David Harewood

Une femme intervient pendant la réunion

Une femme intervient pendant la réunion

Lena Luthor jouée par Katie McGrath

Lena Luthor jouée par Katie McGrath

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)


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Boy : Thank you, Supergirl.

Kara : You're welcome.


Man : Gracias, Supergirl.

Kara : De nada.


Man : Please welcome President Marsdin.

President Marsdin : Good morning. I'm happy to take any questions.

Kara : I'm sorry… I'm late, but I come bearing gifts.

James : Where you in Russia?

Kara : Kasnia. Madam President. Madam President.

President Marsdin : Miss Danvers.

Kara : You're about to hold a summit at Camp David on the anniversary of the Alien Amnesty Act. Can you say a few words about what this legislation has meant to you the past three years?

President Marsdin : Of course. The impact has been far-reaching and profound.

James : You are really good at multitasking.

Kara : Some might call it "super." For the first time in my life, I've got everything under control.


Alex : We're training, people. Never charge without a plan. Jensen, right?

Jensen : Yes, Director Danvers.

Alex : Let's dance. Again.

Brainy : Director Danvers, President Marsdin is arriving for her yearly visit.

Alex : When?

Brainy : Uh, now.

Alex : What? Uh… Wow, uh, Madam President. What a surprise.

President Marsdin : So it seems.

Alex : Yes, um, if you could just give me a minute then I can, uh, get cleaned up and we can chat. Agent Dox was supposed to give me a warning before you arrived.

Brainy : I believe I did. Right before she entered. Was that not enough?

President Marsdin : I just wanted to say, with Superman off-world on Argo, your team and Supergirl have been doing a tremendous job keeping this planet safe. And I also wanted to say I think that J'onn J'onzz made a very wise choice when he chose you as his successor.

Alex : Thank you.That… That means a lot to me. Since you're here I would love to give you a tour, show you some of the changes that I've made.

President Marsdin : Well, I'd like that.

Alex : Okay.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : The way you pushed the President about her alien delegation selection was perfect. A reporter's job is to demand transparency. And with that said, I'd like you to talk to the cub reporters who are starting today about that.

Kara : Sure.

James : Yeah. And didn't Cat Grant recommend one to you?

Kara : Yes, her name is Nia Nal.

James : Well, Nia Nal's gonna need a mentor like you.

Kara : You're incredible, you know that? Everything you're going through right now, the DA possibly indicting you for being Guardian, and here you are, worrying about cub reporters.

Lena : That's because he leaves the worrying about the DA to me.

Kara : You're back. Oh, how was Metropolis?

Lena : Oh, well, I am very happy to report that Sam is doing amazing at L-Corp Northeast. She has made two acquisitions that are already turning a profit. She's coaching Ruby's soccer team.

Kara : Oh.

Lena : Apparently, they're playing a 4-3-3 with the Gegenpress, and Ruby's playing as sweeper keeper.

Kara : I have no idea what that means.

Lena : I think it means they're living happily ever after.

Kara : Well, I'll leave you two alone. There's an article about an alien summit I have to write.

James : I have missed you.

Lena : Me too. James, I'm worried about this thing with the DA.

James : Mmm-hmm.

Lena : Listen, I know you have your strategy, but I was speaking to my friends in the Mayor's office, and they said the only path out of this is to use some leverage. They think the DA can be swayed. So I was thinking that maybe I…

James : Lena, please. I don't want you pulling any strings for me. You've tried really hard to separate yourself from the criminal element in your family. Don't get mixed up in this. We'll handle the DA. Look, I love the fact that you want to fight for me. I do. But the only thing that I need right now is you by my side.

Alien Bar

Kesse Kay : Hi. My name's Kesse Kay and I'm Aquarian.

All : Hi, Kesse Kay.

Fiona : Welcome. I'm Fiona. What brings you to our group today?

Kesse : I guess I'm just happy today and I wanted to share it. For the first time since I've been on this planet, I feel like I fit in. And it's 'cause of this.

Fiona : An image inducer. You're not the only one who's purchased one recently.

Kesse : Bought it last week, applied for a job and I actually got it. All 'cause I look normal for once.

Dr Vose : Who decides what's normal? Why should we have to wear these devices that change our appearance so that we can be tolerated? I have these tusks. Why should I hide them?

Kesse : Well, that's easy for you to say. You just look like a Tolkien fan. You haven't been job hunting for six months and then been called a roach by your interviewer.

Hank : It's not easy for any of us, young man. Dr. Vose has had his own struggles. But his research in nuclear physics is widely admired. And he's used his platform to become a great advocate for change.

Dr Vose : We all must have the courage to be seen.

Fiona : We each do the best we can in our own way. See you all next week.


Dr Vose : Can I help you?

Mercy : Rough day, huh?

Dr Vose : Please don't !

Otis : Would you believe me if I told you this is no fun for me either?Well, maybe a little bit of fun. Wouldn't want you all lopsided now, would we?

Mercy : You are such a child.

Voice : Access granted.

Kara : I don't think he wants you going in there.


Brainy :I didn't think you needed more of a heads up that the President was arriving. You're good on your feet. True, I process terabytes in microseconds, but you're not so slow yourself.

Alex : You don't process as fast as you think you do. Because I've been telling you for months to warn me in advance when things are important.

Brainy : Like Supergirl just cratered at Vose Laboratory?

Alex : I'll assemble a strike team.

Brainy : There's no time. Long live the legion!

Alex : No Brainy!


Brainy : I thought you could use some backup.

Kara : Brainy.

Brainy : It is I. You're free now, Supergirl.

Kara : Free? The cuffs are still…

Brainy : Opened?

Kara : Oh.

Brainy : I was multitasking. You're welcome.




Mercy : Got it.

Kara : No!


Hank : Dr. Vose. I came as soon as I heard. Are you all right?

Dr Vose : They cut off my tusks, J'onn. Maybe I was wrong. None of us are safe.

Kara : J'onn, what are you doing here?

Hank : Dr. Vose is a friend of mine. I heard the attack on the news. He's an outspoken advocate for alien rights, and most likely the target of a hate crime.

Kara : This wasn't a hate crime, J'onn. This was a high-level robbery. These criminals were professionals. They brought gravity cuffs, they stole an EMP from Dr. Vose's lab. If they blow that thing, it could take out the entire power grid.

Hank : They cut off his tusks, Supergirl. The very thing that distinguishes him as an alien.

Kara : Yeah, to trick a biometric scan.

Hank : Look, I've been living amongst the people, getting a feel for what's been going on. There's a fresh wave of anti-alien sentiment. I can feel it.

Kara : Look, I'm really sorry about what happened to your friend, but I think, in this case, the fact that he's an alien is just happenstance. I'm late for CatCo, but Brainy's on the case and we will find them, I promise.

Hank : All right.


Brainy : I'm back, having assisted Supergirl, which was highly rewarding.

Alex : I'm very happy you were able to help. But we seem to be having a communication problem.

Brainy : Oh, no, I assure you I understand every word that comes out of your mouth.

Alex : Yes. But you are not comprehending it. Otherwise, you wouldn't have spent the last three months acting like a grain of sand in my boot.

Brainy : Oh. I guess that does sound annoying.

Alex : Yes. Every time I tell you to do something, you either do too little or too much.

Brainy : Yes, but I felt…

Alex : This isn't the Legion. Okay, you don't get to just go rogue whenever you feel like it. So from now on, you don't leave this building, you don't breathe unless I tell you to. Is that understood?

Brainy : Affirmative.

Alex : Good.

Brainy : May I breathe now?

Catco Worldwide Media

Nia :Excuse me, sorry. Hold the elevator! Excuse me. Hold the elevator!

Kara : I got it.

Nia : Thank you. Thank you. Oh, I am so late. You know, the crazy thing is I am always punctual. Always. But the one day it matters, my new roommate took the keys to my rental car. Accidentally, of course. And then I had to take the bus, and I spilled coffee all over my skirt. And all I wanted to do was make a good first impression on Miss… Danvers. It's you.

Kara : Uh, it's Kara. And do I know you?

Nia : Um… Kara Danvers. Kara Danvers. Wow. Um… I'm Nia Nal.

Kara : Oh, Nia.

Nia, it's so nice to meet you. Cat says amazing things about you.

Nia : Really?

Kara : Yeah.

Nia : Oh, the coffee's for you.

Kara : Oh, thanks.

Nia : I'm sorry.

Kara : Thank you. You're a reporter. You don't have to get me coffee.

Nia : Oh, I know, um, but Miss Grant mentioned you like lattes so I thought I'd pick one up. She said you were particular about the temperature, so I had it all perfectly planned out, but then my plan went haywire, no thanks to my roommate, and I, uh… It's probably too cold by now. I'm sorry.

Kara : Oh, my God. You're me.

Nia : I am?

Kara : Yeah, totally. It's… It's unnerving.

Nia : How am I you? Am I Am I being you now? I can totally stop whatever it is. I just wanna be good at my job.

Kara : Hey, no, it's okay. Don't worry about it. Let's just Let's get into the meeting.


Lena : Hello.

Man : Got another update from the DA's office. Things are looking worse for Olsen. Thought you'd want to know.

Lena : Thank you.


Mercy : That thing hits my hard drives, it'll be family vacation 1996 all over again. Only this time, the paramedics won't be there to resuscitate you.

Otis : Buzzkill.

Agent of liberty : I see the good doctor was amiable.

Mercy : Vose took some convincing, but yes.

Otis : And then Supergirl showed up.

Agent of liberty : And the EMP? Let him who desires peace prepare for war.

Catco Worldwide Media

Nia : Miss Danvers… Kara. You wanted to see me?

Kara : Yeah, I was just checking in. I know James asked the new reporters to pitch in a list of story ideas. Did you pick an article?

Nia : Yes. Uh, the feature on National City's new fashion district.

Kara : Really?

Nia : You don't think it's a good idea?

Kara : It's fine. It's just I read on your resume that you have a degree in International Relations from Georgetown. Are you sure you don't want to do something with a little more heft?

Nia : But there's nothing slight about fashion, Kara. It's one of the most visceral forms of art. What we choose to wear tells a story about who we are. Whether you wear black and leather or pastels and silk, you're creating an inner version of yourself whether you realize it or not.

Kara : Never really thought about clothes that way.

Nia : Well, what makes this story so exciting is that the fashion district's setting up shop in the middle of East City. New legislation is allowing designers to live and to work in industrial spaces that have been abandoned for decades. An area that's been a hotbed for crime is going to be infused with color and life. I just think of all the kids growing up in that neighborhood, all the new job opportunities that'll be created. The fashion district article I wanna write about isn't about clothes, it's about community and growth. And hope.

Kara : You need to pitch the article exactly like that to James. He's gonna love it.

Nia : Really?

Kara : Yeah.

Nia : Well, thank you very much.

Kara : Brainy, what's up?


Brainy : Definitely not me. I was grounded by Director Danvers. But while I was chained to my desk, not literally, I stitched together various images from surveillance at Vose's lab and ran them. The images were rudimentary and brought up 754,231 potential suspects. I cross-checked each image with known associates and narrowed identification down to two. Otis and Mercy Graves. A brother and sister team.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Do you have a location?


Brainy : Negative. However, I was able to identify an ex-employer who might be able to help you with an address.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Who's that?


Guard : Miss Luthor, you have a visitor.

Kara : Lena.

Lilian : Oh, dear. I hope I didn't have that same expression when you showed up this afternoon.

Lena : No, Mother, your face was a mask of enigma as usual.

Lilian : It's what keeps me looking young.

Kara : What are you doing here?

Lena : Funny, I could ask you the same question.

Kara : I need to find Mercy and Otis Graves. They worked for Lex. And then for you. Cadmus.

Lena : Mercy was Lex's head of security.

Kara : And then turned State's evidence on him, betrayed him. Put him behind bars.

Lilian : So you think I'd help you as some sort of revenge? I'm not vengeful anymore. My heart's grown several sizes in here.

Lena : Says the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Lilan : A few months ago when the planet was being terraformed by those other Kryptonians, I was in my cell, under a mattress, hoping the ceiling wouldn't fall and crush me. And I realized I didn't want to die alone. And if I didn't want to die alone, I had to change. So, what do you want to know about the Grave siblings, besides they're monsters?

Kara : A list of every Cadmus location you think they might be using to hide.

Lilian : Just domestic? Or international?

Alien bar

Hank : Did I get the time wrong?

Fiona : No. No one else showed up. After Dr. Vose was attacked, they're scared.

Hank : You're from Ichthanor, am I right?

Fiona : I am.

Hank : Which means you're an empath.

Fiona : Although, sometimes I wish I weren't. Things like this are why I left Ichthanor. And England, for that matter. I can't run anymore. I've been talking to people, researching humans who've threatened us. We're starting a patrol group in the neighborhood to fight back. Would you join us?

Hank : Uh I've been fighting on the front line for a long time now. Those days are behind me. I made a vow to live a peaceful life, stand up for people in a different way.

Man : Die, roaches!

Hank : Get down!


Hank : Supergirl. This was a hate crime, no doubt about it.

Kara : Agreed.

Hank : I still believe the attack on Dr. Vose was motivated by anti-alien sentiment. He was a member of a support group here. You should dig into it, see if the two attacks were connected.

Kara : But Dr. Vose's lab was robbed by ex-Cadmus operatives. This… This was an explosion outside of a bar. I don't think there's any reason to believe they're related.

Hank : I wouldn't dismiss the possibility. I've been trying to tell you the climate towards aliens is changing.

Kara : Yeah. Yes, I agree it is, but for the better. And yes, there will always be extremists like whoever attacked the bar, but overall, I think this country has made incredible progress. The President is about to celebrate the second anniversary of the Alien Amnesty Act. For the first time on Earth, aliens are embraced as citizens with equal rights…

Hank : Which is part of the backlash. The assimilation with aliens has sparked fear among many humans. And aliens are feeling the brunt of that anger.

Kara : I'm an alien, and I've been all over the world recently and I have never felt more love.

Hank : Part of the reason why you were embraced as a hero is because you present as a human. Most aliens do not share that privilege. I'm afraid your experiences are not the best barometer here.

Kara : I'm embraced as a hero because I'm good at my job. And I really don't appreciate you questioning my judgment.

Hank : I'm just trying to offer you a different perspective.

Kara : J'onn, you left the DEO. So maybe now it's time you leave protecting the city to me.

Fiona : That looked contentious. Is she always that stubborn?

Hank : She wants to remain hopeful. It's one of the things I most admire about her.

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Did you finish the fried rice?

Alex : I'm sorry. I'm stress-eating.

Kara : Did you have a bad date?

Alex : No, the dating, it's actually… It's been great.

Kara : Really?

Alex : No, don't get that look on your face like you're gonna officiate my wedding. No, I have not met a woman that I'm that serious about yet, so, you know… But it's… It's good to get out there.

Kara : Well, that's great.

Alex : Mmm-hmm.

Kara : So, why are you scarfing the lo mein?

Alex : Brainy. Oh, my God. I'm sorry, but everything Everything he does just infuriates me. I know it's mean, but it's just… Ugh, I can't help it.

Kara : He's new to this time period. It's a big adjustment. I'm sure it's been hard. Try to go easy on him.

Alex : I'll try. What about you?

Kara : Me?

Alex : We ordered your favorite Chinese takeout and you haven't even taken a bite. What's going on? I thought you were on top of the world.

Kara : I got in a fight with J'onn. After the attack, at the bar.

Alex : Really?

Kara : He tried to convince me that there's this hate movement against aliens. I mean, am I crazy? I feel like the world is better than it's ever been. More diversity, more acceptance.

Alex : Sure. I mean, in some ways.

Kara : Ever since J'onn left the DEO, I just feel so far from him. I don't really know what his life is like.

Alex : Yeah.

Kara : All I know is I hate his new point of view. It feels so ominous.

Alex : J'onn is not an alarmist, Kara. I mean, if he's trying to tell you something, I would listen. What are you so afraid of?

Kara : I'm not afraid of anything. It.. I just finally feel like the world is good. And I so badly want it to stay that way, even if it's just for a little while.

Alex : Kara Danvers, you are the most courageous person I know. And even if it's hard, if you face it, you can conquer anything.

Kara : I'll try.

Alex : Ha.

Kara : Only if you conquer the urge to not punch Brainy in the face.

Alex : Mmm. That is an unfair bargain.


Lena : Checkmate.

Lilian : You just love saying that to me, don't you?

Lena : No, I've let go of my anger, too, Mother. I can't waste my energy on it.

Lilian : Right. You need all your energy to focus on saving the world. Although, all I've seen are the commercials of your image inducer. Making a mint hiding aliens in plain sight.

Lena : It's not political, Mother, it's just business. It helps fund my other research, the important kind.

Lilian : Ever the pragmatist. And this visit? I know chess with me is a good time, but the love of the game can't be the only reason I've seen you twice in as many days.

Lena : The truth? It's James and the looming indictment. It made me think about my life, how much of it I've spent living on an island. I wanna reconnect, rebuild the relationships that I've lost. And yes, that does include you. For better or for worse, you're still my mother. Things weren't always rosy, but there were some good times. Even with Lex.

Lilian : It made me sad when the two of you became enemies. If I was still vengeful, I'd blame Superman for tearing this family apart. Okay, I'm still vengeful.

Lena : I don't know if it was all Superman. In my opinion, it was his relationship with Bruno Mannheim that started him down the wrong path.

Lilian : That miscreant? They were business partners, sure, but Bruno was only in it for the money laundering. It's a shame how he used your brother's business and then dumped him.

Lena : I didn't know Bruno laundered money through Luthor Corp. Is there anything in my books I need to worry about, since you know where all the bodies are buried?

Lilian : I guess it's time I educated you.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : All right. Sam, it's a smart angle on the homeless crisis. It's all yours. All right, anybody else want to take a crack at fashion?

MacKenzie : My pitch is to emphasize that National City as a global epicenter of fashion. We dictate what's hot, we set the trends. And we're far overdue for a glossy new fashion district to represent our cultural importance. FYI, my mother went to college with Adrian Tyler, the most famous living American designer, so, I have access to almost anyone in this field for interviews. On the record.

James : Nice. Okay, anybody else want to take a crack at fashion? Going once, going twice.

MacKenzie, all yours.

Kara : Brainy.


Brainy : I used the info you got from Lillian Luthor and found a location for Mercy and Otis. Would you believe it's an abandoned warehouse?


Kara : There's no one here.


Brainy : I had heat signatures there 30 minutes ago. I'm hacking into the computer network. We'll scan for potential leads. Hold on, please.


Kara : "I have a lead on a Phorian at my son's school." How to make a bomb? Earth first?

Karen : Hey, I'm glad you picked up. That weapon you sold me, it barely burned through the Phorians.

Kara : Who is this?

Karen : What do you mean? It's Karen.

Boy : Mom, Cary won't let me use the computer.

Karen : I've got to go.

Kara : Brainy, these chat rooms on these computers


Brainy : All filtered through the dark web. ISPs originated from all over the country. Yet untraceable. But I did find something in a deleted e-mail cache. Blueprints of Camp David.


Kara : Mercy and Otis. They're going to attack the President's alien summit.

Hank’s apartment

Kara : You were right about the crimes. They were motivated by hate, and there's a web of people...

Hank : Now that you know what's happening, you can fight it, Kara.

Kara : But I need your help. They're going to attack the alien summit. Help me keep it safe. And then help me take on the rest of this movement because it is bigger than anything I have ever fought. The people involved in it are like the people I save every day. A villain, I know how to stop, but these people…

Hank : I'm sorry, but I cannot fight with you. Not this time.

Kara : But… But you have to. You were the first person to see this. You… Who yelled at me to open my eyes! How can you not join me now?

Hank : Because it's no longer my path to fight. When my father passed, he gave me a message. "Live as H'ronmeer taught and promote peace." I cannot do that whilst holding a sword. I will help those in need, and I will be a voice for change like Dr. Vose. I will support you, Kara. But I cannot join your battle. I'm sorry.

White House

President Marsdin : I'm sorry, Supergirl, but I can't. I won't cancel the summit.

Kara : The Graves siblings are dangerous operatives. I'm afraid of what they could do to you and your alien guests.

President Marsdin : So am I. But there's always someone to be afraid of. Some force, some threat that is beyond our control. And yet, we carry on. A leader who caves to fear is no leader at all. I'll alert the Secret Service, the DEO, We'll co-ordinate with them.

Camp David

Alex : You doing okay?

Kara : Yeah. And thanks for being here. I know you pick your battles now.

Alex : Well, it seemed like a good battle to pick.


President Marsdin : I'm thrilled that you're here. You know this is the first time in history that we've hosted guests that were not born on this planet. At least that we, uh, know about. President Eisenhower named it Camp David after his son and grandson, who were both named, of course, David.


Kara : Alex. It's the EMP.

Pilot : Mayday, mayday! Chopper is going down.


Alex : Hey, everybody, stay calm. Nobody move. Nobody move. Secure the perimeter. That was the EMP. Now, Agent Dox.


Brainy : Wavelength countermeasures active.

Camp David

Kara : It worked! Nice one, Brainy.


Brainy : Eureka!

Camp David

Alex : The lights are blown in here. We gotta move the President to the safe room. That was just a distraction. Madam President.

President Marsdin : Do you think they're inside the perimeter?

Alex : I know they are. All right, take her back. You guys, go, clear the house.


Kara : Alex, they're in DEO uniforms.


Alex : Okay, is everybody okay back there?

Man : We're good, let's get her out.

Alex : Now, go, now. You'll be fine, ma'am.

Kara : Are you all right?

President Marsdin : I'm fine! Just get them.

Mercy : Supergirl! I know you can hear me. You filthy roach. You need to know you won't stop this.

Kara : I'm stopping you both.

Mercy : This isn't one of your battles where it's good versus evil. Because we are the good guys, fighting to save this country. We'll do whatever it takes to win.

Otis : Help! Supergirl! Whoa. Oh. Ah. You really thought…My sister would kill me? You think you stopped us tonight, but the fuse was lit. And it's gonna be beautiful.

Alex : Everyone's safe here. The President's fine. Did you get him?

Kara : Only one.


Alex : You can act as tough as you want but you are going to tell us where Mercy went. And when you do, you're gonna wish you had done it sooner. Just take him. God, I hate that guy. Where did you get all that stuff?

Brainy : The comic book store on Excelsior.

Alex : Oh, that's right down the street from Winn's old apartment. And that cardigan. Winn has the same one.

Brainy : Does he? All right, yes. You see, I analyzed our recent torrent of conflicts and I couldn't find a common factor. I did things your way, wrong. I did things the Legion way, wrong. I did things my way, so very wrong. I just couldn't win. And then I realized, that's it. I can't win because I'm not Winn. He was your… Your bro. I'm not him. Unless… Unless I… I am.

Alex : I'm not… I'm not very good with change. And I do miss Winn. A lot. And I guess in some ways, I have been punishing you for not being him. And that is… That's not fair.

Brainy : I understand. I miss my friends, too.

Alex : I'm sorry, I didn't even think about that. And you left them behind.

Brainy : Well, technically, they're ahead.

Alex : Right. Yes. Look, either way, we are stuck with each other. So No, I mean, that's not a bad thing. It's actually a good thing. You know? We just have to… Find our rhythm.

Brainy : That, I can do. I've been told I have excellent rhythm.

Alex : No. No.

Brainy : Just let me… All right.

Alex : Just no more sweaters, okay?

Brainy : Thank God. These things are restrictively tight.

Unknown place

Lena : It was parking lots. Bruno purchased them through a subsidiary he bought from your brother. My mother goes on to name five more shell companies owned by Mannheim. You're the District Attorney. Subpoena their books. You'll find enough RICO violations to send Mannheim away for as long as Al Capone.

District Attorney : So does your mother know you played her?

Lena : She will soon.

Lena : No... And your other investigation?

District Attorney : Guardian who?

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Nia. What happened in that meeting with James?

Nia : Well, uh, MacKenzie pitched her take on the article and she had a good approach.

Kara : Yours was better. You were so passionate when you talked to just me about it. Why'd you shut down?

Nia : It was a scary room. James Olsen is the CEO of this incredible media empire. And MacKenzie has more famous friends than Oprah.

Kara : Nia, what really happened when MacKenzie took that article? Why didn't you want to compete?

Nia : I guess, in the moment, I was afraid to make waves.

Kara : Okay. Fear. I get that. No matter how much we believe in ourselves, that never goes away. Not fully. Even now, I think I'm not afraid of anything. And then, something new and ugly rears its head, and chases me right back down the rabbit hole. But once we catch ourselves, we have to jump right back out there. So, you're afraid to make waves? Okay. Make 'em anyway. Make a tsunami.

Nia : You're right.

Kara : Of course I am. Acknowledge the fear, then kick its ass.

Nia : Thank you, Kara.

Kara : Don't thank me. Just get out there and kick up a storm. Come on, seriously. Time's a-wasting. Ticktock.

James : You realize you're turning into Cat, right?

Kara : What? No.

James : To a tee. It's kind of freaking me out. You just said "ticktock." You might as well have said "chop chop."

Kara : Did I say that?

James : Yeah, you did.

Reporter : We have breaking news. All charges against James Olsen…

Kara : Oh, my God.

Reporter : will be dropped.

Kara : James.

Reporter : More as this story develops.


James : See? Told you there was nothing to worry about.

Lena : I am so happy, James.

James : Me too. And thank you for standing by my side and letting me handle this by myself.

Lena : I never doubted you could handle it. I only offered because I've lost so much of my family to prison, it's turned my life and my relationships upside down and I couldn't bear the thought of that happening to you.

James : It won't.

District Attorney : Yes, we will not be indicting James Olsen for past allegations of obstruction. However, if Mr. Olsen were to resume his role as Guardian he will be subject to immediate arrest.


District Attorney : On a separate investigation, our office has uncovered new evidence in the State's case against Bruno Mannheim. We will be reissuing the indictment which will include several counts of money laundering.

Newscaster : There you have it, District Attorney Diaz reiterating

Alien Bar

Kara : So, about yesterday… I know how much it means to you to honor your father's wishes. And I shouldn't have asked you to compromise that.

Hank : Look, I know the last few days have been difficult for you. I'm just sorry I made it even more so.

Kara : The thought of so much anger out there is… It's not what I wanted to believe was true. I thought this country That we were in a better place. The idea of having to fight something so vast, trying to unite such a divided world, it's… It's overwhelming.

Hank : It's your optimism that will help save us, Kara. You're the beacon of hope who sets an example, fighting for justice everywhere. The voice of unity and compassion that will inspire change.

Kara : I feel like I don't know anything.

Hank : Then you are wiser than you realize.

Reporter : We now take you to a late-breaking news story. Shocking footage acquired from the assassination attempt at Camp David has revealed that the President is an alien. This confirms what many thought to be the ravings of a fringe group. Experts have authenticated the footage and found no signs of doctoring. The President of the United States is an alien.

Kara : "The fuse was lit."

Hank : Al, is Fiona here?

Al : No, she didn't show up for her shift.


Reporter : These accusations seem to be true. This all points to the cold hard truth that our current sitting president is an alien.

Agent of liberty : You do good work.

Mercy : What can I say? I love my country.

Agent of liberty : We didn't ask for you to come here. You brought this on yourself.

Fiona : Who are you?

Agent of liberty : An agent of liberty.

Kikavu ?

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