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#317 : L'Union terrible

Toujours sous le choc après avoir appris le secret de Lena, Supergirl demande une faveur à Guardian qui pourrait changer sa relation avec Lena pour toujours. Pendant ce temps, avec les trois Worldkillers réunis, Supergirl et l'équipe se préparent pour une bataille épique.


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L'Union terrible

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Supergirl jouée par Melissa Benoist, au DEO

Supergirl jouée par Melissa Benoist, au DEO

Winn Schott joué par Jeremy Jordan au DEO

Winn Schott joué par Jeremy Jordan au DEO

J'onn joué par David Harewood au DEO

J'onn joué par David Harewood au DEO

Tout le monde est réuni au DEO

Tout le monde est réuni au DEO

Winn et Supergirl discutent

Winn et Supergirl discutent

Lena Luthor (Kathie McGrath) au DEO

Lena Luthor (Kathie McGrath) au DEO

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) au DEO

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) au DEO

Lena, Alex et Supergirl au DEO

Lena, Alex et Supergirl au DEO

Alex et Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath)

Alex et Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath)

Mon-El (Chris Wood) et Imra (Amy Jackson) au DEO

Mon-El (Chris Wood) et Imra (Amy Jackson) au DEO

Imra Ardeen au DEO

Imra Ardeen au DEO

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) au téléphone à Catco

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) au téléphone à Catco

Alex en action

Alex en action

Mon-el et Imra en costume

Mon-el et Imra en costume


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Hank : Please state your name.

Lena : Lena Keiran Luthor. Where should I begin?

Kara : How long has this been going on?

Lena : Three weeks.

Kara : And what exactly have you been doing with Sam for weeks?

Lena : When I first suspected that Sam was more than she knew, I took her to a secret lab in L-Corp, where I conducted a series of tests. With her consent.

Alex : When I examined her, I found nothing out of the ordinary.

Lena : Then you weren't looking for the right things.

Alex : So, what did you find?

Lena : After sequencing her DNA, and comparing Sam's blackouts to the Reign's attacks, I came to the conclusion that Sam and Reign were one and the same. Sam is Reign.

Hank : So, for three weeks, you've been harboring and abetting a mass murderer.

Lena : I helped a friend.

Hank : And you didn't think to bring this to our attention?

Lena : The attention of a clandestine organization, that's never formally acknowledged its existence to me? No. I'm not your employee. I've not signed a contract, nor sworn an oath. I conducted an L-Corp experiment, using L-Corp technology on L-Corp property.

Kara : What did you discover?

Lena : I was hoping to isolate the spark that turned Sam into Reign, but I didn't get a chance to finish.

Kara : Weeks with Reign. Do you have any way of tracking the Worldkillers?

Lena : No.

Kara : Anyone else?

Mon-El : They have gone to ground. They're not coming up again until they have something big to do.

Imra : The future's fate is more precarious than ever.

Brainy : Would you like to know our odds of defeating Pestilence at this juncture?

Mon-El : No.

Imra : No.

Kara : How did you keep her contained?

Lena : Lex kept a vault in the lab. When I took over L-Corp, I inherited all of its assets, for good or for ill. I used Kryptonite.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Woman : We are so close, daughters. So close to a new and clean realm. But before we can begin, the humanity within you must shrivel and submit. You must be completely mine.

Pestilence : Mmm I just felt it. Grace just shriveled and gave up without a sound. My change is complete.

Woman : And you are magnificent. Purity, Reign, you will soon follow. Samantha and Julia cannot last long now that you're all finally together. You must all join and bring a blessed darkness to Earth, so that it may be reborn.


Sam : Oh, Jesus. Who are you? I'm not gonna hurt you.

Julia : I killed him.

Sam : I don't see anything.

Julia : That's because he's mine. Not yours. But your kills will come back soon.

Sam : We're the same. Was she one of us, too?

Julia : He wants me. They're coming. They're all coming.

Sam : Come on. We're not safe here.

Julia : There's nowhere to go.

Sam : There is. Let's go. Come on.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Okay. Georgia, I'm gonna need you to go down to the National City Hospital and get me a status update on the mayor's condition. But I don't need propaganda from his press secretary. I need facts from the attending physician. Give me a second, guys. Lena Luthor calling me. What's up?


Lena : I really needed to hear your voice.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Everything okay?


Lena : I owe you an apology.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : What for?


Lena : For ghosting you. For keeping secrets. But it's time to be honest.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : About?


Lena : Sam Arias is Reign. Supergirl knows, and so do the appropriate authorities.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : So, when you were telling me about your employee that couldn't accept her problem…


Lena : I was working to rid Sam of Reign, to free her.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : But she put Supergirl in a coma. How did you keep her under control?


Lena : The last of Lex's Kryptonite. And don't worry, Supergirl knows about that, too.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : And you're telling me this now, why?


Lena : Because I gambled everything. My reputation, Supergirl's trust in me, my relationship with you, on fixing Sam. And I failed. I really needed to hear your voice today, and I didn't want you to look at me like I was a Luthor.

Kara : Lena!

Lena : I've had enough of that today. I've, um… I've gotta go.

Catco Worldwide Media

James : Lena…


Kara : I've had your back so many times. When the rest of the world was ready to pass you off as the new Lex Luthor.

Lena : My friend came to me. She was alone and afraid. I had to do something.

Kara : I need you to level with me. Do you have any more Kryptonite?

Lena : No, it's all gone. I used the last of it to keep Sam sedate. Supergirl?


Alex : Hey, what happened?

Kara : I saw Sam.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Woman : It has begun.


Lena : That eclipse was like someone grabbed on the moon and pulled. The Earth and the Moon turn on an axis, and no amount of technology can change that.

Kara : That's because this isn't technology.

Alex : You should be in the med bay.

Kara : Fine. This is older than science.

Lena : Please don't say "magic."

Kara : Dark magic. Reign, Purity, Pestilence, they were all created by Kryptonian witches to do one thing. Kill the world. And now that they're together, they're doing that.

Lena : How do you know that?

Kara : There's no apocalypse in the Book of Rao, but there are parables about witches joining hands to create a blessed darkness.

Lena : So, whatever ritual the Worldkillers are doing, it's creating the eclipse. The world can't live without sunlight.

Alex : Nothing can, including Supergirl.

Hank : How long have we got?

Winn : Two hours until totality.

Kara : Then what?

Lena : Temperature drops 50 degrees, maybe more.

Alex : You said you dreamed of Sam.

Hank : But people don't dream during a seizure.

Kara : It's the same dream I've been having for the last year. I'm in the Kryptonian valley, Juru. Normally, I see the Worldkillers, but today, I saw Sam.

Alex : You dreamt of Julia Freeman, too. She turned out to be real.

Lena : Well, it's not a dream, the valley's real. When I was working with Sam, she told me of this place. It's an alternate dimension that she would go to when Reign would take over.

Alex : But how could Supergirl see it?

Hank : On Mars, my people would share memories, emotions, experiences… Sometimes, you would experience a particularly strong mind wholly by accident.

Alex : Like picking up a radio broadcast?

Winn : But Supergirl just picked up an alternate dimension.

Lena : It's possible. And if we could go in there, maybe we could wake Sam up and she could send us a message to say where the Worldkillers are.

Hank : There's still one big hole in this plan. How do we send Supergirl back to this valley?

Kara : We fight fantasy with sci-fi.


Brainy : Let me get this straight. You want me to broadcast your consciousness into a magical dark valley dimension using the 31st century technology, which allowed me to access your mind when Reign punched you into a coma. Technology specifically designed to enter human consciousness, not alternate realms. And you want me to do this all before the solar eclipse achieves totality, which will happen in less than two hours.

Kara : Yes.

Brainy : Okay, no problem. Sounds fun. To the Legion Cruiser.

Kara : Let's do this.

Lena : I'm coming with you.

Kara : Not a chance. It might not even be possible.

Brainy : Oh, no, it's possible.

Lena : Listen, I spent the last month working with Sam and Reign, every day. I know what makes them tick. I know their DNA sequence better than my own phone number. What's more, I know Sam, and you don't. If anyone can get through to her, it's me. I get that you may not trust me right now, but trust that I want to get Sam back.

Alex : Sam's my friend, too. And with the sun darkening, your powers are gonna weaken. You might not have any powers in that valley-mind-realm thing. You're gonna need somebody to watch your backs.

Kara : Well, I guess we're all in this together.

Lena : Strength in numbers.

Brainy : I need 50 minutes to prepare.

Alex : You sure about this?

Kara : No, but Lena's right, she's been working with Sam for weeks. And having her with us will give us a chance to verify her story.



Sam : Hello? Hello? Hello!

Julia : No!

Sam : What? What's going on?

Julia : It's them. All the people I killed.

Sam : You're okay. We have to go.

Julia : No, no, no. I killed them. I killed them. I killed them. It was me, I did it. And now, they're coming. Coming…

Sam : Hey! Listen to me. Listen to me. You didn't kill. Okay? Shh! The Worldkiller in you did.

Julia : I am Purity. I am Purity.

Sam : No, you're not.

Julia ; I am! I am! I am! I am!

Sam : Hey! Hey! Snap out of it! Look at me! What's your name? Tell me your name. Tell me your name.

Julia : I…

Sam : Come on, you got it.

Julia : I don't know…

Sam : Think, think.

Julia : I'm Julia Freeman.

Sam : Julia, what do you remember?

Julia : My parents.

Sam : Okay.

Julia : I remember them.

Sam : Okay.

Julia : I'm a musician.

Sam : That's good. I want you to sing me a song, okay? What's your favorite song? It's okay.

Julia : I can't remember the name of it.

Sam : It's okay. You don't have to remember the name.

Julia : I can't remember…

Sam : Just the tune, just the tune. Just hum it to yourself. My daughter does that when she's scared. My daughter… My daughter. My daughter. What's my daughter's name? My daughter. My daughter.

Voice : You killed us, you did this.

Sam : No…

Voice : Reign.

Sam : My daughter's name …

Voice : I have a child. I had a child.

Sam : My daughter's name!

Voice : You killed us.

Sam : My daughter's name.

Voice : You killed us all. I was a mother of three…

Sam : Stop!

Voice : You did this.

Sam : My daughter's name is Ruby! Ruby! We have to remember who we are. Here. Take that rock. Write what you know! Write what you know!

Julia : I don't know! I don't know!

Sam : Write it! Write it all down!

Catco Worldwide Media

James : What's so important that you'd risk flying under a dying sun?

Kara : Lena has Kryptonite.

James : Yeah, I know. She called me about an hour ago. She told me everything about Sam and Reign. Kara, she also told me that the Kryptonite was Lex's and she used it all, so

Kara : Lex has been imprisoned for years, but she held on to it, anyway. Kryptonite, James. Lex could have only had it for one reason.

Kames : To kill Clark. Look, I know how hard this must be for you… Okay. I know how bad Kryptonite is, and I've seen firsthand what it can do to you. And I can't even begin to imagine what kind of pain that must feel like. We have to get one thing clear, though. Lena is not Lex. And it took me a long time to figure that out, but you're the one who made me see that.

Kara : The Lena I've known up till now has only been an ally. I want to believe her, but she lied about Sam. I have to know she's telling the truth.

James : What do you want me to do?

Kara : Not you. Guardian. I need you to find out if there really isn't any Kryptonite left.

James : Kara, you're asking me to betray somebody that I really care about.

Kara : I really care about her, too. So, let's put this to bed. Once and for all.

Legion Ship

Alex : Can I ask you something?

Lena : You want to know why I didn't come to you when I found what Sam really was.

Alex : I'm the one who did the first tests on her. And I'm the one that told her to come to her friends about her illness. So, why not just tell me the truth?

Lena : Same reason you didn't tell me you were really DEO.

Alex : You knew.

Lena : My mother's DEO enemy number one. Of course I knew. But it was your secret to keep. Just like Sam's true nature is hers. It wasn't my place to say anything.

Alex : Fair enough. Just tell me one thing. Is Ruby safe?

Lena : Yes.

Kara : How's it coming?

Brainy : The eclipse is diminishing your strength severely. I can send you into this dark valley, but adding the weight of two more minds to yours will weaken you further. Your biology is impressive, but even you weren't built to be an inter-dimensional portal.

Kara : Can I talk to you for a second?

Mon-El : Yeah. What's up?

Kara : If this thing goes sideways, I need you to promise me something. Pull Alex and Lena out, but leave me in until I finish the mission.

Mon-El : You heard Brainy. This could hurt you. This could kill you.

Kara : This is our only chance to save now or the future. This is all we've got. So, promise me.

Mon-El : I promise.

Brainy : Once I induce transmission, your minds will be immediately beamed into this dark valley.

Alex : Is it gonna hurt?

Brainy : The chances are better than 50%.

Alex : That's comforting.

Brainy : Really? I didn't think so. Would you like me to count to three?

Lena : Will it help?

Brainy : No, not at all.

Kara : Let's just get it over with.


Kara : We're here.


Lena : This is impressive.

Kara : This is Juru.

Lena : Are those for Sam and Julia?

Alex : It's for whatever might be around.

Lena : I don't even know if anything here can get injured. Ow!

Alex : Yeah, we're good. This one. I like this one, it's mine.

Kara : Thanks. Yep, this place bites.

Alex : Oh, my God.

Kara : What?

Alex : That's Grace.

Lena : Who?

Kara : She's the human form of one of the Worldkillers.

Lena : She's dead.

Alex : Which means that we're running out of time with Sam and Julia.

Kara : They headed in this direction.

Legion Ship

Brainy : Fifty-four minutes to totality.


Hank : Mon-El.

Mon-El : She just looks so breakable.

Hank : She's strong, they all are.

Mon-El : All I wanna do is pull her out.

Hank : Yeah, me, too.

Mon-El : But I can't do that, I can't. I can't do that. I can't help her, I can't hold her. I can't hurt my wife. What do I do?

Hank : There's nothing to do, Mon-El. Come on.

Mon-El : Thanks, Shaw.


Winn : Okay, this is Eagle in the nest. How're you doing, Baby Bird?

James : No.

Winn : Oh, come on, I like that one. Are you in?

L-Corp Lab

James : Yeah, I'm in Lena's lab. Where's the vault?

Legion Ship

Winn : Head north. Or wait, more helpfully, left.


Alex : You don't look so good.

Kara : I'm just tired. Brainy said it'd be hard for me to carry both of you in here. Is this what it's like when humans exercise? This is terrible. Why would you ever exercise?

Alex : One foot in front of the other.

Kara : It's fine. It's no worse than light Kryptonite poisoning.

Lena : Come on. There's too much at stake for you to still be mad at me.

Kara : I said we would work together. Never said it would be sunshine and rainbows.

Lena : Great, 'cause we're a little lacking on sunshine right now. What I did wasn't personal.

Alex : You had a stash of "Kills Kryptonians," Lena. It's personal.

Lena : I would never use it for that. You know that.

Kara : I thought I knew everything I needed to know, but you have secrets. It changes things.

Lena : Oh, right, you don't like secrets.

Kara : Nope, I don't.

Lena : Good. What's your real name?

Kara : It's not a great question for a Luthor to ask someone in my family.

Lena : You have secrets, I can get on board with that. I have secrets, too. What the hell was that?

Alex : The reason we have sticks.

Kara : That's a Kryptonian demon. I've seen them before. That's where they went. We're running out of time.

Alex : I think I see an entrance over there.


Kara : All right, come on. Come on. Julia. Julia!

Alex : Julia, it's Supergirl and Agent Danvers. Can you hear me?

Kara : We're here to help you.

Lena : Oh, God!

Sam : I killed him.

Lena : What?

Sam :I killed them.

Legion Ship

Winn : And the cameras are officially disabled, you're welcome.

James : Good work.

L-Corp Lab

James : I don't know how anybody survived three Worldkillers in here.

Legion Ship

Winn : Yeah, man, I'm glad I wasn't there.

L-Corp Lab

James : Yeah, cheers to that.

Speaking of Lena, I got eyes on the vault.

Legion Ship

Winn : Impressive, I know.

L-Corp Lab

James : Yeah. It's almost as if she didn't want anybody to get in there.

Legion Ship

Winn : Yeah, no keypads, no locks, no internal mechanisms, just thick, acetylene-resistant cast iron. But, hey, you got one thing Lena doesn't.

L-Corp Lab

James : Yeah, what's that?

Legion Ship

Winn : Me, you dummy. Come on. Well, technically, the, uh, pin-drop pulse-bomb I built you, but I built it, so, technically, me. Oh, God. Yeah, just, uh, set it anywhere, then walk, like, way far back, and then set it off. The door will open. Hello, are you there? Did you do it? Are you in? James?

L-Corp Lab

James : Yeah, I'm in. Look, Winn, there's nothing here. Lena was telling the truth, she's clean.

Legion Ship

Winn : Well, thank goodness. I did not have the emotional bandwidth for another enemy, gotta tell you. Yeah. Gotta run, gotta run. Hey.

Brainy : Are you all right?

Winn : Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Brainy : Well, you spent an exceedingly long time in the bathroom.

Winn : This isn't a bathroom.


Sam :You're here.

Lena : Of course we're here. You think I'd forget about you?

Sam : Lena. Alex. Supergirl. I killed you, too. I'm sorry.

Kara : Sam, no.

Sam : I'm sorry.

Alex : No, Reign didn't kill us. We're here to help you.

Lena : We're gonna get you out of here.

Sam : The people I killed are coming.

Kara : Reign killed, not you.

Lena : We're gonna make sure Reign never hurts anyone again.

Kara : But, Sam, you have to wake up. You have to go back to your body and send us a message, tell us where the Worldkillers are.

Sam : Don't let them in. They want me. I killed them.

Kara : Hey. Hey, you are not a murderer.

Legion Ship

Brainy : Ten minutes to totality. She can't take much more.

Mon-El : Keep her in.

Brainy : She's only got minutes.

Mon-El : I said, keep her in.


Alex : Hey. Hey! We have to get you out of here.

Kara : No. Not yet. Not yet. Sam? We don't have much time. Come on, stay with us. Remember who you are.

Lena : Hey, you are Sam Arias, okay? You're the woman I would trust with anything.

Alex : You're good.

Kara : You have friends.

Lena : You're a fighter.

Alex : You're a mother.

Lena : Remember Ruby? Ruby's just waiting for you to come home.

Alex : Sam, you have to think of Ruby.

Kara : Ruby.

Lena : Remember Ruby?

Alex : Ruby.

Kara : Let her go!

Sam : I'll break her neck.

Kara : Take me! Take me instead, please!

Sam : You. You are nothing. You've always been nothing. Only one of equal strength can defeat me. You are driftwood in the face of a hurricane.

Legion Ship

Imra : It worked. We've got a location.

Mon-El : Pull them out, now.

Imra : Setting a course.


Kara : No!

Fortress of Sanctuary

Woman : You!

Pestilence : Human! I thought that might work.

Sam : It did, thank you. They're coming.

Julia : No, they're already here.

Legion Ship

Kara : It worked?

Mon-El : Like a charm.

Brainy : Are we still talking about dark magic?

Hank : You should rest some more.

Kara : Since when has that ever stopped me?

Hank : Let's go.

Lena : Hey, hey, what about me?

Kara : Help Brainy.

Lena : Okay.

Brainy : Okay.

Winn : Hey, Alex.

Alex : Yeah, I gotta go catch up.

Winn : Listen, this is worth the wait.

Alex : Okay.

Winn : I've always thought it was like, super unfair, you know. J'onn can phase through things, he can shape-shift… Then you got Supergirl, she can laser-vision, you know. Freeze-breath, she's massively strong

Alex : You're not making me feel super-hyped to go join the fight, but…

Winn : Exactly! Exactly. Right? So, I'm thinking, "What does the best, most badass DEO agent need to take her battle-readiness up a notch?"

Alex : You didn't.

Winn : Oh, girl, I did, and then some. What if I told you the future is magnets?

Brainy : That ring literally costs more than this entire ship. Also, it hurt.

Winn : And wait until you see the bullets.

Alex : I'm gonna go change now.

Winn : Oh, the bathroom's that way.

Alex : Right. That… Yeah.

Brainy : Structure nearly breached. Prepare for drop.


Lena : What was that?

Brainy : Main thrusters are damaged.

Winn : How?

Brainy : Some sort of soundwave interference.

Winn : Purity.

Brainy : It's fine, we have secondary thrusters. Which also just blew up. Excuse me a moment. Come on, come on, come on.

Winn : Hey, hey…

Brainy : There. Good as new. What are you doing?

Lena : I'm helping.

Brainy : No, no. That's not how that works. Actually, that's exactly how that works.

Lena : I know. Pull up 6,000 feet, and vent the engines.

Fortress of Sanctuary

Sam : You are weak.

Kara : I've got this. Check on the others.

Alex : Thanks, Winn.

Mon-El : I don't think you know what you're becoming.

Pestilence : I've already become. I am death, and I choose you first!

Alex : Julia? You're in there. I know it. Come on, you gotta rise up and help us.


Sam : The eclipse is full. No more powers.


Kara : Alex! No. Julia.

Alex : Julia, please!

Kara : Julia.

Alex : Julia, rise up.

Kara : Julia, I can't do this. You're still strong enough. Help us!

Sam : It's over.

Julia : What did you say before? That only one of equal strength can beat you. Well, come at me, witch. No! No !

Pestilence : I always knew you were weak.

Sam : No!

Kara : No! She's not gonna make it.

Alex : I'm so sorry.

Imra : She did it. She did it. Pestilence is dead.

Hank : Let's get the hell outta here.


Imra : Hey.

Mon-El : Hey yourself.

Imra : We did it. The future of our friends and family…

Mon-El : Your sister.

Imra : We saved everyone. We beat Pestilence, we stopped the Blight. It's all over.

Mon-El : So, I guess we can go home now.

Imra : I guess so.

Mon-El : Hey, can we even get home?

Imra : Brainy will figure it out. Otherwise, he loses the nickname "Brainy".


Kara : The fortress is gone, like it was never there. Stone turned to sand.

Alex : And Reign is gone, too, she's untraceable.

Hank : You know that eclipse ended as soon as the fortress was destroyed.

Winn : We got rid of two out of the three Worldkillers. Like, that's a win.

Alex : And we'll find Sam, somehow.

Kara : I know. Hey. Hey, cool new suit!

Alex : Winn did me a solid.

Winn : Yes, upgrades.

Alex : Well, I'd been asking the Director of the DEO for one for years, but I just kept getting denied.

Hank : Blame it on Congress, I don't write out budgets. Besides, don't you miss your polo? It looked like it was sweat-wicking.

Alex : I have a really cool new gun. Don't think it won't work on you.

Hank : Don't shoot.

Winn : Hey, we didn't get to talk earlier. James and I did the thing you asked…

Kara : And?

Winn : James said that the vault was empty. There's no more Kryptonite. And, uh, looks like Lena is telling the truth.

Kara : Hey, Lena.

Lena : Nice work back there.

Kara : Yeah, you weren't so bad yourself.

Lena : Yeah, we couldn't save Sam.

Kara : But we saved Julia. And if Julia can overcome the demons inside of her, then Sam has a chance, too.

Lena : I hope you're right.

Kara : Hey, actually, um, I wanted to talk to you. I may have been overreacting. As far as I'm concerned, our slate is clean.

Lena : Well, I can work with that.


Lena : Surprised you'd want to see me.

James : You know, for quite some time, I've been looking for any reason… Any reason I could to distrust you. It's not your fault, it's just, um Lex baggage, or whatever. But for the last two years, you have done nothing but prove me wrong.

Lena : Until now.

James : No. No. The way I see it, your friend came to you with something unbearable. And you tried your best to help her carry it. You did everything in your power to help her, regardless of what that might look like to other people, when they found out. And that's beautiful. That's somebody I want to know.

Lena : Really?

James : Yeah. But you have a decision to make about me.

Lena : Of course I wanna know…

James : I'm Guardian.

Lena : Why are you telling me this?

James : Because I did something I'm not proud of. I broke into your lab. To determine if you had more Kryptonite.

Lena : Why would you do that?

James : I had to. For Supergirl, she asked me to.

Lena : She did?

James : She did, but I'm the one who said yes. So, this is on me. But when I got in, I couldn't go into your vault. I mean, I could. I didn't want to. I didn't need to. I trust you. I really hope that you can trust me.

Lena : Yes. There's something else you need to know.

James : Hit me.

Lena : That wasn't Lex's Kryptonite. I figured out how to make it.


Woman : The human in you must die. The child must die. Ruby Arias must die.

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