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#301 : Cœur d'acier

Kara fait face à la perte de Mon-El en se concentrant sur son côté Supergirl et sur la nouvelle mystérieuse menace qui plane sur National City. Alex confie un secret à Maggie à propos de leur mariage imminents. Un citoyen de National City a une mystérieuse connexion avec Kara et Lena fait un choix audacieux.


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Girl of Steel

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Cœur d'acier

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KeyArt "Girl of Steel"

Maggie Sawyer et Alex Danvers

Maggie Sawyer et Alex Danvers

Podium de l'inauguration de la statue de Supergirl

Podium de l'inauguration de la statue de Supergirl

Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers

Alura Zor-El, la mère de Kara

Alura Zor-El, la mère de Kara

Alura Zor-El jouée par Erica Durance

Alura Zor-El jouée par Erica Durance

Supergirl et J'onn dans la foule en panique

Supergirl et J'onn dans la foule en panique

Alex Danvers jouée par Chyler Leigh

Alex Danvers jouée par Chyler Leigh

Bain de foule pour Supergirl

Bain de foule pour Supergirl

Kara Zor-El jouée par Melissa Benoist

Kara Zor-El jouée par Melissa Benoist

Samantha Arias jouée par Odette Annable

Samantha Arias jouée par Odette Annable

Samantha Arias et Ruby

Samantha Arias et Ruby

Sam et Ruby (Emma Tremblay)

Sam et Ruby (Emma Tremblay)


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Maggie : Look out!


Man : Hold on!


Maggie : They're dragging us!

Alex : No!


Guy : Supergirl, you're the best.

Maggie : Doesn't even stop for autographs anymore.


Winn : Cool car chase. Very fast, very furious.

Kara : Any luck IDing the one that got away.

Winn : Oh, still running facial recognition. So far nothing.

Hank : Anything else we can go on?

Kara : This is his. Winn, can you send a sample up to Alex's lab? Maybe his DNA is already in the database.

Winn : Okay. Well, this is new and gross.

Kara : I should have cuffed him.

Alex : You knocked him 100 yards into the roof of that SUV. Not to mention saving my fiancee and I.

Winn : Yeah. And that truck was full of aluminum tubing. Right, which doesn't really seem like much until you use it to build an illegal nuclear centrifuge.

Hank : This is a big win, Supergirl.

Kara : It's not a win until they're behind bars. Let's get this guy.

Alex : Hey, uh… So, tomorrow Maggie and I are gonna go do the tasting for the wedding. Three hours of hors d'oeuvres and nothing but hors d'oeuvres.

Potstickers, oyster shooters, pigs in blankets. Did I mention the potstickers? Do you wanna…

Kara : Uh, if I'm not busy, sure.

Alex : Well, we're all gonna meet at the bar beforehand, too. So, if you want to…

Kara : I'll try.

Winn : I mean, I thought it was bad when she skipped pizza night. But skipping free apps. I mean, come on. These are like the beginning of the dark days.

Hank : Hey, come on. Grief doesn't have a deadline.

Winn : Look, I know. But, I mean, she goes from being little miss sunshine to, well, Alex, basically.

Alex : What? I'm not like that.

Hank : Oh, come on, Alex. Your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities.

Alex : I'm not like that. I'm not.

Morgan Office

Morgan Edge : People like to argue that capitalists are only concerned with themselves. The truth is without big business, this city would still be in ruin from those Daxamites. Look at us now. Bustling. I think, we all should give ourselves a pat on the back And, let's not forget to glad-hand the Mayor as well. Without him, none of this could have happened either.

Mayor : It's you, Morgan. It's all of you. In six months, you've done the impossible.

James : Let's not forget Supergirl.

Lena : Let's not forget Supergirl. Literally none of the heavy lifting could've been done without her.

Mayor : Yes. Of course. Which is why I'm excited about the unveiling of "The Girl of Steel" statue at the waterfront.

Morgan Edge : Mayor, it's gonna take a lot more than a pretty statue to bring people down to that slum of a waterfront.

Mayor : I am still working on the zoning commission, Morgan.

Morgan Edge : You'd do better to explain how my development will revitalize that neighborhood. Starting with moving out homelessness, crime… Moving in opportunity and an expanded tax base.

James : They've all heard your sales pitch, Morgan. We all have.

Morgan Edge : Yes. I'm sure that everybody here has had a chance to read CatCo's inflammatory articles about that sales pitch, Articles that have become increasingly biased ever since you took over baby-sitting Cat Grant's mouthpiece.

Lena : Your development would level the whole area. Force people from their homes, just to build high-rises for the wealthy.

Morgan Edge : Lena… Are you spouting the CatCo company line? Really? Ah… I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering all the good press they've been giving you lately.

James : She's earned that good press by donating millions of dollars to the rebuilding efforts.

Morgan : Hmm… That's funny because I I thought it was restitution for what her brother did. Or was it her mother? Or was it Lena? Seeing as how she is the one who brought the aliens here in the first place. A little bit of business advice, Lena… Guilt is not a good business strategy.

Lena : No?

Morgan : No.

Lena : Neither is exploitation.

Morgan : I just want a fair hearing, that's all. I hate to think that any of you here were unfair. Hmm? Now… My people have put together a tremendous spread, just in the office next door. Why don't we all adjourn over there and take a sample of that? Mr. Olsen, you're welcome to join us as well. You know, we can disagree, but still break bread together.

Lena : You know, Edge, you are not as powerful as you think you are.

Morgan : Oh, no? Then what are we doing in my office?

Catco Worldwide Media

People : Ms. Grant!

Cat : Okay, Carl.

Carl : Does President Marsdin believe climate change is real?

Cat : Uh, yes. Yes, Carl. As a matter of fact, she does. She also believes that two plus two equals four and the Earth is round because the President is not a moron. Any third grader knows that global warming is the biggest threat of our time. And I'm happy to report that the intellectual capacity of our President is not inferior to that of an eight year old. Next question.

James : I knew Ms. Grant was meant for great things, but National City is gonna miss her.

Kara : Best Press Secretary since Robert Gibbs.

James : Yeah. She makes Gibbs look like a hall monitor.

Kara : With Ms. Grant in D.C. and Snapper on sabbatical, it's going to be oddly congenial around here.

James : Well, we will do our best. Okay, guys. Look alive. All right, we're about a week away from locking up this issue, so I need to know what's going on. What's up with sports?

Man : As of last night, the Metropolis Monarchs officially have the worst record in baseball.

James : Crime.

Woman : There's not much to cover.

Man : Crime's been down 65% over the past six months.

Woman : Supergirl has turned the entire city around pretty much single-handedly.

James : Which brings me to my next point. How are you doing on that exclusive with Supergirl? Kara : Oh, uh, Supergirl's been too busy to have a one-on-one conversation about the invasion.

James : The statue dedication is this weekend.

Kara : I'll do my best.

James : Well, you have your assignments, right? Uh… Lets get to work. Thanks. Kara… Hey, are you sure that you're okay to write this or is this going to bring up some old stuff?

Kara : I said I was.

James : Okay. Well, I'm here if you wanna talk or grab a drink…

Kara : Do you want me to write the article or grab a drink?

James : Okay. Listen, I'm on your side. Okay? Look, I know more than anybody, how much ass Supergirl has been kicking lately.

Kara : Well, that's my job.

Morgan : There's still more I can do. And touch people's lives.

James : What is this blowhard up to now?

Morgan : In that vein, I'd like to announce a bold new direction for my company. I'm buying CatCo.


Morgan : In the last few years the press in this town has swung wildly to one side.

Lena : Hey. I hate that sentient bottle of cheap cologne. Did you know?

Kara : No. James was blindsided too. He thinks it's his fault for getting in Edge's face.

Lena : Only he would spend that kind of money on a grudge. Do you think the shareholders will listen to Cat?

Kara : Uh, well, Cat had to put her shares in a blind trust when she became Press Secretary. But I did some digging Edge has been quietly buying up shares until today, when he put a tender offer to the majority shareholders.

Lena : Hey! No more free press.

Kara : You've invested in his portfolio though. So, I figured if you could talk to him, you might be able to be persuasive.

Lena : Edge doesn't respect any opinions that aren't his own. Specially not a woman's.

Kara : Lena… You helped Supergirl save the world. How hard could one stubborn sexist be?

Lena : All right, I'll see what I can do.

Kara : Thanks.

Lena : Hey, uh I mean, I miss you. Is everything okay? 'Cause I keep trying to make plans and you keep ditching.

Kara : I've just been busy.

Lena : Right, um… I also just… I wanted to say I was sorry for the part I played in what happened to Mon-El. And that, I'm here for you if you still want that.

Kara : No, you did what you had to do. And, that was Supergirl's call anyway, not yours.

Newscaster : breaking news this morning. There are reports of a burglary in Old Town. We'll bring you the latest…

Kara : I should get going.

Lena : Yeah, uh… Brunch, soon?

Alien bar

Newscaster : Reporting from downtown National City, it seems Supergirl has been just about everywhere these days.

Maggie : She does know that the cop are occasionally capable of doing their jobs, right?

Winn : And we can forget about her showing up tonight.

James : Or finishing her assignment.

Winn : Hey, how much longer do we have to keep giving her space?

Alex : I don't know how much more space I can give.

Hank : As frustrating as this is…

Alex : Beyond.

Hank : We're not the ones who lost someone. I think patience is the least we can offer. Agreed?


Alex : Call me selfish, but I just… I really miss my sister sometimes.

Maggie : I know. Cheer up. It's time for that tasting. You don't wanna go to that tasting, do you? What's going on with you? Why are you suddenly so down on this wedding?

Alex : No, I'm not down on it. I just, I… I don't know.

Maggie : Well, when you figure it out, let me know.

Winn : Hey. I think we may have tracked down the Merc. I just got an alert from the DEO. Supergirl's gonna meet us there.


Kara : You were able to trace the Merc with his blood?

Winn : Meet Robert DuBois. Goes by Bloodsport, which is not any sport I've ever heard of.

Hank : What do we know about him?

Winn : Oh, you remember those bombings at City Hall, a few years ago? That was him. And, he's been awol ever since.

Kara : His file says he's ex-military.

Alex : Where was he last stationed?

Winn : Fort Harrison. Like 20 minutes outside the city.

Kara : He worked security detail.

Hank : He'd have knowledge of all the ins and outs of the base. He could sneak on, locate weapons, technology, anything he wanted to.

Kara : Winn, call his CO. See what they know about him.

Winn : Okay. Whoa, whoa!

Alex : What?

Winn : Okay, the base server is down. This system is scrambled. Somebody hacked it.

Kara : I've got this.


Kara : Lead…


Soldier : Who's there? Help me! Please… Help me!

Kara : It's okay. I'm here. I'm here. I've got you. I've got you. You have no internal injuries. You're gonna be okay.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : What's wrong? Why'd you use the signal watch?

James : You didn't get that article in.

Kara : You beepered me for a deadline? That watch is for emergencies only.

James : I know what the watch is for, but this feels like an emergency. I'm worried about you, Kara. And, at a certain point of time, I have to be your boss.

Kara : No, don't ever, ever do that again.

James : What? Ask you to do your job?

Kara : I am doing my job.

James : No, Supergirl is doing her job. Kara Danvers has been completely off the radar.

Kara : Oh, I'm sorry, James. I've been a little busy. You know, the world's not gonna save itself. James ! But you still have a life. Okay? You still have a job as a reporter. And that life makes you, you.

Kara : No, what makes me, me is Supergirl. That's who I am at my core. And you're one to talk, Guardian.

James : Okay. Guardian means a lot to me. But so does James Olsen. And he runs CatCo. And that job's important.

Kara : You know something…. If I'm expected to put Supergirl on hold just to write this article for you, then maybe being a reporter isn't a good idea.

James : What are you saying?

Kara : I'm saying I have important things to do. But not here at CatCo. Not as a reporter. Not as Kara Danvers.

James : Kara, don't do this.

Kara : I quit.

James : Kara…


Hank : And just when exectilly were you gonna notify us that you had a Daxamite war ship in your possession. Alien artifacts are the DEO's purview. You can rest assured I will talk to the President, General Lane. And if anything happens as a result of your overreach, you mark my words, she'll have your stars.

Winn : Respect!

Hank : Whilst I appreciate the nod of confidence, Agent Schott, do you have any words that might actually help me?

Winn : Words, no. Pictures, definitely. Um… I had the military supplier that DuBois robbed inventory what was taken. It turns out it was not just aluminum rods.

Hank : That's a high pressure regulator. Aluminum rods were just a cover. That was his real target.

Alex : What would DuBois need it for?

Winn : Well, he also stole the cloaking device from the Daxamite ship.

Hank : And how exactly do those two things go together?

Alex : With the regulator, he could stabilize the internal pressure of an F-18 or a B-52 to withstand the force emitted by a cloaking shield.

Winn : Able to retrofit it into a fully cloaked aircraft. Our equipment would not be able to detect that. Not even Supergirl's X-ray vision could pick it up.

Alex : He could drop a nuke from the sky, and nobody in National City would even know he was overhead.

Winn : Until it's too late.

Hank : Agent Schott, I want every flight in and out of National City scanned for munitions. Air and space.

Winn : Yes, sir.

Hank : Alex, put your team on tactical alert and notify Supergirl

Alex : Okay. James, what is it?

Morgan office

Morgan : Lena, twice in my office in as many days. People are gonna start talking.

Lena : Morgan, you have all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the '90s.

Morgan : You didn't come all this way just to flatter me, did you?

Lena : I came because I have a proposition.

Morgan : Ooh, good. I do like propositions.

Lena : Now, you know I don't agree with your waterfront development. But you are still the best developer in National City.

Morgan : Let me get you a drink before that compliment leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Lena : Your work is why I have invested in your portfolio and why I intend to invest more.

Morgan : Let me guess… You want me to stay away from CatCo?

Lena : Oh, come on, Morgan. CatCo isn't good business for you and you know it. There's a city out there that needs to be rebuilt. That's what you're good at, focus on that.

Morgan : You know, you can take the Luthor logo off your name, but people still aren't gonna trust you. And that's a really easy sentiment to reinforce once I have CatCo's editorial under my control. People love to believe what they read.

Lena : Using CatCo to defame your enemies and promote your own agenda. That's despicable.

Morgan : Oh, no. That's good business.

Lena : I'll see myself out.

Morgan : You ready?

Man : We are. They'll literally never see it coming.

Morgan : That's the idea.

Kara’s apartment

Cat : The President did not place any listening devices in the speakers, the microwave, or his toaster, or his shoes. Or anywhere else on his premises or person. Now, sadly, I think we are so inured to the pathological lying of the speaker that, we just don't think anything he says is crazy anymore.

Kara : Oh, good. What's the update on Bloodsport? Do we know what he stole from the military base?

Alex : You quit?

Kara : James has been making the rounds.

Alex : He's worried about you. I'm extremely worried about you. Since when do you quit?

Kara : CatCo isn't the point for me anymore.

Alex : You spent years working your way up to be a reporter.

Kara : And it was a waste of time.

Alex : I would love to see you tell Cat Grant that.

Kara : Cat moved on. Why can't I?

Alex : Okay. This is done. I am done walking on egg shells. We all are. I've kept my distance. I have given you time to grieve, without prodding, without making you talk about Mon-El…

Kara : There's nothing to talk about.

Alex : Without forcing you to go to game nights - or come to the bar.

Kara : There was a burglary.

Alex : There's always a burglary! But I've let it slide. Your pity party has gone uninterrupted.

Kara : My My pity party?

Alex : Who are you right now? Kara Danvers doesn't quit.

Kara : She quits the things that aren't important.

Alex : CatCo is important! You help people there…

Kara : Not like Supergirl does.

Alex : Kara Danvers…

Kara : Kara Danvers sucks right now! Supergirl is great. Supergirl saved the world. So, if I could choose to be her, why would I ever choose to be the sad girl who's boyfriend is gone? I don't like that girl, Alex.

Alex : I know it hurts…

Kara : No. You don't know anything. You've never had to make a decision like this.

Alex : Okay, then tell me what it feels like. Please, just let… Let me help. Let me help you get over him.

Kara : Get over him?

Alex : That's…

Kara : He didn't dump me. I sent him away. And for all I know he's …

Alex : What?

Kara : It doesn't matter.

Alex : You're not letting yourself feel anything. You're just bottling it up inside, and you are making bad decisions. And I'm worried…

Kara : If it were Maggie, what would you be doing? If the woman you are about to marry was gone forever, what would you be doing?

Alex : I…

Kara : You'd be at the bar every night. You'd be a wreck at work. You'd be broken.

Alex : I would. I would be. And it's okay if you are.

Kara : I'm not. That's what humans do. And I'm better than that. Clark said it himself. The decision I made, he couldn't have made that sacrifice… But me, I couldn't have lived with myself if I hadn't. I will always make the decision I made. I am not a human. I tried to be. But I'm not. Kara Danvers was a mistake. So, if you have an update about work, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, um…

Alex : Bloodsport has the capability to cloak a nuke.

We're thinking that he's gonna hit the statue unveiling at the waterfront.

J'onn wants everyone there.

Kara : I'll be there.

Alex : Yeah. Kara Danvers is my favorite person. She saved me more times than Supergirl ever could. So, just think about that while you're trying to get rid of her.


Kara : No sign of Bloodsport.

Hank : It's quiet up here. You know, I rarely flew on Mars. It was for battle, not pleasure. When I first came to Earth, I spent hours up in the sky. It's the only place I could feel empty.

Kara : Well, that's not what I'm doing up here.

Hank : Forgive me for saying, but you seem to be courting emptiness of late. And that's not you.

Kara : I tried to be Kara Danvers for 15 years. But I'm not supposed to be her. I'm not supposed to be human.

Hank : But you have a human heart now. It aches. It scars. But keeps on beating. If you try and cut it out, you will lose something essential.

Kara : I can't help people if I'm broken.

Hank : You are not broken. You're the strongest person I know. You saved me, remember? You taught me that my loss made me stronger. That was Kara Danvers, not Supergirl.

Kara : Do you still dream about them? Your family?

Hank : Sometimes.

Kara : Past couple of months, when I dream, I see… I see Mon-El with my mom. Uh… We should keep our eyes on the sky right now.


Maggie : Danvers, you on comms? Got something that needs your attention.

Alex : I'm here. East side. You?

Maggie : West. All clear. About last night…

Alex : Uh… This is neither the time nor the place to talk about what I think you wanna talk about.

Maggie : Do you not wanna marry me?

Alex : Of course, I do. Look, I… I wanna be your wife. I wanna have a dog. I wanna have the house. All of it. I just… I just don't want a big wedding.

Maggie : Why? Talk to me, please. You have to tell me what's going on.

Alex : Because my dad won't be there. He can't come. He can't walk me down the aisle.

Maggie : You could've told me that.

Alex : I didn't wanna make a big deal out of it. You're already dealing with family issues that I can't imagine. So, I just… I hoped that I would just let it go.

Maggie : Look, I've had more practice at choosing my family because I've had to. And I think, if you take a deep breath, you're gonna find your way out of this… There's so many people who love you. Just think about how they're gonna make our day good, and tell me how I can help.

Alex : Okay. I can do that.

Maggie : Okay, I love you.

Alex : You too. Forever.


Winn : You too, my favorite couple.

Maggie : Winn, shut up.

Alex : Winn, get off the comms.


Ruby : Oh, sorry!

Alex : Hey! Watch out there.

Samantha : Ruby! Rubes, come here, baby. Come here. I don't think that was an apology.

Ruby : I'm very sorry for bumping into you.

Alex : Totally okay. Thank you for apologizing.

Ruby : Can I go now, Mom? I want to get up close.

Samatha : Just don't get so far ahead I can't see you, okay?

Alex : She's fun.

Samatha : Thanks. Just trying to enjoy the microsecond I have left before she's a teenager. Bye.

Alex : Bye.

Annoncer : Ladies and gentlemen of National City, please welcome the chairwoman and CEO of L-Corp, Lena Luthor.

Lena : Now, I know you all didn't come here to see me. So, I'll start with the good stuff, and then I'll say just a few very brief words. My fellow citizens of National City, the Girl of Steel.


Hank : There you are.


Lena : I am so honored to be able to present this statue of our hometown hero. Some of you must be thinking, I know. It's a cold day in hell, a Luthor praising a Kryptonian. But ever since I came here, she has been an inspiration to me. She's been a mentor, and most importantly, she's been a friend.


Hank : Now would be a good time for you to get down there and join the crowd.


Samantha : Ruby?


Hank : Schott, did you see where that missile came from?


Winn : We have no heat signature, okay, there's no atmospheric disruption, there's no electromagnetic trail. Alex, have you seen anything?


Alex : Negative visual contact. It came out of nowhere.

Maggie : Let's go, keep moving.


Winn : Okay, you know what? We're pulling up every security feed within a two-mile radius. There's got to be an origin point for whatever just hit the waterfront.


Kara : J'onn, can you locate DuBois telepathically?

Hank : I'll try. I can't sense DuBois' mind.


Winn : I don't get it. The cloaking device should not be able to cloak a missile.


Hank : Then what just hit us and where did it come from?

Kara : The pressure regulator wasn't meant for high altitude, it was meant for low altitude. They're underwater.


Winn : I cannot track that explosion to the source, you guys. The radar is not picking up any underwater signals.


Hank : I'll clear that building. Danvers, Sawyer, stay on the waterfront. Supergirl, find that submarine.


Alex : She can't breathe underwater.


Man 1 : She's found us.

Man 2 : The cloaking device is down.

Man 1 : Fire!

Man 2 : We're not locked on.

Man 1 : Fire now!


Samatha : Ruby! Ruby!

Ruby : Mom?

Samatha : Ruby?

Ruby : Mom?


Man : Detonate it.


Samantha : Ruby! Ruby. Oh, baby. Help! Somebody help me!


Alex : Oh, no! Supergirl? Supergirl?


Man : Finish them off.


Alex : Kara, answer me. Kara.


Winn : Kara…


Mon-El : Wake up!


Man : Fire!


Lena : Come in… Oh, hey. Hey, I was just about to call you.

Kara : I should've called. I heard about the attack at the unveiling.

Lena : Oh, no. I'm fine. Supergirl got her man. And now, we have to discuss ours. I spoke to Edge…

Kara : Please tell me you convinced him not to buy CatCo.

Lena : Well, you can't convince a bully like that of anything.

Kara : So what, CatCo's gone?

Lena : No. I bought it.

Kara : You're kidding… Are you kidding?

Lena : Pretty badass right? I'm just trying in my own small way to be more like Supergirl.

Kara : Oh, Lena…

Lena : And I was hoping maybe you could break the story.

Kara : Oh, uh… I actually quit.

Lena : Well, then un-quit. I can't do this without you. I literally know nothing about running a media empire.

Kara : Neither do I.

Lena : You know more than I do. You've studied under Cat and I mean, I trust you. How often do you get to work with your best friend?

Morgan : You're more of a lunatic than your brother is.

Kara : Excuse me?

Morgan : I could ruin you.

Lena : You are dangerously close to being thrown out by security.

Kara : You know what? I'm gonna go and let you handle this.

Morgan : You are gonna regret, so regret, the day you screwed me. I sure hope you enjoyed yourself. Because now you have all of my attention.

Lena : Oh, Edge, like every woman who's ever had all of your attention, I couldn't care less.

Kara : Ms. Luthor… You through with him?

Lena : He's all yours.

Morgan : What do you think you're gonna do?


Kara : The attack on the waterfront I know it was you. To clear the way for your development. You're the only person who had anything to gain from it.

Morgan : Yeah, well… You can't prove anything.

Kara : Not yet. But I see you Edge. National City is my town. And now you've got all my attention.

Morgan : Hey! You can't just leave me here!


Alex : Hey.

Hank : Hey, Alex. You know what? I think we both deserve a drink. Come on, I'm buying the first round.

Alex : Since we know Winn won't. Hey, can I talk to you about something?

Hank : Yeah, sure, go ahead.

Alex : So, uh… Maggie and I figured it out. We're going to have a really big wedding. The biggest, gayest wedding that National City has ever seen, actually. And I'm gonna need everybody that I love to be there.

Hank : Sure, Alex. You know I wouldn't miss it for the world, right?

Alex : I know. But I'm gonna need something from you. Something more than just being there. You've always been like a father to me. And, J'onn, I choose you to be my family. And I want, if you will, to have you walk me down the aisle. Stop, don't cry. If you cry, I'm gonna cry, and then everybody here is gonna know that we actually can cry. So…

Hank : Alex, it would It would be my honor. Come on. Let me help you celebrate. Do I have to wear a tux?

Alex : I'm wearing Kevlar and boots, so…

Kara’s apartment

Kara : Wake up

Kikavu ?

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stella5  (25.11.2017 à 23:35)

j'ai enfin commencé la saison 3 !!!

je te rejoint serieserie sur les petits moments que tu as cité, la demande d'alex a j'onn, c'éait top et j'ai adoré cette réplique !

et la phrase de winn et j'onn qui disent que kara est devenue comme alex, pareil j'ai adoré !

un très bon épisode, on voit bien la douleur de kara face à la perte de mon-el. merci alex de lui avoir dit les choses , on retrouve kara au final et tant mieux.


serieserie  (19.10.2017 à 22:00)

n épisode GENIAL :D

Kara est brisée et elle a mit du temps à l'accepter. Elle ferme les yeux un peu sur le fait d'avoir perdu Mon-El.

Alex et Maggie ont des tensions mais c'était mignon come dirait Winn ""My favorite couple" il m'a tué!!

Sam/Reign, bon Sey tu m'as tellement perturbé que j'ai regarder le jeu d'Odette, y a des moments c'était pas fou fou mais ça va!

J'ai hâte d'en savoir plus sur Sam et Ruby :)

Alex qui demande à Hank de l'accompagner jusqu'à l'autel et j'adore le "Don't cry, if you're crying, i'm crying and they will know we can cry"

Comment J'onn et Winn balancent que Kara est devenue "comme Alex" c'était drôle mais pas pour Alex x)

Le méchant de l'épisode bof mais Morgan Edge ralalala il va nous en faire voir des vertes et des pas mûres lui!

Lena qui aide Kara a redevenir elle-même, qui s'excuse pour Mon-El et la phrase de Kara "c'était Supergirl" elle m'a tellement fait mal au coeur mais Lena a reussi en rachetant Catco, elle a grave aidé Kara! On a retrouve Kara Danvers!

"Kara Danvers is my favorite person" mon dieu mais j'adhère! Alex a eu tellement raison de vouloir lui remettre les idées en place!!


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