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#209 : La porte des étoiles

Kara est perturbée par l'histoire d'une femme portée disparue nommé Izzy et décide d'enquêter malgré le fait que Snapper Carr's lui ait dit de laisser tomber. Kara embarque Mon-El avec elle au dernier endroit où Izzy a été vue et ils se retrouvent tous les deux aspirés dans un portail vers une autre planète: Slaver's Moon, où les opprimés sont vendus comme esclaves. Le chef du trafic n'est autre que Roulette. Pour rendre les choses plus compliquées, Slaver's Moon reçoit le soleil rouge ce qui prive Kara et Mon-El de leurs pouvoirs et ils se retrouvent alors coincés sans moyens de revenir. Pendant ce temps, sur Terre, Alex s'en veut pour la disparition de Kara, ayant peur de s'être trop concentrée sur sa relation naissante avec Maggie plutôt que de veiller sur sa soeur.


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Supergirl Lives

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La porte des étoiles

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Mon-El et Kara sur Slavermoon

Mon-El et Kara sur Slavermoon

Alex débarque sur Slavermoon

Alex débarque sur Slavermoon

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Mon-El et Roulette

Mon-El et Roulette

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Roulette jouée par Dichen Lachman

Roulette jouée par Dichen Lachman

Mon-El, Kara et Lexie

Mon-El, Kara et Lexie

Alex et Mon-El sur Slavermoon

Alex et Mon-El sur Slavermoon

Roulette, Mon-El et Kara

Roulette, Mon-El et Kara

Kara et Mon-El retrouvent Roulette sur la planète

Kara et Mon-El retrouvent Roulette sur la planète

Supergirl et Winn sur Slavermoon

Supergirl et Winn sur Slavermoon

Mon-El, Kara et les autres jeunes enlevés

Mon-El, Kara et les autres jeunes enlevés

Winn (Jeremy Jordan) arrive sur une nouvelle planète

Winn (Jeremy Jordan) arrive sur une nouvelle planète

Supergirl et Mon-El sur Slavermoon

Supergirl et Mon-El sur Slavermoon


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Harley Quinn Smith: Izzy
Ian  Gomez: Snapper Carr's
Dichen Lachman: Roulette


Men: Do you see her? Yeah! Yes! Yes! Faster. Faster!


Kara: Didn't you have friends?

James: End of the line, fellas. He's coming to you.


Winn: What am I supposed to… Oh, there he is.


James: Do something!

Winn: Oh, yeah baby. I did it! I did it! That was big. No, no, don't, no!

James: Winn, you okay?


Alex: Jewel thieves?

Kara: Nabbed. I nabbed them. But, of course, Guardian had to show up and pick up some of the stragglers. That guy is really starting to get on my nerves.

Alex: But he did help. That's something…

Kara: Yeah, barely. I was the one who had to dodge the surface-to-air missiles. All he did was slap cuffs on wrists.

Alex: Okay, what's bothering you? And it's not Guardian.

Kara: Who says anything's bothering me?

Alex: Crinkle.

Kara:  Crinkle. I'm gonna get Botox for that. If you can figure out a way to get a needle in my skin, I mean.

Alex: Kara.

Kara: I don't know, I just… I'm in a funk. I mean, stopping jewel thieves? And that bank robbery last week, it's just… It's easy.

Alex: So?

Kara: So… So lately, I feel like I'm protecting jewels and money more than I'm protecting people.

Alex: You were a hero tonight, so go home, celebrate.

Kara: Do you wanna come over? We could catch up on The Night Of.

Alex: I can't I have plans. Unless you need me to cancel though.

Kara: No, no. I need you to go be with your girlfriend.

Alex: I can't have a… I have a girlfriend.

Kara: Go, honey.

Alex’s apartment

Alex:  You're wearing my T-shirt.

Maggie: Yeah, is that okay?

Alex: That's amazing. I mean, like, you're in my apartment and it's morning and you slept in my apartment, and now you're wearing my T-shirt and making coffee and I can't believe this is happening and everything coming out of my mouth is very cliched.

Maggie: It's called being happy. Get used to it, Danvers.

Alex: I think I am getting used to it.

Maggie: Oh, we're late for work.

Alex: I don't care if I ever go to work again. I mean, can't we just quit? And stay here in this apartment forever?

Maggie: I don't know about forever, but maybe we can just settle for the morning?

Alex: We could call in sick…

Maggie: Maybe.

Alex: I've got the black lung.

Maggie: The black lung.


Kara: Hey, Chief, have I got a story for you.

Snapper: I get five minutes to myself. Five minutes for my coffee and Danish.

Kara: It's a great story. It's actually an inside look on the jewel heist Supergirl stopped last night.

James: Actually, I heard the Guardian was pretty instrumental in stopping the heist. And I had some free time this morning, so I wrote a piece on it.

Kara: Guardian? I mean, sure, he picked up Supergirl's scraps, but they were firing missiles at Supergirl. I mean, I can't believe that you're still team Guardian. It's so weird.

James: Why wouldn't I be? He's doing a great job. And I… Am I wrong, or didn't the Guardian actually catch the thieves?

Snapper: In the Venn diagram of things I care about, there is coffee and there is Danish the manna from heaven that keeps me barely, just barely tethered to the mortal coil. I told you to leave me alone.

Kara: Right, my desk is over here.

Snapper: Who are you?

Ms. Williams: I need your help.


Ms. Williams: My daughter Izzy disappeared three days ago. We had a fight. She told me that I never trust her judgment. She slammed the door. She never came home. I put these up all over. I called her friends, her father, no one's heard from her. The police just say that she's a runaway. And they say there isn't anything they can do.

Snapper: Your daughter ever run away before?

Ms. Williams: It was my birthday yesterday. She would've called me. I know something's wrong.

Kara: We're going to get her story out there, Ms. Williams. We're going to find your daughter.

Ms. Williams: Thank you. Thank you.

Snapper: "We're going to find your daughter"? Why would you tell her that?

Kara: Because we're going to help her. We are going to help her, right?

Snapper: Teenage runaways are not news. They are cliches. And we have more important stories to cover.

Kara: More important… What's more important than a mother finding her daughter?

Snapper: My coffee and my Danish, and the five minutes of peace and quiet you stole from me.

Alien bar

Kara: Excuse me? Oh, hi. Could I… Could I just please have a club soda?

Mon-El: Hey.

Kara: Hi.

Mon-El: Hi.

Kara : Do you work here?

Mon-El: I do. Yeah, you know after the, um… Gosh, after the incident, they were a little short-staffed, so I took a job.

Kara: Mmm-hmm.

Mon-El: And you know, I like alcohol. I've been known to like alcohol. So I just really feel like this is gonna be a great job for me.

Kara: Well, I'm glad someone's feeling like they fit in somewhere.

Mon-El: Oh, that's a sad sound? You wanna tell me what's going on? Huh? Come on, talk to me. I am a bartender now.

Kara: I've just been feeling betwixt and between of late.

Mon-El: Betwixt and between?

Kara: Yes. But, a story came across my desk today. A missing girl. I'm gonna find her.

Mon-El: Can I offer you some unsolicited advice?

Kara: Do I?

Mon-El: If you go looking for trouble… Trouble… Ye shall find.

Kara: Thank you for the completely useless advice. Mmm. That's not club soda.

Mon-El: Yeah, what exactly is club soda? Not this.

Kara: Thanks for meeting me.

Maggie: Always happy to help a Danvers. Here is the missing persons report on Izzy Williams that we have, but unfortunately …It's not that much.

Kara: Well, any little bit helps.

Maggie: You know, it's funny you asked for that.

Kara: Why?

Maggie: Well, we've just had a spike in missing persons over the last few weeks.

Kara: Do you have any theories? Serial killer? Kidnappings?

Maggie: Serial killers have patterns, kidnappers have motive. But what's odd is that there's nothing to connect these disappearances. There's Izzy Williams, a father of four, a college student, the list goes on.

Kara: And they've all disappeared. Where are they?

Unknown place

Doctor: All righty. No problems with your blood work?

Man: Okay.

Doctor: We just have one last part of the test.

Man: All right.

Doctor: You stand right about here.

Man: Right here?

Doctor: Yeah.

Man: Okay. What is that? Is that an MRI machine?

Doctor: Something like that.

Man: Must be a new model. What're you doing? No. No!

Doctor: Another perfect candidate.

Roulette: Always happy to help.


Kara: Hey, Winn, I need you to look at the people on this flash drive. They're all missing. Can you check for, uh, links between them, their histories… Are you aware that you're wearing sunglasses… Indoors?

Winn: The future is so very bright.

Kara: Hmm…

Winn: Hey! No, no, no.

Kara: What happened to you?

Winn: I got mugged. It's fine.

Kara: Why didn't you tell me?

Winn: I will have that info for you very shortly.

Alex: Hey.

Kara: Hi.

Alex: Hi.

Kara: Hi!

Alex: What?

Kara: Look at you.

Alex: What?

Kara: Are you kidding? You look like you've been shot with a love ray.

Alex: Oh. Well, Maggie slept over last night.

Kara: Oh, my… Oh, my God!

Alex: Do you think everybody can tell?

Winn: Okay.

Alex: Oh! Hey, what happened to you?

Winn: I got mugged and I'm fine. And it hurts to smile. Okay, so there is a connection between those people on your list. They all had blood work done a few days before they disappeared.

Kara: Blood work? That's weird.

Alex: It's missing persons. Do you want me to come with you?

Kara: No, no. You just keep on glowing.

Alex: Okay.


Mon-El: You would not believe the size of those mutton chops, it was…Hey, Kara.

Kara: Hey…

Mon-El: Um…

Kara: Wait…What are you doing here?

Mon-El: I took the day off.

Kara: It's your second day.

Mon-El: Yeah, didn't wanna overdo it. So lunch?

Kara: No, actually, I'm working.

Mon-El: Oh, great. I'll come with you.

Kara: I… I don't think so.

Mon-El: Oh, come on! Come on, it'll be fun. You wanna find that missing girl, right? Hey, two heads are always better than one, right? Except on the planet Barvex, because they have two-headed cannibals.

Kara: Fine. Fine.

Mon-El: Yes.

Kara: Just keep your mouth shut.

Mon-El: Have I told you about the first time…

National City Clinical Research

Mon-El: Question, do you think I'm more of a Goofus, or more of a Gallant?

Kara: Goofus.

Doctor: Well, well, well, well, well. Hello.

Kara: Hi.

Mon-El: Hello.

Doctor: They told me two strapping young millennials had dropped by, and here you are.

Mon-El: Yes, we, uh, we work out a lot.

Kara: Yeah, we just wanted to, uh, get a better idea of what you do here before jumping in. We looked at your website, it just said you can make some quick cash.

Mon-El: Yeah, and we're trying to save up for a trip to Paris city.

Kara: It's just Paris.

Mon-El: Paris.

Doctor: Well, we're running a clinical trial on a new-to-market supplement.

Kara: Oh!

Doctor: We're just looking to examine the effect of the supplement on base metabolic rates. So, all we need to do is some blood work, and we'll have you in and out, and off to Paris city in no time.

Kara: Um, well, actually, we can't give blood. That is… That's against our religion.

Mon-El: Yes. Yes, we are very religious. Very into our gods.

Kara: God.

Mon-El: One God. We are madly monotheistic.

Doctor: Well, you both look young and healthy enough. Let's give it the old college try, shall we? How did you hear about our study? We have a recruiter, but she didn't tell me to expect anyone today.

Kara: Well, actually, a friend of mine told us about it. It's weird, I haven't heard from her since she came here.

Doctor: You, stand here.

Kara: Okay.

Doctor: And you… Stand here.

Kara: Well, maybe you remember her. Izzy Williams?

Doctor: Yeah, she did come through here.

Mon-El: What is that?

Doctor: You said you wanted to travel.

Kara: Go back to the DEO.

Mon-El: I just…

Kara: Tell Alex what happened and make sure a strike team follows me. I'm going in there.

Mon-El: Right, um… We don't know what's on the other side.

Kara: Izzy's on the other side and that's all that matters.

Mon-El: Wait, no…

Slaver’s moon

Kara : Ahh! Ooh!  What're you doing here?

Mon-El: Uh, I thought you might need my help. Hey, you're bleeding.

Kara: That is a red sun.

Mon-El: Like on Krypton and Daxam.

Kara: And we get our powers from the radiation of a yellow sun, so that means –

Mon-El: No powers.

Kara: No powers.

Mon-El: We need to get out of here. Well, now who's gonna help us?  We have to get it to work. Nobody knows we're here!

Kara: That's why I told you to get my sister.

Mon-El: You know what? It doesn't matter who's to blame. We just need to get back to Earth.

Kara: Aliens brought those people to this planet, and we're gonna find out why and save them.

Mon-El: Um, could you maybe just think about saving us for a second?

Kara: No one told you to come here. In fact, I specifically told you to not come.

Mon-El: Okay, and let's say we do find them. The portal is closed.

Kara: We'll figure something out. What's that?

Mon-El: Sounds like a short-range shuttle. That's a troop transport. Where is it going?

Kara: It's probably headed there.

Mon-El: Yeah, so we're going…

Kara: After it.

Mon-El: No. No, No, No. We are going away from Murder Castle because we don't have our powers anymore.

Kara: And?

Mon-El: Right. All right.


James: Hey…You good?

Winn: Peachy keen.

James: I got a real nice and easy 10-37 come over the scanner last night, and the cops still haven't found the suspicious vehicle. So I was, um… Just wondering if you wanted to…

Winn: I actually thought that just maybe you came to check up on me.

James: Dude, I came all the way out here because I knew you were upset.

Winn: Yeah, yeah. I'm upset. You know, I almost got killed.

James: Winn, everybody gets their ass kicked.

Winn: Just stop.

James: Winn, let me help…

Winn: Just stop! I'm good here, maybe. Or you know, at a desk, but I can't go out there with you again. I can't, all right? Just stop. I can't. I quit.

Alex:  Hey, am I Am I interrupting something?

Winn: No, no, we're good. Just um…What's up?

Alex: Have either of you heard from Kara? She's not answering her phone. Isn't she's supposed to be on a story?

Winn: Yeah, missing persons.

Alex: Okay, just text me the details.

Slaver’s moon

Mon-El: You know how on Earth they rate everything? One-star. This is a one-star.

Kara: I used to love going to other planets with my parents. They'd take me to the pretty ones, though. Not like this. We'd spend solstices on Sedenach…

Mon-El: Oh, yeah. The Bismuth mountains?

Kara: Yeah. Yeah, they'd grow right underneath our feet.

Mon-El: Yeah.

Kara: It's all those crystal staircases raising us up.

Mon-El: Took a girl there once. It's a great spot, you know…Uh, Kara?

Kara: What? Oh, come on, now you won't follow me?

Mon-El: Um, I can't. My leg is stuck.

Kara: What is this? What…This planet sucks.

National City Clinical Research

Alex: Are you seeing this? What the hell is this?


Winn: I've never seen anything like that.

Hank: I have.

Winn: Oh, no. I know that tone. That's a bad news tone.

Hank: It's a transmatter portal. A way to travel instantly between worlds.

Winn: Oh, my God! It's Stargate. Wait, does that mean that…

National City Clinical Research

Alex: Kara's not on Earth.

Slaver’s moon

Mon-El: It's Thanagarian snarebeast. And we're the next course.

Maaldorian: Jo Gunraf does not eat bipeds.

Mon-El: So you speak English?

Maaldorian: Oh, yes. Jo dissected a human once.

Mon-El: Of course he did.

Maaldorian: Learned your tongue. Hideous pink thing.

Kara: Eh, Jo… Jo, is it? We promise, we are not here to hurt you. We just… We want to help this girl.

Maaldorian: They brought her through portal. They took her to the Red Fortress where they sell carbon forms like you. Sell them like animals.

Kara: They've been kidnapping those people and selling them as slaves.

Maaldorian: Slaving is a big business on Maaldoria.

Mon-El: Wait, this is Maaldoria?

Kara: You know where we are?

Mon-El: The locals call it Slavers' Moon. The royal family on Daxam used to buy their slaves here.

Kara: I forgot they had slavery on Daxam.

Mon-El: There were a lot of things there I didn't agree with. We have to leave.

Kara: No.

Mon-El: We have to.

Kara: No, we have to find the people we came here for.

Maaldorian: No finding girl. Fortress bad. Many weapons. No way out. No way in…

Kara:  There is one way.


Kara: We surrender.

Mon-El: Yeah, yeah. I got it.

Kara: Hey.

Mon-El: Okay, yes. At least we got them right where we want them.

Kara: Izzy? Are you Izzy Williams?

Izzy: Supergirl, you… you know who I am?

Kara: Your mother is looking for you.

Izzy: You know my mother?

Kara: Uh…  A friend of mine is a reporter and… Your mother persuaded her to find out what happened to you. And she told me, that's why I'm here.

Izzy: You can save us. You can just knock down the walls.

Man: You're gonna get us all home!

Kara: I can't. I don't have my powers on this planet. But I will help you. All of you. I promise.

Roulette: Supergirl in my cage again.

Kara: Roulette?

Roulette: We have got to stop meeting like this.


Hank: Have you found the Transmat's terminus?

Winn: Yeah, ionization trail leads to the Arcturus system, planet 51, arc B.

Hank: That's Maaldoria. The heart of the intergalactic slave trade.

Alex: That's bad.

Hank: I'm afraid it gets worse.

Alex: Define worse.

Hank: Arcturus is a red sun.

Alex: So she won't have any of her powers? I should have gone with her. Why didn't I go with her?

Hank: You didn't know this was gonna happen, Alex.

Winn: Hey, we have the Martian Manhunter, right? He doesn't need a yellow sun. He'll go in there, and he'll get her, and everything be okay.

Hank: I can't join this rescue mission.

Winn: Exactly. Wait, what?

Hank: The air on Maaldoria is toxic to Martians. Some kind of silicate in the atmosphere. I can't help Kara, I'm sorry.

Alex: Hey, what are you doing here?

Maggie: You weren't returning my texts or calls. I was worried.

Alex: I've been busy. I'm sorry.

Maggie: Is this a bad time?

Alex: Yeah, it is, kind of. Supergirl's missing.

Maggie: If anyone can find her, it's you.

Alex: I knew this was gonna happen. I knew it.

Maggie: What are you talking about?

Alex: I was happy for, like, five minutes.

Maggie: What?

Alex: I'm sorry. This was a mistake. I'm sorry, you have to go. I'm sorry, I can't…

Maggie:  Okay. Got it. See you, Danvers.

Slaver’s moon

Roulette: Well, if this isn't deja vu.

Kara: Why are you here?

Mon-El: Yeah. Wait, who is this?

Roulette: I'm here because of you. You dismantled my club. I had nowhere else to go. So imagine my excitement when one of my fighters told me about Slavers' Moon. I jumped at the opportunity to help expand its market.

Kara: You are treating this like… Like you're selling coffee! You are selling people!

Roulette: I've taken human trafficking to the next level. These are prime specimens that can survive a lifetime of labor. They're good stock. And they'll sell for top dollar.

Kara: It's blood money.

Roulette: Blood diamonds, actually. This planet's lousy with them. They're like dirt to these Maaldorians.

Kara: Oh, man, I hate these guys.

Roulette: Good news, everybody. You've all been sold.

National City Clinical Research

Hank: We only had time to fabricate the one. It won't last long. So make it count.

Alex: I will.

Hank: Bring our girl home.

Alex: Winn.

Winn: Okay, so this should open the transmat on the other side.

Alex: Yeah, well, keep it. You're coming with me.

Winn: No, um, yeah, this is, it's pre-programed. Uh, so you just hit the button and you're thinking with portals, right? You don't need me.

Alex; Yeah, no. I want your hands at the controls.

Winn: No, no.

Hank: Agent Schott, she wasn't asking you. That's an order.

Winn: I'm sorry…

Alex: Winn.

Winn: I'm not gonna be of any help to you out there. I mean… Okay fine, this, I wasn't mugged. All right, I was trying to help Guardian and I… If he'd showed up two seconds later, I don't…

Alex:  Hey, Kara needs you. Okay? I need you

Winn: I'm scared.

Alex: You don't think I was afraid the first time I went out in the field? Dude, I was terrified. But nobody gets better by running away.

Slaver’s moon

Kara: Okay, listen. I know that you're all scared. But we're going to find a way out of here. Don't worry.

Mon-El: Psst!

Kara: Did you just "Psst"?

Mon-El: Yeah. Come here. So, we're stuck in the most dangerous planet in the galaxy. We don't have our powers, and you're optimistic how?

Kara: Because they need us to be.

Mon-El: See, this is what I've been telling you. Kara, you know, if you go looking for trouble, you will always find it. And you do. You're like the winner at it.

Kara: That's what heroes do. They fight. They don't sit and hide in a bar because it's easier than getting involved.

Mon-El: I'm not hiding, I'm being smart. It's a dangerous universe. And why do you have to be the one who saves everyone every time?

Kara: Because our worlds may have been destroyed, but we were spared for a reason.

Mon-El: Ah, luck.

Kara: I refuse to believe that. I believe you keep fighting… Whether you're stuck on another world, whether or not you have your powers, you never give in. That's the difference between you and me.

Doctor: It's time to go, Earthlings. Move.

Kara: No.

Mon-El: Hey, hey.

Doctor: Move!

Kara: No.

Doctor:  Hit her again.

Izzie: Let's go! You didn't give up, so neither will we.

Kara: Thank you. Let's get them in the cell.

Mon-El: And you can stand right there.

Izzie: Well, now what?

Kara: Now we get the hell out of here. Go, go.


Winn: Outer-space. I am in outer-space.

Alex: And if you don't wanna stay in outer-space forever, then figure out how to dial us home. I'm tracking Kara's earpiece. Make sure this thing is open by the time we come back.

Winn: Wait, wait, come back.

Alex: Yeah, you'll be fine.

Winn: I'm not a Red Shirt. I'm not a Red Shirt. I'm not a Red Shirt.


Alex: Oh, I got dibs.


Mon-El: Hey, give me that. Give me that. Go, go.

Kara: Through here. Through here. Go, go, go. Move, move, move! Come on, we gotta hurry. Through here. This way. Come on, go, go. Hurry. Make it through. Come on. Let's go, let's go. Hurry, come on, come on. Move, move! Come on, run! Go, go. Let's hurry. What were you doing?

Mon-El: Hey, we know her.

Kara: You found us?

Alex: Always. We gotta hurry up. Winn's waiting for us.

Kara: Wait. You brought Winn to space?


Winn: Oh! That did not happen how it was supposed to happen. Okay, shoot. Oh! Ha! Ha! I'm not the Red Shirt! I'm not the Red Shirt! You. You're the Red Shirt!

Kara: Winn!

Winn: Supergirl! Look, I'm a badass!

Mon-El: Start the car! Start the car!  Go, go, go, go, go.

Kara: Go, go.

Alex: Go.

Kara: Come on.

Mon-El: In the portal.

Alex: Go. Go.

Maaldorian: Jo help carbon forms. Carbon forms get Jo off planet forever?

Kara: Yes, yes, and carbon forms agree. Just go.

Maaldorian: Hello. Hello.

Kara: Winn, that is a big spaceship. Go.

Alex: Oh…

Mon-El: Crap.

Izzy: Supergirl! Please help!

Kara: Izzy!

Mon-El: No, no, wait.

Alex: Let's hope this thing works.

Mon-El: What was that?

Alex: It's a yellow sun grenade. Little taste of home.

Mon-El: Nice!

Kara: Let's go. Go, go, go! Go through.

National City Clinical Research

Mon-El: We did it.

Kara: Oh, I'm so glad you're okay. Hey, thanks for the recharge.

Alex: No, it was all this guy's idea.

Hank: I couldn't make the trip myself, so I thought I'd send a little sun along. Welcome home, Supergirl.

Kara: Thanks, J'onn.

Maaldorian:  Earth smells funny. Always smell like this?


Ms. Williams: Oh! Oh, my baby.

Izzy: I'm so sorry, Mom. I should've listened to you. I love you.


Snapper: "Slavers' Moon?" Very catchy.

Kara: All those runaways? They were being sold as alien slave labor. That's a big story. Eight thousand words, personal accounts from the cells, from the auction house, from the daughter, Izzy… Whose disappearance you didn't want me looking into.

Snapper: You want a medal? Submit yourself to Pulitzer.

Kara: I know that you want me to follow my head, but I would rather be wrong about a dozen leads than not follow the ones I believe in. That's the kind of reporter I wanna be. I'm always going to follow my heart.

Snapper: Your therapy bills.

Kara: Have a great day, Chief.

Snapper: Atta girl, Danvers.


Winn: Hey, so about what I said before…Forget every word of it because I am back, baby!

James: What changed your mind?

Winn: Uh…

James: Rocks? Rocks changed your mind?

Winn: Those rocks are from an alien planet I just visited.

James: You're serious?

Winn: Mmm-hmm.

James: Wait. So, hold on… You went to another planet without me? No way.

Winn: Milky Way. See, here's the thing, my friend. Guardian, he protects the Earth, but Agent Schott? He protects the stars. I'll see you on the street, James.

Alex’s apartment

Alex: Thank you for coming.

Maggie: I almost didn't. I just… I don't… I don't think you're ready for this.

Alex: No. No, no, no, I am. I am. Hey, I just… I just went kind of went crazy and… I just… I feel like the universe is just magically smacking me down from being happy.

Maggie: That's it? You gotta give me more than that.

Alex: I have always felt so responsible. Like, weight of the world responsible. And my parents always relied on me to watch over my sister, so the few times that I've ever did anything for myself, it ended badly. And then Supergirl went missing and I just, I blew a gasket and…

Maggie:  Because Supergirl's your sister.

Alex: What are you talking about?

Maggie: Come on. Look, I know you. The only person you get that torn up over is Kara. Plus, the glasses don't help.

Alex: I always said that too. It's kind of ridiculous. I'm… I'm glad that you know. Because I don't, I don't want there to be any secrets.

Maggie: Bad stuff happens. In our line of work, it happens all the time. How do I know you're not gonna run next time it does?

Alex: I won't. I'm sorry. I just wanna be happy with you.

Maggie: You get one, Alex.

Alex: Understood. Thank you.

Kara’s apartment

Kara: Hi.

Mon-El: Club soda?

Kara: I see, thank you.

Mon-El: I found it. You look cozy and comfortable.

Kara: Well, I am.

Mon-El: So you still feeling betwixt and between?

Kara: No, no, I feel amazing.

Mon-El: Good, good.

Kara: So what brings you by?

Mon-El: Oh, you know, some shopping… A little evening stroll. No, I, um… There we are. I was wrong. That's what I wanted to…

Kara:  About? Because the list of things you were wrong about is, is, it's long.

Mon-El: Yes, long list. Um, I… About getting involved. And then I saw you with those people and… There wasn't much to inspire me on Daxam.

Kara: What about the Prince?

Mon-El: He wasn't worth admiring. But I wanna be. So that's the next thing. I've made a decision…

Kara: Sounds decisive.

Mon-El: It's very decisive. I wanna be a superhero.

Kara: Say what?

Mon-El: Like you. With a name and an outfit, maybe a cape.

Kara: You want the suit.

Mon-El: No. No. I mean, yes. I want the suit, but no, no, I wanna… I wanna get my hands dirty, you know, like… I wanna do something.

Kara: You're serious?

Mon-El: Yeah.

Kara: If you take this road, easy is over.

Mon-El: Well, I don't want easy.

Kara: Cape can get heavy sometime.

Mon-El: I want a heavy cape.

Kara: Come on.

Mon-El: I wanna help you keep the world spinning. To prove that I was spared for a reason.

Kara: You're gonna have to listen to me…

Mon-El: Pfft. I will listen to you. I will, I will. This time I will.

Kara: Well, you got me something, it's funny. I got you something, too.

Mon-El: You got me something?

Kara: Yes.

Mon-El: What's that? Wow! For me? My very own?

Kara: Mmm-hmm! Mmm-hmm.

Mon-El: Can I ask why?

Kara: Yesterday, you were a little less Goofus, and a little more Gallant.

Mon-El: You noticed? I'll take it.

Slaver’s moon

Doctor: May I help you? He's not here. He left.

Man: Where? Where is Mon-El of Daxam?

Doctor: Earth. He's gone to Earth. No!

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