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#207 : Au cœur de Cadmus

Alors que Guardian essaie de laver son nom après avoir été accusé d'un meurtre commis par un autre vigilante, Supergirl se lance dans une mission solo pour sauver Mon-El qui a été capturé par CADMUS. En combattant pour libérer Mon-El, Supergirl se trouve face à face avec Cyborg Superman.


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The Darkest Place

Titre VF
Au cœur de Cadmus

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Mon-El en cellule chez Cadmus

Mon-El en cellule chez Cadmus

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers et Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)

Alex Danvers et Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)

Maggie Sawyer et Alex Danvers

Maggie Sawyer et Alex Danvers

Lilian Luthor et Supergirl

Lilian Luthor et Supergirl

Lilian Luthor garde Supergirl prisonière

Lilian Luthor garde Supergirl prisonière

Supergirl et Lilian Luthor

Supergirl et Lilian Luthor

Supergirl et Mon-El à Cadmus

Supergirl et Mon-El à Cadmus

Supergirl en cellule à Cadmus

Supergirl en cellule à Cadmus

Winn et James dans le bureau de James

Winn et James dans le bureau de James

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks)

Winn et James Olsen à CatCo

Winn et James Olsen à CatCo

Winn (Jeremy Jordan)

Winn (Jeremy Jordan)


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Unknown place

Kara : Why are you doing this?

Cyborg Superman: Because it's time for you to die.

Flashback, 24 hours ago

Alien bar

Kara : Cheers.

Alex : Cheers.

James : This place is… Exotic.

Winn : Hmm. You know, for a place that caters to aliens, they have some pretty good chicken wings.

Kara : How do you know that's chicken?

Newscaster : The latest in a series of armored truck robberies was thwarted last night when National City's newest crime fighter took a stand.

Kara : The new guy. Of course.

James : Guardian? (CLEARS THROAT) I thought you said he helped you.

Kara : He did…

James : But?

Kara : But, I don't know, I just don't think the city should be putting its trust in him so quickly.

James : Well, I mean the armored truck robber that he stopped wasn't a joke. Apparently, it was, like, three versus one.

Kara : I didn't say he wasn't impressive. I just said I didn't know if he's trustworthy.

James : Well, what do you have against the guy?

Kara : Ah, well, for starters, why wear a mask? Why cover your face when you're on the up and up? I don't wear a mask.

Winn : I will say this about the guy. He photographs well. Like, well, his suit does.

Alex : I bet he's working with a partner.

Winn : Why? Why would you say that?


Winn : Whoa, bad guy number three at your six! He is gonna need some shield in three, two, one. I love it when they go clang.

James : So what's next?

Winn: Flasher in Finley Park?

James : Uh, hard pass.

Alien bar

Alex : I'm just saying, in every situation, Guardian seems to be one step ahead. That screams sidekick.

Winn : Sidekick? Okay, so if, if this guy actually had a number two, I think they would actually be more equals.

Kara : My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, Lots of demons. I mean, vigilantes are nuts.

James : Or maybe you are just afraid of the competition.

Kara : No. No. No. No. Alex, you agree with me, right? I mean, masks, the voice changer thing, it's weird. It's weird.

Maggie : Danvers! Hi. It's been a hot minute. How are you?

Alex : Yeah. Good. Good, yeah. Uh, everybody, this is Maggie. Maggie, this is, um, everybody. James, Winn and Kara.

Maggie : Oh! The sister! Oh, I've heard so much about you from Alex.

Kara : And I've heard all about you.

Maggie : Um, can I borrow you a minute?

Alex : Yeah.

Maggie : Hey, so, you haven't returned any of my calls. I've been worried about you.

Alex : Oh, I've been working.

Maggie : Right. Must have been a lot of rogue aliens at large.

Alex : There always are.

Maggie : Listen, I I just wanted to make sure things were okay with us. Because the last time we saw each other, things got a little, uh, you know, like, complicated.

Alex : I don't know. I thought they were pretty straightforward. I'm fresh off the boat. That's not your thing. It's no big deal.

Maggie : Yeah, I like you, Alex. It's just, you know, the situation. It's nothing personal.

Alex : No, I didn't think it was.

Maggie : Okay. Good. Still friends?

Alex : Of course.

Maggie : Yeah.

Kara : You okay?

Alex : Yeah, I'm good. So, where is Mon-El? I mean, doesn't he practically live at this place?

Kara : Oh, knowing him? He's probably at Darla's apartment or Eve's apartment or with that blond Valeronian. What's the word for a male floozy?

Alex : A Daxamite?

Kara : Ha. Well, at least he's having fun on Earth.

Unkown place

Mon-El : If you could just tell me why I'm here, I promise it would be a good conversation starter. Okay. I give up. What's your favorite baseball team? That's the one with the hoop and the tall guys bouncing the ball, right? Oh. A courtship ring. You know, I've just learned that there is a long-standing mating ritual here where if you like it, you should've put a ring on it. Clearly you've been successful in this arena. So… But from the looks of you, she can't be that pretty.What do you call ugly women on this planet? Is it cats? No, dogs…

Man : Don't think you're so important that I won't shoot you.

Mon-El : Well, that would be a relief from staring at your ugly face.

Lillian Luthor : Leaving so soon?

Mon-El : J'onn!

Cyborg Superman : Mon-El. Get out of here.

Lillian Luthor : If you want your friend to live, I suggest you don't listen to him and stand down.

Cyborg Superman: Don't listen to her. Run!

Mon-El : No! Okay. Okay.

Lillian Luthor : Now that's a good choice.


M’gann : Knock. Knock.

Hank : M'gann. We're good, we're good. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

M’gann : I just wanted to see how you were feeling.

Hank : Well, thanks to you and your Martian blood, I'm almost at 100%. I hope you don't want it back.

M’gann : I, uh, whipped up a batch of K'rkzar's tonic for you.

Hank : My grandmother would make us drink this whenever we were unwell.

M’gann : I used ghost peppers to replicate z'arr roots.

Hank : First you save my life, then you make it better.

M’gann : J'onn? What is it?

Hank : I'm good. I should, uh… I should get back to work.

M’gann : Okay. Well, I'm, I'm glad you're feeling better.


Man : You ain't the police. This is wrongful imprisonment, kidnapping. I know a lawyer, you freak!

James : Good. You're going to need one.

Winn: What about a hostage situation?

James: Now, that is more my speed.

Man : What? You costumed freaks rove in packs? No…


James : Oh, hey. Wait. Where's the fire?

Woman : Breaking news on the Guardian.

James : Okay. Who'd the Guardian save this time?

Woman : Saved? You mean murdered.

James : Snapper, what's this about the Guardian?

Snapper : One of our police sources sent us this security footage.

James : Looks like a hero to me.

Snapper : Wait for it.

James : No, that's not right. The Guardian didn't kill that guy.

Snapper : You need glasses, Olsen. You just saw it.

James: What no… What I saw was the Guardian leave. When the Guardian left, that man was alive.

Snapper: So he changed his mind, came back and blew the guy away.

James: No. He wouldn't do that.

Snapper: Oh, God. I should've known.

James: Should have known what?  

Snapper: You're a textbook case of confirmation bias. You only side with those who confirm your already pre-existing beliefs and ignore anyone who disagrees with you. You're in the tank for superheroes.

James: I'm not in a tank for superheroes.

Snapper: Oh, please. As the kids say, you're BFFs with Superman. You've assigned 18 front page stories in the past month alone to Supergirl. You said it yourself, Olsen. The camera doesn't lie.

Winn: Uh, hi. Very sorry. Uh, excuse me. I have an emergency that only James Olsen can solve.


Winn: We are screwed. Do you hear what they're saying, dude?

James: You need to calm down.

Winn: I cannot calm down! You have gone from National City's golden boy to Public Enemy Number One in a matter of hours! Okay. Everything we've built is coming down, man.

James: Just keep your voice down. Take a breath. Now. Okay?

Winn: Okay.

James: First and foremost, and most importantly, I didn't kill that guy.

Winn: Dude. They've got you on tape.

James: It wasn't me!

Winn: Well, it's on tape, all right? And if they find you, they find me. I'm your accomplice. I can't survive in prison! I've seen every season of Oz. We gotta shut this Guardian thing down right now.

James: No! No. We are not shutting this down because some gun nut wants to use us as a smoke screen. Okay, not when we're making a difference. I mean, come on.

Winn: Well, how are we supposed to make a difference in jail?

James:  Look. You have to trust me, okay? Now, I have a lead on a drug shipment coming in to the wharf tonight. Now this copycat lunatic shows up, we'll get two bad guys for the price of one. It's the only way to clear our names.

Winn: Why am I strong enough to say no to joining your fantasy football league, but not this?


Kara: That was really beautiful.

Hank: I learned it from a Shaolin Monk in the late 1800s. Whenever I'm feeling out of sorts, it brings me back to center.

Kara: Are you still feeling sick from the Parasite?

Hank: I keep seeing my wife and daughters. K'hym. T'ania. Like they're in the room with me.

Kara: Maybe this has something to do with M'gann. When I got to Earth, I saw my parents everywhere. I was in my room one night, I remember looking up at the stars and feeling so alone. I started to cry. And Eliza came in my room. And I yelled at her to get out.

Hank: Yelled? It's hard to imagine you as a teenager.

Kara: Well, I wasn't always this mature. Eliza refused to leave. She said that my parents would want me to be loved, and that nothing would replace them. That they were a part of who I am. It was the first time I ever let her really hug me, and that was the first time I didn't feel alone anymore. Having M'Gann in your life doesn't mean losing your family. It means feeling whole again.


Man 1: Three keys dust.

Man 2: You couldn't put it in a briefcase or something? You've got to carry it around like a goldfish?

Man 1: I'm cutting down on overhead.

James: Who are you? What're you doing?

Vigilante: Keeping our city safe just like you.

James: I don't kill.

Vigilante: Maybe you should. I thought we could be allies, but you aren't willing to do what's necessary to see justice done.

Maggie: NCPD! Drop the shield and get your hands in the air!

James: You're making a mistake.

Maggie: Damn it.


Alex: NCPD has Guardian pinned down near the wharf. They just called for backup.

Kara: Let's get this guy once and for all.

Lillian Luthor: Hello, Kryptonian.

Kara: Cadmus.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor: Got it in one. And do you know why we call ourselves that? Cadmus was the very first Greek hero.


Kara: If you think you're a hero, you're crazier than I thought.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor: I'm inviting you over. We already have a guest waiting for you. Your Daxamite friend.


Lillian Luthor: But if you tell anyone where you're headed, he dies. If you refuse to come, he dies.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor: Come to me, Supergirl. But I should warn you. In the myths, Cadmus was really only famous for one thing. He killed monsters.

Kara: J'onn, what're you doing here?

Cyborg Superman: I think the real question is, what are you doing here? I should have locked you in that laboratory when I had the chance.

Kara: You're Hank Henshaw. The real Hank Henshaw. You survived?

Cyborg Superman: Yes, I survived. But that alien, that thing from Mars, stole my life. It took everything from me. But Cadmus saved me.

Kara: And now you work for them?

Cyborg Superman: When I ran the DEO, we hunted aliens. Now Cadmus has inherited that glorious purpose. To end alien life on this planet.

Kara: Good luck with that.

Cyborg Superman: My turn.

End of flashback

Unknown place

Kara: Why are you doing this?

Cyborg Superman: Because it's time for you to die. You and the rest of the alien scum have no place on this planet. Hank Henshaw is dead. I'm Cyborg Superman.


Maggie on TV : We've issued an arrest order for the vigilante known as "Guardian" on multiple counts of assault and murder. We urge any citizens with knowledge of Guardian's whereabouts or identity…

Alex:  Hey, Winn, have you heard from Kara? The last I heard she was on her way to help capture Guardian.

Winn: Huh, she, she probably just missed him. She's at CatCo, I'm sure. Um, speaking of Guardian, you've got to tell your friend to lay off him. Like…

Alex: Why? What's it to you?

Winn: You know, it's, um, you know, it's just, with your sister, and Superman, and Hank even, sometimes or J'onn…  Well, I just I really support the vigilante cause.

Alex: Yeah, well, you heard it from my "friend" on the TV. Guardian isn't a vigilante. He's a murderer.

Winn: Actually. No. He's not.

Alex: Do you know something about Guardian, Winn?  

Winn: Is…  I just I know he's not a bad guy. All right. So, if you can just have your friend, Maggie, please give him a break.

Alex: I know six different very painful ways to get you to tell me who Guardian is, using my index finger. But before I go there…

Winn: It's James. It's James. Guardian is James.

Alex: Are you kidding me?

Winn: What're you doing? What're you doing?

Alex: I'm calling Kara.

Winn: No! You can't call Kara. Alex, you can't tell anyone, not your sister, not Maggie. No one. Right, James is out there, trying to help. And he helped, he helped stop Parasite. And he's going to help stop whoever this is who's really killing these people, because you and I both know, James Olsen isn't a murderer. Thank you. Hey.

Alex: I'll deal with the both of you later.

Unknown place

Kara: Mon-El.

Mon-El: Are you okay?

Kara: Now I know how the bad guys feel when I pummel them. Yeah, I'm okay.

Mon-El: They captured J'onn, too.

Kara: That wasn't J'onn. Remember I once told you J'onn assumed the identity of a human? That's the human, Hank Henshaw. Only they enhanced him somehow.

Mon-El: They tricked me. The bars are made from Nth metal from Thanagar. They're unbreakable. So, what is this place? Who are these people?

Kara: It's called Cadmus. It's run by scientists who want to wipe aliens off the face of the planet.

Mon-El: News just gets better by the second. So what? I'm the, uh, the lucky first contestant?

Kara: No… No, they kidnapped you to get to me.


Maggie: Huh, Danvers, I was just texting you.

Alex: I need you to lay off Guardian.

Maggie: You mean National City's masked serial killer? No way.

Alex: He's not a killer, Maggie. You're targeting the wrong guy.

Maggie: Okay, I'm listening.

Alex: That's it.

Maggie: If you want me to drop my prime murder suspect, you gotta give me more than that.

Alex: I can't. It's classified.

Maggie: Come on, Alex. We're friends.

Alex: No, Maggie, we're not friends.

Maggie: Oh. Okay, I'm lost. What happened?

Alex: We hung out, we got close, then you called me out for liking you, and then I had the guts to admit, "Yes, it's true." And you told me that my feelings were real and that I deserved to be happy, and so I thought you meant I deserved to be happy with you.

Maggie: Alex…

Alex: No, no, no. I'm not done. Because then you convinced me to come out to my sister. And I did, because I was sure of one thing. And that was my feelings for you.

Initially, I was terrified. But ultimately, I was proud to come out because it wasn't just some concept. It was about my feelings for this amazing woman. But now? I don't feel liberated, or like I'm on some great journey. All I feel is pain because you don't want me.

Maggie: Alex, that's not why…

Alex: Just, you know what, save it. Okay, let's… It's not what's important right now. What's important is that you back off Guardian.


Alex: Hey, um, have you heard from Kara?

Hank: No. She hasn't checked in yet. Are you worried?

Alex: It's not like her to go radio silent.

Hank: Let's give her sometime before we press the panic button.

Alex: J'onn! Put your weapon down. J'onn! Stand down.

Hank: Alex, you need to run some tests on me. Something's wrong.

Unknown place

Lillian Luthor: Supergirl. I don't believe we've been introduced.

Kara: I've seen you before in Lena Luthor's office. What were you doing there?

Lillian Luthor: I might ask you the same. I don't like the idea of you around my daughter.

Kara: You're Lillian Luthor. Lex and Lena's mother.

Lillian Luthor: I'm a lot of things. A doctor, a patriot, a mother…

Kara: A liar, a kidnapper, a killer. Does Lena know about Cadmus? Does she know who her mother really is?

Lillian Luthor: And what are you to my daughter?

Kara: I'm a friend.

Lillian Luthor: I've heard that before. Years ago, Superman came to my son, Lex, and promised him the world. A new dawn for mankind. Lex believed him, poor thing. And then he watched as your kinsman infected this country with his propaganda, as his power became unchecked. And when Lex tried to take that power back, Superman convinced the world Lex was evil. My darling boy. My genius son.  An actual Superman, behind bars for life. Because you and your kind will stop at nothing to poison the Earth.

Kara: You're out of your mind.

Lillian Luthor: We'll agree to disagree.

Kara: So, what am I doing here?

Lillian Luthor: I need something from you. I need you to be human for a little while. I know from your fight with Red Tornado when you expel enough of your heat vision, you deplete the solar radiation in your cells, leaving you as helpless as any mere mortal. I've designed this helmet to absorb the radiation.

Kara: You want me to solar flare? That's never gonna happen.

Lillian Luthor: I can't hurt you. But I can hurt him.

Kara: No! Mon-El!

Lillian Luthor: Now we've been studying your friend. He's powerful, but has a very bad lead allergy.

Say you'll do it and I'll let him live. Or I could just put one in his heart right now.

Kara: No! Okay, okay! I'll do it. Stop!

Mon-El: Please. Don't.

Kara: I'm not gonna let you die. Give me the helmet.

Lillian Luthor: Thank you. Well. It worked. Take her.

Mon-El: Supergirl! Supergirl!


Kara: What are you going to do with me? What are you doing? She was supposed to save Mon-El. That was our deal! Where is she?

Lillian Luthor: I suggest you relax. It will all be over soon.

Kara: Why do you need my blood?


James: Where have you been, bro? We've got to get this guy.

Winn: Dude, genius takes time. Okay. I think I've found something.

James: What you got?

Winn: All right. So our evil, trigger-happy vigilante, right? If his MO is killing all criminals, why didn't he kill the drug dealer? Huh? He completely skipped over the guy selling the drugs, and only targeted the guy buying the drugs. Strange, right?

James: Yeah.

Winn: Right. So, I looked into the background of our drug buyer and he was convicted of drug possession but he was released from jail on a technicality.

James: So?

Winn: So, the first guy that your evil twin shot, the stick-up guy you hung upside-down? Awesome. Uh, he had a prior murder conviction but was also released on a technicality. Juror misconduct.

James: So he's targeting criminals that he thinks gamed the system.

Winn: Right. So I looked into more bad guys who got lucky. And one jumped out at me. This guy, now he was accused of shooting a woman named Julie Karnowsky. But the judge declared a mistrial after the murder weapon was deemed improperly classified.

James: Okay.

Winn: So Julie's husband, Phillip, was understandably very upset about all this. Thing is, Philip Karnowsky is an ex-SEAL. Three tours in the worst parts of Iraq. And no one has seen him for months.

James: You think Karnowsky's our man?

Winn: The guy who killed his wife was found dead last week. Shot. Now my hunch is Karnowsky got a taste for revenge and now he wants to make everybody he thinks got away with murder pay for it.

James: And do you have any clue where he might be now?

Winn: Better. I think I know who his next victim is.


Hank: I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me when I saw the vision of my family, but now I realize it's much more than that.

Alex: All your blood work came back normal after M'Gann's blood transfusion.

Hank: Seeing my family is one thing. Almost killing a DEO agent I thought was a White Martian, that's something else entirely.

Alex: Okay. Blood cell count is normal. Creatine, enzymes, platelets, too. Oh, that's odd. Your hematocrit levels are down. Could be dehydration, higher concentration of sodium, so let me check. I've never seen that before.

Hank: I have.

Alien bar

Hank: Going somewhere?

M’gann: J'onn, let me explain.

Hank: Explain how you're a White Martian? - How you intend to exterminate me? –

M’gann: No!

Hank: Then where were you running off to? To tell your people where I am?

M’gann: I would never hurt you. I'm not like the others. I wanted to protect you.

Hank: You're a liar!

M’gann: You're right. But I am not like them. You need to believe me. It was me at the internment camp near the Galle Crater, the one I told you about. I was that White Martian. I was the one who couldn't bear to watch another innocent die. I refused the kill order. I tried to free as many Green Martians as I could. I wanted to get them all to safety but the other guards, they came after us. I barely escaped.

Hank: Show yourself!

Unknown place

Mon-El: What did they do to you?

Kara: They took my blood.

Mon-El: And?

Kara: And that was it.

Mon-El: Are you okay?

Kara: I'm scared.

Mon-El? If something happens, if… If I don't get out of here, I need you to tell Alex something for me. I need you to tell her to just keep living her life on her own terms. Tell her I wasn't scared, okay?

Mon-El: Well, if I don't make it and you do, you're welcome to tell everyone I was scared out of my mind. I have to think, why me? Why am I the only one who survived Daxam? If I die in this cell, maybe I deserve to.

Kara: You don't deserve to die. You deserve to survive. That Prince on Daxam sacrificed himself because he saw you were worth it.

Mon-El: Kara, about Daxam, there's… There's something I have to tell you.

Jeremiah: Come with me.

Kara: Who are you?

Jeremiah: Kara. It's me.

Kara: Jeremiah. I can't believe it.

Jeremiah: We have to move.

Kara: Oh, my God. Mon-El!

Jeremiah: The lead poison is spreading. I need to take the bullet out now.

Kara: We should have found you sooner.

Jeremiah: That doesn't matter now. You were off saving the world. I'm so proud of who you've become.

Kara: But, but Alex… When she sees you, she's… She's had to be so strong. She took over everything.

Jeremiah: She was always been too strong for her own good. Almost got it.

Mon-El: Thank you.

Jeremiah: Come on. We're out of time. Go down this hallway. There's an escape at the end.

Kara: No! I'm not leaving you. I'm not losing you again.

Jeremiah: Kara, I'll be fine. Please. Just go. I'll slow them down. I've been here 15 years, I'll survive a little longer.

Kara: If I leave you here, Alex will never forgive me.

Jeremiah: Kara, if you die here, there will be no one to forgive.

Kara: I love you.

Jeremiah: I love you, too. Now go. Go!

Alien bar

Hank: Show me your true self. I want to look my enemy in the eye as I avenge the deaths of my wife and daughters.

M’gann: Kill me, if that's what you want. But not like that. This is who I want to be.


James: It's okay. I'm here to rescue you.

Vigilente: It's not you he's afraid of.


Winn: Go high and to the left.


James: I thought you said high and left!


Winn: That was to avoid bullets. I did not realized he had grenades.


Man: Did it feel good, killing that boy? I got off. They let me go.

Vigilente: That just makes you lucky. Well, your luck's just run out.

James: Your wife wouldn't want this, Phillip. That is your name, isn't it? Phillip Karnowsky?

Phillip: Do you have any idea what it's like to lose someone you love? It's like never being able to breathe again.

James: I understand loss, Phillip. I lost my father. But I'm not killing people in his name. Because I want to honor his memory, not destroy it.

Phillip: Then you're a fool.

Alex: Those sirens are getting louder.

Maggie: Well, he better get out of here while he can.


Alex: Oh, my God. I just heard. I had no idea Cadmus took you. I should have been there…

Kara: Alex. Alex! Jeremiah helped us escape.

Alex: You saw Dad?

Kara: And I know where he is.

Unkown place

Alex: Damn it.


M’gann: Thanks for sparing my life.

Hank: I spared you so you can rot in this cell for all eternity. Not because I care.

M’gann: You're still sick, J'onn.

Hank: More lies.

M’gann: That's why I was afraid to give you my blood. The White Aliens have been experimenting in the camps. They wanted to find alternative ways to exterminate the Green Martian race. They found a way. It's why your hands have been shaking and you've been hallucinating. My blood is turning you into a White Martian. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Kara’s apartment

Alex: Who's hungry?

Kara: Yes! Comfort food!

James: You guys survived Cadmus, the least we could do is get you pizza and pot stickers.

Alex: I'm sorry they're cold.

Kara: That's okay. Not anymore.

Winn: Oh, yeah! She got her powers back.

Newscaster: Guardian has been cleared of all charges and hailed as a hero for assisting in the arrest of serial killer Phillip Karnowsky.

Kara: All right. I admit it. I was wrong about Guardian. I'm really glad he was there to help you, Alex.

James: Well, I hate to say "I told you so," but…

Kara:  You love to say "I told you so."

James: Hmm, I do.

Kara: I still wanna know who's under that mask though.

Alex: Oh, I'm sure he'll reveal himself soon enough.

Kara: Mmm?

Mon-El: Oh, yes. Thank you.

Kara: It's good to be home.

Mon-El: You didn't find our adjoining cells cozy?

Kara: You were really brave, Mon-El.

Mon-El: I told you I was scared.

Kara: Well, you could still be scared while being brave. Maybe there's a hero in you after all.

Mon-El: Well, any, uh, any courage I do have, I learned it from you.

Winn: Kara! Hey, uh, Alex said that the oven's taking too long, she needs your help heating up another pizza.

Kara: Yup. A superhero's work is never done.

Mon-El: Is Kara mated to someone?

James: Say what?

Mon-El: On Daxam, we had arranged marriages, chosen for you at birth. You reach a certain age, boom. You're latched to that person. Is that how it works here on Earth?

Winn: Uh, well, here on Earth, we call it getting hitched, not latched. And nowadays, you pretty much choose your own mate.

Mon-El: Has Kara chosen?

James: No, she has not. Why do you ask?

Mon-El: Just studying Earthly customs.


Alex: I got it. Hey. Um… What are you, um… What are you doing here?

Maggie: I really need to talk to you. And if you give me two minutes of your time, I promise I'll get out of your hair.

Alex: Two minutes.

Maggie: I heard everything you said. I get it. And if you never want to talk to me again, I'll respect that. I'll disappear. But I don't meet many people I care about. And I care about you. A lot. You've become really important to me. And, um, I hope one day, you and I could be friends. Because I don't want to imagine my life without you in it.

Alex: Pool. Tomorrow night.

Maggie: Wouldn't miss it.


Kara: How was that?

Alex: Ugh. Spy much? It was good. We're just gonna be friends.

Kara: Okay. We're gonna find Jeremiah, Alex. I swear.

Alex: But he seemed, um… He seemed okay?

Kara: He saved me. And he was still… Him.

Alex: I still can't believe Lena's mother is the head of Cadmus.

Kara: I know. I wonder if she knows.

Alex: Well, I want to know what Cadmus wants with your blood.

Kara: You and I both.

Fortress of Solitude

Kelex: Unknown life form detected. Halt or you will be disintegrated. Halt or you will be disintegrated. This will be your final warning. Hello, Kara Zor-El. How can I help you today?

Cyborg Superman: Tell me everything you know about the project you call Medusa.

Kikavu ?

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