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#115 : Moments de solitude

Kara se rend dans la Forteresse de Solitude de Superman dans l’espoir de découvrir un moyen de vaincre Indigo, un être dangereux qui peut se transporter via internet et qui a une connexion avec le passé de Kara.


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Moments de solitude

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James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) et Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) et Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist)



Indigo se bat

Indigo se bat

Indigo attaque

Indigo attaque

Kara découvre la forteresse

Kara découvre la forteresse

James et Kara

James et Kara

James présente la forteresse à Kara

James présente la forteresse à Kara

James et Kara dans la forteresse de solitude

James et Kara dans la forteresse de solitude

Indigo face à Kara

Indigo face à Kara

Indigo (Laura Vandervoort)

Indigo (Laura Vandervoort)

Kara et Indigo se battent

Kara et Indigo se battent


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Plus de détails

Kara’s apartment

Kara : If I x-ray vision that box, will I see a cruller?

Alex : You will not. They were out. But I got you the powdered ones.

Kara : And yet you know I'm all about the cruller. An offering of donuts. Whatever could you want from me?

Alex : Ah! I just thought that you might need the extra sugar kick before... You know, coming back to work.

Kara : I'm not going back to the DEO, Alex. I can't.

Alex : Kara, Hank was only doing his duty. Okay? Protecting the planet. Just like you do, every day.

Kara : I don't kill.

Alex : But soldiers do, when they have to. And Hank had to.

Kara : I had the chance to bring Astra back into the light. And Hank cheated her and me out of that chance. I know I should be better than this, but I don't think I can forgive him for that. I love working with you... But maybe it's time for me to be my own Supergirl. Shoot, I gotta go to work.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara : Good morning, Siobhan.

Siobhan : Ker-rah.

Kara : It's Kara.

Winn : How's it going, Siobhan?

Siobhan : I'm sorry. I have difficulty making conversation with men under six feet tall.

Kara : Is that for Ms. Grant?

Siobhan : "For her eyes only."

Kara : Ms. Grant, uh, likes for everything to be open before it reaches her desk.

Siobhan : I spent the last 90 minutes in the mail room letting a glorified postal worker stare at my chest, so I could be the one to give this to Cat. And I'll take the credit.

Cat : Tweedledee. Staff meeting. Everyone in my office. Stat with a side of ASAP!

Siobhan : I guess that makes you Tweedledum.

Kara : I could throw her into space. I dream about doing that.

Cat : My massage therapist spent the entire session talking about how her surrogate has celiac disease and my Pilates instructor just informed me that he's quitting to open up an artisanal yarn store in Vermont. So, which one of you hearty souls is going to give me a reason to go on living You?

Man : The National City Men's Chorus is organizing a Lego drive…

Cat : And I'm comatose. Fashion. Speak.

Woman : We're seeing crushed velvet as an important look this fall…

Cat : Oh! Try crushed dreams. Anyone else?

Siobhan : Ms. Grant, this came for you via private courier. I've been keeping it safe from prying eyes.

Cat : Why didn't you open it? It could be anthrax.

James : It's not.

Cat: Oh.

James : Thumb drive.

Cat : Oh.

James : And a letter.

Cat: "Make the liars pay for their lies. "Make the cheaters feel the pain of their betrayal."

Lucy: That's the website for adulterers, DiamondDiscretions.com.

James: It's like Ashley Madison, except for... The difference is, this is supposed to be un-hackable.

Lucy: It was attacked by an anonymous hacker last night. None of the data they took has been released.

Cat: Because the hacker wanted it reported by a major media outlet. So they sent it to me. You. Brown hair. Put it in the microwave. Set it to "popcorn." Well, actually, put it on "baked potato. " Uh, whichever, just melt it.

Lucy: Cat, that website caters to powerful people. Elected officials, public figures espousing a morality they themselves ignore. They're hypocrites. Liars. The public has a right to know the truth.

Cat: Oh, Lucy. We live in a brave new world of gay marriage and transgendered Republicans. Nobody bats an eye at that stuff anymore. Also, I've been on the other side. And if we publish these names, we give these disgusting bottom-feeders legitimacy. And therefore, Major Lane... The terrorists will have won.


Alex: Okay!

Hank: As effective as kicking and punching is, next time you're angry about something, let's have coffee.

Alex: I'm not angry. I'm sad. I miss having Kara here.

Hank: Her choice, Alex.

Alex: But it's not. It was mine. When I decided to let her believe that you killed Astra and not me.

Hank: Telling Kara will only cause you both more pain. And it won't stop another alien attack.

Alex: What if we fail because Supergirl isn't at our side?

Hank: This organization functioned long before your sister. Long before you even. I'm not belittling her importance, but the DEO will go on. As will your relationship with Kara.

Alex: What about your relationship with her? You've lost so many in your life. How can you stand to lose her too?

Hank: Hard experience.

Catco Worldwide Media

James: Potstickers.

Kara: Is that from Chow Hong's?

James: Mmm-hmm.

Kara: Ooh, that's my favorite.

James: I know. Um... Hey, did you think that Cat did the right thing by not releasing the cheaters list?

Kara: I think people's secrets are theirs to keep.

James: Even if they hurt other people?

Kara: I can't let you tell Lucy, James.

James: Kara, she trusts me.

Kara: Non already knows where I live. I don't trust Hank anymore. Everything is too complicated and dangerous. I'm sorry.

Lucy: Hey, planning a surprise party for me or something?

James: No, we're just, uh... We're talking about the….

Kara: The package, uh, earlier.

Lucy: Ugh, don't even get me started. There's nothing I hate more than liars.

Indigo: Greetings, Catco employees. I'm disappointed in all of you. Especially you, Queen of all Media.

Cat: I suppose you're the hacker that sent the drive this morning. Hmm. What do they call you? The Peroxide Avenger.

Indigo: I handed you the story of the year. How sinners have turned the Internet into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. But you failed to act. And so now, all will suffer. Computers control everything. Communication, banking... Even traffic signals. The age of chaos begins now. Enjoy.

Cat: Toyman Jr., you're the computer expert. Fix this.

Winn: I definitely liked it better when she did not know who I was. Every traffic light in the city just turned green.

Lucy: Oh, my God.

Winn: Liberty Avenue. There's about to be a major crash.

James: Supergirl, get to Liberty Avenue now.


Newscaster: In related news, the initial attack on DiamondDiscretions.com seems now to be the opening salvo in a full-fledged cyber war, which has sabotaged infrastructure and left financial markets plummeting. Dozens of banks and lending institutions, including National City Mutual, released a statement calling this the worst digital data breach, they have ever seen.

Man: National City Mutual. That's where my retirement fund is.

Winn: If this hacker isn't stopped soon, we're looking at a worldwide economic collapse.

Cat: Relevant people! In my office. National City's entire mainframe has been breached by a cyber-terrorist attack and nobody knows why they're doing it, or who, or when they will strike again.

Lucy: I've spoken to my contacts at the Pentagon. Military intelligence is all over this.

Cat: This is about National City. Our home is under attack. And we have no idea how this is going to end. James Olsen.

James: Yes, ma'am.

Cat: First, never call me "ma'am." This is not the Old West. And second, circle the wagons. We are going to put every investigative team we have on this. Freelancers too. We identify the hacker. We end this. And you, get my investment broker on the phone.

Siobhan: I…

Kara: I'll get him right away, Ms. Grant.


Lucy: So where do you wanna start? My security clearance may be back down to that of a mere civilian, but I have a senior analyst at Langley who owes me a favor.

James: Yeah, actually, I was just gonna head out and run down some old contacts I had.

Lucy: Anyone I know?

James: No.

Lucy: Anyone in a cape?

James: Luce….

Lucy: Why is it your first instinct to work this with Supergirl and not me?

James: I'm sorry. I know things have been crazy. And we should get dinner tonight and talk.

Lucy: In the middle of a major investigation?

James: We still gotta eat.

Kara: Hey, James, I'm sorry. Um, but we need you right away.

James: Okay. Noonan's.

Lucy: Yep, Noonan's.

James: Mmm. Uh…

Kara’s apartment

James: You know, he's been mumbling like that to himself for over an hour. Isn't that the first sign of…

Kara: Genius! Yes.

Winn: Not mumbling, okay. I'm writing code, it just helps to say it out loud.

Kara: All right, Winn, what is happening?

Winn: All right. Okay, look, this hacker... She has created what's called an oscillating variable matrix to cover her footprints. "Diabolical" would not be an inappropriate word choice for her.

Kara: But?

Winn: But I have created an inversion pathway, which will, um… Hopefully lead me to wherever she's hiding. I mean, she could be, for all we know uh, organizing these attacks from the other side of the globe.

Indigo: No. Just the other side of your screen. You know, you're fairly clever, for an ape.

Winn: And you are freaking me out for an evil blonde computer face.

Indigo: Then let's talk in person.

Kara: Name the time and place.

Indigo: How about now?

Indigo: Supergirl. What exactly makes you so super?

Kara: That symbol. I've seen it before.

Indigo: It's the sign of my people. The font of omniscient knowledge. I know everything about you.

Winn: What are you, some kind of living Internet?

Indigo: You might call me that. Which one of your friends should I skin first?

Hank: Hold it right there! Hold it right there!

Winn: Oh, thank God we have our own personal black ops unit.


Kara: Are you following me now?

Hank: I wouldn't do that.

Alex: We tracked the Wi-Fi signal from the computers controlling traffic lights. There was something else embedded in the signal. Something alien. And it led us right here.

Hank: The rest is classified. Available only to active DEO agents. What do you say?

Kara: I got this far on my own. Elevator's around the corner.


Man: It's funny, I thought when I got here I'd be more nervous.

Maddie: And yet, you knelt down almost a minute ago and still haven't said anything.

Man: Maddie, will you ma…

Indigo: I would kill both of you but your world is days away from ending anyway. I calculated the odds of you locating me at only 26.3%. But then logic never mattered much where you and I were concerned, did it, Non?

Non: Where have you been lurking?

Indigo: To think I was once linked to the Great Coluan cyber construct. And now I wander the same realm as Candy Crush. By the way, I call myself Indigo these days.

Non: It suits you. Far more than Brainiac 8 ever did.

Indigo: I am my own woman now. I hear you're your own man again.

Non: Is that your idea of condolences?

Indigo: Ugh. Not at all. I despised Astra. I'm glad she's dead. Why? Did you need a hug?

Non: My wife was an exceptional woman.

Indigo: Really? Her pathetic devotion to Myriad didn't land her the throne.

Non: Myriad works. And, very soon, Astra's dream for what Earth can become will be reality.

Indigo: I was once your dream. I forgot how much you enjoy a good choking.

Non: You have only revealed yourself because Astra is dead. Why?

Indigo: To prove to you that her ludicrous plan of living alongside the humans should die with her. No matter the world, predators cannot live with prey.

Non: I know you of old. What have you done?

Indigo: Just enough. I turned the wheel. Hell is coming to Earth. And when it does, only the Kryptonians and I will survive it. See you after the apocalypse.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Whoa, what are you doing there?

Siobhan: What does it look like I'm doing?

Winn: It's like you're re-enacting a scene from Office Space. Or just trying to murder my copier.

Siobhan: Can one thing in my life actually work? Just one thing. That's all I'm asking.

Winn: See? There's no need for violence. "Thank you" would be nice.

Siobhan: Why? So I can pretend to be nice like everyone else? You know, they just pretend that you're their friend, or that you can count on them, or that they won't cheat on your mom anymore, but it's just pretend.

Winn: The... That cheating website... That was your dad?

Siobhan: Apparently, he was, like, a platinum member, too. When I was 17, I walked in on my father with his personal assistant assisting him with something no daughter should have to see. The next day, he told me how sorry he was. And how he loved my mom more than anything. And that he would never do it again. He actually cried.

Winn: I'm sorry, if you wanna…

Siobhan: No. I need 14 copies of that. You tell anyone about my father and I'll kill you.

Winn: Uh, good share. Uh-oh. I'll get Kara.

Kara: Um, Alex. I thought we had been over this. I'm out.

Alex: I know. I didn't come for you. I came for Winn.

Kara: You what?

Winn: You what?

Alex: He's got better grasp on Python 6 malware encryption than anybody at the DEO. If we want to permanently disable this alien cyber threat, he's our best shot.

Winn: I... I definitely will not go, if you don't want me to. I don't have to.

Kara: No, no. It's fine. Just because I stepped away from the DEO doesn't mean you can't step in. We're both still on the same side.

Winn: Okay...

James: What was that about?

Kara: Winn was just drafted by the DEO.

James: What?

Kara: Which means we lost our best hacker while we're dealing with a living extraterrestrial computer. And now would be the time where Hank usually tells me what we're dealing with and how to catch it. If it is alien, how do we get any info on it?

James: Well, there is one place we can go to find out about aliens.

Fortress of Solitude

James: Oh! Anybody ever tell you that you're a lot faster than your cousin?

Kara: No, actually.

James: Well, you are. But your turns are kind of sharp.

Kara: Hey, no one likes a backseat flier, okay? So, uh, how do we get in? Where is it? Is there, like, a secret password? Seriously? He just keeps the key under the doormat?

James: It's a million tons of condensed dwarf star. He said only a select few can pick it up. So... Welcome to the Fortress of Solitude.

Kara: Oh, hey, that's the pod that brought Kal-El Clark, to Earth.

James: Can't believe Clark never invited you here.

Kara: He did. A lot, actually. But I always came up with an excuse not to come. I thought it would remind me of Krypton and make me homesick.

James: We don't have to stay here. We can figure out another way to...

Kara: No, no, it's fine. How does this place work?

James: Actually, I was hoping you could tell me.

Kelex: Hello, Kara Zor-El. How can I help you today?

James: You know him?

Kara: I, uh... We had these back on Krypton. They served as robotic helpers. Kelex, can you tell us anything about an obnoxious blue alien species that works with computers?

Kelex: Your description matches the Coluans. A highly intelligent race from the planet Colu. They served as supercomputers on Krypton, responsible for running day-to-day operations.

James: That explains the cyber terrorism.

Kara: Were any of them prisoners on Fort Rozz?

Kelex: One. Her name is Indigo, a descendant of the Brainiac clan. She was captured while attempting to shut down Krypton's defense system.

James: What was she planning?

Kelex: Her objective, terminate the entire planet's population. She was deemed the most dangerous prisoner ever sentenced to Fort Rozz.

James: Think we should run this by Director Henshaw?

Kara: No. No.

James: Kara, I know you're upset with him for what he did. I would be too. But that doesn't mean you have to fight this alone.

Kara: I'm not alone. I'm with you.

Catco Worldwide Media

James: Come here. Okay, so, an alien living computer is trying to infiltrate the US military. Now, it's the same intelligence system behind the website hack, and the attack on the city.

Lucy: And how do you know this?

James: From Supergirl.

Lucy: You were with Supergirl last night?

James: Oh, my God. I…

Lucy: Completely forgot our date.

James: Yeah. Yeah, I did. I'm sorry.

Lucy: So I'll call my father. I'll have him alert Homeland Security that the military could be the next cyber target.

James: Lucy. Just please try to remember that I would never do anything to hurt you.

Lucy: Then how do you keep managing to do it?


Kara: Lucy. So, uh, Ms. Grant's doing this whole green tea cleanse this week, and she rejected her latte. So, I thought you might like it.

Lucy: Thanks, Kara.

Kara: Are you okay?

Lucy: I mean...If James is gonna stand me up for anyone, at least it's Supergirl. Kind of hard to compete with that, right?

Kara: Look, I know you think James doesn't make your relationship a priority. But it's not true. He's the most caring, committed, passionate man I've ever known. He told me about how his dad gave him his first camera before he died in combat. I just think he's always trying to live up to that commitment. He gives all of himself to helping people. In his own way, I think he's the truest hero I've ever known.

Lucy: He never told me that story about the camera.

Kara: Really?

Lucy: Yeah, he never talks about his dad. He told you?

Kara: Yeah. Yeah, it was, like, this... Small conversation, but you, um, anyway... I'm just trying to say that James is an amazing guy. He could be with whoever he wants and he chose you.

Lucy: Thank you, Kara. For sharing this. It helps a lot.

Kara: I hope so.


Kara: I miss Winn and Alex. I save the world better when I save it with people.

James: Well, you are saving it with me.

Lucy: So, I've been thinking. Why start with a sleazy website like Diamond Discretions? What if it's not about embarrassing people? What if it was bigger? General Jonathan Mathers.

Kara: Who's that?

Lucy: He was doxed during the Diamond Discretion hack.

James: But thousands of people were.

Lucy: Yeah, but I think he's the reason it happened.

Kara: Why him?


Hank: You identified Brainiac 8. You know her code. If you can successfully decrypt her signal, you'll lead us right to her.

Winn: You realize that I'm learning an alien coding language in the same amount of time it takes to watch an episode of Doctor Who, right? That's like... That's like really fast.

Alex: I wish Kara was here.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lucy: Indigo wasn't looking to embarrass cheating spouses, or disrupt traffic or attack banks. She was covering for the fact that the general was her target all along. She was looking to declassify his entire online footprint. That was the only way to tell.

Kara: Tell what?

Lucy: Which high-ranking official in National City has access to nuclear missile launch sites.

James: Oh, my God.

Kara: She's going to nuke the city.


Alex: Fort Pemberton is the nearest nuclear missile silo.

Hank: But it's completely off the grid. No Internet access. That way, no one can remotely hack in and launch a missile.

Catco Worldwide Media

Lucy: And that is why she needed the general, to use him to get into the base.

James: Like a Trojan horse.

Kara: Where is General Mathers now?

Fort Pemberton

General Mathers: At ease. Status report?

Soldier: Sir, we are at DEFCON 5. All systems are nominal.

General Mathers: There's reception in here?

Soldier: There shouldn't be.

General Mathers: Mathers.

Indigo: Thanks for the ride.

Soldier: You can't kill us. You have to turn both keys at once.

Indigo: I know. I love fireworks.


Hank: Get the Pentagon. We're at DEFCON 4.

Alex: I can deploy a strike team to Fort Pemberton.

Winn: You'll never make it in time.

Fort Pemberton.

Kara: It's over, Indigo.

Indigo: For the human race? I agree.

Computer: Nuclear launch sequence activated. 30, 29, 28...24, 23...Seven, six, five...

Indigo: I calculate the death toll at 7 million. Give or take.

Computer: Three, two, one.


Hank: Missile's arching toward National City. ETA to target three minutes.

Alex: That was the White House. The president just ordered us to DEFCON 2.


Kara: James! I'm too late. Indigo launched an ICBM at National City.

Catco Worldwide Media

James: We need to evacuate Catco and the city.


Kara: There's no time. I'm on its tail. I'm going to stop it.


Alex: We got a bogey.

Hank: What the hell is that?

Alex: That's my sister.


Kara: It won't change course. I'll use my heat vision.

Catco Worldwide Media

James: Don't. That can make it explode.


Vasquez: I've got Supergirl on the line.


Kara: Hank. I need your help.


Hank: We're tracking you with the ICBM. We're gonna stop this thing, Kara. Together.


Hank: You need to shut down its onboard flight computer.


Alex: You need to shut down the silo's network. Keep Indigo from launching another warhead.

Winn: I think that I might have a way of actually shutting her down. I accidently created a pretty nasty computer virus a few years ago.

Alex: How nasty?

Hank: Rip off the trap door to access the flight computer.

Vasquez: 28,000 feet and dropping.

Alex: 14,000 feet.

Hank: Input the kill code 1-1-7-4-7.

Vasquez: 8,000 feet.

Hank: Supergirl.

Vasquez: 3,000 feet.

Hank: You're out of time! Yes!

Fort Pemberton.

Indigo: Plenty of missiles left. Thank God for nuclear proliferation.

Kara: Bet you didn't calculate that.


Alex: How's it coming?

Winn: Thirty more seconds.

Alex: Hold on, Kara!

Fort Pemberton.

Alex: Kara, do you copy?

Indigo: Who is that you're talking to? I knew you were too stupid to be working alone. I am beyond a body. I am beyond time and space. All I have to do is squeeze my fingers, and your friend dies. I'm invincible. I am a God.


Winn: No. You're just a glorified Windows Vista.

Fort Pemberton.

Indigo: What have you done to me?


Winn: I just fed you a major helping of malware. Bon appetit.

Fort Pemberton.

Indigo: You. You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for me.

Kara: What do you mean?

Indigo: How do you think Fort Rozz escaped the Phantom Zone? For decades, I searched the Phantom Zone with my mind. Looking for a way out. And then... I found you. I activated your pod. I linked it to the prison. I'm the reason you made it to Earth. You would still be sleeping in that timeless void, if it wasn't for me.


Alex: Are you okay over there, Supergirl?

Fort Pemberton.

Kara: Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Hey, hey! Siobhan, I really think that we should talk.

Siobhan: That makes one of us.

Winn: You know what, after the day I've had, I'm a lot less frightened of you. Okay, not that much less. Look, um, so... I... I thought that my family was perfect too. And then my dad went bananas and tried to kill someone. And then actually did kill some other people. And he went to jail. My mom took off. And, then, you know, so much for the American nuclear family.

Siobhan: So you're telling me it could be worse?

Winn: Oh, also, that... That I know how it feels when someone like that lets you down. But I think... I just think it's important for you to know that most people wanna be there for you.

Siobhan: You tell anybody about this, and I'll kill you.

Winn: You threaten to kill me a lot.


Newscaster: And in more light-hearted news, a bright light seen cruising through the sky towards National City captivated conspiracy theorists earlier today. But, according to NASA, it was just a Soyuz en route to replenish the ISS.

Cat: Mmm. That wasn't a rocket, was it?

James: No.

Cat: How close did we come today?

James: Too close. But we're lucky to have Supergirl.

Cat: Ker-rah, cancel my dinner plans. I am going home to hug my son and cook him chicken.

James: You okay?

Kara: Yeah. Yeah, my heart's still racing from chasing after a zig-zagging missile. I kinda felt like Harry Potter playing Quidditch. Um... I know I said I didn't want Lucy knowing my secret because it's dangerous, but that's not true. I know she'd be a great asset to our team. I guess I just liked working together, just the two of us. Tell her.

James: Thank you.


James: Lucy. Hey, I have… I have something really important I wanna tell you.

Lucy: This is over, James. You and me.

James: Uh, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is... This is not about Supergirl, right?

Lucy: No. And I finally realize that. Kara came to see me today. To try and, um, fix things between us and convince me of what a great guy you are.

James: Okay.

Lucy: And in case I didn't already know that, she mentioned a story that you told her about your camera, your father, to show me how deeply committed you are.

James: It's... It's not like that.

Lucy: We've been together for so long, James. And I don't... I don't know a single thing about your dad. Because you never wanted to tell me. You wanted to tell her because you love her. And for what it's worth, she, uh... She feels the same. Even if she can't say it yet either.


Hank: It's good to see you.

Kara: Well, the world almost ended 'cause we weren't a team. We need each other. So, personal feelings aside, I'm back.

Hank: Stronger together? Well, the first thing we need to do is assess if Indigo's attack was related to Non's secret Myriad project, or if the two were working at cross-purpose…

Alex: I saw Astra, standing over J'onn.

Kara: What?

Hank: Alex.

Alex: He was defenseless. She said she was gonna give him an honorable death. And I reacted. Because that's what I was taught to do. Hank didn't kill Astra. I did. I did. And when you got there, he saw how devastated you were. He didn't want you to get angry with me. He took the blame. And I let him. Because I was afraid of losing you, and I can't lose you.

Unknown place

Non: I merely broke your heart. Look what Supergirl did to you. Now, are you ready to do things my way?

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S06E18 (inédit)
Mardi 2 novembre à 21:00

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S06E19 (inédit)
Mardi 9 novembre à 21:00

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S06E20 (inédit)
Mardi 16 novembre à 21:00

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Supergirl, S06E12 (inédit)
Mardi 21 septembre à 21:00
0.48m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Supergirl, S06E11 (inédit)
Mardi 14 septembre à 21:00
0.40m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Supergirl, S06E10 (inédit)
Mardi 7 septembre à 21:00
0.48m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Supergirl, S06E09 (inédit)
Mardi 31 août à 21:00
0.59m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Supergirl, S06E08 (inédit)
Mardi 24 août à 21:00
0.56m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Superman & Lois, S01E15 (inédit)
Mardi 17 août à 21:00
0.62m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Supergirl | Photos de l'épisode 6.14 : Magical Thinking

Supergirl | Photos de l'épisode 6.14 : Magical Thinking
The CW a dévoilé les photos promos de l'épisode 6.14 : Magical Thinking de Supergirl qui sera...

Supergirl | Photos de l'épisode 6.13 : The Gauntlet

Supergirl | Photos de l'épisode 6.13 : The Gauntlet
The CW a dévoilé les photos promos de l'épisode 6.13 : The Gauntlet de Supergirl qui sera diffusé le...

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.15 : Hope for Tomorrow

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.15 : Hope for Tomorrow
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Supergirl | Diffusion The CW - 6.12 : Blind Spots

Supergirl | Diffusion The CW - 6.12 : Blind Spots
It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's a brand new episode of Supergirl! La saison 6 continue ce soir...

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.14 : Magical Thinking

Supergirl | Synopsis de l'épisode 6.14 : Magical Thinking
The CW vient de dévoiler le synopsis de l'épisode 6.14 : Magical Thinking de Supergirl qui sera...


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Hello à tous !! Un nouveau sondage vous attend sur All American Rendez-vous sur le quartier

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Et la nouvelle PDM vient d'arriver sur S.W.A.T Tous à vos votes

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