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#113 : Un monde parfait

Les amis de Kara doivent trouver un moyen de la sauver quand un parasite extraterrestre se fixe sur elle et la piège dans un monde de rêve où sa famille est vivante et dans lequel sa planète natale n’a pas été détruite. Cependant, Alex, Hank et le DEO doivent repousser une attaque kryptonienne pendant que Kara est sur la touche.


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For the Girl Who Has Everything

Titre VF
Un monde parfait

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Sneak Peek #1 (VO)


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Photos promo

Supergirl arrive sur un brancard au DEO

Supergirl arrive sur un brancard au DEO

Kara Zor-El sur Krypton

Kara Zor-El sur Krypton

Kara et ses parents

Kara et ses parents

Kara Zor-El

Kara Zor-El

Maxwell et James se battent

Maxwell et James se battent

Kara est inconsciente, Maxwell Lord est convoqué pour aider

Kara est inconsciente, Maxwell Lord est convoqué pour aider

Kara, allongée, Alex et J'onn tentent de la sauver

Kara, allongée, Alex et J'onn tentent de la sauver

James (Mehcad Brooks) et Winn (Jeremy Jordan) au DEO

James (Mehcad Brooks) et Winn (Jeremy Jordan) au DEO

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist)

Kara se bat contre Non (Chris Vance)

Kara se bat contre Non (Chris Vance)

Kara (Melissa Benoist) et Kal-El (Daniel DiMaggio), son cousin

Kara (Melissa Benoist) et Kal-El (Daniel DiMaggio), son cousin

Kal-El (Daniel DiMaggio) dans la réalité alternative de Kara

Kal-El (Daniel DiMaggio) dans la réalité alternative de Kara

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) dans le rêve de Kara

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) dans le rêve de Kara

Zor-El et Alura Zor-El

Zor-El et Alura Zor-El

Kara face à ses parents

Kara face à ses parents


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Kelex: How are you feeling, Kara? Reflexes are normal.

Kara : What are you? -

Kelex : I am Kelex, your medical attendant.

Kara : Where am I?

Kelex : Your confusion will abate as your temperature stabilizes. Would you care to dress?

Kara : This was my mother's tunic. She used to wear it when she would put me to bed at night. Where did you get this?

Alura : I gave it to you.

Kara : Mom? How could you be here?

Alura : I stayed home every day while you recovered from the Argo fever.

Kara : This can't be real. You died with the rest of Krypton.

Alura : Oh, sweet Kara... You must have had terrible hallucinations from the fever. But it's over now. You're awake. You're safe. You're home.

Kara: I'm on Krypton.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Where is Ker-rah? And why isn't she answering her cell phone?

Winn : Uh, you know, maybe she can't... We're actually in the middle of the worst solar storm in recorded history. It's just been scrambling communication signals all morning. I'm sure there's a... There's a good reason.

Cat : I know the reason. She's avoiding me. She's obviously afraid that I plan to retaliate because she drove my son away right when I was repairing my relationship with him. But I am a professional. I do not do upset. So you can tell Ker-rah that it is safe for her to resume her duties.

Winn : Hey, hey, have you seen Kara? She, she still hasn't come in yet.

James : No. I haven't been able to reach her either.

Winn : Okay, that is so not Kara.

James: We should call Alex.

Winn : We should call Alex.

Kara’s apartment

Alex : She's not out on DEO business.

Winn : There's nothing on the news about Supergirl.

James : I got a bad feeling about this. You bring your key?

Alex: Yeah. Kara?

James : Oh, my God!

Winn: What... What is that?

Alex: Don't touch it.

Winn : She...She's still breathing. I...

Alex : This is Agent Danvers. I need a medical evac now.


Alex : She was found unconscious. The organism is gripping her torso with over 100 pounds of pressure.

Hank : What the hell are these guys doing here? -

James : Where Supergirl goes, we go.

Hank : This is a top secret facility, Mr. Olsen. You think I'm gonna let the media waltz through here?

Winn : Actually, I'm in IT. So, definitely not worth, uh, shooting.

James : If something happens to her, I'm coming back for you.

Hank : If anything happens to her, I won't stop you. Get them out of here. You are clearly in need of a refresher course on base security protocol.

Alex : You don't know them like I do, sir. They're Kara's family.

Hank : And what's her condition?

Alex : She's unresponsive to outside stimuli, but her brain activity is still normal. It's like her body is unaware that anything is wrong.

Hank: What the hell is that thing?

Alex: I have no idea. But I think we know someone who does.


Maxwell : Agent Danvers. What a surprise. You haven't visited since you threw me in my collectible display case.

Alex : How do I get that thing off of Kara?

Maxwell : You may have to be a tad more specific.

Alex : Don't test my patience, Max. You tried to kill Kara with Bizarro. I'm guessing you designed this new freak to finish the job.

Maxwell : I'm flattered that I've made such a lasting impression on you, but the truth is I don't know what you're talking about.

Alex : I advise you start to make yourself much more useful. And fast!

Hank : Alex, stand down!

Alex : He's got to be behind this. You know what he's capable of.

Hank : Come on. Come on! I also know Max is a survivor. If he knew anything, he'd tell us to save his own neck.

Maxwell : I never thought I'd say this, but... Thanks for the assist.

Hank : If we find out you're lying, she comes back down here... Alone.

Unknown place

Non: The humans remain unaware of our plans. The solar storm is wreaking havoc on their satellite system. We will be ready the moment their network goes down.

Astra : You forget my niece. She has proven to be a willful opponent.

Non : She will not be a problem.

Astra : What have you done, Non? I gave orders for her to remain unharmed.

Non : And I obeyed them to the letter.

Kara Zor-El is at peace, which is more than she deserves. She has everything her heart desires.

Astra : You used a Black Mercy on her?

Non : If it were up to me, she'd be dead.

Astra, the time has come for us to implement the next phase of Myriad. This was the only way.

Astra : There is always another way.

Non : Your sister thought that. Look what it got her.


Alex: The claw is made of a titanium alloy. We just need to pull it off slow and steady.

Hank : Claw is secure. Commence extraction.

Alex : Her heart rate is spiking. Brain waves are off the charts.

Hank : Increase the power. Pull it off her!

Alex : She's crashing. I'm stopping it. I...

Hank : What the hell happened here?

Alex : It's a symbiotic defense. If we pull that thing out by force, it'll kill Kara.


Kara: This can't be happening. I have to get out of here.

Alura : Kara, please calm down.

Kara : I don't have my powers. Whatever's behind this is mimicking the effects of Krypton's sun.

Alura : We are on Krypton.

Kara : What? No, someone is manipulating me by using my memories against me. Do you see that? I made it for my father when I was eight. I even remember getting upset I couldn't get the wings right.

Alura : And then he told you it was perfect. And that he loved it, and you, with all his heart.

Kara : He made me feel so proud. And so happy. Like he always did.

Alura : See? You do remember.

Kara : But I also remember saying goodbye to you on that launch bay. And promising to take care of Clark... Kal-El. And hugging you so tight. Never wanting to let go. I've fantasized about all of this every day since I left. I don't know how this is happening, but I'm going to find out. And when I do, I'm going home.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn : It just feels wrong pretending everything is fine when Kara's back there fighting for her life.

James : Winn, this is Kara's life, okay. You and I know that better than anybody. This is why we have to protect it for her.

Winn : Ah, it's not just that. It's like Kara and I were not in good place before all this happened.

What if something goes wrong and then I never get the chance to tell her…

James : Winn. Please, don't think like that. She's gonna be fine, okay?

Winn : Mmm-hmm.

Cat : Who allowed this cheap arrangement in here? And where have you been? And where is Ker-rah?

Winn : Kara, um…

Cat : Use your words.

Winn : I... Yes, I... I... You know, I did see Kara, Miss Grant. She was bitten by a tic. She's had a horrible allergic reaction. Yeah. So, swelling, vomiting Oh, God, she had these swollen ankles, it was awful. And I... You know, you should've seen the size of this tic. This thing was like... She... It was normal size. It was... You know, small It was actually a bunch of little... Little ones like lice. It was Kara's lice.

Cat : I have been watching you cover for her day after day, putting yourself and your job in jeopardy. And for what? Now, you tell her that she is expected to be back at her desk within the hour or she can kiss this little mediocre job goodbye.


Hank : Unless someone has a better way of monitoring alien life on Earth, I need my satellite signal back. Now!

Alex: I know you're upset about Kara, but don't take it out on the troops.

Hank : This must be hard on you, too.

Alex : It's been a tough couple of weeks for Kara. I got a call from James Olsen. Cat's gonna fire her unless she shows up for work. Her friends are doing the best that they can to cover for her, but… They need help. CatCo is more than a job to Kara. It's where she gets to live a normal life. You know, for all that she does for the DEO and, and for us. I just think that it's our responsibility to make sure that that life is waiting for her, when she wakes up.

Hank : All right. What can I do?

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Kara? Hey! You're back!

J’onn: Sorry to disappoint you, Mr.

Schott, but Miss Danvers is still incapacitated.

James : Well... Well, then, who are you?

J’onn : An agent of the DEO sent to maintain Miss Danver's cover until she's able to return herself.

Winn : So, is that like an organic bio-mass?

J’onn : Touch my face, lose your hand.

Winn : Mmm-hmm.


James : Do you know what you're getting yourself into? I mean, have you ever been an assistant before?

J’onn : I'm an elite agent of an intergalactic paramilitary force. I think I can handle Cat Grant.

Cat : Oh, how lovely for you to come in to the office on a weekday, no less. You are a real hero, Carla.

Kara : Was there a reason you called me in, Miss Grant?

Cat : Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just dealing with a little story about a solar storm that threatens all global commerce and promises civilian unrest.

J’onn : Hmm.

Cat : Yes! Book me interviews with Barbara at NASA, Eduardo at the NSA and Gina at the White House. And I want attributable quotes, no press releases. And if they try to evade you, you remind them I'm still holding on to their Hamilton tickets.

J’onn : Wait, uh, Eduardo... Ella... Who?

Cat : Oh, first base. Keep up. Mmm! Mmm! What kind of milk is in this?

J’onn : Whole, ma'am.

Cat : Whole milk has not passed my lips since I rode a bicycle with streamers on the handles.

J’onn : Well, perhaps if you were clearer with instructions, there would be less of an issue with execution.

Cat : Well, I am so glad to see that you are so comfortable that you can speak so honestly. Allow me to do the same for you. All this time you've been prancing around my office, pretending to be someone you're not. Well, I see the real you. And I cannot un-see it. So I'd advise you to strap in.

J’onn : That woman makes me miss my alien prison.


Alex : The creature wasn't a prisoner on Fort Rozz. But do you have a planet of origin? Is it sentient?

Alura : I am sorry. I do not have sufficient information regarding this species.

Alex : Kara is in trouble. And nothing I am doing is working.

Alura : I do not have sufficient data regarding this species...

Alex : Damn it! Kara is relying on me! She has always relied on me... Ever since you sent her here. I'm sure you had hoped that she would find people that would take care of her. Who would love her like she was their own. I did. I only wish I'd been a better sister to her when she first got here. I can't... I can't even imagine it now. I used to resent her for coming into my home. For following me around at school. Some strange girl who didn't know how to fit in. For embarrassing me in front of my friends. But all Kara wanted was a family. And that's what she is to me. She is my sister. And she needs me now more than ever. So please. Tell me how to help my little sister!

Alura : I do not have sufficient information regarding this species.


Kara : I don't understand. Something has to be causing this.

Alura : Kara, nothing is wrong. I told you. You're safe at home.

Kara : This is not my home. My home is back on… Back on... Earth!

Alura : Earth is thousands of light years away. And why would I ever send you to that primitive planet?

Zor-El : Kara.

Kara : Father? No. No, this is... Cannot be real. This is not real. This is not real.

Zor-El : It's the fever again.

Kara : I remember playing right there. And I made this crack when I tripped chasing after Aunt Astra.

Astra : Yet, even after you fell, you got right back up again. Nothing can keep you down.

Kara : You did this to me! You, you did this to me!

Alura: Kara, stop! Stop it.

Kara : No! I understand now. You and Non are behind this.

Zor-El : Non? But he was banished to the Phantom Zone ages ago.

Kara : No, I fought both of you days ago back on... Um... Why can't I remember?

Astra : All nightmares end the longer we are awake.

Kara: No, wait I still I feel it. I have glimpses of, flying.

Astra : We only fly in our dreams, Kara.

Kara : I have friends there who need me. Family

Kal-El: Kara.

Kara : Kal-El.

Kal-El : Do you remember how to open it? Look, Kara. There's Krypton. Isn't it beautiful?

Kara : It's so beautiful.

Kara’s apartment

Astra : I came here to help Kara, not fight.

Alex : You tried to kill her before. Why should I trust you now?

Astra : Kara's saved me from a death without honor. As a fellow soldier, I expect you understand the meaning of that. Kara has been attacked by a telepathic parasite known as the Black Mercy.

Alex : It has her in some kind of coma. Her brain waves are still active. It's like as if she's awake.

Astra : The Black Mercy has her trapped in lifelike hallucinations. Her perfect fantasy life. One that grows more and more real with each passing moment.

Alex : How do I wake her out of it?

Astra : Kara must reject the fantasy herself.

Alex : But if she doesn't know it isn't real, how can she reject it?

Astra : I can tell you how to help her. But you have to trust me.

Alex : The last time I trusted you, six soldiers died.

Astra : I knew there was more to you and my niece.

Alex : She's my sister.

Astra : If she is your sister and I am her aunt, what does that make us?

Alex : Nothing.

Astra : Do not allow your hatred for me to blind you now. Are you ready to listen? Or not.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Okay, so... So you were her?

Hank : I don't have time for explanations. There is no way you are doing this. This is way too risky.

Alex : It's the only way that we can stop the Black Mercy. We can modify our virtual reality tech so that I can enter into Kara's mind and convince her to reject the hallucination.

Hank : Unless Astra's playing you.

James : Have either of you considered what would happen to Kara if you do this?

Winn : You're basically yanking her out of heaven. I mean, that's gonna be slightly traumatic.

Hank : Agent Danvers has considered it, which is why she came here.

Alex : Kara is gonna need James and Winn by her side when she wakes up. I know there are security issues...

Hank : Take them. Take them.

Alex : I thought I was gonna have to argue that point a lot harder.

Hank : I'm beginning to see why she values them so much. I'll see you back at the DEO, after I deal with Cat.


J’onn: Miss Grant... If I may? It's clear I've caused you significant emotional distress and I want you to know that pains me a great deal.

Cat: What, are you resigning from Congress?

J’onn: I just think considering our personal issues, it might be wise for me to take the day and…

Cat: Uh, uh, hold on. Hold on, I want to record this. It sounds an awful lot like you're asking for the day off after being three hours late.

J’onn: The truth is… I am so very sorry, Miss Grant. Because I respect you so much. And I never meant to hurt you.

Cat: Or Adam.

J’onn: Of course not. Him... Uh... I just don't know what came over me.

Cat: Ker-rah, what is the most important thing I told you when I hired you?

J’onn: No whole milk in the lattes? -

Cat: No crying at work. Ever. Especially not big, fat crocodile tears. Do you really think that you can come into my office and manipulate me with this Catskills summer stock performance? No. But by all means, take the day off because I cannot stomach looking at you any longer.


Winn: Hey, Kara. Wake up.

Alex: How'd it go with Cat Grant?

Hank: Let's deal with one disaster at a time. Can the lab modify the VR?

Alex: Merging my consciousness with Kara's is beyond anything they've ever done. They need days. Which is time she doesn't have.

Hank: We may have another problem. Kryptonian technology would've been able to predict these solar storms. The timing of the attack on Kara can't be a coincidence.

Alex: They're using the interface of the storms to hide their next move. We need a miracle. Now.

Maxwell: Is that why you had your goons bring me up here, Agent Danvers?

Alex: My sister needs your help.

Maxwell: Maybe I help her, you help me. Something like, "Early release for brilliant behavior?"

Hank: That's not on the table.

Maxwell: Then how about a case of Dr Pepper and access to my Netflix account?

Alex: The same aliens that attacked your lab are coming back for more. "The enemy of your enemy," right?

Maxwell: What do you need me to do?

Unknown place

Astra: We will hit the six targets simultaneously.

Non: Timing is of the essence. The packages must be deployed before the humans have a chance to uncover our plan.

Astra: This is what we fought so hard for back on Krypton. Now is our chance to finish the job. Ready your men.

Non: Where were you earlier?

Astra: You dare question me?

Non: We are on the verge of launching our campaign against the humans and you disappear without explanation. So yes, I dare question you.

Astra: Then ask me.

Non: Is your heart in this war?

Astra: Once Myriad is complete, humanity will be brought to its knees, and this planet will be saved.

Non: I was afraid you went to the humans because of what I did to your niece. Forgive me for questioning your loyalty.


Alex: James. I need a favor.

James: Name it.

Alex: I know Director Henshaw. If he thinks I'm in trouble when I'm plugged into that thing, he's gonna pull me out, whether I've saved Kara or not.

I need you to stop him. I either come back with my sister, or I don't come back at all.

Maxwell: The helmet will instantly connect you to Supergirl's consciousness. That will allow you to experience whatever's going on in Supergirl's head in real time. It's pretty brilliant actually.

Hank: Remember, you have to get Supergirl to reject this fantasy herself.

James: Come back to us, Kara. We need you.

Alex: Is this going to work?

Maxwell: Don't know. Sweet dreams.


Alex: Kara! Oh, my God. I'm on Krypton.


Vasquez: Sir, the storm's knocked the satellites offline. We're blind.

Hank: We need them back up and running if we have any hope of discovering Non's next move.

Winn: Have you guys considered Non's next move, um, involves the satellites going down? I mean, he could be using our own technology against us.

Hank: That's an interesting theory, Mr. Schott. Care to explore it with my team?

Winn: Uh, no, I need to be there for Kara.

Hank: The best thing you can do for Supergirl is keep the world turning until she gets back to defend it.

Winn: Uh, point me to a computer.

Hank: Let's go.


Alura: Kara was a natural in court today. Kal-El, you would've been so proud of your cousin.

Zor-El: I noticed your mother and I were not the only ones who came to watch you today.

Alura: Del-Or seems like a very nice young man.

Zor-El: Boy. And yes, I like him very much. Clearly, Kara does, too, or she would not be spending so much of her free time with him.

Kara: Father!

Alex: Kara.

Kara: Who are you?

Alex: It's me. Alex. Your sister.

Kara: I have no sister.

Alex: Kara, you're suffering from the effects of a creature called the Black Mercy. It's created this illusion to incapacitate you back on Earth.

Kara: Earth?

Alex: It's where you've been for the past 12 years. I've come to take you home.

Kara: I am home.


Hank: We're losing her. Pull her out now!

Maxwell: Sorry, Supergirl. Guess it just wasn't your day.

James: I can't let you do that.

Hank: Olsen. Get out of his way.

James: If we pull her out now, we lose Kara!


Kara: We're safe, Kal. I'm here.


Maxwell: Anyone have some popcorn?

James: Director Henshaw, I know you're worried about Alex, but I'm begging you, give her some more time!

Hank: I am the one responsible for her safety. This is on my head, Olsen!

James: Well, she asked me to stop you.

Hank: What?

James: She knew that you would react this way if things went bad. So she came to me because she wants to save Kara.

Hank: You think I don't want that? I want them both back. More than anything.

James: I know you do. And I can also see that Alex is more than just one of your agents. She's family. And you want to protect her at all costs. I get that. But if you pull her out before she has a chance to save her sister, she will never look at you the same way again. You know that.

Hank: I can't lose her.

James: And you won't. 'Cause Alex is a lot like Supergirl. She always finds a way. You just have to trust her.


Alura: The High Council has rendered our verdict on the alien spy. We impose the maximum penalty. Banishment to the Phantom Zone.

Alex: Kara, if they take me away, you and I will be trapped here until the Black Mercy kills us.

Zor-El: Do not listen to her. Once she is gone, we'll be happy. Like we were before she came here.

ALEX: Why do you think they're trying to silence me? It's because they're afraid of what I have to say!

Alura: She's trying to confuse you with lies.

Alex: No! I'm trying to remind you of the truth. Life isn't perfect. I know it can be hard and it can be lonely. Especially for you. You have sacrificed and you have lost so much. I wish you could've had a life with your family. But even if you did, Kara, it wouldn't be this. Because this isn't real. And deep down, Kara. Deep down, you know it. I can't promise you a life without pain and loss because pain is a part of life. It's what makes us who we are. It is what makes you a hero. You fight every day to keep people from struggling like you have. I know you can remember, please... If you try, please... Please try, Kara. Because Earth needs Supergirl.

Kara: Supergirl.

Alex: Yes, remember that life. With James and Winn and Hank. Your friends need you. And I need my sister! Kara, I can't choose this for you. You have to choose it yourself. Please come back to us, Kara. Please.

Kara: I wish I want so much for all of this to be true. To stay here with you. But this isn't real.

Kal-El: No. No!

Kara: You taught me to be so strong. And I am. Krypton will be in my heart forever. But Alex is right... My sister is right. I have to go. I love you.

Alura: Oh, Kara... We will never let you leave.

Kara: Alex! I got you. I got you.


Hank: Alex, thank God.

Alex: You pulled me out? How could you? I told you to stop him!

James: I did.

Alex: She was about to choose us! She was about to come home!

Hank: Alex...

Alex: Why did you pull me out?

Hank: Alex!

Alex: Why?

Hank: I didn't!

Alex: Then how did I come back?

Winn: Because you did it. You did it. You did it. You convinced her. Hey. Hey. Kara. It's okay, wait, wait. It's okay. Hey, hey, we're here. We're here. Hey, we're here. We're here. I got you.

James: You okay?

Maxwell: That was one messed up daffodil.

James: Kara, are you okay?

Kara: Who did this to me?

Alex: Non.

Kara: Where is he?


Hank: he Kryptonians used the Black Mercy and the solar storms to distract us from their next move. Agent Vasquez tells me you have a working theory on what that might be.

Winn: Um, like I said before, I thought it would have something to do with satellites. And since I spend most of my day looking at satellite signals, I decided to analyze them with your computers which, by the way, if you're ever having, like, a fire sale, you just let me know. Ahem. Um... Anyways, I found some hidden transmissions buried in the C-band spectrum.

Hank: What's the connection?

Winn: Uh, well, funny you should ask. They all use Lord Tech servers, which happen to be based at the same lab Non's troops attacked.

Maxwell: Now you know why he hit my facility.

Alex: He's using your tech to override the civilian network. Non didn't take anything, he left something behind. A virus.

James: A virus that does what?

Hank: I don't know. But I don't want to wait around to find out.

Alex: How do we find them?

Maxwell: My company handles six other satellite farms in the city limits. They have to be the next target.

Hank: Scramble our teams to each location.

Alex: Non is mine.


Kara: Do you have any idea what you did to me? You made me lose them again! My parents! My whole world! And you think that I'm gonna let you take this world away from me, too? You think I'm gonna let you hurt them like you hurt me? Never! Stay back!


Alex: I don't want to fight you, Astra.

Astra: I helped save my niece out of a sense of duty, which does not extend to you.

Alex: That's not why you helped her. You love her. That's how I know your heart isn't in this war anymore.

Astra: You know nothing of me.

Alex: I know that you've had plenty of chances to kill me. And to kill Kara. But you haven't. Because you don't want to. Give it up, Astra. Help us.

Astra: Kara... I thought all your kind were dead.

J’onn: I am the last. Earth is my home now. And I will not let you take it from me.


Non: You stupid girl. Have you any idea what you're doing?

Kara: Yes, I'm stopping you.

Non: Your mother believed she could, but she failed.

Kara: I won't. Because I've known pain. But I've also known love. And the people here are my family. I may have been born on Krypton, but I choose Earth. And I will protect it until my last breath.

Non: You have the hubris of the great House of El, which blinds you to the truth. Humanity is a disease. Myriad is the cure.


Astra: Fear not, Martian. You will die a soldier's death.


Non: You are getting better, Kara Zor-El. But I will not be dying today.

Alex: Kara, get over here now. It's Astra.


Kara: What happened?

Alex: There was a fight.

Hank: I killed her. I'm sorry, but I could see no other way.

Alex: Kara, she doesn't have long.

Astra: Hello, little one. I'm so happy to see your sister was able to bring you back.

Kara: Astra, I have to tell you, when I was under the Black Mercy, you were there.

Astra: As your enemy.

Kara: As my family.

Astra: Kara... Kara, listen to me. Non cannot be stopped. If you stand in his way, he will kill you and those you love.

Kara: He said something about, um, Myriad. Tell me, tell me what it is before it's too late. Please.

Astra: It already is, little one.

Alex: Kara... Kara, we have to go. Now. Now!

Hank: Go!

Unknown place

Man: I promise you. She died a hero. And Myriad is operational. Our general did not die in vain.


Hank: Courtesy of Supergirl. Get this to the lab. I want to know everything there is to know about it.

Alex: Beta and Delta Squadrons never reported in. I'm guessing after what happened to Astra, they never will.

Hank: This isn't your fault, Alex. Astra was a righteous kill.

Alex: That doesn't make this any easier.

Hank: You made the hard choice. It's what soldiers do. How is your sister holding up?

Alex: Astra may have been Kara's enemy on the battlefield, but she was also family. She's taking it hard.

Hank: Yeah, I knew she would. She never stopped believing Astra could be saved. That's the difference between soldiers and heroes.

Alex: Sir. Why did you lie to Kara?

Hank: Because you're Supergirl's hero. And I don't want her to see you as anything other than that.

Kara’s apartment

Kara: Oh, you guys, you did not have to do this.

Winn: Like, seriously, we didn't? I thought this was mandatory.

Kara: Hey, um... We need to talk about that "perfect fantasy world" I was in…

James: Kara, we don't need to discuss…

Kara: I want to tell you guys why I imagined myself on Krypton. It's not because I hate it here. It's because the past few weeks I've been feeling lost and... Like I did when I first came to Earth. So I started fantasizing about the same things I used to back then. I chose to come back because I realized I belong here with you. My family. I guess it's true. There's no place like home.

James: Aw.

Winn: That's right. You just quoted a movie. Danvers, this is like a whole new level in our friendship here. 'Cause we are friends.

Kara: Yeah.

Yeah, the best.

Alex: Aw …

Winn: Give it up.

James: Well, I didn't know if it was a pot sticker night...or ice cream. So, guess what? I got both.

Kara: They're my favorite!

James: I know. I know what you like.

Alex: Kara, there's, um... There's something that you should know.

Kara: Yeah, sure. What is it?

Alex: Hank tried to cover for you at work while you were gone.

Kara: Whoa... I'm guessing that did not go well.

Alex: Well, that would be a solid guess.

Winn: Oh, no. Not by any metric. No.

James: Let's take the CatCo talk for tomorrow. Okay? It's time to eat. And plus I got a little bit of this.

Alex: Yes!

Kara: That's no fun. You know I can't get drunk.

James: It is fun be 'cause we can.

Alex: Uh, and we will.

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