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#109 : L'instant de vérité

Kara repousse l’assaut des Kryptoniens sur les laboratoires de Maxwell Lord mais Hank est enlevé par Non. Alors que le DEO, sous les ordres du général Lane, tente de le retrouver par tous les moyens, Kara doit aussi gérer les soupçons insistants de Cat Grant.


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Titre VO
Blood Bonds

Titre VF
L'instant de vérité

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General Lane, Supergirl et Alex Danvers

General Lane, Supergirl et Alex Danvers

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) et Winn

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) et Winn

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Le général Lane face à Hank Henshaw

Le général Lane face à Hank Henshaw

Le général Lane (Glenn Morshower) et son équipe

Le général Lane (Glenn Morshower) et son équipe

Alex, Astra et Kara

Alex, Astra et Kara

Alex et Kara conduisent Astra au DEO

Alex et Kara conduisent Astra au DEO

Supergirl et Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Supergirl et Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh)

Winn et James réconfortent Kara

Winn et James réconfortent Kara

Winn et James face à Kara

Winn et James face à Kara

James (Mehcad Brooks) et Winn Schott

James (Mehcad Brooks) et Winn Schott


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Plus de détails

Outside of Lord industries

Non: Astra was wrong about you. You're as weak as any human.

Alex: Let him go!

Lord industries

Kara: I'm sorry I couldn't stop them.

Maxwell: Stay away from up there.

Alex: Max, we need to secure the area. This is an active crime scene.

Maxwell: No, this is my property.

Alex: This attack has been traumatic for all of us. They kidnapped my commanding officer.

Maxwell: I think the days of us partnering up are over, Agent Danvers.

Alex: At least tell me what the aliens were looking for. They could least help us locate our man.

Maxwell: Why don't you ask your pet alien? As for me, I'll protect myself in the future. Now, get your jackboots off my grounds.


Kara: Who's in charge now?

Alex: I don't know. Hank classified the line of succession. We're implementing the emergency protocols now.

Vasquez: Agent Danvers. Look.

Kara: You two really did bury the hatchet, didn't you?

Alex: I want every satellite we have pointed at this city. Scan it block by block. And I want status updates every ten minutes.

Vasquez: Yes, Director Danvers.

Kara: Alex, you must be so upset about losing Hank.

Alex: He can hold his own.

Kara: Unless he has superpowers you're not telling me about, we have to help him. Maybe I can get Astra to tell me why Non took him. Do you have a better idea?

Alex: Are you sure you're up for it? I saw how Astra affected you yesterday.

Kara: Do we have a choice?


Astra: Careful, little one. These humans are fond of their Kryptonite toys.

Kara: Where did Non take Henshaw?

Astra: I spent years in Fort Rozz. It's going to take more than a stern voice to scare me.

Kara: Maybe I'll have my cousin come down and the two of us can force you to talk.

Astra: Kal-El doesn't have the stomach for it. He was raised on Earth. He might as well be human. You are the true heir to the House of El.

Kara: If you help me, maybe I can help you.

Astra: You're trying to manipulate my emotions. But you're undermined by your own fear.

Kara: I'm not frightened of you.

Astra: Not of me. Of the truth I hold... About your mother.

Kara: This has nothing to do with her. This is about saving a man's life. My mother may not have been the person that I thought she was, but I know what you and Non are.

Astra: Are you so certain of that? Did Non kill you today when he had the chance? I ordered him to spare you because blood bonds us all.

Kara: Those are empty words coming from you.

Astra: If they were, you would not be alive.

Kara: If blood bonds us all, then why don't you just tell me where Henshaw is?

Astra: Because blood does not bond us to him.

Kara: I couldn't disagree more. All life is bonded by blood.

Astra: You speak of your human family. The ones who have caged me in here.

Kara: You've done this to yourself.

Astra: Then you have chosen your side.



Alura: "Blood bonds us all." That ancient proverb comes from a time when Krypton was little more than a wasteland of warring tribes. And although blood is indeed a powerful bond that can unite us, it can also blind us from seeing the truth.

Astra: The people of Krypton choose not to see the truth.

Alura: Your monstrous plan would have deprived people of their very freedom.

Astra: You are deluded, sister. You cling to the belief that people are inherently good. But they are weak. I sought only to give them courage. The courage to save themselves.

Non: You're wasting your breath. She brands us terrorists while standing idly by as our world faces annihilation.

Alura: Your moral outrage would be far more convincing, Non, if so many had not died as a result of your reckless, delusional actions. You give me no choice but to impose the maximum penalty for your crimes. Lifetime imprisonment in Fort Rozz.

Non: Very soon, Alura, you will realize that you have not condemned us. You have condemned the sons and daughters of Krypton, including your own. Do you hear me, Alura? You have killed your daughter!

End of flashback

Catco Worldwide Media

Maxwell on TV: I'd like to address the rumors of an incident at Lord Technologies.

Kara: Oh, this is going to be ugly.

Maxwell on TV: We're the target of industrial espionage. Thankfully, there were no casualties and those responsible have been apprehended. Thank you.

James: He's covering up the attack.

Kara: What is he up to?

James: Well, let me see what I can find out.

Kara: No way. No! Max Lord is way too dangerous.

James: Hey, I've dusted off my press credentials. Let me just talk to him, see what I can dig up.

Cat: I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.

Kara: Ms. Grant's on her way up. Okay, um... Um, today, we have to seem really, really normal. Like, like not just normal-normal, but super-normal. Only, no...No super.

Winn: Are you having a stroke? Is this what a stroke looks like?

Kara: Ms. Grant thinks I'm Supergirl.

Winn: What?

James: What?

Kara: I will handle it. But if she sees us acting weird, it's gonna blow everything. I just need to heat up her coffee...

James: Maybe not on that.

Kara: What do we do?

Winn: That got everywhere.

James: All right, all right. Round 2, round 2

Kara: Good idea. Hurry.  I gotta hurry.

James: Okay.

Kara: Hmm.

Winn: This, um… Yeah, she's doomed.

Kara: Oh, my God, thank you! Ms. Grant, they were out of lattes, so here's a coffee.

Cat: Mmm. And here you are, delivering it to me like a normal, boring person.

Kara: Well, that's what I am. I'm very boring and really normal. So, um, I'll just get out of your hair.

Cat: Why? Have a building to leap in a single bound?

Kara: So, we're still going with that joke? Which is great 'cause it's hilarious.

Cat: Kara, there are many topics that I find appropriate for humor. English cuisine, black lipstick, but I will never make a joke about a good story.

Kara: Ms. Grant, I'm sorry you think what you think, but it's not true. I'm not Supergirl.

Cat: One time at a party, Paul McCartney swore to me that he and Yoko were the closest of friends. He was more convincing.

Kara: I just... I don't want you to be embarrassed when you realize how wrong you are.

Cat: Fine. We'll just keep playing this silly charade. You may go, Kara. I'm sure there's a phone in need of answering or a plane in need of catching


Kara: Hey. I know you forget to eat when you're stressed, so I stopped by that food truck you like.

Alex: The one in Chicago? You are my favorite person.

Non: This is Lieutenant Non of Krypton. We each possess someone of great value to the other. I propose a trade.

Alex: This is Acting Director Alex Danvers. Excuse me if I don't take you at your word. I need proof of life. I need to hear from Henshaw himself.

Hank: Director Danvers. Congratulations on your promotion.

Alex: I will bring you back safe, sir.

Non: Which will only happen if you do exactly as I say. I will return Henshaw unharmed if you return General Astra safely to me. You have 48 hours or your man dies.

Alex: Now we know why Non took Hank.

Kara: So, what are you gonna do?

Alex: If I turn down the deal, Non kills Hank. If I go through with it, I free a criminal with the strength of you. General Lane….

General: Well, pleasure to see you again, Agent Danvers.

Kara: Wish we could say the same, and it's Director Danvers.

General: Not anymore. I've been granted authority over the DEO by order of the President.

Alex: This feels like a coup.

General: Nothing so nefarious. Considering the stakes, Washington wants a commander in place without any personal ties to the hostage. My orders are to locate the alien garrison and return Director Henshaw safely to his post.

Alex: The base is yours, sir.

General: Now, if you'll excuse me, ladies.

Lord industries

Maxwell: I don't permit cameras around my research facilities.

James: Could've fooled me.

Maxwell: A man's gotta protect himself.

James: Yeah. You said the break-in was the work of "corporate spies," but, uh, I've never met any that leave giant holes in the ground like this.

Maxwell: You're here to find out why I said it was industrial espionage when you know it wasn't.

James: Mmm-hmm.

Maxwell: I know who your friends are. And I find your association with them rather troubling. Especially considering your prominent role within the media.

James: Well, the media doesn't exist to make people like you feel comfortable, Max. Our job is to report the truth.

Maxwell: What an outstanding job you've all been doing. Champion low gas prices, so we continue to burn fossil fuels. You celebrate pop stars while ignoring corrupt politicians. And you turn pretty blondes who fly into heroes, masking the threat they represent. But you've never been their victim. It changes your perspective.

James: What are you planning on doing?

Maxwell: What needs to be done. My associates will take you back to your car.

James: It's okay, I know the way.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: I have those media authorizations you asked for, Ms. Grant.

Cat: Oh, wonderful, Kara. Wonderful! Why don't you sit with me for a minute?

Kara: I really should be getting back to my desk, Ms. Grant.

Cat: I insist.

Kara: Okay. Is there something I can help you with?

Cat: Well, I've just been doing a teensy little bit of research into your past, and I just wanted to some clarification on a few details. Sit, sit. You're 24 years old?

Kara: You know I am, Ms. Grant.

Cat: Mmm. Which means you were what age when the movie Titanic came out in 1997?

Kara: Uh, uh, six!

Cat: Which is the same age you were when you started what grade?

Kara: First.

Cat: Uh-huh. And your teacher's name was?

Kara: Mr. Zarzycki.

Cat: According to this report card...

Kara: You have my first grade report card?

Cat: Her name was Ruth Marchon.

Kara: Ms. Marchon taught art at Midvale. And that's a trick question, because I didn't transfer there until the eighth grade.

Cat: Hmm.

Kara: Now, have I convinced you, Ms. Grant?

Cat: Beyond a shadow of a doubt. You are Supergirl.

Kara: But I I knew all of the answers to your insane questions!

Cat: Exactly! Only a person who is determined to lie can answer all the questions they're asked. How do you think I caught Lance Armstrong? You see, Kara, you and I both fight for truth, justice, and the American way. It just so happens that my methods are better. And more fun. That will be all for now, Supergirl.

Kara: Sorry, I saw your missed call.

Alex: You need to get over here. Now.

Unknown place

Alien: I don't understand. I can't read his mind.

Non: I thought that's what your race was famous for.

Hank: Maybe he's playing you for a fool, Non. Wouldn't be hard to do.

Alien: I would never do that to you! The humans must have developed some type of technology that blocks me.

Hank: What are you so desperate to find out? The location of the DEO? Thinking of launching a pre-emptive strike?

Non: Perhaps I should pre-emptively snap your neck.

Hank: You kill me, you kill your wife. You're nothing but a barking dog on a chain. No threat at all. Now I see how much more advanced you are than us savages.


General: I'm General Samuel Lane of the United States Army.

Astra: I wonder how many of your fellow humans you had to kill in order to achieve such a rank. And yet you call me a threat.

General: When I was a little boy, my daddy used to take me and my sister to the movies. Saw a picture called The Day The Earth Stood Still. It was about an alien, like yourself, who came to Earth and threatened to destroy it if human beings didn't change their wicked ways. I had nightmares for months. And do you know that still, today, when I look at you, I am right back in that old theater. Afraid.

Astra: On Krypton, it is a show of great strength to admit one's fears to an enemy.

General: Which is why I told you. I wanted you to know that, by your world's standards, I am a man of honor. And I take no pleasure in what comes next. Now, you are going to tell me the location of your base. The only question is whether you tell me before we start or after.

Kara: What are you doing?

General: You can't just come in here like that.

Alex: He's right. The lights, the Kryptonite's weakening you.

Astra: This is who you choose to side with? Against your own people? Your own family?

Kara: Stop it, you're hurting her!

General: I'm sorry, was she more forthcoming when you asked nicely?

Alex: There's another way to save Hank.

General: We are not releasing a combatant of this threat level.

Kara: General, we are better than this!

General: We are. They aren't. Get her out of here!

Kara: No, don't! Don't! Please, please! Please, no!

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: I mean, if Alex hadn't stepped in, I don't know what I would've done. I know Astra's made bad decisions, but...

James: She's still family.

Kara: Right. That's my problem. Anyway, did you find out anything when you talked to Max?

James: Uh, no. Ah, it's just a dead end.  I mean, there's nothing there really.

Kara: Well, at least there's some good news.

Cat: Kara.

Kara: I gotta go.

Winn: Yeah. Kara's a little too trusting to notice when you're lying, but I am definitely not. What did you actually find out about Max?

James: Close the door. He's planning a countermove against the Kryptonians.

Winn: Including Kara.

James: Yeah, and I don't want to give him a chance to hurt her. So, we need to find out what he's up to and fast. Which is why I didn't just talk to him when I went down there. I took surveillance shots, so you could help me find a way inside.

Winn: I'm sorry, you want, you wanna break in to Max Lord's facility? I knew you picking up that camera again was a bad idea. You're like one of those crazy war correspondents who can't just stay home.

James: Okay. Would you really want Kara to find out that you let me do this all alone?

Winn: Fine, fine! I'll find you a way in.


Kara: Yes, Ms. Grant?

Cat: Sit. Look into my eyes, Kara. What do you see?

Kara: Um...

Cat: Bags. I stayed up until dawn watching the news coverage of Supergirl. All the interrupted muggings, and the averted car crashes. And the more I watched, the more I thought about the terrible things that happen while you're here at work. (CHUCKLES)

Kara: Don't you think that should prove to you that I'm not her? I'm in here while she's out there.

Cat: Oh, please. We both know that Supergirl is capable of pulling off that parlor trick. What it really proves to me is how little this job means to you.

Kara: No. That's not true. I love my job.

Cat: Every minute that you waste playing assistant in here is a minute that someone out there is not getting saved.

Kara: Ms. Grant, what are you saying?

Cat: I am saying that I will not partake in this ruse any longer. So, you either prove to me that you are not Supergirl, or you can clean out your desk tomorrow.

Lord industries

James: How we doing, Winn? Feeling kind of exposed out here.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Okay, okay. The alarms are disabled. But I'm just gonna need a little bit more time with this lock, bud.

Lord industries

James: You're sure about the alarms?

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Yeah, of course I'm sure. Why?

Lord industries

James: No reason.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Oh, okay. Okay.

Lord industries

James: Wow. We may have a problem here.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Aw. You can't kick lasers, can you?

Lord industries

James: Come on, Winn. Help me out here.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Okay, okay. Only 'cause you asked so politely.

Lord industries

James: Got to say, Winn, I'm pretty impressed.

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Wait, wait. Hold on, wait. Hold there. That's interesting.

Lord industries

James: What's interesting?

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: Well, all the other locks in Max's facility use a keypad system, but this one's a bio-diagnostic. What...

Lord industries

James: Can you hack that?

Catco Worldwide Media

Winn: No, no, James. That's, like, kind of the whole point. It's better than a finger print, a voice print, a retinal scan... James, are you still there?


Alex: Astra gave up Non's location. We're mobilizing now to get Hank.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Astra would never betray her soldiers or her husband.


Alex: If there's a chance to save Hank, I have to take it.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: Then I'm coming with you.


General: Echo Team, you are clear for weapons-free engagement.

Unknown place 1

Soldier: General, Supergirl's on site!


General: What the hell is she doing there? This is a human recovery mission.

Unknown place 1

Alex: I called her.

Kara: The containers are lined with lead. I can't see through them.

Soldier: Right, Echo Team. Search those containers and check your six.

Unknown place 2

Man: They're closing in, sir.

Unknown place 1

Kara: Hank!

Alex: Bomb!

Kara: Get out!

Soldier: No. My men...

Alex: It was a trap. Astra played us.

Lord industries

Maxwell: Jimmy Olsen, intrepid photographer. I just didn't realize how intrepid. My security system isn't state of the art, it is the art. Who helped you get past it? Hmm?

James: Well, it's like you said, I'm intrepid.

Maxwell: Fine. Let's do this another way.

James: You know, you're... You're real tough hiding behind your muscle. Why don't you be a man and admit what you're really up to here, Max?

Maxwell: You think insulting my ego is going to get me to spill like some Bond villain? That won't work on me, Jimmy. But I do like your idea of settling this like men. Human, alien, super.  If you go up against me, you will lose.  Next time I won't stop with the camera.

Catco Worldwide Media

Kara: May I speak with you, Ms. Grant?

Cat: Oh, well, that depends. Show me your cape.

Kara: I know you want me to tell you I'm Supergirl, but I can't do that. What I can tell you is that this job, this place, is more important to me than you realize.

Cat: Hmm.

Kara: Whenever I'm confused or overwhelmed, I come in your office and you somehow sense it. It's like your superpower. I know I'm not going to be your assistant for the rest of my life, but I do know whatever I do next will be easier because of everything you taught me. The truth is, I need you now more than I ever have.

Cat: Well, then you know what you need to do.

Kara: Then you leave me no choice. I quit.

Cat: Hmm. You can at least finish out the day.


Kara: James! What happened to you?

James: It looks much worse than it is.

Kara: That's not what I asked.

James: I don't want you getting upset. That's why I didn't tell you in the first place.

Kara: Max Lord did this to you. You were in on this, too? You both lied to me?

Winn: Hey, we were trying to help you.

Kara: By taking him on yourselves? Max Lord is evil. I see it now, and I will do whatever it takes to stop him.

James: Wait. Kara, you're sounding awful lot like Astra.

Kara: Yeah, what if she's not so wrong?

James: Hey, Kara, don't do this. Come on!

Kara: You can't stop me! Get out of my way.

Winn: If you go after Maxwell Lord like this, then you know what, you're just proving him right. That you are no different from Astra or Non.

Kara: What if I'm not so different?

Winn: You have to be, Kara. Because if you aren't, then we lose.

Kara: No, you don't understand, Winn. I feel like I lost everything. I can't stop Max. Or get through to Astra. I can't rescue Hank or salvage what I had with Cat. Even the memory of my own mother, one thing that I could always count on, is ruined. I have nothing left. I don't know what to do anymore. I have all these powers, but I've never felt more powerless.

James: Hey. Kara, it's going to be okay. Even when things look the bleakest, heroes find a way.


Astra: They sent you back to try again. What makes you think it'll be any different this time?

Kara: Because now, I'm ready to hear what you have to say. I was afraid to listen before. But today, I got so upset, I couldn't think. I didn't want to. I just wanted to hurt someone. Because I was afraid of losing everything that mattered to me. Like you must've felt back home. But if we have any hope for the future, we can't let our fear control us. We have to be better.

Astra: You give me too much credit.

Kara: Because I know the real you.

Astra: The woman you knew died on Krypton.

Kara: I still have faith there's good in you.

Astra: I am not worth your faith.

Kara: Everyone deserves faith, Astra. Even you. Now, tell me what happened on Krypton. The truth.



Alura: Astra, please look at me. I believe you. I believe Krypton faces annihilation. And far sooner than anyone here will admit.

Astra: Then why condemn me?

Alura: Because you killed people, Astra. No matter what noble goals you hid behind, nothing will ever change that fact. And I am bound by more than blood in this court. But I promise you, I will fight for your cause, not through fear and manipulation, but through compassion and reason. It is the only hope to save our world. I love you, Astra.

End of flashback


Astra: Your mother never stopped believing in me. You are so much like her, Kara.

Kara: It's not too late, Astra. Please tell me where Henshaw is.

Astra: The only way to save him is to make the trade. The humans will never agree to that.

Kara: Then it's a good thing I'm not human.

General: What do you think you're doing?

Kara: Making a prisoner exchange.

General: The hell you are.

Alex: Let us pass, General.

General: That alien is the enemy, Agent Danvers.

Alex: Your orders were to bring Director Henshaw home. That's what I'm doing.

General: You take one more step and my men will put you down.

Kara: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Soldier: She saved my life, sir.

General: How do you know Non and his army won't betray you?

Kara: I don't. But I have faith.

Unknown place

Astra: Despite your earlier bravado, you're clearly conflicted about this deal.

Alex: If it were up to me, I'd leave you rotting in that cell. But I want your people to see that we're better than General Lane, because maybe then we'll find a way to end this war.

Astra: You sound just like my niece.

Alex: She has a powerful effect on people.

Kara: They're here.

Non: Go.

Alex: It's good to see you, sir.

Hank: When I get out of here, I'll remind you about our policy against negotiating with terrorists. Until then, I'll just say thanks.

Kara: Something's wrong.

Alex: We're surrounded. You have to transform.

Non: Prepare to attack!

Astra: Stop! Stand down!

Non: We must strike now, General. We have them at our mercy.

Astra: Honor the agreement, Non. There will be no more battles today.

Non: Withdraw!

Astra: Do not mistake my compassion for weakness. This is not a truce.

Kara: Then let's call it a start.


General: You've only delayed the inevitable. This enemy cannot be reasoned with.

Hank: We prefer a more thoughtful approach here at the DEO, General. Which reminds me... Your presence is no longer required. You can thank my agents for completing your mission.

General: Their idealism will doom this planet.

Hank: No. That's what will save it.

Kara: So... What did Alex mean when she said you had to "transform?" Or did you forget I had super-hearing? You're from Mars?

Hank: You're from Krypton.

Kara: But why stay hidden?

Hank: I'm trying to make the world a safe place for everyone. Humans and aliens alike. I failed Alex's father before I assumed the identity of Hank Henshaw. I won't fail again.

Alex: And you saw what the DEO is like under General Lane. So, we need Hank, J'onn, at the top.

Kara: You know, you guys could've told me. I can keep a secret.

Alex and Hank: No, you can't.

Catco Worldwide Media

Cat: Ugh. Kar... And I never realized how absurd you look in that ridiculous outfit. Blue, yellow, and red. It's like a color wheel threw up.

J'onn:  I'm sorry to bother you, Ms. Grant. But James Olsen said you wanted to see me. Something about you thinking your assistant was me?

Cat: Oh, for God's sake, are we gonna keep on playing this tiresome game?

Kara: I told you it wasn't a game, Ms. Grant.

J’onn: I'm afraid I can't stay long. There're a lot of people out there who need help. As you well know. Nice to meet you, by the way.

Kara: Nice to meet you, too. I really like your outfit.

J’onn: I like your glasses.

Kara: Thanks.

Cat: We're finished here. Kara, stop treating Supergirl like she's your personal assistant. She has important work to do. As do you. This bottle will not refill itself.

J’onn: Good night, Ms. Grant.

Cat: Kara. And Kara, you can have your job back if you would like it. As long as you don't tell anyone that I thought you were... You know.

Kara: I think that would be in both of our interests, Ms. Grant.

Cat: And Kara, I was wrong. Now, that I've seen you both in the same room, you look nothing like her.


Kara: Thank you.

Hank: You're welcome. But, you know, I wouldn't have minded you coming to the DEO full time. 

Kara: I can't leave this place. It's not just a secret identity to me. I almost did something today that I would've regretted the rest of my life.

Hank: What stopped you?

Kara: My friends. The DEO keeps you human. They do that for me.

Catco Worldwide Media

James: Hey, how are things on the Cat front?

Kara: She came to her senses. So did I. Thank you for stopping me before.

Winn: Hey, it's why you keep us around, right?

James: So, what's the plan?

Kara: We expose whatever Maxwell Lord is up to and we put him away for good.

Lord industries

Doctor: They just brought her in. She meets all your requirements. No relatives. No connections of any kind. It wasn't easy to arrange.

Maxwell: I didn't think it would be. That will be all. My name is Maxwell Lord. And I'm going to help you.  

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Supergirl, à l'aide [Jeu]
Aujourd'hui à 16:49


A very bad fall - Audiences
Aujourd'hui à 14:37

Le quartier
Aujourd'hui à 11:05

S04E03 Man of Steel
Aujourd'hui à 10:28

Récompenses & Nominations
Aujourd'hui à 10:09

Les créateurs de la série
Aujourd'hui à 10:09

Les invités dans Supergirl
Aujourd'hui à 10:08

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403 : Man of Steel (inédit)
Dimanche 28 octobre à 20:00

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404 : Ahimsa (inédit)
Dimanche 4 novembre à 20:00

Dernières audiences
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402 : Fallout (inédit)
Dimanche 21 octobre à 20:00
1.34m / 0.4% (18-49)

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401 : The American Alien (inédit)
Dimanche 14 octobre à 20:00
1.52m / 0.5% (18-49)

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Photos de l'épisode 4x03 : Man of Steel

Photos de l'épisode 4x03 : Man of Steel
The CW a dévoilé les photos promos de l'épisodes 4x03 : Man of Steel qui sera diffusé le 28 octobre...

A very bad fall - Audiences

A very bad fall - Audiences
Et la chute continue... Hier soir, la CW continuait la diffusion de la saison 4 inédite avec...

Diffusion The CW - 4x02 : Fallout

Diffusion The CW - 4x02 : Fallout
It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's a the brand new episode of Supergirl! Le second épisode de la...

Azie Tesfai récurrente pour la saison 4

Azie Tesfai récurrente pour la saison 4
Azie Tesfai vient d'être castée pour un rôle récurrent dans la nouvelle saison de Supergirl. Azie...

Synopsis de l'épisode 4x04 : Ahimsa

Synopsis de l'épisode 4x04 : Ahimsa
The CW vient de dévoiler le synopsis de l'épisode 4x04 : Ahimsa qui sera diffusé le 4 novembre...


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